Big Brother 17: Pre Veto Competition Plans In Week 6 – Update: PoV Players Picked

The Power of Veto Competition arrives later today in the Big Brother 17 house and these Houseguests are ready for the action and they’ve got a plan that deepens the emerging divide.

Shelli Poole knows the pressure is on
Shelli Poole knows the pressure is on – Source: CBS All Access

The newly minted nominees fear their allies are turning their backs on them and they’re right. When competition time arrives they’ll be playing against steep odds, but isn’t that when Big Brother is known for huge upsets?

Yes, Shelli and Clay are not handling their nominations well after expecting a shoddy deal with James to hold up to the pressure of their threat level. Now that they’re on the Block together they’ve got one chance to avoid an impossible situation in their bid to get to the end together: Power of Veto. But they may need to win it themselves for that opportunity.

On Friday James continued his campaign with Clay & Shelli’s allies to shore up support against the power couple and given the alternatives they don’t have much choice.

From top to bottom, Chelli’s allies are disappearing. We saw John and Becky agreeing that they can’t win this Veto without coming off looking bad with the pressure to use it. Later Austin talked to the twins saying their best option was for the noms to stay just as they are. Even Vanessa talked with James and suggested the idea of her throwing the Veto comp. While James hinted that’s a good idea he said he won’t ask that of her.

Shelli and Clay have lost both competitive support and honesty from their former allies as Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay that she hasn’t promised anything against them in regards to the Veto. Clay hopes to get HG choice and pick Austin, but we know that won’t help him as James would pick Austin too.

Austin is locked in this situation because he knows if the Veto is used then either him or one of the twins will be going up on the Block. Sure, it could be Vanessa, but he’s more confident it’ll be one of the former options and I think he’s right if James wants to guarantee a Chelli split. All of this mess does leave some advantages for Shelli and Clay.



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    • Steve does what Vanessa wants. I don’t know if he “obeys” out of fright or love. Sometimes I think he looks to her as a mother figure.

      • So my V girl puts up Jason last week and gets him out and it seems she is walking around with no blood on her hands. If you don’t love her game play you are crazy. She got a strong player out. Is a great liar when her alliance is falling apart. She is more concerned about winning this game then hooking up. Good move keeping Austin in the game. He sucks at this game and is more concerned about the love of his life. When Vanessa wins BB does anyone know if she will be the first
        Lesbian to win BB? I absolutely love her game play. Best Since Dr. WILL and Dan the Man.

      • She can pull it off because she isn’t emotionally invested in others…that’s why. Once you get emotional, you start messing up!

      • Totally agree. It always amazes me how people play making their showmance more important then winning the game

      • Gee thanks! Now Rhianna is in my head. She replaced Pharrell singing Happy! Pharrell is cuter. LOL

      • True…she’s even more paranoid it seems when she’s about to get her period!

      • Nah, she plays the game out of paranoia, not always out of clear, well thought out moves. She’s also almost as wishy washy as Shelli and Clay. She’s been playing a good game, but comparing her to Doctor Will and Dan is crazy. I think Derrick from last season is closer to that level then she’ll ever be. He pretty much ran that house.

      • biggest mistake ever was not to back door Austin last week, Austin is playing his own game and really will cross over Vanessa if he has too. She is going to regret her move! James should tell the person having the veto, NOT TO USE IT WHICH means either Shelli or Clay goes out!! Gotta break up the couple. We know Liz doesn’t like Austin, but having clay and shelli, they have been running the whole game from the beginning and one has to go!!!!!!

      • I have favored Shelli and Clay since the beginning. And, I was glad about all the bad attitudes they evicted. If they had stayed with plan A and evicted the next bad attituded, Austin, they would be doing fine right now. But, they played badly last week. They were no longer the “good guys” in my book. For playing so badly, I now say “let em rot.”

    • IKR!!! Like, I really thought that I was the ONLY person on here that doesn’t hate their guts….I hope Clay wins veto, pulls Shelli off and Van. or the Judas oaf is renomed…’re all beautiful <333

      • I don’t hate their guts as I don’t know them but it’s their overconfidence that’s ticking a few others off. I know they have to fight hard to stay in the game, but with these particular house guests, you can’t go for the jugular and expect loyalty from them to save you and you can’t tell your allies what they have to do. That sounds a bit self-serving to me. The should suggest what’s best in the long term by keeping them safe and let them decide if it’s in their best interest. The others already know they’ve not made the best choices and they don’t keep their promises (all the time). Wish they could watch videos of their prior weeks and see just where they went wrong and go from there. When it’s not done to you, you forget what you did to bring so much dissension.

      • Where they went wrong is when Vanessa decided to save Austin and wanted to put Jason up even though Shelli and Clay were pulling for Jackie and Clay even said leave Austin up and let him campaign and whatever happens with the votes happens. When Vanessa insisted on Jason then that’s where Clay and Shelli should of said we don’t want that so leave us out of it. We’ll support what you do but leave us out.

    • Would love for you to attend the weekly Chelli Anonymous meeting being held tonight :D Our numbers continue to grow and there are now 6 of us :D

      • Count me in as one. I think their current situation at the moment would help get them to eat some humble pie after being in power after so many days.

      • I can see why Shelli is in big trouble for being so fake when backstabbing Jason and Meg and I hope both of them have learned a lesson from all of this.
        But now, they really need to start backstabbing everyone and start making deals with the “other side” or whatever the official name is for James/Jackie/Meg.

      • Ya might have to change that name for them if they succeed in getting Shelli out this week.

