Big Brother 17: Returning Juror Pool Readies For Another Houseguest

This week another member of the Big Brother 17 Jury will be added when Houseguests head inside the Diary Room and cast their votes, but before too long one of them may be returning.

Big Brother 17 Week 8 nominees Becky Burgess & John McGuire
Big Brother 17 Week 8 nominees Becky Burgess & John McGuire – Source: CBS

All we’ve heard so far from Julie Chen is that just because a Houseguest is voted out doesn’t mean his or her game is over. Of course we’re all expecting that to mean the typical chance to get back in the game because as they’ve taught us when it comes to their twists: Expect The Expected.

So far Shelli and Jackie have started things off for the Jury House as the first two HGs to arrive from last week’s Double Eviction, now it looks like Becky is set to join them. As Becky noted, this is turning out to be one good looking Jury!

With Becky (the presumed next evictee), Jackie, and Shelli in the Jury we are expecting one more addition before the twist kicks off. Several Houseguests are expecting a similar count and this has been a point of debate in the Evict-Vanessa plan as possibly a reason to hold off on sending her until the twist is over. Of course that’s also in part driven by Steve who seems anxious for any excuse to delay her departure.

John countered the delay argument by saying if the competition is physical, like an endurance comp, then sending Vanessa now would be great as she’d face very strong competitors. That’s a good point. Vanessa has done well in comps, but her wins have been in thinking vs physical comps. Of course there’s also nothing to say it’ll be a physical competition to decide the outcome.

Remember back in BB13 there was a vote to pit one of the evicted HGs (not Jurors at that point) against the current week’s evictee. Of course that’s when Lawon asked to be evicted and was never seen again. With that in mind, we could actually end up in another voting scenario, but in recent seasons it’s been decided by a performance competition.

Should the twist involve the first four Jurors then things are still wide open for who it could be next week. There are a few options that send Vanessa out the door, but I think there may be more that cut Johnny Mac from the mix. It’s still early though to talk about next week’s eviction.

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What I’d really like to see is if they insist on doing this twist then make it so there’s no guarantee anyone gets to come back. Last year the comp was a multiple round challenge with points which meant eventually someone would have the most and return. But what if the players had to reach a certain threshold or in an endurance had to survive a certain amount of time. I think that’d be a lot more exciting and add pressure on the players. It’d be nice to make something unexpected in this expected twist.

How do you think a returning HG should be decided? Viewer vote? Endurance comp? Q&A comp? To get a preview of a viewer vote decision try voting in the poll below and share your thoughts.



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  1. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they did an endurance/puzzle that if the houseguest(s) who completed the competition (in a certain time frame) they all get to come back. Imagine 4 hg’s back Double evictions for the rest of the summer!!!

  2. On the poll of which houseguest/jury I would like to see return, could I get a fourth choice including but not limited to “none of the above”.

  3. You know, that is kind of a breath of fresh air… maybe make it so that even more than one could come back if they’d meet a certain threshold or something?

    The line about expecting the expected is so true though. Things have been done so many times that even though there is never a guarantee, they really aren’t throwing anything new at the HG’s. The whole element of an HG maybe returning, maybe not, maybe more than one would actually be a good twist.

    And if 2 returning would be too many, we can always do another DE!

    • Ya, I’d love to see 2 come back, and maybe even 2 more DEs if there are too many players and not enough time. This season has been mediocre, they need something to liven it up.

      • What if the Returning Juror could CHOOSE someone to bring back w/them??? Since normally they are at a disadvantage & head right back to the Jury House.

      • Id love to see a triple eviction like on bbcan3. Lead the hgs into thinking its a DE and then bam haha

    • Doing another DE wouldn’t be a bad idea since the last one was a dud, thanks to Steve, the ‘dudster’.

  4. The way Julie telegraphed the return is so predictable, as it’s been that way before. It would be great if either no one returns from the jury or they’re all back in.

