Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 6

We’re back with the latest popularity poll rankings for Big Brother 17 Houseguests as a Backdoor against Jason and a power shift by James impacts this week’s numbers.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

We had plenty of movers and shakers in the poll but two things remained constant: the top two spots and the bottom two. Yes, once again John and Jason took top honors while Jeff and Jace held on to the bottom rungs. Check out the rest of the numbers and cast your vote for this week too.

The biggest climbs go to Jackie and James as they both went up 8 spots in the charts to 4th and 5th, respectively. Julia had her own stand out with a seven spot leap to sixth place from near the bottom last week.

On the other side of things, Da’Vonne took the biggest plunge to 9th with a fall of six spots while Austin fell 5 spots to 13th and Audrey dropped 4 spots to 15th place.

Be sure to vote in our new poll for Week 6 of Big Brother 17 and see how your favorites hold up in our next popularity report.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 5 vs Week 4

  1. John McGuire 43.5% (+0)
  2. Jason Roy 16.4% (+0)
  3. Vanessa Rousso 5.6% (+2)
  4. Jackie Ibarra 4.0% (+8)
  5. James Huling 3.8% (+8)
  6. Liz Nolan 3.7% (-2)
  7. Shelli Poole 3.7% (+0)
  8. Julia Nolan 3.4% (+7)
  9. Da’Vonne Rogers 2.99% (-6)
  10. Steve Moses 2.91% (-4)
  11. Meg Maley 2.7% (-1)
  12. Clay Honeycutt 2.6% (-3)
  13. Austin Matelson 1.8% (-5)
  14. Becky Burgess 1.7% (+0)
  15. Audrey Middleton 0.7% (-4)
  16. Jeff Weldon 0.2% (+0)
  17. Jace Agolli 0.1% (+0)


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  1. I vote for James since he is the only one who seems to be playing the game like it is supposed to be played, for the most part. Enough of this backdoor everybosy and throwing comp nonsense.

    • We live in a society that is becoming ever more passive-aggressive due to political correctness. I am afraid that chicken dung backdoor moves are going to become the norm.

    • The only thing I have against him is that he should not have promised safety for Shelli and Clay. he could have outlasted her. What he did was slimy & makes him untrustworthy.

  2. Ha-ha wow Julia just came in the house and already she’s above Liz!! This just goes to show which twin everyone here prefer! ^_^

  3. Give kudos to James. He deserves it. I gave my vote to Jackie because I think she has potential if she can win the next HOH and make, good, big moves like James. Let us wait and see. I also, give her credit for suggesting James put up Vanessa as replacement nominee which is better than leaving the nominations alone as it is!

    • If Jackie wins – she should put up Vanessa and Austin with one of the twins as a back up if one of the noms wins. Eto

      • I would say Vanessa and either Clay or Shelli (whoever survives this week) should go on the block next week. Outsiders really need to win HoH next week. It is DE week yes?

  4. James, Meg or Day. but I will swing my vote towards James since he has single-handedly saved this season for me, what an epic week it has been.

  5. I voted for James this time since he was the only one with the guts to make a big move.

    • Agreed. He scored major points this week but fell short when he left Clay on the block and Vanessa off it.

  6. Still like me some Jmac, but James is all b*lls this week! Ooorah…. Jackie woke up, and she’s spot on with her thinking. Who would have thunk it? Wish Jmac would align with the outsiders. Send rat Becky train face packing please.

  7. Why is JMac still on top? I like him, he has really done nothing this week. He’s turning into a floater.

  8. If Liz doesn’t like Austin that way she should tell hm. The hair on his face needs to go, I hope they have it where someone has to shave their hair off and I hope it is Austin big time.
    Ewww imagine kissing that, YIKES!!!!!! It is the hair Austin not you personally.
    It make make your popularity go up.

      • I know what you mean…Austin has no effect on my cat, but JMac does cause seizures in my cat. And makes my ears bleed. And stray dogs howl. And Raccoons chew off their fur. And bats fly into the side of my house…I think you get the drift. ;)

  9. I hope James leaves the nominees the same unles one does come off. Then he needs to put up Liz. He would get Austin and July to vote for the one left up.

  10. I actually saved the first night of BBAD on my DVR because it is way fun to watch Jase act like a total idiot to the cameras, in front of the house, that first night. Dude, dude… No. Not ever.

    If you have ever been to Venice Beach you would also know that he probably is the sharpest stick in the sand regardless. ;)

  11. I know that I’m going to offend many people by saying this, but JMac is the fav?! I honest-to-God don’t get it. I’ve said since the beginning that he’s goofy, and day after day…show after show, he proves my point. He’s a floater! IF he ever gets into a position of power and really shakes up the game, he’s always going to be a goofy dentist whose voice makes my ears bleed. And gives my cat seizures. And makes stray dogs howl. And raccoons chew off their fur. And makes bats fly into my window…

    • I want a vampire dentist that can seizure my cat (she eats my noodles!), make stray dogs howl (so neighbor cats can stop fighting), make raccoons chew off their fur (yea so no more attack in the garden) and make bats fly in your window (good business to the glass company). Oh yeah as for your ears bleed … good business for ear doctor!
      See … how wonderful is the Vampire Dentist? You just can’t resist his vampire charm!

      • I laughed SO hard when I read your comment! I mean, I could’ve done the ‘LOL’ thing, but that wouldn’t begin to describe how much you made me laugh! Thank you for that!

  12. I can’t believe I am actually saying this… but right now Jackie is my favorite houseguest. I never thought this would happen but right now she seems to know the dynamic of the Sixth Sense better than some of the members within that alliance.

    • Right there with you on that one. It seems all the times she was not on camera or doing anything at all she may have just been sitting back and watching. She came crawling out of the shadows knowing what was going on and ready to fight.

  13. I really hope Jackie wins the next HOH. I believe and I hope her target would be Vanessa.

  14. I cannot stand Vanessa! She may be playing the game, but she is the biggest liar and pot stirrer! Grrrrrrrrr

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