    • I think one indicator of any player’s character is the goodbye messages they leave for those who are evicted. A week ago, Steve’s message to Audrey was very nice. This week, Liz came off sounding like a biatch to Jason but Shelli’s message to him seemed sincere. You could hear the regret in her voice. That said, it’s just fine if she has to go home.

    • Clay and Shelli had an opportunity to be safe this week, all they had to do was evict Becky with the help of Jackie, Meg and James. Of course it would have sent Vanessa in a tizzy. This week would have seen Austin, Liz and Vanessa in trouble rather than Clelli. They made their bed and now they have to lay in it.

      • No Vanessa made their bed by throwing them under the bus and coming out smelling like a rose. Whoever stays needs to target her and Austin.

      • Vanessa asked them last week if they all were ready to draw the line in the sand and they all agreed. Shelli and Clay made their own beds by lying and pretending they didn’t know anything about the Jason BD. That is what made their bed. Of course Vanessa nd her puppet mastermind ways didn’t help them either. They only have themselves to blame, Shelli even said last week she would rather see Becky go home and when she had the chance to redeem herself, along with Clay she refused to do so and she told Clay not to either.

  1. Well things are definetly heating up this week that’s for sure. Clelli are digging their own graves this week. Shelli has turned out to be a spoiled brat the way she is accusing everyone and blaming everyone else for things she had a hand in. Clelli are scuttling their own game

  2. Everybody is up early. getting ready for the main event. Shelli is dressed to kill, while Judas is still busy cleaning his paws on Liz’s back.

      • Joni, you need to turn on the news! He’s referring to that awful dentist that poached Cecil the Lion last week.

      • I know about the story…but did JMac bring that up in the BB house? Or were you both just referring to that here because of the reference of a dentist, like JMac is.

      • It was in reference to me calling Austin a mountain lion after Cyril said he was cleaning his paws on Liz. AIG added in that there was a dentist in the house. It was all just a joke!

      • If you check out his videos on YouTube he’s actually a really talented musician. I believe his channel name is slowfuse61.

      • Speaking of people who need to be locked up, anyone else seeing the controversy online with Austin allegedly groping Liz against her wishes and trying to her drunk to loosen her up?

    • He’s disgusting and so is James. I’m tired of James disgusting comments to the girls.

      • Austin and James are on two very different levels. James tells jokes and makes inuendos with the intent of making people laugh, not to cause discomfort. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think any of the women in the house have expressed discomfort to him or asked him to stop (and I think he would if they did). Austin however, kissed and touched Liz unwantedly and despite Liz “whoring herself out to him”, it doesn’t warrant him forcing himself on her.
        Placing these two in the same category is wrong.

  3. And finally people are playing the game and thinking! Big Big improvement. I say bury Battle of the Block and never bring it back unless it’s as a twist for a week or two that no one knows is coming.

    • The BofB sucks as a weekly feature.
      But I guess BB figures if they call it a fan favorite over & over people will begin to believe it … How Rovian.

    • OR, save it more towards the END of the season…after battle lines are drawn. Throw it in for a few weeks perhaps then.

  4. Hoping that Jackie or Meg can win the next HOH…. Meg doesn’t have a good chance but Jackie has won before! Although it may be tough considering the rest of the house minus Meg is playing against Jackie

      • Meg’s not good at comps but if she wins, it’s the same thing….same with James. I’m wondering if Vanessa is going to tell James that he’s better off keeping Clelli and getting rid of Austin instead.

      • I don’t know about thst. James can play the part of goofball but I think it is just part of his strategy. He couldn’t be swayed during his first hoh and I dont think he can be swayed this time either.

      • Before this week Vanessa would have, but now, no. He’s going back to how he was when he won the first HoH..very headstrong.

      • Vanessa is clearly good at convincing others to do things she wants. But I think as long as Meg and Jackie are around Vanessa can’t convince him to do much

      • Vanessa will come at the last minute with her flakiness. She flip/flops on her decisions. She’s too indecisive.

  5. Between Shellie, Vanessa, Liz, Meg and Jackie, the word “like” is now my least favorite word in the English language. You would think with all these college graduates in the house they would have a better vocabulary…like, you know like. If I hear that word one more time I think I’ll stick pencils in my ears.

    • So what?? I say “like” all the time….there’s nothing wrong with that as imho they are simply expressing themselves through their speech! :) you’re beautiful <333

      • Saying like 20 times in one sentence is not speech. it’s like….I don’t know, it’s like…I don’t know, is not expressing yourself thru speech. But… whateverrrr!!!

      • It may not be expressing YOURSELF but it may work for them….but I guess that’s what makes us unique, our differences in opinion! You’re beautiful <333

      • It’s as if they expect others to know what they’re thinking. Twins have their own language and can finish each other’s sentences, but those around them counter it as a lot of nothingness! hahaha

      • It has to stop! Before long everyone in the country will be like, well like, you know, saying like a lot too :(
        It’s becoming contagious!

      • Before it was “he goes” and “she goes” that became a popular jargon in the past.

    • I would have to say that “literally” is used waaaay too much and incorrectly I might add.

    • You all on here act LIKE you’re perfect newsflash: we’re all human and no
      One is perfect smh it’s kinda annoying…if they WANNA use slang and certain words then just let them it doesn’t affect you….gosh

      • Use of the English language (or lack thereof) used to be a sign of intelligence. It’s deterioration, especially from this generation of texters, is offensive to some people. Why isn’t Alyce allowed to be offended by the destruction of the language?

  6. If Clay or his mom come down, I hope they rest of the house isn’t foolish enough to send one of the twins/Austin home. Yes, it’s a three-headed snake, but there isn’t a lot of brain matter in any of those heads (aside from Julia, maybe).

