Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Thursday Night Highlights

It was quite a busy and crazy night in the Big Brother 17 house following the double eviction as the house adjusted to what just went down and prepared for the next Head of Household.

Liz and Julia celebrate Liz’s HOH win – Source: CBS All Access

When the Live Feeds returned with the second HOH results, we learned that the Sixth Sense alliance (they’re going to need a new name) has regained power.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 13, 2015:

7:10 PM BBT – Feeds return to John sitting alone in silence. Few HGs gathered in the bathroom.

7:15 PM BBT – Goblins continue to sit in complete shock.

7:20 PM BBT – Becky talking to Austin about the shock of Steve’s decisions. She says Steve has no one behind with him. Becky says this to Austin.

7:35 PM BBT – James and Meg believe this was all planned by Austin and Vanessa. They say those two are trouble.

7:45 PM BBT – Steve warns Vanessa and twins that this will likely be a Days comp so they can start to study and prepare.

7:55 PM BBT – John gets permission from Steve to tell HGs that Steve asked him not to use the Veto during the DE. Steve says yes since that’s the truth.

8:10 PM BBT – Becky thinks Austin is throwing comps and can do much better than he is letting on.

8:15 PM BBT – John and Becky talk in the Lounge. He tells her about Steve asking him not to use the Veto. He thinks Becky or James would have gone up. Becky asks John to come tell the Goblins that info.

8:25 PM BBT – James realizes that if you make a deal with Austin and Vanessa that you’ll be at the bottom of their priority list.

8:35 PM BBT – John is in with the Goblins and Becky. They’re trying to figure out what went wrong. Meanwhile the other side is busily studying dates. They were told by Liz about thinking it’ll be Days, but Meg thinks that happens at the end, not now.

8:40 PM BBT – Becky says they’ll need to get Steve on their side to have the votes to influence anything. Steve is actively in the other room hanging out with Austin and Vanessa. Oops.

8:50 PM BBT – Steve arrives in HN room. He tells Meg he had never connected with Jackie and was told she was coming after him. Meg swears Jackie was never coming after Steve. Becky warns him whoever told him that was pushing a hidden agenda.

9:00 PM BBT – Meg suggests whoever lied to Steve tried to set him up to be the distracting target for the Goblins. Steve seems to be pretending and believing them. Becky asks who told him, but he won’t name names and says she can guess.

9:18 PM BBT – Feeds cut for HoH competition.

10:14 PM BBT – Feeds return. Meg isn’t happy.

10:15 PM BBT – Julia comes out of the toilet and is greeted by Liz. They start jumping up and down and celebrating. Liz has the HOH key around her neck.

10:23 PM BBT – Vanessa and Julia are celebrating Liz’s win. Vanessa already talking about HER plans for this week. She thinks Becky needs to go so that she and Jackie are in jury together and only one can return. Vanessa says if they play their cards right this week they are a lock for final five.

10:25 PM BBT – Liz comes in and Vanessa gives her a hug. More celebrating among the three of them.

10:26 PM BBT – Steve comes in the room to celebrate as well (because “Freaks & Geeks” alliance is real, Steve. Sure it is).

10:28 PM BBT – Meg and Becky talk about how they thought Johnny Mac had it. Guess he almost won.

10:35 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve and Johnny Mac they’re safe (as if she’s the HOH).

10:48 PM BBT – Vanessa keeps trying to get John to agree to a deal. She tells him that they need to work with Steve so it’s 3/3/3 (as if she’s not a part of one of those 3s). She tells John again that he’s safe this week but now adds even if you go up.

10:52 PM BBT – Becky is upset and worried. She says she’s so sick of the game and that ever since the house changed their mind on Vanessa, her game has been on a downward spiral.

11:07 PM BBT – Vanessa suggests Liz put up Becky and John because Becky can win a veto but John could beat her. And if Becky wins veto, then they can backdoor James.

11:13 PM BBT – Becky tells John and Steve that she’s going home this week for her failed attempt at taking out Vanessa.

11:14 PM BBT – They’ve seemingly decided on Becky and John as nominees so now they’re discussing deals they can make with Meg and James for the following week.

11:20 PM BBT – Vanessa wants to make a 6-person deal with James and Meg. Then as an alternate they’ll make a 6-person deal with Steve and John.

11:35 PM BBT – Austin says if anything goes wrong with their plan they’ll just BD James.

12:00 AM BBT – Have-Nots have ended, for the week.

12:24 AM BBT – Steve got his HoH basket of goodies. HGs checking out his pictures.

1:45 AM BBT – Liz announces her HoH room is ready.

2:10 AM BBT – Vanessa wants Liz to tell Becky that she’s not making any deals to get back at her for saying that to Vanessa.

2:20 AM BBT – James and Meg are in the HoH room talking through making themselves good with the power this week.

2:35 AM BBT – Becky finally gets up to the HoH room and talk with Liz.

2:40 AM BBT – Back downstairs Meg decides she can trust Austin and his allies after all. James agrees saying Austin knows he and Meg were helping them so they’ll do the same.

2:50 AM BBT – Becky continues to work on Austin and Liz upstairs. She says she didn’t tell JMac about the 8-HG deal and it must have been Vanessa. Becky starts to explain what she knows about the plan to BD Austin the other week. She uses cereal to explain.

3:10 AM BBT – Becky’s plan may have actually worked. Austin thinks maybe they need to keep Becky to help take care of Vanessa and they should target JMac this week instead. He says they’ll just have to tell Vanessa she’s good with them, but they’re going to do this other plan instead.

3:20 AM BBT – Vanessa is back upstairs. She asks what Becky talked about, Austin denies any real game talk. (Ohh.) Vanessa says they have to come up with a new alliance name for Freaks & Geeks. (That was a TV show.) Liz had suggested “Nerd Herd” not knowing about S6. They go with “Scamper Squad” and do a dance that’s as cheesy as you’re probably imagining.

So Vanessa’s side has the power again this week, but how much longer will they remain Vanessa’s side? Austin doesn’t seem ready to go after Vanessa head on, but he may be willing to let someone else take her out.

Nominations ceremony coming up later on Friday and then Veto will be played out on Saturday. We’ll need to get through both of those to see which of the “others” will be taken out this week.

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  1. At this point I either see Becky, JMac or James go home.
    And why are people still working with Van despite knowing she’s a big threat. Not discrediting her, but still you think they’d use their head.

    Hopefully John will win BB17, but Van has a better chance. Though I do see a small potential for Johnny Mac

    • If he does make it to the end, I’ve got a feeling he’ll have earned it. He’s going to have to become a competition beast from this point on.

      • Sorry if it comes down to John vs Vanessa final 2 Vanessa wins.

        She will beat anyone in final 2.

        John would only win if someone outside of the 4th sense was with him

      • if vanessa vs vampire showdown in f2, you think vanessa would win?
        this is the first time i watch this show, so not sure if i am getting it right, but the jury decides whoever wins, right?
        shelli, jackie, becky, meg, james will vote for vampire dentist.
        the judases will vote for vanessa.
        that’s 5 vs 3 votes without lil stevie’s vote. coz his vote is a swing vote.
        don’t tell me that shelli and the goonbishs will vote for vanessa, not gonna buy it.

