‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 10 Veto Ceremony Results

Unlike the build up to last week’s Veto Ceremony for Big Brother 17 there wasn’t any shouting or anger, but we did have some tears as this week’s nominees learned of their fate.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Overnight Meg worked on Vanessa to offer up a deal that was echoed by James this morning, but after a night of resting on it the verdict did not come back in their favor.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 10:

James used the PoV to take himself off the Block. Vanessa then filled the space with Julia, as she had planned. This is Julia’s first trip to the Block as her own HG.

Immediately after the ceremony ended Julia whispered to Liz that if something goes wrong and she gets evicted then she’ll never forgive Vanessa for it. Vanessa was soon worried too and asked Liz if Julia was actually pissed at her, but Liz promises it’s just an act.

This week’s final nominees are Julia and Meg with Julia currently expected to stay, or at least that’s the advertised plan. Sending Julia out over Meg isn’t as good of an option as evicting Liz to split up Austin+Liz and Julia+Liz, but it’s a start. As of now, it’s not being discussed.

Do you think Vanessa made the right choice with the renom? Who is heading to Jury next? Remember the chance to return is now over so this is final for the evictee.

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  1. Uhhh…noooooo?

    Apparently JMac is the swing vote.
    Hard to say who he wants out.
    He said he wanted Meg out, but Julia is after him.
    Would he keep someone who wants him out?

    • How is Jmac the swing vote? Steve, Liz and Austin all for Julia, James for Meg… Jmac is open but he won’t change the vote unless Steve Flips….

      • Problem is, Steve is thinking with his little head and not the one on his shoulder’s. Julia should go and that would really screw with the remaining Asstwins and Vanessa. It won’t happen though but we can hope right.

      • Wish that was set in stone. If it goes according to Van, then yes, Meg goes to jury but if Steve and JMac take a big huge leap together and flip, then Julia will be saying goodbye and more drama will ensue!

      • Steve really hasn’t made any great decisions thus far, so I don’t expect him to start now.

      • Steve will do what Vanessa tells him to. He has almost no spine. Julia’s gone probably. Vanessa only wants 2 AssTwits to deal with, not 3 anymore

      • hopefully james ,n john vote out julia ,and austin decides do his judas move votes her out to,though idealy steve votes her out to then only 1 vote liz to keep her n liz be pissed at austin when she realizes he voted her sister out

    • Ya, is Steve expected to vote out Julia atm? It would be interesting is Steve, JMac and James voted Julia out, but that would split up the Austwins and probably put a larger target on Vanessa next week, and could burn her bridges with them. She probably wants Meg gone, and unless Steve and JMac burn Vanessa to work with the clueless James, I doubt it happens.

      • If they burn that bridge for her and tell Austwins Vanessa told them to vote out Liz to break up the trio, Vanessa has no choice but to grovel to someone (Austin/Liz or JJS) to work with her because she can’t be HoH next week.
        Would be a heckuva blindside!!!!

      • Yup, they could just as easily throw her under the bus, then she’d be a shield for James, Steve and JMac cuz Liz and Austin would be gunning for her. That’d be great, but I doubt anyone besides Steve would come up with that idea, and he isn’t a threat atm and wouldn’t want it get around it was his idea and have ppl be pissed at him. So I think if they do it it would be under Vanessa’s guidance.

      • Vanessa can talk her way out of a paper bag. They would believe that story for 2 minutes until Vanessa got right back into their heads. The only way it would work to get Julia out is to convince Vanessa. Tell her to make a deal with James to keep Meg and those five work together to take the Austwins out. Then they could flip the votes.

      • I agree she can so that is why this is the time to blindside her: DE. They won’t have 2 minutes before going into next HoH comp and Vanessa can’t compete in it.

      • No way James makes a deal with Vanessa now. If he wins next HoH, a strong possibility, she is his #1 target.

      • If Vanessa wanted to target the 3 jerks she would have put Liz up, yes Julia and Austin will still work together but there bond is no unbreakable.

      • I think Van is teasing everyone to see what they decide to do. If Julia is sent to jury, she can put on a big show and say, don’t blame me, I’m not the one that made you vote that way! :-)

      • Van will lose all 3 AssTwits votes in jury even if Jukia is voted out this week, before Liz.

      • I think once DE is revealed Vanessa herself may take James/Meg deal and go to jmac and Steve and be like time to break up threesome. Then in 2nd part of night have odds send out Liz. I would assume Vanessa want Austin stay over Liz. As Liz shown be stronger player.

      • Will Julie Chen announce DE after the first eviction? I read on another site that Van is targeting Julia for eviction. If this Is true, then perhaps she told Steve and Jmac. Then we have our votes to save Meg….James, Steve, and Jmac vote out Julia.

      • Lonnie, I think Johnny is playing Vanessa. I know they made all kiss, kiss, before he was evicted, then made nice again once he was back in the house. I think he’s telling Van what she wants to hear. I could be wrong, He has wanted Van gone for such a long time. Johnny seems nice enough, but there is something about him that I find creepy. And he has no leadership skills at all. Does he have his own dental practice? I hope not. If he does he would need a strong office manager,,,because he is a hot mess.

      • Who’d he vote out then?
        Julia wanted him gone, but he said Meg just to split up him and James.

      • His vote doesn’t matter. Therefore it’s not the swing vote. Steve, Austin and Liz will vote Meg out and that’s all they need.

    • No swing vote right now, but if Steve and JMac flip and join James to keep Meg, Julia will be heading to jury. Let’s see what that duo decides to do. Glad V can’t vote, though!!! :-) Steve will need convincing by JMac since he has a slight crush on Julia.

      • Do you think Johnny Mac would vote out Julia?
        Because he said he’d vote out Meg in his interview

        Who knows where this dude’s heads at?

      • I really have no idea..neither he nor Steve have made any kind of smart or bold moves the whole season. We can only hope they’ll take this opportunity to start disassembling the larger alliance that will be coming after them next rather than cling to Van’s decisions. Better to have two coming after two than three.

  2. I know Vanessa is doing it to keep in good graces with the Austwins cuz she needs there votes in the jury, but JMac, Steve and James should flip and vote out Julia. Vanessa can claim she had no clue and would have taken out Liz or Austin if she was going to actually target one fo them. Getting Meg out is such a waste. Only thing Meg is worth in this game is a vote each week, Julia isn’t muhc more, but she’s part of a bigger voting block.

    • Everyone should be looking to take Meg to the F2. She is the Victoria of this season, not too smart, not too athletic, and easily manipulated.

      • She has too many friends in the jury. And the way this group has played the game they would vote for her to win instead of voting who played the best game.

