Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Friday Daytime Highlights

Becky Burgess set her backdoor plan in motion during the Big Brother 17 nomination ceremony, but surprisingly, she let Shelli Poole in on the plan.

Becky lets Shelli in on her plans this week – Source: CBS All Access

It would be in Shelli’s best interest to keep the plan to herself, since Vanessa Rousso surely wouldn’t let Shelli know if the shoe was on the other foot, but will she? We’ll see.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 7, 2015:

9:15 AM BBT – Few HGs up and around, but most are still in bed.

10:00 AM BBT – Liz wants to spray the coffee pot with Raid. Becky stops her. There are ants everywhere. Camera closeups are disgusting.

11:50 AM BBT – Vanessa wakes up and asks Julia if they made any deals with Becky overnight. Julia confirms a DE safety deal. Vanessa is furious. Becky had refused making a deal with her. Vanessa is cursing Becky and calls her game stupid for not accepting every deal made to her. Vanessa is certain this makes her the BD target.

11:57 AM BBT – Steve tells the camera he’s confident in his chances going up against Shelli. He thinks Austin might be the BD plan. (Not right now he isn’t.)

12:37 PM BBT – Have-Not food revealed: hamburger buns. Yep. They can put slop on buns this week. Meg, Jackie, and James volunteer to be HNs.

12:45 PM BBT – Liz is upset that Austin is performing so poorly in comps. She says it’s a turn off and he needs to step up his game.

1:10 PM BBT – Jackie worrying with James and Meg that they need to get ready for the next HoH comp and think they’re due for a thinking one this time.

1:45 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg are upset that Vanessa was telling HGs they had been bullying others to vote Shelli out.

2:00 PM BBT – Steve camtalks again saying he believes Austin might be the target. He’s very upset that Vanessa slipped overnight and revealed their “Freaks & Geeks” alliance to Shelli.

2:10 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli she expects she may be nominated. Says she’ll hold up a flip flop if that happens.

3:40 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Shelli and Steve are nominated.

3:41 PM BBT – Becky revealing her plan to to backdoor Vanessa to Shelli. She tells her that Vanessa knew Shelli was going up and told her to not tell Shelli that she knew. Becky tells Shelli they will take her off the block if one of them wins veto. Shelli says how does she know that Steve isn’t being told the same thing. Becky tells her that Steve volunteered to be a pawn.

3:45 PM BBT – Steve is talking to the cameras. He knows that Vanessa is now the target and he says that’s not good for him. He talks about needing to protect their alliance.

4:05 PM BBT – Jackie talking about Vanessa asking Becky for a deal last night. Jackie says “UM we already have a deal!” They start laughing. They say Vanessa didn’t trust anyone so she tried to make a separate deal.

4:07 PM BBT – James says it’s only a matter of time before Austin and the twins strike at them and take one of them out. They laugh and say they have to win HOH every single week. They agree they will only go after targets. So Meg throws out the pecking order: Vanessa, Shelli and Austin. And Jackie mentions that one of them will be coming back.

4:09 PM BBT – Meg, Jackie and James agree that they will just lay low and rest this week and let Becky take care of everything.

4:14 PM BBT – Becky goes into the have-not room and they talk about Vanessa’s reaction to the nominations. Becky says she has to act shocked even though it was her idea to put Shelli up this week.

4:35 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli that she thinks she can shift the votes to keep her this week. She tells her that she got a lot of information and that she will do everything that it takes to keep her safe this week. She said it will come down to John. If she can get him in then they can get the votes (Vanessa has no idea she’s the backdoor plan and so far, Shelli isn’t telling her).

4:42 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli that Becky has NO loyalty and she hates that. Vanessa is acting very spastic. She tells Shelli she’ll catch her up on everything when they get to go outside.

So right now Vanessa is Becky’s target, but with veto players yet to be chosen and the competition played, a lot can change. Regardless, it should be another dramatic week in the Big Brother 17 house.

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  1. Vanessa asked Shelli to pick her as house-guest choice in the veto competition if she gets it, so she could use it on Shelli and herself. I wonder if Shelli would do that and screw over Becky? Also, I believe Vanessa wants to play so she can protect herself and leave the nomination the same.

    • if Vanessa won veto she would definitely take Shelli off. They would both be safe. It’s a no-brainer.