      • Yes the jury votes for who wins but they usually vote based on who played the best game only a hand full have ever been bitter or based on friends

      • if vampire dentist can reach final 2, it means he has been a very strong player while never pushing anybody down the cliff (so far) while vanessa has been cheating lying manipulating her way to the top.

      • Not voting for someone because they lied or because you dislike them is considered bitter

      • bitter is part of life. didn’t vanessa threaten becky by saying she’s gonna have a pissed-off jury member when she confronted becky after she was renom?

      • People say that a lot as part of strategy in staying but more people now adays vote based on gameplay. Big brother season 3 had the worst jury ever when someone who literally played the perfict strategy lost to some floater. Her final 2 alliance got to final 3 with out ever being nominated and then they lost the final hoh and a floater won the game >_>

      • From what I read online after the show last night, James seems to be taking it well so far. He’s been nice to Steve and gave him a hug and thanked him for not putting him up and all of them have been civil to him. No one is bullying him or jumping on him. Meg was very distraught but James told her to settle down and she told Jmac she wasn’t mad at him but was upset about Jackie leaving. They’ve all been taking it like champs. Better than people online – ha ha! They’re just on to the next move/plan and sharing info with each other.

      • Vanessa has manipulated and put a spell on James, Jackie and Meg. That is 3 votes, actually 2 votes because she will want Meg as her Final 2 option. John needs to win HOH and POV from here on in to keep himself safe. Steve is also, loyal and even Shelli probably will vote for Vanessa. Vanessa probably has the votes and the only way to beat her is to send her to the jury house. Then, they cannot vote for her!

      • I would love to get back to this spot when it happens. Stay tuned. Same thing if Vampire Dentist is eliminated, come back here.

      • The only light left in the bleak tunnel is that since V was on the block last week…a spotlight was cast on her game and people shared info. This means Austwins know she can’t be left in game too much longer. So V knows that her best bet is for Jmac to go due to smarts. James as a backup. Becky will go up as revenge but doubt she’s a real target. Then we will see everyone wanting to target V next week until V , the smart player she is convinces everyone left that “Austwins” are a threat to everyone’s game. And since Jackie isn’t there to state the obvious for the dummies left in the game, they will follow V right down to the day they also get evicted.

      • So you should go find someone who would take your money and become a millionaire by predicting and betting on the rest of the season. Please, can you share your wisdom with us so we can share in the landfall? lolololol

      • “in the name of love, before you break my heart, baby think it over” …love that song

      • If Vanessa wanted Meg “as her Final 2 option”, Vanessa would not get James or Jackie’s vote.

      • Do not be too sure. Didn’t Jackie and Meg vote to evict Clay when it was James HOH? Vanessa has James, Jackie and Meg in her pocket in addition to Steve. That is why she is the biggest threat in the game.

      • Nope…won’t happen, but since you are the “psychic” on this site, I’ll give you the last word. hehe

      • And yet, they all vote the way Vanessa and her alliance votes? They are clueless and hopeless and it is too late for them to use their heads. Vanessa if she is in the Final 2 will win it! Only way to stop Vanessa winning is to send her to the jury house then, nobody can vote for her!

      • Vanessa needs Johnny Mac, Meg and Steve to take out Austin, Liz and Julia. She does not have the numbers with just Steve. Becky and James will probably be both evicted. The reason she is targeting Becky now is to isolate Johnny Mac. This huge mess is all the creation of James, Jackie and Meg. Had they stuck to the plan to get rid of Vanessa, it would have split the alliance and the Goblins with Becky and John would have controlled the votes and the Big Brother House. I do not think John will make it to Final 2 because Vanessa will take Meg with her over John. The only chance John has is to start winning HOH and POV and go after the big targets. His best move is to go with Vanessa until James is gone. He will continue to botch things up for him if he even trusts him. James will sell out everyone—-that is the only thing he is good at!

      • He already did when he turned on Becky and John. Did not have problem with both of them being put on the block. I am sure he will sell out Meg but, there is nobody else to sell out to Vanessa and Austin.

      • James already turned on Becky when he chose to evict Shelli, but it’s more about Shelli rather than about Becky. If he’s not ok with Becky and Vampire Dentist being put on the block, who else then? Unless he starts to thrash Becky and Vampire Dentist.

  2. “Vanessa tells … Vanessa suggests … Vanessa wants …” Anybody noticing a trend here? You can always tell who’s HOH – just look at Vanessa’s current BFF. Too bad even the HGs who notice aren’t doing anything about her.

      • Hopefully the goblins take a long hard look at what just happened and do what they can about it, but probably not. Both James and Meg are way too easily swayed. They are child’s play for someone like Vanessa.

      • They didn’t see what happened to Jason. How can they see what happened to Jackie?

        The only three playing this game are Becky, Vanessa and John

      • And Vanessa’s about to get Liz to put Becky and John on the block. That leaves just one real player – and a handful of puppets left in the BB house.

      • and I was just watching the feeds and he seems to have elbowed Vanessa out of the way and is running Liz’s HOH

      • Vanessa is controlling everything. She is trying to reel in John now. When Becky is gone, Vanessa can reel John on her side and Meg too. With Steve, that makes 3 stronger competitors in the game. Imagine if they win HOH back to back, they can easily dispose of James and Austin and the twins will be sitting ducks as well! You have to think ahead like in chess. Short sighted thinking only blows up your game and alliance like James already showed. He is still the ultimate dummy and still believes Vanessa and Austin, Liz and Julia. Too bad Becky is getting evicted ahead of him. He deserves to join Jackie with what he has done to blow up their games!

      • The game has some similarities to chess, however chess pieces are not human. Human beings have emotions and can think for themselves (some not very well, as we can see in Big Brother!).

        There is a social level to this game that the game of chess does not posses.

        Let’s look at last year’s season as an example. Donny had the game figured out. He approached several players in an attempt to build an alliance (that would have benefited them as much as Donny). He logically laid out what was going on and yet the players (Christine and Cody) both completely dismissed him after the conversation.

        In fact Cody went on to throw away a half million dollars because he was “loyal” to Derrick. A chess piece has no loyalty.

        Last night Jackie was evicted because she had not spent anytime trying to build a relationship with Steve. Had she made an effort to spend some time with him, she may still be in the house.

        So to get back to your point that Vanessa can “reel in” Johnny Mac and Meg, quite honestly that is “chess game thinking”. You are taking the human element out of the game. A chess piece Johnny Mac may work with Vanessa, the human JMac will not, neither will Meg.

      • The reason it may work is the fact that if Johnny Mac is alone in the Big Brother House, he cannot go further in the game. That is the reality because this is still a game of numbers. You have to have numbers to vote people off. It is in Johnny Mac’s interest to play ball with Vanessa until he can cut his ties with her. You missed my point with the chess analogy. The simple point I was trying to make is you have to look ahead several moves to win the game. Vanessa has been able to be always one step ahead of the others because she analyzes the situation and what possible outcomes resulting from it. Most of the others like James, Jackie and Meg look only to the possible effects of their actions on that week. Not looking at what may happen because of their actions in the week after that! I was not comparing each individual to chess pieces because obviously they have emotion. And Meg doesn’t even have to know that is the plan of Vanessa because she is just floating along and can survive deep in the game and be used by Vanessa just the same.

