‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 6 Veto Ceremony Results

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over and the latest Big Brother spoilers reveal this week’s final nominees at the hands of James Huling who had his full range of choices from the whole house.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Overnight Clay and Shelli gave it one last go to try and get an alternate on the Block and out the door. Their argument started to stir James’s considerations and gave him pause, but was it enough?

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 6:
James did not use his Veto. Noms remain as Clay & Shelli. One of them will be evicted on Thursday.

This is the first time all season the Veto has not been used, but it almost was in play.

Before the ceremony we heard more confirmations from James that he was definitely going to stick with the plan of Clay and Shelli on the Block. James went back to Austin with what he heard from Chelli and that disappointed to hear.

There are nine votes and no chance of a tie which means this is in the house’s hands. James wants Shelli out but the earlier talk had Clay going. Will what Shelli said overnight put an end to her game with Austin and the twins?

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  1. Shelli to Clay: You still have Vanessa
    Clay: No, I don’t

    (Vanessa is standing right there, lol)

    • It’s simply amazing how many times you naysayers are wrong. I think you’re just whining because Chelli is no more.

      • I’m hoping it’s shelli who goes. She’s very immature for 33. I stopped watching and started reading what happens on here because of her. Once she’s gone I’ll be tuning back in.

      • nope sorry. Her selective memory and revisionist history skills has ex-houseguest AND ex-wife written all over it. How can he stand her?

      • You’re arguing with a brick wall. Her side is all “James broke his promise!” while forgetting “now, how again did Jason wind up going home?”

      • I don’t exactly love Shelli myself, but I do agree with Lavendargirl that Shelli is one of the few who is playing to win. That’s not a trait we see in many of the contestants this year. Her strategy ultimately didn’t work, but at least she went out playing. James, Meg, and Jackie are sitting back giggling at their power for the week and are hoping that the numbers magically flip in their favor. Either that or that they’ll keep rotating power through the three of the via HoH. It’s really sad to watch.

      • Oh, I always did. :-) But Vanessa’s game is outstanding. Even Jason in one of his interviews was blown away by how good she is. I hope luck doesn’t break against her because I’d like to see what tricks this woman has up her sleeve.

      • Vanessa’s game fell through the cracks when she didn’t evict Austin. She created 8 strong, adding on Jason, James & Jackie. Should have went with that. Now . . . Austin’s & his judas are after
        her now.

      • That’s what the 6th sense did with each player they put on the block and then booted out…but they liked backdooring more than making the players await their fate because they didn’t have the guts or wanted more flack than necessary.

      • Not exactly. Sixth Sense has side alliances with John, Becky, and Steve. They’ve been wheeling and dealing to keep the numbers in their favor and are playing the game. James and Meg are sitting back giggling. Jackie I will admit is actually playing, but I think it’s too late for her.

      • I got your back too Lavendargirl. She has played a great game and it was a pleasure to see a strong woman.

      • I’ve already start a club – Clelli Anonymous – and you are cordially invited to attend our next meeting :D

      • I’ve said it before, Shelli is a good liar in the game of BB…that’s a compliment…..she’s good!

      • Like everyone else she wants to win, but she thinks that she had done nothing wrong, she is convinced she had no part in anything. She believes that. And for that reason, I want her gone. She has lost touch with reality. ITS A GAME SHELLI.

      • Jason went home bc of Vanessa. She was HOH and could have decided NOT to put Jason up. She BD in both of her HOH’s. Now Shelli and Clay are paying.

      • But when asked if they knew right after Jason went home, Shelli and Clay said nothing. So now J/J/M are not saying anything when they already know one of them are going home.

      • Yea but if they didn’t agree they didn’t have to vote that way so they get what they deserve people needs to do what’s good for there game not the person in charge.

      • I must have missed something I think. I know Shelli and Clay were definitely in on Jason going up, but wasn’t it Vanessa who actually put him up and shook hands and made the deal with James, Meg and Jason? And wasn’t it Liz and Austin pushing for Jason to go up because they hated him for not keeping Austins confession quiet? Although why in the world they would ever have expected him to keep that tidbit under wraps is beyond me. I just don’t understand, I guess, why Shelli and Clay are getting so much heat, unless I missed something?

      • You didn’t miss anything. People just have a one track mind. Just because they don’t like someone they blame everything that happens on that person. They’ll probably still blame Shelli for everything after she’s gone.

      • That’s twice in 10 minutes you’ve accused me of something I haven’t done. Let’s not have a third time.

      • First of all I was talking in general to everyone. Did I single you out? Read my comment I said PEOPLE! And I will do what I please. Don’t tell me what and what not to do.

      • I give you my permission to just go ahead and give him a wet willie! :-)

      • They did have a hand in it just like with the others asking people to throw mission seems to me you have the one track mind like you would say Karma a bitch regardless who goes home and James may go home next week but a least he was brave enough to make a move they are not even trying to get the strange players out because they are trying to stay loyal to people who threw them under the bus countless of times. Dumb move because they looking to eventually get the twins soooooo dumb. JUST SAYING!!!!!!!

      • Vanessa shook hands on the new alliance that was formed that included Jason in it before she backdoored Jason. That’s why they were shocked that they went against what they shook on. Shelli and Clay were the contributors of putting Jason up in place of Austin.

      • Vanessa made an 8 person alliance last week including James and promised to evict Austin. Instead, Jason was evicted. How can James miss that? I guess he believed Vanessa when she said she was all alone. She also, promised James safety which he believed in I guess. James better hope Jackie wins HOH or both of them will wind up on the chopping block. His 3 person alliance cannot afford to just trust the other alliance. That is just plain nuts!

      • So I’m not allowed to have an opinion? Just because I like someone you don’t. This is an open forum and if you don’t like different opinions go somewhere else.

      • Show me where I even HINTED that you aren’t allowed your own opinion. My opinion that your opinion is wrong is NOT saying you can’t have it.

      • I comment on the players, the game and who I like, dislike whatever. I will debate with you all you want and we can agree to disagree but when you make comments that are personal “you’re talking to a brick wall” I find it offensive. Just because I feel one way does not mean I’m a brick wall. Keep the personal comments to yourself please!

      • Sorry to say after hearing how she reacted to the noms staying the same, I’m not sure I would want that kind of chaos continuing in my home! I know it’s a game, but that was pure unsportsmanlike on her part. Yes, she’s angry. She has every right to be, but no one else behaved that way when they were still on the block. They were sad, but they weren’t spitting venom. There are other ways of fighting to stay. No one knows what she discussed with James verbatim, only she and Clay knew and should have respected his decision. Now she needs to garner more votes to stay rather than playing the pity card and making deals to keep her there. James knows he’s toast as far as staying longer than after this week, but he may be able to pull off one more week if she’s not there. Just my two cents. But I respect your opinion too.

      • Also i do recall Vanessa telling Austin to talk to Shelli and Clay and if they was ok with him staying and back dooring someone else she would consider it. It was Clay and Shelli who threw Jason’s name out because they heard he was coming after them. So they lied to James, no big deal, but dont be a hypocrite about it.

      • You stopped watching because of her lmao. Big Brother is suppose to be the best man win not if the person you like is winning. People like you are the reason production interfere to try and keep it popular with the public instead of letting it just play out.

      • Since when are viewers who root for or dislike a certain player a problem?
        Most people have their favorites and their….not so favorites. That’s not bad. That’s what people come back for.

