Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother spoilers reveal who won the Power of Veto this week as the house faced its first round of single chance salvation with the end of Battle of the Block.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

The pressure was on for the showmance couple to secure safety for at least one of them in a way in which they could decide who would be going home. Both knew if they didn’t win the Veto then that choice would be left to the house.

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Competition Results:

  • James won the Power of Veto!

Playing in today’s competition was James (HoH), Shelli & Clay (noms), Jackie (James’s HG Choice), Vanessa, and Becky.

Shelli “won” a punishment of 2400 repetitions as a “Castle Guard.” Clay won a trip to Ireland. Vanessa has to be shackled to Jackie and Becky won $5K.

Vanessa and Austin had both suggested they would throw it but then later Vanessa said she would make sure Clay and Shelli didn’t win it out of fear that she could be renom’d. Austin similarly feared either he or one of the twins would be used as a renom pawn should Clay or Shelli find their way off the Block.

Update: Clay is now campaigning to be evicted instead of Shelli. He’s going to everyone asking for them to vote to keep Shelli and send him home. Vanessa is capitalizing on this since that’s what he was hoping would be the outcome.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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    • I hope the rest of the house ie Austin and Vanessa can realize what an asset James will be to their group and decide to keep him and put the other half of the showmance out the door next week.

      • No, Austin and especially Vanessa need to go next. What makes you think James would even want to join the dark side.

      • And those number’s is what the dark side needs as well. They now know James is a man of his word and that he isn’t flip flopping around like Shelli, Clay and Vanessa. Austin I think see’s that much and he also should see what an asset to him and the twins are. Liz on the other hand can’t seem to see past the nose on her face just like Shelli and Vanessa.

      • duh . . . . .because he keeps winning things (2 HOH), veto win – – he is valuable right now – that’s why??

      • James doesn’t realize he is on a lost alliance. Meg and Jackie aren’t competition beasts. He doesn’t realize Austin, Liz and Julia are in with Shelly, Vanessa and Clay. He’s in trouble next week, unless he wins POV.

      • Austin is looking weirder and weirder by the moment the way he just stands ogling Liz. He’s making Steve seem normal and shy compared to his behavior.

      • Be nice but Liz, I think, hates James. But hopefully he has used this reign to try to endear them for not endangering them. Long shot I think.

      • Could have fooled me. This week she was quite nice to James and telling him she will do anything he wants her to. (Trying to keep from going on the block). Just this week only probably. Nevertheless, she likes him for now! haha

      • Yeah, but that promise only lasted a minute. Did you see her and Austin turn around and spill their guts to pretty boy Clay???? These two are totally turn coats and cannot be trusted as far as you can throw them. LOL

      • I did, but I only said that she was nice to James, something she’s never been before. Didn’t say that I didn’t think she’d turn on him via Clay! hahaha

      • Not sure about cut throat but it’s definitely being played harder from the get go than in other seasons.

      • OMG, Clellie, delusional. No one twisted their arms to vote for Jason.

        James was priceless tonight

      • What did you think about the show last night? I believe james sniffed out the right couple to flip the hiuse, don’t you?

      • Cut throat, really?? The sixth sense alliance is afraid of their own shadow. Afraid to make any moves and piss people off. They’re pathetic, lol.

      • Long shot indeed but it may work, look at how they are so afraid to make a move right now. Of course after the Veto, it could be a different story.

      • Can’t stand Liz especially for her comment about Jason last week in the goodbye message total unnecessary, shows just what kind of person she really is a BAD ONE

      • He’s gone. The top competition beasts are on the sixth sense alliance and Becky. Becky just showed she is loyal to Clay and Shelly. He is stupid. He could have slide on through if he put up Austin but now he’s target number 1. He’s finished next week unless he wins Veto.

      • you are nuts James is the best one left in the house, all the others are playing the game for Shelli & Clay they are pathetic

      • James is the only one with balls enough to put a power couple this early in the game …. He needs to stay… We need more moves like this to make this show worth watching…

      • I liked him too until watching the feeds over the last 24hrs and some remarks he made. He’s a pig!

      • You said it right. Because I was losing faith in this season. Best week in the past two seasons!!!! Way to Go KING JAMES

      • Lavendargirl, you sure are hating on James. I think all the male houseguest are idiots. None of them have taken the lead..the women are running the house. James is not an idiot, and right now James is the man.

      • I don’t like him only because of the disgusting and perverted things he says to the girls. He was one of my favorites in the beginning until I started watching him on the feeds. So maybe he’s not an idiot he’s just a disgusting pervert.

      • I am truly sorry you feel that way. I have been rooting for James from the start.

      • Get a life. Don’t you know about auto correct? I don’t always proof read what I write. Maybe you should teach an English class.

      • Lol hating people and wanting them out of the house for no reason? Vanessa, how did you get access to a laptop? XD

      • Auto correct would have never corrected there because it was spelled correctly. You just used it incorrectly while throwing shade at James.

      • His problem is that he is playing stupid. He thinks he is gunning for “big” targets but he’s not thinking about big picture. He is going to be target numero uno from here til the rest of the season by Shelly, Vanessa, Liz, Julia, Austin, Becky, the top ppl at comps. Unless he wins POV every week, he is going home next.

      • If james had not put up shelli and clay, he would have been gone anyways the first chance 6 some had

      • Untrue, he could have made a case for himself. He tried to throw the POV comp for them and has been an open ear. No player has ever made it to the end by “gunning” for the big targets, at least not this early. Because: 1. The big targets are usually well aligned. 2. Now he has a big target on his back because all the competition beasts know he is coming for them next. He’s finished.

      • The 6th sense has to have the HOH to begin with. Both Jackie and Meg are due. Now the 6th sense may not even target James because they might be afraid that one of his other member could be mad enough and win the HOH and put them out but time will tell. I don’t see James going anywhere too soon and both Jackie and Meg have won those BOB’s and I think bth have won HOH but was knocked out due to BOB’s.

      • They are not due. This is not some random draw. It’s called comps. And watching them all season, they suck. Yeah Jackie won once but every dog has his day right?

      • I have been watching the same show as you, of course it isn’t a random draw DUH!! Yes even Meg can win an HOH if her back is against the wall and this week her back will be against the wall. Jackie is in the same boat as Meg because all they have is each other and James. It is very possible one of them can win this week but given their background this year I don’t see it happening but as I stated in my original post, THEY ARE DUE A WIN. Just like Austin, James and a couple other’s have aid that Shelli is due for a win this week too.

      • Shell’s out for blood dude. Btw, what was up between Meg and Clay. I mean if I was Clay I’d be allover all the girls but he doesn’t seem like that dude. Wierd, side action maybe?

      • I guess he is trying to set something up if and when Shelli goes home and he is still there.

    • In order for it to be a perfect week, he still has to get the HG he wants evicted. Jackie being shackled to Vanessa all week should help. Too bad that Vanessa started her crap before they got shackled.

      I know that James can’t see it, but maybe Jackie will let him know before Monday that Vanessa and Clay are working to keep Shelli. Hopefully James will take Clay off the block and put up Vanessa. That would make it a perfect week.

      • Agree with this. Should’ve specified and said a perfect competition week. If this happened though, chaos would break out within the house!

      • Chaos has been in the house since Jason’s eviction last week. It’d be interesting to see what Clay does if the house flips and gets Shelli out this week. I’m hoping Vanessa gets put up in place of Clay and one of the two gets sent packing this week.

