Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Endurance Comp Last Night?

Last Night on Big Brother 17 a new Head of Household was crowned when the remaining Houseguests plus the returning Juror faced off for a chance to control this week’s nominations.

Julie Chen hosts HoH competition
Julie Chen hosts HoH competition – Source: CBS

CBS had officially confirmed tonight’s HoH competition would be an endurance battle so we expected all the remaining HGs plus the four Jurors to line up side by side for a battle royale. Are you ready to watch and find out who won HoH last night on Big Brother?

A return to 8 HGs makes this past week a wash as the numbers hold steady but the Austwins once again only have two competitors in tonight’s challenge. Given the failed opportunity to flip tonight’s eviction vote against them it might not matter as HGs seemingly remain unconcerned with going after them. Or maybe it’ll just take the right HG to win for that to happen.

If you look at the line-up of Jurors with Shelli, Becky, Jackie, and most likely John as the fourth they are all fantastic competitors and a big threat to win. One of them could go all the way from evicted to Head of Household and we’ll be there to watch it all and so can you.

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Big Brother 17 Week 10 HoH Competition – “Dizzyland”:

  • 6:50 PM BBT – HGs standing on spinning swings as they go in circles
  • 6:55 PM BBT – Comp continues as we find Julia, Steve, & Meg are already out.
  • 7:00 PM BBT – Feeds are already back!
  • 7:01 PM BBT – James is out. Jackie is struggling.
  • 7:02 PM BBT – Everyone but John and Vanessa are out. John is returning Juror.
  • 7:03 PM BBT – Vanessa is HoH.

John offered Vanessa safety, but she said she wanted another letter from her girlfriend. She offered John safety in exchange and said she could go a lot longer. John said “let’s go for it!” but less than a minute later he stepped down.

Back inside the house the Austwins are freaking out over John’s return. Liz is near tears and says John has a vengeance against them for no reason. Oh, Liz. Austin is freaking out saying John was threatening them directly by not accepting Vanessa’s deal. And Vanessa? She just promised Austin and the twins they wouldn’t see the Block this week.

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  1. Things I would like to see this week (but probably won’t):

    I’d like to see JMac as the returning HG win HoH and put Austin and Liz on the block.

    I’d like to see Jackie as the returning HG win HoH and get Steve evicted.

    I’d like to see Becky as the returning HG win HoH and put Vanessa on the block again only this time next to Liz so Vanessa is sure to get evicted.

    I would love to see the twins on the block next to each other then Austin wins the POV. Then, Vanessa knows if Austin uses the POV to save one of the twins, Vanessa will go on the block as a BD option.

    I’d love to see Steve win and put up Vanessa and Austin with Liz as a replacement nom.

    I would love to see JMac win HoH and when the Goblins reach out to him to telling him they support him, he tells them, “like you supported Becky? No thanks!”

    I don’t think I will see any of these things because I expect to be disappointed every week now with this season. I can only dream.

      • VERY TRUE!!!! it would be very entertaining if Liz was evicted this week because then we would see just how loyal Julia and Austin are to each other. I personally think that if Liz goes in the next week or two that Austin and Julia will split up and find a new Alliance! I could very well be wrong but that’s my guess and I would love to see it happen.
        HOWEVER my only concern with Liz being evicted this week would mean it was at the hands of Vanessa and a lot of people on here do not like Vanessa and have attacked her character quite a bit so, it would just give Vanessa haters more ammo to dislike her! if Vanessa got rid of Liz, that would be a great game move however I just think if anyone but Vanessa was the reason Liz was evicted they would be praised but if Vanessa did it she would be harshly criticized on here! And my only other concern is if Liz was evicted this week b/c of Vanessa & there was a double eviction on Thursday,obviously Vanessa cannot play for HOH therefore she would be in huge trouble because everyone in the house is already against her and tand Austin and Julia would want revenge so Vanessa would not have a shield nor would she have anyone on her side to keep her or to not nominate her. So unless Vanessa somehow makes a huge game move and goes to the other side of the house and makes a strong, very strong alliance with Steve, Jmac, Meg & James which I think would be helpful, I don’t think they would trust her so she would be public enemy number one for everyone in the house and only veto would save her! the only way she can skate through this week without getting too much blood on her hands is nominating and evicting Jmac just by saying “you were already evicted buddy, you are out again” however I read that those two were final two holding on for HOH and they made a deal so obviously if she put up & evicted Jmac not only would everyone on here hate her more, the whole house would not trust her at all, not even her alliance b/c she clearly would be showing everyone she cannot be trusted even with her word!

        I’m so sorry! Really I am! I do not intend on typing out so much but I always end up doing so lol… I annoying myself lol but I just have so much to say…. I just have to start typing instead of using talk to text, then obviously what I say would be shorter haha ♡♡♡♡♡♡

      • James is toast. Should have been last week by those in power. Clearly, clearly most dangerous.

      • I can see why Austin and the twins (& Vanessa) aligned themselves with him prior to the HGs coming back though. he’s a strong player physically so it made more sense to keep him until a juror came back. if they had sent him packing this week and he came back, he would have targeted them. So I don’t think it was a poor decision to not evict him this week. now they can do it without worrying about him coming back. if they do not turn get him this week then dumb move! However, it might be better for Vanessa to align with James now and target the trio. but then again, it might not be because if one of them gets HOH next week she’s screwed! So at this point, I don’t know what her best move would be. unless Liz leaves for sure on Thursday, trying to evict one of them can be dangerous!

      • The weight is in votes. If you were her, would you rely on meg James new deal? And that’s only 2 votes. She’s got 3 in the others. Also James can beat her down the road better or at a higher % than austwins.

      • to be completely honest, I would not know who to trust if I was Vanessa at this point in the game! Lol…. She knows Austin and the twins were thinking about backdooring her, and she is probably being told all about Austin and the twins side alliances by now (if not pretty soon! because someone is going to put the puzzle together & figure out that the twins and often have so many different alliances!) therefore if she is aware of all of that, and how many alliances is there are with Austin and the twins and how she is not apart of so many of them! Then maybe, just maybe she might stop trusting them because of so many lies they have told her and they continue telling her she might flip and start an alliance with Jmac and Steve! or James and Meg! And it might be a smart thing to do! why keep 3 players that are always going to stick together. Vanessa is smart, she will do the right thing regardless of what it is. no matter what, her being HOH will get blood on her hands and make a big move whether it is against Austin and the twins or James! I honestly do not think she will put up Steve or JMac. it would be such a waste and I truly believe she is smart enough to recognize that! But she is currently putting a lot of trust in Austin and the twins! So who really knows. ……

      • I hear ye, I think it’s about angles for her not trust. She knows she’s got a better shot at beating austwins in a mental comp than Meg. Meaning meg can beat austwins in that, she feels. She knows James is more threatening in the endurance stuff, and it’s 4 votes vs 3 with less risk. Also she knows she can tweak or manipulate Jmac or steve. So those 3 or 4 angles she knew before Thursdays sun came up. Just thoughts

      • No it’s not she is gone as soon as James is gone he is the only one keeping Vanessa in the house because he could win against them, V would be crazy to side with ugly & the twins (Liza is a nasty person) Julia is just lumped in she can’t stand ugly so if Liz goes Julia might have a chance cause ugly is so stupid he would want to leave next to be with her(YUCK)

      • if I was her, I would stay aligned with Austin and the twins, a solid 3/4 Plus like you said, that is two or three votes for her automatically from the jury. Honestly I think the only person she needs to worry about is James being beside her at the end. she needs to remain loyal too Austin & the twins and hope they remain loyal to her also! She needs to get rid of james this week. Like I said, I do like him a lot! And I would be happy if he won the game however I believe it is in Vanessa’s best interest to try and get out games this week.

      • You can bet Vanessa won’t mess with Austin and the twins because “she doesn’t want to get blood on her hands.” OMG how many times have we heard this this year. I think the jury should boycott and not vote for any of them.

    • The scenario I want to see is Becky to come back. Vanessa draws her in and forms a 3 person alliance with Steve. This new alliance evicts James, Austin, Liz and Julia one after the other. Then, Steve evicts Vanessa sending her to the jury house and it is a Becky vs Steve for the last 3 HOHs. Becky wins the 1st HOH, Steve wins the 2nd HOH, Becky wins the 3rd HOH and evicts Steve taking Meg to Final 2. Becky wins the $500,000. Maybe, will not happen but, anything is possible.

      • of course anything is possible in the Big Brother house :-) and, I do like your scenario for the most part. I would like to see Liz go soon only because I would like to see what happens with Austin and Julia. I would like to see the drama unfold between the two of them and / or see if they stick together or not.
        I would like to see Vanessa in the final two though. I strongly believe regardless of how people feel about her that she has played a very good game since day one and she is deserving to win. Yes, I know a lot of people dislike her, I guess because she is on 24/7 and because she drives everyone nuts with her constant paranoia. but I believe is validated, like I have said time and time again she had every right to be paranoid because her alliance was turning on her and she knew it! She’s intelligent plus she reads people’s expressions and actions for a living so she knew something was up! It’s very easy to become paranoid in the Big Brother game. so I would like to see Vanessa final two and win. I honestly do not know who could beat her in the end!? Maybe James because he has won or come close to winning quite a few competitions and he is very likeable and super funny! but the rest of the HGs in my opinion should not win if they are beside Vanessa. we know now Becky is not coming back, and JMAC aside from being extremely funny and goofy and winning a few competitions, Vanessa has played a way better game. Of course in my opinion :-) I respect everyone’s else opinions also

      • She is the biggest cry-baby ever on BB and does not deserve to win she hasn’t made any moves that someone else has not dictated to her, so they (did not get blood on their hands) if she is smart she will make a deal with James and Meg, JMac then take Steve out on Thurs because she will not last with ugly & the twins they will take her out
        If Liz leave (which I hope is what happens) now that would be a great move-ugly will leave to be with her, and Julia is no competition at all

      • I love how no one likes the villians. Don’t we all secretly want the villians around. For the challenge at least?

      • curious because a lot of people on here seem to not like Vanessa. what would you think if Vanessa put up Liz and Julia or Liz and Austin? if you are not a fan of hers, would it make you dislike her more because she went against her alliance or would you like her more because she got rid of 8 twin or Austin?
        I’m just trying to figure out who is more disliked Vanessa or the trio? And what people would think if Vanessa finally turned on the trio like they were going to do to her. :-)

      • Vanessa likes Austin since day 1 because they have the highest IQ’s in history of BB. (Fact) she knows he gets, better said can understand her.

      • well said! It’s nice to read that some people understand Vanessa and don’t judge her so harshly! She is human! She makes mistakes! Big deal! I don’t think anyone in the house is going to jump off a bridge because of something she said while she was there. Sorry, I am the super fire it up right now because of some stupid comment someone made who knows nothing about her! Said Vanessa left her husband when he was dying of cancer! That is complete and utter bullshit and I have been very level headed when defending Vanessa or just being team Vanessa but stupid comments like that when people don’t know her at all, when people read some stupid bullshit online and think it’s true! Wow!

      • True. I think she is a brilliant mind. In fact, she is probably bi polar. Ypu can see signs in her eyes and the crying on a dime. Can’t fake that. She will have many business opertunities after this show, not that she needs them. People can’t see past deceit, betrayed and are afraid of her. That’s why they hate as you say.

      • I don’t think they are afraid they just know that everytime she has given her word she has broken it one way or the other by using someone in her alliance as an excuse, so I don’t think she is that great
        I liked her at first but as time has gone by and she has changed and not kept her word even to her alliance members

      • lol.. She’s not bipolar! I think the same can be said for anyone who plays big brother. Some people are just able to control their emotions, and some are not.
        she clearly is an emotional player, I know she is hypocritical at times and demands answers from people and cries because she thought they were loyal to her but bipolar, no! She is just extremely intelligent, can not turn off the game, is running on empty and she is just breaking. I hope the letter from her girlfriend give her the boost she needs, big time lol

      • I heard her say one day, “they haven’t given me my meds ye”. She repeated it several times like it was more than just advil. Regardless it’s ok either way. I like james too, how can you not but he won crushed a couple, (took stones), and when it comes to game talk he’s weak. He just sits there and says umhuh, and ye-uup. That will only work for so long. If you don’t show you are thinking about some sort of plan people will freak. I’d make him name nes if I was in power but he never had. That’s is worst part of the ge the other 2 are solid.

      • my understanding is she has anxiety so she takes anxiety meds. I take anxiety medication also, & I know you mean no harm when you are talking about it :-)
        she clearly is playing in overdrive! But, as I have said serval times now she plays a game for a living, so I think it is really difficult for her to shut off and chill out once in awhile lol …. does she need to? Yes! But can she? Clearly not! and aside from that, she is used to playing a game where she has to rely on no one but herself! so it’s got to be difficult for her to rely on others to get her farther in the game which then brings up her paranoia! yes, I agree at times her paranoia is annoying, especially when it includes her crying, (a lot!) However her paranoia is justified because she got very paranoid when Austin was HOH and was considering backdooring her, no one told her but she knew because she reads people for a living so of course she got paranoid! totally validated!
        if you remember, for the first few weeks in the house Vanessa was very quiet. and I know why she was, she aligned herself with Austin who she saw as a strong player and then she SAT back and assess everyone else in the house. she was quiet and just watched everyone because like I said, she reads people for a living and then she made her move to align with people who were playing the game, who were going to be a strong alliance for her. (yes, it did come pretty easy because the rest of the house was acting as though they were at summer camp!) I think her gameplay has been impeccable!
        I do not think she is perfect, I don’t think anyone in the house is perfect! I do not think any past players have been perfect and played a perfect game without lying and deceiving. It’s the game! And she’s playing to win, she’s not playing to make it to jury like soooooo many other HGs were/are.
        You know what I mean?! :-)

      • Added….also I don’t think bi polar is a bad thing. Many highly intelligent people have it. It’s not like back in the Blair witch days where you thought it was a horrible ilness. But your prob right I was just stabbing at a reason to the large eyes brain futon and mood shifts.