      • Why is it a no brainer?? She herself discussed it with Austin and the twins, and they agreed to leave nom the same in fear of one of them going up. Maybe she’s lying…or not… Becky could put up one of the Austwins and have them pissed at her. I don’t know, but it’s not cut and dry as you think.

      • Except becky promised she wouldnt put up twins and at same time promised steve he was safe- doesnt leave her very many people to put up if van takes down shelli

      • Wait, I haven’t been able to watch the feeds today. Are you saying Becky promised both Steve and Shelli safety???

      • Yes. BD Target is Vanessa. If Vanessa wins veto and takes Shelli down. Becky’s only renom option is Austin. She made a deal with the twins, is close to JMac and in an alliance with J/J/M.

      • Becky should nominate Vanessa and Shelli and whoever wins the veto can be replaced by Austin.

    • At that point I feel like Vanessa would use it just to screw over Becky . Then Becky has to go after the austwins or James/jacky.

      I do wonder if Shelli would pick Vaness and I think she would.

    • Not that Becky will win HoH again (she could I know) but if Shelli picks V – Becky should surely get it, that she can’t work with Shelli.

  2. I used to love Vanessa. But now she has shown who she really is. A spastic, worrying, annoying person. I feel like she is just like Audrey. She talks game 24/7 but never anything to add to an actual converstation

  3. So the order is Vanessa, Shelli and Austin. That mean the twins will make it to final 8. What happened to breaking up the couples ? Personally, I don’t mind, I like the twins. And if they send Austin to jury, I rather Liz doesn’t get there too quickly.

  4. What’s funny is that Lieessa insists that Becky toss up J-Mac as the replacement if the Veto is used, or the “deal” is off. Like they were ever going to honor it anyway if they had won HOH. She acts like her “word” actually carries any value anymore. Just own the lies–everybody knows she’s full of it. Not to mention the possible convo when Van tells her to throw Johnny up, and Becky tells her to pound sand.

    • i may be wrong, but i thought the deal was if it was DE this week, and since it wasn’t that deal should be null and void

  5. Oh man….I don’t think I’ve been hard on Steve just very blunt and honest about his behavior (or lack of) in the house. But now I just really feel sorry for the guy. But I stand by what I’ve said, you try to help someone like him you either get dragged down by him or he turns on you because he won’t listen and just doesn’t get it. I really want him voted out just so he can find someone to talk to instead of the cameras.

  6. Everytime Steve cam talks I wonder if he is doing it because he is just trying to keep us informed, since we won’t see their DRs till each episode. Then I realized that he is doing it because he is lonely and everyone refuses to talk game with him…the poor guy. I am actually starting to like Steve, he seems like such a loner it pulls on my heartstrings.

    • Oh, PapaBear – you have a kind heart. I’m starting to feel that way too, against my better judgment.

    • The awkwardness I have always found endearing. Sometimes he comes across as a lil weird but that’s no reason for the others to refuse to talk game to him. However he does need to start playing better, smarter. I think with social skills being such a huge part of this game it just makes it that much harder for him.

  7. Vanessa is pretty good player. I feel her biggest downfall is her paranoid behavior and seemingly desperate acts to sell her word and her over expressive emotions which she uses to help sell/hide her true motives in the game. It gets to be very repetitive.
    Play any poker game long with the same players, and you will figure out their qwirks.

  8. I think Meg redeemed herself by voting Clay out. I feel like she was looking into the camera like she knew what America was thinking while we were all looking at her. I’m glad because I thought she was cute:) Now, for Beckie…YOU GO GIRL!! The past couple seasons were sooo weak, it feels good to see the game finally being played.

  9. I really hope that Steve can win the veto and take himself off that way we have Shelli and Vanessa on the block…

      • He did win a Veto before, so don’t completely knock him out. It would just depend on what exactly the competition is, and how badly he wants it. Tbh, he seems like the type that will actually start trying to win when he’s put under pressure (which right now he isn’t since he knows he isn’t the intended target). I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m getting so far. We’ll just have to see what happens.

      • I don’t think he can win anything…and if a miracle happens and he’s in the F2…the jury is going to vote for the fridge to win!