      • You’re probably correct, and this is just another indication of how whacked out this season is.

      • You are sooooo right !! No one has a back bone! They need to grow a pair before they realize Vanessa’s is bigger than theirs!!

      • I like Meg but I don’t know many who I’d let her win over in F2. Van has to win over Meg; James has to; Liz has to; Steve has to; Jmac has to; Austin has to even, I think, because he’s at least won HoHs and managed to dodge Vanessa’s bullets. Julia – there I could maybe give it to Meg over Julia. Julia lucked into being Liz’s sister and they were “nice” enough and lucky enough to survive Week 5. Meg has worked on her social game so if it’s a toss up like that, I’d give it Meg probably because at that point, personality would count. Really thought Julia was going to be a gamer at first. Darn!
        But then again, I have to get up now. I overslept. Been dreaming. Funny dream: Meg & Julia in F2 – bwahahahaha.

      • That is exactly why Vanessa wants her out now. But de being this week is perfect time pull the flip. Will they do it maybe. But more likely will go through with Meg first. Then maybe hope jmac gets HOH then he takes Liz out. Vanessa wants Austin to stay.

      • I hope Steve gets HOH for the DE because he’s going to put Austin and Liz up then JMac gets the next HOH so he can have it for a week and let everyone kiss his butt for a change. Then he can go after the remaining two of the Austwins.

      • She definitely got along better socially with those currently in jury than Van ever did!

      • If that happens, I would like to see Meg win or James. I would not vote for anyone else. Vanessa is a piece of cow manure, and does not need the money. She has played the game somewhat, but I will really be pissed if she wins. She is a horrible person. Derrick was a cunning last season, but this hutchie mama, is sickening.

    • I want Meg to go, so it will light a fire under James’ ass and he wins HOH and send Vanessa to jury.

    • Right! the smart thing for V 2 do was. Put up the twins or Austin.
      I tires of” I don’t want 2 get any blood on my hands

      • right? does she not realize she has the most anyway. might as well get something out of it.

    • Not necessarily directed just at you JR, more of a general observation, but you mentioned Steve flipping the vote so I’ll address it here.

      Can anyone give me a LOGICAL reason why Steve would flip his vote after he has already promised it to Julia?

      He cuts his own throat with Austin, Liz AND Vanessa. He gains zero with JMac. From the tone of James, HE is also going after the Austwins, so zero gain for Steve with James.

      He does curry more favor with Meg. But what exactly is she going to do for HIS GAME?

      Currently Steve is being targeted by exactly NO ONE! Suddenly, in a ridiculous move to gain favor with the viewing audience he votes out Julia and becomes the main target for three players! Please note the sarcasm!

      It’s ironic that many of you visit this forum and complain about the poor game play. SMH

  3. The smart move for Steve & John would be ally with James, to take Julia out. BUT smart is not something we a lot in this BB season.

    • Maybe smart for Johnny Mac. Not so smart for Steve. Steve’s best move is to take out Meg..

      • I respectfully disagree … Steve has to know he is the low man on the totem pole when allied with V & the Austwits.
        He would have a much better chance of staying longer, with that block of votes being broken up.

      • I’m not saying he should align with Austwins. I’m saying he shouldn’t cross Vanessa. Without Vanessa, Steve is nothing. He needs her or he’s done. The next move should be the strike against Austwins. That much I think we can agree on.

      • Oh, I don’t think V would be too upset to see Julia go. She might huff & puff to A & L if Julia is booted, but this is a good thing for her game too.

      • Yes, but since Vanessa showed her hand by nominating Meg and James she needs to accomplish the removal of one of them at least. Especially since James/Meg are so close to each other.
        I’m not at all surprised that Vanessa was able to control Austin last week either.

      • And she might have 2 people aligning with her JMac and Steve against those two…making it 3-2!

      • You know how paranoid Vanessa is, she will be going nuts until Meg leaves the house this week.
        Plus, Vanessa still needs the numbers of the Austwins if she is nominated during the DE. Steve also said he wouldn’t go after the Austwins until one of the Goblins were out of the house.

      • She won’t get the Austwits numbers anyway even if Julia stays IMO. Do you really believe Liz is truly ok with Julia being renom’d?

      • No matter how many times the remaining SS alliance members fight and target each other they always come to their senses and realize they need each other to get to the end.
        Whether or not Liz likes Julia being nominated she will do whatever Vanessa says in the end.

      • On another site, Liz told Julia if she was evicted, she would self evict. I am praying for this to happen.

      • Van’s great at hysterics, threw some crying in there, if she could sob that’ll help, just makes the sobs believeable, if you can’t then skip them. Talk while sobbing, she can do that I bet.

      • How so? I’m thinking if they VTE Julia – blindside her (& Vanessa, just for fun & laughter) and blame it on Vanessa to the Austwins (she told us to do that), so Austin/Liz will gun for Vanessa next week when she isn’t HoH and Steve/Jmac/James/Meg can put up both Vanessa and Liz next week if they want and tell Austwins to use the POV, that they’ll throw the POV to save Liz (but they won’t) to keep them calm/thinking Vanessa is their target.
        Vanessa can’t be HoH next so she’d be “scampering” around lost/confused with no where to turn – having to suck it up and grovel to either Austin/Liz who don’t believe her –
        Or JSJM, who’d just tell her they voted what was good for THEIR game, same as she nominated who was best for HER game; that someone had to break up the Austwins.

        For Steve, he gets to work with Jmac without worrying about Vanessa pulling Jmac in over Steve and so he has to still take out James/Meg after they knock out bigger fish (Vanessa/Austin/Liz) but that’s doable as long as he’s teamed up with Jmac. They could get to F2. No?

      • Steve would become enemy #1 in that scenario. They would believe Vanessa over Steve, no question. Steve would blow up his game if he makes this move, and he knows it. I don’t see him making this move, and I hope for his sake that he doesn’t. The only one it might make sense for is JMac, but since his power in the game is basically derivative of Vanessa’s now too, I don’t see him crossing Vanessa either.

      • Not of the 3 guys form their own block.
        Vanessa can’t play in the HoH next week, so it would be 3 against 3 going into the competition. The winner of the next HoH would determine the direction the house takes. I think it would be worth the “gamble”.

      • She decreases her chances substantially in the next HoH if she does what you’re suggesting. Instead of 3 against 3 from Vanessa’s perspective, it becomes 4 versus 2 (or 3 versus 2 since Meg can’t win anything anyways).

      • Yes next week she can play coz this week is double eviction so Julia could go with Liz or austin right oh h er heels

      • Well, if it doesn’t make sense for Steve – maybe he’ll do it! Yay! Not many of these nominations/evictions have made sense – ha ha – so we just MIGHT see it happen. Kidding!

