Big Brother 17 Eviction Predictions: Who Is Going Home Tonight?

The Final Six Houseguests of Big Brother 17 will face another elimination tonight and after week’s of uncertainty going in to Eviction Day it’s safe to say this time around that things have settled on a decision for who is going home tonight.

Big Brother 17 nominees Julia and Liz Nolan
Big Brother 17 nominees Julia and Liz Nolan – Source: CBS

After lasting eleven weeks in the game, half of that in turns, the Nolan twins have come to the end of their run. Considering how incredibly long they lasted it’s impressive compared to BB5’s twins but still wasn’t enough to get to their goal of F2. So which twin leaves for Jury tonight?

Liz Nolan was the early pick to leave because that’s what Vanessa wanted. She felt so confident of that we heard her promise the twins that they could get whatever they wanted for the eviction. Unfortunately for Vanessa they wised up in time and flipped the plan to keep Liz in the game.

Now Julia will be evicted in a 3-0 vote and Liz will stay on to seek her fourth HoH win tonight against Austin, John, and Vanessa while Steve watches from the sidelines. I think this is a crazy choice for everyone voting except Austin, but hasn’t this season been all about the crazy votes?

We’ll get the official results during tonight’s live show at 9/8c on CBS and you can stick with us for updates and any follow-on details for the HoH competition should things run over in to the Live Feeds post show.

Big Brother 17 Week 11 Eviction Predictions – Julia or Liz Nolan?:

Julia Nolan on Big Brother 17
Julia Nolan on Big Brother 17
Big Brother Access Julia Nolan on Big Brother 17
Big Brother Junkies Julia Nolan on Big Brother 17

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.



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  1. I am almost certain JMac will vote out Julia as Austin requested, unless he wants to incriminate Vanessa by voting out Liz and claiming it wasn’t him. That would be risky though. JMac makes himself less of a target with Austin and whoever stays if he just votes out Julia.

    Vanessa will not vote out Liz unless she is sure JMac will do it too. Why upset what she has put in place with Austwins targeting Steve and Steve/JMac targeting Austin and Liz? Vanessa may still try to flip the vote today but that would be even more risky and reckless than the way she has been playing the last couple of weeks.

    • Ya, I expect Julia to go out 3-0, trying to flip the vote now would be too risky for Vanessa. And I expect JMac to keep playing it smooth and just do what Austin asked to keep the target off him next week.

      • He threw the HoH to Lil Stevie and by the sound of it (what he said in the DR), he kinda threw the PoV to the Big Troll as well.
        Hopefully he won’t throw this coming HoH … he needs to wear that HoH robe!!!

      • Ya, he is kind of doing what Vanessa is doing right now and that’s just throw the comps to someone in your favor, but this is definitely not a HoH to throw.

    • Funny thing is that a couple of weeks ago those trio sent him packing because they thought he would float his way to F2.
      Now they are making it happen by targeting Lil Stevie and Van Van first.
      He’s really a vampire (or zombie) … came back to life even stronger.

      • But at this point in the game, JMac looks like has hasn’t done much. He hasn’t won a comp in a long time. I can understand why no one sses him as a threat. He has no blood on his hands at all.

        Has anyone every won BB without winning a single HoH?

      • Dr Will in Season 2 I think.

        He came second a lot of times. I lost count.
        And he did throw a lot as well.

      • I didn’t watch Dr. Will’s season, but didn’t he basically do what Derrick did minus Derrick’s comp wins? I though he had a hand in almost everyone evictions and had a killer social game.

      • no all he did was tell everybody each week to vote him out or they will be sorry, kept telling them he hated everybody, Derrick sucked he couldnt hold wills shoes, in any orther season Derrick wouldnt have won

      • I saw Dr. Will’s season. It was very early in the series. It was a much simpler game with only 8 contestants, I think. I dont think his game would hold up in any recent season.

      • Austin did something similar to Derrick only in that he kept himself from becoming a target and never went on the block until this week. I give Austin kudos for that, but as far as strategic game plays? Nope, he was too much of a coward to make any of those smart moves.

      • Didn’t Austin go up on the block while the BotB was still going on? I seem to remember him begging for his life to Vanessa to keep him in the game until he could go to the jury house.

    • V’messa used reverse psychology on the twins and then Austin about which twin should go. For a reason. But it only outed her a bit more…but what good will that do if everyone is afraid of her? They are all wimps.

