Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Monday Daytime Highlights

The veto ceremony came and went in the Big Brother 17 house and everything went as expected and there were no fireworks to follow. And if the rest of the week goes as it has been going, we won’t be surprised at the person going home.

Meg enjoying what are likely her final days in the house – Source: CBS All Access

But it’s still early and maybe there’s a chance the target will shift from Meg to Julia before then. It definitely makes more sense to break up a trio, but this season’s players haven’t made the most logical moves.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 31, 2015:

9:45 AM BBT – HGs starting to get up as the lights come on.

10:00 AM BBT – James is upstairs talking with Vanessa. She tells him she thought a lot about the offer from him and Meg, but she has to stick with the plan and target Meg for eviction. Vanessa is trying to ease this through to keep James calm with her ahead of next week’s comps.

10:15 AM BBT – Vanessa tells James she’s at the bottom of the totem pole with the Austwins and needs a #2. In their extended talk Vanessa again suggests the game is harder for her being gay.

10:40 AM BBT – Vanessa explains to Meg that she has to finish the job and break up the power couple of Meg and James.

11:00 AM BBT – Meg is back downstairs after her talk. She’s crying in the HN room while James sits with her trying to encourage her.

11:45 AM BBT – Feeds return from the Veto comp where Julia was renom’d. Julia tells Liz she’s worried and won’t forgive Vanessa if she gets evicted.

11:50 AM BBT – James is comforting Meg in the HN room. Meg is upset that she played nice with Vanessa for the past few days for nothing. James tells her she doesn’t have to be nice to her anymore but anything can happen. Meg says there’s no way Steve and John will send Julia home.

12:20 PM BBT – Meg is annoyed with Vanessa saying they’d be friends outside the game. Meg says no, she’s nothing like her friends. Meg said she’s done being nice and tells James he’s going to have to hold her back.

12:25 PM BBT – Meg tells James that Vanessa wants her out so she can work with him. James says he’s not interested in working with Vanessa and will put her up if he wins HOH.

12:36 PM BBT – Vanessa says James won’t fight for Meg to stay because it’s better for him if Meg goes.

1:04 PM BBT – James feels confident that Austwins would go for Johnny Mac over him.

1:05 PM BBT Julia knows FOR A FACT that Audrey was America’s player.

2:15 PM BBT – HGs are hanging out. No game talk going on.

2:35 PM BBT – John and Vanessa are talking in HOH room. John tells her he thinks they’re in a good position (huh?). John says he needs to make some people mad so that it doesn’t look like he’s sitting pretty with the entire jury. Vanessa says she has the opposite problem and mentions how much Shelli seemed to hate her when she was back for the jury competition. They start talking about who should go soon between Austin and the twins (how about getting Julia out this week??). John tells Vanessa he would break any of his deals except for the one with Vanessa, so he’s good with any of them going.

2:55 PM BBT – Vanessa prefers Liz going before Julia (of course she does because she has a final 2 deal with Julia).

3:05 PM BBT – Vanessa and John still chatting. She thinks they should take out Austin or James in the double eviction, which no one is aware is this week.

3:20 PM BBT – John and Vanessa have gone from game talk to real talk about teeth and relationships.

As of now, Meg is heading to jury. Let that sink in. The girl they all call grandma is being targeted over Big Brother super fans, a showmance AND a set of twins.

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  1. Interesting fact: In reading this update and watching BB on PoP and the feeds, one would think Meg is going this week. Then I checked the polls and found that twice as many voters believe Julia is going. Am I missing something or is this a refection of wishful thinking on voters part? I guess one can hope these hapless houseguests will wake up and make a good decision….

    • I agree…I think people are voting based on who they want out instead of who is actually going to be evicted.

    • Most people definitely vote on what they want rather than what is likely to happen.

    • Lets see is the vote going to be 4 – 1 or 3-2? What’s Vanessa saying about “blood on my hands”… gosh, no blood on my hands, it’s out of my hands, it’s in the HGs hands… and the HGs have spoken.

      • True, but it could happen… think about this, Austin would like to see Julia gone, that almost blew up his game back when Van was going to BD him, instead Jason left. He had gone to Jason, spilled the beans about “there is a twin, her name is Julia and I wouldn’t cry if she was eliminated”, he was planting the seed b/c he didn’t want Julia to get in between him & Lizzz-uh.

  2. BB Fans my butt!!! I don’t believe any of them are superfans like they say they are. If they honestly watched every season up until now when they are in the house they would all know better. A showmance, twins, and a master manipulator!! How delusional can they all be?! It honestly baffles me how they can let all of these people slide right by them.
    James seems to be the only one willing to get blood on his hands and make big moves! This season truly gets me angry by how people are playing this game. And for Vanessa to offer to split any money is BEYOND me! How dare she?! It’s one winner at the end, not multiple! She is spoken like a true addicted gambler. Wow. I am appalled.

    • I agree…I thought Steve was such a superfan but how he has wanted Meg evicted from the house for so long has boggled my mind.

      • Steve wants to target the couple of Meg and James, the same way they targeted Chelli. I think it’s a good game move to break up couples, not just Clelli and/or the Austwins.

      • She doesn’t need to make up things or even have to have reasons to put someone on the block. Which is why I think she has issue’s, does she even know this game?

