Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Nominations spoilers have arrived for Big Brother 17 revealing who has been sent to the Block and will compete in Saturday’s Power of Veto competition. These two nominees have just one chance of safety before the next vote.

Nominations on Big Brother
Nominations on Big Brother – Source: CBS

These nominations, decided upon in late night talks, were part of the new Head of Household’s master plan. While the players involved know they might not end up as the main target, it seems they might not know the whole story.

Big Brother 17 Week 7 Nominations:

  • Becky nominated: Shelli & Steve

Things went just as planned with Becky’s noms, but before she was able to make them official word to spread to Vanessa that had her nervous. Becky had refused a deal with Vanessa but accepted one with the twins. Once Vanessa learned of that she knew something was up.

Immediately after the ceremony Becky told Shelli if she (Becky) gets the Veto then she will save Shelli instead of Steve. Downstairs Vanessa told Julia she was confident that she (Van) is the target. Steve camtalks that he now knows Vanessa is the target, not Austin as he previously suspected. Steve worries that Vanessa going home is bad for his game.

Steve previously knew he was not the main target, but he wondered if it was really Shelli or Austin, according to a quiet camtalk session earlier today. Shelli has learned more from Becky and knows things are aiming at Vanessa. Becky seems to want to work with Shelli so that could be the motive behind the oversharing.

Veto players will be picked on Saturday morning and if Vanessa isn’t there then she’s in even more trouble, but if there’s anyone who could talk her way out of this mess then it’s probably her.

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  1. For a season that started (and stayed) so slow and painful, it’s gone from 0-60 real quick. – Nice.

  2. What worries me is that besides Van, the Austwins were saying that they had to try for veto and keep noms the same. That’s 4 people that want noms the same.

    • Steve and Shelli nominated for eviction. Good. I hope the back door Vanessa plan works. If not, I would like to see Shelli evicted. If the nominations stay the same, Shelli may come up with enough votes to stay because that is what Vanessa will be pushing for.

      • If the noms stay the same, I predict that the votes will be split. J/J/M & JMac to evict Shelli. Van & the Austwins to evict Steve. Becky will be the deciding factor. If she wants to get close with Shelli, she may make the wrong decision.

      • I think now Johnny Mac has said he is ready to start playing. I definitely think he will vote out Shelli.

      • JMac and Steve are closer. JMac is pretty much the only person that talks to him on a regular basis.

      • I’m so glad they back dooring Vanessa! I hope Austin is next and crazy Meg, then Shelli. Jmac you need to step it up big boy !!

    • Obviously, Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia want the nominations to stay the same because they could be at risk of being put on the block. Shelli and Steve want to win POV, Becky too to backdoor Vanessa. James, Jackie, Meg want to win POV to help in backdooring Vanessa. This is going to be a hard fought POV because a lot is riding on it.

      • Van likely doesn”t want them to stay the same IF she wins POV. She can use it and take Shelli down and she is still safe. But if anyone else wins, you’re right – she doesn’t want it used

      • That’s a maybe. She would have figured out that if she saves Shelli, Austin is going up. She may think that she can swing the votes to save Shelli anyway. If Van wins PoV, it will be interesting to see which of her allies she is willing to sacrifice.

      • Yeah. But she could also use it as a chance to start breaking up the Austwins. And it not being blamed on her. They have been pretty useless in comps. Shelli is probably a better ally for her going forward becuase she can win comps

      • But, Shelli is just 1 number. Austwins are 3 numbers. Do you sacrifice your strongest ally, 3 votes or secret strategist/rat?

      • It’s a tough call. Votes are important, but as the last 2 weeks out of power have shown her (Van), she needs an ally – any ally – that can win comps. If they (6th sense) keep losing HOH, they will be going from the majority of the house to its minority very soon.

        Now another way to look at this comp incompetence is that the Austwins will be easier to beat in the final 4-5 for Van in comps. Only problem is she needs to get there. Right now, it isn’t looking good.

