Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 10

Who is your favorite Houseguest this week on Big Brother 17? We’ve opened a new poll plus are taking a look at the rise and fall of the HGs from last week’s numbers.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

The top three HGs have stayed steady in their positions, but either we got an influx of new Vanessa fans or she’s making a lot of converts as she tripled her votes this week and nearly overtook James from the second position.

For the active players, Austin had the biggest climb of two spots to eleventh place while Steve also worked his way up one more from seventh to sixth. Looking at the evicted players we see Clay with the biggest increase of six spots to eighth and Shelli up four to fourth.

On the losing side of things the Nolan sisters need to stop their sliding. Liz fell three spots to fourteenth and Julia dropped two to twelfth. As for evicted HGs, Becky had the biggest drop going from fourth down to ninth.

Check out all the results below comparing last week’s results to the previous round and then scroll below to vote in this week’s “Who is your Favorite Houseguest?” poll.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 9 vs Week 8

  1. John McGuire 40.7% (+0)
  2. James Huling 22.9% (+0)
  3. Vanessa Rousso 22.0% (+0)
  4. Shelli Poole 2.05% (+4)
  5. Meg Maley 2.02% (+0)
  6. Steve Moses 1.9% (+1)
  7. Jackie Ibarra 1.4% (-1)
  8. Clay Honeycutt 1.3% (+6)
  9. Becky Burgess 5.1% (-5)
  10. Jason Roy 1.2% (-1)
  11. Austin Matelson 0.9% (+2)
  12. Julia Nolan 0.8% (-2)
  13. Da’Vonne Rogers 0.63% (-1)
  14. Liz Nolan 0.59% (-3)
  15. Audrey Middleton 0.2% (+0)
  16. Jeff Weldon 0.1% (+0)
  17. Jace Agolli 0.08% (+0)


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  1. Guessing vanesssa wins, the top three would be John, Steve, and….oh god..lizzuh. Nooo!

    • Van is # 14 on jokers and the live feeders hate her. Bb got tired of her bribery talk and called her to dr and shut her down. Hopefully you all Van lovers will get to see the real Van and what a psycho bitch she is. If u don’t have live feeds u don’t know the truth. James has been in the # 1 spot for many weeks. If ur voting fo jmac he’s done absolutely nothing in this game but kiss ass.

      • Sounds like if you have the live feeds, you must be dreaming, HOW THE hell would you know what dr did, and said LOL.. what a joke….. and the live feeders don’t hate her we love her. you jealous much? It would have been nice to see Vanessa take James to finals, but he decided to let Meg ruin his game.

  2. Matthew, didn’t you do a least popular poll last season? Have you thought of doing that for this season?

  3. “For the active players, Austin had the biggest climb of two spots to eleventh place …”

    Nothing to be proud of really. He deserves to be at that low.

  4. I would love to watch James and Meg do the amazing race together!!!!!!! I am sure even with her handicap they could survive a couple weeks and entertain us all with their unromantic love they have for each other. I am just obsessed with these 2 and I honestly hated Meg for weeks but thanks to James she has grown on me.

    • I don’t think Meg could complete a single task on the Amazing Race, much less run more than a few feet!

      • I was going to say John/Beck, I’m thinking Clay/Shelli is almost certain. I’d hate to see Austin/Liz but hell they did Brendon/Rachel.

      • In my book Rachel is the Queen of Whine!!! It hurts my ears even thinking about that whiny voice, wasn’t she the one that would continue talking when she was fake crying?

      • The only couple that would be worse than Aus/Liz would be
        Vanessa and Austin.
        I can just see Vanessa interrogating Phil at the finish mat.

      • Like “Give me a reason why you eliminate me?”
        Well … I would love to see Van Van teams up with Lil Stevie tho, should be interesting.

      • …Tears begin spilling out of Vanessa’s eyes as she demands that Phil just admit he didn’t like her and was glad to see her go… What did I ever do to you Phil???? Tell me one thing I ever did to you???? So why are you eliminating me? “I just do” is not a good answer Phil you have to give me a better reason now!

      • Then she demands Phil to take off his glasses and asks him to get the hell out of there. Yep, would love to see that hahaha.

      • Why wouldn’t Becky go with JMac? They would be a killer duo.
        Steve might be a little on the klutzy side and might have problems climbing or zip lining.

