Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Friday Daytime Highlights

It was a surprisingly tense day in the Big Brother 17 house as Austin proved what everyone already knew and that’s that he shouldn’t have won that Head of Household competition.

Austin clowns around in the house. No, that's not doctored.
Austin clowns around in the house. No, that’s not doctored. – Source: CBS All Access

He flip-flopped all morning and afternoon on what to do and in the end, Vanessa does what she does best and got to Austin to protect herself. Read on to find out all the talks that went down leading up to the nomination ceremony.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 21, 2015:

9:20 AM BBT- HGs got their wake up call.

9:35 AM BBT – Austin tells Meg how Vanessa got upset overnight. Meg suggested Austin should just put Vanessa up and he says he might (he’s lying). Austin then starts suggesting it might be easier to just take out JMac this week.

9:50 AM BBT – Liz warns Vanessa to go talk to Austin. Vanessa heads upstairs for a long talk with Austin.

10:45 AM BBT – Vanessa now campaigning to Austin downstairs in the kitchen. They’re openly discussing nominations. Austin says he’ll put up John and Steve. Vanessa says he needs to keep her off the Block because she’s the only person to have won a PoV while not either HoH or nominated this season. (No, that’s not correct. See: Johnny Mac.)

10:55 AM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin his family sent him a picture of him on gym rings with a gay friend to secretly tell him to “hang with your gay friend” in the game. That of course being Vanessa. She also suggests it could mean that he should stick with a group of 3 for some other reason. Who knows.

11:10 AM BBT – Austin tells Goblins how Vanessa has been campaigning hard. He acts like he’s considering putting her up. He’s not. Austin laughs about Vanessa’s ridiculous theories about his pictures.

12:27 PM BBT – Have-Nots lockdown is over to reveal… no Have-Nots this week! The new, mid-size table has arrived.

12:32 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz she needs to convince Steve to be OK with going up.

12:33 PM BBT – Steve comes in and Austin tells Steve that he can’t put Vanessa up outright in case she wins and comes down. He says he has to backdoor her. Austin says he needs to put Steve and John up. Liz says Vanessa has too much information to use against them if she goes up. Steve is still pushing for him to put Vanessa up because they won’t have the numbers if he and John go up. Austin says Vanessa will lose her mind if he puts her up.

12:40 PM BBT – After Austin isn’t budging Steve says this tells him that they’re with Meg and James and not him and John (yep).

12:44 PM BBT – Steve isn’t happy and he’s telling Austin that JMac will know that he’s plan B on going home this week. Austin is now sharing his Johnny Mac reservations to Steve. Steve asks what happens if the veto isn’t used and he and John remain on the block. Austin says everyone, including Vanessa, has promised they’re vote out John.

12:53 PM BBT – Vanessa and Liz talking privately. Vanessa telling Liz that she needs to make sure Austin puts up Steve and John. Liz says that’s what’s going to happen.

1:00 PM BBT – Steve is still riding Austin over his nominations plans. Austin is stressing. He starts thinking about what reason he can give to nominate Vanessa (but he’s still not going to). Steve says it has to be Steve and Vanessa or John and Vanessa. Steve wants to make sure he has the three votes he needs to stay.

1:10 PM BBT – Now Austin is thinking about asking Meg if she will go up (why do these people even win HOH this season?).

1:15 PM BBT – Austin and Steve STILL talking. Austin agrees not to put him up next to John.

1:20 PM BBT – Liz and Austin now talking about what they should tell Vanessa as to why she’s going up. Liz hates that they made that deal with John and Steve. She says she like James and Meg better.

1:30 PM BBT – Austin says either Vanessa or John goes home this week.

1:35 PM BBT – Julia is still hinting at James being a danger to them, but Austin has explicitly said he won’t go for James and Meg this week.

1:43 PM BBT – Vanessa comes back in (time for her to talk Austin out of nominating her). Austin tells her that Steve isn’t co-operating and doesn’t want to go up as a pawn. Vanessa says they should just evict Steve because he’s not loyal. Vanessa says if she goes up, she goes home and that would be dumb for all of them.