      • LOL ….. I didn’t think you meant it to be a bad thing or a shot at Vanessa personally :-)

      • you’re right, she probably won’t! She is a very loyal person, hence why she was so angry with Austin when he lied to her. Yes she has been hypocritical sinse but I think she’s just maneuvering her way through the game doing whatever she needs to do because she knows she is alone.
        but I can guarantee if she was to put up Austin and / or one of the twins or the twins together, people will be all over her on here who are fans of Austin and the twins and judging her for not being loyal. this is one of those games you just can’t win no matter how hard you try with the people in the house. Make sense? Have a great night!

      • You are so right! I kinda have a special feelings at times for Vanessa cause we are from the same town! At times I have flip flopped…..but I have to say I am totally against the Austwins….they are so annoying! ;)

      • I’m perfectly okay with Van actually winning BB than Liz or Julia, but it would be in Van’s best interest as far as BB goes to break up a showmance from a game perspective. I don’t think she’ll put the twins up unless absolutely necessary. But for me personally, I just can’t stand Austin and his ego! And because of that, I want Liz to go as she tends to fuel that ego!

      • They won’t go because Van is too afraid to put them up the only one not afraid is James and if she got with James and Meg and Jmac to get out ugly & the twins better for her game in the end if she doesn’;t she will go out fourth

      • I disagree with you in regards to Vanessa being afraid of Austin and the twins. I don’t think she would be afraid to put them up, however I don’t think it would be a smart game move at this point. is James not out to get Vanessa? If not, is his targets are Austin and the twins then maybe Vanessa should align with James, but I just don’t know what James plans to do. stay aligned with Austin and the twins and vote out Vanessa next week or as we know he is not afraid to get blood on his hands therefore maybe if he gets HOH next week, he will go after the strong trio. Who knows! Lol it’s impossible to know what people are going to do or what they’re thinking because things change so quickly in the Big Brother house!

      • that would be the best move ever if she put up ugly & Liza then only one of them can come down and at least one will be gone-and if it is Liz then ugly will follow on thurs cause he wants to be in jury h ouse with her

    • LOL ….. aside from all your wishes, what could happen now that would disappoint you? Lol I guess Vanessa winning HOH?
      I know a lot of people dislike her, and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions. And I truly hope most fans can see it for what it is, again! But when all is said and done, Meg is a super sweet person in the house and I’m sure outside of the house however do you honestly believe if Vanessa and Meg were final two that Meg should win? Honestly!? Aside from some things she (Vanessa) has done that were questionable, she has played a very good game from the very beginning! I totally get why some people dislike her, she does cry a lot and she is hypocritical at times and of course paranoid but, being paranoid is completely justifiable. Not only can she read people as she does it for a living but she is reading them correctly! Her alliance wanted to backdoor her. So of course she was paranoid. plus, (me) being a fan of BB since season One……. a lot, (if not all) previous houseguests have said ……Their intentions going into the house where to be true to themselves, not lie and stay loyal however once out of the house/game they have said it’s next to impossible to play that way if you want to win the game, and that paranoia is in overdrive because even if HGs are having a conversation about nothing, it still makes them paranoid and makes them think they are being talked about. many of previous losers and winners of the game have said it messes with your head, there’s so much down time that it makes you overthink things. So in regards to Vanessa, yes she has gone overboard on some things but for people to attack her personally I find that extremely unfair. she’s not just playing this game but she plays a game for a living so it’s next to impossible for her to shut it down and just kick back and relax, if not how she is wired. and on top of all of that, she plays a game in which she relies on no one but herself therefore playing this game is probably very difficult for her because she has to rely on others and fully trust her alliance & she knows the game, she knows lying is a huge part of the game. and like I said, yes her paranoia is in overdrive however she is a very good player, deserves to win, has been playing since day one, and she has had her alliance turn on her several times! I just don’t understand why people who are a fan of this game do not understand it is a game! And that it is next to impossible to play this game alone, honest, and completely be yourself! It just makes no sense to me how people don’t understand that. Some people anyway! And of course I completely respect everyone’s opinions as long as they are not attacking someone’s character outside of the house, especially people who know this game very very well and know that playing this game you have to do things you would not do in real life!
      sorry for the long post lol….. I have had a bad habit of typing way too much lol hopefully you, like many others can respect that :-) and you do not feel the need to attack my character because I am defending Vanessa. It’s all in good fun :-) just like the game! ♡♡♡

    • In other words, you want to see someone play the game, instead of playing another episode of “friends.” LOL

  2. I wish (and suggest for the future) they have feeds in the Jury house
    until someone gains re-entry. I’d love to know what the discussions are
    like. Do they discuss possible attack plans? What each of them should do if they get back in? Or are they still guarded due to the fact the other 2 will still be judges?

    • They do talk about what happens in the Big Brother House but, the evictee still does not use their head when they return to the Big Brother House. In Judd’s case, 2 seasons back, he joined his former alliance who betrayed him and evicted him a 2nd time. Last season, Nicole (fruit loop dingus according to Zach) was given all the info by Hayden, Jocasta and Donny and yet, kept talking and being close to Derrick. One night, Nicole told Derrick how good he was playing much like Dan Gheesling which got her evicted that very week. She still did not have a clue despite, all the info that she was all alone in the Big Brother House and to keep her mouth shut. She talked too much and got herself evicted easily in the process!

      • Thanks, Richie, but if that’s the case that’s EXACTLY why I’d love to see Feeds available in Jury. To see all of that happen then not use that knowledge in the house? I think people would scream at their TVs and online. Right now we have no idea at all what’s happening in the Jury house and if they are indeed still playing (or possibly playing) the game, I’d love to see their discussions. If Feeds are impossible (they’re probably incredibly boring) at least show us an edited package during the show. (I’m hoping that happens tonight!)

      • Last season, they showed a portion of those in the jury house discussing it amongst themselves on who is in an alliance with who. Maybe, they will show a portion of the jury members interactions before they re-enter the Big Brother House then, everyone goes out to the HOH competition and the 4 person competition, side by side.

      • Andalib seems to disagree with that saying that Jurors aren’t allowed to talk game in Jury.

      • The Canadian houseguests did it non stop and shared notes like there is no tomorrow…

      • Thanks, KC! BOOM! There it is! If they do discuss things in the US JH I’d love to see how those discussions go. (But there seems to be a split opinion about how it works here in the US game.)

      • Jury members are barred from talking about anything deemed out of contects game wise so that they can be influenced by peoples personal vendetta.

      • Thanks, Andalib. Makes sense. It’s just hard to imagine they’re continuously watched/monitored 24/7 if there’s no available footage. But I’ve never seen the Jury House so who knows. Maybe there are live-in staffers who monitor them.

      • They get to see the live shows on t.v., to make an informed decision when or if they return to the BB house.

      • Yeah, what? Are you talking about the DVD the new evictee brings with them that they watch? Plus they talk game when they first get there, I would think if they can’t talk game they whisper to each other. LOL, they talk I’m sure.

      • Hey, don’t be talking down about my Nic… I mean Nicole, she a Sweetie, though fruit loop dingus is a pretty close description… but I love fruit loops.

    • I would love to see Jmac blow up everyones game while they are having rhe comp that way if he doesn’t make it back in anyone that does has the info he holds.

      • I can already hear the answers if that happened:

        “JMac was just saying that to throw you during the comp!”

        “X and JMac devised that as a plan ahead of time to confuse you!.”

        “Steve told him to do that because Steve doesn’t like you!”

  3. TBH I hope its a revolving door situation I hate when players return it just ruins the concept of last houseguest standing.

    • Normally I’d be with you 100% but this Season feels like the idea of someone coming back with more clarity and drive (even if it’s only for a couple weeks) just to shake things up a bit is very welcome.

      • The game was actually really “hardcore” until Julie announced the returning juror. The game will get back on its feet after the twist it over.

      • Yeah and they have another DE coming up. YAHOO, hope it’s better than the last one… heck, it couldn’t be any worse.

        Gosh, it just hit me, both JMac & Steve still in the game with Vanessa as HoH, how hilarious is that? Now we’ll see if what V said to both of them was true… “JMac, I want to work w/you”; “Steve, you’re dead to me”. LOL.

    • Returning house guest has the odds stack against him or her be it Big Brother or Survivor. They usually get evicted that week or the week after that. Vanessa’s alliance will still dominate as they have the majority and the votes. The returnee does not have any alliances backing him or her up. It only adds one week at the most to the Big Brother season which is probably why they even have it.

      • Yeah but Vanessa said she wanted to work with JMac before the eviction but Austin wouldn’t let her take him off the block. HAH… that’s one backfired on her big time, unless she actually works with him. Yeah, right!!!

  4. Whoever comes back better be someone who will get Vanessa out, that is if BB allows that to happen. She wore that green beanie for weeks, then all of the sudden she’s got a new grey one?

    • The fact that people even try to say a live show like big brother is rigged, is just ridicules. If they were really rigging it they would not have feeds. “that is if BB allows that to happen” They don’t dictate game the players dictate game.

    • Her new hats appeared after the comic she saw of herself as “the mad hatter “…probably not by coincidence.

    • Who cares if she got a new hat? What does that have to do with the game? I don’t think CBS favors Vanessa over the others. If anything, John seems to be the favorite. Vanessa has not had a home package done on her (you know, the ones that are shown during eviction episodes).

      • How’s come they did James’ instead of John’s? James wasn’t being evicted this week.

      • John has already had a package done on him. John wasn’t in danger that week either.
        So, both of them have had packages done on them.

      • lol…you know those packages that they do during eviction episodes, where we get to see one of the houseguest’s family and friends talking about how they think their beloved houseguest would fare in the game. They did one on Audrey, Johnny Mac, and James (there could’ve been others but I can’t remember right this minute)

    • JMac gave it a good try this morning. I thought he’d flip the votes but then Austin got in Meg and James ears and lied to them. Of course they’re so stupid they believe him. Can’t wait until it bites them in the ass.

  5. Dang, tonight’s Endurance comp should be epic. I think we can safely assume that James or one of the jury members will be HOH this week, meaning Austin and the twins will no longer be in power. The final competitors in tonight’s comp will all be from the jury, which is kind of funny.

  6. I think BBCAN3 taught us a lesson. Twist filled seasons are horrible. You can have 1 season long twist like the BOTB but other then that twists are unfair and just mess with the game to much.

    • Big brother Canada is way better than US…big brother USA is so predictable…. Big brother isn’t about fairness….its about throwing everything you can at the houseguests and getting people to like you is part of the game…people often forget that the public is watching, everyone has an equal chance of being the public’s favorite… No twists are made to screw up anyone in particular anyways…

  7. So can someone explain the timeline to me please? After tonight we’ll still have 8 house guests, and the finale is in 4 weeks. So how do they get down to 2 houseguests in that time?

    • 4 weeks until the Finale? – Wow. The spit’s about to hit the fan, isn’t it? (Things should speed up fast from here.)

    • After this week, they will probably go after each other the following week. There is no one left. This week would be the week to send James to the jury house. Meg is the bystander. Steve, Johnny Mac and Vanessa versus Austin, Julia and Liz. Next week could be especially, good.

    • Well, he’s his brother… naw, but you’re right they could be related.

      It’s funny, JMac sounds fine when he’s talking but once he stops and does that weird sucking-laugh… it’s just weird, I never noticed it that pronounced until he was talking w/Julie. Not sure if he does it on purpose to get a laugh from others.

  8. Some are spinning harder than some. I saw when James went down, Vanessa followed. Most are down now. I think they believe it’s James secret for winning. haha.

    • WHAT? Oh, you mean ‘crouched’ down. Yeah, when the live show went off I noticed Shelli was the only one standing up, everyone else was crouching.

    • damn….go Becky…go Jackie. I knew he wasn’t going to last. He was spinning too fast. Vanessa is hardly spinning.

      • I thought Vanessa was spinning more than anyone else and her hair was flying straight sideways.

    • It was a suck night for me… least favorite to return JMac (of the four from Jury); the least favorite to win HoH – Vanessa. Still interested to see who she noms and who she selects to BD if she does do that.

  9. Okay, I’m not home right now to see the feeds and no other site is confirming that, so wth?

  10. Ah geez. Another boring week. Vanessa will put Steve and John up. At least she can’t win HOH next week so hopefully they can get her out first in the DE.

  11. So exact same game as this past week….except no make out sessions with Austin and Liz….at least that’s something to be thankful for.

