Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Thursday Night Highlights

Vanessa is back in power and Johnny Mac is back in the Big Brother 17 house, and since Vanessa is no where near ready to make a move on Austwins, it’s like last week all over again. Or is it?

Wait, what’s Johnny Mac doing back in the house? Source: CBS All Access

Wait a minute. Maybe Johnny Mac won’t be the target this week. At least not initially. Read on to find out what kind of plan Vanessa has for the week.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 27, 2015:

7:13 PM BBT – Feeds return from the HoH comp that lasted less than 15 mins. Vanessa is new HoH.

7:15 PM BBT – Austwins freaking out that John is coming after them and Liz suggests he has no reason to do that.

7:35 PM BBT – Austin very worked up & says John was declaring war on them. He compares John to a WWII dive bomber.

7:40 PM BBT – Vanessa promises Austin and twins safety this week and no Block.

7:52 PM BBT – John celebrates with Steve. Steve says they’re in a good spot this week.

7:55 PM BBT – Steve camtalks to tell us that he’d cut Vanessa at F3 and take John to F2 if he has the chance.

8:25 PM BBT – Vanessa goes to John privately. Asks if he dropped and wonders why he didn’t accept her deal. John says he couldn’t accept it publicly to hide them working together. Vanessa promises John he’s safe this week. John tells her the audience loved that they’re working together.

8:30 PM BBT – Liz pushes to get JMac targeted and evicted this week. Vanessa shuts that down saying she’ll do what’s best for her own game and that might not be what’s best for her game.

8:35 PM BBT – Austin continues to say John is going to cause him physical harm with a gun. Says John “had a loaded gun aimed at my head.” He’s been doing this for days.

8:40 PM BBT – John and Austin hug it out. Austin asks if they can reset the week. John says yes and it was nothing personal, just game.

8:45 PM BBT – Vanessa says everyone but James and Meg congratulated her on HoH win. She’s building her reasons to nominate. (Readers pointed out that Meg definitely hugged Vanessa.)

8:50 PM BBT – Vanessa suggests she needs to nominate James and Meg together so they can’t save each other. She tells Austwins about Goblins talking with her this morning about flipping the vote. Another reason that she’s building in her case against them.

9:05 PM BBT – Vanessa realizes she promised James weeks ago that the next time she won HoH then she wouldn’t nominate him and one other HG. She decides to lie and say she made a deal with Steve just before the comp that supersedes the actual deal she did make.

9:09 PM BBT – Julia reminds Vanessa that James doesn’t stick to his deals so it’s OK.

9:12 PM BBT – Austin thinks they’re famous now. Vanessa sets them straight that they are not.

9:30 PM BBT – Vanessa tells the twins that James was definitely coming for them. They’re on board to target James and Meg.

9:32 PM BBT – Meanwhile, Meg and James think there’s no reason Vanessa would be after them. Even if John wins veto, they say Steve goes.

10:00 PM BBT – Julia and Liz say Austin is bringing their game down. They wish it was just the two of them.

10:05 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa are talking about getting to the end. Vanessa tells him he has always been her final 2 and that she’s been defending him to people since week two. Austin wonders what people would think if he scumbags Liz for Vanessa.

10:25 PM BBT – Austin and Liz scold Julia for saying too much to Vanessa.

10:30 PM BBT – And the catty twins are done with James and Meg and are making fun of how they’re going to react to being on the block this week.

11:00 PM BBT – Vanessa gets her HOH room. She gets a new beanie (RIP green beanie?) and a letter from her girlfriend.

11:16 PM BBT – James asks Meg if she thinks one of them will go up. They seem to think John will be the target.

11:30 PM BBT – And now it’s time for Vanessa, like always, to start her big hunt for reasons to target Meg and James. Vanessa wants to make a deal with John that if she doesn’t put him up he will go after which one of Meg and James is left next week (that double eviction though).

11:34 PM BBT – James and Meg are starting to sweat. They wonder if Vanessa will decide this is the week to break up Austwins. Meg says she doesn’t think Vanessa would put them up and she doesn’t want to bring it up (OK, Meg).

11:42 PM BBT – Vanessa decides she won’t warn Meg and James she’s nominating them because she doesn’t owe them anything.

12:00 AM BBT – Julia and Vanessa agree to take the other to F2 if they make it there and Liz isn’t still in the game.

12:10 AM BBT – Vanessa talks with James and Meg about getting info and making deals. It’s not terribly productive for her goals.

12:35 AM BBT – Vanessa promises Steve F2.

12:45 AM BBT – Steve and Vanessa agree that F6 with JMac would be ideal. They plan how John can calm things down for the Austwins. She promises Steve that John won’t go up.

2:45 AM BBT – James and Meg wonder who Vanessa will nominate, but they feel pretty good that it won’t be them. They hope Austin will go up as a pawn then they’ll flip the vote and send him out instead.

The Goblins are feeling pretty good right now but that won’t last much longer with the Nominations Ceremony coming up later today.

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  1. Vanessa would be smart to target one of the Austwins. The Austwins are actually playing the game. James and Meg are clueless to what’s happening. She could easily target them at anytime, but her chances to target the Austwins will be limited.

    • These people only think they are smart in the way they playing but they ain’t smart. Does Vanessa really believe that Julia is not gonna tell Liz about the final 2 deal Vanessa made with her??? Even tho it was made with the understanding that Liz was not around.. Stupid is as stupid does

    • After watching the first part of after dark last night, I don’t see her going after the twins & definitely not Austin.

    • Vanessa WILL NOT target one of the Austwins!

      You would like to see it. Many of the viewers would like to see it. And many of the forum participants would like to see it.

      However targeting one of the Austwins would cost Vanessa three jury votes AND the game. She is not that stupid.

      • Yea, but eventually she has to get them out in order to win. Unless she plans on winning veto or HOH every week, somebody better take a shot at them soon

      • You’re right, eventually the Austwins have to be eliminated for Vanessa to win the game.

        However, that does not mean that she has to personally nominate the Austwins THIS WEEK.

        She will not nominate, nor will she backdoor any of the Austwins this week.

        Vanessa is playing for a half million dollars, not to entertain the viewers.