  5. As much as we all love DEs, it’s not that simple for production. They have to come up with another quick HoH and PoV comp, build it, test it, etc. I am sure each set takes a lot of time from conception through tear down after it’s used. So, unless another DE was already in the works, I don’t see it happening.

    Creating a comp that is fair to all 4 returning jurors is tough. If you do an endurance and have a juror that is really good at that, then you get accused of favoring that juror. Same goes for puzzles, memory, etc. It either has to be something brand new or some kind of luck comp for it to be fair. I thought last year’s luck comp was fair.

    This comp is different than other comps. In all other comps, HGs have at least 2 chances with 2 different types of comps to make sure that they are safe. This is 1 chance for 1 of 4 jurors to save themselves.

  6. It should be a comp they have to work to win like an endurance. Or maybe whoever holds their hand on a rail the longest. I’d like to see who wants it the most, not who gets lucky.

    • Except that they can’t fit that in one show. What would be a good way of seeing who wants it the most that could be completed in 10 minutes?

  7. Love the ideas to change things up. If two came back, how about each one of them picking a HG that they want out of the game and those two instantly vie for eviction. What a mess that would be!

    • BB Can does instant evictions. They are great! The HoH is selected. They have to name 2 noms and the voting starts. There is no time for discussions and no PoV. Of course, BB Can also does great powers, like the power to remove one or both noms and name the replacements.

      • Out of the BBs that I’ve watched, it’s the most similar to the US version. However, it has some things I like better, like tasks for house parties and great “twistos” twists. And some things that I don’t like quite as well, like more subdued HGs, so there is less drama. I highly recommend watching BB Can. BB Can 1 & 3 were really good. BB Can 2 was OK. They are on youtube.

      • Hey, there’s always me! OR, Frankie Grande’s new show on the Oxygen Network (I’m giving him waaaay too much publicity) !

      • Ugh, Frankie Big Mouth!! I think I just vomited in my mouth just thinking of that little jerk!

      • It sounds liek it’s much better than this years lmao. I’ve read some of the twists around the world, BB USA is the most boring, and generic version. Some have 2 different houses, some have an evicted HG watch the feeds for 24 hours then return, some have 2 countries going at the same time and switch HGs for a week lol and that’s just to name a few. BB US needs some new life.

      • Maybe BB USA needs some new blood in the creativity department. All they need to do is ask the viewers. They should be able to get enough great ideas to really change it up for the next couple of seasons.

    • I would have preferred, if HG’s had no idea at all of “returning player twist” It changed their game play. There wouldn’t be any management of who goes out. The element of surprise is a bit gone.

      • I agree!!! They should not do returning juror every year. And when they do it, they should NOT announce it. Loved that BB Can switched it up and did a comp for the 1st 5 evicted HGs, instead of the jurors, this year.

      • Did they keep the 1st 5 sequestered for 4/5 weeks?

        Even if they don’t tell the HGs they can just assume it like the DE. Only way to surprise them would be to never do it, but if that were the case this season they would just keep waiting and never vote out Venessa lol.

      • Yes, they kept the 5 evicted HGs sequestered together, just like they were in a jury house. The comp was holding on to a rope and standing on a knot. They had to move down to smaller and smaller knots. It was shown like an HoH endurance, started on one show and finished on the next show.

      • No one ever returning would be my choice. As that is not an option, I definitely see your point of how, being aware of the return, could affect the decisions made during the eviction process.

      • Exactly, they are playing the game based on a returning HG, it changes the game and doesn’t make it a surprise or fun to watch there reations, its expected and they are preparing for it, takes all the fun out of it.

      • Changes the strategy though, I’d be more anxious to get V out NOW & take a chance on her returning but some will want to wait until after the Return.

      • I’m with Jmac on that. Yes, “finish her” now – She will probably stay gone and if she doesn’t, then we’ll deal with it…again…which will give “us” another safety week anyway cause everyone will be gunning for her.

