Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Monday Daytime Highlights

Big Brother 17 Veto Ceremony day’s start was blurred from Sunday as James was up in to the morning trying to figure out what needed to be done at the upcoming meeting. Now that it’s all over the fallout continues.

Clay Honeycutt talks to Meg Maley
Clay Honeycutt talks to Meg Maley – Source: CBS All Access

Drama before the meeting and drama after. It’s been a busy day of plotting and planning as the final noms were set today and the house prepared for the upcoming vote.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 3, 2015:

9:50 AM BBT – HGs got their wake-up call.

10:10 AM BBT – Clay checks with James about his decision, but James says he’s still undecided.

10:45 AM BBT – James reports to Austin what he was told overnight by Shelli and Clay. Austin is upset and can’t believe they did that.

11:05 AM BBT – Austin lets Liz know what James told him. Liz is really upset and says she wants to vote Shelli out.

11:10 AM BBT – Shelli is worried that James has told Austin what she said. Meg doesn’t think James would do that. Yep and yep.

11:15 AM BBT – Vanessa promises Shelli and Clay that whichever one stays will have her support 100%.

12:00 PM BBT – Feeds are back and Veto Ceremony is over. Noms remained the same.

12:01 PM BBT – Shelli is crying and telling Clay she’s going to miss him a lot. Shelli tells Clay when she leaves he’ll still have Vanessa. Clay says no he won’t. Vanessa hears.

12:10 PM BBT – Austin and the twins are trying to decide who to vote out. They’re going back and forth on who is the better choice. They don’t trust either of them.

12:15 PM BBT – John and Becky discuss who to vote out this week. John says he gave his word to Clay that he would keep Shelli so that’s what he will do.

12:23 PM BBT – Austin, Liz and Vanessa talking about the possibility of working with James moving forward. Vanessa is upset that Shelli and Clay blew up their game but they can’t call them out on anything because they still have more information on them that could further mess up their game.

12:30 PM BBT – Steve tells James it was Clay and Shelli who were trying to get James nominated.

1:35 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli not to campaign against Clay because it won’t look good for her. Vanessa says she will do the campaigning for her.

2:05 PM BBT – Shelli explains to Austin, Liz and Julia that James tricked her into selling people out and that she felt backed into a corner.

2:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Shelli that she and Julia will vote to keep her over Clay.

2:35 PM BBT – Vanessa talking to Steve about who to evict. She says that Becky and John will probably vote to evict Shelli (no he won’t). She tells Steve the two of them need to vote together. Vanessa is trying to trick Steve into evicting Clay. But Steve is saying Shelli is too big a threat. Vanessa keeps working on Steve.

2:42 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve he REALLY needs to win an HOH because he’s being looked at as a floater and she can’t keep winning everything.

3:30 PM BBT – HGs are lounging around. Shelli and Clay are talking about missing each other after being split up this week.

3:52 PM BBT – James tells Meg about Steve knowing about Jason getting backdoored last week because Clay and Shelli told him. So James says he knows he made the right decision this week.

4:05 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay lay down for a nap as other HGs are already sleeping or talking in the kitchen. This is about it for the day.

So it’s starting to lean toward Shelli staying over Clay, but there’s still a lot of time for this cast do to what they do best and that is flip-flop. Expect a lot of strategy this week and that should make for some interesting Live Feeds moments.

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  1. So what’s the deal Live Feeders (not update page readers. Those who watch the actual feeds)? There seems to be a lot of “this way/that way” going on.

    How do you feel at this point?

    What’s the vibe seem like so far?

    Will Shelli indeed be gone or will Clay?

    • People want to give him credit because he’s the “nerd”. When really he hasn’t done anything.

      • I have a theory that Steve recognized Vanessa on day one and Vanessa gave him assurance she could carry him to the end if he would keep it quiet and maybe be a bit of a spy. Far fetched I know

      • Maybe. Not so far fetched. When I saw the first episode, I immediately recognized her. If Steve did as well & such a deal was struck, then not surprising how Steve acts (i.e. between non-player & floater). He doesn’t want to ruffle feathers as he rides the wave he sees from Vanessa.

      • I don’t think Steve is anywhere near that smart or observant. He didn’t even figure out the twin thing.