      • That is a tough decision. The rat could and can be targeted at any time and be gone because some will consider the rat a floater. Three votes is a safer number than one but hose three could turn to zero if the right person gets in their ears. which leads us to the strongest ally, This would be the safest bet to keep as long as you can keep your mouth shut and not stir the pot so much otherwise your game will be up.

      • That is exactly what Vanessa said That she she would take Shelli down and she would be safe And that would force Becky to put JMac up

      • She’s fixing to get a dose of her own medicine. I’m loving this. I just wondering who will go next ? I wish they would get nasty Austin out !! Can’t help it he’s looks just absolutely nasty. Can believe she let him kiss her. Thought i was going to puke !!

    • Once again they put the wrong person next to Shelli on the block. If noms stay the same and Steve goes home ,once again it feels like a bit of a wasted HOH.

  3. When I read that Shelli was nominated again…I was immediately excited. I hope somehow, someway she gets boot. What I do know is…Shelli will be kissing Becky’s butt.

  4. We know if Shelli, Steve or Becky win POV, they will use it. IF Vanessa gets to play and wins, she will keep it. IF Meg, Jackie or James are chosen and win, they will use it. Not sure about John since he told Steve Vanessa is the target.
    Am I right in my thinking if Vanessa were to win POV and took either Shelli or Steve down (??) is she then available to be put up for eviction?

    • No, she’d be safe. If the Veto winner is not on the block and they use the Veto, then both the Veto winner and HG coming off of the block are safe.

    • Amazing how clueless he is. He’s talking about protecting Vanessa, and yet he’s sitting on the block. If Sixth Sense could save Shelli and send Steve home right now, they would jump on that immediately. How he doesn’t have the self-awareness to see that boggles the mind. He’s got enough problems as it is already. SMH

    • Vanessa taking Steve down would throw Shelli into fits AGAIN. Taking Shelli down would be expected since most now know already they are possibly working together but who would go up in her place. Who would go up in Steve’s place is also another question if Vanessa was to win the POV.

      • Hopefully a twincompoop and I would think Liz would be the best option. IMO, it would be the smartest one.

      • I agree Austin Liz and Julia are three because of Liz. Without Liz Julia wont work with maybe the person she hates the most.

    • No. If V wins POV and saves Shelli, they’re both safe. If you win it and you’re OTB, you can save yourself only or give it away.
      If you’re not OTB as V is this week,
      Then you can use it to save someone who is OTB and also you are safe from being renominated.

  5. Does anyone think there’s a chance anyone would take Steve off instead of Shelli? Cause I’d rather have Vanessa/Shelli on the block than Vanessa/Steve or Shelli/Steve.

    • Agreed! JMac might save Steve. IDK about J/J/M. They most likely would save Shelli, since that’s what Becky wants, unless they talk her out of it.

      • I think James, and possibly Jackie might only because they both are aware that Shelli is major threat, and getting at least Vanessa or Shelli would be good for everyone’s game. Plus, if they get the HOH again, they can evict the other one, or at least Austin out.

    • Yes….James would definitely take Steve off the block instead of Shelli, if he gets picked for POV. Imagine if he were to use it to take off Shelli……after trying to get rid of Shelli last week, hmmm……..AWKWARD

      • Steve won veto he can take his self off. If he don’t he will be going home instead of Vanessa.

  6. If Vanessa gets to play in the veto will production throw her a mental game which she would be a favorite to win or are these games planned out too far ahead to change on the fly?

  7. its a double eviction next week so Steve and Van are totally screwed. Which sucks i like steve.

    • Do you have a crystal ball? I’m hoping that Van & Shelli are the first 2 to the jury house, but not willing to make a prediction.

  8. “…according to a quiet camtalk session…”

    So Steve’s conversations are between Van and then a camera? That’s….sad?

      • He gives me the chills at times and I’m serious. I no longer think he is just socially awkward. I think he may be a little troubled. I wish he would stop all of the weird stuff he does when he is alone with the cameras.