      • If Meg or James win POV she’s putting one of them up as a pawn. She’s already talked about it last night.

      • Once Meg and James are gone she is willing to go after them. She knows she’s at the bottom of that so called “alliance”.

  2. Van, now is the time to BD Liz, the guaranteed 50Ker. Get her done before they get you.

    • I doubt she will have the guts to do it. I just don’t understand how JMAC said that he’d go after Meg to break up Meg and James…. he should realize that he was betrayed by the Austwins and want to direct his efforts toward breaking up that power block.

      • You need PEOPLE to execute any plan. Eliminating Meg makes James a free agent. JMac hopes that James would work with him after Meg is eliminated.

        I guess one could get rid of James and pull Meg into an alliance! And while Meg appears to be a very sweet person, in Big Brother Meg has proved to be as useful as tits on a bull.

        I would suspect JMac will get in the ear of anyone who will listen this week that Meg could be dangerous in the upcoming mental competitions.

      • Very true. Of the likely targets this week, I hope Meg goes because James could be a part of a major turn in the house. Meg is less than a number because of her mouth. She is a negative number for the alliance she is in for the damages she causes it from her misreading the gameplay and saying the wrong things

      • Johnny Mac thinking james and meg are a force to be dealt with before the Austwins is the most ridiculous statement ever. But that thinking is what has made this season fall flat for me, as well as having to get permission from the hoh on who the veto can be used on and the house voting together. What happened to the real big brother game? It has been gone for so many seasons now. I had hope in the beginning of this season but it has fell flat. It’s time for an all star season pre Amanda and McCray players only. I feel like season 15 changed the game for the worst.

      • you got 4 people on one side and 2 on the other with a floater, I think Johnny Mac is paying smart right now FINALLY!!

      • Quite honestly over the last week Johnny Mac has displayed some great game instincts.

        As I mentioned above, you need PEOPLE to make plays in this game. Johnny Mac has learned that from the mistake that Becky made earlier in the game.

        Johnny Mac didn’t say he was going after Meg and James. He said he was targeting Meg. You don’t have to be HOH to get out your target.

        With Meg out of the game, JMac hopes to pull James into his alliance with Steve and use Vanessa to strike at the Austwins.

        By double crossing JMac, the Austwins MAY have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve.

      • Not to mention the sleep giant that will unleash its fury when, Meg goes out the door. Have they not learned anything from Shelli and Clay’s final days in the house? Do not mess with the Hillbilly Asian.

      • I agree, I long for the old BB when you didn’t ask the HOH who to vote for, there were side alliances that voted based on what was good for their game and changed the outcome of the eviction without anybody knowing what was going on. The HOH nominated 2 HGs and they made their cas with the individual HGs to win their vote and

  3. So glad JMac is back in the house. Really wish Vanessa would put those bratty twins up but she won’t. Hate to see James go before Meg. Wouldn’t that be something if Meg won the veto and used it on James. One can only hope lol!

    • If Meg won POV and used it on James, she would be the one going home. Remember, Marcellus, he did not use the POV on himself while, on the block and he was evicted! That is the dumbest thing to do outside of deliberately losing HOH and POV which Johhny Mac did.

      • I don’t think Meg would go..I always thought whoever had POV, on the block or not, was safe.

      • No. How PoV works…
        1. If the PoV winner is not on the block, they are safe from being a renom, if they use it.
        2. If the PoV winner is on the block, then only the person they use it on is safe.

      • LOL! I almost forgot about Marcellus. I still don’t think Meg would go. She is easy to beat. She has done nothing in the game but cry when her friends get evicted. Her and James needed to pull off a miracle in order to remain in the game. James buddied up with the wrong person for an alliance. I’m still hoping they pull out that Power of Veto that we’ve only seen once. That is more of a fan favorite than BOB.

    • I like Johnny mac but I really wish he hadn’t come back. We already did this week and he isn’t a strong enough player to really change anything. Shelli would have ran back to vanessa so becky or jackie would have been better. But it really doesn’t matter. James and meg will go next followed by Steve and Johnny leaving my least favorite f4. Don’t even care much anymore who wins.

    • She won’t do that. Yesterday, before the show, JMac told Meg that he’d go after James and Meg actually got excited about it. I’m disappointed in her now.

  4. The blondes are not playing the game they are just mean spirit self entitled little girls that just want her way or the highway, their driven force is not “playing the BB game”

    • They really are the most annoying people. And quite dense, they really can’t understand why JMac would be upset with them. When you target someone and vote them out, they might not like that.

      • I echo this statement. The whole Austwins group looks like a high school clique completely oblivious to the reality around them. “Why don’t you like me, I don’t get it?”
        Seriously, to not understand why JMac is upset with you after you put him witj the other guy you made a fake 5 person alliance with is beyond dense.

      • Exactly, they made an allaince, then the enxt week put him up and voted him out. I don’t see why JMac wouldn’t liekt hem lol.

      • They don’t get it bc they’ve never been on the block. Liz once but not on eviction night. I can’t wait until those little b*tches feel the block. & austin.

    • And it appears they may be getting ready to turn on Austin too because they seem to be getting tired of him.

  5. Can we get a fast forward ? Drama is always interesting to watch but with Vanessa it is always the same damn thing over and over again. It get really annoying and boring at the same time.

    • Ain’t that the truth… any chance she surprises us all at the end, after winning all the money and announces “this check is for Children’s Hospital, every tear I shed was for those kids, every knife I stuck in anyone’s back was for those kids”? What’s that phrase, “It could happen!”

  6. Gosh, woke up this morning after having the worse nightmare last night… Vanessa won HoH.

  7. 8:50 PM BBT – Vanessa suggests she needs to nominate James and Meg together so they can’t save each other. She tells Austwins aboutGoblins talking with her this morning about flipping the vote. Another reason that she’s building in her case against them.

    Everything Vanessa does is with good reason. The idea of saving Johnny Mac was just a ploy to target the Goblins. Now, Vanessa can use that against James and Meg. Cannot wait for James and Meg to be on the block and see for themselves how good their supposed deals really are. Well, they lasted way longer than Becky and John who they threw under the bus and left them out to dry. Now, it is their turn. And they have no “real” allies left to save them.