    Odds are it’s a lock for the Golden Couple to be split up this week. I’m just not sure if I would be happier to see Shelli a) evicted before jury or b) crying about being separated from this child she has known for one month.

    • Seriously!!! She gives woman a bad name, and I dont really get how someone can be so “in love” in just a month. Clay doesn’t seem to be into shelli as much as she is into him.

      • Clay’s an underwear model in his early 20s who isn’t even aware he’s gay yet. Let’s cut him some slack.

      • He likes pumas better than cougars.

        And sometimes, being in isolation for more than 30 days can do that to people.

        i.e. Rachel and Brendon, Jeff and Jordan, Dominic and Danielle.

      • And what about Jeff and Jordan?? Brendon and Rachel??? Dom. and Danielle? No mention of them falling in love and GETTING MARRIED on the show….maybe they fell in love at first sight….Imo no one is in a position to criticize someone else’s love life… You’re all beautiful <333

      • He wants to take things nice and slow but she wants to rush it due to the time constraints…plus let’s not forget her biological clock is ticking too! hahaha

    • As long as it’s between consenting adults, Love knows no AGE imo…. You’re beautiful <333

  7. I’m sorry but Steve is NOT a game player. Regardless of what people say about knowing the game–knowing it and playing it are two different things and he certainly hasn’t got a clue–no social game whatsoever. The HG are worried that Steve will actually start to win comps once the season gets closer to the end yet I doubt this will be the case unless Production decide to have nothing but memory comps. Becky, the rat that she is, will be sure to stay quiet for the comp. She has even admitted to saying she feels like she is fading back in to the background. That might have been a simple statement to keep James/Meg/Jackie from realizing her rat like activities but regardless she doesn’t appear to be a threat in the plans. If Clay wins he has said he will save his peach which would see the house saying buh-bye to Clay. If Shelli wins she will save herself of course, which would then have her working hard to get HG to flip to save her Son over whoever the replacement would be. If there does have to be a replacement, I do hope James is wise enough to realize Vanessa MUST BE the replacement.. regardless that should still be enough to send Clay home but it would prevent any potential power that Vanessa may have to save Clay/Shelli. We already know Austin is worried about being the replacement or one of the twins but I think James is hoping those three will stay loyal this week and help him get rid of this power couple.. all I know is this has most definitely been the most exciting week of the season. Maybe it is also because that brutal non-fan fav-BOB is gone. It is so much better having a clean and simple 1 HOH that puts up the two targets for the week and we have no pawns and such to worry about.

      • Not even a close second to Andy.. Andy had the uncanny ability to walk in to a room at the right time. Andy knew what was going on at all times throughout the house and more importantly… Andy won the game! No way do I see this shy adolescent winning this season.. now–can I get a hug!

    • He’ll probably rise into the occasion when the timing is right. Right now, he’s in a somewhat good position as both sides of the house are going after each other. He as well as Johnny Mac (and probably even Becky) are, at the moment, an afterthought.

  8. Either Clay or Shelli is fine with me. I still want Austin, Liz and Meg gone. I really don’t want both Austin & Liz in the Jury.

    • why meg? she is with the babyfaces(wrestling for good guys) a statement that austin would appreciate.

    • I think there’s some merit to your thought. But at this point the Jury’s going to be impossible to keep “clean.” Fault him all you (third person general) like but I think Austin’s a good guy at his core. But after seeing Liz’s goodbye message to Jason and Shelli’s histrionics throughout, this Jury is definitely going to be tainted. I think with either Liz or Shelli in that Jury some really low-level, catty Final Votes are likely. This is the last week to get rid of someone without them affecting the Jury so if they’re smart they get rid of Shelli or Liz (if possible.)

      • Plus too many recruits in jury. They have a tendency to vote more based on emotions than for the best game play.

    • If the noms stay the same Shelly is definitely the one to boot. She is the stronger/smarter player of the two.

      • Yet, Shelli seems to think they will boot Clay over her….”I can’t be in this house without him.”

      • She may get her wish (not being in the house). Do you think Vanessa will continue telling her she’ll stay over Clay so she won’t have to deal with her?

      • Apparently James said at the nom ceremony that Clay was his target and Shelli was picked because she’s he’s partner. James was trying to throw them off.

      • Someone also said that Vanessa was talking to Shelli like she was staying over Clay??? Maybe she doesn’t want to deal with her if she thinks she’s leaving?

      • I’m not sure that Van knows which one is the target. The James Gang is keeping that one secret within their group for now.

      • So she’d rather be a big bullseye in the house if she does end up coming off the block…is that what she’d rather be?

      • Makes for a more interesting voting result! A true surprise for once in a long time. 1st this season really. But surely someone will tip her off before then (after POV).

      • I think that’s what they’re waiting for. They want to make sure that Shelli is still on the block after Monday.

      • Let’s pray neither of them win Veto and leave their fate in the hands of the rest of the house! hahahahahahahahaha

  9. I think Vanessa will be more interesting to watch if Shelli leaves this week. No BoB, at least down one alliance/alliance member, anti-Austin Julia in full time now but joined at the Dna with Liz. Will she secretly try to get Liz out so Julia is up for grabs and be her own ride or die?

    • That’s a great idea but I can’t get past the whole “Evil Twin” thing with Julia. I see Vanessa making that move (trying to recruit Julia) only to have her do something nefarious at the last second while delivering an evil, vicious cackle!!! (Please, Production – Make Julia wear a dark wig for at least one day.)

    • There may be no way to know until the show but were they picked out of a bag or were they all Player’s Choice?

