Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

Big Brother spoilers reveal this week’s nominations as two more Houseguests go up on the Block and prepare to fight for the Power of Veto as a chance to escape eviction on Thursday’s show.

Nominations on Big Brother
Nominations on Big Brother – Source: CBS

With just a small handful of HGs left on Big Brother 17 there aren’t a lot of options for the HoH. Combine that with an over abundance of deals made last week and that pool shrinks even smaller. As time ran out a decision was finally made.

Big Brother 17 Week 9 Nominations:

  • Austin nominated: Steve & John

Overnight Austin kept going back and forth on whether or not to target Vanessa and if he did whether or not to put her up and act like she was a pawn or try to get her comfortable and not win the Veto. With only 8 HGs left the chances are good that she’ll play either way but that didn’t seem to deter Austin in his initial debates.

The last thing Austin was saying before he closed his eyes was that he’d have to go after Vanessa as a Backdoor. While that obviously meant John and Steve would be the original noms I also took it as an excuse to kick the can on making a decision. By putting those two HGs up he could act like he was still considering BD’ing Vanessa until the last min of PoV even if he wasn’t.

Today Vanessa worked hard in campaigning to stay off the Block but as I mentioned I believe Austin had already made that choice. Then just before the ceremony Austin promised Steve he wouldn’t go up. Well that didn’t stick as Vanessa got to talk with Austin again, admitted to the thrown BotB drama to BD him, and then pushed again that Steve was a less worthy ally. Effective.

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  1. I hope JMac wins veto an nd then wins HOH. He will put up Vanessa and Austin. Don’t blame him a bit.

    • That was what I wanted to happen last week…… Look how things turned out. As a Jecky fan these two weeks have been heartbreaking for me…

    • It is Johnny Mac’s last chance otherwise, he goes to the jury house. Whether Vanessa gets backdoored remains to be seen. Go win POV Johnny Mac and save yourself.

      • Actually, there is a chance that he might become the returning juror. If he loses the veto then I think he has to get ready to win his way back into the house

      • He’d be up against Shelli & Jackie (not counting Becky because of her injury.) Both are really good competitors. Unless it’s luck, he’s going to have a tough fight back.

  2. Give me a break. Austin doesn’t have the cajones to nominate Vanessa. He’s a wimp hiding behind women.

    • I’m so happy, but let’s not get our hopes too high. She still has to survive the veto ceremony.

  3. Vanessa keeps misting these houseguests into keeping her safe. I’m calling it now she’s the winner of BB17. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.

    • I completely understand what you are saying. Every week they kick the can down the road. I guess at some point there will be no more weeks left to put it off. I loved Meg last night telling Austin if he puts her up they will support him. Like you supported Becky, Meg?

      Gee, Meg, you had a chance to put her out of the house last week and you chose a more stupid option. Now you are telling Austin he has to do it?

      I hope one of the goblins goes home again this week because they are the ones who had the best chance to take Vanessa out and they blew it. Now they should pay for it.

      • Exactly right. James and Meg have no standing to complain about Vanessa after stupidly betraying Becky and evicting Shelli over Vanessa. Austin isn’t the only idiot in the house. He’s got lots of company.

      • I agree! I am so mad at James and Meg for not voting Vanessa out. Yeah, Shelli being evicted was better for their game but Becky was a part of their alliance and they didn’t care less that she would be targeted if Vanessa stayed.

        If one of them has to pay I’d prefer it to be Meg. She’s been carried along since her BOB win and I’m sick of it. Much like I’m sick of Julia who literally has not won aNYTHING but has the audacity to call other people floaters.

    • The show is a rigged. They agreed ahead of time that she would be the winner as part of the deal to get her to be a contestant. The network needed a mentally unstable manipulative sociopath to keep the viewers interested so they could sell advertising time at maximum $$$ and maintain viewership. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day…the network has to make money from advertisers, and that requires drama to draw in viewers. Vanessa has made 4.5 million in the past 10 years as the 2nd ranked poker player in the world. That’s why she’s naturally good at deception. It comes natural to a manipulative sociopath and pathological liar.

      • I totally agree. No way can these ppl
        Be this stupid. Bb is a big disappointment this season.

      • I feel like she’s not that good at deception seeing as everyone knows about her deception but a manipulative sociopath and pathological liar, yes, yes, yes!