      • Austin is a pro wrestler. Basically he’s an actor. Everything Austin is doing could be a big plot to win the game.

      • well next week when james is due another win or whoever left of becky/vampire dentist wins … he’ll be targeted along with vanessa. the lesser evil will go.

      • lil stevie also … he’s good. he might act clueless but hey, it takes him so far so …

      • Exactly. John might survive this fiasco only because Vanessa needs allies to take out Austin, Liz and Julia. She has Steve in her pocket. If she adds Johnny Mac and Meg as Final 2 option, it probably will be enough to get rid of James, Austin, Liz and Julia. At this point, James is only going to be used for his vote. Even if he wins HOH, Vanessa will still control the votes. I hope he gets evicted after Becky.

      • I see V preparing for the Austwins vote out by starting to get cozy with James. Just in case he stays this week.

  3. Bye floaters this is why floaters don’t make moves because they won’t work and now Vanessa is going to get the Austwins to nominate that stupid floating showmanc.

    • She does not have to do anything and stands to earn an easy $50,000 if Vanessa gets her way.

  4. Remember this one:
    “2:05 AM BBT – Meg joins the talk. Becky presses her to evict Vanessa.
    Meg says Vanessa will be easy to get out when they want. She also thinks
    the Austwins will be easy to beat.”

    That was YESTERDAY.

      • And then everybody will start complaining that the show is boring because one side is dominating.

      • No, one side isn’t dominating. The other side doesn’t know what the hell they’re doing.

      • That is the making of James, Jackie and Meg. I was rooting for the Goblins plus Becky and John until they flipped. Then, I wanted all the goblins gone for their stupidity. Only mistake of Becky, she moved too soon and trusted the Goblins. Had she put up James and Jackie, they both will be gone and would have no chance to mess up her plans targeting Vanessa.

      • Yup once they flipped they pretty much deserved to go out. They are so clueless in the game, and can’t see that they are being played. If you trust Vanessa you are plain stupid and deserve what you get.

    • “When they want”, as if they’re not just 4 people against a whole bunch of other people they don’t hang out with.

  5. LOL that both sides think they can trust Austwins when in reality they are under Vanessa’s control

    • They had Vanessa right where they needed to have her. And then …. they let her escape.

      • Yep but thankfully for them (if the veto is not used) Becky will probably take the fall.

      • Of course she will. Vanessa will have all 3 people she feared the most in jury and only one of them could possibly come back. She’s sitting pretty.

      • I saw something similar on Naked and Afraid, where they caught a turtle. Put it in a makeshift grass cage. Turtle escaped in the middle of the night. Lol. Jungle was too dark for them to see where it went. The jungles of James’s and Meg’s minds are too dark. They can’t see what is moving right in front of them.

    • I hope they put Becky and JM both up and then send one of them home cause seriously what have they done all game.

      • I’d be OK with Becky going home, but JMac has done a fair amount in terms of winning comps, acting as a pawn, & quite frankly I find him far more tolerable as a person (except maybe the “yelling” in the DR lol) than most of the other contestants.

      • John has won 3 povs thats not power thats safety. I seriously don’t know why people see him as the 2nd best game player in the house when Austin is in the final 9 Unnominated.

      • Just because you aren’t nominated doesn’t make you the best player. It’s all about the moves you make.

        John’s moves involve getting people to like him and then evicting them without hurting them. If he went to the end I guarantee he’d win since most of the houseguests like him.

        What has Austin done that’s for his game? All he did was flirt with Liz and do Van’s dirty work.

      • Austin has gotten himself in a solid final 3 with the twins and has Vanessa keeping them safe. His game might by more love them strategy but he still is out of the line of fire. Who did John get out considering only 2 weeks this whole summer have had Vanessa out of power and one of those weeks failed.

      • Who did Austin get out though? It was all Vanessa. Vanessa is doing all the dirty work. How is it good gameplay?

        John is atleast making moves. Maybe not as big, but they are atleast moves.

      • Just based off the fact that John is screwed either this week or next with out hoh or pov is why is is lower then Austin.

      • Yeah I wouldn’t say Austin is better based on that. Even the best player can lose- Dan Gheesling anyone?

      • Getting to final 2 after player 2 times then not getting jury votes for the sole reason that he won before is not losing its being robbed.

      • While I wasn’t happy that Dan lost, Ian won fair and square.

        And this is coming from a fan of Dan

      • It’s not about getting anyone out, it’s about being the last one standing.

        And if it was about getting people out Austin has gotten just as many people out as John.

        I find that watching the game, is much more interesting than rooting for specific players.

      • If you’re never nominated, you can’t be voted out! ;)

        Austin has played a very underrated game. He is using Vanessa, as much as she is using him.

        Austin came into the game as a GIANT target because of his size and look, but so far he has played mostly under the radar.

        He is positioned well (behind Vanessa in his alliance). And he pretty much controls THREE votes.

        Watch the game! The chess match between Austin and Vanessa is just beginning.

      • That is about to change when Vanessa reels in John to her side. Watch this, Vanessa, Steve, John and Meg for Final 2 option versus Austin, Liz and Julia. If Vanessa manages to reel in John, I think they have a very good chance of dominating the votes and Big Brother House the rest of the way. All they need is to win HOH back to back to take out Austin and the twins and decimate that side. Hell, she might even convince the twins to take out Austin.

      • Richie, I agree Vanessa is starting to look for an end game strategy to deal with the Austwins. However, her and JMac will never be allies, too much distrust on JMac’s part.

        Vanessa’s best bet at this point is to play the next few weeks with some subtlety. She needs to lay low, try to throw the massive target off her back, build some bridges to the Goblins/Johnny Mac and try to drive a wedge between Austin/Liz and Julia.

        That’s a lot of work!

        At this point Austin won’t take a direct shot at her for two reasons. One, if she goes it makes Austin and the twins the biggest target in the house. Two you’ve just sent a back stabbed Vanessa into the jury house with an opportunity to come back into the game and/or poison the members already there.

        Austin seems to be on the verge of a major mistake however. Austin likes the idea of keeping a vengeful Becky in the house. If Liz doesn’t put Becky up, Vanessa will see it as Austin’s first shot.

        That gives Vanessa almost two full weeks to put a giant target on Austin.

        Austin seems a little to preoccupied in the HOH room to think this keep Becky strategy all the way through.

      • It is Vanessa who should get the credit because she has manipulated the fools in doing what she wants and going after each other while, she goes her merry way. Only ones who see Vanessa as the real big threat as she is, is John and Becky. Vanessa has kept her alliance safe which is why. All they needed to do is vote with Vanessa. Vanessa also, saved Shelli with a unanimous 9-0 vote with Jackie and Meg also, voting to evict Clay. Austin has not really done anything so far.

      • You’re right Vanessa should get credit, but along with the credit she has placed a giant target on her back. If Becky, JMac, James or Meg (lol Meg) won last night’s HOH Vanessa would be as good as gone.

        Unless she can work some magic this week and find a way to make some else (Austwins) a bigger target with the other side of the house, she is in the same danger next week.

