Becky Burgess – Big Brother 17 Eviction Interview

Becky Burgess was evicted from Big Brother 17 on Thursday making her the third member of the Jury and a potential returning Houseguest per the now well expected gimmick of someone coming back after being voted out.

Becky Burgess talks with Julie Chen
Becky Burgess talks with Julie Chen – Source: CBS

After falling victim to waffling allies Becky found herself on the losing side of the Vanessa battle after putting all of her eggs in the Goblins basket and then watching it fall apart all around her last week. Now in the Jury we had the chance to ask her about a few of those decisions, who was to blame, and what she’d do with a second chance in the Big Brother house.

Update: Pop has shared their exit interview for Becky Burgess and “Jecky” hopefuls can finally find peace knowing the truth. Click below to read her full interview for Big Brother After Dark.

Becky Burgess - After Dark Eviction Interview

Read what else Becky had to say in our Q&A interview as well:

Who do you blame the most for the foiled attempt at evicting Vanessa last week?

Becky Burgess: I blame myself. I should have approached the situation better and allowed the house to choose. At the end of the day, people will get rid of the person that will help better their game, not who the HOH wants out.

Why do you think so many HGs resisted evicting Vanessa?

Becky: Shelli seemed to be a bigger target at the time and Vanessa has a stronger social game than Shelli. She was able to campaign better.

Do you think you’d still be heading to Jury today if your evict-Vanessa plan had been successful?

Becky: No, I would not be. I would still be safe in the house hopefully meeting Zingbot this week.

Looking back, how do you feel about your strategy to play as a free agent to both sides before trying to settle in with one group?

Becky: I feel that it helped me stay in the game longer than some individuals that formed alliances too quickly.

However, at the end of the day, when I did pick a side, I trusted them too much and should have thought more as an independent when making decisions in the game.

How bad do you want to win that chance to get back in and who would you target first?

Becky: I absolutely want to be the one that gets to go back into the house. If I were to return and win HOH, I would need to decide if I want to continue going after Vanessa or Liz.

What remains your biggest mystery from the season that you can’t wait to have answered?

Becky: What America is voting on. I don’t feel there have been very many twists or changes in the game so I’m curious to know what they’re doing.

As a newcomer to Big Brother, what turned out to be your biggest surprise in your BB17 experience?

Becky: I felt I could be a better player after studying the game so much. As we’ve all heard a thousand times, it’s so much harder to play the game when you’re home watching from the couch. At the end of the day you can’t help but be yourself.

Which remaining HG right now do you see as having the best chance to make it to the end?

Becky: Steve

Watch our preseason interview with Becky Burgess and see how her game compared to her plans:


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  1. Others may disagree, but I enjoyed Becky. She was good at the comps and was willing to shake things up. Unfortunately for Becky though, her own alliance screwed her over.

    Had they evicted Vanessa, I honestly believe John could’ve gotten Steve to turn on Austin and the twins during the double eviction night. Instead, Norman Bates did what his mother Norma wanted him to do, and Jackie got got. Had Vanessa not been around, I think John would’ve had the most influence on Steve.

    So the Goblins got exactly what they deserved for screwing over their own ally. She stuck her neck out for them and told the whole house this is HER move and she’s taking full responsibility, and her allies still didn’t vote as Becky wanted them to.

    • You all seem to forget that Becky caused her own downfall. This all stems from everyone’s cowardice in not voting Jason out. They backstabbed first.

    • Becky waited too long to join an alliance. She should have done a better job of convincing James, Meg, John and Jackie to vote out Vanessa. Shelli was a bigger threat to the Goblins than Vanessa was (or at least Vanessa was better at hiding her target’s). I really think Vanessa got in Steve’s ear before the double eviction even began because there wasn’t enough time to do anything with everyone out in the open like that. Other than that, Yeah I agree with most of what you said.

    • Becky did not stick her neck out for anyone. She played for herself and she should have. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but you always look out for your best interest .