      • seriously if you are HOH just put someone up that will make it easier for get to the end….period!!! I cannot stand how they play this game now…don’t get the “blood on the damn hands” and “I need a reason”….no reason needed just get some balls and do it ……it is so beyond frustrating to watch these idiots…..

      • Steve was mumbling out loud on the live feeds saying he needed either James or Meg to leave before he targets the Austwins due to the fear of them nominating him if one of them won HOH next.
        The Austwins won’t be putting Steve up next so he can bide his time till the numbers are more favorable to his new alliance.
        Why was it ok to target Clelli because they were a couple but outrageous to split apart James/Meg? Now JMeg know how Clelli felt when they were targeted.

      • lol Clelli was running things at one point in this house, James and Meg have never been running a darned thing. It’s fine to split them up, but at this point it makes more sense to split up a “power couple” where more than just won person is capable of winning.

      • If Vanessa targeted the Austwins this week and one of them went home Vanessa would have 2 people coming after her.
        If Vanessa targeted JMeg this week and 1 went home she would have 1 person coming after her.
        Vanessa, JMac and Steve do not feel safe going after the Austwins before DE. It’s still a numbers game with both Vanessa and Steve looking good with 2 alliances to protect them.
        Vanessa wants to let JMac or Steve get the Austwins blood on their hands instead of her since she still wants the Austwins jury votes if she makes it to the finale.
        Whether they have made the right decision only time will tell but I can see their strategy even though I don’t necessarily like their plans.
        The only way I see Vanessa winning is if the BB producers resort to rigging the jury.

      • Vanessa is hurting for jury votes right now. Which is why she has not even considered putting up the Asstwins. There is no way to prove that Steve or JMAC can win a HOH either this week or next week. This week is a DE and they still don’t know it is coming this week, they would have to scramble hard to win HOH and try to get someone out and that could be a problem if they are not ready for it, which they are not.

        What Vanessa doesn’t know, is there is more than one person that will be coming after her. I wouldn’t be surprised if Liz, Austin or Julia (if she doesn’t leave) won the first HOH this week and put up Vanessa because she didn’t put back up Johnny Mac.

      • The Austwins could even go on a comp run towards the end and become the final 3 and bye bye Vanessa.
        One thing about it, I’m going to enjoy watching Vanessa being evicted from the BB house.
        Knowing the Austwins I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw the HOH to James so he could get Vanessa out for them.
        I’m hoping Vanessa can help Steve and JMac a little farther along at least.

      • With Vanessa gone (this week hopefully) both Steve and Johnny Mac will team up with James and take out the Asstwins in the second DE of the season this Thursday.

      • Or James could team up with his old buddy Austin and the twins.
        After the way James treated Becky I’m not sure JMac or Steve would want to work with him since his word isn’t exactly his bond.
        Consider this scenario:
        James goes home in the DE and that leaves the Austwins going against Vanessa’s new alliance. This could be one of the greatest end games in BB history and I’m looking forward to watching it happen.

      • Of course, the Austwins have a showmance turned relationship, and a pair of twins–and until now, people were using every excuse in the book to let them just cruise along. Is everybody else trying to give them the 500k, or does it just look that way?

      • Perhaps everyone is being a little too cautious to start the war against the Austwins? Timing is important and I can see both sides of the argument on whether Vanessa has missed her chance to break them up.
        Vanessa just might be outthinking herself with her plan of JMac or Steve winning HOH and putting the Austwins on the block instead of doing it herself. She really needs their 3 votes when they go to the jury but she might be thinking too far ahead.

      • Perhaps being a little too cautious is an understatement. When Meg goes home, they will comprise half the people competing for HOH. Even if they lose that, they basically control the vote as to who leaves–unless someone puts one or two of them up. Taking a shot at them should have happened weeks ago. Now it might be too late

      • I agree that it might be too late to break up the Austwins and it all hinges on luck and chance for Vanessa’s side of the house. She has F2’s with Austin, Steve Jmac and Julia so she’s in a good spot right now. If the next comps are dominated by the Austwins I will be extremely unhappy.
        Anyway, I can see both sides of the argument and both Vanessa and Steve might have been overthinking things when action was required instead.

      • There are 5 people in the BB house that the new Vanessa,JMac Steve alliance have to get rid of. It’s too bad James and Meg didn’t come to Vanessa when she won HOH and offered to help her get out the Austwins. Anyway that Vanessa can weaken James is good for her game, whether we like her move or not.

      • Or piss off the little Godzilla and he will destroy everything and everyone in the BB house.

      • But Meg and James are POWER COUPLE remember what Vanessa said. That girl has mental issues if you ask me.

      • Steve is an idiot! Steve thinks Meg and James is a power couple, considering Meg has not won anything! Only James has. Liz and Austin had won HOH’s and Veto. For a person who says he knows BB very well, he is really stupid. James and Meg are a lesser threat than Austin and Liz. If he and Austin were to make it to F2, which I doubt, he will lose because Austin is a true mastermind, which they found out earlier and is still keeping him in the game. Steve will be out like spoiled food.

      • At this stage of the game all couples are fair game, even Steve and JMac. If Steve or Vanessa antagonize the Austwins too early they could join with JMeg and pick off Steve, JMac, Vanessa and that would be a stupid thing to do.
        We’ll see what happens before we know if Steve’s plan was right or wrong.

      • Yea, we will see, however, Im not sure where Steve’s head is at. But your right, time will tell.