      • Remember Danielle formed an alliance with some guy because both were into Jesus on day one. Production didn’t reveal until somewhere around final 6

      • I think it would have been different because here Vanessa’s big secret would have been revealed and I don’t think the producers would decide not to show that. While with Danielle and Jason? I think it wasn’t taken that seriously at the beginning because people are making first impression alliances left and right.

      • So, you’re saying that at best Steve is Natalie White and Vanessa is Russell Hantz?

    • Amen….I mean c’mon…the absolute worst representation of a superfan ever…playing like why am I even here????

    • i think Steve is really just trying to play low right now. not get any targets on his back. I’m hoping when the time gets to it, that he will start playing better since he knows so much about the show.

      • He is just Vanessa’s doormat…he is to me as one of the most useless players ever…he is just slightly better than Kathy Hillis to me…if he was as “smart” as we think he should be, he would stay away from Vanessa and not be her doormat…she is just using him and he should know that, Vanessa is nor someone to blindly follow and If he is really that smart, he should know what Vanessa is doing game wise and she is leading him slowly into the slaughter …and he should know…guy has no allies and no social game…0…useless useless useless

  2. Its good to see that James kept the nominations the same and the power couple will be broken up. But its sad to see that some houseguests just don’t see Shelli as a big enough threat to vote to evict her. Wow in some past seasons, Shelli would be gone no doubt, but this season, wow its like Clay will be evictdd unless something wakes some of these hgs up.

    • Well, when she sees to it that they all get evicted and she’s the final winner, they’ll see what idiots they were. I can’t believe they don’t see her as a bigger threat than that lump Clay.

    • One thing he could’ve done (I suppose) is put up Vanessa vs. Shelli which would’ve created a huge fracture in the alliance and maaaybe that would’ve allowed James to skate by next week if he kept his head low….

    • Nope Shellie will be evicted and not clay because everyone in the house recognizes Clay is piss poor Brandon and Shellie is totally no fracken Rachel… Shellie has won HOH twice and that should be enough of a threat.

      • Normally in most seasons of Big Brother, Shelli would be the target and evicted with no doubt. However this season its a more wait and see. Yes you would think she would be evicted based on how she played the house, her HOH wins and how big of a threat she is, but this season, these HGs aren’t playing the game that way. Hopefully your right and she’s evicted

  3. It’s going to depend on Vanessa, from the sounds of it. Whoever she wants evicted will go.

    • Yep. That’s what I was saying before the PoV meeting. If the noms stayed the same, that gives Van all the power to decide who goes home.

    • And sadly it seems like Clay. I don’t get how the rest of the house, Vanessa included, don’t see Shelli as the bigger threat. She has won HOH a couple of times and came close last time so the proof is right in their faces. And they know she is a liar so that should be another reason to get her out now, can they really trust anything she says going forward?

      • I think that Van is setting it up for Shelli to become solely dependent on her. She’ll make Shelli just another minion.

      • You’re probably right, with Clay out of the picture Shelli will need someone to latch onto and Vanessa will make sure it’s her.

      • Especially now after Austin found out about Shelli and James’ talk, that creates a rift between Shelli and Austin and the twins

      • Vanessa needs Shelli to wipe out the rest of the stragglers. They will target Jackie, James and Meg first as the others like Becky, John and Steve are all snitches and easily controlled. After they do that, one of the alliance members wins that $500,000 and the runner up $50,000. Easy money considering the other house guests hardly played. Jackie better win HOH or she and James will be on the chopping block. Which is why evicting Clay is a huge waste. Had James removed Clay and put in Vanessa, one of the biggest threats in the game would have been evicted for good! Now, Shelli will probably end up staying and be pissed so, will go after James in addition to Vanessa and the rest of her alliance.

      • I don’t think Vanessa will get rid of James or Jackie she will need one of them to get out Austin and the twins Steve and Becky if she gets out her own people not sure she would get the votes in the end
        Just my opinion

      • If I were Vanessa , next week I’d be gunning for Liz. That breaks up Austin and Liz. And then you might be able to get Julia on your side by targeting Austin next. Julia will take the bait in order to not be the next twin to go. You can’t allow Austin or Liz/Julia to make it to the end because they’ll have 2 jury votes from each other.