      • From the beginning I’ve thought that Steve has some sort of autism, due to how bad he is at the social game and that he does so much self talking to the cameras.

      • If he does, that would be a great thing to know because it would explain his actions. I wouldn’t feel so bad about thinking there is more to it than just being awkward.

      • My grandson has aspergers and acts just like steve no social life just him and his video games or other electronics,i thinks steve,s electronic device is the camera.

      • Yep, the show Parenthood was my introduction to aspergers… very smart but no social skills whatsoever, don’t even understand the social cues….

      • i have a grandson with it and my oldest son has it as well so i,m very familiar with what they now call autism spectrum but i still call it aspergers syndrome.and Steve acts like he has it

      • If he has been diagnosed, that being revealed could possibly benefit a lot of people in the process. I’m already looking at him in a completely different way by just what I have read here.

      • Yeah, I wondered about him when Day said “I love you” to him, he thought so hard about it…. Then there was the time he said something to Liz and Arse-tin got on him about it, Steve didn’t understand Arse-tins tirade. There were a few more incidents.

      • Yeah, his facial expressions sometimes remind me of my cousin with autism. But some of the comments he make are just plan weird. Like his DR comment about enjoying watching becky in sorrow during that veto comp. So idk, maybe he has aspergers and just happens to have a dark side.

    • Steve seems socially awkward, which is probably why he does that. Vanessa is probably the only one he can be most comfortable with.

      • Vanessa “mothers” him though. I think that’s why he’s attached himself to her. Did you see him tell her he loved her in the HOH room 2 weeks ago?? It was really pitiful. With his lack of social and self-care skills maybe he didn’t get much at home (mothering).

    • It puts the lotion on. That is about all I can hear from Steve or am I wrong about that too.

  9. Watch Vanessa win the Veto, save Shelli and Steve goes….if they wanted one of them out, they needed to nominate them both…

    • Very true. I truly wonder where Becky’s heart is with regards to Shelli. She may want her to stay for some reason, but she also doesn’t want to piss off Jmac & her new buddies J/J/M. So, she pursues Van BD plan with shelli being nom’d.

    • A back door plan this late in the season can bite you in the butt hard. Not as many people and the chances your target can play and win the VETO. Risky move but it can be worth it if it is pulled off.

      • But, Becky has learned all that she knows about BB from watching a few shows and being in the house. She doesn’t know the risk this late in the game.

  10. Live Feeders, How has Shelli reacted to the Nom? Is she cool about it or is Production going to have to call a Dr. due to the vobbing? (Victim sobbing.)

    • I think if she thought she was a target, she might have sobbed when Becky told her that she was going to be a nom, but not the target. She’s in the kitchen w/ Becky & Austwins, cooking, eating, casual conversation.

      • Sorry, I don’t understand. Has she been playing the victim since the Nom? (Crying, I assume, to Vanessa maybe?)

      • Not at all. Shelli has known since last night that she was being nom’d today. She and Becky had a long talk. Shelli knows that Van is the target.

  11. If Steve does not win POV, Johnny Mac becomes the power player in the house. Whether it’s Shelli or Van sitting next to Steve on Thursday, Becky will vote with Johnny Mac to determine eviction. He can make big deals because he will be sustaining or creating a new majority. Becky desperately wants to avoid any anger, so it’s all on Johnny Mac!

    • I don’t think JMac wants that kind of power. He wants to start playing the game, but not at the risk of being a major target.

      • You are 100 percent right. He doesn’t want the power. It looks like it fell on him. I am very interested to see how he handles this unwanted responsibility.

    • I don’t think Jmac can actually handle that power from the way he handled the Clay/James/Vanessa altercation that threw him straight into the fire… He may be smart but he’s not a fast on his feet thinker… I like him but I just thought he would have a little more to him than that.