      • I stopped watching because I can’t stand her personality. What 33 year old says to a 23 year old “are you being a mean poo poo head?” That’s me though. I have a different personality that isnt the preppy girl type. If you like her then great. I just don’t want to listen to her. I have the right to do that just like you have the right to state your opinion on here. As for production they’re going to do what gets them ratings. So if they’re getting involved then that means most people aren’t enjoying how the show is going.

      • Mrs. Whatever is like Shelli; if you don’t agree with her, you’re the one that’s wrong. Period.

      • I had a boss one time who asked me if I was feeling “poopy” one time when I was being grumpy. We were both in our 30s and it was kind of funny.

        I am not a fan of Shelli – but her game play has been good. If she goes – I don’t think sixth sense will be very strong.

      • Exactly that’s what you want but I guess I’m looking at a different show keep the strongest player so you can eventually get sent home good idea NOT LOL

      • I do give her that much, and would care more if she could take what she dishes out in the same fashion! She can’t, so buh bye now.

      • With all due respect, don’t be such a drama queen. The claim that you actually stopped watching the show all because of a player like Shelli is absolutely ridiculous. Of all of the annoying, horrible-to-watch contestants we’ve had in the past Shelli is completely harmless.

        Whiney, incessantly negative Big Brother “”””fans”””” like you are the worst. When things aren’t going your way you complain and threaten you won’t watch the show. It’s exhausting to read each and every season and if you are really that impressionable and weak in what you will or will not tolerate with Big Brother then just. stop. watching.

        Except this time actually stop watching instead of lying about it. Because, after all, if you really aren’t watching the show why on earth would your jaded, uninformed opinion hold any weight at all on here?

        I apologize for being so harsh but every single summer you people pick a contestant to obsess about with negativity and it ruins it for the rest of us. Either watch the show or don’t. We don’t need to hear about it.

      • I write one comment and now I’m obsessing? Logical. Serves me right for trying to take a stand against the constant negativity that haunts this forum. Good on you for taking me down. Carry on with your constant discussion of how boring this season is and how bad Big Brother is. I guess people like me who aren’t afraid to admit they actually like the show will have to find some place else since we don’t fit in here.

        Am I the only one who is sick and tired of the negativity?

      • I’m right there with ya. Not only does this kind of hatred and negativity have the potential to ruin houseguest’s lives who don’t deserve it (Christine, Andy, hell even Aaryn), it’s annoying to deal with. Clay and Shelli aren’t bad people. They might be annoying and selfish as gameplayers but the kind of hatred I see on these kinds of forums on a regular basis is absurd. They aren’t fucking felons, they’re people who annoy you slightly.

      • Wow. I could not have said it better myself. These forums feel like a one of those Victorian carnivals where we expect these people to entertain us for the summer while we constantly hurl rotten fruit and insults at them.

        I remember how last season so many people on this site were calling out players like Christine for bullying (which is ridiculous) and those very same commenters became the bullies themselves.

        We come on this site to read about Big Brother, not to complain about how terrible the season is or how terrible the players are. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. The constant negativity here is so exhausting.

        I realize this is a losing battle. Apparently you can’t get upvotes around here unless you are either complaining, or making fun of one of the contestants, or being mean to another commenter. Thanks for your support, though. I hope more people see it.

      • May I offer another way of viewing things? I actually agree that people get overly attached to negative and destructive conversations on these sites and thus a ”mob mentality” can set it.

        But (and hear me out on this one), don’t you find it funny that folks like you & I are annoyed by people who get annoyed? I mean you gotta love the irony of that don’t ya? ;) So although I don’t like people vilifying anyone (Aaryn, Shelli, Andy…etc), if I’m being honest with myself I have to admit I also add to the negative tone of conversation from time to time (like casting not having enough diversity represented)…

        I’ll continue to love the show and the people who comment on these sites, but yeah I get tired of some of the things I see and I feel connected to others when I voice my displeasure about it…

      • I certainly see your point but I’ve seen the commenters on this site work themselves up into such a frenzy that they don’t even know what’s true and what’s not anymore. It is true that by complaining about complainers I become part of the problem. It saddens me to see people bonding over negativity instead of positivity, but I guess it’s just the way things are on this site. I know the obvious solution is for me to just stop visiting it and reading the comments, so I should probably just do that. I just feel so sorry for the contestants and how mean the “””fans””” are to them once they leave the house.
        A weakness of mine is that I enjoy pointing out hypocrisy, so when I see so many devoted fans complaining about how lame Big Brother is all the time I want to rub their nose in it and have them just chill for a second and enjoy the show. I so appreciate people like you who always strive to keep the peace and stay positive. Thank you for that.

      • Like you I have commented on every post on here w my opinion. Nope. I have posted once with my opinion. Now 2 postings w my rebuttal. I’ll be sure next time to say I love all the house guests. Is that better? Love ’em all. I hope they all win. Everybody is a winner! They all go home w trophies.

        I’m killin’ this drama queen business.

      • I’m not so sure that landed as well as you thought it would. Also, what is your platform? Pro-negativity? Was I wrong in what I said?

      • you are correct. I’m the drama queen. You just wrote a 4 paragraph post on a TV show. If you get that heated over an opinion for a TV show contestant then I’d hate to be around you if we disagree on food choices. You treat it like I said something about politics. I guess big brother ranks right up there with abortion laws and everything else.
        I am not a fan of her personality. It bugs me. But im a straightforward person. I served and grew up in a military family. She’s a pretty girl. I just can’t stand her. Kind of like the Kardashians or Kanye. She’s not as bad as them. Just an example.

        This site does a good job of updating whats going on. But, I’m glad you know enough about me to tell me I’m lying about watching or not watching the show. That’s a very bold statement you made. I didn’t realize we were that close of friends that you would be able to question my integrity. When exactly is our next coffee talk? I forgot.

        How’s that for drama queen? Did I nail it? When I’m called something I want to be sure I meet all requirements.

      • “I guess big brother ranks right up there with abortion laws and everything else” Yeah I’d say you’re pretty much nailing the whole drama queen thing.

        My point about you not watching the show was that if you aren’t watching the show then your opinion on Shelli doesn’t even matter because a) you’re not getting all the information and b) if you’re not watching the show, why are you even complaining? Heck, if you’re not watching the show, why are you even reading this site at all, much less posting in the comments?

        I’d still be willing to bet that you do indeed still watch the show and are just lying, but you’re right- I do not know you so it doesn’t really matter what I think.

        When you post on this site (especially such a negative, mean-spirited post) you are inviting others to disagree with you. If you don’t like it, don’t post negative, mean-spirited comments. And again, if you’re not even watching the show, why post at all?

      • One more thing.. if you’re so sick of people talking bad about big brother and calling it boring. Why did you just post about BOB making the show boring? Talk about hypocrisy. I just wanted to see if you practiced what you preach. Here’s a refresher if you forget:

        Joe  4 days ago

        The cast this season and last season were both excellent. It’s Battle of the Block that is dragging this show down. The cast is just adapting to Battle of the Block and that’s why it’s boring

        If you want to talk about letting things play out and producers not getting involved then you should probably not call the show boring. It’s a negative thing to say. We need positive comments on here. ;) in your words “either watch the show or dont. We don’t need to hear about it.” OK I’m done commenting. I’ll take my negative lying attitude somewhere else. Sorry but I don’t take kindly to somebody calling me a liar.