    • So now its James & Jackie vs. Shelli and her son! That at least evens the odds. Except that combined James and Jackie have 6 wins to Shay’s 3 wins.

      • The numbers seem to be changing in favor of the “weaklings” as Shelly and Clay said they once were. Keyword here is “were”! :-)

    • ty GG. do u have any more info?? This game just went my way!!! I want Chlelli out of there!!! Altho I am afraid for Vanessa to win veto. If she wins she better not change the noms or she will be evicted next week by James’ bunch (if she does not win HOH)!!

  10. I haven’t caught up with the latest BB info yet but I’m hoping that Clelli are finally aware that their SS alliance members have turned their backs on them and they need to start backstabbing them NOW!

  11. IF Vanessa were to win POV, does anyone think she would use it on either Shelli or Clay? She will certainly try to win it so she can’t be BD victim, but if she uses it she may cause greater issues for herself.

    • Since Shelli would go home she doesn’t have the sway to get back at Van, won’t be in Jury either. Van has no fears. Clay isn’t as big a threat and Van can redirect his anger to James if needed.

    • James told her to do what she wants with it. She told him she wouldn’t use it. Don’t know if Van was lying or not.

    • I don’t think she will…she’ll probably just say, “shoulda, woulda, coulda!” And not use it. That’s how diabolical she really can be! :-)

    • check out the reply on your other post. I said something there about it. I like u GG. U r a smart thinker!!!

    • If she’s smart she wins and refuses to play it. She’s not working with a brain trust with Austin and Liz so they’ll be easier to confuse with a false reason. Two queens in a hive is one queen too many. (No, Clay, I’m not referring to you. Simmer down!)

  12. Well…in a perfect world and all that jazz! It’s all about how you react and act that makes it stand out more so than having said anything at all to keep the fires burning….right?

  13. I didn’t get the impression Alyce was trying to come off as a genius. Maybe she is one – idk. No offense to you, Alyce, if you are. I think that just bugs her and it’s her opinion. She wants to stick pencils in her ears. Lol. Personally when the mics pick up the HGs chewing it drives me a little nuts. Peoples pet peeves :)

  14. Clay and Shelli are being foolish by insisting that Steve be the target in their potential renom plans to save both of them. Vanessa will not put her puppet in danger and James knows that putting Steve up will be a waste. The only person that might go home over both of them is Becky, because Vanessa is willing to out her to ADC as a double agent and untrustworthy. But Clay and Shelli refuse to do this because they are providing them info. That stubborn inflexibility concerning renoms is what got them into this mess in the first place, and it’s what’s going to split them apart on Thursday.

    If they want to stick together, they need to win veto, sever ties with Becky, apologize to the rest of the Sixth Sense for questioning their loyalty and recognize that they were all in a tough spot this week, and then regroup to get the five votes needed to evict Becky and go win HOH next week. That is the only way out, and them questioning Vanessa because she didn’t follow their wishes to the letter is only eroding what little support they have left.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. It looks good on paper, but take into account their egos, they’ll never see the forest through the trees! ha

      • We’re all Monday Morning Quarterbacks out here. We have the advantage of making decisions way behind the front lines.

        And that’s what makes it fun.

      • They need to stop feeling betrayed that they were trying to protect themselves at the expense of their fellow Sensors. Of course they were! One of them was likely to go home! That doesn’t mean that whoever among them is left can’t rally back together if they win HOH again.

    • IfSteves such a good target, they should have gotten him last week especially since he was the backup target behind Austin. Remind them of that.

      • Why is Steve a good target? He’s kind of a waste. He does Nothing. He’s this Season’s Victoria. Who would you rather face in the Final 2? Anyone else (even Blehcky) or Steve?

      • That was never going to happen. Vanessa was HOH, and she wasn’t going to put him up at that point because she saw him as too much of an asset.

      • But that’s what I’d tell Clei when they told me Steve was a good backdoor target. A reminder of the level of deception coming back at them.

  15. Vanessa’s BIG plan to save Shay is for the Austwins to start a fight with Shay, so that Van can push Becky or JMac as the renom. Really, Vanessa??? Do you really think that James and his group are that stupid??? They may have been playing blindly and partying for weeks, but none of them are stupid.

    • It took them all this time to figure out that the 6 were working together. They even allowed the twins in. The Jason backdoor was what finally alerted them that something was happening. They’re pretty stupid.

      • They honestly believed that Shay was with them. Blind, yes. Stupid, no. They don’t see and know what we do.

      • Deductive reasoning could have served them well, which is a subset of intelligence. They’re totally clueless. They knew about the twin twist, knew that it was 5 evictions before they both came in, yet still chose to target Austin instead of Liz/Julia. They’re totally clueless and terrible at this game.

      • All Shelli has been saying to the twins is “I did this and I did that to protect you” not “we as a group” did that and did this. There is no “I” in team last I recalled.

      • I never understood anyone protecting the twins. It was a terrible idea for 5th Sense to think that 6th Sense with a set of twins would be a good idea. The whole house dropped the ball on that one.
        But to your point, yeah, she’s scrambling. I don’t blame her for doing so but it’s slightly painful to watch.

      • They thoughtit was a good idea to keep the twins to give them numbers. At first it was smart, but now that the alliance is divided its a headache because the other side of the house needs to worry about two different groups.

      • The thing is No matter what happen if one clay or shalii come down some one from austin group is going up after that sixthsce is over they are not gona work togather

      • That’s why I’m praying that neither of them win Veto and the one that does doesn’t use it! Pray Becky or JMac don’t win it…they will use it and save one or the other…then the votes will need to secure both of their safeties.