      • Believe Vanessa over Steve? Nah. Don’t think so. Right now I would believe Andy over Vanessa lol

      • Well…I guess maybe u have a valid point. After all, they all believed Andy too. And Ian. Right until they walked away with the half mil. LOL

    • It’d be a amrt move the James, and would still be a smart move for JMac and Steve, but James is clueless in the game, so they’d be dumb to work with him past that. James would go after the remaining Austwins and Vanessa, but he has next to 0 gameplay when it comes to strategy.

    • steve is pretty much van’s victoria this year. no matter what she says or does to him, he is loyal to her and will not go against her.

  4. If Vanessa makes final 2 and loses then that means we have the 3rd bb bitter jury ever. Like its their job to award the best player the money not their friends or who didn’t do them wrong. So it better be 5 or more votes for Vanessa at final 2!

    • Ha, ha… so you make the rules? Vanessa might get to F4 at the best but F1 no way. She blew it not replacing James w/Liz, now if Julia isn’t evicted she’ll be lucky to get by the DE if there is one Thurs. Next week at the latest, bye-bye Vanessa.

      • I hope she’s gone next week but like I said before they had several chances to get her out and didn’t. Don’t be surprised if she wins the game.

      • I want Vanessa gone, but one of those twins needs to go before Vanessa at this point. No better way than to sneak up on them in a double elimination.

    • You keep forgetting it’s not only gameplay but also social play. Van Van is good at one, but lacking at another.
      And whether jurors are bitter or not, they are the ones playing the game, so it’s up to them how they want to vote.

      • Actually its a strategic physical game. By the productions very words its a summer long power struggle. So the social game is just an excuse for ego hurt jurors that don’t want to admit they were out played.

      • All are humans not robot. We have ZingBot for that. So it’s really up to them how to reward their votes. If you can’t accept their decisions (not to your liking) … you are a lil bitter, aren’t ya? Hehehe.

      • nope im not bitter they are. They get to live in a house and earn $1,000 per week on leave thats like 14k just making jury, Its not like they get nothing and have a reason to be upset. You signed up to play a game where only one person wins and if season 8 jurors rewarded the 500k to Evel dick who abused them then every other jury has no excuse.

      • They are humans. They will award their votes to whoever they think deserve it the most. And jury’s decision is final.

      • do you think Danielle should have won season 3? or Dan season 14?

        Okay if its Van and Austin in the final 2 i could see Austin possibly winning do to his ability to avoid the block but other then that their is no way they could say i feel like the other person played the best game

      • Nah, it can’t be the Troll vs Van Van in F2.
        If that happens I probably smash my laptop.

      • It was either him or his daughter and the jurors hated them both the same. Evil Dick won because he played a better game.

      • Evil Dick, showed no mercy on the house quest, but I would still take him over that nasty Van.

  5. Yay … Vampire Dentist survives another weeekkk … Take that butchessss (yeah you the Trolls !!!)

  6. An opportune time to slay one of the Austwins 3-headed dragon, who’s pride is showing which proceeds destruction.

    James will need the nerds to wake up and do their own game not Vanessa’s, they might not have another shot at it.

  7. Kind of payback at Meg really. She cluelessly and willingly voted out Vampire Dentist last week and Trainiac the week before. Now your turn, grandma, no hard feeling tho.

    • IKR. Her and James votes could’ve saved John. I did the Math, 2 is greater than 3, so Jameg’s votes could’ve saved John from Liz/Julia and Vanessa’s votes. The same goes for Becky. I wonder why they didn’t save her with the number they had.

      • They would have saved John if Vanessa agreed to it, that was the plan. Vanessa didn’t agree. John should be pissed at Vanessa more than anyone.

      • That’s true. The problem though was, she had no intention of switching her votes, she was setting up Jameg. I can’t believe stupid John is siding with her. If he was pretending, it would be fine, but he’s actually working with her.

      • For his games…yes.. to get out Julia is good for his game. For me, I want Meg gone. This way, James can go after Vanessa. No one else is.

      • I agree. Julia is more of a threat to Johns game, she seems to hate him with a passion for whatever reason. Meg is such a non factor, her leaving really doesn’t affect game. Other than having a number down.

        It doesn’t even affect James other than not having anyone to talk to.

      • I’m hoping this is just a temporary alliance. John has to know he’s easily disposable to her, heck he was placed out on the curb just last week. The minute one of those twins wins HOH Vanessa will drop him like a hot potato.

      • Yet a natural born alliance and ones lover are still in the house. At what point is Vanessa going to drop them?

      • Why would anyone who is actually interested in playing this game be interested in paying back Meg…..Of ALL people. She can’t win anything and only has/had one ally. They could easily flick her off at any moment, or take her to the end and have a guaranteed win.

      • hmm. In this game, wouldn’t it be payback for everyone who doesn’t make it to Final 2…not only Meg.

      • YES! I’ve been waiting a long time to see Clelli and Jecky avenged so goodbye Meg. Hopefully Shelli and Jackie will clue Meg on a lot of things that happened in the BB house.

      • If only the Goblins hadn’t stabbed alliance member Becky in the back she would’ve voted anyway the Goblins wanted her to.

      • Had they saved John, Shelli would have returned to the house. She outlasted Steve on the swings.
        Van would still be HoH but that would just mean Shelli would work with Vanessa.

    • Meg and James did this to themselves when they flipped on Becky van woulda been gone and totally different hoh. And dynamic would be in place

  8. Finally, an opportunity in this game…if Johnny, James and Steve don’t vote out Julia, they are the biggest morons on this planet…you cannot pass on the chance to break up the twins and Austin…Vanessa screwed up this time…

    • Steve will never do it. Vanessa has him all wrapped around her little finger. He’s afraid to make a move without or against Vanessa.

    • John and Steve are two of the biggest idiots in this game. They don’t do things to help their own game, they help other peoples game. Especially John, he’s been doing that all season unless his butt was immediately in danger. They prefer to go along with a person who has been after both of them at some point.

  9. I want Julia out. come on Vanessa, do ur thing and use Julia’s comment after going up as ammo

  10. Every non austwins should be voting out Julia. To vote otherwise would be idiotic. Glad Van put Julia up. Hopefully Julia will go home and make things interesting the rest of the season.

    • Not going to happen with these sheep unless DR starts asking leading questions/gently nudging them

      • Naw, production knows these people can’t keep anything to themselves. If they are too obvious then one of them will just walk out the DR and say “production told me to…” lol
        They have to make them think they thought of it themselves.