      • Yeah but come on! The austwins should come before Meg and James! Shoot! Vanessa should come before all of them! She is HOH so she can’t go! There has been chance after chance to get them out! Take Julia out! I hope James makes this happen. It will be good tv!

      • Steve and Vanessa don’t feel safe to make this move while the 2 Goblins remain in the house willing to go against her. Since she has an alliance with the Austwins she has a little more wiggle room before going after them. I’m not saying I agree with that strategy but after thinking it over for hours and days this seems the best move to them anyway.

      • Steve has just had some weird obsession with some of the females in that house. First Becky, Now meg, soon it will be Julia.

    • If the producers are angry enough at her bribery getting out and discrediting the show’s reputation, they will manipulate the next HOH competition to allow James to win, instruct him in the DR to put up Vanessa and game the veto comp against Vanessa. They’ve done it in the past. They should do it in the DE on Thursday.

      • I can’t say that I have read the BB rule book, but it was always my understanding that you couldn’t offer to share/split the prize with the other players.
        As for bribing them? Hello? Wouldn’t that be a No-No as well?

      • Here are links to the rule book although many don’t apply to American BB:
        1) channel4(dot)com/entertainment/tv/microsites/B/bb7_celebrity/about/bb-rules(dot)html
        2) facebook(dot)com/notes/myrtle-gail-myrtles-angels/pinoy-big-brother-housemates-rulebook/425843970769699

      • Here is the BB US contract …
        documentcloud dot org/documents/215071-big-brother-applicant-agreement.html

      • The BB Rule Book is not published, but the contract is and it has the rules mixed in with the legalese. It’s long! But, it does have a clause in their about not sharing the prize money. It also has a clause that CBS reserves the right to revoke any part or all of winnings, stipends and/or any other money for contract violations. It doesn’t mean that they will revoke for contract violations, but the have the right to do so.

      • That rule changes from year to year- derrick bribed cody and caleb last year no big deal

      • He couldn’t give them money, but he was allowed to give gifts. I’m not sure what he gave Cody, but I read that he gave Caleb a new truck.

    • Who’s to say Vanessa won’t slip some 25K in CASH, Big Brother/CBS be damned. She has 4.5 mil…why couldn’t she discreetly give that in cash?!

    • It’s shameful how paper thin Steve, John and Megs spinal cords are. The bullies are making the rest back off.

    • Wondering out loud and this is PURE hypothetical make-believe but I have been having fun thinking about it in light of the almost surreal horrific game play lately:

      What IF Vanessa had a F4 deal with the AusTwits this whole time that the producers do not know about where they’d each get 150K and could split the 50K three ways if they let Vanessa win?

      I have been thinking about it because if something like this turned out to be true (and I seriously doubt it is true because it’s way too fantastic) it actually does make the really nonsensical game play this far make perfect sense. IF they had an F4 deal with Van as ringleader, pretty much every move from week one now makes sense.

      So yeah, this is complete conjecture, if it is even that. But for the life of me I am trying to figure out the completely illogical game play thus far. The only thing that makes sense to me is some sort of shenanigans. I was just throwing out one fictional scenario just to see what you all think, or if I am the only one that is fictionally thinking this. :)

    • Nobody ever said they were smart. I think this season will be known for bad gameplay and tactical mistakes more than anything else. Sending Meg out this week makes absolutely no sense considering who is still left in there. I’m convinced Van actually knows what she should have done, but is too chicken to do it herself(send Liz up and out instead). Putting up Meg and Julia as the pawn is passing the buck if I’ve ever seen it. Totally gutless

      • And that is why Vanessa never makes it to the top tier in poker. She gets “almost there” and crashes and burns.

      • I doubt she does/did much crying at the poker table, isn’t that an automatic eviction from the table?
        There Is No Crying In Poker!

      • I also hate the way she berates Steve. Steve needs to learn to stand up for himself.

      • I’m with you Bubba. She not only berates him, but she also treats him like a child. Case in point, a week or so ago, Steve came to the HOH room while Vanessa was talking with the Austwins. He asked HER if he could come in, and she said come on in. But her tone of voice was that of a mother talking to a 7 year old! She is a control freak!!

      • Don’t you realize that everyone wants the trio out? Vanessa is sitting pretty for a few weeks no matter who wins because of her different alliances. Unless the Austwins win every week, shell be fine.

      • I thought the same thing but then I listened to Vanessa’s talk with JMAC yesterday 1231 pm cam 4 and it clicked for me. James and Meg are a threat because she couldn’t get them to flip the vote when she wanted to keep JMAC last week. That makes James/Meg/Austin and twins a 5 person voting group that could be deadly.
        Vanessa can still control the twins. She is wants to drag Julia along like Victoria from last year to get her to final 3.
        Meg is a threat because anybody you put next to her from here out will go home. She can’t sway votes with Meg on the block. She has to get rid of her and split the 5 person group up.
        James has one shot to get Vanessa out and that is this DE Thursday. After that I think she sticks it out to the end. Nobody else will take her out. And if she sits on the block too long she can manipulate others. It is due or die for Thursday for James. He needs to get her before she gets him.

      • That makes sense. However, Vanessa is a huge target, a bigger target than James. If Jmac and Steve wake up and ally with James they maybe able to get rid of the Austwins and Vanessa. i still think Vanessa is a coward, because she should be taking out Austin instead of Meg. Regardless if Meg goes to jury, she will get no vote from her. If Austin goes to jury, he would vote for her to win the game and it also creates less manipulation where she would be able to do to the twins once he is evicted which will work more in her favor. But the way she is playing, she might just sink into a hole.

