Big Brother 17: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Plans – Update: Pre-Meeting Blow-Up

Later today the Power of Veto Ceremony will arrive and we’ll have our final nominees for the week, but is there any drama to expect in a potential renom?

Austin tries to decide his next move: back or chest?
Austin tries to decide his next move: work his back or chest? – Source: CBS All Access

Since the Veto comp results were revealed it was assured of one player who couldn’t go up on the Block, but I think we all knew that particular target wasn’t going to be up for discussion this week. So what’s the latest for today’s meeting?

Vanessa ran through the house yesterday looking for a way to shift Austin’s plans to targeting one of the Goblins. After an early Sunday talk with JMac she seemed swayed that she could use him down the road. From there she campaigned to the Austwins on John’s behalf, not vigorously, but she did relay to the Austwins new information supportive of John.

Then Vanessa took to looking for a way to justify using the Veto and getting either James or Meg up the block. She seemed to vacillate between James and Meg as the renom options and would switch when there was too much push back on either idea. I’m not sure if she really wanted one of the other initially and was using reverse psychology, but later in the day she seemed to be pressing more for James to go up.

Vanessa went to John looking for anything she could use to get James up on the Block. Eventually she started working with what John told her that James offered to throw the HoH to him, but James fervently denied this as much as John stuck to his claim. Eventually Vanessa relented that both seemed to be telling the truth and there may have been a communication issue.

Through all of this Austin remained unswayed. He told the twins that he did not want to change the nominations and didn’t want Vanessa to use the Veto. They seemed to humor Vanessa’s theories and let her run herself to exhaustion while having already made the decision.

Later in the night Steve made a comment to James and Meg about Vanessa plus the Austwins being a “strong fortress” and that soon worked its way back to the Austwins. However by the time Meg told them she left out Vanessa. Now maybe the Goblins thought they were in trouble and this move was necessary, but its result likely did not change the Veto plans though it could impact the eviction.

When the Veto meeting arrives in a few hours we can expect Vanessa to not use the PoV leaving John and Steve on the Block as this week’s final nominees.

Do you think they’re making the right choice? Should Austin have gone for James or Meg this week instead? We’ll have spoilers and results posted here, Facebook, & Twitter.

Update: John told Vanessa about the 5-HG deal with Austwins, him, and Steve that was intended to target Vanessa. She’s furious, confronts Liz then Steve. Liz is furious in return but at JMac for announcing this. She wants him out. Vanessa wants Steve out.

Bottom line is the Veto won’t be used for sure now. Meeting underway as of 11:15AM BBT. Results soon.



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  1. Makes me nauseous that Vanessa is still there and will probably win, this is my last season watching because of her. She should definitely use veto on jmac and send James home.

    • Vanessa should save either Johnny Mac or Steve and let Austin have blood on his hands. He will have to put up a Goblin, hopefully, James who is the bigger threat on the block. Let them choose who they want evicted. It certainly, will muddle up the alliance lines some.

      • No, because the remaining Goblin + twins would vote to keep the Goblin on the block. Then, going into next week, the house will target Vanessa and whoever she takes off the block

      • Your assumption is Vanessa and Steve will be easy targets. If they win HOH next week, it is James and maybe, Liz on the block to make sure they evict James. Vanessa knows she is being targeted and will be stupid to wait for them to go after her!

      • And if they win back to back HOHs, Austin, Liz, Julia, James, two of them will be evicted to the jury house for good!

  2. I fully understand why MEg is sthe house. She’d a weak competitor that can’t win anything, and will never win the game. A perfect person to keep in the game and even try and help float with you to a F2. But as a fan aooking in, it’s annoying she’s still in this game. She is completely useless, and her social game is just as bad as her competition aptitude. Everyone may like her, but she (and James) have no read on the house, or any understanding of when to keep quiet and how to use information.