      • “The cast this season and last season were both excellent. It’s Battle of the Block that is dragging this show down. The cast is just adapting to Battle of the Block and that’s why it’s boring”

        Thank you for finding this post! This is me defending the show and the show’s cast amidst all of the negativity that people love to post about saying the show is boring and the cast sucks. “The cast this season and last season were both excellent” Does that sound negative to you? Nope. “The cast is just adapting to battle of the block” Does that sound negative to you? Nope. It’s me going out of my way to stick up for the cast against negativity.

        And finally, most importantly, and I HOPE you can understand this- Making fun of Battle of the Block is NOT the same thing as making fun of human beings. What you wrote about Shelli may be your honest opinion but it’s still a human being you’re talking about. The Battle of the Block is not a human being. Come on now. I never accused you of being a stupid person so stop acting like one.

      • It might be interesting to see how that goes. I’m hoping Clay is over Shelli in a week’s time.

      • I agree. If Clay is evicted, Shelli will be a big crybaby. If Shelli is evicted, I can see Clay being laid back.

      • I’d would say that Shelli is a bit concerned about just that. Could you imagine her sitting in her house watching the show, with that evil look she gets sometimes, cramming popcorn down her yap, while Clay is either flirting or being flirted with? Yikes!

      • Shelli should be very concerned once she’s left the building. Julie/Meg/Jackie will take good care of him I’m sure :D

      • Well if Vanessa wants Shelli to stay I’m sure the DR will make sure that happens :D It’s just uncanny that Vanessa continues to escape detection – very similar to Andy’s season.

      • I hope that Production is listening to its viewers and gets Van to stop doing what she’s doing for herself! They can do that, right? So notwithstanding, yes, it is very similar to Andy’s season!

      • Since Production assisted the most hated HG in BB history Andy win his season I think Vanessa is a done deal no matter whether the audience likes it or not.
        Last night when Shelli was all prepared to go up to James in the HOH and throw Vanessa UTB the DR immediately called her in to talk. After she left the DR she was calm and no longer wanted to throw Vanessa UTB. What a coincidence!

      • I didn’t know that…so that’s why Shelli told Clay they have to find a different approach to making their plea to James.

      • Why would the DR want to change Shelli’s mind about throwing V. UTB??? Wouldn’t that have been good entertainment for the audience?

      • What the hell did Andy do? He was one of the more likable ones that season? He’s the only gay guy in BB history who hasn’t been an obnoxious token (with the exception of Stephen from BB10 but he was out week 2 and I guess Bunky was alright too). Andy was definitely the most liable person in his season (besides Elissa but it’s beyond me how anyone rooted for that airhead).

      • I’d say it’s more likely that Shelli would be onto a new man (out of the 1000’s) who write her a love letter as a result of seeing her on the show… She’ll be with him and go through extreme ups and downs then mostly likely get bored and move onto a new person… It’s hard to be a ”personality” and be in a relationship – the two are usually in conflict with each other.

      • I don’t know about that, but I do know that he’ll be completely lost without someone telling him when to eat and when to take a dump. He’s a complete doofus who can’t form a cogent thought to save his life.

      • My fave was during Sunday’s episode, Clay’s diary session he said he can’t expect everyone to play a sincere game like he’s playing…this was after James nominated him. Meanwhile he’s going around lying about knowing anything about Jason going up or being in an alliance. How cute that the definition of sincerity is applied differently when it’s about himself.

      • I’m not whining, I think the couple needed to be split up. I think this opportunity was the perfect time to backdoor shelli. Now useless Clay goes home and an angry and vengeful Shelli is in the next HOH.

      • If they are so interested in staying together, then why not wait until the end of the show. I believe they are both going their separate ways.

      • If they truly do love each other, set them free, if they come back it was meant to be! LOLOL

      • He wanted to make it to jury too, so why was he any different than them? Seems like a double standard when it’s them that do over James.

      • Either next week or the following. I am praying they instate a non-elimination week next week before DE!

      • ooooh – a non-elimination week this week could create ABSOLUTE CHAOSIS!!! (so)

      • Right, but I can only now speak for James who has denied at least one of them going to jury! hahaha The 6th Sense denied 3 from that..and were planning to deny one more to their count for no other reason than they weren’t good enough to stay because they weren’t in their alliance. So they became threats.

      • You’re right bb17. People think SS would not have nominated Jason next week if he made deals with them. Funny.

      • It’s not whining. I personally don’t care if Clay or Shelli go home. All some of us are saying is that he didn’t make great use of his HoH if he did nothing to secure his safety for next week. And it doesn’t appear that he did.

      • Not if it means he’s out next it isn’t. “Yes, let me make a move that ensures I will be out of the game on my next move.” Sounds like a brilliant strategy to me!

      • So… he should have lain low and nominated say, Meg and Becky? Yeah, that would have been a great HoH.

      • Yes, that’s exactly what I am saying. (sarcasm font)
        You completely missed my point. The goal of the game is not to take out big targets. The goal of the game is to win. You can nominate whomever you like, but the way you do it should involve deals with people to guarantee you getting further in the game. He still could have nominated Shelli and Clay if he struck deals with Austin, Liz, Julia, and Vanessa. He did with Vanessa only because Vanessa offered it to him. He was too stupid to go out and make the deal himself. Dude is a tool.

      • Yes, he has a few outs, but his odds are not good. There were several moves he could have made to increase his odds of staying next week, but he chose to do nothing other than nominate a power couple. Now he’s rolling the dice as opposed to playing with any real strategy.

      • James couldn’t trust anybody. Was he supposed to waste his HOH getting out Steve? SS would have put him up the following week anyway. Appropriate initials for that alliance.

      • That’s not what I’m arguing. He could still have nominated Shelli and Clay, but he should have been striking deals with Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia. In his mind, he’s still not even certain Austin, Liz and Julia are even working with Clelli and Vanessa. He’s not too bright.

      • Hell, Austin/Judas and the twins aren’t sure half the time who they’re working with either, because some have already thrown at least one of those 4 UTB!

      • :-) Fair point.

        But you have to admit it’s pretty ridiculous for James or Meg to be asking “aren’t you happy they’ll target Becky if they’re HoH?” Or James saying “I think Austin and the twins MIGHT be working with Clelli and Vanessa. Seriously, James?

      • Yes it is. Risks do not always pan out. But be willing to take one is huge. After Shelly and Clay through Vanessa under the bus to defend and campaign for themselves – if Vanessa gets HOH next week – it could be whoever does not go home this week up next week.

      • Crap…that would be James, Meg, JMac, Becky, Jackie, Vanessa, Austwins, Steve, or Clay or Shelli. Oh wait you mean Shelli or Clay that are on the block now..hahahaha

      • I think he made great use of his HOH – went for big targets (after making a promise. And I love how he told them that his contract was his choice to keep or break. We all know that lies/deals and negotiate take place – that is the game.

        Shelli said that everyone now knows he is not a man of his word. But what they should know – is what all Bb fans know- most promises in the house are very temporary.

    • Yep everyone is after him except Meg who can’t win anything and Jackie. Vanessa and the twins and Austin already said two of them will go up and if someone comes down the other will go up. I just hope whoever stays between Clay and Shelli win HOH. Then watch everyone scramble.