      • Poor Jackie…shackled to Vanessa after Clay comes off the block and Vanessa goes up! Then again, she would be the closest witness to the train wreck….

    • HE’S DONE. Meg in comps is hopeless and there’s no way Jackie will win HOH next week. Becky has already shown her allegiance to Clelly, so Shelly or Clay will be gunning for James and so will the Sixth Sense, which James knows nothing about, and Becky will listen to Shelly or Clay. Johnny Mac will have too many ppl in his ear to get out James and he won’t want to go against the majority. His only chance is Steve…bye James.

  1. Comp was reward/punishment

    James got veto
    Clay got a trip for 2
    Becky got $5,000
    Vanessa apparently got some sort of shackles
    Shelli has to do a routine 2,400 times (similar to brittany’s soccer kicks)
    not sure about Jackie maybe shackled to vanessa

  2. Woohoo!!!! Way to go James. Let’s just hope he sticks to his guns and isn’t talked into a new target between now and Monday!!!

    • That is exactly my fear. But hopefully he remembers how important it is to split them up rather than move on to a new target. He’s pissed them both off already, he should at least make sure one of them isn’t there to seek revenge.

    • He stuck to his guns in getting rid of Jace. He’s stuck to his guns ll week about splitting Clay & his mother. He’s a man on a mission.

  3. I really hope James leaves the nominations the same and let’s the house decide who of the power couple is going home. By the way, finally no more Battle of the Block and welcome to Big Brother Shelli & Clay.

  4. I think James should use it to remove Clay and put up Liz as a pawn to ensure Shelli goes. That way she doesn’t end up in jury since she will never pick someone from the ADC if they make it to the end and she would play out of revenge now.

    • That’s too risky. Clay will then turn the house upside down making them vote out Liz to save his precious Shelli. You have to keep them the same. Either way, whichever one goes is a win. Sure, Shelli leaving is a BIGGER win, but they have to both stay up there.

      • he did the exact same thing vanessa did last week by promising to do one thing and then reneged ,your just upset because its that backstabbing lying crybaby shelli that most likely is going home.

      • Nope I think Clay will go. But will just have to wait and see. All the girls want Clay to themselves so maybe he’ll stay. Bunch of jealous biatches.

      • He would’ve made that move regardless since he’s not on that side of the house. The “revenge” move would be Vanessa but I don’t see her up there.

      • Again, I see you calling James a pervert and providing no examples or instances where he exemplified perverted behavior. Unless, you’re going to back it up with facts and an argument do us all a favor and stop spamming the chat, will ya?

      • So him asking the girls would you like an Asian in you is perfectly ok. That’s just one of the things he’s said. I make a comment for a reason so maybe it’s you that needs to go away. Last time I looked anyone is free to comment on anything.

      • If he was white you would not have made this comment. It’s his flirt. Are you jealous?

      • Excuse me you’re an idiot. I could care less about the color of someone’s skin. Austin is disgusting with his hands all over Liz and he’s WHITE. The people that have to bring race into a comment are usually the biggest racists! Look in the mirror jacka$$.

      • But we are not talking about austin, are we. You’ve used a clicke, as your defense — whoopee! Acknowledge your ignorance why don’t you.

      • Nah, she’s not racist. Just overly sensitive. It might be Amber from Season 8 behind that keyboard lol

      • He also was asking Audrey about her parts and then after she said she has a vagina that works just like everyone else but no period and no babies James said wow you got the best of both worlds would you ever have a one night stand with a friend of 3 months he asked her twice

      • I know he’s disgusting. He was at it again last night with his disgusting remarks. But some ignorant people on here think it’s okay. He’s Asian so I’m being racists because I think he’s a pig. What a joke.

      • It was a joke he made to Julia who wasn’t harmed or offended by it. Literally no one in the house has expressed offense to anything James has said. The only one who seems to have a real problem with it is you.

      • She said it made her feel very uncomfortable. And I’m NOT the only one that feels this way. Read! But I guess you find it acceptable to talk down to women.

      • How is that talking down to her? Please explain to me how that statement is condescending in any manner. Also, this still doesn’t change my point that no one has directly addressed James and told them that he made them feel uncomfortable. If a person is being made to feel uncomfortable, it is their duty to speak up about it. What James said in that instance was made to be lighthearted joke, not to harm anyone.

        A/N: If Julia had asked a similar question to James, would you call her a pig too? Or would you say it’s just harmless flirting? Think about it.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing the nomination ceremony tomorrow! I want to see how BB handles Clay’s outburst ^_^

      • Yeah I think Matt wrote early that Clay may have gotten way to upset while Shelli tried telling him that it would be best for him to calm it down a bit

  5. I couldn’t of asked for better results. James is the man, bye Clelli it was a somewhat decent run, but sooner or later the BB house has a way of equalizing couples, only one winner is allowed, sorry.

  6. Well, amazing news! James won POV and both Clay/Shelli are PISSED. If James hasn’t been swayed yet, he likely still won’t be, so the noms are staying the same, and say goodbye to Shelli on Thursday! The kingpin is going down. This is so awesome. Sadly, we should enjoy it while we can, since it’s pretty much gonna be the house against Jackie next week, since Meg isn’t winning squat and James can’t compete. So…let’s just enjoy this great week while it lasts.

      • Well, she’s going to be shackled to her for a while, so it’ll be interesting to see what they talk about during all that time.

      • Hope Vanessa drags her ass away from all the mirrors and stays away from those fake boobs can’t afford injury to Vanessa.

      • That’s not fair. It’s torture for Jackie. It gives Vanessa someone to talk “at” 24/7.

      • I like your use of at because she is not talking to them she is talking at them. I see what you did there.

      • Lawdy but them voices sure are getting louder when she was able to block them before! hehehe

      • I forgot about that…omg how funny is that! A true house split if I ever saw one!

      • And most likely planned by production to add some excitement to this otherwise boring season, i think they were losing viewership,and had to save their behinds.

      • did not matter who it was the show needed some excitement would have been better if it were austin and vanessa ,or julia.

      • Boring you say? If you think you can do better then go apply and lets see how boring you are. LMAO.

      • HonestlyI feel like they chose the stupidest people to play big brother,its the same thing every year nobody really knows how to play the game.Like you ain’t there to find love(Austin,Clay) you’re there to win some damn money. Honestly I’m not surprised Clay wants to be evicted instead of Shelli he was never a smart player or a great one if I’m being honest here he’s waisting his time and would be completely lost if Shelli wasn’t there so just send his ass home right now he’s no use.This is why Big Brother sucks now days. Quoting Godfrey from BBCAN “This ain’t no lover paradise, Its big brother let’s play”

    • Hey! Another thing to be happy about is that Clay and Shelli are being split up right before Jury, and even if James or Jackie is evicted next week, they will at least be in jury, and will vote for the person that actually deserves it. Unlike clay or shelli who would vote for each other regardless

  7. Well will ya look at that. James WON POV!!! WTG Jimmy Boy! Shelli and Clay will need to fight more than ever before for at least one of them getting to remain. I pray James listens to what they’re going to bring to the table as to whether he actually uses it on one or the other or keep the noms the same. We shall soon see! Let the campaigning begin! Good luck to Shelli and Clay. May the best man/woman win!!! Glad that some were able to grab nice prizes too. Poor, poor Shelli…wouldn’t want to be in her shoes having to complete 2400 repetitions of Castle Guard. Dayum!

    • That is what I call salting the wounds, not good for inflated egos. this week has been perfect, figures that they get rid of BotB and the best week happens all season.