      • I’d like to read the contracts that production people sign when they are hired for this stint!

  11. Is there any way that production could dole out Adderall to ALL the HG’s—-to wake ’em up a little and help them FOCUS? (I’m not making fun of any person who uses that drug…I’ve seen it work miracles) But seriously, I think Vanessa has a huge edge over these HG’s already; let’s level the playing field. :)

    • Now there’s a new angle…drug them all!! Lol! The way I see it, at this point, it’s Production who is probably ready to start popping ANY drug they can get their hands on!!

    • Adderall doesn’t fit stupid. Vanessa seems like she’s a little too far gone for just adderall herself.

  12. Instead of scaring people, James can do a lot in 3 days. He should go all-out campaign to save grandma

    • I just feel it’s going to be too hard to convince Steve, the swing vote, to change, but I guess anything is possible.

    • Steve is too afraid of Mama Vanessa……she’ll verbally beat him again and this time he’ll wet his pants. So, for now, Steve will play Mommy’s game. So, bye, bye grandma.


    • Maybe she deserves to at this point. Everyone in that house has fallen under her spell. All these grown people report to her like she’s their den mother.

    • I could respect her game more and say she is playing like shes supposed to IF her diary rooms showed she knew what she was doing, but so far she plays the victim even in there. Like go in there laugh at all the dumbasses eating every piece of bullsh*t that comes out of your mouth. Don’t tell me you play with integrity and hate liars when everyone in America has watched you lie on many occasions. Own what you have, if she did she would be one of the greats.

      • If I was in jury and Van made final 2, the second she said I played with honesty and integrity I’d vote for the other person. If she said I lied, I back stabbed I had you all doing my dirty work every week without you even knowing it, than fair enough you win Vanessa best game played in a long time. But I have a feeling final 2 she’ll still be playing the I had no one the entire game card.

      • I agree with you both. If she was doing Dr. Will & Boogie-type DR sessions where she was OWNING her crap & laughing at everyone else being dumb enough to buy her BS, I’d be ALL FOR her wining. As it is, however, hell to the NO! This “integrity, loyalty, honor” crap has very little place in BB & she only looks like a complete hypocrite when she plays the victim in her DRs.

      • lol I said that the other day. I really think Vanessa thinks we are as stupid as those house guests. I suppose she thinks she is playing mind games on us too.

      • I think the wheels were turning the other day when she was listening to Steve say live feeders can go back and re watch anything they want all season. I don’t think she realized there would be hard evidence as to why she didn’t play with her integrity. Everytime she is HOH she never leaves the room, unless it is to go bait someone into giving her a reason to send them home. She sits up there and summons people like she’s the fu@king Queen.

  14. Julia could go home. James, Steve & JMac could align to keep Meg and they’d have control, 4-3. Plus Vanessa can’t compete for HOH, so it’d be 4-2 in the upcoming HOH comp. Think it’s worth them taking a shot. The question is whether they can figure it out in time. With this lot, probably not.

    • I love James, but he and Meg are so totally delusional that even if Steve and JMac saved Meg, the Goblins would probably run right back to Austin and Liz.

      • James and Meg are in an alliance with Austin, Liz and Julia. Getting rid of Meg or Julia will not affect that alliance that much either way. They are clueless though and will do some other dumb thing to ensure either Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia continue to control the game. They are useless peons of Austwins in their alliance.

  15. Huge waste of an HOH. Evicting Meg or even Julia accomplishes nothing. With the coming HOH, Vanessa keeps a good competitor in Liz in the game. Even worst than the Clay and Shelli nominations. If the Goblins-Austwins win the next HOH, Vanessa has only herself to blame. She could still be the next target because she is still a big threat in this game. And even if Vanessa is not the next target, she loses Johnny Mac or Steve and would have no one left on her side. Austin, Liz, Julia and James will have the numbers then. Even if Steve survives, Vanessa cannot win the game.

    • That’s stupid that they want to do that get Julia out and that will put
      a target on Vanessa back because Liz would want her to go for putting Julia up.

    • To be fair, John doesn’t want to, but he won’t make a move unless Steve does. We already know the answer to that. Steve is playing Vanessa’s game.

    • They want to keep Julia because that’s what vanessa tells them to do. Both of them have seemed desperate for a mother figure in this game. They can’t make it without a strong personality who is able to lead them. That’s why they have toggled in between Shelli/Vanessa/Austin.

  16. Next to Andy, Steve is the most annoying BB Houseguest of all time…I am not talking hated or disgusting (that would be Frankie) but annoying….

    • Andy the resident BB howdy doody, he was annoying wasn’t he? I actually forgot about him. but yeah, Steve isn’t even playing his own game, he is just there to fit in and do his stupid scamper squad dance, while pretending to actually feel important to anyone. I want him gone second to Vanessa, since it feels like he is just playing for her to win, so lame.

  17. Does anyone remember that Austin stated he wanted Julia gone so he can be with Liz more? Think about this, even though Julia is a vote for them and a F3 player for sure, why not take her out now. I would not be surprised to see Austin vote Julia this week but that is just me.

  18. Vanessa has EVERYONE else do her dirty work. She has no guts and should not win this game. She asks everyone what to do and that becomes “her” ideas. She lets them take everyone out. It is time Steve puts on his big boy pants and plays the game and stops listening to his BB mommy and doing as she tells him to do. I wish he could see how stupid he looks on TV.

  19. James should propose an idea to Austin about him having Liz to himself and make the house aware how himself and Vanessa had a deal, this would make Steve and John weary of V and in turn cause Austin to consider voting out Julia, when they talk amongst themselves. because Meg is no obvious threat to anyone, Julia however is with her twin and Austin together. if only they could see the numbers game, not what Vanessa tells them to. but no props for anyone this season for actually playing the game, V is just busy bribing everyone, sorry but that isn’t playing. wake up house, make it interesting or just give V the check now and spare the rest of us.

  20. Please James, win HOH on Thursday!!! You’re the only person left not afraid to target the Austwins!

      • I’m aware. But he’s not stupid either. He knows he’s on the bottom of Scamper Squad. Going after James does him no good, and he’s definitely not touching JMac or Van. There’s nobody else left besides Austin and the twins. He needs to start doing something, along with JMac. I’m convinced one of those two wins HOH for the DE

      • This is the same Steve who went after Jackie. He ain’t stupid but he ain’t bright either.

      • In Steve’s defense, I think that was intentional. Get an HOH win for his resume and go for very low impact targets. Going forward, that won’t work anymore. He needs one more HOH win minimum and has to go for somebody big

      • I agree, so JMac or James would be the best choice for HOH.
        But wait…wouldn’t James now make Vanessa his primary target?