  12. Okay, now the other sites are confirming… and what the heck, production? Couldn’t you have made this comp just a little harder? Quickest endurance comp in BB history.

      • I just timed it out myself, it just felt like 2 minutes. The feeds barely came back and we had a winner all ready.

      • The feeds came back at 10pm EST, but they have been spinning since 6:49 ish. In Big Brother 7 it literally lasted 2 minutes. Before the live show ended we already know who was moving onto part 2.

      • Yeah, Boogie threw the comp because he told Erika & Janelle that they HAD to take him to the final 2 or they would lose. Janelle accidentally let go of her handle when Boogie dropped and Erika won by default.

    • Jackie, Becky, Shelli and James got Dq’d for sitting. Vanessa was sitting also and the word is production was looking at the tapes. But Vanessa said on the feeds you could sit if your feet were still on it. So I guess she’s still HOH.

  13. Did John just throw the HoH to Vanessa because he was the last jury member left? What a “moron” and a waste of a HG return IMO. Just when you think this season can’t get any worse………………….! Nobody 4 REAL!!!

      • Not really, preseason I thought he was awesome but John is just there. He has no strategy and he is boring. He is funny in the DR but CBS is shoving that down our faces by giving him a good edit.

    • It’s a game……who cares…..he didn’t have time to think when asked that question…..Big deal…..Meg is an annoying floater anyways!

  14. There goes James and Meg…Van will target them, probably put both up. If James wins veto, she’ll bd JMac.

    • Yep…She has a vendetta against them…How dear they had Austin’s protection. As James said ” Hell has no fury…..”

    • It will be James and Meg. Vanessa has Steve in her back pocket and she is working on Johnny Mac to join her and Steve. Austin, Liz and Julia threw Johnny Mac and Steve under the bus this past week. Putting James and Meg on the block removes 2 votes on the other side right from the start. Also, if one gets off, Vanessa can backdoor maybe, Austin or Liz? Rooting for a Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac alliance versus Austin, Liz and Julia. Next week, could be very exciting for us viewers.

      • That tune has changed if she means what she’s now telling the twins (without Austin in the room). She’s not willing to work with JMac after all. Geesh…I hate all this back and forth crap she does.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Its like a dose of pain 3 times a week. I have already stopped watching the feeds and BBAD. I just read the articles here and the updates on Jokers. I cannot stand watcing Vanessa for 1 more minute. Same for Austin and Liz and of course, Julia. I can’t even stand Meg anymore.

      • Same here. Deleted last 4 BBADs before watching them. And about to cancel my live feeds too!

      • I PVR BBAD then fast forward through all the group stuff but hold on when you have game talk. Altho ya, you’re right! They’re all so gullible.

      • I stopped watching after they flipped on Becky because I can’t stand Vanessa. I just come here to read the comments. I also don’t care for the twins. I can’t stand people that turn all their statements into questionsssssssssssssss?

      • Let me ask a quick question… I’ve been hearing that you said… I don’t knowah I think they’re all rightah!!! It was James that caused the flip.

      • It doesn’t matter who caused the flip, all the house guests flipped. Not one of them had the balls to vote the other way to even try to get Vanessa out. That combined with the annoying sound of the twins voices plus Vanessa’s whining and crying is why I don’t watch. You can only take so much of annoying people before you just say “I’m done” 2 more weeks of Day or Jason would’ve also done it.

    • Take me with you!! Lololol….. It’s nuts!
      I just don’t get it.
      I just don’t get it!

  15. Goodbye James. It sad that Meg, who is essentially useless will last much longer than much better players but I guess its the same as Victoria last year. I only hope Austin can flip the house to keep James and evict Meg.

  16. Least Austin and Liz won’t be in the HOH room, so it’ll be safe to watch those cameras.

  17. Oh no – now we have to listen to ger having blood on her hands all week. Geez, I’m getting very annoyed with Vanessa. She has to go.

    • I hate when anyone says anything about Not getting blood on their hands……it makes me embarrassed for them!

      • I’ve been saying that’s way he/she doesn’t get you-know-what on their you-know-whats but that’s so long just not to say it.

  18. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Stands to reason Vanessa would win a game called “Dizzyland” – her brain is always going in circles anyway – right up her crazy alley. The only thing worse would have been Julia or Liz winning.

  19. Vanessa….so toxic the house guests had nothing left for this endurance comp….someone get a medic and radioactive proof gear for the house guests…STAT

  20. Lets be positive. Remember how many of us thought Amanda would win BB15? She was evicted in the second DE so there is still a chance to evict Vanessa. Also, once Vanessa is gone, she can’t come back which is a good thing.

    • Again this sets up well for Austwins. Another week escaping eviction for any of them and Vanessa will be in the house again next week as the biggest target for JMac. It almost certain now the Austwins will make final 6 which means they can control every eviction until then end without winning HoH until the final 4.

      I wonder if Vanessa realizes this? I wonder if she will go to James and Meg and make a truce to get out Austwins this week. Vanessa knows she cannot win HoH next week so she will be a sitting duck – and it may be the days comp – how ironic she won’t be able to play in it!

    • Oh man….I hated Amanda from BB15……and I hated Frankie from BB16……now I hate Austin and dip SH… Twins and Vanessa!

  21. This is epic. Seriously. She’s like JR Ewing. No matter what she does or how low she goes she comes out on top. Between John/Becky/Jackie and Shelli, John wins? It’s like The Devil winning the top seat and the one who gets to come back and stir up trouble is Hermey the Dentist. It may not last forever but it’s entertaining as all get out right now.

    • She’ll put up James and Meg. If James wins Veto, she’ll put up Steve and most likely will BD him instead of Meg.

      • If she doesn’t make deals with James and Meg and John and Steve and take a crack at the Austwins, she doesn’t deserve the title in any way at all.

      • Vanessa needs Steve and Johnny Mac next week when she cannot play for HOH. My guess it is going to be James this week as the target. He is useless to Vanessa and she may actually, use Liz as a pawn with James to ensure James gets evicted. Austin and Julia have to vote James out and if James wins POV, backdoor Austin by putting him against Liz. This week, Vanessa has a lot of good options to take out the threats on the other side.

  22. Vanessa is not stupid….she’ll figure a way to get rid of one of the Austwins this week….maybe 2 if she realizes it’s a double eviction….

    • Vanessa is getting ready. She may go take out James first but, if it fails, he has Austin as the replacement nominee and a good backdoor target. That would be a big move in the game. A combo of Liz as a pawn with James as the target would be a good start. If one gets off via POV, nominate Austin as the replacement nominee.
      Austin against Liz, Vanessa would have the votes to evict Austin.

  23. Thank goodness next week is double eviction. Will this be a surprise double eviction for the HGs?

      • May be more exciting to break up the triplets during a DE when they least expect it. Works for getting Vanessa out as well, not giving her enough time to go through her antics.

      • Like I’ve always said, Van will need to be BDed instead of put on the block by those still left in the house. They won’t be able to take a whole week of her otherwise.

      • Exactly, she would cry and whine and torture everyone……she must be back doored! Can’t believe she is the same chic who won 4.5 million dollars in a poker game! Man she is annoying! ;)

    • Did we see/hear a deal being made and him agreeing to that? If he had the power to win and shake things up why would he let that chance go?

      • Maybe Vanessa too…..that’s why she promised him safety. If you could go longer, you don’t make deals.

      • trust me, I know it lol but I’m not afraid hehe… In real life, she is an amazing human being, very down to earth and super kind! and trust me, I know she is doing a lot of not cool things but its very out of character for her and I just sincerely believe the game is getting the best of her and she does not know how to turn off the game switch because she plays a game for a living. in regards to her being paranoid, yes she is over-the-top paranoid lol but I do believe most of her paranoia is justified because she can read people and she knew something was up when Austin and the twins were turning on her. so her paranoia was validated.
        I don’t know, I definitely don’t agree with some of the things she has done but at the same time, I do understand a lot of her reasoning and I understand her emotions. I guess I feel like I need to be a voice for her to some degree lol…. Like I said, she’s not like this at all in real life! I was very surprised when I found out she was even going to be playing on BB because she is quite private & she is a quiet person by nature. like I said, I just believe she is exhausted because she can not turn off the switch. so many people attack her character and I’m not saying some people are not right in regards to what they say but a lot of people say very mean things about her and I just don’t agree with it! I don’t agree with attacking anyone’s character in the house outside of the game. and I personally have had my character attacked many many times over the past few weeks because I defend her for the most part! I think that’s very hypocritical! And I don’t believe anyone should be attacked for their beliefs. I am not afraid to say what I have to say, it’s easy for someone to sit behind a computer and insult me personally. Honestly, I could care less. I am a good person :-)
        just like so many other previous house guests of all 17 seasons Plus BB Canada have said, the house changes you, the house makes you paranoid, people say they do things in there that they had no intentions on doing when they went in. a lot of people fail to forget this is just a game!
        I like a good, clean, fun fair debate! if people want to take it to the next level, that is on them. I will not change my mind based on what a majority of people think. nor will I become a hypocrite and attack them back. I am just enjoying watching the game, like I have since season 1. The only difference with this season is someone I know (have met several times) is in the house and the only other difference is I have enjoyed friendly debate and / or just gossip and what not with people who are watching the same show I am. :-) :-) prior to this season I never was part of any discussions regarding Big Brother aside from talking to friends :-)
        I am a lover not a fighter ♡♡♡
        pS. I’m sorry for my extremely long reply lol talk to text haha it gets the best of me and I don’t shut up lol

      • He said in the farewell interview that he’d go after Meg…. Yep! That’s right, Meg!! Cuz she’s such a threat… Gahhhh!!

      • When asked the question he barely had anytime to think……don’t take it seriously…..JMac is a good guy! Meg is a floater!

    • I don’t see where she promised him safety. All she said was “ditto”. Ditto isn’t going to make me feel safe. If you promise me safety, have the balls to say it. Yes I believe that Vanessa is the other transgender HG.

      • She tried to make a deal and JMac wouldn’t. When they talked after she asked why you wouldn’t make a deal and he said because he didn’t want to do it in front of everyone. They are going to work together with Steve.

      • Looking forward to a trio of Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac against Austin, Liz and Julia. Meg will be the Final 2 option as always. James will be the target this week. With an Austin BD re-nomination possible if James gets off via POV. Liz should be on the block too to ensure they vote out James. If James gets off, put Austin beside Liz and send one of them home. That is the best way to take out the remaining big threats on the other side.

  24. While they were the last two on the swings, Vanessa & John’s conversation: -muddbull Less…

    JM: I know I’m safe but I gotta do what I gotta do. I’m not coming after you.
    V; I really want a note from Mel
    JM: I haven’t gotten a letter at all.
    V: I really can go for a long time. Honestly, I can go for an hour and a half.
    JM:(groan)… Let’s do it then. You’re safe with me… if I fall (laughs)
    V: ditto. I really want to hear from Mel so bad.
    JM struggles a bit more, then slides down to the bottom, and falls.

    • haha awesome! I believe she will stay true to her word and keep John safe. I think her target will be James, unless she decides to break up the three but I doubt that!

      • She just said that she can’t believe John DIDN’T take the deal. Austin and the twins are 100% safe.

      • didn’t take the deal? So he said no, let’s play it out because if I win you are not safe? Or did I misunderstand you? if he didn’t take the deal and he lost, clearly he lost lol then he is a fool. I still think James should be her target. and I’m surprised if John did not take the deal with Vanessa, because I thought he wanted to work with her. Very weird!

    • Love Meg but you don’t seriously think she should win the game do you? She could be one of those players that wakes up and starts winning everything at the end but doubtful! I think she’s already trying very hard to win so unless luck is on her side, I don’t see it happening!
      again, I do really really like her as a person! But I do not believe she deserves to win the game! Not at all!

    • I don’t work for CBS and I’d give her a standing ovation and cheer loudly (even though I think she’s kind of intolerable as a person.)

    • first she has to leave and that look less likely. We’ll have to see but if she gets past the Austwins to win then something will smell rotten in the big brother house.

      • Not if she’s smart enough to make deals with the rest and crack the Austwins alliance now. I think it’s her last chance. Both JMac and James are due victories.

      • Vanessa still has Steve in her back pocket and she probably can reel in Johnny Mac on her side. She knows that James, Meg, Austin, Julia and Liz would be a big alliance to deal with so, she needs to remove the biggest threats which are Austin or James. If she puts them side by side, one of them will get evicted. If one gets off thru POV, nominate Liz as the replacement nominee. That is Vanessa’s best move.

    • van did the same thing just sat on her feet she should have been disqualified as well. Or better say what the rules are

      • Let us know, but we really don’t know what happened when the show was over and before the feeds returned.

      • Tough to tell since they cut out to highlights for most of it. From what I saw there was Jackie who at one point was completely sitting on it and was confused if she was able to do that and the other house guests didn’t know, so at the very least the rules were explained poorly. They then cut to the highlights and returned when it was JMac and Vanessa. JMac had his butt touching the board, but was not having any weight on it so he wasn’t sitting on it just squatting. Vanessa had her feet on the front half of the board and was sitting on the back half so about half her butt was on it, but enough to put weight on. I would consider that sitting on it. Vanessa has done things like this before where she will try to gain a competitive edge by doing something that is not allowed , but having it be questionable like this. Is she sitting on it is she not it is really a judgement call. I say she is CBS apparently disagrees.