      • Yes HUGE possibly fatal mistake to not veto Clay and put up Vanessa. Excuse he could of used? “This is based upon new information that I received.” And leave it at that. Would scare the house in his favour. Would have actually shown him as gutsy and strong and Clay would have become HIS lapdog when Shelli went home (read: home not jury). Van on her own without Shelli and against a flipped Clay wouldn’t stand a long term chance because she is also falling out with the rest of the alliance.

      • Yep, was hoping James would realize that getting Clay out was pointless. Would have loved to see a Shelli/Vanessa showdown. That would have really caused a stir in the house andade things interesting.

    • I’m liking that Austin & The Twins have been talking about how to vote behind her back though. It would be amazing if they “disobeyed their queen” and did whatever they wanted to do without telling her.

      • Even if just one of them did and it was enough to send Shelli home, V would have a hard time figuring that out.

      • She’d probably blame Steve if that happened.

        However, one would not be enough right now.

        The votes currently stand:

        Evicting Clay – Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, & John
        Evicting Shelli – Jackie & Meg

        If Becky has said how she’s voting, I don’t remember. I’d guess she’ll vote with John? But I’m not sure.

      • I can’t believe when Jmac realized Becky withheld information from him he just shrugged out off as “she must not have had time” Really?? That’s all you have to say about it? Dude she had DAYS to tell you that.

      • Austin is still loyal to Vanessa. Julia however, seems to have a mind of her own. There’s a ray of hope she’ll vote out shelli

      • But Judas does not like Vanessa…so guess we’ll just have to see what he has to say in this! LOL

      • The whole Judas thing has me scratching my head. How can that ever be useful? How can it ever end well and not totally blow up his game eventually? Being reckless just to be reckless can’t be a good game move.

      • He admitted it was just something silly to do in BB, that it has nothing to do with the game per se…just a character he portrays in wrestling. Austin is starting to grow on me a bit. Just a big teddy bear.

      • Judas was his wrestling persona. Funny that in WWE he brought the whole awareness of bullying. To the forefront.

      • Did you notice he used to walk around shirtless and now all of a sudden he has to wear a shirt? Seems when he said one of his tats is lyrics to a song to Liz, that’s when BB said he had to cover it.

      • Agreed. Liz and Julia have a super strong bond and are a force to be reckoned with. As for Austin? Forget it. “Sisters before Misters!”

      • I think that Liz and Julia are independent. Now that they are both in….do they really need Vanessa?

      • I don’t think so. Just means they need to win an HoH comp and put her on the block.

  4. Vanessa has made over $4 million playing high stakes poker, which requires an incredibly high level of ability to read people and figure out who is truthful or bluffing (lying). If you were her and playing Texas Hold ’em at a high stakes table, who would you want across from you? Clay or Shelli? Fact is Shelli is an open book and is incapable of lying to V and getting away with it. Everyone is learning that lying to V is suicide in this game because she always catches you.

    • Plus she’s strong with comps while Vanessa is pretty weak. Shelli’s also not very well liked so that’s got to be attractive to her too.

    • I keep wondering why she’s been so horrible at reading people in the BB house. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t played a tournament in years and Poker Stars dropped her.

      • Really? She’s been pretty spot on reading people for the most part. A few mistakes, but you’re not going to have a 100% hit rate reading people.

      • I think she’s been good at manipulation, but horrible at reading people. She keeps getting it wrong. It’s not until later that she finds out that she’s being lied to. Audrey had her totally convinced for the longest time.

      • I remember after one of the votes when she was trying to figure out who the people who cast the hinky votes were. She totally nailed it that it was Steve just by looking at his neck. I was so impressed.

      • Her gut instinct told her it was Steve and her gut instinct was correct. She seems to get it wrong when she thinks too much. Her instincts are insane.

      • She’s VERY intelligent. Valedictorian of her senior class, graduated Duke in 2 1/2 years, fastest in their history. She ain’t dumb.

      • Oh, I wasn’t arguing that she was dumb. It’s pretty clear she’s a very bright woman. I’m just saying her gut instincts are amazing and she shouldn’t question her instincts.

      • I thinks she does his on purpose…confuse them and keep them all guessing. Have to be smart to do that. Very good at deflecting blame away from her.

      • This is the first I think Van has a good read on people. She amazes me sometimes on the things she does game wise…she made some errors, but I think she’s toning it down…

      • Hmmm. From the feeds I have watched, I don’t see what you are seeing. Her radar on Austin, Shelli, Audrey and Steve is killer.