    • The thing is though they will fight I have a feeling! But if i had a choice to pick one or the other I would pick Shelli because her crying is driving me crazy!

    • You hope James listens to what they’re going to bring to the table?? Who can you trust in this house? ?? If Becky makes it to the end, I will be too undone. She should have left before Jason. They feel that they are leaving the dumb ones behind but they’ll be the very ones to win.

  8. So now Shelli and her boytoy will not be in the jury house together. Clay can not save her. Hopefully it will be her leaving. If so, can you imagine the paranoia that will set in. You know, there are other, and younger, gals in the house.LOL

    • Meg and Clay were just all over each other in the bathroom. He was hugging her like he’s never hugged Shelli. She was touching his leg, his hand was at the small of her back and her shirt was pushed up, I thought they were going to kiss then and there!

      • OMGosh, latifah! If Shelli had seen that, the $hit would have hit the fan! Now that’s juicy. Keep us informed when you can.

      • I was dying for her to come in just because I wanted some fireworks going tonight. Who doesn’t love some drama! I definitely will. They’re supposed to be playing spin the bottle tonight lol

      • I’m pretty sure most of that was Meg considering she has a HUGE crush on Clay! That is the other reason she wants Shelli out. She seems to think she has a chance with Clay lol!!!

      • Agree wholeheartedly since he’s been riding her coattails. Who could even trust him????

      • It was totally both of them! Meg definitely who was drunk but Clay wasn’t and he was just as much all over her as she was. He kept looking down her shirt too but I guess most guys can’t control themselves no matter the person. In all honesty, they seem to have a better connection in my opinion. Clay/Shelli have always looked awkward to me and it’s not the age difference because my parents are 11 years apart so I don’t care about age, ahaha.

      • Wow! Darn where is Shelli when you need her? This would of been the perfect moment to disown Clay!

      • Hmm…Let me see…The lovebirds will be separated at weeks end for what looks like an extended length of time, since one of them will make jury and be sequestered away from the other. They haven’t even been split up yet and Clay is playing grab a** in the utility closet with a younger chicky. No sooner will these two instant sweethearts be reunited when they will be sent home to watch everything that happened in the house. Does anyone really believe that these two will even end up as friends when this season is over??

  9. Looks good however, what is to prevent Vanessa from asking her alliance to save Shelli instead, of Clay? Then, two big threats, Vanessa and Shelli, both good in competitions will go after James next week. Why not take Clay off the block and put Vanessa as replacement nominee? That will guarantee either Shelli or Vanessa going home this week.

    • That’s a good plan, but on the other hand, if vanessa goes, that means Clelli goes to the jury together.

      • You always risk disgruntled jurors but, majority of players are fair people who will vote for the best player most of the time. If you are concerned about displeasing anyone, you cannot play Big Brother or Survivor. Derrick called Nicole a liar and isolated her and was mean to her and in the end still voted for Derrick last season.

      • Maybe not. Next week first DE goes home. Jackie could win first DE HoH and send home Shelli or Clay then if V goes this week. COULD. Lol

      • Vanessa is still going after James next week because she sees that James has the guts to make the big moves so, is a huge threat to her and the Sixth Sense alliance. So, put her up on the block now and let them decide who they want to vote out, Vanessa or Shelli. One big threat removed for good!

      • Let’s hope she doesn’t get HoH first next week when she won’t have very long to ponder over what she needs to do, since it’s DE.

      • James already has a bullseye on his back, the same with Jackie, Meg, John, Steve, Becky. Only question is who goes first? If you atleast, fight then, you have a chance. If the Sixth Sense alliance fails to take out James this coming week then, James can go after them if he wins HOH again and they will never feel safe again! Daniellle Donato never fears being put on the block and goes all out to evict the other side by winning HOH and POV. That is what the stragglers need to learn.

    • As someone mentioned, it would be a great idea for James to take clay off and put up Vanessa. This way they both campaign against each other, and Clay further alienates himself with his supposed allies, and even Vanessa if she sticks around. Clay would be alone and Vanessa’s alliance might end up in shambles. But Shelli MUST go in order for that to happen, but with Vanessa as the replacement nominee.

    • Good plan but Vanessa has no intentions of really helping Clay or Shelli. She has no loyalty to them anymore, the “alliance” is over and Clay and Shelli are the last to know this. I really wish they realize it fast and expose her to save themselves before it’s too late.

  10. Omg No way!! I literally had a gut feeling all day that James was going to win!! Is that freaky?!

  11. Way to go James, now keep the noms the same and get Shelli out of there, I think if she’s gone Clay will play a different game, keeping Shelli would be a huge mistake.

    • He actually may have a better shot at winning than Shelli at this point: not viewed as a bigger threat, won’t be focus if Jackie wins HoH next week, if V goes goes next week, twins/Austin will be next targets. Clay has/had excellent social game and could rebuild surreptitiously and can win another one. Shelli would be the white whale if she stayed and so high profile that V/Austwins would jettison her if needed; she’d be expendable…the new Austin. Lol

    • Vanessa isn’t AS threatening as Clay/Shelli. Couples are always more threatening, and you can’t risk NOT taking one out when you have the chance. Yes, Vanessa can’t be trusted and is playing everyone, but much like Audrey, she doesn’t really have a partner that makes them a pair. She KINDA has Steve, but that doesn’t count. So, Clay/Shelli are the bigger threats at this moment.

      • Vanessa I think is the most dangerous… Girl is the female Derrick…but powerful couples need to be split up…

      • She is the most dangerous player, but lets slow down on calling her the female Derrick.

      • She kinda is….Derrick made so many of the moves and not once was he targeted…Vanessa made so many of the moves this season thus far and pretty much has been getting away with it, she pretty much was the knife in Jason’s back, but is getting away it and Shelli and Clay took all the blame…James is not even targeting her at all… However, I don’t think she will pull off that dominant of a game or even win…

      • Her game is very similar to Derrick’s, but Derrick was much better at it. Like you said I don’t she will have that dominate a game either. What is helping her is there are other couples that are large targets. People know what Vanessa is doing although it doesn’t always show. James, Jackie, and Meg were talking earlier today about how Vanessa is just as responsible for getting their side out as Clay and Shelli, but Clay and Shelli are a couple. Derrick was calm, calculated, and sneaky. Vanessa is paranoid, over calculated, and not really that sneaky. She has done a good job deflecting some of the blame, but her time is running out.

      • Not only are Derrick and V different competitors in the ways you mention, but Derrick had a killer social game going on, while Vanessa’s social game is a mess….

      • Derrick was a ninja and only dear Donnie had superpowers to see that. Vanessa is exposed. I think she totally is on their radar but not this weeks #1 priority. If Jackie wins HoH next week I suspect V will be the #1 priority then. But in BB expect the unexpected I guess. :)

      • I agree Derrick was a total package. He played smart and sneaky. Vanessa to sporadic.

  12. Both Austin and Clay are SO irritating. I mean, it’s sweet that they are so in love with Liz/Shelli, but risking your entire game just for them? What the hell are you even doing there then? If you want to find love, go on The Bachelor. This is Big Brother. Hell, Steve and Becky are playing better games than Clay and Austin by these standards! Both of them really need to go (eventually), because their heads aren’t even in the game and it’s annoying.

  13. Now we have game! Way to go James! I wonder if it is going to be weird looking at her brother when she gets home this week.