    • Yeah, I kind of gave up on Meg and James after all that. James is okay, but Meg…I mean, she’s a nice gal but the very definition of dead weight.

    • Well ya, but 50% of the time her ‘reason’ is made up, a lie, or she(or she had someone) create it. It’s not liek they are actually true or good reasons lol.
      How did voting Shelli work out for them? Becky, Jackie, James/Meg(most likely) will be in the jury house, and even john was voted out. Voting out Shelli was surely what was best for there game lol.

      • Vanessa will come up with reasons but, she is setting up the other house guests to have a reason to feed Austin and the twins. The success of Vanessa’s alliance this deep in the game is due to their loyalty to each other. James, Jackie, Meg are not loyal to anyone but, this is still a numbers game. You give up majority votes and control of the Big Brother House and you are done and at the mercy of the strong alliance in control. Helen in her season with Amanda did the exact same thing. She voted to evict those in her side and by the time came for her eviction, she was all alone and nobody left to save her.

    • Which begs the question once again. Why do they insist on telling Vanessa anything? Why even talk to her? Have they no realized that what she does is get info and then use it against people?

      I blame Meg. She is really dumb in this game. When she left Vanessa out of the “solid fortress” story last week, she made another huge mistake. Had she told the truth Steve might have been evicted last week and out of the house.

      • The trouble with a lot of these clueless house guests is they cannot keep their mouths shut. “Loose lips sink ships.” Nicole last season told Derrick that he was playing a very good game just like Dan Gheesling. She got evicted that week because Derrick knew she was on to him. All they need to do is nod their heads and accumulate information. Verify it is true and share it only with your alliance. The problem is everyone is telling everyone else what they just learned. lol

      • Good point, the only way is walk away from her. Have you ever noticed her doesn’t give up, she’ll continue going back to them to talk until they do talk to her. Like they give up and talk to her to get rid of her.

    • She’s been doing this since her first HOH. She even told Austin. We need to have a public argument with Jeff to give me a reason to put him up.

  8. If these people ever really talked they’d see Vanessa has final 2 deals with at least 3 people just from reading above. I’m not sure how much more I can stand of this group. Vanessa with her lies while demanding everyone else be honest and the twins and their childish behavior.

    • The twins have really surprised me. In a bad way. I was really happy when Julia made it into the house. I thought she would straighten out Liz and at the very least not see her sister so openly lovey-dovey with Austin. Geez, it’s like they’re trying to play to the stereotype of the empty, blonde popular girls.

    • Remember Derrick of last season. He forbade anyone from his alliance with talking with Donnie, Nicole and Hayden to make sure his alliance cannot compare notes with the stragglers. Again, his alliance members were too dumb to use their own heads to think of what is best for their games. Christine spied and snitched on the stragglers when, she could have backdoored Derrick. She was loyal to the very end when, she got evicted.

    • This is big brother… Usually when people are saying “I just wanted to play an honest game” they are on the couch with Julie.

  9. Vanessa makes deals with everyone. She’s promising Austin and the twins that she would not put them on the block but I’m wondering if she might just do that, maybe as a bd. She has alot of dirt in them but keeps saying its ok I understand why you did it. Almost like she’s giving them a false sense of security with her. I think she will be true to Jmac, atleast this week. He did something for her no one else has done. He showed compassion. He asked her to make a deal and drop and she said she couldn’t she needed a letter from her girlfriend. I think she really truly meant that. John gave her hoh and gave her that. He’s sitting pretty with Van right now and as horrible as she is with her deals and emotional torture game play, I think she will remember this. He gave her something she really needed this week. No one else could or probably would have.

    • Austin has deals with the Goblins too and with Johnny Mac and Steve. And yet, they had no problems throwing Steve and John under the bus. If Austin and the twins were using their heads, they could have easily isolated Vanessa by putting James and Meg on the block and evicting James. James is totally useless to Austin and the twins because Vanessa and the alliance has majority votes to send anyone to the jury house. It would have been better for Austin and the twins to betray James and Meg then, they would have gotten Vanessa out easily and controlled the rest of the votes and the Big Brother House as well. By targeting Steve and Johnny Mac, they drove both of them into Vanessa’s lap. Another dumb move by the clueless group of ninnies.

      • If Austin and the twins do not realize Vanessa cannot be trusted after this week then they, like Meg and James, then they do not deserve to win. Vanessa basically telegraphs her lies and strategy and these people ignore it.

        When she tells the twins and Austin that she is doing what’s best for her game with her noms and makes it clear she is keeping Steve and JMac, why aren’t Austwins asking themselves, why JMac? And why isn;t she doing what they agreed to do which is get out the person coming back this week.

        If I am Austin and the twins I am getting very worried about what’s happening right now instead of thinking they are safe.

      • She basically does an end-around move… like telling JMac, I want to take you off the block & work with you so I’ll check with Austin to see if he’s okay with that. She could have gone to the bathroom, come back to JMac and said “Sorry John, Austin says ‘NO’ “.

        It’s all her way of working to get JMac’s vote at the end, if she makes it there… she’s got him & Steve pegged, both are gullible as hell.

  10. The only person safe this week is “Vanessa”. A Pandoras box with bad for the HOH would be welcome this week . lol If anybody deserves bad its Vanessa and then the 3 twits

    • With Van sitting fairly pretty outside the house, I believe she’d not touch the pandora. Nothing in the box could be better than the power she wields now.

    • Oh My Gosh, the unknown consequences of a Pandora’s box could put Vanessa over the edge, should I open it or not?

  11. One can only hope Vanessa is smart enough to figure out this plan to evict one of the Austwins. Put up Steve and Meg. Throw Veto to James and pull Meg off. Force Vanessa to put up one of Austwins as a pawn cuz she has to keep her “word” to JMac to not nominate him. Vote out whomever the pawn is.

    • If Vanessa does that, she loses three jury votes. Vanessa is not that stupid.

      Despite the fantasies of many viewers, the Austwins are safe THIS WEEK. Don’t worry though, Vanessa is cooking up a plan for your favorite threesome, all in due time.

      As part of the plan to go after the Austwins, don’t be surprised if Meg is first person evicted next Thursday.