  4. I feel like that if the returning juror is Jackie, then her and Meg and James will team up, take out every remaining player, then carry themselves to the end. The best bet to win would be James, followed by Vanessa ( if she’s careful) and Becky will join up with the underdogs as well. If only Judas and the blond idiot who thinks she’s queen Janelle can leave sooner!!

  5. Vanessa and Austin have to go, they should’ve been out before jury started.

    • Isn’t it funny how Vanessa can tell them lie after lie, break her deals and make alliances with the entire house and she survives, while if anyone else in the house even tells a small lie the house it outraged and that person has to go immediately!

      These HGs are dumber than the ones in the house last year. At least Derrick was slippery with his lies and not easily caught.

      • And everyone’s so scared to put her up because of what she has on them. But if she can’t remember her lies, why would they believe anything she says anyway? That’s why they all get the medal of dumb, dumber and dumbest! hahaha

      • The HGs are told what to do in the DR. That’s why they’re not allowed to discuss DR conversations. That’s where the game is gamed by the producers. The competitions are also rigged in favor of certain HGs to control the plot and drama. That’s why despite the fact that they are lied to over and over again, it appears as if they are clueless of the lies, when in fact they are just helpless to do anything about it as they must go along with the plot as agreed when they signed the contract to participate. They have little control over the game, and they’re not allowed to talk about it afterwards. It’s they price they pay for 15 minutes of fame.

      • Well, you kind of have to give it up to Vanessa because if she’s able to still slide to safety week after week EVEN WHEN ALL the house-guests know that she is a huge liar and manipulator…that’s telling you something. She’s SMART!
        Would Derek have still been able to survive if everyone was on to him?

      • Derrick is just a slimeyer version of the sociopath, fake, ugly, liar, Vanessa, but let’s remember, if she’s voted out this week, she still has a chance to come back, so beat case scenario, if Jonny Mac wins Vito and pulls himself off, and meg goes up and out, Becky has a greater chance of coming back and teaming up with to get rid of the “Roach Alliance” starting with that FAKE sociopath forever, and then the over tattooed fool, judas,

    • If I was in that house, I would too. She’s just so convincing! Kind of like my brother…

  6. Jmac needs to campaign hard. What’s wrong with him? ..I remember when he was on the block and Vanessa confronted him, he goes..”Can I take a nap now?” lol

      • I feel so bad for him. He’s kind of given up. Then he thought he had something with Austin and the twins and said he trusted them now he knows he’s their target. I think he’s tired of being alone.

      • I think he is too. He’s pretty straight forward and tells it like it is. Funny when Steve asked if he would use veto on him when he was up against Shelli and JMac says no I’d use it on Shelli. That’s why I’m surprised -Austin wants him gone. He’s a loyal number for him.

      • That’s why jmac and Becky was they told it like it was. They didn’t fiddle fart around how they felt.

      • Does anyone else FEAR Steve as much as I do? I mean good god, if anyone needs to see a psychologist its this guy, and scary fact, he’s not alone in that scenario this season can be called the season of psychopaths, starting with Audry…

    • Jmac needs to do something. He has been disappointing these last couple weeks.

      It was OK early on – as he saw all the aggressive gameplay – to lay low and be a dutiful pawn as called on to build relationships.

      But he has never made any real move at all. He said he was waiting for the others to throw the HOH to him last nite. Even today, he was willing to be a pawn again. It isn’t going to be given to you. I had hopes for him to emerge, but it just looks like (and this is not a bad thing to say about a person) that he doesn’t have what it takes to win BB

      • That’s because he trusted the wrong people. The only person that has his back is Steve. Steve even told the Austwins they can trust JMac. He told Austin he’d go up as a pawn because he thought Austin was targeting Vanessa or James. They made that 5 person alliance and JMac is too trustworthy.

      • I agree. He seems like a good person. Just maybe not one that has the ability to win BB (and again – that is not meant as a put down)

      • I feel so bad for him. I don’t think he’s going to win the game but I sure hope he wins AFP

    • He just didn’t want to listen to her bullshit lies, after all can you blame him? He knows she was just going to goat him in and the run upstairs and lie her ass off to the rest of the Roach Alliance, hey he’s no fool,

  7. Steve sucks. I hope he goes. Gets waaaay too much credit than he deserves. Horrible houseguest.

    • Like I just said, that freak is totally messed up in the head, and from the hometown clip they showed on Thursday, his parents are totally to blame, Where the hell was c.p.s. when he was locked in the basement pretending to play super hero musician???