      • I dont remember the season, but they did have a comp where a person won and was later disqualified giving it to who came in second. Although I don’t like her I don’t want her disqualified. The rules were certainly not clear and you cant have 5 people disqualified (the four that were plus vannessa). It should be replayed.

      • I think she was squatting down, not sitting with legs dangling like the others. We will see on Sunday.

      • i am checking it now, but none the less if 4 people are disqualified for it it is because they didn’t say the rules

    • If 4 of 11 people were disqualified for the same thing then its clear production did not make the rules clear for all of the HGs. It does not look good for BB when something like that happens. They should have warned them first. Clearly something was lost in translation.

  25. SO HAPPY Vanessa won!!!!
    so, who do you all think she will put up for eviction? Will she go against her alliance? finally be the one to break up the solid 3? Would it be a good game move? I think it would be however, then of course all the fans will turn on her even more! it would be a good game move to get rid of one of the three, but it would also be a good game move to keep the solid fourr! it’s just a matter of who’s going to break it up. obviously it has to happen but when’s the right time to do it? If they backdoored Vanessa when Austin was HOH the fans for the most part would be happy (aside from me! LOL) but if Vanessa does it she will be a huge villain and possibly be hated even more by a lot of fans. (even though it’s a game! And even though it would be a good game move. I just don’t think Vanessa should do it, she still needs them!) But, a lot of people do not care for Austin and the twins so, who really knows lol what I think should happen is James goes home! he is well liked Plus he has won quite a few competitions (for at least came very close) so me personally, I think he should go if he does not win Veto. but I do really like james!

      • well of course we can agree to disagree :-)however, in what sense do you mean worth person? She is winning competitions, she is getting herself out of sticky situations, she is making big moves and aside from that, she is very very nice person outside of the house! I don’t agree with everything she has done thus far however she’s playing a game, just like the rest of them! what do people think they are watching? So I’m just curious on why you think she is the worst player in history?
        again, we can totally agree to disagree :-) just don’t take it personally! I like a good debate, I do not like a dirty debate ♡♡

      • I have met her several times, but even that can’t totally judge her character however I know a lot of people who are very good friends with her!
        and in my meetings with her, she was extremely nice and not snobby or anything like that! Completely down to earth! She had no reason to approach me and talk to me the first time we met but she went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and if I needed anything and we spoke for a long time. and then after that, other times we had met she was the exact same person. in the poker world she is considered “famous” HOWEVER she never ever ever acted as though she was better than anyone else! Ever!
        and a side note, some of my poker friends who are good friends with her would not say good things about her if they were not true. People can’t believe me, people cannot believe me. It really makes no difference to me. I am simply just trying to defend her character and I have said several times that certain things she has done in the house have not been acceptable behavior! people make mistakes! I am a pretty nice person lol :-) I get along with everyone! But put me on camera for 24/7 for 3 months, I’m sure I will say and doing some pretty stupid things!I’m not saying she is perfect! We all make mistakes and say stupid things! everyone loves Jmac, I love Jmac! He is super funny but on Wednesdays episode he was pretty much calling Meg dumb! Sorry, I don’t know exactly what he said but it was pretty much something like that. I am sure he is a great person, & I am sure he really likes Meg! People say stupid things sometimes.

      • NO!!!! you are very very very wrong! Very wrong! do you know her personally? And do you know anyone who knows her? Or are you saying this because you read it online somewhere? That is a low blow! she remained very good friends with her ex husband when they divorced! I don’t get pissed off at many things people say but your accusation is very wrong and I can’t stand it when people think they know everything because they read it online! You are so wrong!

      • She left him when he needed her the most. And he died shortly after that. Why would you pick that time, of all times, to leave your husband? When he is on his death bed dying from of cancer. She wasn’t there for him. When you get married, you make a promise that you will take of your spouse in sickness or in health. In the good times and the bad. For better pr for worse. For richer or for poorer. That means nothing to Vanessa. That was why so was able to throw her allience members Shelli and Clay right under the bus. And not feel any remorse.

    • Since she told Steve and the Austwins they are not going on the block that only leaves Meg, James and Jmac and supposedly she made a deal with JMac, although Vanessa says he didn’t take the deal. So its going to be Meg and James going on teh block with James going home. JMac will be the bd target.

    • Over on Jokers Vanessa just told Austin he and the twins will not be nominated or go up as pawns or as replacement nominees….

      • I suspect that’s a lie. If she doesn’t crack the trio when she has the ultimate power to do so, she doesn’t deserve the win. It will be viewed, I think, as the most powerful move made all Season. – You can’t be the champ with totally blood free hands!

      • that’s good! It’s smart of her to do that! Especially if next week is a double eviction. I think her target should be James! I really really like him personally, he’s super funny! But he is also a threat to her name. he’s good at competitions and he is very likeable.

  26. It’s easy to say that Clay is now officially the dumbest player in the history of BB. He gave up his game for a woman he knew for 5 weeks, and she went out the next week.

  27. Of course Vanessa will send Jmac packing. They all voted to send him out.
    I think every one would like to see her put up Austin against Liz but that would never happen.

    • Vanessa is a player who looks out for herself, she knows jmac is going after austwins so she might not be so quick to get him out

  28. The second John said he was going after Meg I didnt want him to come back. Becky was my last hope for entertainment. Sorry, I like John but he was not someone I would like to see come back considering he thinks taking out Meg of all people is a good option!! Take out an austwin or something lol. And then to top it all off Vanessa wins hoh D: I’m so done :-(

  29. Not to take away from Vanessa’s win because she is a good competitor, but it is possible that the producers are telling Austin and others on the DR not to put up Vanessa. o make the boring show more exciting. Last season BB were so high up Frankie’s hole that I believe they tried to keep him as long as possible as well.

    • Well I don’t think there has been any indication of production trying to influence the game. Van is a number for the Austwins so it makes sense that they wanted to keep her. I’m sure if the last 2 HoHes were won by the other side, Van would have been out the door already.

  30. Yes I’m happy that Van won HoH. But this is the most critical moment for her if she wants to win the GAME. She has to put up the Austwins and get 1 of them out, preferably Liz. Without Liz as the glue of the trio, it’ll be a lot easier for Van to control Austin and Julia. If she doesn’t do this, her chances of winning BB will be pretty slim…

    I know a lot of people don’t like Van, but I’m sure many more don’t want any of the Austwins to win! So Van pls do the right thing and break up that awful 3some!

    • Yes! I am glad Van won. You and I are in the minority. I don’t understand why when lying and deceiving is part of the game, do people have problems with her?

      • I don’t mind the lying and deceiving at all…it’s the bullying that’s not necessary…that’s what most people don’t like about Vanessa.

      • I agree. If it wasn’t for the crying and bullying, I’d definitely like Vanessa. I hate the way she treated steve, but he doesn’t seem to mind it….so idk.

      • I agree. I mentioned yesterday before the show Vanessa so flusters Steve she thinks she’s getting the truth out of him or catching him in a lie. Then to confirm my thinking they have have a convo after HoH, she starts the rapid fire interrogation method she uses and after that Steve’s saying I can’t even think when she does that to me.

        I think a HG would be wise when she starts to do that just look at her straight in the eyes, turn & walk away… do not say one word. Then the next time she approaches and said “you wouldn’t talk to me last time & walked away”, this time you say “no, I wouldn’t be interrogated by you, it makes it very hard to think & talk with you. So lets talk but I walk away again if the interrogation resumes”.

      • Agreed, then you add in the crying, whining, demanding and interrogating… it just seems to make it worse. LOL.

  31. A lot of people are talking about Vanessa cheating in the comp so I went back and watched it. It is tough to tell since they cut out to highlights for most of it. From
    what I saw there was Jackie who at one point was completely sitting on the board and was confused if she was able to do that and the other house
    guests didn’t know, so at the very least the rules were explained
    poorly. They then cut to highlights and returned when it was JMac
    and Vanessa. They did not show anything that happen to the others and it wasn’t mentioned during the comp, but it is apparently due to sitting on the board. From re watching it twice I saw JMac had his butt touching the board, but was not having
    any weight on it so he wasn’t sitting on it just squatting. Vanessa had
    her feet on the front half of the board and was sitting on the back
    half so about half her butt was on it, but enough to put weight on. I
    would consider that sitting on the board and resting your feet on it. Vanessa has done things like this
    before where she will try to gain a competitive edge by doing something
    that is not allowed, but having it be questionable. Is she
    sitting on it, is she not, it is really a judgement call. I say she is
    CBS apparently disagrees.

  32. Steve asks JMac if he wants to work with Van and help get Austwins out now. She said the Austwins want her to target Meg and James but she said to Steve that won’t help her game out. So maybe Van will team up with JMac and Steve and go after Austwins??? Now that would be ideal. Seeing’s believing though!

  33. WORST. SEASON. EVER. Boycott this crap! Same BS will play out for another week. I’m just sick of it and I’m sick of this house voting out people as a united front, do these fools know they can vote to evict whomever they want?!? Morons are getting picked off one by one by Vanessa and Austwins. Game would’ve been so different if Vanessa was evicted rather than Shelli. I’ve disliked a season as much as this season. Austin is disgusting as F… Liz and Julia are annoying… Meg and James are just too stoooopid for words… Steve is wearing Vanessa’s panties too tight.

  34. Vanessa is now whispering to Steve that they need to take out the Austwins. They want her to target JMac, but Vanessa said she was going to do what is best for her game. Blowing smoke or for real?

  35. JMac deserves to be eliminated for throwing this comp. it’s like he has a brain but he would rather be lazy and just let other people mak the choices

    • I am ok with comp throwing Dr. will threw every comp (i am not comparing the quality of their game just this part) and he is still the best player ever.

      • I don’t think JMac is playing Dr. Will’s or Dan Gheesling’s game, so no points for throwing comps. I think JMac doesn’t throw strategically.

      • Completely agree. he is not doing it the right way. I am just talking about throwing comps as a strategy in general.

  36. I personally think that bring back a jury player is stupid they get evited 1st or 2nd. I just hope they get rid of John then liz, then austin ,then steve, then james, then julia and vanessa and meg final 2 and vanessa wins 8 votes to 1 vote the only vote for meg is james

  37. I love Vanessa Steve and jmac… they should make a final three deal…. they should join with meg n James for final five to get austwins out…..

    • They probably have, it’s really hard to keep up with all the deals this season and most of them are just b.s.; I don’t think JMac has made one that was real and not because of him, he’s wanting a real one, he just can’t seem to get one. He set himself up to be abused (Shelli/Clay started it) and most all the HG have taken advantage of him so he really only has himself to blame.

      • Yes they have done it once before. Also with this many people disqualified they would have to.

      • I don’t remember it was a while back. I thought they did, but was not sure then i saw on twitter people talking about it.

      • I don’t know anything but I’d assume she (Vanessa) might be eliminated if she sat and they’d give it to John maybe? (Unless the whole comp was confusing and unclear.) Are the feeds back and are the HGs discussing it?

      • It could go either way with this many disqualified for the same thing and the rules so unclear a redo would make the most sense with houseguests and jurors

      • Thanks, Bill! People who say this Season stinks are insane. (Drama flows like water over Niagara.)

      • To you maybe, Matt. But with all of the hatred toward contestants posted on these boards and the talk that CBS might be “reviewing the tape” and a “re-do” has never been done before in BB US history? (According to one comment.) That adds all kinds of interesting drama to me.

      • Production can do anything they want. Since Shelli, James, Becky and Jackie sat on their butts while on the disc, they were disqualified. Van did it too and thinks the rules were if both feet were on the disc along with your butt, you were okay.

      • I would think as long as your feet or hands don’t come away, you could remain in the comp.

      • The reason they have it so you cant sit on it is because it reduces the difficulty dramatically. Even if you have your hands and feet on it is much easier.

  38. I said earlier in the week, I hope JMac and Vanessa team up. No one would think too much of them working together. Maybe that’s why she told Austin that JMac didn’t take the deal. To me it sounded like they have each other’s back.

  39. BEST CASE Scenario this week, hoping that Vanessa keeps her word.

    Steve & James up for eviction, Meg wins veto and saves James. Forcing Vanessa to put up JMac, Austin, Liz, or Julia. Vanessa convinces one of the Austwins to be a pawn as she “has to keep her word to Jmac”. James, Meg, or Jmac promises the Austwins safety with his/her eviction vote going to Steve to be evicted. However… James, Meg, and Jmac then vote out whomever is on the block with Steve. That’s the only way to break up Austin and his Queens.

    However, I feel these people are too stupid and won’t be able to keep a plan like this down low…

  40. The comp would have been more exciting if it was play yard rules. Something hitS the ground your out.
    Could it be more simple?

  41. See if u can guess who might be the targets for next weeks’s eviction. Vanessa told Austwins they are safe. She just formed an alliance, Final 3, with Steve and John. hmmm

    • Do the HGs know/suspect there might be a DE next week or is that just chatter posted here?

      • I didn’t hear it. Will have to replay it to see. Could be there will be two DEs back to back next week and following week…to get to final 4.