      • Agree completely.

        Many of these HGs play chess. Chess is a game of looking ahead and planning and strategy. Either they are all just lousy chess players, or they are not able to translate their chess play to the game at hand. Van is the only one laying out long term plans and making steps to executing them. Many don’t like her because of her tactics – fair enough – but her strategies are genrally pretty good – best in the house

      • Great distinction between strategy and tactics, and I totally agree with your point. I’m very curious to see what her plan is to crack the Austwins and open up a potential path to F2. They’re obviously a big obstacle to her and, unlike most of the people this season, she’s not the type to just passively hope someone else takes care of it for her.

        (Also, newbie here, great board, thanks for the consistently fun reads!)

      • My guess would be she gets rid of James or Meg (probably James), then she prods both JMac & Steve with a cattle-prod to get 1 of them to win HoH and she lets that one have the honor of taking out Liz or Austin… no you-know-what on her you-know-whats.

  12. I think john coming back was all fixed it’s always a fan favorite who comes back between john ,jackie,becky, and shelli john is the fan favorite that’s why he is back look at bb 15 Judd was the favorite of the other jury member at that time

  13. Casting really messed up the eye candy this season. Clay was the only good looking one… Until he aligned himself with Shelli huge turn off. Loved last season with the Zankie romance, caleb and cody’s bodies… Oh yeah! This year we have disgusting Austin that should really put on a shirt. No one wants to see that.

  14. I hope for JMac’s sake that his deal with Vanessa is real on her end.

    I hope for James’ sake that he wins veto.

    I hope for Meg’s sake the wizard gives her a brain. Oh poor beautiful stupid Meg.

    • The funny thing is Meg thinks she is just bad at comps. She is even worse at reading the people in the house. Remember when she told James that Steve is closer to her, Jackie and James than he was to the Austwins? Steve put her and Jackie on the block the next week. The same thing will happen this week. Meg is so stupid at this game is should be the running joke of the season.

  15. How many Final 2 deals does Vanessa have? Why is anyone trusting her deals?

    Thank you Vanessa letting Austin know that he is NOT famous!

    Smart move John, telling her that the crowd love them working together, lol.

  16. Can someone explain to me the rationale for going for the goblins, one of who isn’t a player ? Vanessa really wants them gone. Is that from when James got clay out and screwed over the 6S ? I am trying to understand Vanessa’s reason for disliking them, I just can’t remember what it actually is.

    Also she doesn’t need a reason to target them. she is HOH and needs to put up 2 people, they are it. No reason to come up with excuses.

    • Vanessa is preparing to take on the Austwins and she has picked the players she will use to do it. Meg can’t win comps so she is of no use to Vanessa. She is concerned James is too close to Austin and James cannot win the mental comps. Also, she may be concerned that James will get too many jury votes.

      She thinks Steve and JMac are better at comps than Austin, Liz and Julia.

      Last week Austin was saying he would rather go to final 5 with James and Meg because the Austwins can beat them. He specifically said he did not want to go to F5 with Steve and Vanessa.

      The question is, will he recognize what Vanessa is doing by keeping JMac and Steve?

      • So are you thinking she will target James/Meg this week?Then enlist who ever is left to work with her, Steve and JMAC to break up Austiwns? Personally I think she should start the break up of the Austiwns. I feel Liz is the glue holding the Austiwns together. Taking her out first weakens the remaining two.

      • She has made it clear already she is nominated James and Meg and she also told everyone they must win veto to keep the noms the same.

        If James wins veto and takes himself off, Vanessa is in a very difficult situation. She promised everyone they are safe this week except James and Meg.

        If she has to put up a pawn against Meg she can;t put up JMac because the Austwins might flip and evict him. She has to put up one of them and you know they are not going to be happy about that.

      • If the veto is used, Vanessa is indeed in a very bad spot.

        If one of the Austwins goes up, she has destroyed their alliance AND the Austwins and the remaining Goblin will be coming after her. She has also lost three jury votes. She will not pursue this option.

        If she puts up JMac, she loses him and she’s backed into a corner with only Steve as a possible ally.

        If she puts up Steve (probably her safest play), she arouses the suspensions of the Austwins as to her true intentions. And although she may not realize it, she risks losing Steve.

        Really from a game perspective, this is an all-in HOH for Vanessa. If the veto is played, she probably won’t win the game.

        If the veto is not played, she is probably sitting in the best position in the house.

        Ultimately I look for Vanessa to push for Meg as the target and use JMac (who won’t reveal his alliance with Vanessa) to pull in James to go after the Austwins.

        Vanessa can’t play in the next HOH. So she will sit “helplessly” by as those “meanies” James and JMac go after the “innocent” Austwins.

        One Austwin eliminated, no blood on Vanessa’s hands. One jury vote secured.

      • Completely agree, last chance numbers wise to neutralize them, if at least one of them isn’t on the block they can strike a bargain with the one they vote to keep. Van has to have figured Austwins have been working with goblins in the shadows, but striking at the goblins doesn’t necessarily weaken Austwins.
        I suspect she’s worried about their jury votes, but there’s time for the victim to cool off in jury house and see the tactics of it, and she’s clearly the best player in the house, the rest of jury should see it as a brilliant move.

    • Her rationale is she doesn’t want to be the ones to target the Austwins. They have the bigger numbers, and with James gone one of them will win HoH next week and she wants them to keep her safe like she is claiming she will this week. She also doesn’t want to piss off the Austwins and cuz she knows she needs there votes if she makes it to the F2. She assumes James, Meg and Jackie wont vote for her, so she needs that block of Austwins to vote for her or she has no chance, and sending any of them to the Jury she thinks she will lose there votes.

      • I can see how jury management is key at this stage. If she gets rid of James then it’s 3 on 3 (Austwins versus JMac/Steve/Van).

        Though I think all it is does is give the Austwins a chance to strike at her first. I think put up Liz next to Austin (the goblins, JMac and Steve vote to evict Liz) and you have officially ended the Austwins.

        But going against your own alliance is a bold move and can definitely lose you jury votes so Van probably shouldn’t do what I said. Lol.