        It’s a really simple play for the other side. Vanessa and Julia go up (with it clearly stated that Julia is a pawn). Unless Vanessa wins veto, she goes home.

        In this game credit/blame are a two sided coin.

      • Richie one point where you and I disagree. Clay was voted out 9 – 0, not because of Vanessa. He was voted out because he asked to be voted out.

      • Vanessa did tell Austin, Julia, Liz and Steve to all vote to evict Clay because they wanted to save Shelley. John, Becky, Jackie and Meg only made it unanimous.

      • Not really considering Vanessa has controlled every vote and all but 2 hohs everyone else is just sheep

      • They have tried to take the big threats out. Becky made the mistake of trusting James, Jackie and Meg. If she put up James and Jackie, the Goblins would have been done and not had a chance to mess up her plans to target Vanessa.
        James has done what? Evict Clay? He wasted his HOH and POV. He had a chance to take out Vanessa or Shelli and he passed. Jackie has done what? She has done nothing to take out any of the big threats. Becky made the biggest move of the game, putting up Shelli and Vanessa although, the treachery of James, Jackie and Meg cost her the game. And John saved Becky and was loyal to her. John still has a chance to get farther in the game because Vanessa will reel him in to help take out Austin, Julia and Liz!

      • Becky made the mistake of not keeping her trap shut after she told the goblins not say anything, she runs to Shellie. WTH.

      • Love your pro Becky/anti James bias. Same thing happened to James when he targeted Shelli for eviction as happened to Becky when she targeted Vanessa for eviction. The house turned on both of them and flipped the vote. I had to laugh at your sharply contrasting commentary on each.

      • Difference is, James didn’t care that much who left, as long as one half of Clelli did. He did not make sure beforehand that the others vote his way, he just assumed.
        Becky actually checked in with the others and they told her they would vote out Vanessa. Then James flipped for purely emotional and stupid reasons and convinced the others to backstab Becky as well.

      • Not really the same. James trusted Austin, Liz, Julia and the others and kept Vanessa safe. He could have put her on the block and then, either Shelli or Vanessa would have gone. That is what Becky did. Also, they had a chance to take control of the game if they evicted Vanessa instead of Shelly because they would have fractured the alliance. Vanessa is the glue that keeps the alliance together so, it is not the same thing. As to bias, I was rooting for James, Jackie and Meg, as well as Becky and John but, when they turned on Becky, they not only blew up their game, but, blew up Becky and John’s game too in the process. So, now I am rooting for Becky and John. I watch Big Brother for the game play. I never enjoyed just one alliance picking off the stragglers one by one but, James, Jackie and Meg put the power back in Vanessa’s hands. It would be boring if Vanessa just regained control, so I am rooting against it.

  6. Vanessa is running things right now… sigh… had the Goblins agreed to vote out Vanessa things could be really different right now, if James or Meg go home this week I can’t feel sorry for them, rooting for Jmac and Becky

    • IF Steve wins HOH Jackie still goes home. So the only difference is Shelli is in the house instead of Vanessa and James and Meg are better off with Vanessa for a number of reasons

      • I don’t know… is Steve still Vanessa’s puppet if Vanessa isn’t there?

        Also, based on Shelli’s interview with Julie, I think she’d have been more willing to work with the other side if she’d have stayed. No guarantee though, she’d have had to bury the hatchet with James.

      • I don’t think Steve is Vanessa’s puppet, I think they are teammates I also think Steve is playing a clever game and has taken his actual personality and dumbed it down and made himself more awkward than he actually is.

      • Possible. But if James and Co. all walk out the door, he has to take out what’s left of Sixth Sense plus Vanessa all by himself. He’s probably fine for another 2-3 rounds, but he’s going to need some help at some point. Where is it going to come from?

      • Yeah bury it right in James’ chest. I don’t think she was honoring any deal she made with James

      • i think if shelli stayed and vanessa was evicted, then lil stevie could have the guts to go after judas, since he knew he would have at least 2 strong allies in vampire dentist and shelli to back him up. once judas was gone, the twins would be like headless chickens.

      • Trouble is, with all the eavesdropping Steve did, he still hasn’t figured or factored in that Vanessa is evil kanival, and I almost died when he acknowledged to Vanessa how she manipulated him into getting JohnnyMac to not use pov

      • I think Steve would have put up James instead of Jackie if Shelli had stayed (for her). Then Shelli would have had Steve, Jmac and Becky to herself.

  7. Yep… I called this one. Always cut the head off the snake when you have the chance. Vanessa is back, and in control of all her minions.

  8. Vanessa not getting rid of Austin when she had him dead to rights is why she will not win. This is the first time a showmance has made someone (Austin) a smaller rather than a bigger target. Everyone is SO underestimating his social skills

    • Vanessa did not get rid of Austin because she still needed him. Now, she is cleaning up what is left of the threats which is Becky and James. She will reel in John to join her and Steve and got after the twins and Austin. If they win even just one HOH, they can get rid of Austin when Becky and James is no longer there. Then, the twins after that. Mission accomplished. Only threat to Vanessa would be John because he might decide at that point if he wins HOH that he would be better off getting Vanessa sent to the jury and it would be John, Steve and Meg for last 3. Steve and John might even take each other to Final 2. Steve probably will win it if it happens.

  9. you know what, when you feel comfortable, that’s when you are evicted. happened with jason, happened with shelli.
    how crazycool it would be if becky and vampire dentist are nominated, vampire dentist wins the pov, saves himself and they renom vanessa.
    and all gang up to evict her.

      • for the past 3 evictions except the de, the main targets were never evicted. austin was the target, jason was evicted. shelli was the target, clay was evicted. vanessa was the target, shelli was evicted. there’s a pattern, so never say never. more truths or lies would come up.

      • I know but thats why the Austwins will never nominate her because she is the only reason they are still safe and together.

      • Oh absolutely! It isn’t smart for the rest of the house to 1) let Vanessa hang around and be the ringleader and 2) not break up the twins!!! Send Liz home and that side crumbles. Clearly she and Vanessa are safe for another week now.

      • True… but every week she’s out of the house, she isn’t a number for their side. And there will only likely be a 1/4 chance that she’d be the one to come back.

  10. Question- Was Austin in the plan to have Steve do what he did? I did not see him once talk to Steve while alone or with Vanessa.

    • Can Steve not realize that he’s going to be the odd man out against Vanessa and a group of 3 solid allies at the end of this thing?

      What an idiot!

      • Hey he might get final 2 with Vanessa I see her winning the final 6 or 5 hoh and nominating 2 Austwins.

      • Yep Meg, you got rid of Shelli. I’m glad you guys got rid of your biggest threat. Congratulations!

      • yup that’s right. serve them right. it should have been jackie that stayed. miss her already.

      • It’s not as if Shelli wouldn’t have done the same thing. It would have been bye bye James rather than Jackie.

      • Yes he would. He wants an alliance with her and it would have been great for Shelli because after she got Steve to evict James for her, she would have Steve, Jmac and Becky to herself.
        Either way (unless they won HoH) they were fighting an uphill battle.