  8. Real big move Austin. You’re a chicken $hit. I can’t wait for the day he’s sitting on the block next to his ditsy blonde bimbo. I want him gone now more than Vanessa. JMac needs to play hard for the veto and shove it up Austins a$$.

    • Well, they Austin and the twinnies did say that they didn’t want to be the one to have Vanessa’s blood on their hands. They want someone else to take her out.
      But he did utter conflicting statements when he said on more than one occasion that if he was HOH, he would backdoor Vanessa.
      There’s still time for that unfortunately. Vanessa’s not out of the clear yet. And I hope she doesn’t get complacent and think she’s safe. She still needs to play hard for that Veto and win it!

  9. Steve came on too strong, scares Austin. No longer sweet Steve, Austwins, see a very dangerous player who has arisen.

    Won’t be surprise if Steve is an its ‘OK’ real target, it would depend on his post-nom behavior, he could blow it.

  10. Wow. Ok, Austin. You just pissed off Steve, and if Vanessa stays, she will be teaming up with James and Meg to take you three down.
    Like I said yesterday, Austin really couldn’t win with this one. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost.

    • LOL. Austin was stupid for winning this HOH.

      He had ties to all 3 factions in the house and could’ve gone in any direction. He just didn’t trust the J/M leg enough to let him win HOH.

      Now, he is probably in a worse situation than if James had won & the small chance he would’ve put him up. He has likely got the Gobliins scratching their heads about “Why not Van” and he has pissed Steve/Jmac off too.

    • Meg and James will never team up with Vanessa. If one of them gets HOH she’s going up. Now if Jackie comes back then I could see those three going after Austin and the bimbos.

      • They will if JMac exposes the Austwins’ game. They don’t have Jackie to lead them, but JMac and Steve just might do in a pinch.

      • Well I hope if JMac stays on the block he tells Meg and James everything. But I don’t think he will.

  11. I am so done with this season, a bunch of damn cowards, I can’t stand Vanessa but she will win this thing because No one knows how to play the game except her,Austin is the biggest coward of them all he will not back door her, I am so sick of the twins as well, Julia is worthless, she has done absolutely nothing since entering that house except watch her sister and creepy guy make out.

    • LOL! “Make out’? Is that what they call it these days?! Austin is the grossest of the gross, and Liz isn’t far behind – no class at all. The Evil Threesome needs to go soon, but unless James or Meg win HOH next week, I don’t see how there’s even a chance that’s going to happen. If one of them wins, it will be the biggest travesty in BB history.

      • Liz will eventually come up for air, but only because she needs to cough up that hairball she’s swallowed.

      • Someone should send Liz home. That would completely break up the alliance because I don’t think Julia would hang with Austin.

    • I agggree is anyone going to get rid of this mental case if jmac leaves the house I will no longer watch I dont like their game play I miss dr will and mike boogie or teacher dan game play way better than vanassa even Rachel reilly and I hated her is better than vanassa russo

  12. If Johnny Mac gets evicted, I can’t see myself watching the remainder of the season. Austin literally makes my skin crawl and body cringe. Ugh.

  13. I really want to see the look on Austin’s face if John wins veto, see him dig himself even deeper into a hole.

      • All he had to do is win HOH…..then put Vanessa and Liz on the block. That’s all he needed. But as usual, he can’t win a HOH.

      • Yeah, but austin asked him to throw it to james and took it himself outta FEAR…. IT’S not that he can’t trust them, he’s unsure of himself to pull off the game

      • That’s one of the main reasons I’ve no respect for John(his game play). He’s always throwing comps, although most of them, I believe, he had no chance of winning or lying about throwing.

  14. I really at this point I just want Van to get evicted so I don’t have to listen to people raving about how “great” she is. I shudder just thinking about it.

    • You and me both If I have to look at her sad raccoon eyes until this is over just shoot me. Lol

  15. Need to call the exterminator to fumigate the BB house and the houseguests all at the same time!

  16. Well yawn. Make a move Austin, don’t go after the easy evict and especially after you just said you wouldn’t nominate him. But that being said, Steve or Jmac should’ve won the HOH so they could make the choice themselves. If the same people control the game from beg to end they deserve to be there more than those who blow a little smoke but have very little fire.