  14. James should take Clay of the block and put up Vanessa. If James truly wants to split up the Sixth Sense, Vanessa and Shelli must be sitting side by side on eviction night, as they will throw each other under as many buses possible. I actually think it would be in James best interest to keep Clelli and evict Vanessa this week, as Clelli would be grateful to James for saving their showmance, it leaves Steve as a floater he can scoop up, and he can turn the target to the Austwins next week.

    • A sound strategy, but leaving all couples in Jury house, not exactly a good idea, its better to break one of them off now. for the season since both couples are pro sixth sense and it wouldn’t help anyones game if Shelli makes it to jury, she will play personal and Clay will be lost without her and he isn’t a strong BB player. so its best to send one of them home now, either is fine with me.

      • needs to show how they work when their snookums isn’t around!

      • If Shelli goes maybe Clay will think with the head on his shoulders and not the other head .

      • I don’t think James can start worrying about Jury yet, though. His main priority should be getting through next week. If both Shelli and Vanessa are on the block together and Vanessa (and her allies Austin and the Twins) spend the whole week bad mouthing Shelli, Clelli WILL deviate from the Sixth Sense, and seek new alliance partners. If James could save Clelli week, I do believe they would go after the Austwins before James, Jackie, and Meg (this is the exact reason Clelli is in situation they are in now; if they had kept Jason over Becky, James would have put Austin and Liz on the block this week instead of them). If James puts Vanessa up and sends Vanessa out, he will retain his close allies (Jackie and Meg), will be in Clelli’s good graces, and could also finally bring Johnny Mac and Becky over to their side. If James sticks to the plan and takes out Clay or Shelli, the entire house will be against James/Meg/Jackie next week (and James can’t even play for HOH!)

      • Very true but they also don’t need to honor it considering James didn’t honor his. If they group with Becky & Johnny Mac then the house is pretty much split into 3 which would make it very interesting game wise. That’s Clelli, Becky & Johnny Mac then James, Jackie & Meg then Austwins. Steve would be the lone floater but is more likely to go with Johnny Mac, Becky & Clelli. I really wish Vanessa would go! I liked her at first but the second she started throwing Clelli “under the bus” and playing her alliance against each other I was over her.

  15. Shelli will be like Britney last season who had to kick 2400 goals the same week she knew she was getting evicted.

    • I dont mind seeing people go home for bad game play. And, I relish it when they can see it coming all week and are powerless to do anything. Adding a humiliating punishment on the way out is all the richer. Like a lamb to the slaughter, Shelli-lamb.

  16. I sure hope James isn’t enough to be talked nto keeping C & S, if e is they will all come after him next week and he will deserve i

    • I don’t think he’ll go back on his plan!!! He was pretty steadfast wanting to get Jace out and wasn’t easily swayed then either.

    • He and Clay are close, and him staying on the block means he COULD be going home, not to mention he’s campaigning to do just that. John technically was trying to be a part of the Sixth Sense, so as much as all us John fans hate to admit it, he was kinda on the ‘evil’ side. So, yeah, that’s why.

      • Why is Meg crying? She should be jumping in her pants since they flat out lied to her and sent one of her allies packing last week

      • She’s crying with joy!!! It was a relief to know one of her alliance saved the day!

      • Yes, she went to comfort Vanessa, started talking about people leaving and the whole BB experience and she lost it. It was kinda sweet

  17. If Clay is voted out because he told everyone to vote him out instead of Shelli where does he rank in worst BB players ever?

      • Yes isnt that like the number 1 rule when it comes to BB fandom? Don’t ever try to ruin your game and the chance at the money for love or for someone else

      • Some BBfans would be crushed if he did that…especially if they applied and were turned down only to see this happen.

      • My point exactly! Take Jason and Davonne as BB superfans, they would have loved to stay a play on in the game! is why BB should look over who they recruit

      • The only way I see it being ok is if Jeff/Jordan and Brendan/Rachel were to do it. I think Brendan did in season 13 if I remember right. But, thats because they were engaged or basically engaged, not a couple for a month.

      • Have you never heard of Lawan Exum season 13? He is most frequently considered the worst BB player. Seemed to be a nice guy though.

      • didn’t start watching til Season 14. Best so far IMO based on game plays that is when comparing it to Seasons after that (not before since I’ve never watched those).

    • In BB12 Brendon and Rachel were sitting on the block together and he was campaigning for the house to evict him and keep Rachel. I have a feeling the same thing is going to happen this week with Clay and Shelli

      • And Rachel was evicted that week instead of Brendan even though Brendan told everyone to evict him

    • BB should ask Clay in DR if he wants to self-evict right then to save Shelli. If he does, let him. Then let James pick two more nominees. Hey, it would be a fair trade. Let Shelli stay, evict two people.

  18. Yay!!!..James, Jackie and Meg must be dancing …(I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night…. Lalala..)…Shelli in ruins…cant wait for the meltdown…and Clay is so stupid to a chance for 500,000 for someone he met for like a month… You stupid stupid not…

    • He’s wanting a lot more than 5K..he’s going for the jackpot, something she may not have the chance to get!

    • She can be disappointed but she’s ridiculous to be PO’d, like that’d be better for his game? Please. James is playing BB while he can. He goes for trophies! I like that about him.

      • I agree I just thought it was funny that she was mad he went for the gold instead of the money

    • No, because if Liz is put up, her only true supporters could be Austin and Julia. Clay will do everything in his power to make sure Shelli stays. It’s far too risky. James needs to keep the noms the same.

      • Shelli may stay. But if Liz is put up it is likely Liz is gone and Clay and Shelli both stay.

      • I think so too…and he’ll have Liz, Julia and Austin kissing his feet for that too! hahahaha

      • Let the votes of the house determine that! I cannot wait to see which one it is.

      • They would have Austin, Julia, Meg and Jackie. They could probably flip John and Becky since they want to work with the one left in the house. If they are both there they will reallly only be true to each other I think John and Becky know that. Plus they may have Vanessas vote in that deal since she seems to be getting tired of Shelli which then would give them Steves vote. Or he could put Vanessa up beside her. They would have Meg, Jackie, Steve, Austin, Liz and Julia.

      • Liz will have enough votes to stay…Austin is in love with her…Julia is always loyal…then its Jackie, Meg…unless they wanna blow their own cover… John and Becky will vote with them too…they don’t even need Steve’s or Vanessa…

      • Yea…but my point is do they wanna show that right now….based on what they have been doing so far…no…

      • I think they would side with them, but you bring up a good point. The votes how I would see it are Meg, Jackie, Julia Austin voting out Shelli. Steve, Clay, Becky, John voting out Liz. Vanessa going either way it will screw her with a side no matter which she chooses.

      • You think there will be a power shift in the house? IOW..Will James garner some of the former SS alliance members or no?

      • I don’t think there will be a shift, but more of the playing field leveling a little.

      • I hope he does, but he should be careful around Vanessa and Becky, just don’t trust those two

      • Well he won’t have to be that careful when Vanessa is attached to Jackie this week. He may not talk game at all to either of them! hahahaha It’ll just be Becky he’ll need to be cautious around…she’ll take it back to JMac.

  19. Send Shelli home. I don’t want to watch her crying for several days without Clay. She is dramatic and fake.

    • And people think Audrey was really bad when she was crying, agreed Audrey self destruct at the end by hiding in the DR and not showing up for the Veto meeting, yes it’s painful when you know your days are numbered in the house but don’t get bent out of shape when you have been the one who have sent a lot of people home and now that the table is turned against you, you are acting like your world is coming to an end, go up face the music and cry as much as you want when you get home.

