Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 30 — Vanessa Redraws The Lines

After weeks and weeks of of the same alliances working together, Vanessa decided to redrawn the lines and flip the Big Brother 17 house upside down. Translation: nothing is really going to change because Vanessa still doesn’t realize she’s letting a showmance and a set of twins stick around a little too long.

Vanessa ready to redraw the lines – Source: CBS

The episode starts off at the beginning of the Head of Household competition, and since this group of players aren’t great at physical competitions, we get to see about all of this play out because it lasted all of 15 minutes.

We also get to see way too many interviews to fill some time and try to trick TV-only viewers into thinking this competition wasn’t a huge mistake. We finally get to see Liz fall again (remember when she fell during the commercial break last week?). Steve and Meg also drop, which we also knew before the end of last week’s episode. So now we’re at the part that we didn’t see last week.

James is the next person out, so it’s Vanessa, Liz and the jurors that remain. Liz drops next. Jackie is the first juror out because she ends up sitting on the disc. Becky is off soon after then Shelli. John has earned his way back into the game.

So it’s John vs. Vanessa. And Vanessa offers John a deal but he doesn’t accept the deal because he doesn’t want the others to know they made a deal, but he tells us he wants the deal. So John drops and Vanessa is the new Head of Household.

Vanessa tells us that she wants to flip the house on its head, re-draw lines and that anything is possible. So she’s going to target Austin and the twins then? Haha, yeah right.

Speaking of Austwins, they are NOT happy that Johnny Mac is back in the house. They know that he’s coming for them and it is in their best interest to get him right back out the door. Liz says to Julia about JMac “Don’t even unpack, you’re done.”

And again, Vanessa says this HOH gives her the chance to “press reset” and “redraw the lines.” This should be good! Are you excited?? Haha, yeah right.

James and Meg think that this would be the week for Vanessa to go for the Austwins (so do all of us). But will she? Maybe! Haha, yeah right.


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  1. i used to like the old nomination ceremonies better – when they all passed the round box around the table and pulled out keys for people who were safe. and the 2 that weren’t pulled were the nominees. i get that they have the small boxes when they have 2 HoHs/BotB, but why can’t they still use the old method when there is just 1 HoH?

  2. I’m going to be the contrarian here: going after Austwins would be stupid for Vanessa this week.
    1) She loses three jury votes for no apparent reason in the event that she does make it to the end
    2) She ends up at the bottom of a 5-person alliance instead of at the bottom of a 4-person alliance. Can someone please explain to me how the $#%% that makes any sense whatsoever?
    3) She’s not in danger of getting evicted in the double elimination if she plays it safe this week. If she doesn’t play it safe, she’s going home if the wrong person wins HoH
    It would make for better tv if she went for Austwins this week, but it would be catastrophic for any chance she had of winning.
    She’s making the correct move. No question.

    • I couldn’t agree more. She absolutely made the right choice. Here is the only new “line” you need to know, and I am certain that Vanessa knows this: she is no longer the biggest target in the house, and probably just bought herself 2 more weeks. Biggest target is Austin or Liz (Liz probably #1), next is John because the Austwins want him out, then Vanessa and a bunch are clumped together (if James stays this week I put him as a slightly bigger target than Vanessa). Plus: she retains her alliance with the Austwins (until it’s convenient for them to take her out), and she has a new strategic option with Steve and John. She’s in so much better shape now.

      • Yes on all fronts. I thought I was the only one who thought this and have been very confused by the seemingly unanimous calls for Vanessa to target Austwins.

      • Uh huh. It’s ironic that Austwins kept Vanessa as their meatshield, but in reality, it was the other way around.

      • I don’t agree. Her best move is to get Liz out. Austin and Julia rarely win comps… And you have to know word in the jury house will get out that she “orchestrated” and strategically planned the targeting/eviction of Austwins.

      • I’ll agree with you that she needs Liz out, but I will not agree with you that her best move is to do it herself. She’s dead in the game if she does that. Explain to me how she can ever win the game with literally every single person in the jury hating her?