  12. This is a good time to say how much I respect the humility Vanessa has shown in playing Big Brother.

    She’s a big f’n deal in Vegas and casinos around the world. People have been asking her for an autograph and now a selfie for 10 years. She’s one of the most successful pros away from the table and her income is probably 3 or 4 times the 4.5 million she has won in tournaments. She was a Go Daddy spokesperson along with Danica Patrick and she’s carrying a Dixie cup of water trying to fill a bowl while falling on her ass.

    Other than Austin and JMac these people have accomplished nothing so far with their lives. When she was their age she had gotten a full academic scholarship to Duke dropped out of Law school to play poker for a living and in short order became one of the best and most recognizable poker pros in the world. She also shepherded her husband through dying of cancer. If she goes out this week I say Well Played

    • You may know some of the answers to my questions about her. Why did Poker Stars drop her? Why isn’t she listed in a major tournament in years? Why did she split from her husband after he announced cancer and not attend his funeral? Is she faking being a lesbian? If no, why did she conveniently wait until she got BB to announce it and produce her g/f? Why are so many in the poker community calling her a con artist?

      • Poker Stars probably dropped her for several reasons. They were taken over by Amaya and that would mean they need to cut costs. Her contract was probably up and since Online Poker dried up in the US in April of 2011 and she was off the tournament circuit her value was greatly diminished

        She doesn’t play tournaments anymore probably a combination burnout, extensive travel, opportunity to make big bucks away from the table with no stress.Her husband was dying since 2012. I’d be surprised if she wasn’t playing a lot of cash games and making more than pocket change

        I forgot about the funeral.I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt on all things Chad Brown. They went out of their way to say the divorce was amicable and they were best friends. Maybe the divorce was a financial thing, You are aware of how the US Healthcare system works.

        I think she’s bi but who cares about anyone’s sexuality anyway.

        Many in the poker community while highly intelligent are degenerate gamblers and basically liars and crooks so consider the source. I am not aware that con artist is the general consensus

      • I don’t care about her sexuality. I care if she’s lying or not. You seem to know so much about her back story, but so little about her BB game play.

      • I didn’t like her game she’s needlessly abrasive and talks too much to try and get an edge. When I saw her on BB I checked Wikkipedia and You Tube and was impressed

      • I checked those, too, and had the opposite reaction. The only thing that impressed me was her Duke experience.

      • You’re coming across as really personally invested in this player. It feels like a family member/friend far more than just a general fan.

      • I’m in your corner on this one. Of course fans don’t like her – she was running the house for a month until James’s big move, and she still has the most power. People having their favorite HG’s run out of the house by V is going to tick fans off, but she came to play.

      • I don’t care about her poker skills. I care about her BB skills and her conning American and the other HGs. What she did before BB and what she’ll do after is of no interest to me.

      • I’m confused. You care or don’t care about her girlfriend Mels’ interview at All In magazine. It’s about the game
        Google:all in magazine vanessa watch

      • No, I really don’t care. I’m not sure if Mel is really her g/f or just a girl who is a close friend. Either way, Mel’s views are going to be terribly skewed towards supporting Van. Van may be paying her for this, for all we know. I wouldn’t put it past her.

      • “Many in the poker community while highly intelligent are degenerate gamblers and basically liars and crooks”

        That explains how she fit in so well

    • I have been watching BB since season one. Over all these 17 seasons, there is only one HG that I actually don’t like, and that is Vanessa. What she is outside the house does not matter to me. In the house she’s a spaz.

      • I’m aware of that but most of you don’t know your arse from your elbow about poker and how difficult poker is and how big a celebrity she is in a very big pond Do You have a point?

      • I only care about how she does in the game of Big Brother…she’s a good player.

      • lol I know, but their are holes in the plan, and we’ve seen players escape this kind of situation.

      • Agreed. I see either the noms staying the same or Van winning veto and taking Shelli off the block as the 2 biggest holes.