      • She’s competing against waitresses and wrestlers. The only player with any intellect comparable to hers is JMac, and he doesn’t deceive people for a living. If BB was about beating up HG’s instead of manipulating, she would be Austin.

      • You’d pick Austin if the entire house went into Battle Royale/Hunger Games mode? I think I’d pick Shelli lol

      • Oh my John, I know some waitresses that would spin most people’s heads (including mine) 200x before we’d even begin to know how smart they are. Don’t ever assume intelligence comes through profession or educational acumen… The same applies to athletic ability – look at little ‘ol James, Shelli & Becky who have been putting up some impressive physical battles… I do of course agree with you none the less that Vanessa might have this season’s most observant and manipulative form of intelligence. :)

      • U were right to call me out on that, Matt. Rereading my post I now see how I came across as denigrating to the intelligence of service employees. What I meant to write was ‘Waitresses and wrestlers’ do not have a lot of experience sitting for 16-24 straight hours gambling hundreds of thousands of dollars against people smart enough to make the kind of money to sit at that table in the first place.

      • No no seriously John, I wasn’t trying to call you out. I also believe that on average you’d find more ”people reading” skills present at a poker table than you would at a wrestling ring, or a diner. My point (as is the point of Malcolm Gladwell and several researching social psychologists) is that talent & profession aren’t guaranteed partners as we’ve been lead to believe. In this case the point would be that some waitresses have the ability to make a poker player blush in terms of reading people – it’s just that they didn’t choose poker as their profession. Know what I mean? I truly do apologize if I sounded like I was critical towards you. There is definitely value in experience (which Vanessa has), but I’m just quick to point out this doesn’t mean she’s smarter or more talented (which she might very well be, but if somebody like Jackie were a poker player with the same experience level, I’d say she’d be pretty darn good also)… ;)

      • Well put! I read Gladwell’s book ‘Outliers’ and what you described is spot on. I guess Vanessa, a gifted scholar who studied the analytical discipline of law at Duke combined with thousands of hours of measured risk taking in big money poker rooms makes her a seasoned outlier for an environment like BB. Derrick’s experience as an undercover officer is another outlier. Have we cracked BB’s casting code? Cast one HG every season who has life skills that will dominate the house? Next year a hypnotist? The year after a profiler? Is this the BB casting format?

      • John you may be onto something! I would love for that to be the case (where profiling and observation skills end up being the prized contestant), but as you’re probably aware, there is no perfect contestant and the game keeps changing season by season. Last year (and I’d argue this year also) a person with high profiling & adaptation skills are poised to do well. But the thing is that there’s other contestants who may also have latent skills in the same manner which would allow them to identify ”threats” like Vanessa. So you just never know. There’s also the ”like” factor. Like attracts like. So if you fit in, then great, but if you don’t then it’s an uphill battle… So many things to consider.

    • I think Vanessa feels like she can control her, or she can throw her under the bus for being a threat.

    • Shelli’s strong physically, not mentally. She’s easy to read and if there’s a physical challenge Shelli does well with those and can keep Vanessa off of the block. Also, as long as Shelli’s around there’s someone people (HGs) dislike a lot more.

    • Van is smart and knows you need powerful allies to move forward. Clay does not help Van’s game much. He couldn’t win the endurance comp and isn’t going to win any brain games. Shelli will be better to get her far. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Van offer Shelli a final 2 if/when Clay is ousted. Then, of course, pull Steve along to the end and back out of any deal with Shelli at final 3.

    • Vanessa is expertly playing the game where she keeps bigger targets in front of her while still directing all the strategy. She needs Shelli and Austwins.

  5. I know being in a situation is different than watching it from home but I can assure anyone if I was in there in Jamels shoes this week I would have milked each and every one of them for whateverinformation

    • Me too. Make them work for it. I don’t care about them wanting to be in jury together.
      I need info and then we’ll talk.

  6. Well, at least one couple will be split up. Now we need to split up another power couple. Steve and the camera….he talked to her again this

  7. Well look on the bright side, at least we didn’t have to hear about Austin and his stalking ways all week! ^_^

  8. Hmm ok over the live feeds something was broadcast from the BB “voice”: “Houseguests remember to enjoy yourself today. These are the good old days.”