      • She scared them S-H-I-T-less last week. They are currently afraid to not be aligned with her. If she goes out Thursday, I do see JMAC and Steve aligning with James to go to the end. I would not mind anyone of the three winning it all.

      • Johnny Mac and Steve wouldn’t make a trio with James. Think of it this way, it’s like pick your poison. If they were to go F3 against James and James makes the F2 somehow, it’s a real toss up of who will win. But if they take Vanessa to F3 and she somehow makes F2 then you have a better chance at beating her. I’d pick Vanessa if I were them too.

      • Yes and no, there is a possibility that jury will pick Vanessa for her game play. They may have a change of heart. But I do see what your saying regarding James. I would like to see him win, but Im not so sure that would happen. If they make it to f4 with a twin that would be a nice thing to see them war it out to f2

      • Van is absolutely a coward. She needs Liztin out, but doesn’t want to get any of her hands dirty by having JMac and Steve hopefully do it for her. Brilliant plan(sarcasm). Textbook definition of gutless

      • I agree with part of this. Yes, James’ best shot of sending Vanessa out is the DE if he wins HOH. He gets one of the Austwins next to her on the block, and he breaks the tie to send her packing.

        The rest–ehh. Meg has won zero comps and is the perfect person you want next to you at F2 because she has no case to win. Constant misreads in the house and all her bad tactical moves would kill her in a jury vote. She might beat Julia, but that’s it.

        Meg and James wanted to keep JMac, actually. Van made the decision to send him out, and their votes didn’t matter at that point.

        I think Van will stick around for awhile too, assuming James can’t boot her after Meg on Thu. I just don’t think she can win

      • If James wins HoH and nom Van Van and Lil Stevie (he mentioned it to Grandmeg) then Van Van could be toast if she can’t win the PoV.
        If any of the three trolls win HoH, then James is the pawn and Vampire Dentist is the target.
        Lil Stevie and Vampire Dentist win the HoH, then the three trolls are the targets.
        It’s going to be an exciting DE.

  3. “10:15 AM BBT – Vanessa tells James she’s at the bottom of the totem pole with the Austwins and needs a #2. In their extended talk Vanessa again suggests the game is harder for her being gay.” Why all of a sudden, is Vanessa dragging out the “gay” card? Come on, give me a break. I suppose that will be her excuse when she finally heads off to the jury house: “they evicted me because I’m gay!” Come on Vanessa, you’re so good at manipulating others into being who they’re not, why don’t you try some of what you dish out on yourself and turn straight for the rest of the season? She’s sickening.

      • I mentioned here (after she first played the gay card) that V had disappointed me. One of the very few things that I respected about her, was that she didn’t wear her sexual preference as a “badge”. She acted as it was just who she was …she didn’t need to advertise it or apologize for it.
        Well guess what … how silly of me not to realize that the Queen V would use any ploy possible.

  4. So I just rewatched the jurors make it back in, Shelli said she would target James because he broke up her and Clay, and there are seriously still people who think letting her stay would have been better for James’ game?
    Ok Shelli fans, that makes a lot of sense.

    • You can argue this until you’re blue in the face. It’s like beating a dead horse, it’s pointless….they’ll never agree. It’s just like some keep insisting James is dumb for not wanting to work with Vanessa when it is Vanessa who doesn’t want to work with him. Now Jameg are being blamed for not switching the votes to keep John. I guess they should’ve twisted Van’s arm….when she wasn’t going to flip. They are blamed for everything wrong in the house.

  5. Why is everyone complaining about Meg going. She stinks, it’s annoying that this person always gets to F3. Let her get cut, it makes the rest of the show more competitive.

    • She is the worst guest that I have ever seen try to play the game. Someone said she was sick. What is wrong with her? Anyone.

    • Sending Meg home makes sense for the AusTwits, as she is a vote against them in the house, but for everyone else, it is silly to get her out, because she is a a vote against the AusTwits in the house.

  6. Why would Van be saying things like “if Julia was gone”? JMac; Steve; gosh who is James voting out?

  7. The most boring season EVER! The show has jumped the shark. The network needs to cancel it.

    • I have to say, I respectfully disagree. While the players are petty easily manipulated, and not too bright, this season is more interesting than last year when Derrick ran everything. There were very few surprises, and this year the level of poor gamesmanship continually surprises me.

  8. If James, John & Steve do not combine to get Juli-ahh out this week, they deserve to go home.
    And unless “poor pitiful gay” Vanessa wins everything after that, she will be right behind them.
    And then Liz (the skank) wins.

    • “Oh, no Austin/Liz they didn’t listen to me, those boys went against my wishes… sorry, guess I owe her $10K”.

      You mean ‘gay Vanessa, the poor victim’? You know it’s been much harder on her because she’s gay?

      Skank, slut, it’s all semantics.

      • She is such a liar and so full of herself, no one gives a crap that your gay! Jason is gay and so is Audrey and as far as I know, no body spoke about it, nor does anybody care she is a self pity scheming snake.

    • What I don’t understand is why she called out the fact that she is gay for sympathy? What your sexual orientation is does not qualify to your character, so I don’t know why she is throwing some pity party for herself because she’s a lesbian. Give me a break. She will use whatever sympathy she can get from the house guests. Its pathetic.

