Big Brother 17: Sixth Sense Scrambles After Shelli Leak

Loose Shelli lips sinks Sixth Sense ships on Big Brother 17 and that doesn’t make alliance matriarch Vanessa too happy. Not happy at all and we know what can happen then.

Vanessa Rousso always plotting, always planning
Vanessa Rousso always plotting, always planning – Source: CBS All Access

After Shelli and Clay revealed way more than they should have in an overnight talk with James there was an immediate reaction of guilt that sent them to Vanessa to beg forgiveness. All might not be forgiven, but Vanessa is on it.

Just before the Veto meeting James let Austin in on what he had learned from Shelli which put him on spin mode where he ran to Liz to share the news. No one was happy with this and Vanessa knew it was just going to get worse.

After the meeting Vanessa went to Austin and the twins to vent her anger. Flashback to 12:25 PM BBT 8/3 on your Live Feeds. Sign-up for the Free Trial now to start watching the in-house cameras. Vanessa tells them that depending on how much Shelli and Clay revealed that it might be time to work with James. Austin like this idea and tells Vanessa he thinks they it’s sincere on James’s part.

Jump forward to 1:14PM BBT as Vanessa gets Shelli alone to find out what was spilled. Vanessa wants to know just how bad this is but she’s assuring Shelli that everything is going to be okay. I’m guessing Vanessa is hoping to contain any further leaks from a possibly frightened Shelli.

Shelli promises Vanessa she did not reveal any alliance information but suggests that James extrapolated it out of the discussion. That’s true as James figured it out once Shelli and Clay left the room. Shelli suggests he was using that to get a confirmation from Austin by acting as though he already knew about it.

Vanessa promises Shelli it’s not a lost cause and she’ll need to apologize to Austin and the twins, but when it comes to campaigning for the five vote this week, that’s best left to Vanessa. Probably a good idea for Shelli, as long as Vanessa doesn’t get second thoughts and shift her goals.



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  1. Vanessa is totally incapable of letting sleeping dogs lie. She is driven to meddle in things that aren’t her business and she even meddles in her own decisions.

    • Yes and it will be her undoing. Rule #1 of poker and of BB is don’t show any patterned behaviour. Van is becoming predictable and I think it may be her undoing in the next few weeks. For now she can hide behind the numbers but as we get closer to jury AND the growing jury gains access to multiple feeds, etc. then the 411 on her should emerge.

      In short, she won’t win Big Brother.

      • It would, but you have to remember that she’s playing with bozos who are even more scared of making moves on their own. So despite her being all over the place, her counterparts, I think, regard her as a gamesman to be weary of and feared.

      • But once Vanessa goes on the block her game will be over. The rest of that group will then figure out that they can play their own game and not have to worry about the GodMother.

    • I agree, I didn’t expect that with her background either. I’m hoping that all the indecisiveness is strategy but I don’t see how…

  2. Give it another 80 minutes. Vanessa will spaz out and change her mind….
    How these people can’t tell that Shelli would push all these people off a cliff to make sure she was the “prettiest” girl left on the mountain blows my mind…Shelli is out for Shelli and she’s so narcissistic she believes everyone in the house is there to help her win….All you have to do to cripple her game is hide her make up and she’ll refuse to speak on anything on camera.

    • Agree! Just don’t understand for the life of me why Vanessa is still trying to help Shelli! Doesn’t Vanessa know that Shelli will probably beat her???? Something is not right about Vanessa!

      • I’m being completely serious and not being mean but I suspect Vanessa is attracted to Shelli. Not in love…not stalkerish…but I think she’s going to get a thrill on splitting Shelli and Clay and have Shelli to herself in the house. Kind of like a little kid having a crush and just wants to be around them. I have a friend in real life who did the same thing in real life and she even told me she just wanted to be around her knowing she wasn’t gay. She told me “You can’t ubnderstand it unless you were gay.” I just took her word for it.

  3. I wonder how many times Vanessa will flip-flop before Thursday. I wonder if it will send the Austwins into a tail spin.

    I’m not counting Shelli staying until Thursday and everyone finalizes what they’re going to do. There’s still plenty of time for Shelli to make Van mad again and plenty of time for Van to overrun her motor mouth.

  4. Id honestly rather have Shelli in the house over Clay, I really want to see how she plays without her “man”

    • The same way she’s been playing. Except she’d need to get someone new to do her bidding. Probably Vanessa.

  5. Best game move is to get rid of Shelli. Best move for us voyers is for Shelli to stay one more week. Imagine the drama! :)

  6. Am I the only one who doesn’t get the big deal about Shelli’s big reveal of Austin’s alter ego? I mean really. What’s the big deal? What’s the big reveal? It’s not like Austin/Judas has a magical power. It’s his own weird little thing and it’s meaningless.