      • Agree! It cracks me up how people are so eager to call out Clelli and say they deserve it. Are we watching the same game? Is Vanessa not the first one that put their alliance in jeopardy by trying to blame everything on Clelli when everything runs through and comes from her? Is James not going back on his word constantly? No one’s hands are clean and everyone has lied. So if people want to call out Clelli they need to call out Vanessa and James too. Hopefully Shelli stays, wins every competition necessary to stay longer and hopefully win it all. And maybe annoy more people just for being there, it’ll disrupt their game. ;-)

      • LMAO @the Clelli-klatch for whining about James lying ONCE. Clelli lied big and frequently.

      • I think it’s better for Shelli to stay because she is the smartest and I think that it will be cool to see her next week going after everyone.

    • Karma for what exactly? If anything, their situation is the KARMA they deserved for blindsiding half the house by voting out Jason. If they didn’t want this, they should just stick to the plan they were supposed to do and vote out Austin. It’s their fault, their karma. End of.

      • So, Austin shouldn’t have tried to save himself? Vanessa told Austin to get Shelli and Clay to agree not to backdoor him and she would go along with all. All Shelli and Clay had to do was shut Austin down. Now they are paying for it.

      • There is no Karma in Big Brother, only game play and an “occasional” tweak from production.

    • From what I heard, James said early in the week he didn’t really care, he just wanted to do it.
      Either way, he’s making a giant game move when everyone else has been too scared to do a darn thing.

      • I remember that, too. He said the power couple had to be split up regardless of the cost to his game. You go, James!

      • I want someone to suggest to Vanessa the idea of making a move (and an enemy) and not caring how it affects your game. I think her brain might explode lol

    • James was already gone. He was going to be nominated sooner than later, and he doesn’t have the votes to stay. He KNOWS that. Might as well go out with a bang and get rid of a heavy hitter.

      • I’ve seen a few people write this. As HoH you have the power to change the game in your favor if you strike the right deals. James did do a good job of getting Clelli to talk, but he hasn’t struck any deals to shake up the majority alliance and get people to flip. Big Brother isn’t designed to “take out big targets.” It’s designed to win half a million dollars.

      • So are you supposed to say “oh, can’t make a deal with you. Just vote me out next then”?

      • Guess when you’re HoH you can pretty much do with it as you may. James chose to not even listen to his own members in his alliance, so he’ll get what he deserves too when the other side votes him out. That’s BB for ya! My theory is I hope everyone that’s telling Vanessa they want Shelli to stay ends up voting the opposite. It should be Shelli garnering the votes to stay, not her wingwoman. Hope Shelli reiterates what Van has done for her or she could face an opposition and getting slammed by a door as she walks out of it. That’s my opinion on how BB should be played too.

    • James’ karma is just fine. Shelli and Clay have lied repeatedly and placed blame every where but on themselves. They are getting exactly what they deserve. They made the decision to vote Jason out. Now they need to live with the results.

    • Karma? If Shelli had won, James would be on the block right now. Karma IS happening!!!

    • It is possible that he will leave, but only if Jackie and Meg or possibly John don’t win the HOH. I know it is a long shot with Meg, but Jackie could do it. Meg may be motivated this week to try harder.

    • I hope you are wrong. James played the best move of the season! Seems to be the only player willing to make a strong move!

      • There are some on this page saying he shouldn’t have made a big move, that it’s going to get him evicted next week — that big moves get you gone. The way they talk… it’s like they’ve never seen BB before.

    • He didn’t do nothing no different than they have been doing.if he does go he will be known for making a big move while the others trying be friends. Why come on the show if you going to have a big alliance like that it makes no since. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to save Clay throw one of those twins up an it would have been exciting to see which side is Vanessa really on for Clay to ask to be removed for a girl he only for 2 and half months makes him look like the dumbest player ever.

    • well, I guess karma is what is happening to Shelli now. Ah, ah, ah I cant stop laughing.

      • I won’t be laughing until fate has played its hand and Shelli is sent home. I will laugh more if Shelli stays because James didn’t do what Jackie said he should. Girls know girls but they left it in a guy’s hand.

      • I totally agree. Jackie was right about suggesting Clay off /Van on. Jackie knew it would be a great battle between Shelli and Van. There would be so many deals made…and 6th sense would be divided.

    • You mention karma as if James has already been evicted. Newsflash: He hasn’t. There’s a strong possibility, he’ll be a target next week but he would have been a target next week anyway even if he’d wasted his HOH on Steve or John.

  2. I think this was a bad decision. Because if he wanted to make a big move then this was not it. Clay will probably go home and shelli will stay and she’s the bigger person between them. What makes me mad about this whole ordeal is that James doesn’t realize that next week, his alliance will be put up. Because can’t win next week and come on… Do we honestly think Jackie or Meg will win? I don’t think so. So no matter what… They are going after them, and I don’t think that’s what they are even thinking. This was just a bad move all around.

    • Jackie won before so no reason she won’t again. And maybe HOH next week will want another annoying person out like clay or Austin.

    • Why do we undermine Jackie’s capability of winning challenges? She was runner-up for HoH week 1, Won a BoB challenge in week 3 and then went on to win HoH the week after (though dethroned aftwerwards).. That’s more than we’d say about Clay or Austin…

      • Exactly! It irks me so bad when people keep putting Austin/Clay/Steve over females who have done way more than them and are more capable of winning. Jackie has a better chance at winning HOH then more than half of the house.

      • Runner up is not winning, BOB she had help. We see how bad she was at endurance.

      • First HoH of the summer was endurance, and she outlasted everyone but Jason, and only dropped after she made a deal. Denying that Jackie is as capable of winning challenges as the people she’s up against next week (Vanessa’s 1st HoH was luck-based and Shelly is likely gone) it’s flat out absurd.

      • Exactly. Jackie is the one who figured out the alliance situation and was pushing for Vanessa to go up. She may look like Victoria, but is actually actively playing the game. She didn’t back down at any point I can see.

      • Aside from dark hair and a nice rack, there’s no resemblance. There’s thousands of 20-somethings with dark hair and a nice rack. How many of them have Jackie’s endurance and stamina? Probably 1%. The rest count on their looks.

    • Exactly. Does he really think anyone on the other side is going to put their own up.

      • Honestly… I think that it would be fine if Clay went home or anyone else.. I think it sucks for them that Clay and Shelli had to take the fall for Vanessa. And that they did save Austin and it sucks he isn’t helping them and is just worrying really about getting laid. They can break up Clay and Shelli… And I think. The females are doing awesome this year. But Jackie really hasn’t proved anything but working behind other people barely. She was a floater half the time. But I don’t like how the power is really going to James head.

      • Well I agree with everything you said. Why can’t other people see this? Lol. But I think we’re the minority’s here.

      • Haha I guess! Lol. Ohh well. I just hope something exciting like this happens next week! Also, it is shellis fault for making a deal.. I was like “really? Come on” lol.

      • I know. I was thinking hang on he’s not going to keep up his end of the deal.

      • Not sure how the power has gone to his head? He made choices and stuck with it. He listened to Chelli’s weak argument and made his decision. If you ask me the power went to Chelli’s head and that’s why they are on on the block. They both come across as snobs..