    • Honestly Van and the Austiwns and Clay were horrible
      Van-too emotional
      Twins- Gossip girls
      Clay- tough guy

      • Clay was pretend tough. I think James would have kicked him in the knee caps, land him on the floor and beat the pulp out of him.

      • Eh? The ones that acts tough are usually not so tough, wimps. Clay jumped in James’ face as if he were threatening to cause him bodily harm. As for the knee caps, that’s what I would go for, people never expects to be kicked there. Catch them off guard and land them on their backside. Disclaimer: I do not believe violence solves issues, nor do I condone it or bullying but I do believe in protecting oneself.

      • You just assumed he’s a wimp, which is similar to what the twins think all the time, based on assumption. I don’t say Clay Bae is a tough boy or a momma boy, I don’t know him, but James baited him for a reaction at that time. So both were at the wrong and James also acted like a lil gangsta himself. Anyway, they will both make up after all of these are over.

  9. Truth is Vanessa is in a great spot with to strong alliances and wouldn’t want to find herself sitting next to meg on the block ever. Everyone, including the author, saying it’s a waste just doesn’t like Vanessa or the austwins. Getting a floater out who isn’t aligned with you is a good thing.

    • Yes, I agree. And if we want to talk about who “deserves” to stay… why should Meg get any closer to the final prize than she already has? She’s played an excellent social game, in the sense that people like her. But she’s played a horrible social game in the sense that she has a terrible read on who is in power in the house. Plus she has failed to make a mark on competitions. Vanessa has both a strong read on the house and competition prowess. I agree she should get out Julia over Meg, but I am not sorry to see Meg go.

      • Yes I think we can all agree that Julia is useless except for her vote. She just happens to be on the right side of the alliances this week

      • Exactly. I completely agree with you and Neil. I would like to also add on to yalls comments if I may. I’m almost positive all the people saying why are you going after Meg and not Austwins”

    • I think also that van may be thinking of f2 and I think she thinks that for the others it would be between her meg or Julia who they would want to sit next to as she knows she is hated in jury so she may just be illuminating her f2 competition thinking she can make a strong case to the others for keeping her it doesn’t seem she is as worried about who goes this week I don’t think she really cares which one goes she knows either going benefits her

  10. They are seriously mind bottling dummies. If they were smart, now is the time for James, Steve and Jmac build an alliance and try to get them all out. But everyone wants to ride on Vanessa’s coat tails. Its going to be DE, use this time to get a twin out then, get Vanessa out. I however, wish it was Liz sitting on the block and not Julia because Liz is more of a threat.

  11. Question for all the feeders. Did Vanessa give any details why she believes the game is harder because she’s gay? Doesn’t seem like a valid complaint. If anything, it’s harder for minorities just for the fact each season may only have two or three. Hasn’t only one minority one way back in season 4 or 5?

    • I am trying to figure that one out myself. Andy won BB15 and he was gay, it wasn’t harder for him so how can it be harder for her.

      • I don’t know exactly why, but I don’t discount what she said. I think it’s probably not as simple as outright discrimination or homophobia. It’s how she might fit into things socially. Jason said on the way in he was going to be the “gay best friend” to the (straight) women in the house. Where does a gay female fit in? Recently on BBAD Steve was (awkwardly) asking the twins about “endowment” from a woman’s perspective. How would Vanessa fit into conversations like that? Like I say, I am not sure, but I don’t doubt she feels that disconnect between her and the other houseguests.

      • Right but last season they would have social conversations in which Donny couldn’t participate . Being older made it a little different for him, but that’s just a fact of life. You can’t be in every conversation.

      • I have several friends that are Lesbians, hell I even got a couple of female relatives that are lesbians. I get along great with all of them and most male people we work with gets along with them as well. I am sure she has friends that are male and female both straight and gay outside the house and she probably gets along great with them too. I think it is her game play to tell these people that for sympathy and to have them distracted in not putting her up on the block or voting her out. From a game play point that makes sense and if it works she would have found her edge. Especially in this day where political correctness is the norm. Or maybe she is just nuttier than a Squirrel’s den.

      • Sure. I think it may be less “getting along” than how one might relate. She may feel she can get along with the other houseguests but would relate to them differently because they are not gay. Again, I don’t know, maybe Vanessa is just going a little stir crazy but I would imagine that being in an environment like the Big Brother house it takes a psychological toll and, at least in one’s head, the differences would make one feel lonelier and more isolated. Maybe all the houseguests feel that way on some level, for different reasons — she’s just vocalizing it. Really, I support the way she feels, because how one feels is subjective. I’d be interested to know what your gay friends think, ha ha! :) Honestly, I don’t watch the live feeds so my take on the houseguests is based on the recaps, BBAD and the CBS shows… but Johnny Mac seemed really depressed to me in the past couple of weeks, although he didn’t say anything out loud. If he said I’m at a disadvantage because I’m a dentist from Pennysylvania and I’m trying to play a game with a poker player from Las Vegas, I wouldn’t doubt he was telling the truth. This is how Vanessa feels, or felt in the moment she said it. She’s allowed.