    • Meg is awful. If you’re not going to be good at comps (which is fine, not everyone can win comps), at least be good at strategizing and socializing. You can’t be bad at all facets of the game, which Meg is. They would be fools to try and get rid of her. As long as she’s around, that’s one less person you have to worry about winning an HOH or Veto. She’s the ideal person you want to take to the Final 2. She’d have no real argument on why she should win.

      It’s one thing to float and lay low early on in the game. It’s actually a solid strategy. But sooner or later you HAVE to start doing something. Laying low and doing nothing all game is a recipe for 2nd or 3rd place. She’s playing not to lose and by doing that, she has zero chance of winning this game.

      • Victoria did a pretty good jog last year, with Derrick, except that Derrick had a strong F2 with Cody from week 1, if I recall ??
        Your description of Meg could also resemble that of Julia this season, as well …
        Though, a F2 of a Meg and Vanessa would sure bring down the ratings, I would suspect? Ha !!! :)

      • OH geez. who would win if F2 was Julia and Meg. I guess Julia bc she had a bigger alliance. Both seem useless

    • Meg has RA and shouldn’t have been in the game as she’s not capable of competing in comps.

  3. I am hoping that whoever gets to come back into the house will target Austin and Vanessa. I’d put one of them on the block, then if they get pulled off I would BD the other. Just can’t stand either of them…….but, next on the “can’t stand them” list would be the Liz and Julia. They are just flat out annoying.

  4. Can’t remember but will the person evicted this week also get to play the upcoming HOH competition?

    • Yes, who ever gets evicted Thursday will play against Shelli, Jackie and Becky to get back into the house, but it’s probably a separate competition to get back in the house, not for HOH.

      • Thanks, couldn’t remember. Would be funny if they evict John/Steve only for him to compete, get back into the game, win HOH AND put Vanessa and Austin on the block.

      • That would be hysterical. But I love karmic whiplash. It doesn’t seem like Steve is angry at Austin, just trying to cover himself to stay.

      • As much as I dislike Vanessa, I really want to see Austin on the block with Liz. Or with Julia. Would be interesting to see who Liz would try to save.

      • That’s another scenario I would like to see; I would want Vanessa to put them up. Liz would save her sister over Austin, he’s temporary. Julia is for life! That’s was Austin’s concern, Liz choosing her sister over him.

      • Brilliant!!! Now that would be worth watching.Try this on seeing Vanessa finally saying you people are

      • CBS, want to get viewers excited?! Take your seasonal phrase, “Expect The Unexpected” and (finally) prove it. Bring back the houseguests that didn’t make it to jury and throw them all in the comp with those in the jury house!! Just don’t tell the current houseguests that you’re doing it.and watch their faces when somebody like Jason or Jace walks back in the door…or Day or Audrey…etc!! I would pay good money to see that happen!!! Lol! (Yes, I know I am dreaming!)

      • I’m down with this. Bet they have a lot more going on than these educated nimcumpoops

      • I think they should bring back someone pre jury as well. but before jury starts. Make everyone think they made it to jury and boom. America votes someone back in.

      • That would be the best BB Takeover! Imagine Audrey or Davonne returning, especially after watching all that has been going on. They would turn the house upside down. Vanessa’s paranoia would kick in overdrive.

      • I don’t see that occurring with those having not been sequestered like the current jurors are. I know the UK did that, but we do things different in US! hahaha

  5. Vanessa: “Um…like…I…um…like…never like, threw anyone, um…like under the bus…like…I…um…like…you like, know…I have like…integrity and like, um…it’s like…um…not um… for…um…like…my game.” Liz & Julia: “Are you like seriousuhh? He like said thatuhh? We wanna target JAMESUH! Or, like..JohnnyMacuhh.” Austin: “I’m really into Liz but I have to talk to Vanessa. Nobody is gonna control my HOH. I have to talk to Vanessa. I’m gonna play this HOH as Judas but I have to talk to Vanessa.” What a bunch of wusses! I should stop watching this insipid show but I have to talk to Vanessa.

  6. Vanessa should just tell Austin I’m using the POV so you need to decide who you’re putting up. Watch Austin flip out but oh well.

