Big Brother 17: Austwins Remain Major Threat To Houseguests, Yet Here They Are

The solid alliance of Austwins featuring Austin, Liz, and Julia remain unchallenged in the Big Brother house, but how long will that last because the rest of the house needs to finally start worrying about them.

Nolan Twins remain a threat to the Houseguests
Nolan Twins remain a threat to the Houseguests – Source: CBS All Access

We’ve seen showmances on Big Brother before and we’ve seen relatives, but now we’ve got a trio bringing both together and that’s going to be a big problem for anyone left in the house.

Vanessa has been working closely with Austin and the twins even before they expanded and merged while Steve has been tagging along with a shaky deal between him and Austin. In the past few weeks we’ve even watched James and Meg form an an alliance with the Austwins as did John and Steve. So, um, why’s no one thinking about the trouble ahead with this?

Let’s take Vanessa as our example since she’s more likely at this moment to be around longer with the Austwins given Steve’s current predicament, but really this could apply to most of the other Houseguests. If Vanessa makes it to the F4 with the Austwins then her options are limited.

I don’t think Austin will betray the twins. Even if he’s not serious about Liz outside the house (and that’s a whole other can of influencing worms), if he ended up cutting Julia loose to keep Vanessa in a F3 and then Liz got knocked out next that could make for 2 Jury votes against him.

Say though that Vanessa manages to knock Austin out at F4 to make it a F3 with her and the twins then she’d have to win everything in the final rounds to keep one of the twins from cutting her. While there might be some wiggle room for Austin to make a surprise eviction, I think it’s safe to say they’ll never turn on one another.

If someone doesn’t do something soon about them those three players are going to be a big problem in the final weeks of Big Brother 17. Could that someone be the Goblins? Flashback to 9:00 PM BBT 8/24 as James and Meg discuss how to handle the Austwins.

James says he may be ready to make a big move and put both Austin and Liz up on the Block. Meg thinks they’d be screwed if they did that. What, as opposed to if you just let them run you over first? James points out if they wait for just the four of them to be left, Austwins and Vanessa, then it’ll be too late to stop them. Well, considering we’re nearly to there already then you all best get on this.

Vanessa should be worrying about this too and maybe part of her recent effort to keep John is her own version of the Operation Mongoose. But I’ve yet to hear her verbalize any actual plans on handling the situation.

How would you handle the Austwins situation? If you won the Double Eviction HoH and could make two quick picks, which two of the Austwins would you put up on the Block? Or maybe you think aligning with them like Vanessa has is a great idea. What’s your exit strategy? Discuss!


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    • No nominations. Just send them out and bring the jury back. I could live with that.

    • That would go with my idea of having a jury house take-over and putting all of the three in jury back in. What chaos! If only we had a button to push that releases the captive jury members and takes out the one that pushes the button. If only.

  1. I hope that James, JMac/Steve, or one of the returnees (or even Meg) win the next HoH comp and put the twins on the block (if that happen I prefer see out Liz first).

  2. Steve was the only one who seemed to realize that the time to start targeting those 3 was approaching fast. He brought this to the attention of the Goblins, but they just went right back and told Austin what he was saying. At the time I think Steve was putting out “feelers” to see if James and Meg would feel the same way and want to form an alliance (with the returning jury member) for the sole purpose of breaking the trio apart. Unfortunately James and Meg cannot seem to grasp the concept of the “bigger picture”. It was a clear case of Steve wanting to play chess while the Goblins were content on playing checkers.

      • Yet the Austwins didn’t nominate them outright or backdoor them or set a trap for them. While Steve nominated two Goblins and got one of them evicted. So compared to Steve, the Austwins are their friends.

      • Steve is the one responsible for that eviction. He put a Goblin next to a Goblin, the house was supposed to say “no we won’t vote one of them out?”
        I think it’s stupid to trust people in this game but it’s definitely stupid to trust people who put you up next to your allies.