      • Maybe it does take a toll on a persons head. I am sure there is other places we can relate that too as well. JMAC did seem depressed a little a couple of weeks ago because he knew Becky was going out the door. That takes a toll on a person head as well. Vanessa has created a lot of stuff in her head, lied about almost everything and turns around and believes her lies. I would say she is a little crazy to begin with and being in this house without any news or not being able to go to the store or movies is making it worse on her. I will have to ask my friends if they even watch this show (somethings I just don’t people I watch or do, I need my privacy as well:)). I will get back to you on that as soon as I find out.

      • There are times when any given person does not fit into a conversation, sit back and listen, you don’t have to fit into every conversation.

      • Wait a minute…she’s bi-sexual. She has the same “connect” as any other woman in the house. Remember the ex-husband? So NO excuses Madam Vanessa!

    • I dropped my jaw on the floor when I read about that. Being gay is in no way a factor winning the game, as proven by Andy (as much I as I dislike him game-wise).

      • There were some ugly comments that year made about gay people in reference to Andy made by Aaryn and Gina Marie. He did win, but there was some ugliness there.

      • I think we can agree that BB15 is like the Star Wars prequels. We just pretend that season never happened

      • Hmm, I didnt know that, not surprising by those chicas, they got what they deserved afterwards.

    • It is harder for minorities than gays in this game. The difference between the two is clear, you could be black, white, Asian etc. people know it, but when your gay, you dont have to tell anyone and it wont mean a damn thing. She is just trying to use the guilt trip.

    • Vanessa is just talking nonsense, searching for sympathy. Her sexual orientation is a non-factor. The game is difficult for Steve because he has a bully in the house. She is insufferable, she comes up with craziness, I can’t put Audrey on the block because she is part of the LGBT community (yet she puts up Jason), John and Clay are secret lovers, Clay is a twin, Austin’s mother sent him a message saying he should stick with the gay person in the house by sending a picture of him and his gay friend.

      • Right?! Lol she is pure non sense. That is true that Jason is gay, yet she never thought of that. She never had his back. She is as sour as spoiled milk.

      • She took him out from the block instead of Vampire Dentist, so Shelli could put Audrey as the renom. That happened the week before Jason was evicted.
        After that, she wanted to save the Troll (for whatever reason) … so Jason was the casualty as he had given her a reason to evict. You know, Van Van is all about reasons. I think if that time others had given her reasons she might evict any of them instead of Jason.

      • Yep, and that was James and Meg’s downfall…they didn’t come up with a reason for the Austwits. They said later that anything they told Vanessa would come back to haunt them. Well, I guess it did anyway since Vanessa put them up. “Damned if you do, damned if don’t. ” In James and Meg’s case, “reasons” just didn’t matter.

      • Sounds like crazytown in Vanessa’s head. She does like to play the victim. “So and so didn’t hug me or congratulate me when i won”, for someone who professes intelligence (and I think she is) she must be a very insecure person to be so hurt by such a minor thing, OR playing the victim and looking for others to feel sorry for her and go along with what she wants.

    • In any social game, I would imagine something that makes you less like others is a disadvantage. I’m skeptical that being gay is an issue with this cast though. They all seem like reasonably nice people, for the most part at least.

      • I think after what happened in the BB15, the producers might cast open-minded people only, especially when they have a transgender as a contestant.
        Kudos to them.

      • Very much agreed. This is not a bad cast. I know they’re not perfect and many of them have annoying and less desirable traits, but I don’t think any of them are rotten people.

    • Would be hard for Vanessa to fake a showmance. She couldn’t pull a Liz. So that is one way her identity is a disadvantage.

      • That would make sense. She can’t Liz her way to F4. I figured she would have given a few reasons, but sounds like same Van crap

      • Except Liz is winning just as much as Austin. I don’t like Liz but she isn’t riding coat tails.

      • True. But Liz did state she would “whore” herself to Austin to stay safe (or something along those lines)

      • How many HGs have been able to do that this season? Please, Vanessa is a narcissist. Everything about her is better or worse than anyone else according to her. She needs a slap in the head.

    • This is an interesting question. IMO Vanessa came into BB with a very strategic mindset of using her unique skill-set combined with a true understanding of the sensibilities of Millenials to win this game. The HG’s accepted Audrey’s identity as a Transgender woman. They loved and accepted Jason as a funny, engaging gay young man. Vanessa clearly understands that she is in a house with very tolerant HG’s, even James, whose Southern upbringing seems to have not affected his acceptance of folks his circle may be sour toward.
      Vanessa, who is clearly a Bisexual woman (married to a man before his unfortunate bout with cancer) and now in a committed relationship with her girlfriend, seems to have missed the boat with her argument that homophobia is something she has to worry about. Van! There are no homophobes in the house! Stop creating controversy where it doesn’t exist!
      ……. Oh….just checked myself … that is all Van does. Sorry … wasted your time on this post. Van … you sneaky devil.

      • Let’s be fair here though. Just because they’re not homophobic per se doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not way outside of her element. I was recently reading Sonia Sotomayor’s biography where she talked about her time at Princeton as being very isolating. Not that she felt ostracized for being Latina in an all white environment, but because she struggled to relate to many people as they struggled to relate to her.
        I’m not saying she’s not being dramatic here, but I do think there may be a kernel of truth to the claim.

      • Must protest … Not for one moment have I seen Vanessa struggle with the other HG’s to accept her orientation or her being challenged to accept her reception in the house from these folks as you describe in your analogy with Justice Sotoyamor. Vanessa is using homophobia as a game strategy… and it is in no way even close to the struggles experienced by Madame Justice back in the day.