    It freaked the HG’s out and most of them are now worried about the possibility of a double eviction on Thursday. But that ‘s never happened without Julie announcing it first right?

    Can anyone confirm this or have any idea what this “announcement” could mean (if anything)?

      • I’m probably reading too much into it but the last sentence is a line from an old Carly Simon song: “Anticipation”.

      • It can’t be. Last eviction before jury and was not announced last week. Expect a DE for the 1st two jury members. Usually that’s what they do.

      • You think after Shelli left DR last night before she and Clay went to talk to James (with the plan to throw Van UTB) but changed her mind could have something to do with this “mystery” announcement by BB?

    • I’m worried that it will be a non-eviction week, although I can’t remember that happening in the past. Have they had those, or am I getting mixed up with Amazing Race. That would be a definite ploy to keep Chelli in the house.

      • KSJB – I can’t stand the suspense on the show this week – I’m too old for this!

      • I know you remember all of those good old thriller movies, edge of your seat suspense. We made it through those, we’ll make it through this, English Rose. LOL

      • In that case, so do I! Who can we be? Laverne and Shirley, Thelma and Louise…You can drive.

      • I want to be a Super Star or tree hugger! Window licker??? Something! hahaha

      • Joni, didn’t someone ask you earlier if you were taking something illegal. Well, are you? LMHO

      • Maybe they’ll show him drunk come Wednesday like he and Meg got during the comp!

      • She wasn’t around. If she was Meg and Clay would both be dead. It would be final 10.

      • He was funny. I can’t remember what they wanted him to do but someone asked him to come do something with them and he was like “I can’t….. I’m drunk”

      • The opening/promo of the “BB Takeover” was big and there was no explanation of what happened to it. Maybe they’ll resurrect it? The HG’s are paranoid from the announcement , so there could be something there.

      • For them to do a dead stop on the takeover like that, something obviously didn’t go as they had planned. But to give absolutely no explanation for it, I found very odd. Maybe it’s a twisted twisty twist. Yah, yah, yah….

      • That is the way I understood it when it was introduced at the beginning of the season. Hey, we could give them some ideas if they’ve ran out. We’re both good at BS, even tho’ I will admit you are the master.

      • Last speeding ticket I had was 8 years ago, but wasn’t my fault, cruise control failed to come on.

      • I was just playing with you about the radar comment. Hope your ticket wasn’t a big one. I’ve never had one.

      • Oh I know that…just wanted to explain the blame for it…it was not an expensive one…no double fine in work zone since it was on highway on my way to see my mother who was in a coma then. Cop didn’t buy that either…even though one of the explanations was true.

      • Speeding ticket?!..alright!..Mine was boring. Parked in handicapped zone……oh very expensive lol i learned my lesson.

      • The only time I was ever stopped in my whole life, I was honest. I told the Hwy. patrolman that I was in a hurry, I knew I was speeding, and now I would have to go even faster or I would be even more late. After giving me a stern warning, he let me go. I think it was the nurses uniform I was wearing that saved me that ticket,as I had just left work that day.

      • NO. We wore dresses, white hose and white nurses shoes, and a nurses cap. The old timey way, back when a nurse looked like a nurse.

      • The last 12 years that I worked as a nurse, we saw, anywhere from 60 to 90 patients daily….one physician , one nurse, one lab guy, one receptionist. It was balls to the wall.
        The cap suxd.

      • No…

        , Karen wa arimasen…It’s wax on…wax off lol

      • How’d you do that? You smarty pants people always doing this fancy stuff making me feel even more computer illiterate than I am. I love it!

      • It’s a Lenova Flex 2 (15) Dual Mode Laptop.

        Anything is an upgrade from what I had…an old Dell Inspiron 1501 with Vista. It served me well, though.

      • And….we incorporated Amazing Race into BB this season, So what if…host from Amazing Race comes on for another Take Over and says (with 1 eye brow up) “this is a non-elimination week”. And this week????? I guess we will see of Chellie is a Production Favorite

      • Imagine the chaos if that happened. It would blow up James’ game to the point where it wouldn’t even be fair.

      • Capt. Julie, nice to see you’ve been promoted. Still on the “Loveboat”?;)
        I hope Phil knows how “special” non-elimination weeks are and keeps them uniquely for TAR.