      • As per Vanessa. If Vanessa wants to switch to James, John and Steve will fall in line…

      • At this point James, Steve and John are pretty much out of options as to who they want to align with. It’s either the Austwins or Vanessa.
        Knowing James he’ll probably go with the Austwins but JMac and Steve have no one else but Vanessa at this point.
        Once Vanessa leaves they might be in a world of hurt.

      • With Vanessa gone, Steve, James and John could work together. Or Steve goes after James to avenge Mama Vanessa.

      • Certainly after JMac and Steve joined the Austwins alliance last week and both ended up on the block the Austwins option is a no go.
        If James decides to work with Austin instead of them James will need to leave next.
        At this point in the game old foes can suddenly become new friends, if they want to win BB.

      • James is an emotional guy and will hate Vanessa more than ever once Meg leaves. He also has an one track mind and once his mind is set on avenging Meg that’s all he will be thinking about.
        With Vanessa gone will James go over to the Austwins or JMac or Steve? I think his best option is JMac and Steve but he gets along well with Austin. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  21. I hope they figure out that sending julia home will be the best move. and then vanessa.

    • It is the best move to JMac and Steve if they play it right. I am absolutely certain of that. It would isolate Vanessa from everyone and have Meg, James, Steve and James working against Austin an Liz. That would be a real flip of the house.

      With Vanessa unable to play HoH she would become the bigger target of Austin and Liz. Once she is gone then the next week, only one of Austin and Liz can play HoH. If they lose, then Austin and Liz go up and one goes out -probably Liz. With the twins gone, then it Austin, James, Meg, Steve and JMac as the final 5 (or 4 considering Meg never wins anything. Then it gets interesting.

      • You’re dreaming ! Never would James nor Meg help Steve nor JMac to take Austin out .

        Both James and Meg would vote out JMac and Steve ( in any order ) before touching Austin .

  22. So awesome this is DE, we can get out useless Meg and then James or Johnnymac…then its cruisin to the end for Austins Angels…yea

    • If Austin or Liz win HoH, JMac will spill everything on Vanessa again. Then Vanessa will go on the block for sure, probably with JMac but then the vote will break 2-2 to evict Vanessa with the HoH breaking the tie.

      My guess is if they put Vanessa up they will vote her out.

  23. Besides the die hard Meg fans…..I’m sure there are some out there….It
    doesn’t sound like anyone is actually devastated to see her Meg go. Most people
    just think it’s a waste of an HOH.

    I don’t even think Meg is all that upset about going to Jury…

    • The rest of the season will be more exciting if Meg leaves and the real players are left in the game, so I’m hoping Julie is next.

      • More exciting? that depends on who wins HOH. I don’t even notice Meg unless she’s bantering with James.

        She’s a cute girl, but she is such a non factor game wise that her presence doesn’t add or lessen the excitement.

      • I was agreeing with you Hope :D
        I said with Meg gone the better BB hg’s still have a chance to play the game and will be more exciting to watch, for me at least. Since Julia is also useless I don’t mind seeing her go either.

    • Meg going isn’t a terrible situation, but I want her to stay for two reasons. 1. Her staying helps James who is one of the few likeable people this season. 2. Most importantly Julia will be gone.

    • It is a waste of an HoH. Meg can’t win a comp so she can be taken out any time. Vanessa is another coward in the house.

      Vanessa says Meg was her target all along. If she is telling the truth, then she needs to go next because that is the stupidest move in the game yet. If she’s lying its because she realizes how embarrassing her HoH has been this week.

  24. My opinion is they should be getting people who dont know that much about Big Brother for the show…and another idea would be a season of everybody that was evicted first week

  25. Steve has been a hinky vote before.. Maybe he has it in him to make a move.. Maybe.. (I HOPE)

      • With Liz out, Austin would be stuck with Liz who hates him. Isn’t that a lot better? Haha.

      • I’m agree with you, I prefer see Liz out first (I think that she’s most annoying), but Julia out it’s okay. I hope that JMac and Steve vote for evict she.

  26. Actually, if john and steve don’t vote to evict Julia, they need to go since they are too dumb to root for, as are all other Houseguests but Vanessa – which pains me to admit since I despise that Girl….

  27. If Steve and Jmac are using even .02% of their brains they’ll see the opportunity here. Meg is complete dead weight and not a friend of the Austwins. She is NOT A THREAT to either of them.

    However, Julia’s departure would severly weaken the Austwins (obviously, there’s only 3 of them) and they’d be much more vulnerable and I’d bet much more willing to start working with other players they currently likely think of as beneath them (Jmac, James). Yes, they’d be hissing venom but so what, it’s the end of the season and time to think about the end game, not just whether muscle man and his bikini girl will be whiny and upset around the house. Boo hoo.

    I really, really hope everyone in the house is seeing the same opportunity I am. Steve, Jmac: Julia pretty much just offered herself as a nice, juicy, BD target on a platter!!

  28. They are dumb dumb dumb, she should of put liz up there and then made a deal with meg and james that they would vote out liz and save meg if they worked with her john and steve to get out julia and austin. then after they are gone all bets are off and everyone for themselves. they would of had the numbers in their favor and could of finally broken up that stupid austwins. He is a cheater and they are just annoying.

  29. Who honestly cares which one leaves? Julia is annoying as hell and is simply dead weight. Meg is a loser that has been riding James’ coattails since Day 1. Good riddance. This awful and pointless show is coming to an end. Thank you Vishnu.

    • True, but there is meaning behind who gets evicted. If its Meg, then who cares. It has little impact on the game. But if its Julia, then the house has flipped. JMac and Steve flipped the vote on Vanessa and Liz and Austin will be pissed at Vanessa. At least it will be exciting for about 15 minutes util Vanessa blows her dog whistle and Austin and Liz fall back into line.

    • She doesn’t want that much blood on her hands. She needs others to choose who to vote out. She can always say that they flipped, not her.

  30. Hopefully the HGs vote how they should. James, JMac, Steve vote out Julia. Austin Liz vote out Meg. Julia goes home. But, knowing these house guests they will vote out Meg.

  31. It would have been nice if Van would have put up Austin or Liz, but I’m glad Julia is up there. At least it’s different than JMAC up again in a repeat of last week. Hopefully, the 3 guys wise up and get Julia out to break up the 3 headed monster for once. Let them have a taste of this crap. And with the double eviction this week who knows the possibilities.

    • I agree, I would have liked to have seen Liz put up because if she did go home, I would like to see what Austin and Julia do.. Stay loyal to each other or flip?