      • I thought the Goblin trio were pretty tight and I’m a little bit surprised they don’t want to see Steve leave next to avenge Jackie. Out of sight out of mind I suppose.

      • I’m sure they have to realize Van has had her hand in a lot of the pots that contribute to people being evicted.

      • I think Meg resents Jackie’s eviction more than James and I don’t blame her. Guess James isn’t playing an emotional game if he can keep from doing so.

      • I’m sure…as for James, he’s a guy. He isn’t equipped with having enough of an effeminate side to get overly emotional. Doesn’t mean he isn’t frustrated, just that he doesn’t show it as much like Meg does.

    • Steve was setting them up!! Vanessa told him to get something on Jameg, so she could use the veto to take one of them off and one of Jameg goes up.

    • I disagree. I think that was a case of Steve setting a trap so JaMeg would say something stupid and he could get one of them nominated so JMac could stay in the game.
      It’s not stupid to not be in an alliance, PRE veto meeting. Steve hasn’t approached them since then has he? He had no intention of working with them, he was hoping to save his ally JMac and nothing else.

  3. I have posted this before, once they get to 6 players, the Austwins can control every eviction to the end just by the right one of them winning the POV. They do not have to win HoH. They simply control the votes for who is evicted. When it gets to 5, if the Austwins do not win HOH but win POV they can evict one of the two against them, leaving only the person who was HoH against them and that person cannot win HoH again. So again, unless that person wins POV, he/she is going home and the Austwins are final 3.

    Tha’s why they have only 2 weeks to take one of them out of the house. Apparently James has figured it out. However, James has not built protection around himself to make the bold move and get away with it. All he has is Meg. This is also why Vanessa had to go instead of Shelli. With her gone, getting Steve and JMac on board for the plan – and even Shelli, would have been easier than with Vanessa in the house intimidating everyone.

    • You are completely right! To me that final 5 POV is everything.
      You can totally manipulate the HOH.

      My fav was season 5. Drew and Diane were on the block. They threw veto to Cowboy and forced Nakomis to renom Karen. Unfortunately Zach from season 8 was an idiot. When he won veto in final 5 he could have forced Dick to put up Daniele and they could have voted her out. I remember screaming at my TV! That mistake handed the danatos the money.

    • I wish James had figured it out a little bit earlier in the game since it’s probably too late for the Goblins unless they get incredibly lucky.

      • I think James figured it “in time”, no matter when he figured it out he would have no power. The Goblins are toxic it seems in terms of alliances. Everyone gets evicted.
        So the only chance the Goblins have now is to win everything or they are going home.

      • Meg just said to James at the JOkers Updates something along the line of: “It’s funny there hasn’t been any alliances made so far this season.”
        James responded: Except for Audrey but none since then.
        After reading that the only conclusion I can draw is that Vanessa and the Austwins are playing the game at a much higher level than the Goblins.
        When the Goblins say something like that I don’t have any confidence that they will be able to best the SS even though I would like to see the Austwins gone.
        So I agree the Goblins are going to have to be very lucky and win everything from here on out as it looks like they missed their opportunity to make a move against the Austwins.

    • Remember, no one wanted to work with James’ group. They thought they’ll make themselves bigger targets if they do. Case in point, John and Steve. Now they know, it didn’t make a difference.

  4. Put Vanessa and Austin up. I want to see Austin win the veto and he cant use it or liz goes up. Or liz wins it and cant use it on him or Julia goes up. So many funny scenarios.

  5. The Austwins needs to be the next target next week. But I have a feeling if a Goblin or whoever comes back from jury (with the exception of Shelli) wins HOH than they will strike at Vanessa first instead of the trio.

