Big Brother 17: Vanessa & John Work To Flip The Vote

What a strange day of campaigning in the Big Brother house after Vanessa continued her on again off again pursuit of flipping the vote to keep Johnny Mac and send Steve off to the Jury House.

Vanessa Rousso works on vote flip with the twins
Vanessa Rousso works on vote flip with the twins – Source: CBS All Access

John hasn’t given up on the vote and Vanessa has gone from collecting info to campaigning on his behalf, but then at times she seems to be doing exactly the opposite. Is it Thursday yet?

As we watched during the day it seemed more like Vanessa had resigned to letting John go but not before she drained him of all the info he had which John didn’t seem to mind giving freely. John kept advocating his benefits to her while pointing out the dangers she faced with the Austwins. Something in there was a turning point.

Flashback to 6:55 PM BBT 8/25 as John and Vanessa talk game. He’s suggesting his plan could still be to get the Goblins to flip and then she could be the 3rd and deciding vote. We know that Vanessa is highly unlikely to make that move without the Austwins’ blessing. Vanessa then suggests John should go talk with the twins first and then later the Goblins.

Something interesting from this talk was when Vanessa asked John about her chances of working with Becky if she came back. Vanessa wants to know if that could be salvaged. John says yes, it could absolutely be recovered. He suggests Becky would have other targets over her. So was Vanessa asking in case John went and Becky returned? I’m actually thinking she was considering if she kept John and Becky returned. Then she’d have a group of 3 to work with. Though I don’t think Becky would be too thrilled to work with Vanessa, but John said the right thing there.

So Vanessa tells John to talk with the twins, but before he can do that she goes in to have a chat with them. Flashback to 7:05 PM BBT. Vanessa is running through a lot of details here but the takeaway for the twins is that John is coming after them and they want him gone. They freak out.

It was at this point that I could no longer follow what Vanessa was trying to do. Seemed as though she was sabotaging John’s efforts after encouraging him to do something but before he could do it. Problem might have been Vanessa relied on the twins to make something happen.

The twins were soon upstairs freaking out about John and adamant, once again, that he had to go. Flashback to 7:34 PM BBT. Whatever Vanessa’s plan had been there it was resulting in solidifying the votes against John. Maybe her next move would work better.


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  1. So. Bored.
    This season is just horrible! I am honestly hoping Shellie comes back just to shake up the house.

      • Don’t ever give up… we got a shot for the other side of House to get it and you never know V might even go after them if she believes JMac’s story about Austwins originally thinking of BD on V.

      • Btw, Sarah… you’re still on my list. lol. I just checked it and you’re still on it.

      • Me five, but I don’t see it happening! I think Jackie & Becky are better in comps than her & they both want Vanessa out! So as much as I want Shelli back, I’m rooting for either Jackie or Becky to come back! Also, Vanessa will just manipulate Shelli by reminding her that James & Meg got Clay out so that Shelli will target them instead of Vanessa!

      • Not me… I’d rather see Becky roar back like a pit-bull… she’ll have to align with James/Meg + Steve or JMac which doesn’t seem all that strong but if she does & one of them wins HoH, the whole House can flip… you need 2 of Austwins + Vanessa OTB before & after VETO and it’ll work to shake up the House. I will gag if twins or V win it… it would be a sad day in the BB World.

    • That’s the last person I want to see, I fully believe that the second she finds herself back inside she will be brainwashed by Van again and will continue to do her bidding.

      • I’m think you’re talking about Shelli, right? Maybe not after Jackie filled her in or Becky adding gas on the fire against Austwins & V.

      • Don’t be so sure! Vanessa will obviously remind her that James & Meg got Clay out so that Shelli won’t target her & will instead target them!

      • Did you miss the Jury House scene when Jackie came in the House? That’s what I’m basing my opinion on plus the new info Becky bought with her which tends to lean toward Liz as a target. But this talk means nothing until we see who returns to the House and see who that person aligns with… so you’re right when you say “don’t be so sure!”, hell the HGs don’t settle on anything or anybody until the last moment as they flip-flop around like a fish out of water.

      • Exactly! I think what will happen if Shelli comes back is Vanessa will remind her that James & Meg got Clay out so that Shelli will target them instead of Vanessa!

    • I don’t care if it’s John (if he gets evicted tomorrow) or Shellie or Becky or Jackie, as long as they gun for the Austweens and then Vanessa (they all act like ‘tweens). If not, I’m pretty much done watching any of it. Really want that threesome broken up or it will beyond boring.