  7. At the moment I don’t care if the noms stay the same or somebody’s being saved as long as Vampire Dentist is still on the game at the end of Thursday’s live show (meaning either he’s not evicted or he returns).

  8. Let me be clear: I HATE (okay, maybe “hate” is too strong of a word) those posters who say “I’m done watching Big Brother” because things aren’t going their way. Be gone with you, then — trust me; CBS is not losing sleep over your loss of viewership.
    Let me be clear about something else: in a teensy weensy way, I also kind of get it; although I hang in there year after year, it becomes increasingly more difficult to do so with such bad casting. “Casting” as in CBS and Big Brother RECRUITING these idiots instead of an organic process. It definitely makes for a less interesting season.

    It’s not particularly fun to watch a house so majorly dominating on one side, floaters, no one using the Veto, etc.
    So, I find myself lagging in my viewership — leaving BB17 episodes on my DVR list for days un-watched.
    I know what the problem is: lack of diversity; trying to bring in and keep the younger demographic, when in fact, it’s my generation (Gen-X) that SEEMS to be the primary viewership, with exceptions, of course. My son (25 — the demographic CBS is aiming for) has ZERO interest — he’s busy eking out a living and getting on with his life.
    Wake up Big brother, these past few seasons are becoming a bore.
    The solution? Quit recruiting and bring back age and ethnic diversities.
    End of soliloquy-ha! Peace.

    • I agree with you on some parts. People saying they’re not watching because things don’t go their way. What a joke because I’m sure they’re watching. And if they’re not then they really aren’t BB fans. This show has very high ratings and I’m sure it’s going to be on for a very long time. I’m a true BB fan and will always watch even if I don’t like people or who’s winning or losing. I cheer for people I like and disappointed if they get evicted. But I keep watching. And that’s because I am a true fan.

      • Here..Here…that’s what it’s all about…favorites getting evicted because they were to naive…beasts that are over bearing and controlling…those that are shrewd and conniving…that’s what makes it interesting.

      • I’m going to agree with you. People who comment just to say they’re not watching certainly are watching, or they’d have nothing to comment about. In all the ways shows like this should be diverse BB has been, to an extent, but the wrinkle this year – with so many recruits (11 of the 17) does not help to uphold the BB standards we’re used to on this show. I think we just need more fans and fewer newbies to be cast on 18 (unless it’s another all-stars season).

      • I agree. I can’t stand that. Up until Liz won HOH last week this season was amazing and i hadn’t heard any of that. Now 2 boring weeks in a row… here it comes. which sucks. i agree. but I’d never stop watching. It’s a sickness really.

    • I am tired of all the bimbos & male model wanna-bes, and people who are a caricature of a certain social dynamic (Frankie).

    • I am tired of all the bimbos & male model wanna-bes, and people who are a caricature of a certain social dynamic (Frankie).

    • Just to be clear, as their seems to be a misconception about the point of my original post; while I am not super feeling it right now, I have not stopped watching, nor will I. I am merely saying that I SOMEWHAT understand why some people DON’T continue to watch (although I despise them announcing it, as if CBS gives a rat’s behind!) when there is so much manipulation on production’s part, beginning with recruiting.

  9. Btw the guy doesn’t deserve the name Judas. He’s definitely not a Judas material. From now till eternity he is known as Mr Coward to me.

  10. Hmmm….the house is going nuts according to Jokers….Vanessa is screaming at Steve, twins are mad at JMAC….Austin doesn’t know what to do….right now Meg and James may be the only sane ones….who knew playing pot ball and hiding and scaring people would be the best game moves….they are completely off the radar….

  11. I am baffled by Vanessa’s success. The thing is, I feel like she’s playing a really shitty game! I think she’s whiny, non-inclusive, unsupportive, transparently conniving and displays a crippling persecution complex. But for some reason it continues to work for her! What the hell is wrong with these people?

    • She is playing Audrey’s game….toss shitz out, hope it sticks….for some reason she convinced everyone that Audrey was playing a bad game and had to leave…..but she is playing the exact same game and these nuts are buying it!