  20. I think we all are missing the bigger picture here. Will Clay take Shelli on that trip or not.

  21. When James catches wind of Clay telling people to evict him for Shelli and that Vanessa wants it done I think his best bet would be to put Vanessa up against Shelli. Clay sucks so keeping him is smarter than two of the strongest females this season. Vanessa would have Liz/Julia/Austin on her side and it would guarantee Shelli going.

  22. Please Clay, stop the sacrificing yourself for Shelli business. I thought last night you were just shocked and talking out of your head. After a good night’s sleep I was hoping you’d be more realistic – but you’re not *SIGH.
    I’m hoping that you are just playing the game and wouldn’t really do this…but you’re starting to worry me now.

    • I’d much rather see him stay than Shelli! He doesn’t really need her from this point on!

      • That’s just it Joni, his game is far from over once Shelli leaves. For some reason he thinks that Shelli has the better chance of winning BB, I don’t know why he’s selling himself short either, maybe he doesn’t feel confident without Shelli by his side. Thank goodness Clay didn’t win Veto or he would be going home next.

      • I’m almost positive he will but I’m hoping he will forget all about her by the time he leaves the BB house.
        Has Clay never experienced puppy love before because he can do a lot better imo.

      • So many other fish in the pond. Not sure if he’s ever had a serious relationship or not. Hmmm…something to ponder over.

      • The chances of their relationship lasting after the show is very unlikely especially with one of them going to jury and one not.

      • Puppy love, I don’t even think so, I believe Shelli is using him as emotional support to play her game and then would have kicked him to the curb just like Amanda and McCrea all that showmance when they were in the house ended up with each going their separate ways.

      • Good luck to both of them, they deserve each other, I don’t even think most of the other HGs will ever want to associated with them after the end of this BB, they have done a tremendous damage to themselves in the house.

      • Poor sportsmanship all around! Bench warming football player and ditzy former cheerleader! I was expecting more out of each of them than what I’m witnessing lately.

      • You re so funny, ditzy former cheerleader and bench warming football player, that really summon up these two characters in a nut shell.

      • The Diary Room should be able to straighten him out I hope. If all else fails send in Allison Grodner.

      • Do you think it is possible that Clay, knowing Shelli is the target, feels she will most likely be evicted, no matter what he does, so he is being the knight in shining armor. He may appear serious, but he thinks he’ll be staying. It’s just one aspect to think about, although I’m not sure I believe it myself.

      • I wish that was the case K but I think this young hayseed really thinks he’s in love. He’s probably very loyal in real life is what I think but I’m going to be upset if he ends up going home. Shelli tanked their game, not Clay. I’m surprised Shelli would even let him do this, well not surprised but upset. I appreciate the fact that he is behaving as a gentleman should but it’s time for Clay to start playing BB.

      • Rachel played better after Brendan left. Clay might too. Hey if he stays and still wants to go home then either self evict or team up with James and be a target next time. Ha!

  23. I find it so hard to believe that after only 6 weeks, Clay would be willing to sacrifice his game for Shelli. He barely knows her and I don’t get that at all. You enter the house to play the game so play it.

  24. Clay is officially stupid. You’re seriously asking to be evicted, and lose your chance for a female you may or may not be with outside the house. Honestly, his behavior is basically a slap in the face for people like Jason, DaVonne, Audrey, Jeff and Jace who came to play fully, and to the other fans who wanted/ wants to be on the show to play the game. I do understand being with someone 24/7, those feelings will rise, but I really hope they get Shelli out this week, so they can get Clay’s ungrateful ass out of there next.

      • Don’t blame her. He’s a recruited player. He doesn’t have the interest. Plus, once he’s away from Mom he can stay up as late as he likes!

      • It’s his fault, really. He’s choosing to follow his emotions, instead of thinking logically. When in honesty? He can see her after the game is over. It’s pretty dumb, really.

      • I am not a fan of Clelli- never have been. I was super happy with James this week and want to see Shelli GONE!!! Clay wanting to sacrifice himself for Shelli? At only 23 and being raised right I can see him doing this for someone he cares about. Say what you will. A few guys like him do still exist. As for being ungrateful for his opportunity on BB? He didn’t ask for it remember, he was asked… Not saying I agree with recruiting either but he was recruited…. Just a matter of opinion…..

    • I agree with you (as will most posters here I think) but hat’s the danger associated with recruiting HGs instead of casting them all from submissions. You’re going to get good-looking underwear model guys (see Season 16 as well) and Tinder floaters who anger fans. Short of making the ratings dive from it (which will never happen) there’s nothing much that can be done.

      • The thing is, even if that’s the case for him, why would you damage your possible image for someone you may, or may not be with outside of the house? I would think those from Tinder would want some fame, and even some work depending on their field (modeling, acting, etc), and for that reason would stay as long as they could. Yet in Clay’s case, he’s thinking with his feelings and coming off as very ungrateful for the opportunity that he has.

      • I hear you but I see it differently. Firstly, Blehcky is the Tinder HG. And while she’s not experienced in the game, she’s doing something. (Even if it’s just floating in the background and being a double agent).

        In regard to Clay I honestly suspect he might just be over it. Not being a fan of the show/game and being trapped in a house with a small group of people he may or may not like and a woman 10-years-older who constantly needs to be supported emotionally might be a bit too much for him.

        He’s only 23.

        Does it anger you and I, sure! But it really might just be as simple at that.

        What sounded like an awesome adventure might now just be a PITA for him.

      • Sorry, but I do not see it that way at all. He seemed pretty happy when being in control, and was even planning an order for which the other side would leave, but as soon as his back is against the wall that’s when he’s upset. Clay isn’t over the game, he’s over the fact that now the table have turned and he isn’t the one pushing people out the door. Also, he seems to want to leave not for his own sake, but to make Shelli, someone he may not even having anything long lasting with, happy. He even said he was willing to give VETO to her just to make sure she was good. Yes, he’s 23, but 23 isn’t an excuse to act out when things don’t go your way. He made his bed when he got out Jason and stupidly lied about it, so now he has to lie in it, with or without Shelli.

    • Clay is a good guy, he just has the disadvantage of being male and stupid, otherwise a really good person. Shelli is a divorcee for a reason man, please wake up and start playing the game or go home thursday.

      • Clay being a male isn’t a disadvantage, as they are other males in the house, particularly one (James) making moves. His disadvantage is that he’s allowing himself to think with his emotions, and not thinking logically, nor long term. He’s putting all his eggs in a basket with a person who he may, or may not be with outside the same. I don’t think Clay is a bad person, but I do think he’s coming off very ungrateful for willing to throw his game for something that might be long-lasting when any of the previous house guests would have been grateful for that extra time.

      • I was being sarcastic, by the way. Clay couldn’t even win a comp, even when it was being thrown to him. so being a male is something he is failing at as well, I don’t understand why he is willing to throw away his chance of playing for 500k, its a slap in the face to those who would actually love to play on the show, he is sacrificing his game for someone as manipulative and shallow as Shelli? please, he deserves to go home Thursday. but strategically for everyone Shelli would be the proper choice, I am simply content with both being on the block. as long as one goes home, its all good.

  25. The only chance clelli has now is to convince James that getting one of them out this week is a short sided move that will leave him as a sitting duck from here on out. Let him know it’s basically Jackie (and meg if you want to count her) vs the entire house during the next hoh comp and if Jackie or meg don’t win, one of them 3 is getting evicted.