    • The Goblins have two votes favoring Austin, Liz and Julia. That is 5 votes right there and control of the game. Why would Vanessa support Austin’s allies, when she is probably going after them next week if Steve or Johnny Mac win HOH? Removing James, removes another HOH threat for next week on Austin’s side , leaving Johnny Mac and Steve to go against Austin, Liz, Julia and Meg. Johnny Mac and Steve have all the motivation to win HOH and go after Austin, Liz and Julia. If Johnny Mac or Steve win HOH, they can destroy the trio of Austin, Liz and Julia for good next week!

      • I guess because we know based on James/Meg convo that he would strike at the Austwins I think it makes sense to me to keep him. But Van doesn’t know that nor does she trust James. So since she doesn’t like or trust James there is no harm in targeting him.

        I do think she would benefit from putting up Austin/Liz and having Liz evicted thereby squarely bringing Julia to her side, so that gives her JMac, Steve, Julia and herself against the goblins and Austin.

        But someone else said this is jury management and she doesn’t want to turn on her alliance this way. That makes sense.

        I am hoping for a Helen here though. She doesn’t turn on the Austins and they turn on her.

  17. I still don’t believe Austin or Liz would be targeting Vanessa before they target John and Steve. That being the case she is fine to get out James this week and hope Liz is removed in the crossfire at double eviction or the week after. If someone else does the dirty work to get Liz or Austin out then there is definitely an opening where should could be final 3 with Austiwns or with John and Steve.

  18. Vanessa wants Austin on her side. She knows Austin has a deal with Jameg and wants her competition out. She wants it in the back by Austin and in the front by JMac and Steve. She wants it from both ends.. Her safety that is. Lol

    • Exactly. Getting James out takes away Austin and JMac/Steve from working with hiim and Meg, brings them back to her to target the other mini segments.

    • And why would Julia go to her side if she gets Liz evicted? Austin and Julia I’m sure would still stay a team and gun for Vanessa.

  19. Jmac is doing what he has to do to save himself deals with the devil have to be made Look at Steve Hes already planning to cut Vanessa before Jmac…

  20. yippee for JMac being back. WOW. i guess i shouldn’t be shocked anymore as i read updates and hear how people think and act. i am still holding out hope that Vanessa will break from Austin and the twins and targets one of them in the long run this week.

  21. Would love to watch Vanessa get tons of “boos” by the audience whenever she walks out… Would also love it if the house guests over hear it. Would also love it if someone yells out “boo, you stupid bitch!”. Lol

    • Ya, wanna see Vanessa and the twins get bood. Vanessa has played such a dirty game and thw rwins have just been so snotty and just bad people…

      • I don’t think they will get boo’d. CBS will fill the audience with employees and family to make sure that does not happen. They have done that before.

        However, like Andy, once they are out of the house they will read the social media sites and find out what people think of them.

        I don;t think Vanessa is a “dirty” player because BB is what it is. But Vanessa is an annoying and obnoxious player. She is also so full of herself. She is as clueless as Meg with some of her theories yet she thinks she has everything right.

        But I blame the other HGs for letting her act like Audrey yet they keep her. I would like to know why they wanted Audrey out but they keep Vanessa.

      • Ughh, yeah I wouldn’t put it past them! Would just love to see Vanessa react to all the boos and try to defend herself. “Oh why does everyone hate me?! I’ve always had valid reasons to start fights and evict people. This is not fair, how can the audience do this to me, HOW CAN THEY?!??! Like really how can they?!” lol

      • I think if she walked out to boos she would show great resolve and smile and tell Julie, “It’s all good.”
        I don’t think she would fall apart.

      • I don’t think Vanessa would get booed. It’s not like Vanessa has spouted racist garbage or been mentally unfaithful to her spouse with another cast member.

        In fact, I bet she surprises many people who care to pay attention and actually helps Jason like she promised.

      • Wish I could agree there. Even if she isn’t booed, I think Vanessa upon eviction before F2 will cry like a little b**ch to Julie.

      • 50 – 50, either way… she might collapse in Julie arms and or cry. I vote ‘cry’, I mean I think ‘cry’. She makes her victims ‘cry’ & talk to their mommy.

      • V is annoying, full of herself I don’t know-ah about that one, she seems very insecure… if she feels slighted even for no reason she cries or if she’s congratulated or hugged insincerely she cries, she’s hurt. I’m not sure if she’s a good an actress or she’s being real.

      • I thought she was wearing down and was close to breaking down but it’s like that last eviction of JMac, revitalized her. I believe she was primed for a vacation in the Jury House as soon as she could.

    • So what you really saying is you want to see a grown woman collapse into Julie arms crying? I think total silence would be awesome.

  22. My goodness James and Meg are stupid. The Austwins are 3 votes and can save them if they can be convinced that Vanessa is up to no good. This should not be hard. Austin is already suspicious of JMac and I think JMac already told James and Meg he wants to go after the Austwins.

    James and Meg should have said nothing about Austin. They should have thrown the obvious targets, JMac and Steve under the bus and pretended to by loyal to their alliance with the Austwins. Then Vanessa would have nothing on them to use to convince the weakminded twins to target them.

    If the Austwins were against taking out Meg and James for their own game, if James or Meg wins Veto they take themselves off, Vanessa has to put up JMac or Steve and then the Austwins vote out JMac or Steve saving both James and Meg. Then 5 of them go after Vanessa.

    By alienating the Austwins James and Meg had no chance of saving themselves. James will go this week and Meg next.

    Of course, the Austwins are stupid too if they do not see what’s coming.

    • She just said she wouldn’t nominate the twins. She did not say she wouldn’t backdoor them. I think she is planning for the veto to be used and she is going to tell them she has to put one of them up as a pawn. Then By, By twin or Austin.

      • Very likely. In that scenario, even if James wins the veto, Meg is gone. If neither of them win, James is out. All of the goblins’ tactical mistakes and errors will finally come home to roost.

      • The Goblins were lucky to last this long. It is not because they made the right alliances which were all bogus to begin with. They were clueless too and James even now believes that Vanessa is all by her lonesome. He still believes the Austin and the twins are not with Vanessa? And if James still believes that Austin and the twins are the Goblins allies, why did they not vote out Steve and flip their votes? Dumb moves, week after week. They are still clueless without a paddle to row themselves out of trouble.