    • I think it hurt Austin only because he fancied himself a big gamer. He said his strategy was for Austin to be the good guy and for Judas to do all the dirty work behind the scenes. He did it once, but foolishly told. It won’t work now that over half the house knows.

    • It doesn’t take someone making any sense in that house to be anything! At this point, every little single thing that is said about anything means nothing to us but everything in that paranoia house! – if that makes any sense!

  7. For all you people who bash Vanessa and her game play and consider her ability as a poker player…thats why she’s worth 4 million dollars and plays in big Vegas tournaments and you don’t..Get over it people..I guess you forgot your watching Big Brother where you can lie and backstab all you want.dan gheesling comes to mind he had no class or morals

    • She hasn’t played in a tournament in a few years and Poker Stars dropped her endorsement.

      • Wrong, she stopped by to cash in a Wsop event right before bb (May, came in 1500ish out of like 35k ppl) and came in first in a WPT event in April of this year.

      • Simply not true. She did cash for 2 grand in a $565 buy in in May but hasn’t had a decent score since 2010 finishing 3rd in high roller event for 359k. For the last few years she’s made more money away from the tables (my opinion is mid 7 figures per year) giving poker seminars repping for Go Daddy and Poker Stars and just being famous I even have one of her apps on my iPad. She had that one small cash this year and another small one last year and that’s it.

        From what I can tell from TV her style is to be abrasive and annoying and shoot angles to make it difficult for opponents to think and make decisions. She’s a brilliant GTO player and could be just as successful if she kept her mouth shut. My opinion of her play is that her best quality is she is fearless and can’t be backed off a hand and can do the complicated math instantly in her head She seems to be very popular with the women pros and was married to one of the most popular guys on the tournament tour so I guess she has a softer side.

        I don’t think poker is her passion any more and she is just an action junkie who likes challenges such as jumping out of airplanes and driving a Lamborghini and maybe being on Big Brother

        She’s probably on Big Brother to get the Vanessa Rousso brand out there so she can move on to her next thing. No, I don’t think it’s DJ’ing

    • Vanessa’s game can’t be compared to either of Dan’s (especially not his first). It’s as if they’re both serial killers. Dan is Dexter Morgan and leaves no evidence behind. Vanessa kills and just walks out. Soaked in blood. The body and all evidence still in plain sight.

      • Great comparison. Vanessa tries to hide the evidence but is sloppy.

    • She lies, but then gets self-righteous when some lies to her. THAT is something I hate in these type of game shows. Someone who lies but understands others lie to is fine. BUT Vanessa cries the blues to Austin when he dare lies to her. Hypocrite.

    • Apparently you know nothing about the egotistical biotch other than her being rich,i know her personally and she is mean and rude to everybody, i have dealt poker to her and only a handful of poker dealers like her i for one can,t stand her and would love to see her get tossed out on her arse.

    • if I was worth $4 million, I’m not sure I’d take off the summer to go to Big Brother House for $500,000 (that is a gamble within it self)! Most poker players/dealers stick to what they know! She has more chances of winning another cool million playing/dealing cards than Big Brother! Vanessa is a Big Brother Pawn/spy! Out of all of the houseguests, she doesn’t need the $$ at all!

  8. Van doesn’t waste time does she ? Give her more time and she’ll flip again. Could happen..

  9. I know the twins and Austin seem to be under some sort of voodoo hex trance when it comes to agreeing with Vanessa, but I am hoping they will tell her what she wants to hear but vote out Shelli. Of course, Liz did tell Vanessa that she was their(the twins) everything a couple of days ago. Yep.

  10. I’d like to see Shelli go home this week and see how Clay handles the game without his woman in the house. Next week I’d like to see Vanessa, Austin or or Liz go home. The bigger power couples need to be split. Proud of James for getting “blood on his hands” and hope the house can be convinced to evict Shellie. That would shake up the game. Have yet to determine if Steve even begins to realize he’s being played by both sides. Vanessa may be a pro poker player, but she is lacking a “poker face” mentality in this game so far, as far as I see it. She’ll end up digging her own grave when people catch on to what a control freak she really is.

  11. I prefer Shelli to stay and have Clay she will be a great player to meep over Clay who can’t win for sake -_- . So I’m kinda rooting for Shelli , but she better keep her mouth shut. -_-. Come on now.

  12. It was just a week ago that Vanessa reasoned “that it was better to get rid of Jason” because he was “running” the show and theyd be lost without him. WRONG! Sorry if Im not onboard the Vanessa is a genius wagon yet. She talks non-stop game and I think people (James) are beginning to figure out SHE is the head of the snake. Schleppy might not be long for the house.

  13. Vanessa just sucks the fun out of this game. She and Shelli have made this game so personal. They are just too over the top!

    • Vanessa is like Debbie Downer. Everyone is outside having fun, joking around and laughing. Vanessa comes outside and the backyard becomes like a funeral. In a few minutes the only ones left on the lounges are Vanessa and Meg and Meg is basically saying nothing to her.