      • Doesn’t make much sense to me either. He can ride it out for a couple rounds, but if they get much deeper unscathed, he’ll have to take them out with no help. Not impossible, but he would have to win HOH or veto every week. Good luck with that

      • I don’t think that will be the case. I just don’t see Vanessa going to F4 with Austwins because it would be 3 against 1. I can see her getting the other side to take out Liz so it will be Austin and Julia and Vanessa in F4 and Vanessa drags Steve along, too. ???

  11. Vanessa can’t go to the final four with the austwins, she’ll be voted out and won’t win, she has to know that.

    Van, Steve, JMac, James, Meg should be the final five and Van can win the whole thing with that alignment

    • I think she knows that all too well and has several plans and scenarios running around in that crazy head of hers. They may not work, Austin may out maneuver her and there is an element of luck but she knows what she needs to

      • will be interesting to see how it plays out. so two more evictions and then one juror comes back. would be great if it was shelly

  12. I was really impressed by Vanessa’s speech last night. Was it narcissistic in that it’s all about her life and not doing any good for people? Maybe but I liked it.

  13. Game over :) – Becky or John goes home this week. After that, Vanessa owns Steve, Austin and the twins, so even if the goblins win HOH, they no longer have the votes… they would need to win the next 2 HOHs in a row to change anything, otherwise everything is set in stone till top 6, when Vanessa will need to make a move to not allow Austin and the twins to win the game.

  14. Steve is a boob! Goblins are goobers for even trusting ANYONE! This is a rough season to have a favorite to win.

  15. 2:40 AM BBT – Back downstairs Meg decides she can trust Austin and his allies after all. James agrees saying Austin knows he and Meg were helping them so they’ll do the same.

    Here we go again! James and Meg has to be the ultimate dummies around. Maybe, they should look for two missing crash test dummies in the Big Brother House. They made a deal with Austin, Liz and Julia so, how come they all voted out Jackie? What about Vanessa? Didn’t she promise James, Jackie and Meg safety? Not only did they blow up their own games, they took Becky and John with them. Now, Vanessa is using these two fools to vote out Becky and John. John may have a chance to stay because Vanessa needs allies to take out Austin and Liz and Julia. She cannot do it by herself and Steve alone as they do not have the numbers. So, Vanessa might reel John and Meg in with her when Becky is evicted. Then, she will use James and Meg’s votes to target Austin, Liz and Julia. James is expendable although, he continues to believe he is good with Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve.

      • When Becky is gone, John would have nobody on his side. His only play is to stick with Vanessa and the majority until they are able to get rid of Austin, Liz and Julia after they get rid of Becky and James. With Steve and Vanessa, John will be safe and they can dominate the rest of the way. Meg will also, be there as a Final 2 option for Vanessa. When there are 4 people left, say John, Steve, Vanessa and Meg, that is the time to turn on Vanessa and send her to the jury house.
        Then, it would be John, Steve and Meg left in the Big Brother House.

      • And I am ok with that Final 3. Altho I prefer Jackie to come back from the dead and replace Meg.
        That would be my perfect Final 3 for now.
        For weeks I had been rooting for final 3 of Vampire Dentist, James and Crazy Meg until last week.

    • Yup, James and Meg are idiots, Jackie was dumb for convincing them that Venessa and the Austwins were in no way connected, now they want to work with the Austwins still who are still working with Vanessa, they are so oblivious to everything lol

    • What else can they do? Win when you can especially now. But keep chipping away and planting seeds in the fertile minds of Austwins against Vanessa (and Steve). Maybe eventually it’ll wear down enough for a crack before they’re all gone from the house.
      JJM and BJ should not BELIEVE the lie but work it for what they can.

  16. I hope that Vanessa rubs in the fact that Becky is going home this week 100% in her face. She should make fun of her to her face about being the floater that failed to make a move and tell her she is stupid for thinking she had one over her. I hope she ever tells her how much or a joke and embarrassment she is to her home town. She just needs to keep kicking her while she is down. That way she makes a very large point of what happens when they come after her.

      • What Becky did actually? Vanessa blew everything up to manipulate people.
        Well, it worked tho, it got you so worked up, haha.

      • Okay she didn’t do anything to her besides the speech most of it was just done behind her back. lol

      • To be honest, Vanessa didn’t really have to do that much. JJM(now JM) were so fixated on getting Shelli out that they didn’t see the bigger problem–Vanessa–staring them dead in the face. Becky got her up on the block, but they let her walk away. This is the end result of an extremely bad tactical decision. They deserve to be shown the door, and in all likelihood they will be.

      • I was referring to what Vanessa told to other HGs about her confrontation with Becky. She said Becky was yelling at her etc. Vanessa blew it up.
        But yes, I agreed with you. James and Meg thought with their emotions, not their heads. One was upset because of silly shirt, the other was upset because of silly boy was taken under her nose. And Jackie was the one who suffered because of that.

      • I think if Momma Vanessa was out, Lil Stevie would have the courage to take out Judas, coz he would have 2 strong allies backing him up, Shelli and Vampire Dentist.

      • I disagree. Maybe next time but this week, with Shelli’s white hot fury at James, Steve could do it for her. Then Shelli would have Steve, Jmac & Becky all to herself.

      • I would think that Van had given him instructions, in case he won HoH, for both scenarios of either her or Shelli being evicted. I wonder what his orders were if Vanessa had been evicted first?

    • Me too. I hope Vanessa does rub it in a lot. It will make her reaction that much better when Becky stays!

      Seriously, Austin and the twins are on to her now and they are talking about keeping Becky to take out Vanessa. Its what Vanessa would do! Once the vote comes in to save Becky, Vanessa will realize she has no one in the house except maybe Steve. That will make that Bassett Hound face of hers that much more sad.

      • It would be great if they saved Becky. I am rooting for Johnny Mac to win POV and James to be the replacement nominee. Then, send James to the jury house and it would be perfect. Then, maybe, next week Becky wins HOH again and puts up Vanessa and Austin on the block. Vanessa gets evicted to the jury house. That would be the perfect scenario of all!

  17. Yes, just follow Venessa and do her work for her and don’t worry about your won game. Makes sense.

  18. How long will it take those 8 morons to figure out that they just handed Vanessa $500,000?

  19. I don’t see Vanessa getting to the Final Two………I believe Austin has been throwing comps all this season, he’s been letting Van get rid of the competition, while playing both sides of the house. “Judas” will be the one to evict Van.

    • I said that about Derrick last year. I never thought anyone would take him to the final 2 because he would win easily. Yet Cody did.

      The only thing is, Vanessa is not likable like Derrick. He was a decent guy playing a game. Vanessa is a paranoid lunatic who sucks the life out of any room she occupies.

    • Do you think Vanessa will use the other side to take out Liz? Just trying to think for Vanessa here, if she goes to F4 with Austwins, it’s 3 against 1. If she gets the other side to take out Liz, then she can bring fanboy Steve with her to F4 against Austin & Julia.

      • That’s exactly how I see it. Vanessa is smart enough to know that she won’t be able to break the Austwins up, that she’s the “odd one out” in that scenario. I think we will be seeing that development soon.

      • I do believe Vanessa will work with the other side to take out Liz, but I also think another target of hers would be Austin. I suspect she will start to realize that Austin has been throwing comps so as to keep the “blood” off his hands. If the other side finally realizes that it was Austin who lied to Steve about being a backdoor choice of Jackie, it will throw potential F4 up for grabs.