      • Agree 100 pct. This all started when they foolishly voted out Shelli over Van a couple weeks ago. Through all the tactical mistakes and cluelessness in general of what’s really happening in the house, they finally hit the chopping block.

      • Unfortunately, your theory is simply fantasy!

        Vanessa will NOT put up any of the Austwins as an initial nomination OR as a backdoor option. Either move will cost her three additional jury votes and the game.

    • All true. Of course, Meg can’t win anything so James has to try to do it all himself. We’re at the point of the season where you have to win comps now. If you can’t, you go to jury.

  23. What is it with Vanessa getting worked up over people not hugging her or congratulating her after a comp? Get over yourself Vanessa. Is Vanessa really going to pass on putting up the Austwins? It is prime time to get it done.

  24. I read that some of the HGs were disqualified. Is that true? Can anyone confirm that? The rule was “last HG standing.” I’m interpreting that to mean that the HGs had to keep their feet on the round disk.

    I’m asking because I read that several of the HGs, including Van, were sitting. Were they sitting or squatting? If they sat down, then I can understand the disqualification. Someone said that there is a pic of Van sitting. If yes, why wasn’t she disqualified?

    (I haven’t caught up on everything this morning, so forgive me if this has already been discussed and answered.)

    • Some “sat” on the disk which was cause for disqualification Vanessa “squatted” But did not “sit” down
      soo it was said…only the cameras know for sure

    • Here you go, Captain reported it in another thread. just make the correct link address, it looks like she was sitting. its how Shelli looked before she ended up DQ’d, hmmm.

      twitter dot com/Jon_Mitchell3/status/637099664362180608/photo/1

      • TY!! So, Shelli’s feet were still on the disk when she got disqualified? If their feet were still on the disk, then they should not have been disqualified. OR everyone squatting should have been disqualified. Having a rule for one HG that isn’t the same for ALL HGs is wrong!!!!

      • The feed conveniently kept going out, then it would come back on and multiple people would be off, but yes many are reporting that the female jury members ended up DQ’d, Shelli had a similar pose, so did James. but somehow Vanessa is allowed? it just feels so shady, I don’t understand. they should of explained the rules better for the HG’s.

      • Something was going on with my cable during the show last night and I missed a few things. It seems that I read where someone was under the impression that Vanessa’s rope wasn’t spinning as much nor did she hit some kind of an item that was in their path. Anything on that or did that seem to be an issue?

      • I didn’t see an issue about that. If it was an issue, the bigger issue became that some HGs were DQ’d and some weren’t for sitting. Both Van and John sat on their disks, but neither were disqualified. Shelli, Jackie, Becky and James (?) were DQ’d for sitting. (Not sure about James.)

      • I only saw the live show, what I saw was her spinning more, but she might have figured out how to prevent that happening. Then the one time I saw her collide with the HAND and I thought “wait, she didn’t hit that as hard as everyone else” but then I realized there were 2 HANDS and one didn’t cause as much of a collision. But that’s just the way it appeared to me.

      • It looks to me like her feet were on the disc too. I assume that’s the requirement. I would have to see the video of the other HGs to see if they did anything wrong. However, it is also clear Vanessa is not “standing” . She is clearly sitting. In other words her wait is supported by her butt on the disc. Again, it depends on how the rules were explained.

  25. Okay production. Time for you to “Ask James” about the deal he made with Van about not putting him and person of his choosing up. I don’t know if he even remembers it with so many Crazy Train deals flying around.

    That would give Van the “reason” she always needs to put up Austwuss/Liz Ho. After all her “Word” and her “integrity” are the most important things to her and she has to put up someone. Now would be the time to strike but I and if Van were really smart she would know Meg is the one to take to F2. Steve knows it and has said that’s who he would take.

    • Steve plans to evict Vanessa and go with Jmac ( per camera talk)
      They change their minds every 2 minutes

  26. I guess we will see on the next show if Vanessa sat on the disc if it isn’t edited out that is. The rules couldn’t have been explained that well if so many were dq’d. And most of them being jurors. I’ve never been one to say things are fixed but if all I’m reading is true it does smell fishy

    • I am with you on this one. I have two questions. If 4 people made the same mistake then I want to know if production explained the rules clearly to everyone. And also, after the 1st person was DQ’d why did the others continue to do the same thing?

      The players aren’t complaining so maybe they realize its their own fault. But still, the fact that 4 of them sat on the disc so quickly leads me to believe there was a mistake made.

      But we already know from the veto comp where Steve’s lever didn’t work that production does not care if comps go wrong. They just edit the problems out and pretend it didn’t happen. Fairness is not their motivation.

      • I rewatched that segment. Julie stated several times that the only rule was “last HG standing.” That could mean keeping their feet on the disk or actually standing up. Whatever the interpretation, it should have been the same for EVERYONE. So, they should not have been DQ’d or Van should have been DQ’d, too.

      • I agree with that. If the operative word was “standing” it is clear Vanessa was not standing when she had her butt on the disk, evenif her feet were touching it too. Again, when production went over this while the feeds were off, it depends on what they said when explaining the rules to the players. But something has to be wrong when 4 players all do the same thing to be DQ’d. Has that ever happened in BB, that many players being disqualified from a comp for breaking a rule?

        Remember when Vanessa was putting crisco in her bowl. She was warned, not DQ’d.

      • The rule should have been that you’re out, if you touch the ground. That would have been fairer. Either that or explain that squatting wasn’t allowed.

      • I agree and if not mistaken that same comp in the past they were allowed to sit on the disc. The rule was simple stay up anyway you can and last one up wins

      • Remember in the HOH James won? He squatted for better balance. It was not stated as being against the rules although, other posters questioned it at the time. What about Frankie being left alone by Caleb last season and Frankie winning POV because of it?

      • Neither of those examples are the same. If something is going to cause a DQ, then it needs to be explained BEFORE the comp or given as a warning to the first person who does it. This is about having the same rule for all HGs.

      • From what I can tell James was the first one to squat during this comp. I commented to my husband about James and his squatting in that wall comp. Why wasn’t James dq’d last night when he went to squat mode?