      • I do think that they were feeling a little too safe. Especially when shelli made that deal. But like I think it went to his head when he started not even wanting to talk to clay or shelli or even really consider their arguments. And he wasn’t like hearing them out or anything. But I do praise him for making a move that would make the house shake.

      • Kinda of like CLay and Shelli didn’t really consider Jason’s argument? In their case to JAmes they said they really didn’t want Jason gone, well why did they vote him to leave?

      • That’s true. I think they voted him out because they needed the numbers with Austin. But idk. I think this was messed up last week and Austin should have gone. He’s making me mad. And annoyed. And so is Liz.. Like how she doesn’t believe Aistin said what he said about Julia….

      • Why should James listen to anything they had to say? They didn’t listen to him. They used him and lied to him. Are you kidding me? James did what was needed. It is first time in a very long time that a player made a move and didn’t give da*n about getting ‘blood on his hands’. The move had to be made and if he is voted out next week, he will be first one to make jury.

      • Well we all have our opinions… And in my opinion… He just isn’t that appealing as a player to me. What is appealing to me is JMac!! His colleagues are saying they’ve never seen that side of him before so I’m wondering who he really is and how he really acts! I can’t wait for someone like him or Steve or Becky to get HOH.

      • What’s really dumb is how he’s said numerous times he’s playing for his daughter. How is a move like that securing your safety next week to stay in this game you want to win??

      • People on this site seem to think he’s some sort of genius playing the game intelligently. You’re right, he’s not doing anything to advance his game other than taking out a big player. There’s a chance we could be wrong, but I’m guessing like you that he’s out next week, in which case, he made a terrible move.

    • What do you mean James doesn’t realized what will happen next week. He’s aware that every move you make in this game has risks. He said that. How can you predict that Jackie/Meg will not win? You’re only factoring one part of the game. It doesn’t work like that in BB. House dynamic changes, news deals are made and so forth.

    • Shelli is on her way home. The twins don’t trust her and if James drops the dime that Shelli suggested putting Vanessa up a replacement nominee. Vanessa will be gunning to vote her out. Vanessa will flip the house against Shelli.

      • Yeah that is true, and unfortunate. I think it would be fun to see a vengeful shelli without clay.

    • It is only a bad move if it does not work. If it works – it is brilliant! Jackie can win comps. She just needs to stop taking things personal.

      • I just think he wasted an opportunity when he could have not pipit up clay and the put up someone bigger like Vanessa or Austin. Then for sure get someone big out. Because all he really did was make Shelli mad and probably let clay go (he wasn’t that big of a mastermind anyways) and then leave a big target like Shelli in and then officially gun for him. Like yeah he could have been a target but now for sure he will be. No doubt.

    • His alliance was going to be put up next week no matter what he did. They’ve been up every week all summer.

  3. I am loving this concept! James should be in power every week (if that were a thing)!!

  4. is there any way possible for Jacki to stop using the word “like” 5 times n every sentence???

  5. These house guests really need to think about what us best for their personal game overall and vite Shelli out. Also James will have a huge target on his back if their side doesn’t win HOH. Better for everyone if Shelli leaves( with the exception of Vanessa). I hope the house guests are smart enough to realize this!

    • Well James has won a lot so I think he would be just fine. He is the only one making straight forward big moves and actually playing the game.shelli calling him out when she was put up on the block was rather funny since she has not been honest and honestly she couldn’t finish the hoh comp or she would have! period.

  6. I’m going to differ with the majority here and bet Shelli will go out the door, possibly with as much as an 8-1 margin, with Vanessa voting to keep Shelli safe, because Shelli is Van’s best chance at any kind of an alliance right now. The rest of the house will vote the way James wants. Check the votes (above) in the poll: 85% think Shelli is going, and I’d agree. I think right now everyone in the house (except Shelli, Clay and Vanessa, of course) are hero-worshipping James, and that’s why he’ll get his way. Of course, it’s only Monday …

    • I think JMac is voting Clay out. He promised Clay he would keep Shelli and he’s straight up. Also Vanessa and she has Steve in her pocket. Becky will do what Clay and Shelli want so he only needs one more vote to save Shelli. I think it’s going to be close.

      • You’re probably right about JMac, and certainly Vanessa will vote to keep Shelli. Becky, who knows? She is so playing one side against the other; she’s the loose cannon in the fight right now. Steve seems so easily swayed, it seems like he’d vote the way the last person he talked with before the live eviction starts wants him to.

      • Vanessa would be making a mistake voting to keep Shelli. You do not want your competition staying. Becky will vote whatever way she thinks will get the bigger number of people to like her.

        Johnny. Mac – should vote Shelli out. She was the one who thought she could convince him to not use a veto on himself

      • I agree. Not saying I like Shelli, having her in the house will be more interesting than having Clay

      • You’re talking over my head. Let’s just chalk it up to “dread”. Lol. Maybe I’m having a Clay moment. Had a Seinfeld moment this morning. The rental car place didn’t have the gps car I RESERVED. They got me a lesser car which is fine for this week but no gps. Finally found one somewhere else and don’t like that one but it’s either that or my phone. Smh. I wanted to say, “whadya mean you don’t have my car???? I had a reservation….” :P

      • Oh no, No GPS on the car rental? did you take business class again? no BB there…………………Exceeeuuuse me! bbbadboy it IS!

      • Lol. You always make me smile. There wasn’t a gps at first. Had to go somewhere else to get another car and that one wasn’t too good. I don’t know my way around Dallas well enough not to use one. I can’t get a few places but not too many. I’m not here enough to not use one.
        So much for reservations. Seinfeld was right! You know how to TAKE the reservations; You just don’t know how to HOLD the reservations! #truestory.

  7. I kept saying someone from this side of the house would win although I thought they would target Vanessa. Whoever stays this week will just come after James. While I like Clay and Shelli they did bring this on themselves. Although so did Vanessa and she got out of it.

  8. i am very upset. i like shelli and clay. james should of taken out austin or vanessa. this season sucks.

  9. James had nothing to lose. Putting up Clay/Shelli didn’t give him a bigger target on his back because they were already ready to target him if they won HOH this week. Even, if he put up Steve/Becky or got Austin out to stay in the good graces of Clelli then they still would have targeted him regardless.

    I loved every second of James being HOH. He wasn’t scared to put up the showmance running the show and although he got blood on his hands he was a target anyway. Clay/Shelli whining about it being unfair when they had a hand in an equally unfair eviction is laughable. iWelcome to Big Brother!

    • But he could of made a deal with Shelli and Clay and brought the numbers to their side. He would of stayed in the game a lot longer. Now I think he will be gone in the next week or two. JMac loves Clay so he would of worked with them and also Becky. They could of taken out Vanessa this week then it would of just been Austin the twins and Steve. but the HOH went to his head and he just wanted to make a big move. There’s nothing wrong with that but you need to pick the right time. And it sure wasn’t the right time when he only has Meg and Jackie that do nothing.

      • Clay/Shelli would not have stuck to their word. James was just blindsided by them and they took out one of his allies. They were ready to put James up and evict him, James just got to them first. Taking out Vanessa, in my opinion, would have helped James less than separating Clay/Shelli. Vanessa is one person who essentially floats to whoever has the power and Clay/Shelli will always stick together. Duos need to be separated before going after lone rangers.

        Vanessa/Clay/Shelli let the power go to their heads when they thought getting rid of Jason was a “big move” even though they told the entire house they were targeting Austin. they ruined their own games and James had every right to go after them knowing they cannot be trusted.