  17. Week by week…. They just all let Vanessa get away with all her lies, yet they all know about it…how logical…

  18. The HGs were afraid to put up Amanda a couple years ago but the did get her out towards the end. Hopefully that will happen with Vanessa. I can’t understand why everyone is afraid to make a big move. Austin has no b__s or a brain in that creepy body.

  19. Steve made the same mistake Becky did. She was fighting too hard for Shelli, and he was fighting too hard for John which made him suspect.

  20. Is there the slightest chance there’s a plan to save John or Steve with the POV and backdoor Vanessa? If not, I don’t understand this at all.

      • As a Jmac fan I don’t even care if Vanessa goes up or not anymore, I just want him to secure his own safety at this point

    • Actually not that hard to understand… Austin was too chicken to pull the trigger on Vanessa and my boy Jmac became the scapegoat…

    • I don’t think getting rid of Vanessa is a good move in my opinion. Him and the twins are a walking target after Vanessa. Vanessa is a meat shield and Austin should just use that to his advantage.

      • I’ve mentioned this before in another comment of mine… if the Austwins do not target Vanessa, they are taking a gamble. Cuz by doing so, they will lose a lot of trust with the other side of the house and they themselves might emerge as a bigger target than Vanessa

      • Taking out Vanessa doesn’t lose trust with anybody, but I think that getting rid of Vanessa just makes Austwins a bigger target. Whoever comes back from jury is targeting Vanessa but with Vanessa gone their focus might (and will) shift to the Austwins. Vanessa is a meat shield and I think the Austwins should use that to their advantage until they take out the players who can make a move against the Austwins.

      • I might be wrong cuz I haven’t been watching a whole lot of feeds lately. But Jmac and the Goblins really wanted this week to be Vanessa’s week, and even Steve was somewhat indifferent. There is no way that Steve would target Vanessa before the Austwins. Jmac and the Goblins really trusted the Austwins cuz they made deals with them and now he is breaking those deals… does that not seem like trust issues may occur?

      • Why would Austwins care about James and Meg? They together with Van and Steve have the number to take out James, Meg, and John one by one. Once these 3 are gone, 3 of them can still take out Van. Why should they suddenly trust the Goblins more than Van?

      • Exactly, that’s why it’s a gamble. If they are able to continue their HOH streak then they will be fine. However once The Austwins and Vanessa lose power, we don’t know if the Goblins, Jmac or the returning juror will target Austwins. Btw, there is NO WAY Steve would not target the Austwins before final five.

      • Right! So isn’t it better to team up now and destroy the other side 1st? Why reduce your own number now… If James is gone, no matter if Jackie or Becky is back, the other side won’t have enough power to do anything big!

        So Austwins do what is best for your game! No need to care about us TV audience…

      • Oh you meant NOT targeting Vanessa loses trust. I read it wrong, yeah I agree if the Austwins keep Vanessa they will lose trust with a few people. But in my opinion it won’t really matter because with Vanessa gone the Austwins are next.

    • That was the original plan but Steve put up such a big fuss about Austin putting up 2 of their alliance members so Austin was then going to put up Vanessa and Jmac. Then he changed his mind again at the last minute after confronting V about the whole “lying about having James throw the BOB comp” and her coming clean finally.

  21. Austin always talks big but has everyone forgotten that he has a final 2 with Vanessa right from the beginning it will all play out like he was so smart he wants to keep Vanessa in so she can break up the twins then he can pretend like he is so mad about Julia being voted out blah blah blah

    • Who doesn’t have a F2 with Vanessa…oh wait, that would be James and Meg…woohoo…Go Vanessa! You and gorilla boy are in it to win it. Just be careful of that “oh woe is me” Becky…she could possibly hiss you both away when she returns!

      • Should Becky return, her target could be Liz, like she stated in her interview with Julie. That could work, though, because with out Liz, will Julia and Austin still work together?

      • I’m hoping it’s Becky or Shelli who comes back. There will be fireworks if it’s one of those two.

      • I don’t think either will be targeting Van if they come back. They’ll have their eyes set on Austwins for sure.

  22. If Austin is smart,he will back door Vanessa regardless of the fear of her coming right back. Chances are slim of her getting back in based on her competitors. Shelli,Jackie and Becky are all very strong players. Who knows who will come back next week !