    • It is bad for his game though. Johnny Mac should vote to evict Liz because Vanessa is going to vote to evict Julia so, his vote either way will not matter. However, if Liz stays, she could very well win the HOH tonight and Johnny Mac and Steve will be the ones on the chopping block if Liz or Austin win HOH. I hope Johnny Mac wins HOH tonight to ensure his and Steve’s safety.

  2. This is completely unrelated to this post, but I want to do a highly scientific poll. Will JMac’s dental practice prosper or suffer as a result of his turn on BB? He is definitely an odd dude, which might be exactly why I would go to him if I lived wherever it is that he lives.I think he’d be a riot in the dental office. I vote for prosper.

    • I’d deficiently go to him if I wasn’t before lol. He’s America’s fav players, I don’t know if that means people would go to him for there dentist needs, but I can’t see it hurting him.

    • He plans to go back to college to learn orthodontic I think. But I don’t see why his practice would suffer. Agree that he’s an odd dude, and odd dude seems to be all the rage nowadays. Gone is the era of safe and sound.
      It’s Scranton btw.

    • It will increase a large amount. You can probably tell from Steve’s hometown visit video, but although Big Brother is not a huge national show and most people will have no idea who he is nearly everyone in the area he is from will. When someone from your area is on many many people watch and root for him. This causes them to love him and many people will say “Hey I need a dentist I’ll go see JMac.” That is just from people in the area, but big fans from around the area will be willing to make the drive.

    • I would have to say that I would not wish to use JMac in any professional capacity. I’m not sure exactly why, but when I look at JMac, he isn’t “that” person that I’d feel comfortable with as my dentist after seeing him on BB. But I hope he prospers.

      • I would go to him for professional needs, he earned his degree. I’m in Philadelphia and I have used Temple School of dentistry. I’ve met new students for cleanings, people in the middle of their education, and young men & women just about to graduate. The difference is unbelievable. The ones about to graduate are very well educated and versed in their profession. It kind of reminded me of getting my own degree.
        At first your a little lost and alot afraid, by the end your very secure in your ability. It would be about a four hour drive for me so I’m out, but if he was closer I would trust his ability, and he did say he is in a group of dentists and is also about $250,000.00 in debt. Helping a young career along would make me feel good about myself, and he seems to have a very cheerful disposition. I myself need that in a dentist. After years of assholes, mean and or apathetic dentist I decided to try the school, and I’m hooked. And by the way I still hope he wins

    • I think if he’s in your insurance plan, you might check him out for a cleaning anyway. I think most people have dentists they like already but younger folk especially, with no major dental work needed, might give him a cleaning visit and go from there.
      Hopefully he prospers!

    • If his practice is in LA, I would make an appointment maybe for cleaning..why not..I would jam with him. lol

    • I keep thinking that back in the dental office, the phones are ringing off the hook to get an app’t with Dr. JMac!! Hell, if he lived in my area I would switch dentists in a heartbeat!!

  3. They are making a big mistake keeping Julia, as she has been sandbagging comps all season, just like Victoria, and will go on a winning streak for the final 2 weeks, I tell ya ….

  4. As much as I hate to say this, Liz deserves to stay over Julia.
    If Liz wins HOH tonight I hope she nominates Vanessa

    • If she wins HoH, I think the plan is to nom Lil Stevie and Vampire Dentist with Van Van as a renom.
      The target for them is Lil Stevie … a payback, then Van Van and they would like to bring Vampire Dentist to F3.
      Well, I hope she doesn’t win and ends up on the block with her boo again … finger-crossed!!!

      • As much as I dislike Liz, and Austin by proxy, I hope Vanessa goes next. Her spoiled brat ways really bug me. If things don’t go your way, you don’t cry until they do. It’s just disgusting to watch/read about IMO. I never thought I could dislike a player more than Frankie until Vanessa came along.

      • Which will be perfect when Van wins Veto and pulls Steve down. Liz will have to put up Austin, and Steve/Van control the vote to save JMac.

    • It is in no ones best interest to put Vanessa up on the block right away, how can people not see this…? They all play for the PoV so it would be dumb to let her know you are targeting her. Jesus people…

      • Agreed. If she’s feels 100% safe she may even throw the PoV to avoid saying “blood on my hands” for the 1,000th time.