1:50 PM BBT – Austin begging someone to tell him what to do.

1:53 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa are alone now. He gets her to confess to knowing that James was supposed to throw the Battle of the Block so Austin could get backdoored.

1:55 PM BBT – Elsewhere Liz tells Julia that Austin is an idiot for winning this HOH.

2:01 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the nomination ceremony.

2:56 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Austin nominated Steve and Johnny Mac. Julia gives Steve a hug and tells him he is not going home.

3:02 PM BBT – Vanessa, in tears, comes up to thank Austin for keeping his word. She says she won’t ever cross him.

3:05 PM BBT – Austin telling Vanessa to win the veto. Vanessa tells them they can throw the veto to her and she won’t use it so they don’t have to get any more blood on their hands.

3:21 PM BBT – Steve asks Austin who his actual target is. He tells Steve it’s John or Vanessa (not even sure who Austin is lying to at this point). He tells Steve that he’d look stupid if he doesn’t put Vanessa up if the veto is used.

3:30 PM BBT – House has settled down for now. Johnny Mac isn’t happy with his nomination, but Austin has managed to calm Steve down.

So it’s really hard to tell right now what Austin really wants to happen this week. But if Johnny Mac doesn’t win the Power of Veto, then it’s looking like he will get evicted and Vanessa will live another week in the house.

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  1. Austin is still safe with Steve. Steve wants Austin or Meg for final 2. Steve will go after James first before anyone.

  2. I agree Matt, why do these people want to win HOH when they can’t make up there mind at all. It s like they think this is a Summer Vacation or a paid internship. BB really needs to rethink the way they get their players.

  3. Has anyone read Derrick’s post on Twitter??? ROFL – that is why Derrick won last year!

  4. The Austwins are worried about an angry Vanessa coming back from jury and want to use her as a shield since shes a bigger target than they are? They are delusional. Johnny Mac in the past week has thrown a veto and an hoh for them and now they are crapping on him. This leads to a very angry Johnny Mac coming back after them and Vanessa. Then we have an angry Becky coming back for them. Becky is already in the jury house getting in Shelli and Jackies ear about them keeping Vanessa and how she feels and if Johnny Mac gets a chance he will let them know what just went down while they are competing. Shelli and Jackie both like Johnny Mac so now they could be coming back after them. The giant target may have just changed from Vanessa to the Austwins this week. James and Meg know Vanessas game and will team up with whoever comes back. They can put a twin and austin ul together with a bd plan for Van or the other twin. One of that group will go home. It weakens the Austwins and leaves Vanessa as an outsider. Imo they made a huge mistake this week.

    • They should be worried that Shelli comes back and hooks up with Vanessa. They idiots should vote Vanessa out bc only one can come back. Vanessa had been HOH all season except when Becky and James were in. Terrible season, none of them have a pair!!

  5. Van: “Oh Austin, Oh Austin, wherefore art thou Austin?” Austin: “She speaks. Oh, speak again, bright angel. You are as glorious as an angel tonight. You shine above me, like a winged messenger from heaven!”

  6. If the Judases & Van Van are Final 4, what would we get every day?
    1. Judas & Madam Judas exchange salivas and more 24/7
    2. Leftover Twin sulks 24/7
    3. Van Van goes cray cray being the 4th wheel 24/7
    I don’t think I deserve this torture if that will happen.

  7. Wow what’s going on this season, why is No one playing the game? I’m so tired of the Vanessa show! Just give her the money already…

    • you are one hundred percent right! i have never seen such a scared bunch to use their hoh power, they should have let john win at least he had guts to put up Vanessa, no matter the results, would have at least made show worth watching

  8. The fear of Vanessa being the returning house guest amazes me.
    A) The history of a returning HG has been dim, at best
    B) If she comes back, you just kick her ass back out again. Yes, she has won a couple of HoH’s, but I ask, What has she done lately?
    V’s power is broken you twits!

