Big Brother 17: John Presses For Support, Vanessa Presses For Info

John’s chances of survival this week on Big Brother 17 don’t look good but that doesn’t mean he’s given up and has actually been working pretty hard on Vanessa, potentially this week’s deciding vote.

John McGuire isn't ready to give up on Big Brother 17
John McGuire isn’t ready to give up on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Since Vanessa decided she couldn’t use the Veto and then subsequently couldn’t get Steve evicted we’ve seen her turn to a new tactic: drain as my info from John as she could.

Earlier in the day (12:37 PM BBT) we heard John make a quick case to Vanessa that he wouldn’t be going after her if he stayed or if he came back. John promises he has bigger fish to fry both with the Goblins for betraying their VTE-Vanessa plan and the Austwins for their betrayal this week.

Move ahead again to 1:50PM BBT when John takes another swing at convincing Vanessa. They’re in the back bedroom talking about his options. Knowing that he’s unlikely to turn the twins, but not knowing how bound Vanessa is to their vote, John suggests he’ll work on getting the Goblins’ two votes.

John’s idea is to tell James and Meg that while he’s upset at them over how they handled Becky, he’s more upset about what the Austwins did and he’ll go after them. With their support Vanessa could be the third and deciding vote to keep him.

Vanessa uses this opportunity to press for more information about the Austwins’ real plan for this week. John tells her they, the Austwins, promised him everyone was planning to use the Veto this week no matter who won so they could get Vanessa out. Had Vanessa won, as she did, the plan was told that James would go up and out instead. Obviously that didn’t happen.

John warns Vanessa that whatever deal she has with the Austwins isn’t as good as she might think it is. He says the only reason she didn’t go up front was their fear of her freaking out if she did.

John has picked a good person to work on in theory, but he just won’t be able to get her vote to change because Vanessa can’t get the twins to change. She can’t make this move without revealing she’s turned against them. For this to work, John needs the twins.

In a recent talk this evening, 6:40 PM BBT, John and Vanessa talked again as she advised him it’d be better to try and flip the twins than the Goblins because then she could more easily vote to keep him.

Vanessa has told the Austwins that she’d continue to talk with John and supposedly even set him up for a trap, but I think she’s up to a little more than that. She’s getting good information out of a player that’s most likely leaving and doesn’t seem to mind burning bridges on his march to the sea.

Update: Vanessa again working on something, possibly still trying to swing votes, but it’s messy. She encouraged John to campaign to the twins then went inside, talked to them, and has them convinced John is now coming after them more than ever. Vanessa talked later with Austin and he was able to understand her better, but will he be swayed?


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    • Exactly…we have Liz & Austin who just have make out sessions until it’s time to nominate or compete, we have Julia and Liz working on their “hottness” to lure JMAC or Steve, we have the Goblins playing hide and go seek or pot ball, we have JMAC endlessly brooding or contemplating and we have Steve, talking to himself……the only game player in the house is Vanessa!

      • Agree, Shelly. Much as I HATE to admit it, Van really is the only one playing a great, manipulative game.

      • The only reason Vanessa appears to be such a great player is because nobody else is playing the game. If you stuck her with past winners of the game she would have been evicted a lot sooner. Because the name of he game is to get out the strong players, for some reason these HGs don’t get that.

    • I agreet with Lynn. But I still think whomever has the big enough ones to put the twins up for eviction together
      is going to have my complete support to win the whole thing.

    • Everyone else is practically on vacation and only wants to collect their weekly stipend. When they start out, they talk about winning that $500,000 but, like in Survivor, the house guests that talk the most, do not do anything else but, talk. Johnny Mac needs to go because he deliberately played to lose HOH and POV and showed a total lack of awareness of the alliances as well as disrespected the game by deliberately losing. Steve atleast, can win HOH and POV and aware of the alliances and probably will go after the biggest threats, James, Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia. Becky hopefully, can come back, win HOH and come after the Big threats.