    • I’d argue that that’s his worst move. She will expose everything about Austin and blow up his game. His only real move is to go after JMac or Meg. Anything else and he’s toast, and even with those two options, I think he’s toast.

      • Getting rid of JMac would be bad for him and the twins cause they are too chicken to go after Van and with him gone,Van will ride to the end.

      • I don’t see too many paths for Vanessa to get to the end. She’s has the three Austwins, James, Meg and Steve to get through. 5 of those 6 are gunning for her.

      • If Shelli comes back and team up with Van, Steve, and John to take out the Austwins, it will be a pretty wide open game for anyone to win. Aka a lot more exciting than what it is now where the Austwins seems to be going to final 3 without much opposition…

  23. One of the nominees has to win the Veto. I think that’s the only way Vanessa is gonna go up on the block, unless Austin goes back on his word to James about not putting up him and Meg.

  24. If James doesn’t win the Veto, he is going home. No way is Meg winning anything and Austin is too afraid to put up Vanessa.

  25. Can someone explain to me why taking Van out now is good for the Austwins’ game? Van has been on their side this entire time, so why not continue to have her vote (and Steve’s) to take out James and Meg first? Why should they suddenly trust James and Meg now? Once the other side is gone, they still have the number to take out Van. But if Van is gone now, the Austwins will immediately be targeted.

    I know a lot of people hate Van and want her out, but be realistic and think about the game moving forward. Don’t make “big” moves like James where with all the power in his hands, he took out Clay and blew up Becky’s game…

  26. Anyone know the flashback time Austin and Vanessa talked and she came clean about the backdoor stuff?

  27. I know I am always defending Vanessa but, I feel as though my reasoning is validated. I do NOT believe Austin was stupid not to put up Vanessa. My reasons are because first of all, Becky going to Austin and the twins and telling them about Vanessa wanting to backdoor Austin was no secret, especially to Julia! So what’s the big deal? He knew it was a possibility and he knew he lied to Vanessa and he threw Julia under the bus so he begged for his life in the game! (well I mean he begged for his life to go to jury with Liz!) Julia was just as guilty as Vanessa with the idea of backdooring Austin (she didn’t even tell Liz when they switched!) Vanessa keeping Austin that week put a huge target on her but clay and Shellie were in the house still so everyone else blamed them. now the fingers are pointing at Vanessa and Vanessa alone when Julia was just as guilty! secondly, Vanessa will be loyal to Austin and most importantly, Austin and the twins are a solid 3 so it’s smarter for Austin and the twins to wait for someone like James, Meg, Johnny Mac to get HOH because their target will be Vanessa when all actuality it really should be the twins and Austin!
    and lastly, everyone who is bashing Vanessa due to her paranoia, isn’t it validated!? like I have said several times, obviously Vanessa is very good at reading people hence she is a poker player, a pro poker player! And a side note for those of you who call her a washed-up poker player, not true! At all! Anyway, she has every right to be paranoid because everyone is against her and talking behind her back and lying to her face! And she knows it! so to call her paranoid because of that makes no sense. her paranoia is 100% validated! I understand where some of you are coming from in regards to her crying and constant game talk but she plays a game for a living so it’s very hard for her to just turn that off! and she is not used to relying on anyone else but herself to win a game so it’s difficult for her to trust! Again validated!
    and, for those of you who choose to reply back to me and insult my character, why?! I certainly am NOT insulting any of you, I am just trying to be the voice of reason for Vanessa! the Vanessa on Big Brother is not the Vanessa I know, she is a very happy, positive and giving and loving person! I think the house is just getting to her head too much! all of the house guests have a lot of downtime, vanessa is always on overdrive! But for those of you that don’t know, she got a divorce a while back but remained friends with her ex husband and shortly after the divorce he was diagnosed with cancer and died very suddenly! and, my opinion is she just has so much downtime which she is not used to so she is probably reflecting a lot on her past. of course I know the house guests are all in the same boat….. some people just deal with it better than others!
    so, I will defend Vanessa to the end! At least she is playing the game and not treating it like summer camp like a majority of the players who are still in the game were! At least she is keeping this season entertaining because this season has been very predictable and boring! I say good for her! Sure she is never not playing the game but she plays a game for a living therefore I’m sure it’s just very difficult not only to turn off the switch but to also rely on others!
    so, yes I know my comments are long! And yes I know a lot of you do not agree with me and / or just really dislike Vanessa but, this is a game! And I am never insulting any of you for what you say so I see no reason for the personal attacks on my character! isn’t this the reason we all post comments? Agree to disagree! I certainly do not think poorly of anyone who is maturely having a conversation and a friendly debate!! but, there’s no need to attack me for having my own opinion on someone I guess a lot of people do not understand or like that is in the house. Or attack me for my long comments, don’t read them!