  12. Can the people in jury discuss the game and tell each other the things they know? And if they can, would whoever is evicted this week be able to mention things durning their comp to get back in? Kind of blow up others games so that who ever is going back in has missing pieces they didn’t know about and could use the info as amo when they get back in the game.

    • Of course they can, and do. They also bring a video with them of competitions and other meaningful whatevers production wants them to share. I don’t know if Thursday’s evictee will have the opportunity to meet with the other jury members before their “return to house” competition, but if he/she does, I’m sure they’ll share.

    • In the season 15 buyback, Helen mentioned a lot of things to the other jurors. The buyback comp was an endurance comp, so I think she was allowed to and had time to do so. However, the season 16 buyback was not an endurance comp, so there was no time for relaying all that info to the other jurors. At the end of the day, it depends on the comp.

    • I thought that they can if they are back in the house (like Helen) but cannot when in the jury house. I don’t know who said it that their conversations with each other about the game are limited.

    • I couldn’t remember but I thought I remembered people passing info back and forth when Judd came back in during the comp. I’m hoping that Shelli, Jackie, Becky and who ever is with them Thursday does this. Blow up everyone elses game and let who ever comes back go back with knowledge. It would be great to watch Van and the Austwins scramble.

  13. I watch BB to witness social dynamics in a competitive arena, but when a narcissist so plainly reveals her disordered personality the show becomes less appealing than watching someone clubbing baby seals. Going forward, I’m only going to follow the spoilers to learn her fate, the actual viewing being an unsatisfying use of my time.

    And it’s not like reality shows don’t know who they are casting. A prospective employer once had me sit for a comprehensive exam to determine my temperament, strengths and weaknesses. I was shocked how prescient the results were. I had recently experienced some stressful life events and the narrative findings, while generally positive, had sussed out things I felt were unknowable and yet accurate. The questions were all true/false or multiple choice and none of them, as I recalled, seemed to have any bearing on their deductions, yet there it was: “The candidate seems to have recently suffered a personal loss or life event which has diminished his physical and mental vitality.” I wish I knew the name of the test. In any case, I was duly impressed with psychology that day.

    Reality shows, no doubt, subject the prospective contestant to a battery of tests, and I have to think these tests are able to determine anti-social disorders such as narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy. BB is essentially a real-life laboratory experiment where social and anti-social behavior is observed. What amount of anti-social personality, then, makes for good TV? And what amount becomes hard to watch? For me, Vanessa crosses new lines every week.

  14. You leave for a little bit and all of a sudden the house goes crazy. I love it when things like this happen.

  15. Why is Vanessa blindly listening to Austwins when John just told her they were going to get her out? She is all against Steve but Steve on his own couldn’t have done anything! Only the people in power aka Austin and Liz…. Is this not registering in her head? She needs to go to James/Meg/John and bring in whoever comes back in (obviously as long as it’s not Steve) and work together to go after the Austwins. Them being targeted is long overdue.

    • Well coz they are in the power and Lil Stevie is on the block. See next week when the Coward 3sum is not in the power anymore …

      • Well, Austin is barely in power anymore seeing as Vanessa has the POV and can’t be renomed so I’m still confused as to why she believes that the person on the block orchestrated the entire thing when he wasn’t in power plus doesn’t have much motive to get her out at the moment unlike Austin who she almost backdoored.

      • Vanessa should save Steve because he has been loyal to her plus he can win HOH and POV which is crucial next week when, Vanessa or Steve can regain power via HOH and POV. Make Austin have blood on his hands and force him to make his move. He cannot hide behind anyone’s back anymore!

      • Yes! That would be ideal for Vanessa’s game! If she were thinking straight she would talk everything out with Steve who’s been loyal to her figure out Austwins are the real threat. Save Steve or John, preferably John for my sake, and get Austin to put up James/Meg, preferably Meg for my sake, and vote Meg out. Then work with the person who comes back in that’s John/James/Vanessa/Jackie (I hope) ad go after Austwins.