    • Don’t give up yet… there is a chance that James and Meg would make a big move, if they salvage whatever BB intelligence they have left in their brain. Steve has proven time and time again that he is actually a pretty smart player, so I think he will target the Austwins before it’s too late. Vanessa might do the same thing due to the “Operation Mongoose”

    • May not be a bad idea anyway. Take out Vanessa and you still have the trio. Liz has won HoH as has Austin. If you take out Vanessa, you could still win a mental comp against Austin and Liz (I hope). :)

      • The thing that bugs me the most is that if the house guests target the Austwins, Vanessa will likely work her way back up to the top and will be sitting pretty for a while. If they target Vanessa… well, Austwins final three. There is no way any houseguest outside of Austins Angels can win this game

      • If u r referring to the shelli vs Vanessa vote… I’m not too sure about that. If Vanessa was voted out any discussion or analysis on Vanessa would basically still apply to Shelli

      • I think Shelli would have flipped though. I think she actually did like everyone so she would have been easily manipulated by others. Where as It’s Vanessa that does the manipulating. The 2 are completely different players. Vanessa is good. Shelli not so much. Which is why she’s not there now.

      • I don’t think Shelli would’ve stuck with the Austwins – she probably would’ve worked with JMac and Becky instead. Shelli was good at comps so she had the ability to win HOH and get rid of the Austwins instead of the Goblins.

      • I think you’re right about that, Foxfire. I can totally see Shelli flipping to the other side.

      • I would love to see Shelli return with a vengeance. She might even have to team up with Vanessa and the Goblins to get rid of the Austwins. I almost don’t care who wins I just want to see the Austwins running for their lives in sheer terror. I’m just so tired of the hateful way they talk about and treat the other HG’s.

      • Ii say the twins will sit as the final 2! I love twins I have a set Keith and Kenneth Keith was first evicted on season 13!

  6. I still like putting up Austin & Liz. If Julia saves Liz, oh well, parting is such sweet sorrow and you can tell her you’re saving Austin after POV to BD Vanessa as, in Austin’s words, she is a BD job. Really though – you’re not. You’ll take out Liz if she sits OTB on eviction night;
    If Liz saves herself, Julia will go up. Austin will go home (remember we have “The Wall” comp coming up).
    If Austin saves himself, Julia goes up. Liz goes home (well, JH).

    • I like those scenarios the best I believe. It is pretty much a win win any way it goes! As long as the RN is Julia and all the HG know that! And the HOH campaigns to evict Liz that would be awesome!!!!

  7. People have such strong opinions about the Twins and their power which is why I’m lobbying for an “All Twins” Season.

    4 Identical pairs and 4 Fraternal. Either way, it’ll be fun to watch what happens.

      • I had no idea that existed but would love to see it happen with BB right from the start.

      • I just think it would be fun to see what happens when everyone’s got a back-up like these two have. Not romantic partners. Not Different year siblings. Two people who shared the same womb for 40 weeks. That way they all have the same advantage going in and we see what happens from there. (Plus, 4 identicals will be funny to get confused about at first.)

    • I want another season like season 6. pairs. twins or not. that was a fun season. Some of the best seasons are with ppl that previously know each other.

      • Yes. But Season 6 was the one where they all had a partner going in. I’m saying I like that better. Plus it’s more fair if everyone has someone from their “real world”. Regardless of how they know each other, I enjoy seasons that feature that.

  8. At this point Vanessa should be hoping Liz and Austin end up on the block together (not by her hand) sometime soon and she can rally the votes to keep Austin. Liz is better at comps than Julia and more importantly the common ground for Julia and Austin. Without her she might be able to drive a wedge between them and be top two with both. Even if she couldn’t she would have a decent shot at beating both for final HOH. As The house would like her out though it’s good for them to be in the game until after they can send the returning guest or equivalent packing.