      • I’m glad at least one of them is on the block. I just hope Julia is the one booted out. What a waste to get Meg gone. In one way, wish Steve would have been put up. I’m still upset with that idiot for what he did with his HOH. Nominating Meg & Jackie. What an idiot.

  32. When his back is against the wall, you may be left with no choice but take advantage of the opportunity when it presents itself.

  33. Well my friends……….. she (Vanessa) did it! She put one of the trio up for eviction! Regardless of her reasoning, does this give you all a little more respect for Vanessa now? I have been reading for weeks now that Vanessa needs to target the trio, she did it! Whatever happens from here on out is out of her hands! Less blood regardless :-) so did she earn some respect? Or has every Vanessa haters found new reasons to not like her?! ♡
    let me guess, because Vanessa telling Julia (strictly for reassurance) that she was so safe that Vanessa would give her $10,000 if she was wrong, a lot of you think this was a bribe? what she said was completely taken out of context! Which she give her $10,000? Yeah probably! Because Vanessa a nice person and would feel very bad! But is Vanessa buying her way to the end? Of course not! That is ridiculous! She has the will to win in her blood, winning by buying people is not how any true player would want to win! She would never ever do that on purpose!
    ♡♡♡ we can agree to disagree :) but please, like none of you have ever said something like that! you know what I mean?it was taken out of context!
    honestly, do any of you regardless of how you feel about Vanessa think she would be ok winning knowing she rides her way to the end?!

    • LOL no. She didn’t put up the trio for eviction to break them up.
      She gets my respect for managing to still be in 2 alliances Steve/John and Austwins. She might be low on them but she has two alliances.

      • but with putting up “a pawn” there is always a huge risk especially at this point in the game they go home so yes, it doesn’t appear right now that she put up Julia so Julia would be evicted but, things change so quickly in the house/ game that Julia might be her target come Thursday. You just never know ♡

    • So putting up Julia, who is probably weaker than Meg in this game should cause me to all of sudden have respect for Vanessa? Hardly. You are really reaching to say Vanessa was just being nice when she made the statement of offering $$$$.

      You are a big Vanessa fan, what do you think of her using the fact that she is gay as a reason that she has it hard in this game?

      • as I have said several times, I don’t agree with everything she says! I have not read that comment yet but I do not doubt you! :( it was a really stupid thing to say! & I I’m not going to defend that comment! & I’m not happy and do not agree with her for saying stuff like that!
        she has said a lot of things I have disagreed with, and a lot of my defending Vanessa is based on personal attacks to her character. I don’t think it’s fair to attack anyone’s personality outside the house! as any true fan of Big Brother/the game knows, the game messes with your head, the game at times changes people & (so many times throughout the 15 seasons) HGs have said some pretty stupid things! I for the most part like I said am defending her character because I know the real Vanessa. and I just don’t like the personal attacks, regardless of ANY HGs character being attacked! but again, no I’m not going to defend the comment she made about being gay!

      • LOL …. NOT LIKELY!
        She has said a few stupid things in the last day or two, but put you or I in a house 24/7 for 3 months and I can guarantee you…. you and I BOTH would cringe at some things we said (especially if a game was involved that we had to rely on others to win $500,000!……..
        I bet you $10,000 lol lol…)
        She is highly respected within the poker community for cheating? (if you believe the comment about the $10,000 to Julia was a bride and not just a simple misuse of words trying to reassure someone!!)
        Not being loyal, (yeah because playing big brother you have to be completely loyal to win the game. No other previous HG from this season and the 16 others, has ever been loyal to the end!)
        Being paranoid (yeah and no other previous house guest has ever said you don’t get “completely” & “pathetically” paranoid in the house whenever you turn a corner and see people talking!
        Was Vanessa’s paranoia not validated because her alliance actually was talking about backdooring her!)
        I am all about friendly debate, and discussing what each other thinks the house guests can “do” or talking about the “drama” & what not……. but when people attack HGs character outside the house, and/or insult them personally I do take offense to it no matter who you’re talking about but especially take offense when you are talking about someone I know and how completely wrong you are about that person! again, it doesn’t matter to me who is being insulted, I don’t agree with any of it! & I find it super hypocritical when I read insults about houseguests personal characters! Why go there? Why hit below the belt? Why not just accept it for what it is, A GAME? & accept that in this day and age of reality TV, people know soooooo much more on how to play the game and they do it! and they only do it because they want to win! don’t get me wrong, I do not believe the people in the game should be ruthless and not accept responsibility if they actually hurt someone in some way! & I do not think HGs/contestants (or what have you,) should do absolutely anything and everything to win, there is a line that should not be crossed!
        I’m going on and on and I’m sorry lol :) ………but I think again in this day and age of game show reality TV or what have you, that so many people forget it’s just a game! But I know there is a line and it should not be crossed! BUT I do not believe Vanessa has crossed it!

      • well you told me lol…. I bother because I want to! And because I’m not afraid to speak my mind, I just do it in a fun way and never attack people personally!
        I may be crazy but I’ll pick that over being hypocrite anyday ♡

    • Vanessa is a truly awful player. A complete idiot. Oh, and she is gay or something and that is the reason or something, according to her.

      • an idiot?! that she is not, I can only assume you could not come up with a better word! Awful player? if that were the case, then why is she still in the house? Let me guess, your reply to that is “everyone in the house is dumb?” And / or “everyone in the house is scared of her?” Again, agree to disagree! :-)

  34. That idiotic group will have to turn on each other, sooner or later. its about which player wins, not which alliance survives. there is much drama left to be had and that is the only reason why I haven’t tuned off this lame season, thus far. things can only get better, when they have been this bad. one would hope at least.

  35. if the house keeps Julia, will you all have more respect for Vanessa? Because she at least put her up! & if people keep her then they do not deserve to win as far as I’m concerned! This is their one and only chance right now!

  36. Has there been any indication on the feeds that Steve and John may vote out Julia? I so hope this will happen!

  37. His association with V can only hurt his fave player chances, I say have at it. his target being Meg, just proves how slow his game truly is.

    • but then what does that show for us as fans of Big Brother when we pick Jmac for player of the game/fan favorite?
      why him? Yes he is super funny but aside from that, so is james and James has won a lot more comps!
      And if Jmac is so liked & was going to be picked for a fan favorite but is not going to now because he aligned with Vanessa, that’s totally unfair! he’s either fan favorite or not! aligning with Vanessa is not a stupid move. he has no idea Vanessa is not liked by many fans, he’s just trying to win the game!? And he is aligning with a strong player, No?