  2. I died laughing when they brought up doing a Rock, Paper, Scissors game with who to evict Thursday!

    • i would be pissed if they did that sh*t. about like drawing skittles last year. pathetic.

    • Did you not see my post last week before noms? I said “rock, paper, scissors”. Joni, that saddens me that you didn’t see it. I kind of thought at the time it was ‘brilliant’… toot, toot. See what I’m doing there? lol.

      • Totally understand and no reason to say sorry… though when I was typing that comment I had to put off my granddaughter begging me for lunch, “I hungry paw-paw”. LOL, just joking, she gets priority.

  3. Can’t imagine BB will allow RPS to determine eviction. Of course it’s a good idea if you think you’re dead in the water and you might get lucky. But if you feel safe – well, in BB one should never feel safe, I guess. Steve & Jmac are each so paranoid right now that he is the target to leave that they might just agree. If you lose, you hate yourself.

    • Ya they should both feel like they are going home, no one can guarantee there safety, even tho Vanessa usually claims to be able to, but she hasn’t this week for pretty much the first time all season lol. They could always do RPS off screen then everyone just vote that way, would be dumb, but production would save face.

    • Or flip a coin, they should be free to do either, IMP. With ‘flip a coin’ each one goes to vote, Julie says who do you vote to evict? The HG flips the coin and announces their vote. Well, Meg has to pick it up off the floor first.

      Problem… does anyone have a ‘coin’, just 1, pass it to the next voter in the hall as they pass.

      So bbadboy, did you go to the game last night? My Cards won again… YAHOO! 2 more to go, if my guys win 1 of those I’d be happy, happy, happy.

      • YES I DID!!!!! I was quite happy happy happy myself the first inning with those 4 runs right “off the bat”. lol Garcia got to bat before he got to pitch!!! lovelovelove
        Going tonight too. I took myself last night but they are taking me tonight. Hoping for another good night! If I can, I want to go tomorrow night, too – while they’re on their western swing the same time as me! :) Lackey is on the bump tonight.

      • That’s a Winner!!! Lackey gets the win… one more w/AZ. 3-1 win with 6 hits how do they do it? 81 wins total.

  4. Very interesting and funny. Vanessa playing every angle and everyone as usual, at least she’s not crying!!! I really don’t know what’s better for peoples games at the moment. Steve seems like he’d be more likely to stay with the Austwins and Vanessa at the moment, cuz he’s easily controllable, and John could easily target Vanessa and the Austwins. Vanessa wants to work with John(I guess?) and the returning houseguest(again, I guess?) to target the Austwins, or she’s just crazy and is doing everything she can with no real strategy in mind lol. As for James and Meg, I’d think they’d rather keep John cuz he’s less likely to target them over Steve, cuz he could be manipulated into it. But again, James and Meg are f-in clueless and sounds like thery will just do what Austn tells them. It’ll be interesting if they want to vote out Steve, and Vanessa tells them she will vote with them, to then see what Vanessa does. She could cause a fraction by keeping Steve and saying James and Meg flipped, or keep John and basically go against the Austwins, either way I hope Vanessa votes last on Thursday so she can hopefully be the last deciding vote and cause some suspense lol.

    • Have to admit that her strategy is quite ingenious .. telling / working with everyone on all sides that she is willing to work with them .. saving John one minute then throwing him under the bus, like-wise with Steve … chatting to the Austwins and the Goblins .. and, can / appear to tell who ever survives that she tried her hardest to save John/Steve, but the House said otherwise … While, the evicted HG, going to Jury and/or Returning in the latest twist, can claim that she tried to save him and will either get a Jury vote for $$ and/or a potential alliance upon returning to the House .. and, to the HG remaining this week, can claim that she single-handedly flipped the House to save that person .. and, now that person is indebted to her …

      So, yes, I could potentially see a Vanessa/John/Steve Alliance resulting by end of week .. Now, just one of them have to win the HOH … :)

      • Ya it rediculous, it seems liek they are oblivious to this, just as everyone caught on 2 weeks ago, they are now back in the dark and don’t see her as a threat anymore. before I thought it was liek 99% everyone else was dumb 1% she was playing a good game was the reason she was still in the game, now I’m more like 90% they are dumb 10% she is playing a good game lol. She’s still weaseling to get what she wants, but other than the bullying, I’m liking her game play a little more. Some things she does tho just blow my mind, havent been on in a few days, but some quick reading, she is just playing so hard and spurting random information to everyone who will listen lol. She’s sure playing John real well this week, she’s getting every last drop out of him, and it might not save him and is just helping her lol.