    • I agree with everything you’ve said except for the “not by her hand” part. Vanessa probably also has to think about getting rid of Austin and Liz sometime soon, even if she has to be the one to do it, or else if she’s in final 4 or final 5 with all of the Austwins it’s bad news for her

      • Perhaps but it’s very risky. A lot will depend who comes back from jury as most of the people in jury are bitter towards her. I think her best bet is to hope James takes one out. I could even see Jacki coming back and taking out one. If Shelli comes back maybe they mend bridges? If she does end up riding to week 5 or 4 with them you are right and she will need HOH or POV wins.

  9. Is anyone else noticing how “bikini” friendly the girls (especially “Twin Evil”) has gottin’ since Jackie left the house? I can’t be the only one who noticed how “conservative” the girls were before Jackie went to jury and how now there is “Bikini Madness” in the house (if Julia wears those black/blue trim “buttie – short” another day they will be able to “walk on their own”! Nobody 4 LATER!!!

    • Oh my gosh, the image of those short shorts ‘walking on their own’ is something I could have done without! :)

  10. It’s just gotten to the point that I don’t understand any of these HGs games anymore… Because none of them have one. This is one of the dumbest casts as far as gameplay imo.

    • I agree 100%. With the exception of James I don’t think any of them have a clue. I cannot comprehend why they all just glide on by letting their biggest threats remain in the house.

  11. The goblins need to team up with Vanessa and take out the Austin and the twins to level the playing field. These are the dumbest houseguests!!

    • You are so right!! They are so dumb, for not wanting to work with the person who wants to take them out right now, and have no intention of working with them!!

      • maybe they can just sleep all day and hope not to be taken out. What a brilliant plan!

      • If Vanessa, James, and Meg are smart they have to work together. Austin and the twins are going to run the house. They will pick the other ones off one by one. If Vanessa stays with Austin, James and Meg will go then she will go right after. Leaving hairy dude winner of BB17!

      • All I know is I hope Jackie doesn’t come back with her snap on extensions. She looks like a troll!!

      • You are correct. Yet Vanessa has never spoken game with them. She’s always finding ways to get them out. Even now when it’s dire, she hasn’t gone to them. She’s only working with John, and looking forward to working with a returnee. They will work with anyone who wants to work with them….even Vanessa…but she doesn’t.

      • Not sure why they don’t pull in Jmac and whoever comes back from jury and be alliance of four dumb goblins. They could then sway Vanessa. Take out the strong three some

      • They are all thinking….individually that they are going to be the one in the final 4 with the Austwins..because I don’t see anyone working to get them out…they are delusional if one of them will be in the final four with the trio…that spot is reserved for Vanevil.

    • Really it’s Vanessa’s call at this point…she’s the only one that can orchestrate it….if James win’s HOH then maybe one of the trio will be out the door…and she will love it because it didn’t come from her…wink wink !

    • But Vanessa won’t team up with them, yet she states she’s all alone, that she has nobody.

      • Hey it’s not improbable…because I would assume she knows that she has no chance with the Austwins..she is probably waiting for the right moment…. she has to break up that trio up…otherwise she has no hope for a F2…she is probably waiting to see who returns…she’s not playing this game to be painted in a corner…don’t think so.

  12. Is Meg’s lipstick tattooed on? If not, could she comb her hair before putting on that bright red lipstick!!

    • At least she isn’t thought of as disgusting, a tramp or a bully. Yes, she stinks in competitions, but by golly I like her as the person she is coming across as on TV. Not so much a player in the game though.

  13. I think both Vanessa and Austin are bullies. I love how Vanessa keeps saying she is an honest and good person – right!!!!! I pity her girlfriend because Vanessa has a way of making everything she does YOUR fault. I hope the returnee, James, Meg and whoever stays from the eviction put Austin and Liz up. If one gets off, put Vanessa up. Liz and Julia have done nothing but prepare dinner and whinnnnnne. It is time to get two of the Austwins out.