    • What do you expected ? Nor James nor Meg would work with him nor Steve . Both prefer to be Austin’s pawns .
      It’s almost impossible for JMac or Steve to pick the Austwins by themselves .
      What is their only bet : try to work with Vanessa . If it works , is F3 for all and at least 33% of winning for one of them .

  38. First time Vanessa did something good for the goblins – of course, she couldn’t put up James so she was forced to do something good for the goblins (smile)! Now, let’s see how she twist it to make Steven and Jmac to vote Julia out . . . . . I’m sure she’s planning that deep down inside, but she just doesn’t want to actually say it (fear of it biting her in the face)! Go Meg, win the HOH once Julia is vote out. A woman can dream – right????

  39. I hope that Steve and John vote to evict Julia with James because i just want to see things not go Liz and Austin’s way. They will look like children who’s candy was tooken away from them ! That would be the bigger move. IMO

  40. I hope Julia goes. Since it’s a double eviction then Vanessa – this could be a good week if Vanessa gets OUT. Then Austin & Liz.

  41. Everybody I’ve talked with has NO IDEA how Steve and Jmac won’t flip this on Vanessa. It makes Zero game sense. There are no guarantees in the game, and you can’t just think “Oh Steve and Jmac will win HoH and do my bidding at that time. This makes zero sense for Van/Steve/Jmac/James/Meg. Zero sense. It’s totally illogical. If the house flips, (through Vanessa encouraging it) then there is Steve/Jmac, Meg/James, and Austin/Liz… with Van sort of controlling them all (why didn’t she take that deal and do this?… why?)

    Anyways, I’ve watched the damned feeds and it seems like Steve and Jmac and Vanessa are total morons, and also are just hoping that they win HoH several times in a row to take out the Austwins. Good luck with that, all while Van has an Angry James targeting her specifically.

    • Not exactly . Evicting Meg only gets Vanessa 1 bitter HG ( James ) and anyway Meg nor James will not vote for Vanessa as winner no matter who gets evicted next .
      Evicting Julia has the potential of getting all the HG’s against Vanessa and losing at least 3 possible votes more in favor of her in a final .
      Losing 2 votes vs losing at least 5 votes in a final , do the math .

      If Julia is evicted , Vanessa has to convince the rest of the HG’s that was not her intention . Even if she was her true target . Or all hell will be loose .

      • Very good analogy, I do think that Vanessa has already lost the vote of all the HGs in the jury house for now, if anyone in the jury house might vote for Vanessa, it will be Shelli and most people still in the BBH don’t like her and will rather vote for someone else because of all the shenanigans and treats Vanessa dished at them by not doing what she wants.

      • Vanessa is doing what’s best for her game and getting out Meg is just the consolation prize. She wanted James out but he won veto.

        But getting out Julia is the best move for Steve and JMac, especially if they can pin the blame on Vanessa. That would get the whole house looking at Vanessa as the next target instead of JMac.

        I still have a feeling the Austwins will put up Vanessa, especially if Austin wins the next HoH and because its a DE.

    • how is that a fair statement? I agree Julia should be evicted however regardless if she is or isn’t, at this point in the game it should not affect Vanessa’s!
      so saying vanessa is stupid if she does not send Julia home this week, what does that say for the rest of the house aside from Austin and Liz? They are all terrible at the game if they do not send her home this week, again aside from Vanessa and of course Austin and Liz because of my reasons stated above.

  42. I hope the house pulls a Jordan Parhar and votes out Julia but I think everyone is too scared of Vanessa to go against her yet.

    • why are they so scared of her? I can’t figure it out but there is no doubt James and Austin in particular as terrified of Vanessa.

  43. If Julia gets evicted on Thursday I would consider watching again.

    I stopped watching when the producers antics came to obvious to me

    Producers have make these past 2 seasons unwatchable and soooo boring with the stupid moronic casts they have chosen!!

    The audience have the last word about it

    • Yes i feel the same way. I stopped watching about a month ago.i only go to spoilers alert. Maybe Thursday’s night show can bring bb alive again.

  44. I say vote out Julia and begin flipping the house. Sick of all the boohooing by Vanessa.

  45. For the RECORD…… I want to see Austin and the twins leave, and I have wanted to see Vanessa win because she has been playing the game unlike most of the other house guests! she has been playing a little too hard yes lol and, she has said a few things recently that I do not agree with however it does not change the way I feel about her personally! And I still believe for now, she is the most deserving! James is more than capable of changing my mind, but that depends on what he does this week.

    And, like I stated last week, I am here for friendly debate :-) and so many of you have been very kind to me regardless of how you feel about Vanessa lol AND I thank you! ♡♡♡ and to those of you who feel the need to attack me personally, do what you must if it makes you feel better! At the end of the day I am not affected by your words and insults BECAUSE Big Brother is a GAME & it does not define who I am as a person nor does it affect me in any way it plays out! like this chat group, it is purely entertainment to me!
    I clearly enjoy talking to you all and friendly debates :-) and I know I have a lot to say lol and I respect those of you who choose not to read my novels lol… & I respect those of you who are here for the same reasons I am! For the rest of you who want to attack me personally, so be it! It only reflects badly on your personal character and makes you very hypocritical! Have a nice/evening day :-) ♡♡♡♡

    • The more I watch the more I realize why I like the Goblins from the beginning. James, Meg and Jackie always played the game clean and with a little more class than the dark side. This is what Shelli was referring to.

      They have not played well at times but they have kept the personal stuff to a minimum. Its a huge contrast to the way, Austwins and Vanessa have conducted themselves playing this game.

      I don’t think Meg or James deserves to win this game but I hate the idea of Vanessa or one of the twins winning. Now I hope JMac or Steve wins because both have kept it clean mostly and yet both have played the game.

      • it’s very easy to play a “clean game” when you are not playing it!
        It’s very easy to look like the good guy / girl when you are not making any big moves or any moves for that matter! LOL

  46. If Steve doesn’t realize what an opportunity he has been presented with in voting out Julia with Vanessa receiving 100% of the backlash from Liz and Austin then he simply is not the super genius he claims he is. This is my make-it-or-break-it moment with Steve, and to a certain extent- John.

    Why are most of the commenters here leading a charge with their torches and pitchforks against Vanessa, Liz, Julia, and Austin when they’re the ones actually making good decisions to get themselves further in the game despite greater obstacles and bigger targets on their backs?

    • The problem for Steve voting out Julia now is he becomes the next target to go for the Austwins . And both James and Meg will vote the same way the remains Austwins do. He won’t survive 2 more evictions . Maybe in that scenario everybody forgets Vanessa for 1 -2 weeks .

      • I’m not so sure. They could very easily spin it to make Vanessa look bad and it would look bad for her since she sounds fishy refusing to put John and Steve on the block in the first place. It would easily appear that getting Julia out was her intention all along.