      • Unless you’re walking in her shoes, there’s no way to know that. I agree it probably is a ploy, but with the men running around talking about penis size every other minute, I’m somewhat willing to give her the benefit of the doubt here.

    • Andy was gay in BB15 and he had no problems winning. The world revolves around Vanessa so of course she thinks its harder for her. Reason number 173 not to like Vanessa.

    • Who said that? Was it Vanessa again? She is delusional! The only power couple in the house right now is Austin and Liz and they dont plan to take Vanessa with them to F3 or F2.

      • Yeah, on Monday’s feeds:
        10:40 AM BBT – Vanessa explains to Meg that she has to finish the job and break up the power couple of Meg and James.

      • Van makes up reasons/logic to fit the end result she wants. It’s like asking a question, knowing exactly what you get in response and using that as your logic. Makes no sense, but it’s how she rolls

      • Oh for sure she is great at creating imaginary conflict to fit her needs, but unless Vanessa is just talking two people who vote together, even she must see how ludicrous this is!

    • If Vanessa really thinks they are a power couple then she does not deserve to win this game.

      But I think she is just saying that to flatter them for a jury votes. She is getting them out of the way because she doesn’t want to be the one going after the Austwins.

  12. I have liked most of this season. Every year there are likable players that make bonehead moves because they can’t make aggressive decisions. While I am not a fan of bullies and mean girls they tend to go far in this game.

    • Yea but I liked how Derrick played last season. He was a likable guy and he strategize well.

  13. if they dont take julia out the austwins will be the final three with vanessas help

      • Especially if Vanessa continues to target James. If James goes this week in the DE so its F6 with Austwins, Vanessa, Steve and JMac, Vanessa will be the first victim if the Austwins win HoH. JMac will make certain of that by throwing her under the bus. He is really good at that.

  14. Say what you want about Vanessa but she was very astute in realizing before JohnnyMac got evicted to start planning for a possible return and now that planning has paid off for her,same thing with Steve..smartly buried the hatchet with him,this could possibly give her the edge in making the final 3 but of course James is the real wild card in all of this..

    • Hopefully the next 3 evictions after Grandmeg are of those three trolls.
      F4 with Vampire Dentist, Lil Stevie, Van Van and James are gold.
      Perhaps I need to start thinking a nickname for James-uhhh.

    • She hasn;t really patched up things with Steve. You can tell Steve still dislikes Vanessa a lot. He is only working with her for now. I am certain he throws her under the bus in a couple of weeks after two Austwins are gone. Steve is smart enough to know Vanessa cannot make it to F4 with him and JMac.

    • He will nom both Van Van and Lil Stevie, he mentioned it.
      I don’t know why James STILL thinks the Trolls are “angels”.

      • He has no chance of getting Van out that way, and he’ll figure that out before Thu. It won’t matter anyway–Steve or JMac are winning the DE HOH anyway

      • Agreed. He has to put up Van and Liz with Julia as a replacement if Liz comes off the block. If Van comes down he should put up Austin or JMac.

    • He should put up austin or liz next to vanessa and all three should get evicted in a new cool twist to end the season early.

  15. I agree it’s the best shot for Vanessa to win to take the Austwins down a peg now. I understand and don’t disagree completely with those who think she should get Meg out. It’s not bad logic to stick with her main alliance.
    I just believe with what what we have seen that they will go after her first chance they get. Especially since she has exerted her own game recently, and they know she is stronger than they are. She may stick around a while longer riding with them, but has fewer chances to win. Whereas if she strikes first, her immediate chances may go down, but her chance to take the prize will increase.
    She should temper the poker behind chess this week. Basic chess tactic, trade pieces when you need to unclutter the board. She is the pivot in two alliances, but one of them has one more player, even things up, keep setting the others against each other.

    • No, its not for Vanessa but its a bold game more for JMac and Steve if thy have the smarts and guts to pull it off.

  16. Just let this week roll over and let grandma enjoy her last days in the sun. Can’t hardly wait for the DE … let’s catch some trolls :)

  17. I have come up with the perfect “twist”….the house guests don’t vote out the nominees this week….instead there is a competition…the two on the block have to battle it out in a comp….no one can say it is rigged in favour of one particular house guest…it’s Meg and Julia who are up!

  18. The real fans were voted out first Jason was the last one standing and Becky was the last leader standing smh there’s no hope now.

  19. LMFAO. Two stupid statements of the show.
    Van: Meg and James are like a married couple. (And Liz and Austin having sex isn’t?)
    Liz: JMac has just been riding our coat tails. (What has Julia been doing?)

    • Exactly !! When she made that statement I said out loud evil twin that’s what u have been doing . Can’t stand either of them

    • What has Liz been doing but hide behind Austin and Vanessa. Just because she won one HOH does not mean she is not floating through this game as well. She just repeats and agrees with everything Austin says.

    • How about the twins? Not married but sisters? Vanessa is so flipping delusional its not fun to watch anymore.

  20. This could get interesting actually, I can definitely see Johnny Mac n James voting Julia out thank gosh, and Liz n Austin voting meg , so James needs to pull Steve in and Julia ragged voice will be gone.