  9. i don’t care if some people think Vanessa is playing well, i will stop watching after this season if she wins. I don’t want to watch a show that rewards such idiotic childish behavior. Game play is one thing, but tantrums and hysteria is just sickening. John is playing a smart and honorable game, the others are just too scared to play the real game so send them home!!!!

      • you might be right, but not a fun show to watch when a wimpy cry baby walks all over everyone, i want to see real game play not tantrums and tears

      • I guess it depends on what you’re looking for. If it was a game dominated by JMac, I’d likely tune out. I think he’s a funny guy, but I don’t enjoy watching him play because he doesn’t really do anything. I’d much rather watch tantrums and tears because she’s playing the game and playing it hard.

      • everyone entitled to watch what they like, i just don’t agree that she’s playing hard, just think the rest of them are too stupid or chicken to play the game, so guess she will win, so enjoy

      • Unfortunately, I think “production” would like to see a female winner this year so you need to prepare yourself for the inevitable Vanessa win this season.

    • The format of the show has always been a social experiment, that requires HG’s to interact with each other who may have different beliefs, ideals, prejudices. etc. What do you expect to see from BB game?

      • Ideals, beliefs, preducices? what does that have to do with not liking to watch her have temper tantrums and crying all the time poor me! I admire her when she plays professional poker, expected more from her, sorry not impressed, nauseated. she is not using any of the big moves she described in intro tape, that would have been interesting!

      • Good to know you understand the concept of the show. Have you watch all the seasons?…any favorite?

      • I don’t want to be her Jury if I was the player. Because I’ll be walking in the house with blanket over my head like Audrey did. lol

      • Or Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs to those that have never seen “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest!” :-)

    • Whoa, someone call the producers of this show …. If they find out that you will no longer be a viewer, I’m sure their whole attitude will change .. NOT!
      What good are threats like this, other than to make you feel better? You are obviously invested enough in the game that you are contributing to sites like this one.
      If I only had a dollar from every person who has threatened “to never watch again”.
      PS – You don’t get your dollar back if you change your mind.

      • thanks kim, you made me realize i am too invested if i am on this site, so enjoy, keep enlightening people about bb and i will keep thoughts to myself. and darn no dollar back, shoot!

  10. He’s just a baaaaaad Santa
    Who smells like a rat
    He stole Rudolph’s nose
    And wears Frosty’s hat
    Doesn’t like to wear shirts
    He has his body tats
    He’s just a baaaaaad Santa
    Who thinks he’s all that.

  11. Get rid of Vanessa. I don’t care about the returning jury twist… Vanessa will have to go through Shelli, Jackie, and Becky. The odds aren’t entirely in anyones favor. If Vanessa can come back after eviction, power to her… but everyone in that house will be gunning for her.

  12. These houseguest are really leaving a bad mark on the BB game and giving a bad first impression to those who may be watching Big Brother for the first time this season. They’re acting like they are in a Country Club instead of playing the game. They waste time playing bowling when they should be talking game. They all are literally all talk and no bite.

    First off, there’s no way that Vanessa should’ve made it passed the double eviction, but all because of a shirt they keep Vanessa and then lose an ally (which they couldn’t afford) while the other side of the house regained control. They have no one to blame, but themselves. The Austwins are no smarter as they act like they’re in a world of their own. Vanessa has no loyalty to no one except herself and the first chance she gets to send one of the Austwins home she will and has proven that when she was setting up a backdoor plan for Austin.

    No of them make their own decision about who they want to put on the block expect for when Becky won the HOH and put up Vanessa. It’s like Vanessa won every HOH and they were just a representative for her. You can ask around to see where people heads are at, but at the end of the day it’s your decision as HOH who should go up and not you doing someone else’s plan. Austin keeps saying he doesn’t know what to do, then you shouldn’t have won HOH if you couldn’t handle the job.

    They all claim to see Vanessa’s mind games and agree she is the one who needs to go, but none of them have the guts to do it except Johnny Mac. Others keep falling for the same old mind games and fake crying…And the Oscar goes to! They are going to keep letting Vanessa pass by until she’s in the final 2 and they all realize how foolish they were.