        Also, Steve can still hide behind James, John, Meg, and now Vanessa. The fact you mention about James and Meg voting with each other for every eviction is exactly the reason he can hide behind them since as the game goes on James and Meg’s relationship becomes more and more threatening. Keep in mind, you say he would feel the wrath from the ‘Austwins’ but after voting out Julia it would only be ‘Austwin’.

      • I have thought of that also, if they were smart they would vote out Julia and blame it on Vanessa! but I do not see that happening.

      • Not necessarily. Steve and JMac can make a deal with James and Meg for safety in exchange for saving Meg this week. I can see James and Meg agreeing to that because they will put up Vanessa anyway.

        More importantly, JMac and Steve can tell the Austwins it was Vanessa’s plan and they had to agree with it or she was going to make one of them the replacement nominee. Vanessa would deny it of course, and go into one of her crying fits, but if Steve and JMac stick to the story and add why else would she not put Jmac up as a replacement, I am certain Austin and Liz would buy it.

        If they win HoH, the put up Vanessa and Meg, maybe. But the votes would be there to evict Vanessa.

        I think its the smartest move Steve and JMac can make becuase if the Austwins win HoH next, JMac is goin up on the block and probably going home next.

    • THANK YOU!!!!!!!
      someone else see the logic & can appreciate Vanessa and crew for playing the game!

    • Becasue the people you listed are mean, nasty people and as Derrick showed last season, the personal stuff is not necessary to win the game. Make game moves, yes. But there is no need to make it personal. Putting people on slop and the block at the same time is just too personal. Name calling and smearing people with comments like “I am afraid he is going to kill me” or some of the names Vanessa called James a few weeks ago is not necessary. If the HGs insist on doing that sort of stuff then we have good reason not to like them.

      Andy was a nasty mean a-hole who said some rotten things about Alyssa a couple of years ago. He won but everyone hated the outcome. Again, he played a smart game, but the personal attacks are not necessary to win the game.

      • With all due respect, and I totally admire your compassion, why on earth are you watching a show about people stuck in a house with nothing to do but gossip and try to take each other down with live cameras on them 24/7 if you can’t handle real people with real opinions?

        With 24 hour coverage of what someone says aren’t you bound to find something incriminating with every single houseguest by the time the season is over?

        Also, putting someone on slop while they’re on the block is too much for you? Are you being serious? This is a game to win half a million dollars. It makes sense to put someone on slop when they need all the energy they can get to win competitions. Every single person in this house is there because they wanted to play Big Brother. Ordinarily I would agree with you and I like that you have high standards for the way human beings should treat people. But this is Big Brother. It’s not the real world.

      • You are so right!
        Andy was so mean and nasty…..that is how the asstwins and Vanessa are acting……I can’t wait til they get out and read what people are writing about them…..maybe that will change them for the better!

  47. I hope Steve and John will definitely take this opportunity to team up with James and Meg to vote out Julia, if they fail to do so, both of them can consider their game over as Liz/Julia and muzzle man Austin with Vanessa will continue to send each of them home, with the core group of Muzzle man Austin/Liz/Julia and Vanessa, John and Steve have no allegiance from those four to be picked to the F2 or F3.

    Julia entering the BBH should have never happened if not for the brainless HGs, Vanessa/Austin/Liz who allowed Shelli and her boy toy Clay by convincing to make sure Liz is protected from eviction in order to increase the number of people in their alliance when Julia comes into the house in week five when almost all the HGs have the wind of Liz having a twin that is being switching place with her, now that the HGs are dropping off like flies, Liz/Julia teaming up with Muzzle man Austin have now become a difficult team to split.

    But from all past statement from Steve, I bet he votes out Meg, I don’t understand why the hatred of Meg by Steve, I wish someone will wake mister super fan (Steve Urkell) up and let him know that, he is going no where with these four people, Vanessa/Liz/Julia and Muzzle man Austin.

    • I do not completely disagree with you in regards to some of the things you said. I do think it was a smart game move for Vanessa, Austin, clay and Shellie to allow Julia to enter the house because this gave them a solid 6. now of course seeing the lack of play by most of the HGs, it wasn’t necessarily needed lol but at that time, they did not realize the entire rest of the house we’re not going to play the game but would instead act as though they were at summer camp! but I am just getting repetitive with that defense!
      I am curious,( and I don’t mean that I don’t disagree with you, I honestly just don’t know) but Steve dislikes Meg? I did not know that! Why? I knew he did not like Becky but may also! What’s with him disliking weak women who played big brother lol

  48. If Steve and JMac vote Meg out then I lose respect for them as players and we’ll know the only one playing this season is Vanessa

    • They have a few days to figure it out. I am hoping they do. Voting out Julia and blaming it on Vanessa while making deals with Meg and James would be brilliant. At the very least the house would break down to 2-2-2 and 1 (Vanessa). James and Meg would go for Vanessa. Steve and JMac could go for Liz and Vanessa. Austin and Liz would probably go to Vanessa and JMac but I think if they think Vanessa was responsible for Julia leaving they would go for Vanessa as a primary target. It would give Steve and JMac anothre week to win HoH and take out Austin, Liz or James.

  49. Why are Austin, Liz and Julia not asking why JMac is not on the block next to Meg? Meg is no threat, even with James in the house. JMac is coming after the Austwins who put him on the block and voted him out. For Vanessa not to put him on the block must mean he is working with her or she has a deal with him.

    Austin and the twins are no smarter than James and Meg apparently.

  50. Every years the game gets worse and worse. You used to have to apply to be on the show, now scouts find you. The players all seem mentally ill and the majority of them don’t even need the money. Vanessa has no guts at all and is such a big liar. This was her chance to make a really big move but she’s afraid to do it. Only a few more weeks and a double elimination next. When she is voted out she will wonder why. The twins and Austin have the power. Julia needs to go but nobody will send her packing!

  51. Hopefully they will figure out voting Julia out gives them a great chance at beating AustinsAngels. Based on their past actions I doubt it. And the winner of BB17 is Austin, Vanessa or Liz. hopefully not though…

  52. Big brother, don’t spam me but yall need to do
    Things the way yall did in first seasons.your show is really question right now. It’s unbelievable at this point. These ppl can’t possibly be this stupid.

  53. I think Vanessa played it right, I prob would have put up Liz, but I think breaking up the Austwins alliance is better for her game. I hope Julia gets voted out, making Vanessa’s alliance stronger. Vanessa playing a good game. I just think she is a huge target. It is always best to do what is better for your game not your alliance especially if you are the least important one in the alliance.

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