      • Sure hope Van plans for this to happen! I hope if James is safe this week by whatever means that he wins next HoH and takes her or Liz out if the twins and Austin are still there and she doesn’t win the Veto.

      • Yep, she did. So if van puts Liz austin, then in Second eviction another goes up, BAM, Vannessa has struck

      • They don’t know..yet. But that doesn’t mean they won’t suspect it later once they start doing the math and figure out how many weeks are left.

  42. There could be some “light across the faceless”……………….Vanessa is talking to John and it sounds like she targeting the “Trio”. I posted it before and I’ll post it again ,”the biggest obstacle in Vanessa’s way to the final four is the last official alliance in the house, the Trio! Now that she is HoH and has Steve and John on her side there is nothing in her way now. Nobody 4 EVER!!!

  43. Hear Miss Entitlement…” Meg and James didn’t say congrats” I guess this is going to be the reason they are going on the block!

      • That’s what Miss bonehead will do. They r going on the block. She’s very jealous of the relationship she think Austin has with Jameg.

    • James and Meg will be on the block because there are no targets left. Johnny Mac, Vanessa might take him in when she goes after Austin, Liz and Julia. Meg will be safe as a Final 2 option. We are approaching the end game. Vanessa has continued to play a smart game. Steve will also, be on Vanessa’s side.

      • For the passed 2 weeks she wanted them on the block. Liz said no….Austin said no….now she can do it. I really, really want the Austwins to take her out! She’s so gun ho in protecting them.

      • Why shouldn’t she protect Austin, Liz and Julia over James, Meg and Johnny Mac? Vanessa has an alliance with them. James and Meg made a deal with Austin which I am sure Vanessa knows about too. Why wouldn’t she target allies of Austin? She has Steve in her pocket and maybe, Johnny Mac now too because he has nothing to lose by joining Vanessa. Austin and the twins threw Johnny Mac and Steve under the bus!

  44. James & meg will be the noms. Book it.

    Kinda funny off the twitter feed on this site and jokers. I get the feeling that a side battle is happening amongst the minions for Austin & Van. Van has to know that austin & J/M have something going for Austin to not touch them last week – instead going for people in her own alliance. So, now she is going to target them. All along, Austin is trying to protect them some more and wants Jmac/Steve up.

    So, James/Meg will go up – but if Austin pushes too hard for them, could the Austwins be a BD target for Van for his “disloyalty”. Gosh, I hope some fissure comes up between Van & Austwins

  45. Another boring week ahead. Ughhhhh so done with this show…

    I posted this earlier but no longer see it. Only saving grace (if Vanessa sticks to her word) and best option:

    V puts up Steve and Meg, James wins veto and removes Meg. Only option V has is to put up one of the Austwins because she “wants to keep her word to Jmac” and then get enough votes to evict Liz, Julia, or Austin.

  46. Guys, I’m not sure how many are aware, but there’s a petition out there to have the comp redone. Apparently, there was no specific rule for them sitting on the discs during the comp, but Jackie, Shelli, and Becky were all disqualified for doing so. In the meantime, John and Vanessa did it, too, and were kept in the game.

    Now, I’m not saying that any foul play was done here. Like I said, I wasn’t home to watch the feeds and was going back and forth on my phone between the sites. So what I want to know is how legitimate is this claim?

    • James also got Dq’d. But they were sitting and Vanessa was saying you could sit if your feet were still on it. Don’t know if Shelli Jackie, Becky and James were actually sitting with their feet off.

      • Thanks, Lav. I only just got home a few minutes ago, but I saw on Facebook someone had posted the petition. Not sure how I feel about it, though, because I don’t remember Julie saying anything about being allowed to sit down or not.

      • Jackie was sitting with her feet dangling…don’t know about Shelli, Becky or James, though.

  47. I can’t stand Big Bird (v) winning hoh. Ahhhh sooooo boring.
    It’s a conspiracy of some kind.

  48. WOW! I actually didn’t think that Vanessa was going to take this one. Her track record with physical comps is below sub-par. I’m surprised and extremely excited that she won HOH. Good job, Vanessa! Make the right decisions. Vanessa has to win this game!

    • I believe both JohnnyMac and Vanessa are the tallest. On this one, shorter people had a more difficult time holding on. I believe height had something to do with it.

    • 1/2 the house was DQd for violations. An endurance comp lasted less than 1/2 hour. Was an epic failure for production.

      Van won, but even that is being debated because some are saying she did what some of others who were DQd did.

      • Well, it doesn’t really matter though, because she wasn’t going to fall. She said she could’ve held on for much longer, like James said when he won HOH with that rock wall competition.

      • Probably doesn’t matter since CBS would have to deal with Van if they changed it.

        But It does matter if people were DQd for doing what she did.

        I don’t care who wins, but it should be fair for all.

      • How do you know that she did what you said she did? Some people might be saying that because they hate Vanessa and want to do anything to undermine her wins in this game.
        You all act like Vanessa is a tyrant and would have the audacity to cause problems for CBS. I don’t think that is her game.
        Nobody has proof that she cheated and if all the others were disqualified and Vanessa did the same thing…surely they would’ve caught her if they caught all the others.

      • I don’t know if she did or didn’t. I don’t know the details of the rules. But there are pictures (linked on the twitter feed) that seem to show her butt on the disc which is what the others were DQd for. In my eyes, fair is fair. CBS misses things too!

        I’ll repeat. I don’t care who wins! And I like watching her and how she plays. She’s plays good and I want good, hard gameplay. But the game she plays is a bullying/intimidating style. With all the tears & stuff that some folks don’t like that. I don’t care – you signed up for this show, deal with it. But just as you have your favorite and have every right to like her game, everyone else has the same right to go after her and express their feelings.

      • Her pants were black. The seat is black. People aren’t seeing things right. There is no proof.

      • Your quick reply tells me that you have already seen some of the alleged proof. And sure, black on black – you can’t tell. Maybe that is also why CBS didn’t overturn the result.

        But if you think it is OK to get by on such a technicality – i.e. , you just can’t PROVE she cheated. Then I’m done with this. I want a fair game – that was my only point. You don’t seem to care as long as Van wins.

      • Your assumption is wrong about my quick reply. I just happened to see that you were typing and then I read it once you were finished. I actually haven’t seen any proof. I’m looking back at the live feeds and I see that Vanessa actually wasn’t wearing black pants, they are more like blue jeans. I was wrong about that.
        But I did hear Vanessa say that Jackie touched the seat. And then Jackie was out.
        I don’t think it’s “okay to get by on such a technicality.” You guys have no proof that Vanessa did what you guys said she did.
        If she did, then she should be disqualified. I wouldn’t have minded seeing others win the HOH. I actually prefer Vanessa to not win HOHS and get blood on her hands. I prefer her to win the Vetoes.
        What is this fair game you speak of? You act as if it was proven that Vanessa cheated and that they let it slide. Nobody has any proof. Show me the proof!
        Yes, of course I want Vanessa to win. You wouldn’t care either if your favorite won HOH.

      • Look. I really need to go to bed and I really do appreciate your tenacity and bravery for coming on here and being a Van fan. Believe me – I don’t hate her. I am just a stickler for rules and want the truth.

        I read on Jokers:
        Thu 8:12 PM BBTVanessa explains that as long as both feet were on the disc, it was OK to have your butt on is as well. NT – AdamAndEvel

        So, it seems her butt was on the disc and maybe it is OK if your feet are too. I just read in other places that the others that were DQd had their butt on the disc & that is why they were DQd. Maybe they didn’t have their feet on as well. As you mentioned, we may never know as the feeds cut a lot on several of them going out.

        But i will concede one point you made earlier. CBS/production is the ultimate ref here and it is in their best interest to enforce the rules as best as they can or they invite a lawsuit. It is a game for $500K after all. There likely is no proof so the “call stands” so to speak just like in the NFL. That doesn’t mean she did or did not cheat. It just means there is no proof – so you are right, in absence of proof then it is what it is, Congrats to her for winning HOH.

        Good nite to you. Enjoy the show.

      • Who said we had to be mature here?
        But anyways, I only said “yeah, whatever”
        How is that immature?

      • They cut the feeds before we could see Becky, Shelli, and Liz fall. We don’t really know what happened, do we?

  49. Can we just get to the final 4 of Austwins and Vanessa and be done with it? I doubt anyone even gives a rat’s azz anymore of this stupid season….

    Rigged and stupid. Whatever to all their twists and shiz? We’re not even seeing any pandora box, diamond veto, or rewind week. Rigged as hell… Do done!!!!!

  50. Van will get the trophy for most deals made in a BB season. Then she will be BACK on for another CBS show.
    Oh! Hell noooaaahh!

  51. From Jokers:

    Thu 9:33 PM BBTMeg tells James that there is no reason for Vanessa to come after them. James “what if Jmac wins veto?” Meg “Steve(goes)” NT – eureca

    Please just put Meg out of her misery and send her to party with the other girls in jury house

      • A Ditz is usually delusional, aren’t they? Defined a scatterbrained person.

        Can’t believe the twins live in Miami, any chance they grew up in CA? Because the Urban Dictionary describes the Twins to a tee, though I have not hear ‘dude’ from either of them… with some additional ‘accent-ah’ added…

        Urban Dictionary’s definition of DITZ: A superficially dumb valley chick, with no common sense what so ever-ah.
        Usually of white race, rich-uh, and pretty. Often uses words such as
        “like”, “oh my gosh-ah”, “oh my goodness”, “that is like so not-ah cool at
        all”, “dude-ah”.

      • I don’t think Meg is a ditz. She’s just not athletically inclined or competitive for that matter. If she weren’t recruited, she wouldn’t have signed up to do BB. She’s only delusional in thinking she’ll be safe from Van’s clutches. The ones I would consider a ditz would be either one of the twins. One of them may be able to win comps, but as far as making strategic moves, neither would have been successful at that without guidance from another who is.

      • What you say about strategic moves fits Meg also. I see her a scatter-brain, the common dictionary definition of ‘ditz’. Her picture might not be there but she has an honorable mention… face-plant, hit in head w/beach ball & in the eye with a chocolate… I think she was heard something about “life is like a box of chocolates” if I’m not mistaken. Some of that could also be classified a ‘clumsy’ or ‘klutzy’, just my impression of Meg

  52. I like JMac but after watching that exit interview I have one question: “Who lets Bill S. Preston drill into their skulls?” I think I’d worry too much if I heard even one of those giggle laughs. (Is he a prison dentist maybe?)

  53. I should probably just stop reading these comments. These Vanessa haters are insane….but I can’t stop because I like hearing what other people have to say about the show.
    I’ll try to skim over the “i hate Vanessa” comments…though that will be hard…because so many people don’t like her or her game-play which I don’t understand.

  54. Vanessa has a Lamborghini (watch the video online of her showing it off), and has won 4.5 million in poker. Yet, she cries and acts like a mean spirited jerk to people on the show. THAT is not a combo that I can root for.

    • I don’t mind ruthless…I liked Russell Hantz on Survivor. But I cant stand people that play that way (like Vanessa) then cry and get self-righteous when others do it back to her. And bullying a nerd like Steve who was probably bullied his whole life?! REAL nice Vanessa. Please drive away in you Lamborghini.

      • Good Lord, did you miss the episode when Hantz got up in the middle of the night/morning, drank his fill of water and then poured the rest of it out on the ground? That doesn’t excuse Vanessa actions but what your boy Russell did was life threatening to his tribe members. Maybe you should take a ride w/Vanessa.

      • Why don’t we go with things that actually have happened… plus they live in a House with running water & food. The Survivor don’t have any of those luxuries.

      • Yep, she pulled me down the Survivor Rabbit Hole in try to defend her precious Vanessa.

      • She obviously agrees with you. I’m sure I would be crying with 4.5 mil and a Lamborghini (another roll of the eyes)

      • You will never understand. Obviously I’m beating a dead horse. This conversation between us is an exercise in futility at this point. You have your opinions, I have mine.
        I’m rooting for Vanessa. And for THIS week, I’m happy that she’s not in danger (not necessarily that she is HOH).

    • I’m not a Vanessa but how do you know that she hasn’t given a lot to charity, I’ve heard she does work for a few charities. We have no idea what she would do with any money she wins. And I wouldn’t begrudge someone who has a Lamborghini, she would have earned it, right?

      • Then why is she hiding that fact?! I begrudge people who have a lot, then cry about backstabbing as she backstabs others. I’m not a fan of hypocrites who hide their identity. She sure didn’t hide the Lamborghini online as she was showing it off (who does that?!), so why hide it now?

      • Why would they care that she has a Lamborghini though? That doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
        Her crying about backstabbing has nothing to do with her lot in life.
        And I doubt they would want to send her home because she has a Lamborghini…why is that such a big deal to you?
        She’s only hiding her identity because in this game…YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO THAT.
        This is Big Brother, you know?
        She’s playing the game and there’s nothing wrong with her not revealing some things to houseguests.

      • If you were referring to me, no, I don’t only watch CBS. I watch the live feeds for hours at a time and am constantly reading updates on Joker’s. I know what’s going on in the house.
        Vanessa’s my favorite despite her antics.