      • Only with player activated twists. Coaches coming in cancelled eviction in BB14 and hitting the button cancelled eviction in BB16.

      • Well, it wouldn’t be a re-wind. But Julie said there were to be lots of twists this year…so I’m just wondering why BB told them to enjoy themselves today.

    • Yes, I do believe there has been a DE without a hint from Julie. But good Ol’days…? Seems more like some one old coming into the house perhaps to visit (seasons past). OR Pandora?

  9. Was anyone else bothered when James told John that he was safe from the block this week (mostly because of Shelli’s “deal” with James during the HoH comp) and John said in the diary room to that something like “Yeah, thanks, I guess.” He said it like he felt that James owed him something.

    And actually, John should have been grateful he was not nominated this week because Vanessa, Clay and Shelli had talked about convincing James to put him up. And the week before they were talking about which order of people they would like to see leave and Shelli and Clay wanted John gone before Becky.

    He and Becky have been nothing but stooges/puppets for Shelli and Clay and the sixth sense alliance. They’ve gone up as pawns because they see them as dispensable. Yet both John and Becky go back and tattle every little thing they hear someone say about clay and Shelli.

    • You’re hearing things. Your bad taste in houseguests is clouding your hearing =P

      John’s DR comment was out of confusion and surprise because Shelli & James just threw in his name into the pool of “safe people” without him saying or doing anything. The show’s edit was off. John was already out of the challenge.

      • Yes. John dropped out as soon as Shelli & James started talking about deals. John’s name hadn’t come up before he dropped. The show edited it to look like they said he was safe and then he dropped.

      • Wow what an unnesssarily rude and weird comment.

        Anyway, wouldn’t that mean that CBS was at fault for the way it was edited???

      • I wasn’t being rude. Let’s review our posts. You started insulting people in your post. I simply teased you for rooting against the best person on the season. I even included a silly face. You “should have been grateful”. ;) =P

      • Lol I read my posts I didn’t insult anyone first. You’re post was v rude. But it’s okay.

      • “He said it like he felt like James owed him something”
        “He should have been grateful”
        “He and Becky have been nothing but stooges/puppets”


        “Your bad taste in houseguests is clouding your hearing =P”

        Step back and ask yourself: which post was insulting?

      • How is that rude to John? It’s an opinion about him and how he and Becky are playing the game. He and Becky are being used by Clay and Shelli and Becky and John are tattling on the other houseguests to them. And yes John should have been grateful and relieved he wasn’t nominated this week.

        Unless anyone knows John or Becky personally I don’t see how my post is considered rude.

      • Understandable confusion. CBS wants to max out drama on show so they often edit out of context. TV is TV after all.

    • I actually took that as if he wasn’t ready to fall at all and could have continued in the comp but if James was going to make him safe for the week why continue and not have a chance next week. So he was like ok I’m done.

      • As soon as James said he had JMac’s back right after Shelly dropped, then that’s when JMac decided to drop!

      • You have that messed up. It went like this:

        Shelli, James, and John remain.
        Shelli & James start talking. They do not mention John’s name yet.
        John falls.
        Shelli & James say John needs to be safe this week too.
        Shelli falls.

        The show changed the order in the edit.

      • I guess I can’t remember when James told JMac he had his back…but it was shortly after Shelli fell or he fell. I do recall him saying it, though.

  10. If I have to guess…I still think Shelli goes this week and here’s why…its gonna be close though…obviously, Jackie and Meg will vote for Clay…so that’s 2…John has said vote for Shelli, so that’s 1 for her…Vanessa will vote for Shelli as she wants someone strong to stay on her side…so 2-2…Steve has said Shelli is the bigger threat… So I’m guessing he votes out Shelli…Becky is playing both sides, so that I’m guessing she wouldn’t want to blow her own cover and go against the HoH’s wishes…so that’s another one for Clay…this week will depend on which way Austin, Liz and Julia will vote… They will vote as a block and they have lost trust in both Shelli and Clay and have been thinking about flipping and James and probably his allies by association… And this is why I think they ultimately I think they will evict Shelli…if they lost trust in the Clay and Shelli and wants to work with James and friends…they need to vote the way he wants to start building that trust with him and for that that to be a possibility… So I think Shelli goes.

    • I think you are right that it will come down to Austwins. But I am not so sure they will vote as a block, which makes Steve’s vote important.