  13. I hope that Vanessa wins veto then uses it on Shelli, I just want more drama to happen this week

  14. Nessie the Monster is so upset because Becky will not make a deal with her, asking Shelli why does Becky want to make an enemy out of her. VANESSA, Becky isn’t falling for your BS and the BD is open.

    • Nessie just talked to Shelli, and said if she wins the Veto she’ll take her out, and Shelli said if she gets to pick HG choice, she will pick Nessie. really? Is she that cut throat now? The power could shift again if Nessie is backed by Judas and his twins. Their stocks just went up in the house. Now they have to deal with 3 players in 1 all the time. Aren’t they in a good spot right now?

      • ..and What’s up with Steve?! He reminds me of a “Progeny” of True Blood series. The protector of his maker Vanessa. lol He talked to the camera and said he can’t let this happen. They should be on the block. Camera and Steve.

      • That would be the coolest thing to see, Cyril. Steve sitting in one chair , the camera in one chair. When asked to give a reason why not to evict, Steve gives his little speech and then turns the camera on which shows Steve(as the camera) imploring all the HGs to keep Steve, he deserves the chance, camera wants him to have this opportunity because it means so much to Steve. Yes, he too had a little fling with Meg but it was that Jezebel’s fault. Camera wants to sacrifice his game for Steve. Mind you, camera isn’t quitting.

      • If Van takes down Shelli, I’m hoping Austin goes up. Twins aren’t an option, because of the deal that Becky made with them last night.

      • Exactly. Jackie needs to get in Beckys ear and ask her if she thinks she can win against Shelli? The answer is no. And make Shelli earn that trust.

  15. If the noms stay the same they will send Steve packing, they are all too stupid to get rid of Shelli ,I mean come on what kind of threat is Steve, he’s just weird not threatening, Shelli will eventually gain control again if they keep letting her stay.

  16. with vanessa gone, there goes the austwins they will be on there own, shelli will out to win, julia is not really with liz and austin, if shelli is smart she will stay with julia and becky Get rid of vanessa asap. The rest is dominoes

  17. Does anyone else think that if Shelli is pulled off the block and Vanessa is the renom that the house will vote to evict Steve over Vanessa? Keep in mind, Clay was evicted last week over Shelli, these houseguests can be played.

    • The loyalty appears intact for now with Vanessa. She has Austwins and Shelli with four votes against JaMegkie’s three. I just don’t see a relationship tight enough between Johnny Mac and Becky to trust each other 100 percent to vote the same way. Huge advantage for Vanessa, if she doesn’t self-sabotage.

  18. This could back-fire on Becky and her alliance. If Shelli is taken off and replaced by Vanessa, it being DE, Vanessa will campaign the night before a scenario on Austin and the twins to save her and vote out Steve and Shelli will rally as well for this, and why, because Becky told Shelli the plan, big mistake, should of let Shelli sweat all week.

    This whole thing can flip on a dime, let’s not forget that the twins like Vanessa, don’t know why though and are easily persuaded like Austin

    • IF Van & Steve are on the block, votes should split and Becky sends Van home on the tie breaker. That’s a BIG IF, though.

      • It’s too risky, Austin and the twin could fold with pressure from Vanessa and Shelli. Best to leave Shelli up against Vanessa, the entertainment value of watching them campaign against each other will be nice feed watch. At least that team is broken up

  19. I’m still thinking that if Becky wins the POV and take Shelli out of the block, and the replacement nominee it’s Vanessa, the votes could be tie.
    For evict Steve: Austin, Liz, Julia, and Shelli
    For evict Vanessa: Meg, James, Jackie and JMac

      • Exactly! That could be a great move. Or even Shelli could vote for Vanessa, that would be the best for the Shelli’s game.

      • If Vanessa win the Veto and take Shelli out of the block, probably Becky can put on the block Austin or one of the twins. Honestly I hope that Vanessa doesn’t compete for the veto, but if she compete and win I think that Becky could put on the block other of the 5th sense alliance members.

      • I hope to see competing in the next pov competition John, James and Jackie, that could be the best for the Becky’s plan.