      • Good comeback! haters are going to hate! Can’t change and don’t want to change people’s minds! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am simply giving mine. don’t like what I have to say, don’t read it!

      • Yes!! We have met several times. I certainly am not her BFF by all means but I have met her several times through mutual friends and she is totally down to earth and a really nice person.

  28. yes, my last post was very long but I just wanted share a piece of it this way instead of in my long comment.
    I don’t know why some of you feel the need to directly insult my character or take shots at me because I defend Vanessa. are we not allowed to have a friendly debate without name calling?! I certainly have nothing against anyone on here for their opinions! and just because I am team Vanessa and just because I attempt to try and help people understand where she is coming from, certainly does not make me a bad person. I enjoy a friendly debate :-)
    so, I would appreciate if people would like to reply to my comments, please keep them about the game! And please do not insult me personally. don’t get me wrong, my feelings are not hurt lol I can take it! I have actually enjoyed being a part of the conversations on here this year / season. I have been following this website for quite a few years and only this year did I choose to partake in friendly debate. it’s nice having people to talk to about the game and about the house guests. why take the fun out of it and insult people? agree to disagree! But have fun doing it :-)
    Yes I am TEAM VANESSA & I will continue defending her character especially when people take it too far! I am not afraid of being a minority! and I get that a lot of you are not team Vanessa! But I know her outside the game, and she is a very very kind, loving, loyal and all around great girl! and for that I am NOT sorry for defending her! she’s a tough girl, she’s gone through a lot and I know she can take it!!
    so much for my short comment lol
    have fun! Enjoy big brother! And friendly debates are welcome of course lol but don’t insult me personally! I can take it, I really do not care but if you want to take it to that level, feel free to private message me! there’s no need for personal attacks on a friendly group like this :-) take care, and thanks for reading :-) lol sorry my comments are always so long lol I guess I just have a lot to say haha ♡♡♡♡♡

    • Vanessa has no character. You can be team Vanessa all you want, but that says more about you than it does about Vanessa. One thing that I’ve learned over the years, is that we as human beings gravitate towards people like ourselves.

      • I don’t understand the need for personal attacks! And I don’t 100% follow all the feeds so clearly I am missing out on some of the things Vanessa is doing which are not cool! And for that I apologize! I am defending vanessa is gameplay from what I see, and I said several times I don’t always agree with what she does but it is just a game and a lot of people have played the same game (or a lot worse) & won. it’s the game! there’s no way around it! and do you know the Vanessa outside of Big Brother? She is a very very kind and generous person! She does a lot for her charities, she has personally gone through a lot over the past couple of years (not undermining anyone else in the game for their character outside the game) so I guess I am just coming from a place of knowing the real Vanessa. like I said, I don’t agree with a lot of what she’s done in the house but at the same time, she is playing a game! and she is paranoid but she has every right to be paranoid! again, I don’t understand the need for a personal attack on my character but if it makes you feel better then so be it! I am NOT attacking any House cast personally nor am i attacking any of you personally so I guess the same could be said about you!

      • am sorry you feel that way about me! You are very wrong! And it’s unfortunate that you need to personally attack my character because I have a different opinion than you. I don’t agree with everything she is doing, of course not! But at the same time, I know Vanessa is a very very nice and generous person outside of the Big Brother house and the Vanessa people are watching now, is unfortunately a paranoid Vanessa and I totally get where she’s coming from. but don’t agree with everything she is doing.
        I know I already replied to you but, I just wanted to point out personal attacks are not necessary! you’re kind of being hypocritical by doing that wouldn’t you say!? making comments about my character when you know nothing about me whatsoever, how it all is that fair? How does that make you a better person than me? I don’t pretend to be better than anyone, I simply have an opinion and I share it. if it makes you feel better by not having a friendly debate and instead insulting my character then so be it, but if you intend continuing to do so, how about we just agree to disagree and don’t read my comments. Fair enough? You don’t know me, I don’t know you! I’m sure you’re a very nice person just like I am. ♡