  14. At the beginning of this season, I never thought there was the slightest chance Austin, Liz and Julia would all still be in the game at this point. How in the universe did that happen?? If the HG’s had any game at all, instead of acting so damned friendly to each other, they’d have split the twins up right away. That’s usually something that’s taken care of quickly. When
    Julia came in the house, it was already obvious that Austin had the hots for Liz, so Liz should have been targeted. Any signs of couple-hood, or an alliance, should have been nipped in the bud. The HG’s this year, with the exception of Vanessa, are a bunch of drips. None of them, except when James and Becky tried, have had the courage to play the game. They’ve all been sitting around, playing games and acting silly, like a bunch of chickens waiting to be plucked.

    • I get EXACTLY what you’re saying. Never in a million years would I have thought those three would still be around. As much as I really dislike Van, I gotta give the girl props for her game. That’s why I say, just give Van the check NOW and end the season early.

    • But Shelli couldn’t wait for the twins to both come inside and play. Shame she didn’t last too long after that to enjoy her sugary treats! :-)

  15. IMO the best way for the Austwins to be dealt with is for Vanessa and Steve to work closer together. The house is now made up of three power couples – James and Meg, Liz and Julia, and Austin and Liz.
    If Vanessa and Steve ‘couple up’ for the game, it would be as one of those couples you see of the abusive GF and the spineless, scared BF, but they would hold the power because they can maneuver between all three. If James, Vanessa or Steve wins HOH, they and Meg can target Liz, breaking up the Austwins and leaving the remainder weak free agents. If Austin or one of the twins wins HOH, they stay with the scamper squad for another week and break up James and Meg.

    • It was called pot ball at first, but they changed it to pop ball because it was on Pop t.v.

  16. After Austins Awesome nominations speech he will surely win. Mayor of St. Upid Town that is.

  17. For the longest time I was all for getting rid of Vanessa. While I still want her gone, I think they need to get rid of Liz first. Think about it. Who is the glue in the Austwits trio? It’s Liz. Julia really doesn’t like Austin and he’s playing nice with her because of Liz. The common factor is Liz. Get rid of Liz, that alliance is toast. Then, provided Austin, Julia, or Vanessa doesn’t win HOH the following week, Vanessa can go up against Austin. But, for some reason, these people don’t seem to realize there’s not much time left. Meg seems to be the most oblivious of it. I really like her, but her game has been pretty much nonexistent. I think James just might take the Austwits out if he’s given the chance.

    • Agree! Time to split up another showmance too! I vote James to do that, but then he’ll overthink it because Austin didn’t target him or Meg and put them OTB. He’ll feel he owes him for that. That’ll be the mistake he makes.

      • Yes he could. BUT, remember, he also promised Shelli that he wouldn’t put her and Clay up, but he did. James seems to be the only one with his eye on the prize.

    • Your right about Liz and the glue…but I can see another Celli episode where Austin in on the block with Liz and you know how the Celli thing went…I see him doing the same.

      • I can see that happening. But that alliance is still broken up. Then Vanessa can be put up against Liz the next week. No one will use POV on her. And if Julia were to win POV, she’d save Liz. And Vanessa would still be gone. Mind you, this is all my theory using common sense. Unfortunately, that’s not a strong suit for any of them.

  18. I really, really, really want Liz to go out on Thursday. Really Really!! Get Vanessa out Next Thursday!! Please somebody….anybody!!

  19. I’m curious as to what kind of twist will be involved before one of the jurors come back in, or if there really is going to be one. Tomorrow can’t get here any faster.

  20. I just want whoever returns to win HOH and put the twins up with Austin as a backdoor. I think it’s only happened once where someone that’s returned won HOH. Wasn’t it just James? Or did Amy win it too?

  21. You must separate the twins, then worry about Austin, preferably Liz, because julia and him could be separated.

  22. Vanessa needs to talk with Austin & remind him the two of them can go to the final two together…Liz & Julia won’t take him over the other sister, he should think ahead. Although I feel Vanessa is the only one who has any game. Love BB ! ❤️

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