        Jackie is far more capable than people give her credit for. She was the runner up in the first HOH, she won BOTB, she won an HOH (dethroned but still a win), and she figured out the 6th sense among other revelations. I agree, Meg has shown to be incapable as of yet but Jackie is a great player.

      • In fact, they were still talking to Vanessa about just getting past this week. There plan WAS to backdoor James next week.

        And btw, Vanessa is out of her mind for being angry at Shelli and Clay. They are on the block and they have to save themselves. If they divulged the entire alliance, including Vanessa, to save themselves they would have been perfectly righteous for doing so. Vanessa acts like everyone should be worried about Vanessa’s game. Let’s see how Vanessa feels when she is on the block.

      • I agree prince.

        Even further, Shelli & Clay should have blew the whole thing up (i.e. expose the full 6th sense alliance) if their goal was to stay there together. And if they had and offered actually to move over to the other side – which would have evened out the numbers – that may have been enough for James to save them both.

        Van and the twins would have been pissed, but they only would have had the 4 of them (plus likely Steve). Shelli/Clay would have likely brought Jmac & Becky along. Not great as the old alliance that Clelli had, but still one where they could stay together and still win, with Van being the one sent home and not on jury.

      • There is no deal James could have made with Clay/Shelli that they would have honored.

  10. I am not a Shelli fan but I honestly think her niceness isn’t all an act from what I see last couple days I think she’s got an ego but not all that bad. but here’s what I’d like for the week. Let clay be himself and dig his own grave, he will tell James off than hopefully James Meg and Jackie go to Shelli and Vanessa and say k we will vote out clay but let’s work together with jmac and Becky (Becky only as a number cause jmac won’t leave her behind) get Austin and twins out than Steve and Becky and go from there. If Austin or twins win in one of those weeks I’m sure Vanessa could convince them to put up Steve or Becky. I think this is the best bet if Shelli wants to stay and if James and Meg want to go further than next week.

  11. I don’t know Shelli, but she strikes me as the type of person who will smile to your face while stabbing you in the back. I am glad that James kept his noms the same……I’d love to see more paranoia from the members of the Sixth Sense…..they have been too much in control for too long. Graham, yes Karma is hell………that’s they Clay and Shelli are on the block now.

  12. James is the Man, with the courage to break up a strong power couple. Clay and Shelli’s plead to stay this morning and last night was pathetic.

    I am sure it insulted the intelligences of James and Meg. They made a very bad case to save themselves again so Shelli deserves to be booted

  13. The game just officially got much more interesting. Congratulations to James for making good use of his HoH. I was convinced he was a complete moron and was squandering his HoH to be take out a big target with no backup plan on how to be safe next week. But now thanks to Shelli and Clay’s bad move of talking too much, he may have done that. I come back to the fact that he’s STILL not sure Austwins are working with Clelli and Vanessa, which makes it impossible to believe his cognitive abilities are higher than a 5th grader, but at least he wasn’t a complete fool like I originally assumed.
    So now to Vanessa and Austwins. I hope Vanessa realizes it’s still in her best interests to keep Clay in the fold. There’s strength in numbers and they still have a majority of the stragglers in their corner. Don’t turn on Clay, guys! You need him. I’m sure Vanessa will come to that conclusion and relay her thoughts to the Austwins. Vanessa especially needs him because she needs numbers down the road to break up Austin, Julia and Liz. I still think this week will be a temporary blip, not a game changer, but we shall see.

    • I think that chelli did ruin their chances by talking to much. But I’m kinda done with the Austwins.

      • I’m not saying any of what I’m saying to root for a particular player or group. You may be done with the Austwins, but all I’m saying is that it’s in their best interests to keep Clay. Let’s see if they realize it.

      • I think they’re needed in the game because they’re so easily swayed. But the fact that they are easily swayed makes me frustrated too. Haha but this is the game lol

  14. I’ll be glad to see Shelli gone. She’s good at challenges but ultimately she is not a likable or INTERESTING player. Her strategy consists of whining and crying and playing the victim. High school is over Shelli. We know you were one of the mean girls.

    • One of the things that makes me craziest in BB (or life) is people playing the victim when they are anything but. Especially Shelli and Vanessa. They’ve been ruling the house and keeping secrets from everyone and the second they’re not in power they all start to cry and expect everyone to console them and take pity. It’s awful.

      • A least Vanessa has a little game in her. I hated that she got rid of Jason over Austin but she at least knows she’s playing a game and not running for homecoming queen.

    • Sadly, Vanessa is trying to save Shelli and is telling the Austwins and Shelli that they need her to stay because she can win comps which is hopefully going to bite them in the butt. Keeping Clay makes way more sense as if Shelli leaves, he’s alone and impressionable and sucks at comps and he’ll latch on to Vanessa if she gets to him before Meg but Shelli has reason to believe she cannot trust her old alliance and she can win comps. I can totally see Shelli staying and going after Vanessa down the road!

  15. Vanessa and Shelli are lying to each other while claiming how loyal they are to each other. Pretty funny.

  16. James should have put up Vanessa against Shelli. It would have been guaranteed one of them goes home and they are both dangerous.

    Vanessa is clearly the bigger snake.

    • I keep revisiting this idea in my mind, but it may be better this way. This guarantees Chelli will be split up and James may be able to call in a favor later with Vanessa if she knows people suggested she go up but James wouldn’t do it.

      • Agreed,Vanessa pretty much wants Clay and Shelli to go. And Vanessa has promised James safety

    • I agree that James’s best move was to put up Van if all he really wanted was to win the “biggest move of the year” award. .But for gameplay, since he now knows the 2 heads of the other side are Van and Shelli, having both pissed would be the final nail in his coffin. There is still a chance for him with Van, albeit small. But he/meg/jackie already had it stacked against them from their lazy play up to this point.

    • Vanessa is a snake in real life too i used to deal poker to her,she is very demanding and rude ,i don,t know too many poker dealers who like her,or any other casino worker for that matter.

  17. Vanessa telling Shelli she has the votes to stay and Shelli seems very happy. She has not once expressed any concern or sympathy for Clay. It is so obvious she only cares about herself. If Clay is evicted, its the best thing in the world that could happen to him.

    • All this time I thought Clay was the one using Shelli, but it looks like she was using him too and even worse!

      Shelli is a really cold and calculating person.

    • Maybe his real Mama will have time to bring him back to his senses before the cougar gets loose and starts hunting her boytoy.

  18. Shelli is the very definition of narcissist. However:

    I truly believe that keeping noms the same was a mistake. Clay actually is too dumb to be dangerous on his own. The real snake heads are Shelli and Van. They should have been on the block together. I think James will learn too late that he blew a huge opportunity to create so much chaos that it would have practically kept him safe, shielded by the din and the chaos that forcing the house to choose between Shelli and Vanessa would have caused.

    • Agree, the chaos he would have caused would have been huge. But then he has both heads of the snake fully targetting him (with cause) instead of just one. And one of them will be still be there. Not that he has a great chance with Van, but it is better than zero chance with her.

      James is still under the impression that he has the votes to take out Shelli. I don’t think that will be the case, Clay will go, and the house will need to deal with Van-elli going forward without the Clay showmance distracting her (Shelli)

      • If the house votes to keep Shelli like they did to evict Jason then they deserve what happens next and have nobody to blame but themselves.