    It’s not a bad argument. Sure, if shelli or clay get sent home this week James will be able to say he split up the big bad power couple… but he’s foolish to think anyone other than Jackie or meg are gonna keep him safe next week.

    Unlike that James budges, but clelli at least needs to pitch him the idea that if he uses the veto, they’ll work for him meg and Jackie moving forward.

  26. James is a moron I hope they kick his country Asian ass out the door clay and shelli are the only 2 people that make big brother worth watching

    • Why did you feel the need to point out his race? Like, what does that have to do with anything? Honestly, that really isn’t needed.

    • Thank you, this just makes this week even more yummy. knowing people like you are not not enjoying it, that simply means something is going really right. yeah, going to be another great night for the feeds, will you watch them with me? please, I won’t tell you how much I like James but I’ll try to like Shelli and Clay, really I can try, honestly.

    • Wow!, talking about a sore loser, nobody heard you all 5 weeks when SheClay was acting as Queen and King of the house, do you think the other HG’s don’t want to win the money also, talking about James race is nothing but juvenile and racist, shame on you

    • Mawalang galang na, iha. Ikaw ba ay may nadadaramang poot at galit kung kaya iyan ang iyong sinasabi at kailangan pang banggitin ang kanyang lahi sa usapan?

      Sige, pakipaliwanag mo nga sa’kin upang ako’y maliwanagan.

  27. As much as I don’t really care for Clay, James should take him out and put Vanesa as the renom since she is going around trying to save Shelli, this will be fun to see if she will change her tune and start looking for votes to save herself instead of Shelli

    • If he doesn’t want to be there, let him go. It would be a shame to see him get further on the coattails of Shelli and surpass someone like James who came in as a fan/player. (That might happen anyway but if he doesn’t care enough to stay, who wants him?)

  28. This will be an exciting week, but hopefully if Meg if there is a miracle of course and Jackie could win the next HOH, then it will be even better.

  29. I find it annoying to come to a site to get updated or discuss Big Brother and see 1 or 2 posters who have to respond to EVERY post. Now I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as it isn’t belabored by post after post, joke after joke. Really don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, just stating a pet peeve of my own.

  30. Yessss!!! Go James! Take it home all the way, can’t wait for Celli to be seperated- good riddance!

  31. Shelli told Clay that James is the first person in Big Brother history to go against a deal that was made in front of the house lol

    You know they’re a recruit when…

    • Is she misting him, acting out or is she not the BB fan she says she is? If she’s serious, I’m sure Steve or Austin could set her straight.

      • Misting Clay??? I doubt she would ever lol

        She’s asked a ton of weird questions that made me question how much she really knows about Big Brother. She doesn’t know simple facts that even a casual viewer would know. It’s just odd but at least she knows more than Clay!

  32. I just found your blog this year. I read about it on stevebeans I have been reading his for years. I love your blog. I sure will be back, GO JAMES!!!!

  33. I want to see the Noms the same with Shelli going home. That would be so good to see, especially after Clay and Vanessa campaign to save her.

  34. I honestly love liz and julia and if liz could just kick austin to the side her and julia would be set

    • I agree! But that wouldn’t suit James’ plan…he wants to split the couple up and I feel most would vote out Vanessa over Shelli!

    • Agreed! James really should do that. And Clay stop trying to sacrifice your game for Shelli! If you want to date her, do it after BB…

    • Why? His plan all along was an all out assault on Chelli. And he made a deal with Vanessa. Sure, he can break the deal and backdoor Vanessa, but only if he plans on voting out Vanessa. Then what’s he left with? A power couple still not split up who will be doing anything and everything to get him out. That sounds like the dumbest possible plan ever if you ask me.

  35. Vanessa has got to go – as she has manipulated the game more than anyone and those are the ones who win at the end!

    • Vanessa won’t have an easy time of it if her gal Shelli goes, though. Those two are the power hitters together than they’d probably be apart.

      • Vanessa strikes me as the type of gal who rinses her mouth with broken glass. I’m guessing she’ll be fine for at least two more votes depending on the HoH outcomes. She’s been an expert at hiding behind bigger targets while still directing the action.

  36. Virgil once said “fortune favors the bold” and so it goes,Congrats to James for doing just that,do hope Shelli goes this week,serves them right for making one of the dumbest moves this season by not sending Austin home instead of Jason,this is their just rewards for stupidity.

  37. I keep seeing people saying James should backdoor Vanessa. It’s not going to happen. Look at Jason’s exit interview where he blamed Chelli and said Vanessa has a soul. That’s the perception of the house that Chelli is evil and Vanessa is good even if she’s a hard gamer. We know more than the HGs do. They don’t see how well Vanessa is playing the way we do.

    • I agree! You can’t play this game without being deceptive. You also should play the game to win and splitting up an alliance and more importantly, a “couple in love,” is the smartest move anyone in this game has made thus far.

      • In a weird way, this might help Vanessa’s game. Now she never has to worry about splittng up Chelli. Assuming her alliance comes back into power, which it probably will, now she just has to figure out how to break up the twins and Austin and she should be an easy final 4.

      • So true. I’d much rather watch a contestant play to survive in this game than witness two people try to turn this show into The Bachelor.

  38. Oh, what a week so far, the God of BB must have heard the fans prayers how I wish today was Sunday/Wednesday, so we can see all the drama unfolding right before our eyes. Alright! Alright!! Alright!!!

      • Me too, the BBAD tonight is worth staying up to watch as much as I don’t like to laugh at people when they are at one of their lowest point, I just can’t help with SheClay because they took out people without mercy, now they are reaping what they sow.

      • I won’t be laughing…more like playing my tiny violins if they’re still complaining at that time about their lot in life in the BB house. :-) Maybe it will be a drinking game too. Take a drink every time you see Shelli cry or Clay whine!

  39. Good job James. Hoping Meg or Jackie wins HOH this Thursday to keep it going. It’s more fun hen the numbers are closer, however they did it to themselves by not getting together.

  40. Best week so far,finally someone trying to change the course of the game,the sixth sense got cocky and gambled…and lost big time!

  41. It would be fun to see every trying to make deals if James took Clay (everyone wanted clay to stay) and put up Vanessa with Shelli. What do you think would happen? I think Austin would be trying to save Van and Clay would try to save Shelli! This would really draw the line.

  42. The biggest sin on this show that so many contestants year and after year commit is failing to seize the moment when given,James knows this is his once chance to alter the course of this season.

    • It’s good for our entertainment, but he doesn’t seem to be capitalizing on it to advance his game. Even he admits he’s probably going home next week. If the goal of the game is to win, he’s squandering his own HoH if even he believes he’s out next week.

      • Good point. James will have a nice feather in his cap and will be able to say he got out the big bad power couple, but at the end of the day, if Jackie or Meg don’t win HOH next week, one of them three is going home, and it’ll be James if he doesn’t win POV.

        It seems like a short sided move. it’s a big shock for one week, but next week is gonna come around, and he’ll still be in the minority.

      • He should have taken a page out of Vanessa’s playbook and set up a power alliance of his own. I think he missed a golden opportunity here. I wish him well, but I think he screwed up here.

  43. Hah. I knew Clay would throw himself on his sword for Shelli!! Chivalry (and stupidity) is NOT dead in the south!!!

    • I think he’s silently working on people’s emotions in order to stay. He’s been spending a lot more time with Meg lately (who is very gullible and easily swayed). He’s hugged her a couple of times too. She said she doesn’t want to see him go.