    • Drew you summed it up very nicely.

      James tried to play the game but soon realized he had no support.

      Austin just stated he can’t believe he and the twins have been able to stay in the game this long, well they can thank Vanessa, cray cray lady!

      • It was a cumulative effort by many of the other idiots that were in charge of the thought processes!

  13. One day everyone will look back and realize they were manipulated with guilt by Vanessa. It will be like Oh Sh_ _!! I lost half a mil to Vanessa and liked it!!

  14. Steve just said Austin was cast last season (16) as an alternate and Austin confirmed it. Is that common knowledge?

    • It seems that nobody watched Derrick play or Season 16 for that matter. This season is TERRIBLE!

      • I rooted for Derrick. I was thrilled when he won. Sitting on pins and needles though because I just knew it would flip to Cody

      • Derrick fan here as well! I was worried about that myself. Cody didn’t deserve it…Derrick PLAYED the game and done it exceptionally so.

      • Yes, He deserves to win. I wasn’t rooting for him. To me that season was boring. He acknowledge it too from his interviews, and the reason why, it’s boring.

      • Honestly, I think the jury would have picked Derrick. It’s not that he was most deserving to me, it’s that he played the game the best. Cody was a floater. I don’t consider that truly playing.

      • Most deserving meaning ‘played the game the best’. Yeah, he ‘floated’ right into winning what gave him the right to pick Victoria for F2 over Derrick but Cody couldn’t get pass the ‘bro’ thing, so he was honorable but stupid at the end.

      • True about the “bro” thing and Victoria. But, that still doesn’t negate how the jury would vote. I still believe that they would have picked Derrick (as they did) if he was still in the final two with whoever was next to him. If he was not in it, they would have been Cody.

      • I totally agree, don’t know where you got the idea I think differently about Derrick? Derrick wins against anyone in F2, but comes in 3rd if Cody had taken Victoria to F2, Cody wins there in that scenario.

      • I was just glad it never flipped to Frankie!!! After Frankie was gone, I didn’t care who won it! Just didn’t want him to!

      • Told my sis, glitter-boy’s on Oxygen, she said “the kind that makes you laugh and talk funny?” She’s dense sometimes.

      • You had to bring glitter-boy up??? Now somebody will bring up his show… yuk & make me gag.

      • It’s not nearly as terrible as Season 8 was I’ve been told. But last season was just as terrible with all the nitwits Derrick had to work with.

      • I think I’ll use wikipedia and goes thru all the Seasons to see which ones I liked… didn’t seem to matter I always returned. I only remember having a hard time watching the one w/Evel Dick but I’m sure there were other low seasons.

        I’ve watched since the 1st season when the one-legged a$$ kicker won… that guy was unreal as far as being so adept getting around.

      • Season 8 was with Evil Dick! hahaha He does a podcast (you have to sign up and buy them) on BB every season. Not sure when he started that, but he has guests (former players) on with him to discuss each episode of every season. He’s quite spot on sometimes about each of the players though! He’s very blatant sometimes too! hahaha

  15. I don’t know who it was that referred to him as Ewwwstin on this site a couple of days ago, but someone get that person a prize. It’s the perfect name for this creepy dude.

  16. I feel like we are more likely to have V struck by lightning than voted out at this point, that’s what I’m hoping for

  17. It’s like this entire season is on a loop from hell that just keeps playing over, and over, and over…..AGAIN! Make it STOP!!!

  18. One thing james is the only one to have played a game of integrity, except when he just lied to Meg

  19. Was Steve really a frat boy? And yet he doesn’t really socialize? He’s holding back on us.
    Did Austin really go to college? Wait I thought his parents let him drop out of eigth grade, since they were hippies. Eeewwwwwwa! I’m confused with all the conflicting stories. Oh Austin Stop! You’re driving me crazy!
    Since they are identical twins, if Liz and Julia wear the same clothes will Austin be able to tell them apart ?
    Fight Jmac! Fight!