    • Sweet justice, should Vanessa manage to convince the twins to save John and she taking credit for it … Then John, yes, I say John, or even one of the returning Jurors come back in, then target Vanessa next week, should she not with either HOH nor POV ….

  5. At this point I am curious if they are adults and if any of them have ever made a decision on their own?? Childish at best.

  6. I just want the twins gone. Even Vanessa, crazy as she is, doesn’t irritate me the way they do.

    • yea. they need to go. I’m kind of starting to like Vanessa again. Hoping Jmac stays, Becky comes back, and they make final 3

      • Ideally, that’s what I would like as well. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing a Jmac, Becky, and Steve final three.

      • It could be! I’m still pulling for a Pandora’s Box with powers given during a luxury comp. This is the perfect week for it.

      • I’m pretty sure it’s because she is the only one actually playing the game…lol. She has been my favorite since day 1 just because I love poker. She is a little loopy but at least she is doing something. I’m still amazed she talked everyone out of voting her out a couple weeks ago.

      • The only reason i was disliking is the condescending way she speaks to everyone. However, someone can only speak to you the way you allow them to. JMac told her he felt bullied and he doesn’t seem to take her crap as much as Steve does.

  7. If Vanessa plans to win, and I think we can all agree by now that is her plan, she has to keep someone to help her break up the twins. Point blank and period. As of now she is bottom of the totem pole in her F4 with them and she knows it. While I am not a Vanessa fan, I am throwing that out there… I personally am hoping for a JMeg F2 as incredulous as that may seem at this point…

    • Ya, the Austwins are a bigger threat, but Vanessa is more disliked, and still has TONS of influence on everyone and peolpe are still too scraed to ever put her up. With the exception of pretty much JMac and James.

    • She could poison the Twins minds (BB won’t allow her to actually give them poison), that should not be that difficult and let them jettison Austin or just campaign to get Liz out.

  8. When they were talking about doing R/P/S I though WTH. They really are at summer camp. I hope they try to do that and Julie interrupts them and lets them know they have to vote.

    • Flip a coin works better.

      Think about it… at least they’d have a chance to get the RIGHT HG evicted which will 90% of the time be wrong if they REASON who to evict. Just saying.

  9. It was something extra mean and not game related (although they think otherwise) of Austwins talking about John being a “pansy”. THey said it with such authority. WTF do they think they are? It’s part of the game for people to go “after” you. Maybe a little pissed but the degree of anger they show if challenged, and the way they talk about people in that superior whine is annoying. They kept saying “pansy” like it they are playing the best game in BB history. I just thought it was mean, and I’m not a big John fan.

    • Ya, they were gettiing personal because he wanted to come after them? They sound like Vanessa when Becky wanted to go after her, they/she were in complete shock that someone would target them and think keeping them is what’s best for everyone elses game. I know it’s a joke to say soemthing like you only become a dentist cuz you couldn’t become a real doctor, but wtf have they done with there lives that is more impressive than that? lol

      • Well, Austin did say ” I put in enough TV time” he is putting on a show, I can’t stand Austin and the twins. They are very vile, and have horrible mouths. Very hateful, bullies….I wonder if it’s the house getting to them, they are acting or if this is how they really are. They really need to get people of all ages, it’s a better show that way.

    • Only pansy people call others pansy, just to feel good about themselves, coz deep down they know they are pansy butches.

      • not to mention that he doesn’t seem interested in them or their feminine wiles. that kinda has to tick a narcissist off.

      • That’s absolutely it. They are so deluded about their level of hotness which is merely lukewarm-ness at best. It threatens them if someone fails to pant after them. Hence their verbal smears against John who clearly isn’t the slightest bit interested in their scary butts.

  10. Crazy like a fox, Vanessa is. She will not be caught in a lie….she did go to the Austwins to try and save John (and also get him voted out)….but hey, she did go try and convince them! So, John if he comes back, may side with her. If John stays, and Becky returns, Vanessa will let Becky know she was the one who saved John, and John her and Becky would make an awesome team against the Austwins. If Steve is saved, then Vanessa will tell Steve she made sure the Austwins knew John was coming after them (in the same meeting as she also “tried to save John”). As for the Goblins, at this point, nobody even remembers they are around….so if Jackie comes back, they can attack (and Vanessa will remind them she kept the attention away from them by keeping the Austwins confused about both JMAC and Steve)….anyone following this? It frightens me that I even can think like this! I’m not even sure I understand the scenario I just put in writing! LOL

    • Yes lol, she is creating her “cover my ass, I’m on everybody’s side because I’m all alone, but I didn’t make any deals, so I didn’t lie” mode!!! Makes perfect sense;)

      • Oh ya, and of course she never lies, she just implies, and agrees to things and makes sh*t up, but don’t dare call it lie lol.