      • JMac isn’t playing in the Veto. It’s James, Shelli, Clay, Becky, Jackie and Vanessa.

      • And i have damn feeling if Clay and Sha both stays on the block Austin group are gona support Sha not clay and James group will be supporting clay they will say sha is bigger target in this game it will be good to safe her and Austin always go against home

      • Vanessa will do her influencing. I’d love for Jackie to be next HoH and Meg win next one. Jackie would take out V I think.

      • Seriously i don’t think Meg can win anything She may be playing smart to show she can’t win and comes strong at a perfect time or she may be just Meg :)

      • She didn’t have any fire under her until this week. We’ll find out on Thursday if she has it or not.

  16. Best move will be to get rid of Van because she is F**** brain of the #sixtsen and without her all 5 are useless if James is smart he will go for Van the power player o have chancn this season if any one of james meg and jackie wants to win get rid of Van the top most target if Van stays she is coming for James Meg and Jackie so play smart say bye to Van …

    • Van is harder to get out with all of her minions still in the house. Best to weaken her numbers first.

      • That is the whole point if she stays she is not not going any where she is top actress with tears and all crap so i guess there are 70% chance that this year we will have a female contestant winner :) just turn table do some Amanda moves :D

      • I think James needs to put her up as a replacement anyway. It guarantees Shelli or Clay goes home. He needs to get a ringleader out of the house. I think her plan to put up JMac or Becky could backfire on her in a big way. Clay/Shell want to save them and even talked about a new alliance with them last night. They could make a deal with James to get Vanessa out with the votes of Becky and JMac.

      • That’s what i am saying just cut the head of Evil and the rest of the body don’t really matter

  17. Is Steve still in this game and Johny Mac come on boys do something they are Amber of this season Like lay low lay low Perfect Paws :)

  18. Vanessa is making the same mistake Jeff made. When you are safe and there is a possible renom to make, do not play the game too hard or you make yourself a target. If Becky or JMac finds out she is working against them they will go to James and tell him she is trying to help Shelli and Clay. That will make Vanessa the replacement nom. Then Vanessa ould be the one to go home.

      • Her paranoia and motor mouth won’t allow it. I don’t think she can stop her brain from running at a mile a minute.

      • Its the paranoia. She’s not worried about Clelli. She is worried she will be the replacement nom.

      • Hard to believe she was Valedictorian of her HS and graduated from Duke University in 2 1/2 years as well as going to law school for 2 1/2 years.

  19. From a Live Feed update site: (Joker’s)

    James to Julia, “Do you have any Asian in you?” Julia, “I don’t think sooo.” James, “Well, do you want any?”

    +100 for James. I bet CBS won’t show it but it’s hysterical.

  20. So, are Becky and JohnnyMac becoming the Andy Herren/Shelly Moore kind of players? They are laying around listening to information and running it back to Shelli and Clay? They both threw Vanessa under the bus yesterday to Shelli.

      • Well Vanessa is throwing him and Becky under the bus – even though he doesn’t know it yet.

      • I think she is going to fight as hard as Shay will. She does not want the possibility of either Shelli or Clay coming off the block and her being replacement nom. If she wins POV, she will either not use or use it knowing she cannot be put up.

      • Smart play is to win (if possible) and just refuse to use it with: “Because the house doesn’t want me to” as an excuse. She gets away clean and doesn’t worry about being put on the block. You can’t trust James with a promise now. This week? No one should EVER trust ANY promise made in this game. (Although I will say that the idea of seeing Shelli and The Moldy Q-tip on the block together might be an Apollo Creed vs Rocky II type event.)

      • I don’t think he is. He seems to go into every room, lay down and just listen. Vanessa confided in him yesterday and he took that right back to Shelli.

  21. I am so excited for the Veto comp ! Shelli and Clays allies are against them to save there own butts ! If anyone other than Clay or Shellie win veto, Chellie will definetly be broken up !

  22. This is so exciting! I hope one half of Clelli goes, and then Jackie or Meg win the next HOH. I think if Jackie wins the next one she will go for Vanessa?

    • If a miracle happens and Jackie wins (the odds against The Other Side winning twice in a row seem large) I’d think about splitting the Twins depending on how their relationship plays out. If they’re side by side strong maybe that’s worth dissolving because Austin is controllable by Liz so if the twins are together that might actually be three votes. Vanessa is a bit more fragile and easier to get others to turn against because she’s viewed as a Power Player and has done more things people can use against her.

      • I think that the twins and Austin aren’t as strong strategically or competition-wise as Vanessa. Vanessa is the reason the Sixth Sense will stay intact after one half of clelli goes (I predict at least). Vanessa has the best chance to win and I think of Jackie wins HOH she’ll go after Van. I do think Austin and the Twins need to go soon, But Julia doesn’t really like Austin all that much so it won’t take much to turn her against him.

  23. What is Steves problem with Becky, does she represent all the good lookin girls who said NO when he asked them for a date?

    • No. He’s angry because he was late for a college interview.

      (One of the trains was late.)

  24. Does anyone here use Jokers Updates? I have not been able to log onto it this morning. I tried through IE and Mozilla Firefox and I keep getting a message that says IE can’t find it and MF says server not found???? I’m so sad.

    • You might need to uninstall and reinstall both browsers. But I use Jokers Updates.