      • The problem for Austin and Liz is, if the person who is not on the block wins POV, that person could save one of the people on the block forcing the HoH to put up his own partner as a replacement. Then the two people voting could vote out that person. Austin and Liz must win HoH and POV this week to ensure both are safe.

        If Liztin wins HoH, they should put up Vanessa and Steve. In this scenario I am not sure JMac would play hard for the veto – he may even throw it if Austin asks him to.

        Even If JMac is a replacement nom, I don’t think he goes home if he is on the block against either Steve or Vanessa.

    • Yes like Luki3n just said if Austiz wins next HoH, a very strong possibility, they will honor one of the “conditions” and nom Stevie and Johnny upfront. Then Vanessa would have to win Veto herself to stay off the block.

      • I think the only way Austiz end up on the block next time is if Johnny wins. He won’t put up Steve or Van over them.

  5. Anyone think the twins will cry tonight?

    You know when Austin was doing the HE-MAN rage after winning PoV, I wish Jessie would have challenged him to a ‘wrassling match’ or even blind-sided Austin with a flying take-down.

  6. Once Vanessa is gone, i will be happy. If she wins, i may throw up “I SWEAR ON MEL”, gag me.

    • I loved it when Steve told her that swearing on the Bible was tacky. I believe that is the word he used.

      • In the real world, Vanessa cries just before she shoots you. Then she whines that she cant believe you made her do that, and how awful it is for her that she just killed you. Ever the victim.

      • All acting! :-) Well they’ve all caught on…it only worked for so long until it becomes like a broken record, but she keeps doing it nonetheless because they still keep falling for it and end up doing what she wants. Cowards all of them!

  7. I hope they don’t show the twins’ family segment. Focus more on the jurors … I am dying to know if Grandmeg has finally done camping with James-uhhh?

  8. Question: Next week our shows are on Tue/Wed instead of Wed/Thu nights.
    Will that affect the day(s) the Veto Comp & Veto Ceremony are held?
    Sorry, you’d think I’d know by now.

    Wondering if they still hold POV ceremony on Monday and eviction on Wed,
    that’s only 2 nights (since they sleep all day) that they have to put up with whomever is OTB.

    And whomever is OTB, only has those 2 nights to get/flip the vote.

  9. Could Julia, pretend to be Liz if her sister is voted out, what a switch that would be, hard for me to tell the differences other then Liz appears to be more carefree and Julia a little more serious

  10. I hate when they all vote the same way, but with V’messa controlling, it’s inevitable and embarrassing. Last night, Austin went to Vwoman for advice about Liz. How f’ing cray cray is that? Just as he finally steps out on his own, he lets V’messa intervene?

    • Right? pretty crazy how they all go to her for permission or advice, she could start her own cult and make everyone drink the poison laced kool-aid and still make them think they will win at the tables in Vegas, when they wake up. *ahem*

  11. I really wish Liz was going home tonight vs. Julia. They both make me sick…I just hope Liz doesn’t win HOH! I am sick of the twins and Austin.

      • I can agree they have been entertaining at times. But they act like they are on an extended summer vacation. Game play sucks!

      • i disagree about them being horrible players. they definitely aren’t top 10, but they were still competitive and bold. They definitely didn’t coast or float.

      • I know it won’t happen at this point but I was hoping for a “red button” to come up and see if Van could talk everybody into NOT pushing it!!! Lol!

      • i bet liz or austin will push!all the shows are coming the end next weekend but bb stil has 2 weeks to anyways!

      • ya but look at this way masterchef and america got talent both are on finale night so bb need come up something big or it will flop!

      • And then 2 second later convince them all to push it, cry, ask for reasons “why,” cry, change hats, cry, and then say she’s alone in BB.

      • Perfect!! I sure hope all these posts from this season stay on-line long enough for the houseguests to eventually read them all!! Of course, we all know how “busy” the Austwins will be with endorsements etc!!

      • Endorsements, commercials, QVC, HSN, infomercials, tv/reality shows, DWTS, Lifetime movie, fashion line, Broadway, eventual EGOT winners, and Pultizer Prize. BTW, have you seen Clay’s website?

      • T-shirts(some BB related) and just cheesy crap in general, other than promoting himself. Maybe you should pitch the hair care products.

      • I love your list!! Too bad when they are all sitting waiting for the phone to ring, they will continue to be sitting waiting for the phone to ring for a long time.