      • Maybe could be risky, but I think that it’s a good strategy for send V home; or maybe put Vanessa with Shelli in the block coulb be better, if Austin, Liz and Julia vote for evict Shelli, and with the JMac, James, Meg, and Jackie votes they can evict Vanessa, maybe Shelli gonna join with the Dark Moon Alliance? After Dark Crew? (what’s the name of this alliance?).
        I think that the upcoming events will be interesting and decisive for the season.

  20. Don’t really care if vanessa or Shelly goes home this week but them 2 together is a deadly combo and can easily make the final 2 so it would be smart for the the house to get them out while they have the opportunity also I’m not a fan of Meg or Becky Meg is the biggest floater I’ve seen thus far she doesn’t even try in competions and Becky flip flops to much for me

    • Meg is not a floater and neither is Becky, now. Floaters always float to whoever is in power. Everyone in their alliance was confused on where they fit in and didn’t realize until last week that there was a solid alliance. Now that they know, they are banded together. J/J/M/B

  21. The best part is Steve talking to the camera. Whats with that? Also him worried about whats best for his game. What game? Why was I not informed he had a game?

  22. Let us have Vanessa be Steve’s replacement please BB gods. I’d love to watch Shelli and Vanessa scramble around like the buffoons they truly are.

  23. After Vanessa, I think Steve should go! He’s a flip flopper, a weasel, a floater and a muck racker. For too long his vote has been the deciding factor in this game and he’s not shown complete loyalty to anyone. He hasn’t won veto or hoh but he has a massive sense of entitlement and he is really good at sucking up to people to get what he wants. If the other houseguests don’t evict him he’ll win this whole game.

  24. I know this is against popular opinions, but I want Vanessa and Shelli to team up and dominate the house! Haha. Because to me, they are the 2 people who have actually been playing the game, strategizing and getting the results they wanted.

    For the other HGs, a lot of talking and not much doing. Even when James won both HoH and veto and wanted Shelli out, he voted for Clay in the end…

    • When it comes to being a fan of the best game players on the show you are correct.
      I like the nicer people so I want James or Jackie to win since they are also playing the game,Not as good, but I prefer them over those two obnoxious girls.

    • I will even go farther and say the rest of the six sense to team up and take out other side. And then they can battle each other. But like you said Van and Sheli final two.

  25. Matthew, I’m having trouble on this page. That “Powered by Sodahead” keeps making the screen jump around. I’ve never had that problem on here before so not sure what’s going on. I just wonder if any of the rest of you are having the same problem?????

    • Every time a new ad starts, it pulls your page to the ad. Difficult to read when page keeps moving. There is a fix on google settings, make plugins turn on only by you clicking on it. Unfortunately, all pages will be like that. I did it, and my pages load faster. Here’s the way: (windows 7, may work windows 8?) upper right corner of page, 3 horizontal lines, click there go to settings. Then go to: privacy, then content settings, plugins:let me choose when to run plugin content—-check this button-hope this helps, the ad is a pain.. this will only work in google

      • Ads are becoming quite a scourge on the Internet as a whole. If they would only play nice I would not mind so much. But noooo… They have to hijack focus, pop up, auto play videos with the volume cranked up, etc. etc.

        Do they really think that their being annoying is going to entice me into buying something?? Do people really fall for this?

        I am proud to say that I have no guilt for using adblockers at every turn. I feel that if they won’t play nice then why should I?

    • I want Vanessa to also stay. Her and Sheli are the ones that people are talking about. How boring will it be listening to jacki and Meg talking game. OMG!

  26. I hope Vanessa is backdoor’d , but I still want Shelli to leave first, then Vanessa.
    I’m glad that Becky did that, but is she putting up James and taken off Shelli if she wins. I am still not to sure if she is on the right team.

    • What the hell is your problem? Jackie has done nothing wrong! James is the perverted one, Meg is flirting and getting drunk all the time, Steve is a creeper, Austin is lecherous…what the HELL are you talking about? You’re delusional. Don’t hate on the good players. Besides, none of them are perfect, so grow up.