  25. I just pray James isn’t swayed and doesn’t change the target after the veto comp. He’s pretty head strong so I’m hoping he won’t. This is the best game move for him. With Chelli gone, the HG will realize (hopefully) that they have to play this game for themselves. Next week—–> I’d like to see Vanessa on the block. Even of just for a scare. Have any of u guys read her Wiki? Smart chic…

    • Yep…valedictorian of hs, graduated Duke University in 2 1/2 years and attended law school for 2 1/2 years too. But watching her flopping like a fish out of water in the BB house, you wouldn’t know that about her.

  26. All of Vanessa’s hyperactivity has nothing to do with saving Shelli and Clay. It has to do with saving herself. I hope James puts her up.

    • I was more worried at first that Becky would derail what James was planning to accomplish. Now, though, I believe Van is doing just that. Hopefully James sees or hears about that after Veto ceremony is over.

      • From tweets I am reading sounds like Vanessa is campaigning to save Shelli. IF Vanessa is BD and voted out, then Chelli remain in the house. If shelli and Vanessa stay in the house, do they become the new power couple? Next HOH needs to be Jackie or Meg to keep James around. He will be a man with a big target on his back.

      • I’m getting that too..but who knows. The players this season flop around so much, you never know what will occur.

  27. If either Shelli or Clay win the veto and one comes down he should put Vanessa up as a replacement nom like she did Jason last week if for nothing more than to watch her squirm a bit and possibly BD her! She’s causing so much mischief in the house now and needs to be stopped. If this is the way to do that, then let the cards lie where they may.

    • I appreciate that and think it would be the most entertaining thing to watch but what about the twins? It’s only been a few days. Do we have evidence of them staying away from each other or being attached at the hip? – Either way, Liz has the power to sway Austin so that’s a possible 2 or 3 vote guarantee if the twins are getting along. Breaking Juliz/Lulia up might be more tactical. – Thoughts from Live Feeders?

      • Liz is the replacement nom if Clay or Shelli win Veto…that’s James’ plan so far. Next week they can concentrate on getting one of the twins out (if plans go accordingly) in the DE.

      • Right…But there’s no guarantee they’ll have the same power to Nominate next week. If Clay goes home this week it’s good for the audience but useless tactically. So if the veto does get played the best bet, I’d think, would be to possibly split the twins double vote too. No?

  28. Oh James, you are not thinking! Feeds have shown that he knows Liz is not into Austin. By players choice selection of Jackie, he has decided to gun for veto instead of the best play for HIS game – Throwing it for one-half of Chelli, renoming Austin, and keeping Judas out of the Jury house to stalk Liz and/or creep out Julia. That move alone would have gotten him votes from both twins, Clay and Shelli if he makes Final 2. It still might happen, but James thinks a dramatic move is the same as a big move – and they are not.

  29. I guess at this point, none of us are shocked at what Vanessa says or does anymore.

    • I have never in my life told anyone to “shut up”, except in a playful manner where it was evident that I was joking. But when Vanessa starts with that “you’re going to do as I say” attitude, don’t you wish someone would tell her to “shut up” and she knew they were serious?

      • Yes, I do wish that. Guess JMac kindly telling her to lay low didn’t register as being “quiet” at all.

      • I always told my children “you might want to think about what you are saying before you keep speaking.” For some reason, I don’t think that would work with Vanessa. Think before you speak? What a concept.

      • Yep. Vanessa is a “bully-talker,” like what you would hear from an abuser to his victim. She bulldozers over people with her fast talk and constant interruptions. This will play perfectly into Johnny Mac’s hands if he sees an opportunity. Despite her great strategic play, V sucks all the fun out of the BB house, and we all know how that worked out for Da’y and Audrey.

      • I did not think of it that way but you are right. She is not a fun person to be around.

  30. Hope that Jackie or James pull this out and the nominations stay the same and Shelli leaves. Can’t stand her. Clay is kinda harmless; he’s just like a lost puppy dog that is being led around by his master…or mistress in this sense. He’s not a threat; you can always take him out later. Shelli is deadlier. Oh, and I do still love Vanessa; even if she’s causing trouble and acting like a crazy girl, I always did like her. I still will no matter what. This would be my ranking of all the players left and how I feel about them:

    1. Jackie (Love)
    2. John (Love)
    3. Vanessa (Love)
    4. James (Love)
    5. Meg (Love)
    6. Steve (Like)
    7. Julia (Like)
    8. Liz (Like)
    9. Becky (Dislike)
    10. Clay (Dislike)
    11. Austin (Dislike)
    12. Shelli (Dislike)

      • You talk a lot, Joni. You reply to almost everybody on the page at a nonstop rate! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say YOU were the writer for these articles! Not that you talking so much is a bad thing; just means you’re passionate about Big Brother. Gotta love that.

      • Uh…what? I give Joni a compliment, and you comment with a stupid statement saying that I’m mad? Okay, sure, whatever.

      • I like ribbing Josh sometimes because I like his comments…no disrespect. haha

    • Pretty spot on. Don’ t quite get the dislike for Becky (seems you aren’t alone). Comes across to me as Johnny Mac’s pal trying to play BB with a bad hand.

  31. I think James should have said that if his nominations changed that he would put Vanessa on the block. Then no matter who’s voted out the sixth-sense alliance would be gone!!

    • Vanessa would be a good backup but she’s only one person. It’s best to break up a power couple BEFORE they hit jury as opposed to after.

      • James’ alliance is under the impression that V was FORCED to put up Jason – that she is a prisoner of Chelli and JuLiz. We see it as the uncomplicated move, but her streak of honesty last week took her off James’ radar.

      • If one comes down, she should go up. We all can see what she’s doing. She’s a very good player. Clelli or Vanelli, one of them has to go.