        Doesn’t anyone in that house know game theory? ;)

  19. Vanessa is throwing Clay under the bus to Austin and the twins. Claims it was Clay who pressured Shelli to throw Austin under the bus.

      • I watched it on the live feeds. The plan was to let Austin know that it was Clay that threw him under the bus. It was Clay’s plan so that Austin would ant to vote out Clay instead of Shelli. Vanessa is trying to save Shelli.

        I Think Vanessa knows she needs Shelli to help her deal with the Austwins at some point. Because whoever takes out one twin will have to deal with Austin and the other twin.

    • Gotta give it up for Van. She is always playing and having a pissed off Shelli by here side, who needs her just as much, is far better than having Clay.

      For the others in the house, hopefully they see that. Otherwise you will have Van-elli to deal with

    • I think it may be because she knows that Clay isn’t actually capable of being more than a lapdog. Certainly not a second snake head.

  20. Really want Jackie put. She is so annoying and has absolutely no clue as to what’s going on. She just listens and agrees. Total waste.

      • Yep John. Talking about next week. Of course if Shelli or Clay wins they will put James up with her!!

      • If whoever remains wins I think she will go up with James too, but if you think she doesn’t know what is going on you are not watching the show.

      • This is likely if the Austwins take power. I’d be curious what Van would do if she takes power in the house.

    • Uh…are you even watching the show? If so, you’d never say something so stupid. Jackie, Meg and James are the only saving graces right now. If you seriously want Jackie out…you’re an asshole.

      • Absolutely. It was her saying annoying and a waste of a contestant that made me think she meant Becky because that does not describe Jackie.

      • I hope so, because if she’s really watching the episodes, the comment would make sense regardless of who you like or hate.

      • You again? Can you maybe stop with calling people assholes and telling them they are stupid? If she really does mean Jackie, so what? She can mean Jackie all she want.

      • You can disagree with someone’s opinion without you yourself being an asshole. Please be respectful of the various opinions posted on this thread, even if they don’t comply with your opinion. Name calling and belittling is uncalled for and the participants in this forum should not put up with it.

      • Each and every time you post you upvote your own posting.

        Is that not itself a bit assholey?

      • Those are my least favorite people, I’m surprised people actually like Meg. Damn this site has the shittiest taste.

  21. Thank you James for not using the Veto. He is smarter than they think and it is wonderful how James didn’t fall for Shelli and Clay’s long lying speech. It seemed as if they spent over two hours in the HOH room trying to get him on their side.

    • You know, have you ever had that high pressure salesman that just won’t let up and rather than talking you into buying, just pisses you off and makes you more intent on not buying? That’s Clelli

      • I don’t really care about any of the people on the show this season but I am interested in the fact that on these boards there is severe criticism for those on the block not campaigning to stay in the house. They are accused of not playing the game, etc… When the people on the block do campaign there is criticism for their efforts to stay in the house. You all are more interesting than the hgs.

  22. I’d rather see Shelli go simply because she is the better game player. Clay will be left to flip around like a beached whale.

  23. Shelli made the mistake of making James promise not to nominate Clay and her, putting them both up. From watching previous Big Brothers she should know that never works, the HOH 99.9% of the time does not keep their word. She only has herself to blame if she is the one evicted. I do actually think Clay should go because he will get you back if you diss him in any way, look at the way he turned on Davonne when he was the one that went to the HOH room to begin with to talk game to her and he did like what she said.

  24. Shelli made the mistake of making James promise not to nominate Clay and her, putting them both up. From watching previous Big Brothers she should know that never works, the HOH 99.9% of the time does not keep their word. She only has herself to blame if she is the one evicted. I do actually think Clay should go because he will get you back if you diss him in any way, look at the way he turned on Davonne when he was the one that went to the HOH room to begin with to talk game to her and he did not like what she said.

  25. I am praying to the big brother gods that shelli is the on evicted. She is the biggest move to make over evicting clay.

    • Hi Joni :-)

      I want to know what happened to the BB twists? I say they bring it back and have America vote out who we want this week.

  26. Since Clay and Shelli will be broken up before jury, I assume this hurts their chances to be on the Amazing Race. :-)

  27. I really hope the twins were lying to Vanessa. We need them and Austin to help vote Shelli out – can’t count on Steve and John.

  28. I might say that this is karma being a bitch to Clay and Shelli, but then I remember that people who invoke karma when talking about a reality show are only slightly less stupid than Frankie Grande fangirls.

    So instead, I’ll say this is the result of a HG handling his HOH reign with the same focus he used in the comp that gave him that reign. Well played, James. Sometimes it’s nice to see a week play out with zero swerves.

  29. Some people just can’t see the strings coming from Shelli’s fingers. Just because she wasn’t HoH doesn’t mean she wasn’t in control.

  30. Steve wants to keep the big threats around. Like the ones ‘on his side’ that keep trying to put him up. You want the big threats out until there are only little fishies like him left. For an allegedly smart guy he’s pretty dumb. He not only misses social cues, he misses overt threats to his game.

      • That’s why his name always pops up to be backdoored by people that are ostensibly on his side, most recently Austin and Clay/Shelli. Yo and Steve are the ones being fooled. They don’t give a crap about him until it is time to vote.

      • But he wants them to stay. If the big players get rid of all the floaters, he’s out . He should want the big players out so he can deal with the weaker ones, but that hasn’t been his strategy. If he’s still there it is because they know he’s insignificant.

  31. Vanessa is going around rallying votes to keep Shelli. Here’s how it ends with Steve after he figures there’s a 5-4 vote: Steve says he has taken a clear side, but they just don’t know it. Vanessa says that if they get HOH they take out one of the other, Steve says he has taken a clear side, but they just don’t know it and he’s not a floater. Vanessa says that if they get HOH they take out one of the other side and she “doesn’t give a *** who it is.” Steve says it would be James, Meg, JMac or Becky.” The dude is clueless ya’ll! hahahaha

    • She is telling him he (steve) he needs to win HOH and then they can get someone from the other side out. She is getting Steve to do her dirty work (she hates blood on her hands) Steve loves it because someone is finally taking him in.

  32. Am I the only one who thinks it would be great if everyone says “sure, Clay–we will vote you out…” And blindsides them on eviction night voting out shelli?!

    • Now that would be funny…leaving those that voted Shelli to stay looking like deer in the headlights…just like those that voted Jason out made others feel.

    • I don’t see the point in lying to them. I would rather watch Shelli get depressed, and mope around for several days, than to see her happy. We are still in pre-jury until next week, so Shelli won’t see Clay again until September, or vice-versa.

  33. So happy one of Clay/Shelli is going home. Finally, someone is making a BIG move, and not sending home people who really had no power (Day, Jason, etc). Couples have always annoyed me in BB. But hell, even Rachel and Brendan were better than Chelli

      • Rachel won and she and Brendon eventually tied the knot (JeJo to follow suit soon). Don’t see a lot of other BB couples heading that way.

  34. James good job for not letting Chellie manipulate you into backdooring Steve ! Thank the lord at least one of them is going ! Hope it’s Shellie,from a game standpoint that would be a big move ! considering her 2 HOH reigns and her hand in all evictions !