    • Now that they are not trying so hard, I think it’s pretty easy to tell the twins apart. One tell … Liz is the ESPECIALLY bitchy one.

    • He did not realize there were twins in the house initially. Couldn’t believe he had not picked up on it. But whose to say he didn’t already know and Liz is really the outside girlfriend. Just saying, been crossing my mind lately. It’s funny her picture disappeared.

    • Funny the bacon and tofu guy said the same thing about Vampire Dentist. So perhaps Clay needs to come back? Hehe

  20. James is funny. I liked the saran wrap joke. Steve looked a little peeved about that and that looked like real emotion.

  21. If Clay came back he’d want the Hoh bed back.
    That was another EeWwee! Shelli was robbing the cradle!! Maybe we could reintroduce Liz to Clay and Ewwstin to Shelli after the show is over.

    Gosh I hope they don’t read everything everyone writes about the show or we won’t see any of them on Survivor or AMazing Race. Oh, well! We will live!

    • Or is it Julia?

      Just am now sure I do not like Steve. He is racist. James is sweeping and he’s throwing stuff on the floor and Precious Meg, runs over and stops Steve from continuing his evil. Steve says he’s not evil dick. Yeah, right and I’m mother Theresa

    • She doesn’t know any one-syllable words. Every single word she speaks ends with her mouth open and her lower jaw dropped – book-ah, James-ah, bed-ah. Like someone who went to broadcasting school and got it all wrong – a kind of aural torture.

  22. Liz and Julia do not sound like they are from Miami. Just saying not stalking. Will leave that to Austin. He probably can’t find Miami.

  23. I have an idea….let’s have James saran wrap Austin to the bed and Liz and Juuuulliaaaa can run for it. I mean its not like they are running for the money.

  24. What a bunch of cowardly twerps! Austin is worrying about Vanessa “losing her mind” if they put her up? When does he think the magic time will be when she won’t lose her mind?

    • I don’t think there is..and if that’s what keeping her in…then they all deserve to lose

  25. Everyone should go read the intros that CBS posted before BB started this season. That’s what made us want to watch.

    Then we all jumped down the rabbit hole…..

  26. Derrick was undercover in the house and Austin is under the covers in the house. Cringe. SORRY!! BAD Lola, Bad.

    • Pop balls, Pop balls, Pop balls! If only I could zoom in there and throw those at all of them, then zoom back out again!

    • Running joke between my daughter and I since the goblins wouldn’t evict Vanessa. Every time I watch the feeds or read an update I can’t help but call most of the house idiots.

  27. If Austin’s back with Vanessa, then he just screwed himself and the twins. Because once this plays out and a juror comes back into the house, it’ll be Meg, James, John/Steve (unless Vanessa can get in the latter’s ear), and the Juror against Vanessa and the Austwins. While we’ll finally get a 4 on 4 split, there’s a bigger chance of the power shifting back towards the Goblins this week and any combination of Van and the Austwins going up on the block and off to Jury… for keeps!

    • Yep, that will happen if Van’s not backdoored this week! That’s when BB will pick up this season the most! Revenge is a powerful drug!

    • It would be the smartest thing for Austin to evict James. Meg is useless, especially on her own. John and Steve aren’t going to work with Meg (and James btw). Unless the returning Juror is James or Becky, there will be no alliance. And even if Becky returns, I doubt she’s going to team up with Meg and Steve. Jackie won’t team up with Steve either. If Shelli returns, she might actually team up with the twins again. It’s more likely than teaming up with James and Meg. Either way, if Austwins evict Vanessa and Becky, Jackie or this week’s evictee returns, Austwins will be the main target of John, Meg, James and the returning Juror. If Vanessa stays, Vanessa will be most likely the biggest target.

  28. Everybody in the house talks big about getting Vanessa out the door until that person wins HoH!!! No Guts No Glory. HA,

  29. Too bad we can’t email them to tell them how stupid they are.
    Kiss the $$$ goodbye if they don’t send Vanessa out now,

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