  20. I’ve enjoyed all the drama from Da, Audrey, and Vanessa. There was nothing I ever enjoyed about Shelli or Clay. As long as Shelli, Clay, or Vanessa do not win, my BB season will have been a happy one. Here’s to Nessa the Monster reuniting with her Smug Shelli very soon.

  21. What the name of Van’s new alliance? They should be called Evil Van and the Judases. Lil Stevie is with them too?

  22. What’s the name of Van’s new alliance? They should be called Evil Van and the Judases. Lil Stevie is with them too?

  23. They really need to get Vanessa OUT! How do these people NOT see how manipulative she is? Hello! Liz is the one who won HoH, yet Vanessa is making deals left and right and acting like SHE won!

    • They are all stupid and oblivious, thats how lol. This has to be one of the dumbest groups of houseguest to play in BB.

    • Everyone seems to be afraid of her but Austwins are 3 people. They can go right at her and what can she do about it? The Goblins, or what’s left of them won’t hep her. JMac won’t help her either.

      But I think they will take her out very soon. Maybe this week is too soon but after a player comes back into the house, Vanessa is as good as gone. The entire house is on to her now, even Austwins.

      The clock is ticking on Vanessa. If I was Austwins I would set it up to backdoor Steve. He is the last unknown in the house. Everyone else has made it pretty clear where they stand. Put up Becky and JMac as Vanessa wants, then use POV to save one of them. Put up Steve as a replacement and then the vote mysteriously comes out against Steve. Oops!

  24. Vanessa would probably do just as well if she returned for the next allstars (bb18 hopefully) because she is manipulating people that know she is a lier and manipulator. This means she has the ability to warp perception to what ever point of view she wants. She is just that good.

    • Players like Vanessa and Andy would never succeed on All-Star because coming into the house everyone wold know their game. It would be very hard for them to play the same game and win.

      The same goes for Derrick. He was a very good player for that season, but people would want him out first in an All-Stars format.

      • Vanessa has way more personal power than Andy could ever hope to have. Andy was a weasel; Vanessa is a shark.

  25. I know lots of people are thinking that the Goblins made a mistake in keeping Vanessa over Shelli. But I see things a bit differently. I see that it was a lose/lose situation for the Goblins regardless if Shelli or Vanessa stayed.

    If Shelli had stayed & won either hoh comps she was going put up the Goblins & most likely James would have been sent packing first. Her alliance w/ Steve, John and Becky would have flourished & she would have built up more support from Austin & the twins. Leaving the remaining goblins fighting for their spots in the house and socially isolated.

    At least this way, Vanessas’ main target this week is Becky & then John (though I don’t doubt James is on her list too). So Meg & James have a chance this week. And if Jackie comes back the all is not completely lost.

    • I agree, Lee. I thought about it last night. Had Shelli stayed, with Steve wanting to align with her, he would have probably put up James instead of Jackie and then BD’d the other one. Then Shelli would have Steve, Jmac & Becky with her solid.
      The other side was fighting uphill regardless but like you said, at least James lived to fight another day. Unfortunate that Liz’s time came up as next week’s HoH.
      I do like Becky reasoning with Austin regarding Vanessa.
      What is it going to hurt? Worth a shot. Keep whittling away at him (also Meg & James) and maybe make an inroad. And win comps when you can. That’s all they can do anyway.

    • I disagree.
      Shelli was working with Becky. Becky was working with J/J/M. If both, John and Becky, had talked with Becky about alligning with J/J/M to get rid of Austwins, I’m pretty sure she would have, since Austwins were voting against her.
      The only way for Jackie to come back is a luck-based game. Otherwise, Shelli and the other people in jury (probably Becky and John/James) will crush her. And if it’s James or/and Becky in Jury, all is lost regardless.

    • There is only one house guest coming back and you do not know that James will not be evicted before then! For one thing, it is still possible for James to be backdoored this week if Johnny Mac wins POV and Austin and the twins keep Becky safe. He may have bought one or two weeks but, blew up his game as well as Jackie, Meg, Becky and John’s as well. It was still a huge mistake saving Vanessa when she was offered on a platter. Too late now for anything from the Goblins. They are done.

  26. I am still shaking my head about what we watched last night. Was VERY unpredictable, but in such a random and petty and unfulfilling way.

    If Steve really did go after Jackie for possibly targetting him – what 3 weeks ago, how lame is that? Make a big move – any one. Put up James. Turn your back on Van. Go after Austin. I don’t care who went. I just wanted it to be big and exciting. Take out a player! Jackie was fringe who wasn’t nice to you. Oh poor little Stevie. He almost wet his pants executing his master’s suggestion. He is really weak minded.

    That isn’t even my biggest dislike of the show. When Jackie is blindsided and evicted, no vitriol. No calling anyone out. In her final speech, she knew she was going. You’re getting screwed over on live national television and she just smiled and walked out. No emotion. Nothing. It was surreal!

    • Steve totally intended Jackie to go. This is based on what I read online after the show last night (MortysTV). He told Jmac not to use the POV. Jmac went along and told Becky he was afraid if he did use it, that Steve would renom/evict Becky or James.
      Jackie was his intended target.

      • Jackie had been throwing Steven’s name around for a while as a target, though when the Vanessa eviction stuff happened, she kinda dropped it. Add that to the misunderstanding that happened during her HOH and Steven had reason to target Jackie.

      • Who hasn’t thrown Steve’s name around as a target? Steve is aware that Vanessa was part of that 8 person deal which did not include Steve.

        Steve intended to get Jackie out but not for the reasons he stated. He did it because Vanessa told him too.

      • That’s what I think happened. Even Vanessa threw Steve’s name around. He’s not openly aligned with anyone and doesn’t talk alot of game otherwise so of course he’s going to be mentioned. He’s been on the block before, pawn or not.

    • Would it really have made a difference if she did call out someones game? Not that Austin or the twins would believe her anyways. The rest just won’t do much about it too. Jackie can sit in jury and hope to get back in the game or vote for anyone other than Vanessa..

      • No. She still would have gone.

        But show some emotion! You just spent 50+ days couped up in a house trying to win $500K and now you are out, and … oh well?

        Sure she could come back, but that is no certainty. If you cared at all, there is no reason to just smile as she did and be so bubbly with Julie.

        Perhaps it is because, like Clay, she didn’t really care to play the game to win. Maybe she was just trying to get exposure for her next gig. Who knows. But it was irritating to me to watch someone who is in the game be so emotionless.

      • Cut her some slack. She was completely blindsided. She was obviously shaken but he already told Meg she would not go out carrying on the way Vanessa did when she went on the block.

        Jackie’s exit was significantly more mature and graceful than when Alyssa was blindsided on BB 15.

      • I think Jackie was in shock. I even heard her say before commercial “I’m so pissed”.

        But being a professional dancer I think she’s used to being in front of the camera & putting on a brave face (what have you) no matter what.

        Even Shelli didn’t go out with a bang. I think both of them were just thinking about what if they had an opprotuinty to come back in the house, they don’t want to burn anymore bridges.

        Plus, Jackie probably didn’t want to make things worse for Meg & James.