      • Exactly! He went into squat mode and then one of the competing jurors did the same thing before the show went off the air. If squatting wasn’t allowed, they should have warned James then, since they didn’t announce that it wasn’t allowed when stating the rules.

      • Exactly, James did utilize that strategy to win his HOH, I don’t see why it wasn’t allowed this past time around, unfair and production should of allowed it and actually gave them a chance to win, not balanced at all.

      • In the season where Andy won against Gina Marie, there was a short video of a hand pushing Helen off ledge she was standing on. Of course, everyone is going to deny it but, it was in the internet and was carried by another of the Big Brother websites. It is all about ratings and I am sure the reason they call house guests in the diary room is to tell them what to say. An obvious example, is the supposed vote flips that gets Big Brother fans excited. Talk is cheap and anyone can say anything and I believe it is scripted in that way.

      • I saw that. It did look fishy, but that was too obvious. I would like to think BB is not in any was fixed or manipulated by production. If I knew that to be true, I would stop watching. What would be the point. It would be like watching professional wrestling.

      • BB is mostly scripted and manipulated by production. But, they can’t control everything the HGs do and say.

      • Remember Dave Hester’s suit against Storage Wards for planting valuable in Storage Lockers? The judge ruled that A & E has creative license to do with as they please, after all, it was a show.

      • Rofl somehow found that quite funny. good one sir and I remember, entertaining show though.

      • I was wondering why he left the show for so long! Why did they allow him to come back and why would he want to come back? Sorry…. I know this is off topic, but I love watching the wacky characters on that show!

      • A & E settled with Dave Hester and gave him back his spot on the show. They say, the stars of the show make like $100,000 per season so, not a bad deal for them. Dave Hester was a very good villain like in WWE Wrestling.

      • I root for Jarrod and Brandi, but I love watching the entire cast! Love Dave Hester (the villain), Barry Weiss (the joker), & Darrell & Brandon (dumb and dumber). I even love the new cast, especially Ivy, since he cracks me up.

  27. Remember back awhile ago there was a production leak about James being Americas player..anybody heard anything about that? Or maybe it was misheard or scrapped?

    • It was misheard. James said it loudly while he was in DR and it was picked up by the microphones in the house. James is a prankster! ;)

  28. Say what you may about the Austwins and/or the original Sixth Sense Alliance .. Despite all their issues within their core alliance, in that talking to the other HG’s about backdooring the other when in power … they have yet to really turn on each other this Season … The Austwins had so many opportunities to strike, but they argued that it wasn’t time yet … as, with Vanessa when she was HOH …
    So, yes, whomever strike first Vanessa vs Austwins, they’d sure to lose their votes and likely a tainted Jury …

    • Absolutely true. But Van is smart. She wants to win the whole game and sees a bigger picture than anyone else. She knows she probably does not have any votes in jury right now. She will need the eliminated Austwins votes for any chance. So she cannot be the one to turn on them. Which is why a second, probably solid alliance is forming with Steve & Jmac. She will need them to make the attack, most likely Jmac. If it happens, great. If not, then she goes back to the austwins.

      At least she is smarter than austin last week who made deals with the whole house. She is really only making 2 sets of deals and is targeting the 3rd faction. This week could be a snoozer if someone other than J/M win veto. Van wants one of them to go – since theyare useless to her and she knows they have some value to austin (as he inexplicably kept them safe last week)

    • True. The only 2 players they lost was because they were each up against other SS players. Props. That’s a legit alliance.

  29. While watching the tail end of BBAD this morning … when Vanessa showed everyone her HOH Room, etc … I think that this really the first time we may have seen the real Vanessa .. she actually let her guard down, emotionally, that is for a few seconds, when she was talking about her GF …
    Later on, I believe when she was chatting with the Austwins .. she actually made the comment that, she hoped that she is not portrayed to America in a negative light and/or that her GF will still be there when the Game is over in a month, as they would have been separate for 4 months ..

    • They are not portraying her in a negative light. She is acting in a way that make her look bad. Its her own fault. Her bullying and her hypocrisy are hard to overlook. Every time she says her word is everything, American collectively screams at the television.

      She also tells everyone all the time how smart she is then follows her proclamation with a ridiculous theory like John and Clay are gay lovers. She is out of her mind crazy and she is also a stick in the mud. She sucks the life out of every room she walks into.

      • Can I ‘upvote’ that more than once? Yeah, I know I can’t but very well said.

        I might ‘copy & paste’ that somewhere else like I said it. LOL.

  30. Here’s Vanessa’s plan, and it’s actually pretty dang good:

    She absolutely wants James out this week. She’s not close with him, and she knows he and Meg have something with the Austwins. Vanessa will do anything and everything this week to make sure the veto isn’t used so she doesn’t have to put up Steve or John as a replacement nom. The Austwins control the votes this week and Vanessa doesn’t want them to flip.

    In Vanessa’s ideal world, James goes this week and next week Steve or John win the HOH, which is a good possibility considering it’s a double eviction and they’re basically competing against Austin and Liz. If Steve or John win HOH, they absolutely turn on the Austwins. Vanessa has already hinted at needing to break them up. Next week it’ll happen.

    However, if John or Steve don’t win HOH, it’s not the end of the world for Vanessa because she knows they’re going to be targeted. Yeah she’d be losing an ally, but she and the remaining player can try and win HOH the following week and again they’ll take their shot at the Austwins.

    I’d love to see James go this week, then John win that HOH during the double eviction. The panic from the Austwins would be priceless.

    • Agree with everything except WANTING to see James go. I’d rather see Meg go of the 2 targets. James at least gives another person who could throw a monkey wrench into things. But he is going – for that very reason unless he wins veto.

      But the scenarios for how Van is playing – spot on!

      And next week is a DE. Imagine if Jmac wins DE HOH. That would be a great hour of TV

      • I hear ya on James. He definitely deserves to be there over Meg.

        And I’m really hoping Vanessa pulls this off. She’s smart and she knows she has an ace in the hole in Steve who is unbelievably smart as well and can win an HOH that has to do with recall and memory.