      I have a feeling Clay thinks Meg has a crush on him. Lol

      • Clay has no idea what show he’s on! Hey, Clay! This is Big Brother on CBS. If you wanted to get a wife you should’ve auditioned for that ridiculous show on ABC!

      • Can you image if Shelli is evicted this week, and Clay stays and he and Meg start flirting?!

        CBS make it happen!

      • I believe so also, I don’t know what is wrong with some of these HGs, Austin going crazy over Liz, Clay over Shelli, JMarc over Becky, James going gaga over Meg, but Meg is not reciprocating because she is eyeing Clay, they seem to forget what they went there for, hey play for the money and then follow your heart later, please!

    • I think this is karma at it’s best. When Jason talked to Julie Chen after his eviction he said after he was saved the week before he felt like he was safe and finally felt he was in a good position( not a direct quote) fast forward 3 hours later and the hoh comp is over. Clay told Shellie it didn’t matter that Shellie didn’t win hoh because he thought they were in a good position. Jason said it best, when you feel comfortable that’s when you go.

  44. Lol I’m worried because I read that James might use the veto and possibly on Clay? If so I think he’ll nominate Liz. I don’t like Liz at all but I think it’s a huge mistake for him to use veto because all it will do is ensure that Shelli and Clay both stay and that they’ll still have the sixth sense minus Liz.

    Does anyone know if he’s still planning on using veto?

      • They’re now talking about DE next week too now…not a good idea right now, especially since James is drinking alcohol. But hey, he’s deserving of this celebration today. JMac and Meg are drunk! haha

      • Meg and Jackie have been doing most of the drinking in the house, not surprise she is drunk, I think she is just being happy looking at the way things are unfolding, she was pained when Jason was evicted.

      • Yep…we have to hand it to her that she talked James out of nomming Steve too!

      • Because he’s close with Clay and doesn’t want to see him possibly leave. Plus he’s a little tipsy too!

      • Poor John! I wish he knew how little Clay thinks of him. Sounds like he envys Clay and he shouldn’t! John, you’re a much better player and person!!!

      • Wow! Sorry if anyone likes John but to me that seems a bit fake. He’s only known the guy for a few weeks.

        And before Clay was nominated he, Shelli and Vanessa were discussing in what order they would evict John. And Shelli and Clay were talking to Vanessa after they were nominated wondering if they should try to convince James to put Steve and John, and Becky up.

      • I think John is pretending to like Clay! His family has warned us how much JMac loves BB and that people won’t know the true JMac like they do until it’s too late! He’s playing a great social game, winning comps, throwing comps. And getting close to the “more powerful” side without showing his cards or joining their alliance!

      • How many have cried over others, when it applies to all that they’ve only known each other a few weeks, and it’s John you accuse of being fake? Clelli will mention anybody’s name once they themselves are in danger. So mentioning Steve, John and Becky were direct results of that. “Anybody but us” mentality.

      • Yes I think John is being fake. And if he isn’t he’s a fool. Clay and Shelli don’t care about him.

      • Yeah, she cried endlessly instead of trying to do anything about it. Just like she cried and talked about being targeted (hilarious) when she was put up as a pawn. Isn’t it just a great thought to imagine that Meg will get to cast a vote on this season’s winner and someone like Shelli, who’s actually played the game, won’t?

  45. Jason is officially unprotected now and tweeting with DaVonne and they’re over the moon about James becoming HoH and winning Veto!

      • Yea, of course she does. Quite honestly, screw her. And I usually speak with more sophistication than that. I find no reason to mince words this time though. I’m so glad she left when she did. So completely overrated it damn near makes me sick. Wins legions of fans for doing what? For playing selfishly, poorly, and letting her daughter down because of it? I guess it isn’t hard to make fans then. I bet I’ll be told that it’s low to bring up her daughter, but let’s face reality; she went to the house to win for her daughter, and instead chose to be stubborn, “stick to her guns” of being herself instead of adapting for the betterment of her game, and it ended up making her the 2nd evicted. So she didn’t even stay long enough to stack up stipend money. Good job. Go home and stay there, you don’t deserve to be in the game.

  46. Part 1 is done–the Snake and her son are still on the block but part 2 is to make sure the entire house is on board to vote out Shelli. So far Vanessa is doing her best to flip Austin and the Twins to keep Shelli. That would account for 4 votes and Becky would probably be the 5th which would be enough so this is NOT a good thing. Vanessa is so sketchy, even though she is also (fairly) loyal, she did go against the original plan to b/d Austin but after all, it is her HOH at the time so she should do what is best for her game. Just as she is still trying to do.. the difference is she is not HOH even though she continues to threaten Austin and the Twins if they don’t vote the way she wants. If Austin and the Twins were smart (which they aren’t) they would realize Clay is better for their game–which they already know but don’t seem to be pushing this on Vanessa that hard.. why? Because they are still afraid of her for some reason. Becky.. that is another story–one I hope comes out this week rather than next and Jackie/James/Meg realize she is two-timing them. Steve continues to be a non-issue other than his loyalties also appear to be with Shelli/Clay even though one is now going home I wouldn’t be surprised to see Steve sucking up to the one that remains as he becomes a target next week, as will Becky I should think. Johnny Mac–he better step up to the plate and start playing the game soon instead of being the pawn that he has been so far. He too would much rather Clay stay over Shelli, I am sure so that is a good thing for the rest of the house. The problem is Becky might get in his ear on this too.

    • I would argue Shelli is better for Austin and the twins’ games. Shelli has the better chance of the two to win HoH, which 6th Sense Minus One will desperately need next week.

      • Hey David how are you? I’m on a roll tonight. Been out with friends and had a few martinis. Don’t mess with Clay and Shelli. Lol

    • He really is awkward in his comments, many of them about women. He should also really stop trying to be funny. He isn’t funny and he either doesn’t notice or just doesn’t care that nobody laughs at most of what he says when he’s trying too hard for laughs.

  47. The below is from live feed update, I just don’t trust Becky for a dime

    Big Brother Updates @BB_Updates

    Becky tells Clay that she will vote him out but nobody can know except for him and Shelli, since James wants Shelli out #BB17

    • I don’t think anyone should worry about Becky. She’ll swing back to voting Shelli out by Thursday because she does what the ones in power do.

    • She’s lying. She knows JMac wants Clay to stay and they’ve been making moves together. This is probably to keep him from throwing in the towel.

      • Joni, since you seem to be very plugged in, is there any merit to the idea of a final 2 with JMac and Clay? I’ve heard it a few times but I don’t know how serious that alliance is.

      • Kind of hard to keep to that Final 2 deal when your partner is on the block and facing eviction…I have a feeling he may have chosen the wrong guy (basing it on Clay’s actions now) to make that deal with so early on in the game.

      • Sounds like they have the votes to evict Shelli. Evicting Shelli is probably worst for Vanessa and best for JMac if this alliance is real. The best move for the majority of the house is to get rid of Shelli. Let’s see if they recognize that!

      • I’m praying for that. If Clay self-evicts when it’s Shelli going…well…poor JMac!

  48. So glad James won the POV!! He’s still my little Asian stud muffin. They need to send Shelli home – unless Clay is pretending to be a much weaker player than he is in the comps, he’s not nearly the threat Shelli is. She’s like a giant spider reeling everyone in – she just made the mistake of misjudging the size of the flies she was hunting and got stuck in her own web. But webs can be broken. What makes Vanessa think Shelli would have any allegiance to her? Shelli wouldn’t want to go F2 with Vanessa, so why keep her around? I hope Clay doesn’t get to throw himself under the bus to keep Shelli in the house – what’s wrong with him anyway? His relationship with Shelli could be over in three months but half a million dollars can last a lot longer than that. Who’s in favor of sending Shelli home, or is it too early to call it? I’m going to be a nervous wreck until next Thursday – I’m getting too old for this suspense!!