  21. Any simple game plan should involve Meg in that strategy. She hasn’t
    won a thing and is a terrible player, If your goal is to reach the end and
    win competitions, better than even chance you would want to compete
    against her than others who have won this season.She should be the
    golden pawn for just that reason..Keep her close as a buddy and go
    after the tougher competitors

  22. I am at the point where I don;t think anyone deserves to win this season. They are all playing a terrible game. They are all afraid of doing anything. It has resulted in stupid conspiracies, dumb moves, and wasted HoHs – like this one this week.

    Vanessa has been HoH 3 times and has evicted, Jeff, Jason and now Meg. Wow, Vanessa. What bold moves. Real earth shattering stuff there.

    This week is an opportunity for JMac and Steve to show some BB savvy by voting out Julia and laying the blame at Vanessa’s HoH door step. They won;t of course because that might upset someone enough to maybe not make a meal for them of something!

    I get the feeling that at some point soon, they HGs will simply refuse to win HoH for fear they may have to put up one of the Austwins or Vanessa. BB will just call the game with 5 HGs left because the entire house will be hiding in corners in tremors worrying about what to do next.

    • I share your disgust with this season’s HGs. The only thing I like abut them is that they didn’t immediately split into male versus female alliances, like they do most years with the guys picking off the women. Other than that, there’s no gamesmanship in any of them. Vanessa doesn’t count – she’s a paranoid, greedy, unscrupulous, manipulative mental case. Not someone I would ever want to be around.

  23. Let’s cut the crap with this being gay makes it harder excuse. Andy of BB15 was gay. He won. He made lots of people in the house look like idiots. I didn’t like the guy but he never used being gay as an excuse. He played the game like everyone else and came out on top.

    I am sick of hearing Vanessa’s gay story. She was married to a man for a few years then decided she was gay. Now she flaunts her gayness like a new handbag. Its as if she thinks it super cool to be gay and have a lesbian girlfriend. I am not saying she is fake but she sure makes more of it than most gay people who have been gay for their entire lives.

    This chick has problems up in the cranium. Just play the game Vanessa and stop barking about your sexuality. It has nothing to do with playing the game so put a sock in it.

  24. I have absolutely NOTHING to base this on but what IF what I am about to say turned out to be true? IF it were true it would certainly explain a lot, in fact the “logic” of how the game has gone up to this point would make perfect sense. But:

    What if there IS already a pre-planned bribery deal from Vanessa already in place? What if there is an agreement that production doesn’t even know about where

    1) IF Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa all work together to achieve F4 AND
    2) The AssTwits throw the F4,3,2 comps to Vanessa and end up swaying the jury house with three extra votes AND
    3) Vanessa is allowed to win THEN
    4) After the game is over, she then pays Austin, Liz and Julia 125,000 each (splits the money) and the three can split the 50,000 2nd place money three ways as a bonus (where Vanessa’s share of the 50,000 is forfeited by allowing her to win)?

    This is total wild speculation and based on absolutely NO evidence. I am just throwing it out there because I think it might generate an interesting thread of discussion.


  25. Vanessa is a Idiot, she wears her hat crooked which always looks really stupid, and her suspenders hanging down, and enough eye makeup for the whole cast, she’s trying to look like a homie!

  26. Wondering out loud and this is PURE hypothetical:”

    What IF Vanessa had a F4 deal with the AusTwits this whole time then the producers do not know about where they’d each get 150K and could split the 50K three ways if they let Vanessa win?

    I have been thinking about it because if something like this turned out to be true (and I seriously doubt it is true because it’s way too fantastic) it actually does make the really nonsensical game play this far make perfect sense. IF they had an F4 deal with Van as ringleader, pretty much every move from week one now makes sense.

    So yeah, this is complete conjecture, if it is even that. But for the life of me I am trying to figure out the completely illogical game play thus far. The only thing that makes sense to me is some sort of shenanigans. I was just throwing out one fictional scenario just to see what you all think, or if I am the only one that is fictionally thinking this. :)

  27. BBAD tonight was very difficult to watch. The Austwits with Steve hanging around thinking he’s “with” Julia is SO awkward. So, so awkward. Wow.


  28. Judas could put on the hat and blame J Mac or Steve. He can’t take Julia to final 2.

  29. Remember it’s Double evection and they are going to be blindsided. They will know a couple of hours before eviction ceremony. It’s going to throw everything off.

  30. Frankly, I am disgusted that production hasn’t disqualified Vanessa for offering bribes. ALL House Guests sign a contract which makes it clear they can’t offer money to any of the other HGs in exchange for votes or safety or ANYTHING. This is not a minor deal. It is also not something Vanessa has mentioned only once or to just one person. Who knows if something like that has been whispered or written that production hasn’t caught? Failing to throw Vanessa out of the game for such over-the-top unethical game play casts a cloud of stink over the whole production. Shame on CBS for not insisting on booting out someone who so flagrantly violates a basic tenant of the game

  31. I hope James wins HOH and puts Austin and vanessa up against each other. Either one of them wins or uses the Veto Liz goes up. James would end up with a huge target but he would get Vanessa out and hopefully make a great deal with Austin, but secretly have a better deal with jmac and Steve.

    AND I hope the house is smart enough to take out Julia over Meg this week. All Meg is is a vote. She’s not a treat to won anything as we’re Julia might actually win.

  32. Did anyone see James reading Austins letter in the HN room? I think it was in the early morning hours a couple of days ago. The camera zoomed in onthe letter and a portion of it read,” Jen misses you and loves you.” Thats all I saw before James layed the letter back down

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