    • Although I like Becky and if Jackie doesn’t come back, then I hope she does. If you don’t remember Becky is a big Snitch and was playing both sides of the house. She could have kept some of the information about the Goblins to herself. Once James found out what she had been doing he could have put her up on the block himself if he had won HOH instead of LIz.

  2. If Vanessa truly does NOT “need the money” (quoting her verbatim) and if Steve honestly told people that he did NOT want to actually get cast, that he simply tried out for the show to take it off his “bucket list” of things to do, then there are two spots that should have been given to other, more deserving, applicants. I really hope that neither of them makes it to the end.

    • No one is “deserving”. Charity cases and superfans are not entitled to be casted ahead of anyone else.

      • I tend to agree. People do things for reasons other than money and if you are playing a game like this only because you desperately need the money, there are a lot of better ways you could be spending your time. Yes, the odds are better than the lottery, but you are giving up a hell of a lot of time (1/4 of a year?) with no guarantee of walking out the door with the cash. I don’t begrudge Vanessa for wanting to play the game for reasons other than needing the money.

      • The problem with that is?

        1) Plenty of the best characters in the history of these shows = recruited

        2) Plenty of the best players in the history of these shows = recruited

        3) Being recruited does not mean you aren’t a fan

        4) Having not seen the show before being told about it does not mean you will not like, appreciate, respect, etc. the show and/or the game

        5) I’d rather they try to seek out the most interesting people they can (whether they succeed or fail) than to limit themselves to what number of people apply, wouldn’t you?

        6) I could go and on with reasons why it doesn’t matter if they’re recruits but it all comes back to: no one is entitled to be casted. Superfans do not inherently deserve a spot over someone that has never seen the show just for being a fan.

      • Don’t think some of the best players in history were recruited. And yep these people are real characters alright. Zzzzzzzz

      • Okay, you’re just ignorant of reality tv history and of this topic in general. You keep pretending recruits are the enemy. Maybe THAT will get you and your buddies on the show.

      • Just because I disagree with you doesn’t make me ignorant. In fact you just made a very ignorant comment. Find another place to troll.

  3. As smart as Steve may be, he can’t see that he has gotten this far because everybody thought he was an easy pawn floater.

    But he is now showing to be a very dangerous ‘clever as a fox’ HG. Very wrong to intimidate the HOH by showing his negotiation skills

  4. She says “at the end of the day” too much. Shes so right. There haven’t been many twists this summer or America voting on things. I lost track of how many who left said Steve would make it to the end, maybe all of them did.

    • That shows me how myopic they all are — how can Steve make it to the end against a solid group of three? Only by winning comps.

      • I know, it has amazed me for weeks how they don’t care that those 3 are a strong group. They don’t target them. They are quick to get rid of couples on this show but throw in a couple with a twin and it goes over their heads.

  5. Becky is showing in that interview that she’s one of the smartest HGs this season. She’s got a pretty good read on the situation and what went wrong. Her downfall was the fact that the other members in her “””””alliance””””” are just downright stupid (sorry James fans). Otherwise her strategy and game play would have taken her much further.. Kudos to her, I hope she comes back!

  6. As soon as Becky said she would be targeting Vanessa and Liz if she went back in, I got the sense that she’s one of the few who know the score. On the other hand, do any of these guests fill the audience in on what they are thinking? Do any of them, either than Steve, speak to the cameras so that we have a sense of their real thoughts?

  7. If Austin puts Steve on the block with Vanessa, then I hope he gets voted out instead of her. I think that the whole house is in agreement that she should leave and hopefully it will be next week. John is trusting Steve too much and will end up losing.

  8. I really wish Becky can rejoin to the game and see she evicting Vanessa and even Liz!

  9. This sucks, I’m nor was ingredients anymore night keeping up with this bb 17 bs can’t wait for bbCAN to start this cast is a fail.

  10. This big bro sucks I feel bad for jhony mack and this cast sucks BBCAN 3 was so much better then this bb17 next year please cast players not lover friends and crack heads like vanessa

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