      • A fame worshipper? um…I’m not following. I’m not familiar with that term.
        I’m not seeking fame. I don’t worship anybody.
        Correct me if I’m wrong.
        I do admire Vanessa if that’s what you were referring to.

      • Look, even the writers of this blog and other BB blogs make the same points about Vanessa. If you think shes playing an honorable game, you’re a lost person. If you think she’s cool, fine by me.

      • You’re just hating because you clearly don’t like the fact that she won HOH.
        The writers of this blog and other BB blogs don’t speak for me and they don’t speak for everyone else. What they write, in the end, is their opinion.
        Nothing can be proven. To me, she IS playing an honorable game. I am not ashamed to be rooting for Vanessa! All the people who have won before have done things that some people don’t like. That’s the name of the game.
        Obviously it’s not “fine by” you if you keep finding reasons to undermine her wins and her game-play.

      • Where in the game description does it ever call for a player to be honorable? The last thing viewers want is a house with 16 honorable HGs. Cody was honorable last year and effectively gave the money away to Derrick. Sure, it was honorable, but it’s viewed by many as being the most stupid decision ever made. If you were in the Final 2 and the other player had less money than you, would you ask the other HGs to give him/her the title and prize money? If not, you wouldn’t be very honorable.

      • These people can’t accept that Vanessa has played a good game. Whether she wins or not is besides the point. Although I would love for her to win, even if she doesn’t, you can’t deny her great game-play.

      • After reading all of the negative posts about her and finally seeing a bit of her bullying last night on the show for the first time (against Steve) I’m definitely not a fan of her personality but I think she’s the best player, hands down, this Season. She’s bullied, cried, been paranoid and bullied some more and at the end of the day she’s still there. It’s fascinating.

      • Why are you begrudging someone who is highly successful? And what does that have to do with her crying and backstabbing in the game? I’m so confused. Are the two concepts connected?

      • Jake is obviously so upset and whining (and he thinks Vanessa is a cry baby) that Vanessa got HOH.
        I’m not necessarily over the roof that she got HOH. I’m happy that she is safe, of course. However, I would’ve preferred her to win vetoes instead of HOHs in which she has the ability to get more blood on her hands as opposed to only winning the veto.

      • I feel you hun, but no worries. many are saying the same thing, Vanessa is manipulator and liar. she does it for a living, this game suits her strengths but her weakness is poor social skills, she always acts paranoid, apparently she has a lot to hide.

      • Agree! Also has anyone said wether the 4 million was one winning or was it over her entire professional poker career.

      • I know nothing about poker so I don’t know if that is average winnings for a player or not. I have heard that poker players loose a lot of money also.

    • I’m rooting for her. Really, she just wants to win the game, not the money per se.
      What of the Lamborghini?

      • I completely agree with that. I won’t even watch the season finale, if she manages final two. why watch someone win who doesn’t need it, just kills it on many levels for me. since she will probably just gamble it away, predictable and lame.

      • How are you to determine that she doesn’t need to win? Winning the game is not all about winning the money. Vanessa even said herself that she doesn’t really care about the money, she just wants to win the game. Don’t watch the season finale. Who cares! Millions of others will. I will still be watching even if Vanessa gets evicted. I’m not going to stop watching the show just because my favorites are gone. I’m going to stick it out. You shouldn’t make assumptions about what she would do with the money.

      • I am able to come to that conclusion, because I personally don’t know any of them, I go on what we know of their background information. I would rather see someone who needed the money win it, not some entitled mental case, that drives around a red lamborghini and bullies others. her strategy speaks volumes of her personality outside the house, because if being a bully and entitled jerk isn’t apart of her game strategy? wow, I rest my case. she needs to just go away.

      • If someone really needed the money, their time would be better spent focusing on their careers or developing marketable job skills instead of being on a game show. This is not a valid argument as far as I’m concerned. Anyone there deserves to win the game if they outplay their opponents, regardless of his or her socioeconomic status.

      • Still I personally don’t care for anyone acting entitled, along with bullying and being a foul person to be winning anything, regardless of career or game show status. simple as that, there is never an argument when all points are valid and its always a beautiful when arrogant people get what they deserve, which should really be nothing. ;)

      • You make perfect sense, too many are entitled and this is exactly the type of show that brings out the arrogance in people and it favors the liars and the backstabbers, yes its beautiful to see them denied. but it would be boring without them, I hope ppl realize its just a game. I am starting to think this site is anti Vanessa. I don’t like her, but I mean come on. I’m sure at least somebody likes her? =P

      • I’m glad someone does, so many seem to loathe her everywhere. I don’t understand why, I mean she is kind of icky, but I don’t see why she gets so much heat. she isn’t even that interesting.

      • I try. lol I’m sure some people do, I don’t hate her. don’t even know her, I just don’t care for her crying game strategy, but given how she is surrounded by weaker players this season, its been predictable and boring.

      • You’re arguing for social equity within the context of a game show. On Wheel of Fortune, should those from less advantaged backgrounds have an advantage against dentists, lawyers, and financiers?

        And Vanessa is getting what she deserves. She’s a very wealthy woman because she figured out how to monetize her extreme intelligence. Smart people who know how to apply their intelligence deserve to make more money than those who don’t have those qualities.

      • Social equity? the coherence within the context of your statement is questionable, when you would assume that was my assessment. I simply made a personal remark, pertaining to a one Vanessa Rousso. her gameplay isn’t the best, when she is playing emotionally. I also see how she caused Steve to have a panic attack, with her tactics and bullying, sure that is all fine and dandy. but in the complexion of her approach. yeah no pun intended, its quite flawed and I only see her being a threat in this game, simply because she is in a house full of individuals with the lack of any game, so its easy to consider her the best player. I would rather see someone who hasn’t enjoyed financial success actually win, its more exciting for me. as I would assume, such an opinion isn’t singular, many on here share that very same view, so thank you and good day and may god have mercy on your soul, enjoy BB and try not to fall asleep. ;)

      • Again, that’s a social equity argument. The fact that you don’t recognize that tells me you don’t know what the term means. Fine, I won’t belabor that point then.
        Steve has had panic attacks seeing his own shadow, so I fail to see how Vanessa can be called a bully for getting upset that she learned he led a coalition to oust her despite her protecting him for the first half of the game. The word “bully” gets thrown around a lot, but it’s nothing more than a hip buzzword selectively used when an outburst is not to one person’s liking. Don’t believe me? Go look up the definition of the word bully and tell me how Vanessa was coercing Steve to do anything through the use of psychological or physical intimidation. The incident you cite is very clearly not bullying.

      • I understand what you mean just fine, but do you understand it was a personal remark, and if you really wanted to get technical. I would assume, you would realize that we are talking about an opinion, a social argument wouldn’t be concerned, unless it was an actual argument. given the term and applied usage, its a matter of perspective. which would negate your question and this will take us to what we call a miscommunication process, the world ‘bully’ is often taken out of context, yes. but it was found to be relevant, in this case to a one Vanessa Rousso, who happened to challenge her fellow houseguest and in turn causing bodily distress, if that isn’t found to be bully, than I am afraid we need to redefine the term. just for you. would you enjoy that? however I digress, it would be a far too taxing matter, given our subject matter and variables in play. Ok, now I feel nerdy, I need to imagine us in a courtroom next, not in the BB house, because it was really awkward.

      • You’re talking like a lawyer who “went” to an unaccredited online school. It’s pretty funny. Please continue.

      • That’s exactly what I was going for, now can we talk more about social equity? because that just made me want to go into lawyer mode, considering its just so silly to even mention on a BB forum, you made me want to feel like a keyboard warrior, that lived in mommy’s basement and loved winning arguments, that didn’t exist. perhaps inside my own head, now I am ready to listen to your rebuttal. warning though, I may need your validation to carry on with life. but if you choose to not offer any of your endearing insight into this discussion. that’s acceptable. now we can return to some reality tv and try not to fall asleep. thank you.

      • I recognize what your strategy is in terms of attempting to run rhetorical circles around me, but it’s wholly uninteresting. Pseudointellectuals spewing psychobabble isn’t impressive, despite what your “professors” at Concord may have told you in your evaluations.
        I used to eat lightweights like you for breakfast, but alas, I have grown as a person and don’t need to beat people like you to feed my ego.
        How about this: you win? Will that feed your own fragile ego? Or not? I honestly don’t care either way.

      • What do you recognize in my strategy? care to offer me any advice or tips, I love to learn. I had no idea I was spewing all of that. I was going for sarcasm actually. I didn’t even take law, but it looks interesting. I’m a lightweight? so what weight class are you? why would you want to beat me, what did I ever do to you? :( I win what exactly? but I care! if I didn’t care, I wouldn’t be asking you so many questions. please tell me, so we can settle this discussion accordingly err or argument, if it makes you feel better. pretty please? but if you don’t want to, that’s cool too. I suspect you need to eat breakfast.

      • Though you’re not nearly as intelligent as you may think you are, I do give you points for humor. That last post of yours made me chuckle.

      • Well, for this week, she’s here to stay. And that is all that matters at the moment.
        Did Dick deserve to win his season with the insane way he acted towards his fellow house-guests. Can you answer me that?

      • I actually liked Dick, because his name suits him quite well and he knew it, he was honest about it. if Vanessa wasn’t so emotional, I could tolerate her, but its simply a game at the end of the day. she is playing like her life depended on it. I have no respect for bullies nor users. Vanessa only looks strong, with how many weak players there are this season. this season is actually convincing me not to consider trying next season. lol

      • Well, you’re being quite hypocritical. Dick was a bully.
        Vanessa is tame compared to him.
        Oh, and just because that’s his name doesn’t mean he had to act like one. There a lot of people with that same name and they don’t act like that. And who cares if he was honest about it?
        That doesn’t mean that Vanessa has to be honest!
        Do you not get that this is a game? Vanessa doesn’t have to be honest. The winners of past seasons weren’t honest all the time either. In this game, you can lie and manipulate people. That is the underlying premise of the show.

        Vanessa would’ve been strong on previous seasons as well.

        It’s not wrong that she’s playing as if her life depended on it. There are no rules that say she can’t “play as if her life depended on it.” She is a game theorist, of course she wants to win this game!
        And to your last sentence, I don’t believe you. People say stuff like that for effect and then once next season comes strolling around, you’re right back here…so I don’t give any count to that last statement of yours.

      • Dick is a jerk, he didn’t lie about it. I never condoned what he did or said it was right, i said strategically Vanessa isn’t that smart and plays emotionally, Dick was the same way. he didn’t hide his true personality, if anything the game reveals the true colors of many players, in how they spend their winnings and treat others. I would take Dick over Vanessa, simply because Dick was a jerk and didn’t care about what others thought, the way Vanessa cries so much over. both are useless as people I’d actually consider a friend. but lets face it, when Dick was a houseguest, the ratings surged. so I’m not alone in that consensus, Vanessa looks like a chessmaster when compared to idiots. it feels designed for her to win, just look at the forums across the fansites, even this HOH was shady. I just won’t be around to watch her win, when she goes home I’ll be fully invested again.

      • Agreed, when she goes home to jury, where she belongs. I still can’t believe she is still in the game, they are so helpless. looks like I won’t be watching this week either, I hope DE comes back soon, if rumors are true.

      • Dick was a pain, why did you like him? I stopped watching BB when he was a guest, but you’re right. at least he didn’t care so much about what others thought about him, Vanessa is so annoying but she isn’t the worst HG ever, far from it.

      • I didn’t like him enough to win it, I only liked him in how honest he was. that is my point, sure its just a game, but he never actually bullied someone weak and caused them to have a actual panic attack. Vanessa cares too much about what others think, I find that annoying, because I honestly don’t understand it, I’ll leave that to the suck ups and no she isn’t the worst ever, just the lamest this season. as far as I am concerned.

      • Ok I got you, I saw that too. that was pretty low of her, I hope Steve remembers that, but with this crew. I won’t hold out any hope. almost close to done, but I’ll leave it to spoilers til something fun happens again. =)

      • This is Big Brother. Not Big Brother as reinvented by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

      • I don’t understand. Why should a player “need” to win it? Should they only be casting people who make under a certain amount of money per year or be at least X amount of dollars in debt?

    • I read about that, it would feel like such a waste of a season if she wins. so glad I haven’t been following this season, but I’ll wait til an actual fun HOH, so far its been awhile.

  55. I’m not sure how production is cool with all the negative stuff being said on Twitter about this recent HOH comp. I think they have to redo the comp, it’s only fair. Twitter is also off the hook with BB17 trash talk about this season and how boring it is… So much hate for Austwins as well.

  56. Given her game play thus far, I’d be surprised if Vanessa sided with the three Austwits (who are “solid”) over the four misfits: JMac, Steve, James, and Meg. Remember, as HOH, she can’t vote.

    • From what I read so far, she wants to target James and John again. Hopefully it’s just bs tho.

  57. I thoguht it was a returing juror, not a BB rewind, then a fast forward and John will be gone enxt week lmao

  58. I honestly find this season boring, I’m simply waiting for them to turn on each other, good drama and some good entertainment yet to come. but on the plus side, Shelli is done for good. Vanessa cannot play next week, the Austwins know they need Van gone more than ever. as they are three against her one. everyone else is a number or sway vote. I know V painted a huge target on herself this week, so she is simply reminding them that she should be in jury and not Shelli, back when they had a chance to evict her. its almost sad how stupid this cast is, I mean John, your target is Meg? really. I saw some of your fave player percentages drop. not too bright there dude, perhaps he flossed some of his brain cells out.