    • That would be good, but also bad for Vanessa’s game. Julia got played, so if she stays I know Vanessa will be her target, either way its coming down to it, I love this part of the season. do or die and play for yourself.

    • I sometimes think people vote in those polls and don’t really pay attention to how the “question” is worded. Some people might think it says, “Who do you want to leave tonight.” Either that or the voter doesn’t read the spoilers every day or have the feeds to know what’s going on during the week.

  12. Is anyone else really glad to see the network stop jacking the show around with obnoxious twists?

    • Sorta…but I’d love to see one implemented tonight to switch which twin will be walking out the door instead of the one hgs have chosen to.

    • I kinda enjoy the game being played without twists that influence evictions. It would be even better if nobody outside the game influenced the game at all.
      Twists and special powers are okay as long as all HGs have a fair shot at winning them.

      • There shouldn’t be any outside influence at all. It’s a real pity that we all think Production manipulates situations. They should just let the season unroll without any silly twists. They should also get tough on people who break the rules, like Vanessa did by offering HG’s money. She reminds me physically of the gypsies I used to see a long time ago going around the English and Irish countryside in their horse-drawn caravans – they had the reputation of looking for angles and ways to make money – not always honestly. Great talkers and master manipulators. Who does that remind you of? Of course, those gypsies are now mainstream and live in mobile homes and regular houses, so they apparently did OK for themselves too.

    • No. BB is all about twists, and when they dubbed the last two seasons the most twisted summer ever and then did nothing it was extremely disappointing.

  13. TRUST me, I am no fan of Austin’s ( is anybody) but I did feel a little bad for him re how fast the twins treated him like dirt and how quickly (albeit temporarily) Liz dropped him.

    For an instant I thought of him as kinda handsome and sweet (esp. Re how much he seems to truly cares for Liz). I did come to my senses, but I now wouldn’t mind seeing him in final 2 next to JMac.

    • Nobody gave the twins any credit for being smart. Austin needed to win that comp otherwise he would be gone. he should realize where he stands in the game, when it comes to Liz. with her cheering on Julia over him, so he made the right decision, Julia was the one who messed up real bad and I for one, found it hilarious. one of the worst moves, she deserves to be sitting by Julie Chen tonight.

      • I don’t think anyone will either lol it was mind blowing stupid, I thought they had a game plan and talked about it? Vanessa barely opens her mouth and Julia follows along like a lost little puppy, that was really something. I’m just happy one the twits are actually leaving tonight, not very good players.

      • They did discuss strategy, which is really weird how Julia shifted gears on them, that is why Austin was so puzzled and upset. I hope she goes to jury too, Vanessa can follow her out.

    • I actually like Austin lol I will admit that. but the twins are only in it for themselves, nice to see that unfair twist end tonight. I thought it was kind of cute how Liz reconciled with him and crawled in beside him and they made up, it was like aww hehe I hope he makes final 2.

      • I definitely think if the twins hadn’t been in the house, he was one is probably been rooting for early on.

      • How could you like Austin unless you like his muscles or tats? He is gross disgusting pig! He is dirty in so many ways! He does not wash his hands! He has dirty feet probably smells a lot etc! They are the worst BB couple I know! Definitely worst showmance all time! If there are worse please mention? The way he fingers Liz and she calls it garlic? They will truly be hated by most people after this show and since they started their fake now maybe real showmance? Her family should be embaressed and ashamed! Their grandma watches the show! Hopefully not the after dark feeds! Do you watch the after dark feeds?

      • Yeah that’s it, I like his muscles. I like his tats. I heard he was dirty, but doesn’t Liz always sleep with him? maybe he is just smelling like her? well I don’t know about that, no I don’t watch the live feeds anymore, I haven’t since like July? so no, I don’t know what their grandma would think.

      • What Liz said is that is was his hair that smell. Maybe she told him and he is washing them now. LOL

      • Ok figured it was his muscles and tats as he is dirty body wise his hygiene plus he acts like stalker and seems controlling too! I never seen him use soap and water! Lots of gross after dark segments of him and Liz! I Don’t know if they had sex as I chose to not watch or guess with those feeds! They were different clips also under the covers with the probable him fingering her private area? I saw that clip quickly and was not sure? I only know they make out grind each other and cuddle 100%! Think it is mostly fake their showmance but after hearing Julia talk to Julie maybe it is real? Her parents relatives would be ashamed and embaressed because of the after dark feeds with him!