      • Dawne, I don’t see my reply back to you but I did reply. I am very new to this “Disqus” so I’m still getting used to it lol but in response to your question, yes I do know her. I have met her several times through mutual friends of Poker. some of my good friends are good friends with her. No we are not BFFS LOL we have only had a few conversations via Twitter or email & have hung out a handful of times again with mutual friends. Every time we have hung out she has always been very down to earth, super friendly and nice. I have never seen this side of her in regards to her paranoia and whatnot! but, she plays a game for a living and she is not used to depending on others to win a game, as you know poker is played as an individual, so my opinion on why she is acting this way is b/c she feels not in control which is something she is not use to when playing poker.
        She is an extremely nice person and an extremely caring person and very charitable! & I certainly do not like everything she is doing in the house, or the way she is betraying herself but the Vanessa inside the house is not the real life Vanessa

  29. Does no one think that James should be the one back doored. He is a great social player that does well in all the challenges. He is the one that will win big brother. Austin should not back door Vanessa. She is a vote for their team in the jury and John James and Meg would get Vanessa out before them.

    • Why pick on James? I hope he does win the game. After Jason was evicted, I became team James. James is very competitive, kind and very funny., I agree he is a little rough around the edges, but James is not way near the loser that Austwins, and Vanessa are. In the real world, of the four losers who would you want to be friends with?

  30. Those people better wake up you getting lower & lower on people put off,but you have 3 people that’ 3 votes . I believe twin’s going to end & win ..

  31. Sigh…When Vanessa is gone then I’ll start watching the show again. I will say they’ve edited her better on the show considering she was the main reason I cancelled the live feed.

  32. Listening to Julia tell Vanessa they should get James out this week was priceless. First, she hasn’t won a thing. But what’s more ironic is she is talking to the biggest manipulator in the house. Won;t it be funny if James win HoH next and Vanessa throws Julia under the bus to keep herself safe? I will LMAO if that happens.

    • But James may not get to do that if he is backdoored this week! I used to like James, but after seeing how James plays the game too emotionally, I lost all hope for him already.

      Hope Shelli comes back. Okay with Becky too. Big NO to Jackie; she won’t be able to contribute anything to the game!

    • Austin and the twins never had spines to being with. It will be interesting to see what James does if he wins HoH. Or, when Shelli comes back what she will do if she wins HoH.

  33. just curious, why because I defend Vanessa (or at least understanding her for the most part) do some people feel the need to personally attacked me? And attack my character? am I bad person just because I like Vanessa?! clearly not! yes, I have a lot to say sometimes OKAY most times LOL but atleast I can laugh at myself! And I am NOT seeking out anyone and insulting them personally because of their opinions. why do there always have to be certain people to ruin a friendly debate? for those of you I am talking about, how about you simply ignore my posts?? I enjoy coming on here and reading everything people have to say :-) as well as a friendly debate :-) I see the good in everybody! I have zero interest in entertaining trollers or people who are looking for drama by personally attacking me because I talk too much oops I mean type! And because I like Vanessa! I like everyone in the house for that matter :-) ♡♡
    Thank You to many of you (most of you!) for friendly & mature debates ♡♡

  34. I feel like Austin is a wimp for not targeting Vanessa but at the same time you don’t want to give her the chance to return.

  35. KUDOS VANESSA! Now I hope she’s not the backdoor target! She still has to work hard to win the Veto so she’s fully secure.

  36. He should of went after James and grandma Meg. James has gone back on his word. Can’t be trusted to stay in alliances

  37. Gwedolyn Lol you are missing my point James is a good social and physical player which makes him a threat. I like James but if you are hoh you should take out threats Jmac is a dentist and does not need the $$$$ I would have put up Meg and Steve and back doored James. That would give Austin a better chance for his game. Do I like Austin no but I am not sure if the players are looking long term. Who will vote for them in the jury etc.

  38. How dumb can the austwins be , V will target them is is getting to close to the end to have three people with so much power, V has it made , liz and austin put up others to go and can not make a good decision, they have made themselfs huge targets, all in Vs plans, V will sit pretty when the austwins go, and the house guest want to seperate the three,

    I hope shell comes back or jackie , but at this time anyone will take revenge on the group. It is going to be interesting, when power shifts and the boo hoos start for the power trio. and then V , either steve or john will go , that is a given, but power shifts quickly ,

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