      The other people in the house need to find a way to drive a wedge between Vanessa and Austin and the twins.

    • That,s because they both think they are gods gift to the world and life should revolve around them.

  14. I hope Vanessa is the second to go from that alliance and hopefully one of the members puts her up. Eventually they will have to put each other up anyway since there is only one winner, not six or eight.

  15. Vanessa is such a smooth liar. What Shelli did not tell Vanessa Austin and the twins is that she told James that Julia is not fond of Austin and Liz is not into Austin. James told Austin about this and Austin was pretty made about it. But at this point he is blaming Clay.

    Also, I am not sure Steve bought Vanessa’s story. Vanessa told Steve that they had to evict Clay because he would wind up working with James. Steve’s replay was, “really?!?” After this week that is such an implausible possibility that Steve openly questioned Vanessa about it. Was Steve thinking “why is this person lying to me”. Was he thinking that’s BS and I know the truth – Vanessa will work with Shelli to form a strong alliance?

  16. Austin, Liz and Julia are dumb. They don;t realize that Vanessa wants to keep Shelli because that is her best shot at taking out Austin and the twins. Vanessa figures her and Shelli can win HOH on alternating weeks and remove the twins and Austin one by one. But they are not thinking long range. If they take out Shelli this week, they have a much better shot at winning the game.

  17. The best possible solution would be Shelli leaving and then a double evict where Vanessa follows her out the door. Most likely that second eviction will be the first to jury so that would place Vanessa in Jury.. not great but the perfect place for her to spend the rest of the summer trying to get each incoming juror to vote for who she says.. the thing is once in jury, these people will realize the other juror has no power over them and each vote is your very own at this point. If Shelli stays then that double evict should be her going out the door and she would be the first to jury. No matter what the outcome at the end of this week, James has done well in removing one of the two power teams in the house. Austin/Liz would be the next obvious target but because it is Austin/Liz/Julia, I think it will have to be Austin first. Either way whomever leaves at this point will be in the jury and that is all Austin wanted anyway.

  18. Vanessa doesn’t even deserve to win. She’s a multi millionaire. Let someone win who deserves the money.

  19. As I already predicted earlier, I believe that Vanessa was hired by Big Brother as a pawn! I believe she is getting paid a stipend for her time, but she doesn’t have a chance to win the $500,000 because she is only in the house to try and flip whatever is going on for better TV! The same way the twins did not really apply (they leaked this yesterday) – – they were asked to be on the show (twins make better tv too), but they might be actually playing the game (Idk for sure on the twins)! I always thought you had to try out for this show, but Allison Grodner’s rules may not be out there for us to really know. My reason for thinking this is that Vanessa is purposely doing the opposite of whatever the house wants! I’m sure this will come out somewhere down the road. She is too smart for wanting to keep another women who is a strong competitor and who she knows can really win. I don’t think it’s for the numbers because Vanessa already have everyone believing in her.

    • Think about it, when everyone was on board for taking Audrey out, Vanessa changed their mind. When they were trying to get Austin, out, Vanessa changed their mind to get Jeff out instead. When it was Austin’s turn to go out again, Vanessa persuaded Shelli/Clay to go along with taking Jason out instead. Vanessa is up to something and I don’t believe it’s being truthful to anyone except Allison Grodner!

    • You do have to audition for the show if you want to be on it. But they can also recruit people if they want. But that is not unique to Big Brother. That applies to all reality shows. The “singing” shows are probably the worst offender of this. They will pick people based on their backstory over people who are actually talented.

  20. Kudos to James for the turn around. Clay is not thinking with the right head. She is a cougar. Sadly, I think Shelli believes her own lies. She really thinks she had nothing to do with prior eliminations. This girl has never been at the bottom of anything, and it is a hard pill for her to swallow. Her looks have kept her at the top of the heap, for guys, for favors, for whatever she wanted and now she has to face reality that there are a ton of people in the world that just will not buy that crap, then walk all over her. I really want Austin to go, but he is playing a good game. That said, the best liar that is not obvious has a better chance here. His spun stories will catch up with him eventually. Vanessa = wishy washy. Wonder how she makes her living bluffing? Maybe she is bluffing now? Becky, double dipping pushes limits. Just like double cheeseburgers catch up to you. Steve has been quiet. It is my experience that the quiet ones are the ones you need to watch out for. Everyone loves Johnny Mac and he is skating very well. Sweet Meg may be the snake in the grass here. And the twins, being a twin, I know the connection. One for all and one for all.

    • In a vacuum bluffing is about 10% of poker but poker is not played in a vacuum so it’s much more complicated than that. Bluffing at big pots happens almost never especially in tournaments It’s just a tool

  21. Hahah is the first sentence of the article a reference to Sandra from survivor heroes vs villains? :0

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