  14. Do you think Van orchestrated this switch up to show Steve how stupid it was to put up the boyfriend with the girlfriend instead of her against one of the twins to achieve his goal?

  15. could there be a diamond oer golden veto be played next week because 2 other shows on finale night?

    • Diamond power of Veto? yes please. I almost forgot about that one, it would really come in handy, it would twists things up real nice and put the house for a spin. I just hope it wouldn’t favor Vanessa or Steve.

  16. Watching Austin get so visibly defensive and irritated when Jessie showed up last night was hysterical. Then, when everything was over and Liz said something to him like, “You’ve got a long way to go, Austin”, that put the icing on the cake. He just looked like a tall, scruffy weirdo next to Jessie. I’m not a fan of the whole narcissistic, beefcake thing, but Jessie certainly put Austin (who is his own mind is a super-stud) to shame, and he knew that the girls noticed that. Priceless.

    • I was cheering alongside the girls too! :-) Van was smiling at Austin’s reaction more than for herself! hahaha

      • Instead he came off as being a spoiled sport! :-) Someone should have handed him a blankey and binky instead of the POV necklace! Wonder if Production washed that POV necklace after it had been strung around Austeen’s neck?

    • I actually found Austin ( but for the tattoos) to have a nicer body than jesses. Austin is tall and muscular lay toned in a healthy, proportionate way, while Jessie is short and looks to be strung out on steroids, with disproportionate sized muscles and muscles on top of muscles (or just too big). Besides, I’m sure Jessie’s member is smaller due to steroids. Just saying.

    • I found that funny too lol Jessie looked a bit cartoon though. it was nice to see Austin get humbled, but wow did he make that comp his own though, it was pretty neat.

      • Johnny Mac threw both comps to the winner this week! Hoh to Steve thinking it would be better for him to win endurance comp next week! He should have won Veto and eliminated Austin with votes this week but Austin promised him safety so he let Austin win! Johnny Mac is way better at comps than people realize! That would be two more competitions won for him but he decided 2nd both times would be better for him! I hope he realizes for him and Steve if he loses HoH tonight they will both be on block most likely! Unless remaining Austwin put up Steve and V which would surprise me! Although I hear through twitter Liz and Austin want John in final 3 with them so who knows? Sucks Liz is staying as I hate this disgusting showmance! Why would V Jmac agree to this? Maybe V will flip vote and get LIZ out?

    • Still, its good to see that which ever sister stays, will make Vanessa a target. but whoever does win can’t play for next week, so its really going to be interesting to see if V can handle her moves properly, I honestly think John and Steve will fold and help get her out, should either Austin or a twin win it tonight.

  17. Vanessa has proven to be one of the dumbest HGs this year. She tried to trick us all, but the truth has been revealed!

  18. These people voting out Julia is dumb but again these houseguests are dumb ! I have no hope for these people anymore!

  19. I’m convinced that nobody in the house can count. They must think there are still 10 people and two months left in the house the way they’re playing…

  20. What has happened the last few days? Why and how did Van and John agree to keeping Liz…? I was so excited to see Liz go and then Austin…

    • Van promised the twins they could decide who leaves and that she would vote that way. Yes, BB has reached a new low. The nominees are now deciding who goes home…

  21. This is not a good for anyone but Austin,to keep Liz not only bad for Vanessa but also Steve and John,this by far will be the worst late move of the season that will effect the rest of the game not only in the BB house but also in the jury,John agreeing to this is the most baffling of all,without Vanessa’s help he would have gone out the door a second time,so just don’t see this as a good decision that makes any sense to get to the final 3 and frankly speaking of the 3 Steve and John are at more risk than Vanessa,love or hate her you target her,you end up going home,never underestimate her survival skills,if the world ended tomorrow 3 things would survive,cockroaches,Cher and Vanessa.

  22. See this is why no feedsters know what is happening g between FISH, in bed late night convos and just using your senses being close to HGs. No blame I can’t either but everyone thought Liz should would go and everyone would be right about part 2 but I know how good/convincing knowledge is and Austin has it. So all the dumb things that other HG have done that have added up are for a reason there’s someone in that house other than Vanessa calling the shots. Belieeeeed -dat. (Sorry)

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