      • WOULD LOVE IT!
        You know the annoying twins were auditioning for TAR but I guess they were rejected due to obvious reasons (the first to be eliminated, duh …) but the same obvious reasons made them the perfect foil for BB17. Go figure!

  5. James is winning me over with his pranks, the only fun part of the show these days. Julia, on the other hand, is such a loser that she can’t even come up with her own pranks, and she can’t prank James. So stupid.

    • James’s pranks are getting tiresome. I like his personally but his poor game play makes me angry at him. I wish he aligned with someone like Shelli or Becky who are much better at reading the house and developing plans.

      Maybe he hooks up with JMac now but he told Meg he waqnt to go it alone – which at the stage of the game may not be a bad strategy but it could also mean he is on the block every week unless he wins HoH.

    • James also gets my vote. John has not yet played a great game, and his gif gibes is wearing thin, a lot of people are basing it on just what they see in the edited shows, but John has been a sort of pawn follower in the game. I enjoy Jame’s personality. I like John, but not as AFP. All those times he willingly went up as a pawn didn’t make sense to me.

      • Not played a great game? He’s been on the block week after week since day one. He got voted out, won his way back in and is safe this week. He’s won POV’s and now he’s working with the best player in the house. I’d say he’s playing a great game.

        I don’t understand why people keep underestimate him and never give him credits.

    • The Dentist, who has a name….Johnny Mac, is a great person! James is overrated and getting so annoying! :(

      • I don’t think James is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I Johnny Mac better. But James seems like a good hearted person. And I think his pranks are hilarious. Vanessa however is a bully and a bitch, so SHE’S overrated.

      • I believe jamesah fart*ing was directed to all the haters in the house. They didn’t give him credit.

  6. We’ve been waiting all season for John to make a move and it turns out he’s a snivelling lapdog like the rest of Vanessa’s lackeys. Please stop voting him your favorite.

    • Be patient. Everyone needs to do their thing with the HoH to ensure their own safety. JMac was at risk of being the replacement nom so he had to kiss up to Vanessa. He is not taking her to final 3 if he can help it.

    • He was my favorite for awhile after not liking him for the start, he grows on you. But he had tried making deals/alliances and even he says they don’t ‘stick’, somethings there we’re not seeing.

    • Sorry I will keep voting for him. He needs to get HOH to make a move. He’s playing a great game.

    • So sick of P#**y Vanessa wanting someone else to do her dirty work and so sick of her saying that she doesn’t want to “Get blood on her hands!”……she is super annoying! :(

    • You either work with Vanessa or against her. That’s one of the reasons that he left. Now he’s making the right decision by working with her. After all, she did keep him safe.

      Plus, he hasn’t gotten a chance to do much cuz he hasn’t been HOH. If he does, he’ll do something big.

      • He told Julie if he got back in he’d target Meg. I don’t know, I don’t think he had a good judgement of what was going on in the house and has made some bad alliances.

  7. Honestly of the remaining houseguests I’m only rooting for JMac & Steve. I don’t like Vanessa so much, but I recognize that she’s playing good. James used to be one of my favorites but after some weeks meh! I don’t care Meg, and I can’t with Liz, Julia & Austin, I really wanna see they out of the house.
    And of the evicted contenders my favorite it’s Becky. Jackie, Jeff, Da’Vonne, Jason, and even Shelli (I think that she’s not a completely bad player), I like them. Clay so so, and Jace and Aubrey meh!

  8. Johnny Mac deserves to win. He has been a pawn, been on the block numerous times, thrown competitions, been evicted, and had virtually NO firm alliance this entire game – YET HE IS STILL HERE!!! He might play the goofy dentist – but he is a genius and has played the game to perfection. Go, Johnny Mac!!!

  9. Vanessa deserves to win this , she is only one that has actually played the game, she has helped everyone in the game, i really wish James would have joined her. Meg killed his game. Then again he made the choice to just lay in bad and listen to her whine and bitch. Those saying Live feeders hate Vanessa, they don’t speak for me or the group of live feeders i hang out with on here, we are all TEAM VANESSA, and oh Stargazer, seriously, i like James too but he decided not to play, but sounds like your type of BB game is watching James and meg lay in bed all day, or is your speed more watching LIz and Austin in bed. Id much rather watch a real game player in action … GO VANESSA

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