      • Also, whose to say that if somehow Vanessa is instrumental in getting the Austwits evicted that they wouldn’t vote for her to win. Aren’t people always saying that the contestants usually vote for the person who best played the game. I know the Austwits are idiots, but even they would recognize Vanessa’s “mastery” in getting them out if such were to occur.

      • Well..if more weeks go by and no one wants the AssTwits blood on their hands, then guess what? The F3 WILL BE ALL ASSTWITS!!!

      • Sadly, I think they will be F3. For all her nonstop crazy big girl talk, Vanessa chose to put up the goblins when she had the power to split up the trio.

      • I thought this also. Yeah there’s a trio but I’d really want James and Meg gone before doing anything else. It’s too dangerous keeping them there knowing they for sure would go after her when the others wouldn’t, not yet at least. I’m really hoping F3 is Johnny Mac, Steve & Vanessa so that way F2 will end up being Johnny Mac & Steve. I don’t want Vanessa to win but the only way to ensure Steve and Johnny Mac get to the end is with Vanessa there.

        Side note: It’s so irritating and annoying listening to Meg and James talk game knowing they are completely wrong. I have to turn it off lol They have no clue about the 5HG alliance that is so obvious now at this point and they are convinced that they can easily turn Steve and Johnny Mac to their side. I just can’t even deal lol! So clueless, how did they get this far???

    • Read last 2 paragraphs of Matthew Boyer’s “The Move Vanessa Should Have Made This Week, But Won’t”. I’ve said all along since V’s HoH she needed to BD Liz… but Matthew’s twist & logic to HOW she does it is flawless.

      • Thanks, I read that one. I don’t see it. I think she’s making her best move. She’s mitigating risk and getting out a threat in the form of someone who hates her. It’s not a waste of an HoH, but I recognize the jury is still out. We have to see what happens in the immediate aftermath.

      • Okay, you said “2) She ends up at the bottom of a 5-person alliance instead of at the bottom of a 4-person alliance. Can someone please explain to me how the $#%% that makes any sense whatsoever?”.

        Bear with me:
        Austwins are a 3some so it’s 3 against 1, no ifs, ands, or buts… none of those 3 have Van in their F2. BB doesn’t pay F3 or F4.

        Plus if Julia is her best move, we’re not sure V even wants her evicted, if she does than it’s a “good” move.

        The “best” move leaves Austin/Julia (not an unbreakable bond), the “good” move leaves Austin/Liz (an unbreakable bond). The “worse” move leaves Austin/Liz/Julia in the House.

      • Yeah, I know what you’re saying.
        But bear with me here: she doesn’t know who will win the next HoH. If Austin, Liz, or Julia wins, she should be safe no matter what.
        If Steve or JMac wins the next HoH, she should be safe no matter what.
        If James wins the next HoH, she’s probably not safe.
        Now let’s rerun this if she targets Austwins:
        She is going home if Austin, Liz or Julia wins
        She should be safe if Steve or Jmac win.
        She’s in trouble if James win.

        The winning choice is doing what she’s doing now, which is play it safe. She is not incentivized to take a big risk here.

      • Not only does she need to worry about the next week and her safety, she needs to think about jury votes. She NEEDS austwin jury votes to have any chance of actually winning BB. If she targets them this week, she probably loses all 3 of their votes

      • I see James as her only problem (he’s a loose cannon) she can pretty much cover her a$$ w/Austwins (whichever 2 are left) if she handles it right (like Matthew showed), as we speak Van is working on Austin to ease him into a twin disappearing.

        I get you point about the twins but she would only have to worry about 1 and maybe Austin if she doesn’t sway him off the GF, were she gone he might think, well how do I get to end now and see he needs Van.

        Look at it this way, she’s better off than she was before she won POV & HoH everyone was gunning for her… Steve / JMac / Austwins all part of a possible BD of Van. Now she’s got Steve / JMac & maybe Austin and she’s running out of weeks to evict Austwins, that needs to be her priority b/c all the work will be for nothing if it’s her & Austwins at the end.