    • Ya it’s crazy. Vanessa was found out 2 weeks ago, and now they have forgotten all about it and she is doing it all over again and they are missing it again. So funny, I still can’t decide if she has great gameplay or these people are all just complete morons lol.

      • It seem a combination of both…there is still one more possible game play of keeping the target of herself and putting on the trio….and getting the sheep to follow.

    • She’s been caught in lies… she denies & denies but had given up on some & admitted them. And she has used the “I didn’t say that” defense but the lie she told was to that person and they know she lied.

      • True…but I am talking about this week….this week she can’t get caught in a lie, because she’s covered all her basis….every convo is double sided….so she is banking on people only hearing what they want to hear….

      • Oh, this week… I have a photographic memory but sometimes the flash doesn’t go off but this week she’s mainly on attack so it’s all questioning what everyone else is saying. I tend to think when she says she’s all alone that’s lie until she found out about the possible DB of her then she realized she may truly be alone. I don’t think Austin ever had any intention of following through on that BD.

  11. Can’t wait for this season to end, these people are so stupid, Ithink Vanessa has got them all under some kind of spell or something, they are handing this game to that rich psychotic bi..@$ ,I’ve never heard the words not get blood on my hands so much as I did this season,not getting blood on your hands may have cost ya a half a million bucks.

  12. I am so tired of the annoying twins and their troll. I wish there’s a twist this week is a non-elimination week (like in Amazing Race) plus a returning juror and next week is a triple elimination week, and those three butches are evicted. Oh joy!

  13. One thing’s for sure…production does not want the wicked witch to leave the house.. you can see by the posts and every other website that her name is almost always mentioned in a comment….she is the nucleus of the show right now and that’s how CBS would like it….right down to the final 3!

    • The HGs need to juke (fake-out) Production keep the BD under-wraps. She’s the drama of the show, nucleus might be too strong a word, what about Austin being the nucleus? Gotcha, just a joke but I’m sure he thinks he is.

      • He’s a legend in his own mind. I wonder how he’ll feel when he sees how universally disrespected he is by the viewers.

      • We’ll never know, in the past seasons we never find out when a BIG HEADED HG finds out they’re not a celebrity after the fact. Some are planning their movie career and are never heard from again.

  14. I can’t believe no one has had the discussion of taking out the only solid trio in the house. It has to be done NOW! All three need to be gone or it is a definite 2 votes for the one remaining. Any HOH that doesn’t put up 2 of the three next nomination is not serious about winning. Screw making enemies of them, at the end there is only one winner.

    • Well having a juror come back is basically a rewind, and with the twins added they already are on a very tight schedule, they’d have to do another DE or two if they did a rewind later, I’d love another DE, but I doubt it’d happen.

      • Kind of like it but nothing would beat Austin and the twins KNOWING that jmac is leaving just to have a rewind take them off the block and start the whole week over with an HOH comp that someone else wins.

  15. Rooting for Becky to come back and either Becky or Steve to win HOH. Then, we can see some big moves in the game. None of these guys are going to make a move until forced to!

    • I’m with you… Becky returns, Becky wins HoH. Don’t know if I’d like Steve winning unless he goes for a big move… Austwins. Plus maybe Steve is evicted tomorrow… it’s a flip of the coin.

  16. Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide
    the eviction during the live show… that was my idea the other day for who had to go OTB when they/Austin couldn’t decide JMac, Steve, Vanessa or James.

    I swear on my Mother’s grave… since the HGs have it down to two NOW-ah they could use it but shouldn’t I get a ‘royalty’ or somthing?

  17. Anyone who comes back in the game is gonna have a gear to grind with Vanessa and the twins.

  18. steve screwed up. should never targeted the goblins. van’s best play was to use steve for that. i hope van goes next week. sick and tired of her crying. omg.

  19. closenthal… that about got over me… good one. He puts me on the edge of my seat though but that makes it exciting & w/40 saves & 2 blown he’s been very good, just scary sometimes. One more tonight for a sweep.

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