      • Absolutely! And you know, it’s not a bad strategy for a strong player to take him to the end and ensure they win. I hear the fridge has been contemplating just that.

      • I agree. Plus he seems like the type of person who would win a mental competition. Like “this is how many blanks are in the bowl, how many blanks are in this barrel” type of comp.

  10. Liz certainly doesn’t have to try very hard to find things about Austin that turn her off…

  11. Getting Vanessa out would be awesome, but if she weazles her way out, then Shelly should go

    • Yes he is…and his one man alliance….Van’s doesn’t count…he would take an alliance with the cams if they could talk back….wow!
      Where’s an EX-Machina when you need one !

      • I am actually feeling badly for Steve. He should never have been cast. He is obviously a social misfit and probably a complete introvert. I suspect BB expected that to translate to better TV than it has.

  12. Van looks like a junkie. She is pale and stares for long periods of time she never goes outside or gets involved when they are all trying to have fun. She must be sitting in the dark alone and just thinks about the game and her next lie. I think she has really lost it. Will she ever take off that dirty hat or quit talking in circles. Nobody listens to her anymore she is a joke.

    • Yes!!! The first time I saw her I thought she looked like a crack addict. She looks strained…wired…and I am sure the excessive amount of eyeliner is not helping her image.

      • Eyeliner aside (always a bad choice), she looks completely wired. Wired on panic and paranoia, I assume. If this is an act and some kind of strategy on her part, she is a damn good actor. I suspect she is barely sleeping and living on caffeine and thinking, thinking, thinking herself into a tizzy, not to mention imagining conspiracy around every corner. What really struck me about that fight with Clay and John is that she expected everyone to come clean with her and just couldn’t let it go. But she seemed to lose the thread in her own argument while in the middle of it. You could see her brain trying to make sense of stuff (no matter how non-sensically her brain was working at the time) while her reactions gave away her paranoia. I just wanted to scream, “Vanessa, it’s Big Brother! They are all lying. That’s the point.”

      • Excellent analysis…and the ball of thread started to unravel when James called her bluff and was going to get JMac to verify her BS!…good move James!

      • I missed that part of it, but read the description. I’m sure it was amazing to her panic. I kind of love James. He doesn’t suffer fools and he calls people on their sh*t.

      • Yes he does…and like you said she was going off in 50 tangents…and when she knew she was going to be in sh*t…dragged Clay into it…and then that’s when the Clay and James drama escalated…and she was back pedalling from that point on.

      • I think the only time I really liked Clay in this game was when he just got fed up with Vanessa and starting telling her what she wanted to hear, just to shut her up.

      • Yes that was part of the convo….he just got fed up and said I’m not going to be repeating the truth…I’m done with this..

      • I wish I would have seen the start of it all with James and Vanessa. Damn that edited you of tubes clip. I don’t get the feeds up here in Canadaville

  13. I just can’t … with Vanessa, sorry. I still can tolerate Shelli and her big white cougar teeth, but well. What goes around comes around.

  14. Fri 9:23 PM BBT Vanessa wonders why ADC wants to target people on their side. Vanessa: “That’s so stupid!” (Duh!)

  15. She should have put up vanessa and austin with the option to bd shelley if things went south.

    • That would have been great, although I’m sure Becky is thinking about how that would piss off almost everyone on that side of the house. I see Steve as a pawn as completely useless. If he remains on the block after veto, the other side could opt to vote him out and whoop-di-do. So Steve is gone instead of a player who would make a real impact. Getting rid of Vanessa, Austin, Shelli or one of the twins is a better move.

      • I don’t think getting rid of the twins is a better move, personally. They’re not making /that/ much of an impact in the game, and if one of them goes that will cause two people to have a fury. Especially if it’s Liz. Getting rid of Shelli/Vanessa and/or Austin will be best for her game, as well as everyone’s, which is why Steve, J/J/M, or possibly John needs to win Veto to get Steve off, and Vanessa on.

      • I would say that Shelli and Vanessa are the ones that need to go, but after those two you go after Liz not Austin. Julia does not want to work with Austin and if Liz is evicted she won’t.

      • I was going say something different towards that, but I wanna ask, if Liz leaves, do you think Austin would try to ruin his game to get to Jury quicker to be with her again? I mean his main motive seems to be more about getting ass and less about money tbh.

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