      • Here’s the thing though: she could get out one of the twins without it looking like it’s totally her fault. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the logic of putting a twin up as “incentive” to vote out Meg makes sense to me. Then all Van would have to do is talk to Steve and John secretly and have them vote out the twin. Van can play shocked and even though Austin and the remaining twin would be upset, she could still claim that wasn’t her intent and turn on the waterworks. They’ve fallen for her tears before and I’d bet they would again. She could play the victim and be all “I can’t believe they lied to me!” while sobbing and even throw in a fake confrontation of Steve and John.

        She has a great opportunity to do something big without looking bad afterwards.

    • I agree. She’s staying good with them and also with Steve and JMac. She can’t play HOH this week so she’s keeping herself safe no matter who gets HOH except if James wins. She’s hoping Steve or JMac win and take out one of the Austwins. That way she’ll still be safe with everyone.

    • Judging by your past comments you’re partially saying this because you hate James. I wonder if you would of said the same thing if John was a nominee.

      • I don’t hate James.
        I would not be saying the same thing if JMac were a nominee, that’s correct. I would not be saying the same thing because JMac being a nominee would be very stupid on Vanessa’s part.

  3. I think Vanessa has done the safest thing for her. she only has to worry about James winning next HOH. it would be awesome if James, JMac, and Steve hook up and take em all out

  4. I’m not a fan of Vanessa at all, but after tonight’s episode and explanation of the rules for the HoH competition, I’m sure there will be a lot of apologies for saying that Vanessa cheated in winning the competition.

    • Yeah, that petition was clearly crap. But this is why you can’t jump the gun when stuff like this goes down. Production does know how to run these comps. And when the HGs do cheat, they’re immediately called out on it.

    • You know when nothing was coming from the LiveFeed about HGs gripes I didn’t figure it was going anywhere.

  5. I wish Vanessa would go. Between her and Liz and Austin smooching, this show is a vomitfest. go james and johnny mac

  6. James is stupid i think he only played big brother for a showmance..”HEY JAMES” meg doesn’t like you that way..he’s gonna use his veto on her tomorrow…. Idiot

  7. Vanessa is stupid she should be back dooring Liz all over the place tomorrow and she’s not going to put her up as the renom. Dumb dumb dumb. I hope this bites her in the ass sooner rather than later, like say, Thursday in the DE!!!

  8. From Jokers:

    Sun 7:57 PM BBTAustin says he hopes BB is showing lots of clips of fun & how he and Liz are “growing together” on the TV show.

    Austin & Liz are in for a rude surprise when they come out of the house and check social media on them & their showmance. It isn’t pretty.

    • They’ll go straight to Jokers to check their HG Rankings. The Asstwins maintained the bottom feeders.

      • I lost all respect for those polls when I saw Meg, James, and Jason are the top three. Are you serious? Those are the top 3? What criteria are we using here? And hasn’t Jason been gone for years and made no mark whatsoever on the game in the two weeks he was there?

      • Fan favorite, that’s all. Like BBN. Noticed when they’re in trouble, their ranking spikes up. People vote by emotion. I found sites that fans vote by entertainment/strategy/social/ etc..You get different result.

      • There’s three main categories, Entertainment value, Social Skillz and
        Strategy/game with each category ranging from 1-5 with a 0 value being
        used for exceptional cases. A bonus category is also added worth 3
        points for those special scenarios that don’t fit the 3 main

        lol you’ll like this Van 13 points Most of them are 10, Meg is 7

      • Julia/liz combo they get 9. Most of them are rated 3/4 on strategy. Van is the only one that gets 5. There’s really a lot of ways to conduct surveys like this, and I think people will be honest if they’re asked the right categories.

    • I agree with you. Umm…he had a girlfriend when he entered the BB house. He is a liar beast.

    • The only thing that’s growing is a new strain of bacteria in that ponybeard and rat’s nest.

  9. I haven’t watched the episode, should I watch it? Coz I read elsewhere I might need a bucket and I don’t really have a bucket right now.