  35. It is a huge waste of James HOH. Sure he got rid of Clay but, he is less of a threat than a vengeance seeking Shelli and Vanessa. It is amazing that James has not figured out that Vanessa is part of that Sixth Sense alliance. Jackie better bring her A game otherwise, she and James will be on the chopping block next.

    • He has figured it out. He called her the head of the snake last night. Jackie said they should put her up next to Shelli but James and Meg were afraid to piss off Austin and the twins.

      I think James could have sold this plan easily saying there is no way Vanessa goes home but it ensures Shelli does and he wants Shelli out. He already knew Clay was campaigning to get himself evicted so he should have made the move to prevent that from happening.

      • Yes, but by the way Van is now campaigning to keep Shelli in the game, then his wish to break up a power couple is accomplished but not who he wants to go home of that couple.

      • Van keeping Sheli …. not so smart. You never want one of your biggest competitors in the house any longer than necessary.

      • I am afraid this would happen, that’s why I suggested earlier that James should have use his Veto on Clay and put Vanessa as the renom, then we would see Shelli and Vanessa fighting for the same votes

    • James only learned about 48 hours ago people are playing the game so I give him a little credit. Not a lot but a little.

  36. In this game there are no room for mistakes. James did everything right this week until today. His move was to put Vanessa up on the block next to Shelli. that was the nail in the coffin. Vanessa is critical to that alliance and with Shelli and Clay campaigning to save Shelli whiel throwing Vanessa under the bus and Vanessa campaigning against Shelli, there would be no chance for them to pull together like they have done this afternoon.

    James, I love you man, but you screwed the pooch today.

    • He is doing this for America. Like the great soldier he is. He knows America hates Clelli, and they needed to be broken weeks ago. They have been nothing but feeds poison. This is a move that win him AFP.

  37. My heart would’ve sank to the bottom of my stomach James had changed his noms. This is such a great day America. And come Thursday, that cancer known as Clelli will be forever be gone from the feeds.

    • Does it look/sound (via the live feeds) like anyone’s buying into Clay’s: “Please vote me out” plea or are they all smart enough to realize that Shelli’s the one that needs to go?

      • IDK if HGs are buying it, but I’m buying it. He’s said to Shelli weeks ago that if she gets evicted, he would want to be evicted right after her. And he said the most ideal thing he would want is for both of them to get evicted in a double eviction. So Clay is as stupid as he looks.

    • James what a way to put things in perspective, “can of whoop a$$ and Dat a boy” now that is definitely an original and very cool, I like’s a lot.

    • Sadly that’s the nature of these comment sites… Try not to let it get you down. I’m actually impressed by Shelli in the competitive sense (not so much in the strategic or observant sense)… :)

      • It’s difficult for me to understand why some think Shelli’s so evil when I see her as a basically good person. Sure, she’s not perfect and has made her share of mistakes but attacking her on a personal level to this degree is mindboggling at times.

      • I’ve always been amazed at the effect the anonymity of the internet will allow people to post… Words like ”hate”, ”love”, ”best”, ”worst”, are thrown around so often that one would think everyone who posts on these sites is suffering from big time mental health issues… To take a partially scripted ”reality show” and personalize the characters within the show to the point of judging their character and worth is something yet again I’ll never understand…

      • I don’t think anybody on this season of BB is evil, although I do strongly dislike a few of them. What I don’t like is when people start attacking someone that likes an HG that they don’t particularly like.
        Shelli has her flaws just like everyone but I’ve never suspected for a minute that she was evil in real life. I’m a little unhappy with her for letting Clay ruin his game over her but at least she’s playing the BB game.

  38. I think this just makes the show more interesting. We have to remember this is a game there just doing away with each other now instead of last minute . There is only one winner right ?

    • Not yet. The Austwins have not yet made up their minds who they are going to vote out. This afternoon they seemed to make up with Shelli and were going to keep her. That was until James told Austin more about whast Shelli and Clay said about Austin and the twins,

  39. Did everyone forget why Austin wasn’t put up? It’s because Clay and Becky couldn’t win the BoB even with James throwing it. Them losing it caused Vanessa to remain HoH which forced them to put up Jason. It’s Clays own fault for losing that BoB. Had they won none of this would be happening and Austin would be gone.

    • This is a great point and one that seems be be lost on everyone, especially Austin. I thought Jackie would tell him this when she spoke to him last week but she didn’t get it either. Austin thinks Vanessa saved him out of loyalty when actually it was because she didn;t want to be the one evicting him. Have their planned worked Jackie would have done the job and gotten the twins angry with her.

  40. Shelli thinks she’s america’s sweetheart, I wish I was there when she gets home and learns she’s pretty much universally hated.

  41. Guess what chelli.. Should’ve just sent home Austin last wk.. He’s a terrible player and alliance teammate..now you reap what you sow

  42. Apparently Clelli told James that Julia doesn’t like Austin and Liz is not that into Austin so the twins would not mind if James backdoored Austin! James turned around and told Austin who is really, really pissed off now. Austin told Liz, of course, and now they are both angry as hell. So now Austin is telling Liz he think he should vote however James wants him to instead of voting out Clay like Vanessa wants him to.

    Vanessa had laid out one of her plans to get Austin and the twins back on her side and then James pulls this nifty move to get Austin all riles up again. So far Austin has not told Vanessa what was said but when he does her head is going to explode. She will go into full damage control mode and frankly, its going to get to a point where Austin will question just how much loyalty she has to him over Shelli and Clay.

  43. Shelli and clay were the first to tell vanessa to put ip jason instead it shoukd fall on them

  44. It looks like Austin and the twins are voting Clay out and are NOT going to work with the James gang. They will keep James and Meg safe for a week but they will put up Jackie if they win HOH.

    This is Jackie’s fault because last night when James and Meg were called upstairs to talk to Shellie and Clay, Jackie decided not to join them. Same with the Austwins – James conversations. So Jackie is now excluded from the agreement to keep James and Meg safe. Very stupid, Jackie.

    Perhaps this one last time James, Meg, Jackie, Becky will realize you are not going to get in and work with these people until Vanessa is gone and even then you have no chance.

    As far as I am concerned, this game is really over. The house is handing the game to Vanessa on a silver platter like they did with Derek last year. Then mentality that having alliances to the end without realizing only one person wins must be hard to shake once you are in the BB house.

  45. I don’t understand why the push to evict a power couple. I feel anyone who has a alliance with one person is a power couple. You could call the twins a power couple. Even Steve and Van. I really hope Sheli stays, and gets James out

  46. I don’t think SheClay knows how much people hate the way they played the game, they were vicious, liars and manipulative, with no mercy, it was okay then when SheClay were sending other people home but now that they are both on the block she is sulking and walking around like a little baby in a wet diaper.
    I am not going to cheer now until she Shelli is sitting next to Julie on Thursday, then when she gets home and watch TV to see her boy toy hanging all over Meg or Julia, it sure will be priceless to see the look on her face, and to that, again, I say, Alright! Alright!! Alright!!! just borrowing this from Matthew McConaughey

  47. There will be a twist after double eviction, on brining back a eliminated houseguest into the game

  48. James is starting to get smart!!! Forget stabbing people in the back, stab them right in the front!!! Good job James, keep it going

  49. I thought that Meg had a secret crush on Clay, but from tonight;s episode I wonder what is secretly going on with them. Are they a secret couple? is Clay using Shelli or Meg?

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