    • I wonder if he only said that out of frustration over Meg, because she was part of the reason he couldn’t get the house to flip. She went right to Austin and told him everything and then James followed. He probably felt like he can’t work with James until Meg is out of his ear. I don’t know but it seems weird otherwise.

  59. Vanessa will totally redeem herself in my eyes this week if she takes out the last major threat in the house and doesn’t waste her HOH. If she goes for Liz and/or Austin, which would be the smart thing to do, since waiting too long will screw her in the end. However I am not sure if she is smart enough to do it or has the gutts.

    • You can bet whatever she decides will be best for her game and she will have gone over all the permutations in her head a millions times. Just watch the expression on her face when she’s not talking & picture the wheels spinning in her head.

      • LOL with all respects, no. So many logical errors have been made this season already by everyone including Vanessa. I will believe that she will make an actual game move that is truly sensical when I see it.

      • You need to know she’s looking ahead a few steps, has she made mistakes, yes, has she covered up or recover from some of mistakes, yes. And for whatever reason the other HGs are either forgiving or forgetful or just plain stupid. Look how she did JMac, from POV thru Eviction and he’s ready to have her as a trusted ally, come on really?

    • I think Liz is 100% the bigger target. She wins a ton of competitions, a few weeks ago I believe it was HoH and Veto. And you have the possibility that when Liz is gone Julia and Austin splinter. If you get rid of Austin you know the twins will still be tight and if you get rid of Julia you know Liz and Austin will still be tight.

      • Yes LIZ is the number one threat. If she survives this week I doubt that anyone will get the chance to break up the Austwats.

  60. I am trying very hard not to “flush this season down the drain”.
    At this point I have to say (as much as I hate to) Meg lost me today…. I love her as a person but she is killing James’ game. I want James to win because I like him period.
    As for the whole Vanessa HOH? She hasn’t gotten this far being stupid. She has to know Liz has to go this week or she loses. I am trusting she will “find” her evidence in the next week to make sure that happens!!! Then we have a brand new ball game so to speak…

    • Agreed. IF Vanessa has any real game at all then it MUST be this week, this HOH, that she finally makes a move on the Austwits. She may never get another chance. Now or never.

  61. Guys, quit hating on BB17. I think this group of people are awesome, including the people I don’t like! That’s what makes the show. Stop watching if these house-guests really bother you all that much!

    • True… maybe not awesome and maybe sometimes stupid and not by any means normal but still very interesting & watchable.

    • Hey Jasmine to add to what you are saying. I have been reading and putting my two cents worth almost from the start on this site. Matt and Branden do a amazing job of reporting. But the name calling of the HGs are sometimes unbelievable. No matter how they are in the house as players of the game, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how they are on the outside.

  62. While I give credit for Vanessa strategical thinking, I think she’s pretty dumb this time around to even consider James and John again when there’s a bigger target within the Austwins. If they make it to a final five, it’s a done deal that at least one of them is going to be in the F2. She should have already learned her lesson from Shelli/Clay that she is at the end of that totem pole and they will not be afraid to get rid of her. If she actually still wants to have a game, she needs to align herself with Johnny, James, Steve and Meg for the time being to at least go after them, and get preferably Austin out. He’s a meat shield for those two, and once he’s gone, they’ll be wide open for the taking.

    • She isn’t a mastermind by any means, she doesn’t have her emotions in check and if she goes after the ‘other’ side of the house, it will simply be bad for her game, since she is still a single player against the Austwins who are playing as three, not to mention she cannot play next week. if she decides to take after the twins or Austin, I’ll be impressed. if she is simply following the party line of her alliance, she is stupid and deserves to go to jury next week. simple as that. either play to win, or play to not lose. feels like everyone is playing the latter. a fun or interesting week this will not be, again.

      • There’s a DE next week remember and the players know about it. And with JMac saying he’d go after Meg in his exit interview that proves he might not be aware of everything as much as we think. If she targets Liz and breaks the Austwits once, James or JMac could win the second HoH and bounce either Austin or Julia. If she’s ever going to make a power move, this would be the week to make it.

      • I don’t believe the HGs are expecting a DE next week. Actually, Austin was saying the following week and Steve agreed…or at least I thought so.

      • Thanks, MissCFO. Someone else here said two of them were talking about the DE. (I don’t have the feeds so I just took their word for it. Apologies if I’m wrong.)

  63. Why are we even speculating? There are way too many minutes/hours left before the final flip will flop…..

  64. Watching BBAD (as most of you probably!) Can’t help but wonder what JMac is thinking as he listens to these idiots in kitchen!

  65. I don’t really care Van Van won the HoH, just so happy Vampire Dentist is safe for another week. Next week is DE, anything can happen. If by next week the Pansy Clan are still there hanging and no more dentistry then I just give the show up, as simple as that. Peace yo!

    • I was a JMac fan but once he told Julie he would target Meg if he got back in the House b/c of the James/Meg dual-alliance, I thought that’s it Doc what about the Austwins triple-alliance? I’ve had enough of him of his stupidity.

  66. QUESTION for ALL of you! :) ♡♡
    as most of you know, (or at least some of you) I am Team Vanessa! And I do try and defend her when her personal character is called into question and / or I do try and explain Vanessa mindset or reasoning behind things like her paranoia and playing the game 24/7 & si on.

    I know a lot of you are not fans of Vanessa and of course everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect each and everyone of you regardless of your opinions (except when my character is called into question because I am defending her. This is just for fun! it’s a game!)

    My question is, clearly Vanessa won HOH…. & I see a lot of people are not fans of Austin and / or the twins. If Vanessa decided to go against the Alliance she has worked with from the very beginning (even though the Alliance has been shaky at times! ….EX: Thinking about backdooring Austin or thinking about backdooring Vanessa) and she put up the twins, or a twin and Austin would you have less respect for her game? Or would you think it was a good game move and have more respect for Vanessa?

    Obviously, for those of you who know me and see my comments know that I am Team Vanessa and that I understand a lot of her insanity lol

    My thoughts are she needs to stick with her alliance mainly b/c there is a chance of a double eviction next Thursday & Vanessa will not be able to compete in the HOH therefore she needs to have her Alliance strong. I think if she decided to put up Austin and / or a twin then she would have to fully have the backing and trust of Jmac, James, Steve and Meg & I do not think she can fully trust them, I don’t think she can fully trust her Alliance either however I think it’s safer for her to stick with them because essentially Austin and his twins are a Solid 3 and this makes them appear stronger and more threatening to the other side of the house because Vanessa is just one……..
    if Liz was evicted next Thursday then I believe Austin and Julia may go their own ways and prior to Thursday, knowing Liz would be going they would already start campaigning for other alliances whether it’s with each other or they separate which would that make Vanessa the biggest target and again, she can’t play in the HOH so she has nothing to save her except for the hope that her new alliance would fully have her back which I do not believe they would. Once the trio is separated, I believe the house will go after Vanessa next!

    so just my opinion :-) & I’m curious about your thoughts?! ♡♡

      • Not a hater, by any means, and I resent your accusation! If you had bothered to read my comments (or those of anyone else) about Vanessa before you posted, you would know this.

        Jmac…all the way!!!

      • Thx G-Man…Tinalee was so passionate, yet asked a question about V’s gameplay which had been addressed numerous times on this thread.

        Perhaps Jasmine is the hater? LOL

      • I’m not a hater. And clearly not of Vanessa’s. In face, I rarely talk about any of the other house-guests because I’m too busy commenting on some of the hateful things all you haters have said about Vanessa.
        I’m not the hater here.
        You all are the haters because you’re mad Vanessa won HOH this week.

      • Wait a tic…I explained my rationale for asking Tinalee if she was Vanessa’s GF, joked you might actually be a “hater”, and then immediately posted “JK Jasmine…After all, it’s only a silly “scripted” reality tv show.”

        You again accuse me (and all others who don’t root for Vanessa) of being “haters.” Clearly you have demonstrated you are a “hater” of all BB fans who don’t support Vanessa. So, I’ve got to ask…

        Are you Vanessa’s girlfriend? LOL!!!

      • And that is exactly why I said that only haters ask that question. Because I’m defending Vanessa a lot, I’m her girlfriend. Yeah, that makes sense.

      • John is cute, but that boy needs to do surgery on that voice. just, owwie stop talking cutie.

      • Actually when he talks and is not chuckling along with it, it’s fine. The worse is when he finishes and he does that laugh… I noticed it the most when he talked w/Julie last night… it was kind of creepy.

      • That’s a valid question. When I met tinalee the first time I thought that (didn’t ask it) but she says she knows Vanessa in the real world.

      • Nothing wrong with asking questions. haters are for those that can’t see its a game, doesn’t mean they can’t see past the facade of a person’s personality, which lets be honest though, as many would agree. Vanessa is creepy and kind of gross. even if it was just her strategy.

      • Creepy and kind of gross…you mean Austin?
        I don’t find Vanessa creepy or gross at all.

      • Oh goddess, he is too. but Vanessa is as well, just yeah. those two deserve each other. and the twins act like they own each other, they should probably just merge into one person already and spare the world two of them being actual separate beings that can actually think on their own. ^.~

      • Okay, you’re serious about all this? You’re acting like the houseguests now.
        The twins are really different from each other. The world is not hurting because there is two of them.

      • I agree, they are harmless on the most part. I understand why they annoy some people though… the nasal quality to the voice, the speech-ah pattern, the conceit, the blondness. Gosh, any chance BB will do a feature w/their family & friends? And they are different.

      • LOL ….. No, I am NOT Vanessa girlfriend.
        if I were, I would say so. I am just someone who met her a few times through mutual friends. I am happily married and have 3 beautiful and intelligent daughters. I don’t know how well you can see my profile picture but the picture is love me in my wedding dress in Vegas on my way to finally get married to the love of my life! Chris!
        I’m not quite sure why am I question let you to believe I was Vanessa girlfriend but regardless, I am NOT offended obviously! And, I am okay with you asking me that.
        In regards to me knowing Vanessa, like I have said several times (& I’m not saying you know because obviously you hadn’t read a post from me in regards to this) Vanessa and I are not “friends” I have just hang out with her a few times when we have been in Vegas and met up with mutual friends as well as once when she came out here to Vancouver to play a poker tournament. she is like I have said a very very nice person! She is quite different then the Vanessa you see on Big Brother. I was surprised to find out she was even playing on Big Brother because she does seem quite shy and quiet but she is very friendly, down to earth and has a great personality! and she is extremely intelligent! That’s all! We just have some mutual friends through poker. years ago my husband used to play a lot of live poker and several years ago he did play in the WSOP at the Rio in Vegas, unfortunately he only made it to the end of day 2 but it was one of the best experiences of his life. Aside from that, he plays poker online as a side job & actually a few days ago he was heads up in a poker game online with Kevin from Big Brother 3 Canada lol Kevin uses “Twitch” along with his roommate Jamie and Pilar was visiting so I got to see them both and I said hi lol and we spoke about Vanessa! he is excited too put together a big brother poker game lol John from Big Brother Canada also plays online poker. actually quite a few people do, if you’re pretty good at it, it’s great extra income :-) just a lot harder for US players to play now.
        anyway, I am NOT Vanessa girlfriend. I have not met Vanessa girlfriend but, I did know her ex husband as he was a pro poker player as well, sadly shortly after their divorce he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away quite quickly :-(

      • You defended her so vehemently so I felt compelled to ask! Best wishes to you and your hubby!

      • I defend my friends and people I know if I know they are good people and someone is judging them unfairly. It’s a game! this is not the real Vanessa. this is why I I’m trying to defend her or at least help people understand that she’s not a crazy lunatic! and no, we are not close friends or anything of that nature but it’s just Who I am, I don’t like seeing anyone get bashed on social media! even if people were insulting meg, I would defend her even though I don’t know her because it’s a game and way too many people take it way too serious! But I understand your question and I am NOT offended by it. it’s a fair question I guess lol

      • Truthfully, it’s would be hard not too bash a bully (lots of people see her that way), realize that the bashing is a way of defending her victim(s). And even though it’s a game, bullying shouldn’t be a part of it. But I agree w/you about getting personal and about people that would throw personal insults at you or anyone b/c your opinion differs are just wrong.

      • I find it amazing and difficult to believe that some posters have researched Vanessa background. It feels stalkerish to me. I have never been that interested in a house to Google then, then publish what I found. Too deep for me.

      • Yeah, I stalked her b/c I was interested to see a pic of her GF and was blown away to read she married a fellow poker player (he’s 10 yrs+) and that he died from cancer last year. I wouldn’t stalk her or anyone physically, well maybe my ex-wife but something like that is normal, right? I’m just joking, it’s not normal and I didn’t do that.

      • Alright Gman, I’ll take your word, hehehe. But I know they are now public figures now, but no reason to air their personal experiences

      • Yep, but apparently CBS does not care what you have coming in. Social experiment to see how she’d react. Again, bet she knows someone at CBS and brokered a deal or bet, privately. Bet she took a DARE.