  10. I can’t tolerate reading or watching one single thing more relating to Vanessa (except maybe to read about/watch her eviction). I truly despise that “woman”. And not in a good way ( like when you “love to hate ” a villan etc). More in a “loathing” manner…

  11. I think Van would love it (though not openly endorse it) and Austin may like it as well. It would take Steve to flip for that to happen. He is too infatuated with her to do that.

    It would be awesome TV (right before the DE) if it did happen – one can always hope…

    • Steve is too immature to do anything. Vanessa is his BB mommy and he will do whatever mommy tells him to do even when she insults him and calls him names. James does not know how to play this game, nor does Meg. She just sits there and smiles and giggles. There has been more cheating and bribes in this game this year and it shows how low classed this production really is. It really is time for this show to be cancelled and replaced with an interesting show.

  12. Someone should have put the cat (Liz) out of the house long before she got attached to Austin. Everyone knew before that happened that she had a twin.
    Another way to look at it is Why let her twin in? I never understood that happening. Who was leading that conga line. Vanessa!! Austin was basically clueless at that time so its Vanessa fault that she has a threesome that could possibly win by getting rid of her.
    I think we are going in circles here.
    So now Vanessa should get Liz out since that will end the threesome. Logically with the Austwins in the jury house they should realize what a great manipulator Van is and give her the money…

    • Just curious, is that because you believe the jury will vote for Austin over James? And if so, why?

      • Austin has been playing a more laid back game, but he build relationships with most of the people in the house including alliances. James and Meg still believe he is with them so he fooled many. My favorite is James and Johnny, but the best players this season is Vanessa and Austin and I think the Jury will vote for either. If Austin goes to the finals with Vanessa, then I think he will win since the jury members may like him more and think they both played good games.

      • If Austin finds himself in an F2 with Van I think he wins hands down. F2 with James I don’t think Austin could beat him as of right now, but that could change in 4 weeks.

    • It could be close. Becky, Jackie and Meg would vote for James. Shelli probably Austin. JMac would vote for James. The twins Austin. Vanessa would vote for Austin and Steve wants them out and doesn’t care for Austin so I think he would be a toss up.

      • Pretty fair assessment at this point, although things could change depending on who sends who to jury and what happens between now and then…

  13. Austin will be okay with Julia being voted out at anytime.
    Remember way back when Austin wanted her out to win with Liz and Vanessa pushed it to the forfront? Haha now Vanessa wants her gone. So ironic.

  14. From Jokers:

    Sun 7:29 PM BBT Vanessa says Jmac has agreed to target James as front door target next week. She doubts she or Austin will be replacement nom. NT – LiZinTeXaS

    While I would like to say “surely he is not this stupid” this is the same person that came back into the house to target Meg…

    And by this point, it’s pretty pointless to keep repeating “will anyone ever target the trio”

  15. I have now lost even a remote hope and a prayer that Vanessa knows what she is doing. I wanted to believe that, hope against hope, that Vanessa had some dark master plan, even if I hated and disagreed with it and was disgusted by it (which I am, err was, as I now can see that she really IS random and actually has NO plan). I thought that maybe she was better than that?


    She’s hopeless.

    /bye Vanessa. You just lost Big Brother.

    • All this poker playing in the game is making me ill. Production has swung far to the left on this year’s show. They should all be FIRED

      • Agreed, 100%. I am thoroughly disgusted at the poor production this season. Rules are rules. When they let Audrie sleep on the floor in the HN room and let her eat whatever she wanted, that already clued me in on a lack of production integrity this season. But now this??

        Truly disgusting.

    • Austin told her he knows he can’t protect three people anymore and he’s open to making deals for just himself so I think Vanessa’s plan is to get him to tun on the twins so she looks clean in all of it. She has this delusional idea that she has no blood on her hands and looks good to the jury.

  16. This would be a whole different game if JohnnyMac could have won hoh, then teamed with James, meg, starting to clean house by taking out the trash, ahem, I mean dirty laundry.

    • JM had weeks of opportunity to join with James and Meg but since the start he’s been a peon asskisser with no game. First he was begging to get in with Shelli and Clay and now Vanessa. He grovels under who ever is in power, I find him completely loathesome.