      • And next week is a DE comp – so a short one – so most likely will be a recall/memory one. Right up Steve’s alley and not bad for Jmac. The twins, not so good for them.

    • I agree with this but I hope that John wins next hoh and flips on van! The final 4 is gonna probably be a endurance and Van is good at those.

    • That’s not going to win Vanessa America’s Favorite, sorry!!! It is pretty clever and that way she’s not turning Austwins against her. Austin won’t be happy about James/Meg, he could be pissed it’s not JMac/Steve… but it’s for sure he won’t be running V’s HoH. LOL.

  31. Matt: With your CBS connections, can you find out what really happened with the comp last night? Can you find out why some were DQ’d and Van wasn’t? Can you find out if any were “sitting” more than Van was? Can you find out if the rules were clarified for the HGs before the comp, since the viewers were only told it was “the last HG standing?”

  32. Literally became so disgusted when Vanessa won HOH last night. I am sick of seeing that side of the house in power…

    Also when either Liz or Julia couldn’t figure out which kept saying on the live feeds last night “i’m going to throw up” I wanted to throw my computer across the room…

  33. Did anyone notice the best move Johnny Mac could ever make ?? Telling Vanessa that the audience LOVED that they were working together….. BRILLIANT!! Everyone always worries about being liked and that was awesome of him to ring the outside world into it.

      • Maybe JMac last, since he’s in the clutches of Vanessa’s HoH, he’s probably safe this week but look out if V says John-boy I need to use you as a pawn OTB, but you’re perfectly safe. Don’t think that will happen… I think V will try to work some magic with James/Meg though she best look at doing something w/Austwins… just pretend their chickens & you have to eat one for dinner… one quick chop & it’s over.

  34. Ok, so I wouldn’t mind Van so much, except for the fact that this deep into the game she still feels the need to have some kind of “case” to nom people. Isn’t “what’s best for MY game” enough of a case?

    • I like how she called the other HGs wimps then she won;t tell James and Meg they are going up beforehand. She feel the need to blindside them like she did to Jason. That makes it a very personal move not a game move. At this stage why not tell them in advance they are going up. What’s the difference. She always tells people just let me know if I am the target so why won’t she do the same? This is what makes her an ugly looking person.

      • I have to think her moves are all justified in her mind to get her the prize, it’s not personal. Look how she almost BDed Austin earlier, were she to play it personal he’d been gone, she saw he still could be used especially w/him promising to do anything for her.

        She got wind of the 5-person alliance from JMac and the consensus was it was Steve’s brainstorm to BD her, he was threat #1 to her and she did as much as she could to get him out, even to burn her alliance w/him b/c he betrayed her.

  35. Vanessa and Jmac are 2 of the dumbest people as far as who they’re targeting. Why can’t they see they have to break up the Austwins?? I really believe Vanessa should win the way she’s “playing” the game, but because she won’t target the twins or Austin, it will serve her right to be evicted next week during DE.

    • That’s why she made that F2 with Julia. She is protecting herself from Austin and Liz. I think its Liz and Julia who are stupid for trusting Vanessa. In fact, I think anyone in the house who believes anything Vanessa says is stupid. Its not like she is a great liar. They have caught her time and again yet they keep going back for more. If she doesn’t get James out this week and JMac wins HoH next, I think he will target Vanessa and take James into his group to get Austwins out.

      • I though JMac said he’s after the biggest threat in the House, MEG. That’s who he told Julie he’d be after. OMG!!!

        You’re right about Vanessa & the other HGs, they just keep coming back to her, I’m thinking BB should not have let her bring that ‘stupid-stick’ into the House she keeps hitting them with.

  36. I think I gave Vanessa to much credit for being smart, she is really showing her inferiority complex and paranoia with this HOH, not as smart as I thought, if she was smart and really wanted to get to the end she will split up the Austwins now. Vanessa Steve JMac and James should make a F4 and get rid of the pesky twins Austin and the do nothing’s, Julia/Meg, I like Meg but she is only still in the game cause she is sweet but has not had to fight to stay in the game and neither has Julia, they really deserve to go. I would put up Meg and Julia on the block, if they win POV replace with Austin. Vanessa can’t win this game as long as she is in bed with the twincompoops.

    • I do agree on one point, her plan to take out James and Meg first before going after the Austwins is way too risky. If she waits until its 3 to 3 she cannot hope to survive.

      Her best bet is to go after the Austwins now and deal with Jams and Meg next. But I think she thinks James will come after her next week if he wins HoH. I think James has not chance of winning the next HoH if its a mental comp so she is needlessly paranoid.

      As I have posted before, she cannot trust JMac and Steve the way Julia can trust her sister or her sister can trust Austin. If it gets to finals 6 the Austwins can control the evictions with just the veto.

    • Wait, V’s fooling you… she’s looking further ahead, she wants to use JMac or Steve to bust up Austwins… she doesn’t want you-know-what on her you-know-whats. Sorry, I can’t say it out-loud b/c I’m so tried of hearing it. This way she can claim no hand in it (that’s a lie) and that she remained loyal to her original alliance, believe me she’s already got it worded how she’s say it in her plea at the end to win the prize.

  37. If she was smart she would nominate James/Meg and if the veto is won she can nominate Liz or Austin. If someone doesn’t break them up soon, they will make it all the way to the end. I think V has a better chance going with John/Steve for final 3, better than a final 4 position. John/Steve also aren’t very good in competitions.

  38. Between Disgusting Austin, Vanessa the Poker Bully, the Winning Twins they have all ruined this season of BB
    J Mac started to play too late
    Meg is completely useless and James he needs to realize he is not at summer camp gosh!!!

  39. Go ahead Vanessa, put James and Meg one block, send Meg home and watch the Hillbilly Asian go completely Godzilla on your ass in the double eviction this week.

  40. Those people better wake up they dropping off there like flys & got 3 members hanging to gather ……

  41. So much for Vanessa and her word and her loyalty. Let’s see I believe she has a final 2 with just about everyone except Meg and James. Not sure if she has one with JMac but give it a few more days and she will.

  42. Ever since the Double Eviction this season has been losing my interest a little bit. I want a power shift. Hopefully James wins POV.

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