      Only other disagreement is that Steve is Van’s whipping boy, so he will do what Van tells him. So, at that point, its 3-2 Shelli stays with Austwins to tally.

      I can easily see Judas come out and vote against Van and Shelli. Perhaps with the “dumbass” idea (paraphrasing Van’s scolding over the weekend) that James, Meg and Jackie will work with him & the twins.

      The twins will likely vote in a block. I say they lean to keeping Shelli – the sorority sister crap. Plus, Liz has repeatedly said she hates James. She has muzzled it well this week, but I don’t see her (and thus her sister) wanting to turn away from Van to work with James. If this happens, then becky’s vote is immaterial. But I expect it to lean to keep Shelli as well, and it will be campaigned for as well just in case Steve grows a pair.

    • I’ve only seen her stretch in bed alongside Clay and get him to rub her sore feet. But she did awesome at the 2400 Castle Guard activity…took her about 16 hours to complete it? She’s got stamina, that’s for sure. Wasn’t too shabby on that last endurance comp either! She’s definitely proven herself but at what cost? Huge targets go before others.

    • I do watch her eating a lot and has gained a few pounds since entering the house. She likes junk food.

  11. Ok, so I see Austn has a girlfriend or had, but Liz is not into him so he won’t get either of the girls when he gets kicked out of the house.
    When did Johnny kiss Julia?
    I think it will be best for him to get with Julia over annoying Becky.

  12. Hah, Vanessa said she can’t keep winning everything, cmon now she only won 2 hoh and the other was luck.

  13. Wow! Miss a weekend and miss a lot! I’m back and eager to catch up on all that’s been happening… I heard that it’s Shelli vs. Clay on the block, that James is probably going home, and that JMac, Becky & Steve are working together? Woah….

  14. Clay is talking to Vanessa like he thinks he is staying and Shelli is going home. He said the same thing to JMac. Vanessa has not told Clay she is campaigning for Shelli and that she has the votes for Shelli to stay. Shelli also knows that and obviously has not told Clay! Shelli is outright lying to Clay.

  15. What happened to the whole ‘Takeover’ theme? It’s been gone for a couple of weeks. Did it get dismissed along with Battle of the Block?

    That second question I’m not actually asking, it’s more sarcasm. I just find it strange that the takeovers just kind of…disappeared.

      • It doesn’t make sense. Writers getting lazy? Ran out of guests to bring in to hose the takeovers? I’m sure knowing my luck it’ll come back when somebody I don’t like is about to be evicted and I’m about to be happy…lol

      • Host* not hose. Can’t edit my posts as a guest commenter. Or at least I don’t know how.

  16. Clay is acting like such a pouting little brat. Austin goes out to the backyard where Clay and Shelli are hanging out and Clay goes back inside to bed. Clay is such a child. Of course Shelli does not go inside with him to console him or to spend her last couple of days with him.

  17. Austin and Vanessa talking in the backyard. They are talking about Clay’s behavior and Vanessa reveals that Shelli never told Clay about the deal she made with Vanessa to save herself and evict Clay.

  18. Clay acting like a child, he really didn’t mature much, did he? or those football hits to the head did their number. I feel sorry that his only strategy at this point is to simply be himself to get Shelli to stay. lol ouch. Shell is already cutting deals, because she told Vanessa she wants to give Clay what he wants. wow, way to justify backstabbing your own pet, I don’t see you asking to be voted out, unless trying to save face among your own alliance members. clever but not doing yourself any favors. its simply displaying your true ugly nature. so at this point, both could go and I honestly don’t care which, the prospect of one of them going home Thursday. gives me a smile to last the rest of the season. :)

  19. Props to Vanessa for recognizing that keeping Shelli is best for her game. Shelli does not have the connections with the ADC that Clay has and is a bigger target that she can hide behind.

    Vanessa is way better at influencing HGs to make decisions that benefit her game than she is making the decisions herself and minimizing the backlash.

    • But other than seeing the beautiful destruction of ‘Clelli’. I’m waiting for Vanessa’s meltdown once she is put up, its going to be epic and I would love to see how her poker face can help her out then. oh wait, that’s if she isn’t busy freaking out for a change and getting stress acne, she gave herself away already and Jackie, won’t let her alliance forget about her.

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