      • She is the best option especially if Clay comes off. Vanessa sitting next to Shelli would mean one of the two best players in the house would go home for sure.

  32. If Clay wins, then he will probably use it on Shelli. I think the best move for James is to break those two up anyway and put up LIz. Austin, Julia and probably Vanessa won’t vote Liz out.
    Steve will vote however Vanessa wants.

  33. Slightly off topic, but at the beginning of BB I liked Steve. I saw him as a geeky/lovable nerd. However, as the weeks have passed I now can’t stand him. And see him as weird/mean. The way he hides out in nooks and crannies, smells his hands, has entire conversations with himself, constantly asks people for hugs and plays with BB cameras is just plain weird and I’m not sure why anyone would think his behavior at this point is just because he’s awkward (he is awkward but he’s weird too).

    What’s worse is he’s rather mean too! I’m no Becky fan (I think she’s boring and stuck up) but for Steve to say to the cameras that it made him happy that she was crying and miserable in the last POv challenge was over the top! And almost every time he evictes someone he always seems so incredibly happy to do it.

    Plus, I don’t think he’s all that smart either. I read that he used to suck up to his teachers in high school 24/7 to get ahead and help get into college and other perks. I can see him mimicking those exact same strategies in BB. He also seems to be bending over backwards to help Shelli and Clay who in reality couldn’t care less about him.

    • Totally agree! He creeps out the girls too (did you see his interrogation of Julia last night? Eeewww!) Steve thought his summer would be a hug-a-thon, but the HG’s are treating him like a neglected pet that won’t go outside.

    • He is definitely socially inept. As Vanessa said he is very immature for a 22 year old. As for how smart he is, that’s hard to tell because he doesn’t do anything. But his strategy to keep bigger targets in the house would get him evicted if everyone used his strategy because no one considers him a big target

    • Maybe it’s a two part contest. Part 1 requires brains. Part 2 requires physical strength.

  34. If anyone but Jackie wins the POV, I think Shelli will be saved. It does not look good for the the non-alliance. But they can still get Clay out by putting Vanessa up. If they put up Liz she will go home. Becky, JMac, Vanessa, Steve and Shelli will vote to save Clay. No matter what Julia and Austin do they cannot save Liz.

  35. It’s great that someone is finally making big moves, and that James was the one to do it (but let’s not forget generally as a player he sucks). Also it’s great and all that Chelli is getting a taste of their own medicine ( I really hope Clay stays and not her, I think it would be interesting to see his gameplay without her), but I still believe Vanessa is the head of the snake, and that she somehow continues to avoid persecution. And i hate that.
    Also I definitely don’t like Austin (mostly because he’s an idiot, but I don’t think he means harm) or the twins (bitches much?) but I still think they were right to save him. I mean they had control over the house, and basically no one knew they had such a solid alliance. Why mess that up? The problem wasn’t getting rid of Jason, the problem was jumping to conclusions after Austin’s mistake and promising everyone his head. They are waaaaayy too impulsive. Another problem is Shelli and Clay feeling comfortable enough to not hold out in the competition.
    Also- side note: I get that Austin’s creepy (not touching the moral connotations) and all of that, but I do think that if she just said point blank stop, he would. And he’d be shocked (derrr) So she’s a little hussy.
    Bottom line: nobody knows what it would be like to be stuck in that house, with basically nothing to do, and with only the other houseguests to entertain you. maybe give them a break.
    And has everyone forgotten that Jeff might have masturbated with Liz in the bed? Worst thing ever.
    This veto is going to be awesome! Me think.

    • Your “Bottom line” sentence and the sentence following it are just a little bit contradicting, to me, anyway. Maybe not the “worst thing ever”, so hey “give them a break”. J/K with ya’.

      • Okay but masturbating and then rubbing said secretion on house-guest, and maybe falling in love? Two different things. I know it’s tough in there but whack off in the toilet. Who said JK?

      • That is the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the show, so yeah.. maybe you don’t feel that way but I would think most people would.

      • I wouldn’t say “worst thing ever,” but it does rank up to being pretty gross and inappropriate for sure.

      • I totally agree with you. It was SO gross….the worst thing ever on the show. And the look on his face during it was so creepy…like a total psycho.

      • Never was a big fan of Jeff anyway, so I’m glad he was evicted before Jackie!

      • Totally! His face is what makes me know that it was for real, despite some saying it’s a mistake. It was so gross. And nothing has come from it! That’s the worst part. Like who cares that he basically sexually assaulted her.

      • I thought it was real at first as well and was shocked. However, I knew that wasn’t what happened because he would have been expelled immediately by production. The video makes it look like he did, but there was another angle I saw that shows he didn’t. He actually answered a question about it in an interview somewhere and was surprised people thought that happened. He clearly didn’t see the video that makes it look like he did.

      • I don’t know. The whole thing bugs me. Like I said before- the faces and movements etc, seem legit. And of course he’d deny it, and I’m not sure that production would stop it unless it was an obvious nudity-in your face- sort of thing. I read somewhere in an interview with him that he was itching or something (can’t remember exactly) I don’t know if that’s what you’re referring to or not. I guess he’s the only one who will ever really know, and regardless of innocence or guilt, I’m a fairly good reader when it comes to people and that guy seems like an enormous creep.

      • And the getting away with it, not having Liz know about it etc, is why men who are creeps- do it and enjoy it.

      • I agree with you there I was not a Jeff fan and we never will really know. I feel like production would take a serious look at it, but if nothing can be proven than he can’t be expelled. In general I am always cautious with TMZ articles as so much of their stuff is just crap.

      • Oh me too TMZ is. But this is from an actual feed and it was featured all over the web. That was just the first result in a search.