    • Yes, Jackie exited with class and grace, unlike the lunacy we got from Vanessa when she went on the block.

      Steve’s arguments for putting up Jackie were BS. Austin treats him much worse than Jackie ever did. And Steve knew the BD Austin plan. That was nonsense too. Steve was making a Vanessa move. I have no doubt it was planned by Vanessa for Vanessa. Some of the things Vanessa said confirmed it. Vanessa has been after Jackie since the day Jackie caught her in BS and called her on it. Vanessa was speechless for 30 seconds.

      Jackie was a dope for listening to Meg and James, but I hope Becky stays and Jackie comes back into the house. Let them work together because Meg and James don;t deserve either of them.

      • With Jackie, sure – maybe no calling anyone out or antics. Don’t want to burn any bridges! But she was a robot. Perhaps she was just showing off her acting skills. But if she was really into the game, I can’t see how you are blindsided like that and show nothing.

      • From what I read online last night, Becky and Jmac want to work with James and Meg so they are together now. They’re sharing notes and planning next moves, etc.
        Yes, Jackie displayed class in her exit and that was something, given that it was such a blindside to her. She checked her emotions and put on that smile even though she had to be crushed and bewildered and straightened her back and composed herself. Props for that. That was tough.
        She handled it better than me! Lol.

        Even James handled it well. Steve asked for a hug and James gave him one last night and then thanked him for not putting him up. James said hey, it’s a game and it was a game move. We all do that. No problem. Meg was really upset and wanted to wring his neck but James told her to settle down and not jump on him. Jmac and Becky are being gracious, as well. No one is bullying him or in his face or jumping him. They’re behaving like champs.
        Meg told Jmac she wasn’t mad at him but she was upset at Jackie being gone. Finally I think those 4 are going to work together in what time they have, sharing info, etc. And they’ll lose one next week probably but they’re working on driving a wedge between Austin and Vanessa. What else can they do? Win when possible and work the others the rest of the time. At least they are a foursome now and hopefully even if they lose one next week, that one or Jackie returns. :)

        Yeah, James, Jmac, Becky & Meg (and Jackie!) all are handling it better than some of the online posters! ha ha

    • The reality is Steve didn’t need to win HoH because no one was coming after him & he knew that.

      I don’t think he was trying not to get it like he claimed he did either. Because he could have always have gotten the Clay question wrong –which would have been understandable– I think he went for it on purpose because he wanted to look like some BB power player winning the DE hoh.

      But instead of making a big move he blew it. And not because Vanessa was in his ear — I Think Steve is using that as his cover up story because he’s too chicken to own up to anything–but because he was too afraid to put up Austin or Becky. It’s as simple as that.

      His DE hoh reign will probably go down as the lamest in BB history.

      • I think he won it on purpose. He might not have wanted to but he did it on purpose. He could have thrown the questions he knew and have been eliminated. I can’t imagine convincing me otherwise.

      • That will go down as one of the dumbest blunders in BB history. It was such an obvious move to evict Vanessa. Meg said rhetorically,”I feel like an a$$hole every week”. Well, Meg, if it feels like a duck….

      • Yup, kept Vanessa and now she is turning her back on you and controlling everyone just like they should have known she would. The Goblins are idiots lol. They may be safe for a week or two if they go after JMac and Becky, but they will end up in the Jury, unless they keep Meg around as a super pawn lol

      • Exactly. That is a big mistake. Vanessa is the glue in that alliance that holds the alliance members. When there is a problem, she soots out the wrinkles and makes it work. Even now, they underestimate the power Vanessa has over the other gullible players not on her side. Only Becky and Johnny Mac has figured out that Vanessa and her alliance are very tight.

  27. So since Julie was asking last night about what Shelli and Jackie would do if they got the opportunity to return to the game, I’m guessing we might see the BB Takeover return to send a Jury member back into the game?

      • That would be awesome. Jackie and Shelli bond in the jury house and then come back together. That would scare the crap out of the rest of the house – especially Vanessa and Steve!

    • It will probably be another endurance type competition where we have one set for the returnees and one for the house guests still in the house. They usually have 4 evictees competing and so far, that is Shelli and Jackie with two more evictees to complete it.

  28. So by keeping Vanessa the goblins just blew up their game. Vanessa (I mean Liz) won HOH and they are as good as demolished.
    I hate to say it but they deserve it by the dumbest move I ever saw keeping Vanessa…

    • Blame Meg and James. Both lost sight of the game. Meg wonders why all her allies get evicted. She should look in the mirror at how she plays the game like an idiot.

      More importantly, James, Jackie and Meg did not play as a team this week. Vanessa’s alliance always sticks together and that is why they are winning. James and Meg were worried more about their own game than the alliance they had with Becky and the result is they could be down 2 people buy next Thursday night.

      There is no leader of their alliance. No one to shut down the stupid talk about evicting Shelli because she stole Clay’s shirt from James.

      And btw, what gave James the right to take Clay’s shirt and wear it in the first place. He should have given it to production to give back to Clay. James was 100% wrong about everything this week and Jackie and Becky could pay for it.

      • Clay said he and James were good before he left the house and he was cool with James having it. It wasn’t Shelli’s place to take it from him. 2 wrongs…. James said if she had just asked for it, he’d have given it to her.
        I don’t think it was that Shelli took the shirt & James wanted it. I think that BY Shelli going that far, it showed her teeth to James. He said he was concerned that she was out for revenge. I think she was. I think had she stayed, James would have been evicted instead of Jackie – for Shelli.

        She did that. She could have and should have (for $500K) buried the hatchet with him. She could have worked him if she was thinking straight and tried. She let her emotions run til it was too late. By the time she was ready to extend an olive branch, James’ fear had taken hold.

        Wouldn’t have hurt, may have helped (if she played nice with James afterward).
        James is in that scenario now with Steve. He told Steve evicting Jackie was a game move and they all do them so no worries. If Shelli had taken that approach to James, I think she might be there now. Of course, she probably would have taken James out last night. Lol.

      • What was all that crap a couple of posters were talking about that Clay was looking for the shirt before he left? I didn’t know that Clay had said it was OK for James to have it. More immature on Shelli’s part than I had first thought, and not as immature on James’s part.

      • Something on Clay’s social media where he said all was good before he left the house and he didn’t mind James keeping the shirt.
        Yes, really that is what cemented Shelli leaving first instead of Vanessa. But I do NOT agree with posters saying it was emotional of James. I think it was pure game move on his part, right or wrong. Just like he told Steve last night, it was game move for Steve and he understood (James took it better than some posters online and showed maturity about it).
        Had Shelli not just been so furious about it that she couldn’t see straight and got it back, and instead, just played her hand she was dealt by maybe offering an olive branch to James to break up the Austwins or something (game related) – whether or not she meant it – then James’ antennae wouldn’t have been perked up so much.
        By the time Shelli tried to do it, it was so transparent/desperate (and she only did it because Becky advised her to), that she couldn’t sell it and by then, James’ fear of her had taken hold.
        Shelli caused that. It wasn’t over the shirt itself. It was that Shelli was that emotional/bent on revenge, which she showed over the shirt, that put JJM on alert. That’s on her. If Shelli’s emotions hadn’t gotten the best of her at that time, she could have thought for her game and would have still been there. James might have been gone but Shelli would have still been there. Lol.