      • He would rather go FL with Vanessa because he knows she’d lose. With meg james, he’s losing

  17. Okay, I am pulling the plug on big brother. I’m deleting it from record, I am going back to bed early because frankly, ” I don’t give a damn” and I need my beauty sleep more than I need to watch a useless season. Go james. Even the popularity poll selected Shellie, when I select ed james

  18. If we were talking about people who thought for themselves, it would be a real possibility. But with these people? I highly doubt it. It would be a shocker and I would love it though.

  19. Oh wow, the edit was sure kind to the endurance competition and made Becky, Liz and James look as if they fell off, when they were told by production it was illegal to sit and were disqualified, yet how did Vanessa win again? no wonder there were so many feed cuts during that pathetic excuse of an endurance comp. nice damage control there CBS. as long as they don’t fall, should of been the rules, at least it would of actually been a competition, not just people being told to stop sitting, oh what’s next, a poker related comp? rofl

      • Hello tb, did you eat breakfast yet? I feel sorry for anyone who pulls for a cheater, no regard for the rules and this whole season so far, feels designed. watch their support fail, should Vanessa even make it to final 2, oh wait. I know! production can help eliminate Vanessa and save face. but I doubt don’t care about credibility, casting sure didn’t. yes, next.

      • I suppose you also believe the moon landing was filmed on a set in Culver City and that Tupac is chilling on an island near St Lucia with Notorious BIG.

      • You’re right, lets have some breakfast together and watch some big brother from your mother’s basement, I am kind of hungry. you have anything good to eat?

      • You’re so mean! fine, I won’t bother you anymore and your mother’s basement looked nice and cool, it’s been hot outside. sorry didn’t mean to impose, wow some people are just inconsiderate. I didn’t mean to bruise your ego, I just don’t massage egos, sorry again. good day sir!

      • Your comments are the junior college equivalent of “my daddy can beat up your daddy” but whatever. Keep on amusing yourself. Or don’t. Or come up with new conspiracy theories. Or don’t.

      • I thought you said you weren’t interested? why do you feel the need to lie to me? its okay, I don’t mind the playing hard to get routine, you’re just not my type and I was only asking for breakfast, sorry if I gave off the wrong vibes. you don’t need to try and get my attention sir.

      • That sounds good, breakfast or not, I’ll chow down with you. just don’t invite tb, he will try and make you go to junior college and probably ask to be your daddy. ooo I haven’t had a pepsi in forever, I’ll score one.

      • I haven’t seen anything to prove this comp was rigged but I will say this. If I was not watching the feeds and Just watching the show on CBS, I don’t think I would feel about Vanessa the way I do – I do not like her one bit. She gets a really good edit from CBS. You don’t see any of the shameful ugly behavior we see on the feeds.

        Of course it means nothing as far as who wins the game. But its clear to me CBS is protecting Vanessa’s image. Perhaps they don;t want a repeat of BB15, although this season is nowhere near as bad as that one.

  20. James is the shortest Indiana Jones of all time. Fighting the Evil forces of the VanAustwins. So redic

  21. I am sorry but this has got to be one of the dumbest season I have ever seen ! As many times as every HOH has had to get wired up Vanessa out and hasn’t just amazes me. She always seems so wired up and looks like she never sleeps. Not a big fan and called her out as Looney the second week. It is disturbing how easily she can lie . please get her the f#$% out .

  22. Again I have to ask, last week when Austin was HoH every bit of information he got from anyone in the house he checked up on to see if it was legitimate. He checked and cross checked everything to find out who was lying and who was telling the truth.

    This week, Vanessa comes to him and tells him and the twins James said he would put up the Austwins if he won HoH. Without questioning, they immediately accept what she told them. This is Vanessa we are talking about, the biggest liar in the house. Can anyone explain why no one questions or verifies anything Vanessa says?

    And why would James ad Meg not deny this vehemently. There are tow of them who were in the room with Vanessa. If they both say, it never happened and she is lying to divide them, its their word against hers and she is the known liar.

    I just do not understand these HGs and how they play this game. Its like Dumb, Dumber, Dumber Still, Extremely Dumb and Ludicrous.

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