  1. Its a difference with playing the game and being overly parnoid.. I’ m sorry but Vanessa is too much! She reminds me of Amanda.. she just has to always have some kind of drama.. she exhausting

  2. She’s playing smartly but as someone else posted earlier, she’s never going to go anywhere with the Austwins block existing. She should be thinking ahead and maybe try to seduce James and Meg into a partnership if it’s at all possible. I know Meg’s useless and they both dislike her but even as masterful as Vanessa is I don’t see how she’s ever going to be able to split the Twins and Austin. (Unless she manages to convince Austin to boot Julia.) But even then it’s 2-1. The odds get harder and harder for her each day. James is due. It’s a gamble but she doesn’t seem to have many options left with the Austwins.

    • I don’t see the Goblins (James, Meg, and Becky/Jackie if they return to the house) being willing to work with Vanessa. I think she and the twins would be their number one target.

      • I hear you I’m just wondering if desperate times call for desperate measures. Now that someone old will be returning maybe it’s smarter to bow down now and apologize rather than risk it two days from now when someone old returns and it looks/feels desperate. If she attempts now (we know James and Meg were easier to convince at least once) it might be easier once the other player reenters and she already has them on her side? (Or at least leaning that way.) Just wondering how she thinks she’s going to progress with things the way they are now.

      • That’s a very good point. And it especially makes sense she knows now that Austwins don’t really trust her.

  3. She’s trying to kill two birds with one stone. Well, in Vanessa’s case, four birds with one stone. This new plan she has hatched is 1. To worm her way back into Austwins trust. 2. Win John’s vote as a Juror. 3. Working on John, so that she won’t be targeted if he’s a returnee. 4. She wants Austin to turn on Jameg. If all this works, I give her props. I HOPE IT BACKFIRES!

  4. This might have been addressed already and I just missed it, but is the returning juror competition happening during Thursday’s live show or after?

  5. Meg has no interest whatsoever in James. She said it herself. She likes Clay, Zack and Jeff which are somewhat pretty boys and James looks like none of them,. They may become real good friends, but that’s all. Meg seemed a little upset or disturbed when James asked if he could sleep next to or by her.

  6. I’m afraid it’s going to be like pulling teeth to keep JMac this week. Not a huge fan of his, but he DID, after all, put himself up as a pawn for all of those people at one time or another. Still, it IS only Wednesday morning…so anything can happen.

    • John trust the twincompoops and now it’s too late to turn things around they will probably evict him on Thursday. A missed opportunity by John not winning HOH or POV. He is to trusting. If he goes or stays I hope he doesn’t miss the next HOH. He should be making friends w/James and Meg.

  7. Proof that they have no game left if they ever had any at all. From jokers:

    Tue 11:22 PM BBT Austin/Meg/James decide to make Steve/JMac play rock, paper, scissors on the live show to see who goes. Thay say it’s never been – cher
    done before. Austin says tell Julie there will be no speeches. James says why vote in secret when we can put it in their hands to save themselves. James goes to the camera and tells BB the plan-rock paper scissors on the live show. James excited and really wants to do this. Austin mostly joking it seems.

  8. I will never give props to a bully. Vanessa deserves no credit for any thing good because she has done so much bad. People say that she is the only one playing the game. Even if that were true, she does not deserve to win or be given any credit for that gameplay because she has used bullying tactics. There are those on this site, excusing, condoning, and laughing at the verbal and mental abuse Vanessa dishes out, calling it good game play, she is playing the best game, she deserves to win. It’s NEVER ok to be a bully and it should never be commended or rewarded by anyone with integrity.

      • Good AM, Sandy. Vanessa’s current gf and any future partners have all the evidence they need to verify that Vanessa is very capable of being mentally and emotionally abusive; hours of BB footage.

  9. I just want Jonny-Mac to stay this week. Be cuz he laid so low to begin with along with his nerdy laugh, I don’t think he was snagged into an alliance. That was poor on his part. But now, I believe if he stays he would be a player in the game. If Chellie came back — those 2 with Vanessa could wipe out all the players. Then get Vanessa out & Jonny-Mac can take it to the end!!
    Wishful thinking…..???? I know! But for what it’s worth…… You go Jonny-Mac!!!

    • I know he didn’t have an actual alliance but he for sure had people and they’re all gone now. That’s why he is on the block as the actual target now. I REALLY hope he stays also because with whoever comes back that’s just one more person to go against Austwins. If Steve stays it’s one more person for Austwins. I love Steve too but absolutely hate that he’s so loyal to stupid Austwins.

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