      • You explained that very well. After what I read about Shelli wanting the shirt because Clay was looking for it and couldn’t find it before he left, I couldn’t understand how it came to be in James’s possession. I know Shelli didn’t take it back, but she was making such a big ordeal about it, it was ridiculous, especially now that I know it was OK between Clay and James that James kept it. Just happy Shelli is gone and for sure it was the right decision because one of JJM would have been gone either way and another most likely targeted this week if Shelli had not been evicted. But we’ll never know for sure. I’m happy about it though.

    • Pretty much, they may be safe for a week or so, but if they dont win HoH they will be screwed. So funny how Jackie had them convinced Vanessa and the Austwins weren’t working together at all, and now they are screwed. They even decided to trust Venessa, one thing to assume she would just be a bigger target, but to actually trust her is dumb.

  29. Poor Steve, just want to be accepted. Sad that they took away the after-school specials television shows. It would have taught him how outsiders are treated when they believe they are part of the “cool kids”. Steve is Vanessa’s Victoria, she will control his wins and carry him to the end.

    If it were to be John, Steve, and Vanessa as final three, Steve wins the final HOH, he would pick Vanessa over his fellow odd man out. Give it to the “bully” rather than fight for an “outsider”.

      • What if Steve really is a Kaiser Sose? If you watch the feeds you can see Steve slithering from room to room effortlessly picking up conversations like he is part of the team that’s in the room. He acts dumb but knows everything. No one suspect him or targets him. His act that he is a nervous weirdo who is befuddled by the game is pure genius. Last night his act about gathering his composure took the revenge target off his back. All the HGs are eating this up, including Vanessa.

        I am imagining on finale night, Steve is going to stand up to give his speech in a clear and coherent voice saying how he played everyone, including Vanessa and even took her to final 2 to show how good he really is at this game. He made it to the end without really offending anyone, unlike Vanessa who has managed to offend everyone.

        If I am right, he wins, hands down. Even Vanessa will applaud him.

      • So you think Steve putting on an act for an entire season fooling everyone including Vanessa to make himself inconspicuous as a target is worth voting for? You don’t have to answer, we obviously disagree.

      • I would definitely vote for him if that was the case. I will say after reading the highlights, that performance was brilliant. He fooled me.

      • I thought he asked Johnny to use the veto so Becky would go up. Who would’ve thunk it, that he asked him not to use the veto?

      • If this is true, and I think it is a legitimate question – and would be brilliant by him.

        But why not at least own it in the DR? His DR’s are so strange sometimes. He continues his “weirdo” behavior. No sign of brilliance.

        Now maybe production tells him to because they know what he is doing and want a big surprise for everyone, not just the HGs. If it is true, maybe we will start to see hints of it over the next few weeks.

      • Exactly, anybody that thinks it’s all an act obviously doesn’t watch the feeds and listen to his nightly conversations with the cameras.

      • If an act, brilliant BUT I don’t see any hint of it. Now Austin, his crying on cue after finding out he was BD option, that’s an act. Shelli, she’s an actress.

    • Hence why Steven’s here – I read in an interview somewhere that he wanted to learn how to socialize while he was inside the house and had people who could help him out, so that when he has to do it in life, he won’t be as awkward.

  30. So after reading “Thursday Night Highlights” does ANYONE have any doubts that Vanessa is PURE EVIL? Wow… and that speech she gave at Eviction against Shelli, I almost puked!!! Don’t you wish you could get a transcript of that and frame it for your wall… he said .

    “Ten years ago when I studied to be a lawyer, I had this motto… “, OH PLEASE… but then she decided being a POKER PLAYER and winning millions of $$$ was a more honorable profession. SHE MAKES ME SICK!!!

    • Haha she is despicable :-p

      But did she even finish her law degree? If not then I say it doesn’t count. She probably quit because she couldn’t handle the curriculum.

      • She holds the record for the fastest person to ever graduate from Duke. I believe she lacks 1 year of law school to have finished it, but her poker career took off and she put it on the back burner.

      • Lol thank you B! I was just about to type that as well. The hate these people have is disgusting. They try and discredit her when they have no idea what they are talking about and just look ridiculous.

      • Can you imagine what she’d be like in the courtroom? Who is the famous attorney from way back when? F. Lee Bailey! !!! His name escapes me. Girlfriend can make bank if she gets that law degree.

      • Someone probably told her that saying “um” every other word, taking long pauses in the middle of sentences and crying are not good legal arguments.

  31. Steve, Steve, Steve… I was starting to give you credit….but I’m back to my first impression…you lack courage and that’s why anyone who truly tries to help you…well you’ll take them down with you. It’s ironic. The only people you can not fear are those you know won’t “hurt” so you turn on them. This is what happens when you live behind a keyboard and live in video games…fear of people in general and constantly rearranging the real world in your head…

    • Prior to this week, Jackie had been pushing for Steve to go for nearly a month so…I wouldn’t exactly say they were helping him whatsoever

      • They were all pushing Steve to go up. He was considered a floater by everyone in the house and a number of players were saying he could float his way to the end. It was not just Jackie.

      • It may not have been just Jackie, but James Meg and Jackie did nothing to help Steve’s game and people don’t seem to realize that.

  32. Even though I really didn’t like Becky at first, I’m sad she’s caught in the crosshairs of the Goblin’s blindness and the Sixth Sense’s heartless evil ways.

    • Becky overplayed HOH. She should have worked better with the Goblins to find out what they wanted instead of doing it all herself..

  33. don’t count steve out of this game.he seems to be floating nicely between jmac and Vanessa. he’s playing similar to the way andy played.he already has 2 vetos hoh and botb wins. very capable of playing both sides for a couple more weeks then wining comps down the stretch

  34. Steve is a waste of an HOH. That was the worst HOH decision since Cody took Derrick to the finals? He used his HOH to get out a weak player, and not go after a strong player? Stupid. Steve is Big Brother poison. There is nothing likeable about him.

    • Not if the final 4 is the austwins and her. she’ll need to win vetos or she’s gone. could be iffy

  35. I don’t have live feeds, and I can only go by what they want me to see on TV and what I read hear (thanks again Matt, you do a great job), now having said that….

    One thing that always has bothered me with “big alliance” is that everyone in the alliance things they have had a hand in the eviction i.e. Austin and the Twins, it was mostly Vanessa and Shelli. Again, I could be missing a lot, but Austin and the Twins really have not done much this game, but be in an alliance that wins just about everything.

  36. They deserve everything that happens for keeping that paranoid b…ch Vanessa, James and Meg are idiots to think they can trust Austin, sucks cause Jonny Mack will probaly go now, but I guess he should of played the veto, but even if he did play it Steve probably wouldn’t of made a big move anyway, don’t think he’s smart enough, he is so freaking weird, such a wasted HOH.

  37. Re: the poll question, I think the goblins are too stupid to target anyone and we all know Meg will never win a competition anyhow.

    • not sure how meg can carry a tray with plates full of food. She’s so uncoordinated. I want James to win but right now can’t see any path for him unless Van takes him to the final 4 with two others.

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