      • Right, but Steve had no power. How does she not find it suspicious that her loyal lapdogs didn’t come to her sooner? Which means they were really considering it which means they aren’t loyal and were a huge part of the plan.

      • I think because they are in power right now, so she can’t do anything. But Steve, well, he’s on the block.
        She can get her revenge on him.

      • They don’t really have power anymore though, right? She has POV so it’s in her hands. If she saves John or Steve, Austin will have no choice but to put up either James or Meg putting more blood on his hands and exposing Austwin some more! Which I would love :)

      • She claimed she understood why Austin did it, but not Steve because they were so close. What she failed to realize is only one person can win, and BB is about lies, manipulations and betrayals. She knows, but she believes she’s the only one to do them and is shocked that Steve picked up the gauntlet first…

      • Exactly! I think that’s what irks me the most about Vanessa. She’s allowed to lie, manipulate and betray but nobody else is. It’s even worse that she’s aligned with a 3some yet not realizing they will drop her soon.

  16. I don’t understand … Van Van was so mad at Lil Stevie, so why she said she left the noms the same?

      • Shouldn’t she use the veto on Vampire Dentist to make sure that Lil Stevie is evicted?

      • Austin would be pissed, he really didn’t want to put up either James/Meg to keep them in his good graces. So, that would just make things worse for Vanessa.

  17. Here is the situation for next week. Austin cannot play for HOH, so, it would be the Goblins, Meg, James, Liz, Julia versus Vanessa and Johnny Mac/Steve. Vanessa is better off saving Steve because he can win HOH and he is I am sure pissed at Austin, Liz and Julia for betraying him and Johnny Mac. If Steve wins HOH, Vanessa can suggest he put up Austin on the block with James, . If Vanessa wins HOH, she can also, control the nominations and send either Austin or James to the jury house and if one wins POV, put up James as the replacement. There are no more soft targets so, you either go after them or wait and let them go after you!

    • At the moment Van Van is mad as hatter at her Lil Stevie … then again by tomorrow they could kiss and make up (literally doing make up on Lil Stevie’s face)

  18. My hero will be the person that puts Julia and Liz on the block together… Nuff said…

  19. If the noms remain the same I am afraid Vampire Dentist is toast. The annoying twins somehow have a blind hatred toward him, Mr Coward will do what a coward does, listens to his butch, and of course the two goons … will follow wherever Mr Coward leads them.

      • Ahahahahaha…the arrogance (in place of audacity) of them to think that would be their weapon of choice!!!

      • They are not hot, they are ewwwstink!
        Perhaps after they have boob jobs I will reconsider … nah forget it, still ewwwwmoreeeeee-uhhhhhh.

    • Mr Coward cannot vote and James seems to actually want to work with John and James and Meg are a package deal. So, the votes as of now would go Liz/Julia to evict John and Vanessa/Meg/James to evict Steve.

      • That will change thousands of times by Thursday….Vanessa will collect more information and relay it and the Austwins will keep filpping…..

      • James told John if it was down to them in the veto he was going to throw it to him so I’m still not 100% sure about where James’ head is at with Austin but I don’t think he’s stupid enough to not realize Austwins are a bigger threat and catering to them needs to stop now or his game is over.

      • James told John if it was down to them in the veto he was going to throw it to him so I’m still not 100% sure about where James’ head is at with Austin but I don’t think he’s stupid enough to not realize Austwins are a bigger threat and catering to them needs to stop now or his game is over.

  20. Vanessa is the Donald Trump of #BB17. Sucks all the oxygen out of the room as an open TRIO slides to the end while everyone else is trying to get Vanessa out. Dumbest cast ever!

  21. Vanessa is the Donald Trump of #BB17. Sucks all the oxygen out of the room as an open TRIO slides to the end while everyone else is trying to get Vanessa out. Dumbest cast ever!