  27. Becky should have put Elizabeth and Sheli on the Block that way Austin and Julia would fight for POV for Elizabeth if chosen and not Sheli. That way it breaks their alliance up. Also it puts two extra people on the six sense in a tough position, which you all know they(Austin&Julia) would fight to keep Elizabeth. Thus helping Becky keep the power because not only would 3 of the six sense alliance have their hands tied but sheili would have no chance and Vanessa would be BD. Also if Vanessa wins POV it guarantees sheili will go to jury or Elizabeth. You take Elizabeth out Austin will want to leave the house to be with Elizabeth in Jury. But if the plan works and Vanessa is backdoored then who ever used the POV, If I were Becky I would tell that person to take Sheli off the block, BD Vanessa and it will force Austin and Julia to vote for Elizabeth and Vanessa would lose votes and go straight to jury. This would have been the perfect two people to put on the block this week to guarantee to Becky the twins were not going to screw her over. Also Becky could have just let Elizabeth know she was a pawn.

    • It took me way to long to figure out who you were talking about when you said “Elizabeth” >_<

  28. Why isn’t the rest of the house on the list for “who do you want to be nominated in week 7”?

  29. I think people/feeders are drinking the kool aid that Vanessa is serving.. Stop being so paranoid and give Becky a chance. True she is telling Shelli she will bring her off the block if the veto is used but Vanessa would be going up in her place. No matter what Shelli does at that point–ie: vote with Austwins, Becky has the tie-break vote and will send Vanessa home.. she wouldn’t back door the person only to turn around and save her in the end. Also, by having to break the tie, she would know 1st hand, that Shelli turned around and voted with the other side of the house (against what Becky would have wanted her to do). So those ties would be severed. Regardless, Vanessa would be gone.. this was the target all along. If you want to start going down the Vanessa path then sure, Vanessa COULD win Veto and take Shelli off, then Becky would likely put up either Austin or Liz so they would once again be down in numbers. Obviously we will know more once the POV comp has taken place and then you can eat the Vanessa biscuits and drink her kool aid. For now, how about we give Becky some credit where credit is due.. last week I was calling her a Rat and now she has come clean and has seen the light. Don’t forget, they have made jury now so she is also wanting to be sure she gets Shelli’s vote so it isn’t a bad thing to take her off the block–so long as Shelli does vote the way Becky wants–otherwise all bets are off.

  30. so you guys really think Vanessa is the target? and if so why? I have missed A LOT of feed talk and these comments so unless I am missing something, why does everyone on here you want Vanessa to go home? She is an amazing player! She thinks very logical & is sensitive andtotally has your back if she trusts you. I don’t quite understand everyones hate on here for Vanessa! the only thing I have noticed is she talks a lot. I caught the first few minutes of the big brother after dark show and Vanessa was talin talking to and Jackie seemed so uninterested in talking to her. and then when Meg joined them, Jackie turned over! um what I was seeing was her being a total bitch to Vanessa!

  31. I really wanted Austin to go home for a week or two, but at least in the footage they have aired, he seems to have gotten a lot less stalkerish.

  32. After thinking about it shelli is screwed if she picks houseguest choice and picks vanessa and does not win pov or vanessa doesn’t win pov shelli goes to the jury .if she picks houseguest choice and it’s not vanessa she knows shelli turned on her and if shelli is still on the block she goes to jury vanessa will vote her out

  33. Vanessa must go, she lies to everyone. Sick of her sad face. when she’s called out. Time to get this season rolling, it’s been really slow. HGs this season aren’t very game smart except for James that has the guts to put up Chelli.

    • Vanessa has the nerve to ask everyone to stick to their votes, but yet, she flipped Jason out of the house, LOL

  34. GO BECKY!! Glad you won Veto! Now since you know you can’t trust Shelli take Steve down and put Van up!

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