      • To me it makes no difference b/c who knows what she’d do with the money, you can’t make rich people give it away, it has to be their idea & probably is good pub & helps reduce taxes… give it to the poor/hungry/uneducated rather than the gov’t.

        Remember Zach was all pee-oed when he found out Frankie was giving his winning to charity (if he won) and Zach was red-faced mad & ranted on about how can you bet Frankie now, the Jury’s bound to give it to him.

      • Yup, that’s true, I found him funny with a weird sense of humor. First off he was Frankie’s gay buddy in the House who was straight but acted gay w/Frankie to be funny.

      • Very strange behavior for a straight guy. Was orvis he sure he’s straight? ??? He seemed to enjoy the company. He’s missing his calling

      • It almost give you the idea Zach was thinking “maybe I am gay and just don’t know it”. That’s how much Frankie effed him up.

      • Do you get the feeling that posters are telling production how we want this game played out because the production team this year has been inept?

      • I’d guess they have someone reading the comments & reporting some of my ideas (rock/paper/scissors)… just joking… some of the ideas and I do believe Production hints or informs the HGs of things, either to mislead or guide them a certain way.

        The HGs idea of what America’s thinking of other HGs or especially of them self is way off. Even in past seasons, some HGs get big heads and think they’re headed to starring in the Movies. LOL. Look at Austin, he believes him/Liz are going to follow in Brendon/Rachel footsteps or maybe Jeff/Jordan, who I really like.

      • tinalee, I think it’s commendable that you defend Vanessa when her character is called into question! I say a lot of tings about Vanessa—I think she’s a bully–but I’ve also said that the fact she’s manipulative, lies, and yes– is a bully– is what makes her a good player. I understand that when you’re in the BB house, you’re different than in ‘real life.’ Heck, I’d hate to see how I’d act in that situation! I just don’t like how condescending she is…because I don’t like that quality in ANYONE. But, again, that’s her game play. Quite frankly, she’s the ONLY one who seems to be playing the game. When I make negative comments about a HG, it’s about the way they are in the house…not necessarily about THEM…does that make sense?
        Again, I’ll probably still make negative comments about ALL the players—but I realize that (most likely) it’s not how they are outside of the house. As an example, I couldn’t stand Shelli—thought she was a ‘mean girl’…but seeing her in the jury house, she was a totally different person. SO—it just goes to show you that there is a difference in and out of the house. I do see where you’re coming from, and I would hope that if I were in the house, I’d have someone like you to defend me! Have a good night!

      • thank you so much! :-) and yes I completely understand what you are saying. anyone on here is allowed to have their own opinions. and, I am certainly not attacking anyone for having a different opinion than I am, nor am I attacking anyone who is saying things about Vanessa. I’m just giving facts and reminding people is a game. honestly, when someone like yourself makes comments about Vanessa being a bully or what have you, I believe they are validated! And it’s not like I completely disagree with some of the things people say about her. the only thing that bothers me is when people attack her personally or just go overboard insulting her. And for the most part, I’m really just having conversations. but again, thank you so much for your response! after reading what someone just said about Vanessa ex husband I seriously debated even coming back here to read comments and make comments because it just fired me up and I don’t think I should let something like this affect my mood. Make sense? I am just having fun like the rest of you :)
        & up until I just read that comment, nothing anyone has said about Vanessa has really made me angry or affected my mood. but, I just have to learn to let that roll off my back because some people just like to cause problems! Thanks again :-) have a great night!

      • No, Thank YOU! I’m glad you decided to come back….I know that it’s maddening to read personal attacks on someone they don’t even know. I’ve said some pretty nasty things, and was really ashamed about them. I didn’t even watch the show tonight or bother commenting because I didn’t want to say anything that I’d regret later. I mostly am just having fun–especially with a few friends I’ve gotten to know over the last couple of years, but I CAN get caught up in a ‘mob mentality.’ Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what a kind person you are. :-) !!

      • Tina, it cracks me up that you have mentioned Kevin from BB Can a couple of times now and that he was popular HG there, did he also cry, whine & interrogate other HGs? Sorry I had to ask. As you know Vanessa is not the most popular HG on BB USA, she does seem to have gotten her 2nd wind & built some stamina, lets see if she can make it through her HoH w/o breaking down… she had said the HoH is even harder than being OTB and since she’s SAFE maybe she won’t cry too much… plus she’ll have a letter from you, just joking, from her GF to give her a boost.

        I’ll be interested to see if ANYTHING she said to JMac (I want to work w/you) & Steve (you are dead to me) during her POV reign had even a tint of truth. If she would target Austwins this week, IMO she could jump into the race of America’s Favorite, heck if you’re going to win BB, you might as well go for that prize too. She could end up the BEST HG ever to play the game… at least that’s how it turned out in my nightmare last night.

        By the way, I do say a lot of things sarcastically but in the same breath I applaud Vanessa’s play, she’s much stronger physically than I was giving her credit and I’m amazed she has not had a total meltdown by now.

    • If she doesn’t go against them this week she’s crazy. I’m not a huge fan of her as a person (based on the Steve thing yesterday) but I think her game is masterful. She’s a steamroller and doesn’t seem to give a spit about collateral damage and somehow STILL manages to stay in the house. With a DE coming next week if she doesn’t split the trio she’s giving away the game. She may not have very long anyway but if she doesn’t make the attempt, I’m not sure she has a lot of room to do much else.

    • Truthfully, I think Vanessa’s best bet would be to bully & convince Production to change the rule so she can go back-to-back HoHs.

      Gosh, I can’t see anyone working with her but maybe Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (JMac & Steve) will, gosh these two are supposed to be educated.

      Maybe they both are auditioning for a Dumb & Dumber sequel, I don’t get it.

  67. BY going after Meg and James Vanessa will make it apparent to Austwins that she is aligning with JMac and Steve to come after them. It is so obvious only people as dumb as the twins would not see it. I think Austin is worried about it already but he really can;t do anything until the veto is played and the noms are settled.

    Julia, who is this years biggest beotch, says, she can;t wait to see the look on Meg and James faces when they go up on the block. We will only have to waqit a week to say the same thing when Austin and Liz are up on the block compliments of Vanessa new alliance.

    Frankly, I am not sure why Vanessa is even wasting her HoH on Meg and James. That seems pointless to me. They would be good to keep around for a few more weeks. Perhaps this is a ruse too. Maybe she will squeeze information out of James and Meg and then use it to put up Austin and Liz.

    • Right? it would be a waste if she nominates the Goblins. someone needs to make a move, but this season has been a slow burn all summer.

  68. Meg telling James she thinks they are safe because Vanessa has no reason to put them up! LOL Is there any limit to the depth of Meg’s cluelessness? I am like Julia, I can;t wait to see the look on her face when she goes up on the block next to James. James must be asking himself, what did I do to deserve a partner like Meg?

    I wonder how Meg and James will play once they are on the block. Will they do what JMac did and throw everything they know on the the table or will they keep quiet hoping to win veto and take one of them off forcing Vanessa to put up JMac. If they play their cards right they may be able to convince the Austwins to vote out JMac.

    Of course that will take some thinking on Meg’s and James’ part. They will need to convince Austin and the twins Vanessa wants to use JMac and Steve to take them out. The Austwins are 3 votes and don’t think Vanessa does not know this. If James or Meg comes off the block she will find a reason to put up Liz or Austin – like last week’s F5 with Steve and JMac – to ensure the Austwins do not save Meg or James.

  69. I would like to see the Liz/Julia spandex shorts they have been sharing and wearing everyday burnt…..

  70. How dum can they be. Get rid of austin amd twins. Why would u keep the twins when u know theybtake each other to final

  71. This has been a season with big promises/threats, but no action to back them up. Austwins and Vanessa can’t seem to make any move on their own even though they talk a big game. They are so afraid to get blood on their hands yet the only way anything good is going to happen is if someone steps up and plays the game. All their dumb after hour games are so boring, the twins are driving me crazy with all their screaming, showing their young age, etc., etc. I would beg production to insist that Austin be forced to wear a shirt, especially while cooking, maybe actually try walking instead of that wanky slow prissy thing he does I wouldn’t throw up in my mouth as much! Oh the woes of Big Brother 17!!

  72. A 13 minute challenge that the producers are going to drag it out on Sunday’s episode.

  73. All I have to look forward to now is the inevitable back stab to Vanessa from Austin and the twins. Oh her tears will be so sweet as she sobs, “I thought we were in an Alliance guys?! Wait you’re telling me the fact I am not related to or having sex with any of my alliance members puts me on the bottom of the totem pole?! I can’t believe you guys!”

  74. Van is eventually going to be sitting outside with Julie while Austwins are still in the house talking about how she played such an “honest” game. Lol. She needs to keep a voting block that will help her go after Austwins. Voters are getting smaller and smaller in the house. James and Meg should feel stupid for not getting her out when they had the chance. This is now the Austwins game to lose.

  75. I really can’t stand this season anymore. Bunch of morons too scarred to make any moves. Meg is just a complete idiot, why did BB pick her to play? How did JMac’s interview even go for them to pick him as well? Dude can’t even hold a proper conversation without the annoying laugh! Did production think we’d enjoy nasty Austin walking around shirtless all day? I’ve never been so disgusted by a houseguest… How does Liz even enjoy kissing that beast? I guess for 500k these people will do anything…

    The only satisfaction I’ll get it get from this season (hopefully) is Vanessa walking out of the door and getting extreme “boos” from the audience and the houseguests overhearing it! Would also love Vanessa’s reaction! One can only hope…

  76. BB Production really needs to change the game rules next year. Shiz is getting stale and stupid. They need to have the winning HOH have immunity the following week’s eviction and also allow all players play for the veto (not just 6). So sick of everyone throwing comps e.g. Meg and Victoria.

  77. At least year I enjoyed the gay romance with Zach and Frankie. Also enjoyed Cody and Caleb’s body as well. This year I got nothing… Clay was hot, but became a total turn off after aligning with shelli. Casting did a horrible job with “eye candy” this year. Austin needs to put on a shirt…

    Gay characters wise, this year we got Jason who smoked all day and Vanessa who is just plan disgusting as a person. Ughh

    • Austin needs to put on shoes. Is he embarrassed by the shoes he bought in the house. He plops those dirty feet down everywhere. Ugghhhhh!

  78. So place Meg out of her misery already, so she can go to jury and party. or wait here’s an idea! take out the twins. if Vanessa doesn’t use her HOH to make a power move, she is definitely going home to jury, where she should of went weeks ago, this house is getting stale and its so one sided right now. will have to wait til the numbers dwindle a little more, before the drama can save us once again.

  79. I think Van should target James this week and make a deal with Steve and John. If either of them won next week then she would try to convince them to go after Austwins. For her game play it would be best if she not be the cause of Austwins breakup.

    Meg would be a waste of a target but an excellent person to take to final 3 since she apparently can win nothing.

  80. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am not rooting for Vanessa. I plan to repeat this about ten times per day just in case you are wondering. Thank you.

    (This is social commentary please don’t think I mean that part about repeating myself. I know better. ;)

  81. Yeah, I’m still waiting for someone she’s not directly talking to, to mime hanging them self with a rope.

  82. This is a good thing , V has all the power, to start her climb to the top. No way will they take her to anywhere near the end, She is wise enough to understand the austwins are liars and have too many alliances,
    J mac will work with her, I hope liz does cry like a baby all week, she needs to go, same as her evil twin and the evil austin,
    V needs to become judis and strike before they strike her
    Again we see a fool , who walks away from an HOH win, shelly did and it burned her, J Mac did and lets see if V is smart, and works with him,
    The begining of the year was good, people voted the way they wanted and sometimes went against the grain, they have changed, to the old lets go with the flow, NOt Good game, this close to the end, It is time to make big moves, not lazy ones,
    MEg and james are small fish, it is the twins, and austin that need to be broken up. Next week is double eviction, so one big move needs to be done

  83. I want to know why everyone is so scared of Vanessa, to the point that they don’t even think about putting her up and getting rid of her. She’s a conniving person and definitely lies about things in her favor. And she’s always running around the house crying and whining and people feel sorry for her? It’s just amazing how low she has gone to see how far she can get it. The Austwins, are lousy players, and I think it would be funny as someone else said, to see Liz or Julia sitting next to Vanessa on the block! I just don’t understand why everyone wants to keep Vanessa around goes around telling everybody the same thing I’ll keep you in here, you don’t have any worries, I’ll keep you in. where did she gain all this power? IMHO I think this years big brother has hit a low spot. Just sayin’

    • The Austwins can’t play the game without that witch Vanessa, because they have no guts!

  84. I missed my first BB After Dark last night, because I couldn’t stand to see, or listen to Vanessa as HOH ! Why dosen’t someone tell her she looks like a racoon with all that eye shadow.

  85. Vanessa needs to realize that the twins and Austin are trying to make it to the final three…She needs to team up with Jonny Mac and others…cause not everyone can win Vanessa….The twins and Austin will turn on you eventually, so team up with people who can get you farther then the final four..LOL…

  86. Even though their are bigger targets Vanessa will go after James, and Meg, because she can’t stand people having fun in the house, and not talking game 24-7

  87. These morons are going to set the BB record for alliance names.
    Austins angels, excuse me while I puke!

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