  49. James gets cozy in the LR to have a good seat when they come out of the DR.

    • James should go fix himself a big sandwich and a glass of cold one and go sit in the LR and enjoy it.

  50. This is one of the best week I have seen in the BBH, seeing these two get a dose of what they have been dishing out to the other HGs coming back and biting them in their a$$. I am sure Thursday is going to be fun on this site also after the eviction.

  51. Trust no one. These people busted up an alliance ( dark moon) the same day they made it. Back door Vanessa because you can’t trust them to vote your way and more importantly, there is too much harmony and getting along in the house. The numbers are way too slanted against: James, Meg and Jackie. Shelli and Vanessa campaigning against one another would really let out all the skeletons. There needs to be serious hatred amongst the sixth sense in order for them to go after one another and give the weaker alliance the buffer zone they so desperately need.

  52. Yay!!! Anybody who was aligned with sweet old Jason needs to avenge his exit. Nice move James.

  53. What a dingbat! He’s willing to throw away 500k to some random girl he truly knows nothing about and met less than what 2 months ago? Talk about poor life decisions! Time to start thinking with your other head, kid.

  54. I can’t believe people still defend the Dark Side. People still defend Vanessa’s cowardly move to get Jason out. Or Shelli’s cowardly move to get Day out. Really? You don’t care about the entertainment factor at all? Well you get what you deserve. Have fun watching people sleep and play chess all day.

      • Good. I was talking specifically to the people who said Jason was boring. Audrey was a bad game play. And Day caused too much trouble. Well now they get to see what boring really is. This is the game they wanted. So they can have fun watching people play chess.

      • Jason, Da’Vonne and Audrey were my three most disliked players this season, and the only three out of the entire house who I specifically disliked. It had nothing to do with bad gameplay, being boring, or causing too much trouble. All three are gone before jury. Can’t ask for much more. I’m happy.

      • Correction, it didn’t have nothing to do with bad gameplay. That was part of it. Causing trouble and being boring though were not factors at all.

    • Same for Shelli getting Da’Vonne out. I would have edited my other post, but I’m posting as a guest and I don’t see that option

  55. It would have been better if James targeted one person from each of the two strong bonded duos like Liz and Julia and Shay and Clay so that it can cause some tension between the SixthSense alliance and raise questions about who from the alliance is more loyal and helpful to the group. What do you think?

    • Not quite a good idea because everyone else in the house would have been angry at him, now many are just glad they are NOT the target. At least by targeting just Shelli and Clay, at least everyone is talking to him. And even though he will likely be targeted next week, at least no one other than Shelli/Clay will be able to use his pick against them.

    • That would have been the ideal thing to do but some of the members of the Sixth Sense are so afraid of SheClay and will vote Liz or Julia out instead of Shelli, this will defeat the purpose of either getting Clay or Shelli out

  56. The best week? I guess you haven’t been watching the same show I watch. BB is on CBS. And maybe you should pay more attention to the feeds. James, Meg, Jason and hooker Jackie have been sleeping for the past five weeks. They make one game move and WOW they’re the greatest. NOT!

    • Why is that you always troll your nonsense every season with name calling, whenever any of the HG you support is being shown the door, I am sure it takes one to know the other, calling Jackie a hooker, I bet you know the street corner where Jackie hooks

      • Why is it when people have an opinion you have to make ignorant comments. I was talking about people on BB but you have to make it personal. Maybe you’re the hooker.

      • Trust me, I have no issues with anyone here, I just felt it was out of order to call Jackie a hooker must especially when you or me don’t know her, I am to some extent just advocating for civility towards each other and just enjoy the show

      • When she walks around half dressed with her boobs shaking in everyone’s face I don’t think much of her. She wants Shelli gone because she’s jealous. Watch the feeds and listen to her conversations. I was rooting for her on TAR but she’s disgusting on BB. JMO

  57. Just got home, went straight to Jokers, read JAMES f****ng won POV! ..I AM STOKED!!!

  58. It really matter who James targets, bc he wont be able to do much damage. If James doesn’t win the veto next week, he’s gone. And the only way he can play is if he gets picked. Because they won’t put him on the block, since he will the backdoor option.

    How else is it gonna go next week? More than likely, one of the Evils will win HOH next week. It’s possible, but highly unlikely that Meg or Jackie might win HOH. And I don’t know if Jackie can even be trusted. I think Jackie would be quick to turn to the Dark side.

    • I think Jackie will do what it takes to win. She won’t have to “Whore it up” to win either.

  59. “Hey Clay and Shelli, wanna see my HoH room now?” asks James to no one!

  60. Shelli is still in bed, but Clay has come out to join Becky and James in LR. Told him they were discussing travel plans. Then they switch to discussing Jackie. Good to see he’s up and about instead of moping alongside Shelli! Think there’s still hope for him? Or too soon to say?

  61. Poor James’ ears must be numb. Becky is talking, talking and all James wants is to see Jackie and Vanessa come out of DR. They’ve been in there for over 40 minutes.

  62. You can tell Shelli expects Clay to throw himself under the bus for her. Wht a gal! Seriously, She cannot let him do that. This is a once in a lifetime experience and he may regret getting himself evicted instead of her one day. She needs to allow him to stay if that’s what the house decides

    But this is Shelli we are talking about so she sees nothing wring with Clay giving himself up for her game. Shelli is a selfish, self-centered prima donna.

    • And Clay would maybe go further than her (as a single player). She’d still be a top target whereas he wouldn’t. He can hide behind V and the Austwins until he wins again and/or dark side does. PlusAy has a great social game to use to rebuild relationships in the house til he can make a move.

  63. Oh dear lordy be. James told Becky earlier than he doesn’t get along with his adoptive mother as well as he does his adoptive father. And just now Becky says, “You’re adopted James?” He says, “yeh”. She then says, “Wow, I didn’t know that!” I’m like…haven’t you been listening in between talking to him for the last 45 mins?

  64. Clay is really dumb. His master plan to save he and Shelli is to go to James and offer him a deal in which James will take one of them off the block and put Steve up! Clay says, James doesn’t want to get anymore blood on his hands and putting Steve up will not be a bloody move! Seriously! He actually said that to Shelli. After all this James is now going to put up Steve so he doesn’t get blood on his hands? LOL.

    The only chance Clay and Shelli have to save themselves for another week is to throw Vanessa under the bus completely. They need to out the Sixth Sense alliance and explain how Vanessa is the ring leader. They need to give up a bigger target than themselves. Once they betray their own alliance they can argue they won;t be able to work with those people anymore so Jame will not have to worry about them. Plus they will become the bigger targets for Austin, Vanessa and the twins.

    I do not know if this will actually work at this point, but unless Clelli do something really big there is no chance they both stay.

    • Yep. James might tell Steve about Clellis plan. See if Steve wants to rethink things, give up something.
      James can ask Clelli why not send Steve home last week instead of Jason?

    • Clay is trying to sell that to James?..That’s funny. James convo with Steve: “I’m taking out a heavy hitter…no offense Steve, but you’re NOT a heavy hitter.’re safe…He should try Van, more attractive.