      • I did not see that happen or am I sure if it is allegation or truth. But I did see” the Frankie video”. That’s my worst ever.

      • Yeah that was horrible, but seriously check this video out. I posted it (I don’t know if or when they will approve it) and tell me it’s not at least tied.

      • If you post a link, I’ve seen others say don’t use the dot, write in the word dot and if I understood correctly, it will not have to wait for approval. I could be wrong, though. Worth a try. Maybe the video is on You Tube. I’ll check.

      • It’s still pending. If you google Jeff big brother 17 and masturbate, the TMZ link is good.

      • I watched the TMZ video as ppl were saying it happened while others said it didn’t. Curiosity got the best of me. I regret watching it. He is a total perv.

      • I don’t know. I watched the clip a bunch of times too and don’t think he did. But If I’m wrong and he did do it, don’t you think CBS and the BB team would be liable for a lot of potential damages (regardless of waivers signed) due to possible “health violations” they didn’t make the HG aware of? (Unless they did and I just don’t know.) Was Jeff called to the DR right away? They MUST have a protocol for possible things like that after the Season 2 “toothbrush in toilet” thing. No?

      • If it’s on the internet there is zero chance to sweep anything under the rug.

      • Well if it did happen they would obviously not want that out. That would be much worse. And yes the internet is unmerciful, but people do have short memory spans, and without this being dragged on and Jeff suffering consequences.. people forget.

  36. I can’t stand Shelli and Clay is so annoying, not playing his own game. I’d prefer Shelli leave next week. I just hope she ends up staying on the block.

  37. I’m big on rooting for the underdog – one of the reasons I got a bit overly passionate here with James winning HoH and his game move at this point in the season! So for this week I’m rooting for the James Gang. Next week will probably be a whole different story!

    • I think they are definitely the underdogs, but it does bother me how little that side of the house has done this season. Maybe the show will change (finally!) and everyone will be playing from here on out. Maybe Steve will even become relevant.

      • That part did bother me a little bit. They got a bit too comfortable then when they wanted to start playing, they were outranked.

      • They would just hang out all day, not bothering to go up against anyone. Floaters to the extreme.

      • For sure….but every season seems to have a floater or two. At least Meg is likable if nothing else. Jeff was annoying and gross. Jason was easier to tolerate than Frankie was and James…well, James was James.

      • Yeah Jason was incredibly entertaining, and very smart and perceptive. It bums me out he never got a chance to really play. I like Meg- sort of. It’s just hard sometimes, she can be annoying.

      • But it’s not hard to be less annoying then Frankie. This season I still don’t have a favorite to win. Now that things are heating up this week someone might actually stand out this week as my favorite to win

    • Becky IS a little rat too. Dirty plays, not anything worth rewarding. And John is underused. He needs to step up.

  38. James should nominate Vanessa as the replacement nominee if Clay or Shelli gets off thru POV. The biggest threats are Shelli and Vanessa because they are good in winning competitions and two, have been manipulating the house. More so, Vanessa who is doing most of the manipulating. Like removing the head of the snake, Vanessa is the biggest threat more than Shelli. Putting Vanessa on the block, guarantees one of the big threat goes home. As much as I dislike Austin, he is less of a threat than Shelli or Vanessa to the other side.

  39. I do have to point this out too because I’ve been reading, and I feel like I’m going a little nuts here. There’s clearly a divide, and people think some are evil and some are good. But does anyone remember earlier before the sixth sense was dubbed evil, and the others (primarily jason- meg-jeff-dae etc) would just hole up in a room and act like the mean kids?

  40. Add me to the save Shelli or Clay list. Love someone who plays the game and not keep the floter vest on and float to the end.

    • I have to admit, I do like them. Clay more than Shelli. Is it weird they haven’t sneaked a kiss yet? or have I missed it?

  41. Well will ya look at that. James WON POV!!! WTG Jimmy Boy! Shelli and Clay will need to fight more than ever before for at least one of them getting to remain. I pray James listens to what they’re going to bring to the table as to whether he actually uses it on one or the other or keep the noms the same. We shall soon see! Let the campaigning begin! Good luck to Shelli and Clay. May the best man/woman win!!!

  42. Now that James has absolute power, it will be interesting to see how good of a player he is. His best play for his game is to put up Austin, but the safe play is to leave Clelli up. He doesn’t need any more blood on him, and using POV would do that.

    • Why not Liz? Liz is effectively 2 votes (maybe 3 if you count her swaying Austin.) – Thoughts?

      • That’s true, but a Liz nom would enrage Julia and Austin, unifying the 5 remaining alliance members like never before. Angering a fractured alliance would kill James’s game. Best to wait a bit for Liz.

      • You’re thinking 5 steps ahead while I’m thinking 2. Point to Mr. Hughes.

    • His best move is to take Clay down and put up Vanessa. He can again tell Austin he did not put up Liz to protect them. He can tell Vanessa putting her up ensures Shelli goes home and also makes it look like she and Clay are in the same boat.

      As it stands now Clay is playing the martyr and telling everyone to vote him out. Shelli of course is saying nothing. She is letting Clay do her campaigning for her.

      • Great idea! Making Clay and V look like they abandoned Shelli would make them look really evil in the eyes of the other HG’s. Smart!

  43. If there are no parameters to live within, or structure, it would be utter chaos. How could we function as a society if everyone is doing their own thing? ????

  44. So true! Why does he dislike Becky so much? He made a slick comment and laughed at her on the show and I was like did I miss something she did to him? I was shocked he didn’t vote for her to evicted.

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