  22. Ive never been as disappointed in any season of BB as i have season 17. Twins are just eye candy really (not that I mind eye candy) but as a loyal bb fan, and knowing how many people would do anything for an opportunity like this, I cant help but feel angry at the pathetic bunch that are remaining in the house. No one seems to understand how to play this game, its all “no blood on my hands” or “too risky”. Soooo whats gonna happen when whoever is final two has to speak to jury “ugh yeah i played the “game”, and uh no blood on my hands so vote for me” Its all BS… Im so over this season. See ya next year.

  23. It could be a while before the feeds come back now, especially if another fight breaks out.

    • Oh goodies … more fights pleasssseeeeee-uhhhhhhh.
      Fight and fight and fight and no dinner date on Wed’s show!

      • Yeah, could have done without the Austin/Liz moment last night. Granted, nothing much was happening anyway, so I can see why they needed the filler.

      • Mr Coward proposed they became official gf/bf and she accepted during their dinner date. They are so desperate to be featured on shows they’d do anything!!!

      • Yeah, that much is true, but any talk she has with Julia suggests nothing’s gonna happen once the show’s over.

      • She was…but she’s changed her mind again as of last night during her talk with Julia!

      • The zingbot plus the PoV and the veto plus fights and Van Van’s How to be an Investigator … nothing much was happening?
        Pleaseeeeee-uhhh no time for dinner dateeeeee-uhhhhh.

      • I meant Sunday’s show. No BOB, just HOH and noms leaves a lot of time in between for filler.

      • I meant their dinner date last night in which Mr Coward proposed … they were whoring to be featured on the Wed’s show.

      • I meant their dinner date last night in which Mr Coward proposed … they were whoring to be featured on the Wed’s show.

      • But Liz doesn’t kiss on the second date…which contradicts what’s she’s already done! hahaha

      • Technically those weren’t dates. they were like oh my gawd, playtime. I didn’t have to get dress and put on my hawtness so they don’t count.

      • EWWWWW!!!!! YUCK!!! YUCK! EWWWW!!!!!!!
        Maybe they should check with John to see how that works, lol. Still eww!

      • He’d tell them to go suck on a lemon, like he told Van. Now James, on the other hand, who falsely claimed he was a gynecologist; he was kidding (hardly when he only drew in 20k last year)…LOLOLOL

      • But Liz doesn’t kiss on the second date…which contradicts what’s she’s already done! hahaha

  24. It could be a while before the feeds come back now, especially if another fight breaks out.

  25. One things about who goes out that door Thursday they will get to come back in the house to compete to get back in the house hopefully its Steve or John will win and get HOH and put up Austin and Liz see how they feel being on the block and hopefully house can BD Vanessa if she doesn’t win POV again.

  26. How could it not be the Vanessa show? All she does is run around to all the HGs “something has been brought to my attention… we need to talk”, she’s crazy… maybe if she wasn’t interrogating everyone “something” wouldn’t be brought to her attention. I’m just going to be patient, she’ll be gone in 2 weeks or less after this coming eviction.

    • This show has been horrible. Worst season they’ve ever had. Jason and Day were the best people on the show, and they didn’t win.

  27. Ok, I know the veto cermony is over and it makes no difference. But why does Vanessa feel she needs Austin’s permission to use the veto? She won it and could have used it if she chose to save either Steve or John. I have never understood these “house votes” and what not. They are playing to win $500K. Only one person can win and they need to do what’s best for their own game.

    • She told JMac I’d like to save you, “well, she CAN RIGHT?” just take him off the block. It’s all an illusion… if he doesn’t get evicted after she doesn’t save him, later she can say “remember when I wanted to save you off the block, Austin wouldn’t let me?”, well I need you to save me off the block now.

  28. I just want to hear Vanessa go into the diary room and say these words: “I am playing these people like a fiddle!” Just one time…C’mon Vanessa!

    • She’s too paranoid, she’d think that would ‘jinx’ her.

      She’d also have to say “This is a lot of work and I’m worn out”.

    • Vanessa isn’t going to win. And if she does, it will prove that this show is completely rigged. It will do more harm than good. It will bring a bunch of bad press (if you believe there is such a thing). And next season will be show’s last.

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