      • But it adds to the strategy… just like now, the thinking is wait until the Jurors Return to the House & then oust V.

  8. I’ve always thought this twist would be interesting:

    Now, I should start by saying I imagined it with potential intruders rather than previously evicted houseguests. However, evicted houseguests could work. Or even a mix of the two.

    They have an endurance competition. All remaining houseguests (even outgoing HOH) compete. So do the people trying to enter the house. Julie announces that only a set number of people will remain in the game. Take this season for instance and for sake of the example we’ll say Vanessa is voted out next. Vanessa, Becky, Jackie, & Shelli come back in. The four of them and the remaining seven houseguests all compete in the endurance challenge. The first three people to drop are evicted and the last eight remaining will continue on in the game.

    It could be as simple as Vanessa, Becky, and Jackie are the first three to drop. The house pretty much stays the same with Shelli back in.

    Or it could be as extreme as (for example) Meg, Steve, and Julia are the first three to drop. Now all four previously evicted houseguests are back along with John, Austin, Liz, and James. Now the game is completely flipped on it’s head.

    Or it could be something in between the two examples. No matter what, I think it would be exciting. It does have potential to be a pretty extreme, game-altering twist so I think it’s probably a one-time only twist but I think it would be something worth trying. It might be better suited as something you do in weeks 3, 4, or 5 or something but I thought I’d bring it up since we’re discussing ways to keep the returning player twist fresh.

    • It couldn’t be endurance. Then you automatically get rid of all players that may be great at memory/puzzle comps, but horrible at anything athletic. That might work for a who wants it most comp, like the year that they had to hold on to a button and not let go.

      • I’d want the challenge to be a TRUE endurance competition. Not one of these ones that favor a certain body type. I’m talking survivor borneo final immunity challenge or, yes, BB6’s button challenge. Where the only skills required are slight concentration and just the desire to win. The eight that want it the most move on.

      • I’m thinking Vanessa would be screwed on that deal, anything that would require nerves of steel or remaining calm. Actually with so much on the line it might be too hard & unfair to all the HGs.

      • So I exaggerated… it’s not unfair to ALL the HGs… it’s called make a point with exaggeration. LOL… shoot me!!!

        I’m going to leave & NEVER come back if you’re going to scrutinize me on every ‘word’. LOL.

    • That would actually be pretty cool lol. Ya I think the ppl in the current jury would make more sense than random ppl, but that’d be pretty cool, and funny to see say Vanessa and Austin and say Steve have to leave when they are all feeling good/the top players lol

      • You can bet the fans of HGs that went to the Jury House under that scenario would be totally pissed off and done watching for the season.

      • Not me. I’ve seen dozens on dozens on dozens (it’s likely in the hundreds) of people say that and then not do that on message boards though.

      • 2,104,009 people have done this.

        The person that has done this the most times has done this 6,888 times.

      • Here’s my impersonation of Vanessa: “Alex, you’re lying to me”, “Yeah, I can see it in your face, you are so lying to me”.

        And “I NEVER said I’d believe you, you’re making that one up”

      • In order for it to be a complete Vanessa impression, my numbers would need to be true and she still doesn’t believe them lol

        I love you G-Man

        Now, G-Van, go to tell them how mean and aggressive I was. ;)

      • You know why it would not work? Those earlier players are probably at home watching, which would be unfair. They have too much of an advantage

      • Any time someone is going to enter the game at a later point they are sequestered.

    • Call me crazy. I just don’t dig the returning players. When you’re out, you’re out suits me fine. But new twists are excellent!
      It undermines the HoH that was used to evict them in the first place, like the Rewind button.
      One of these days, a returning player will actually win BB (if they keep doing that) and then I think people will not like the idea of that. IDK.

      • I don’t hate the returning player twist but I don’t love it. Left up to me, I’d probably never do it again. However, I know it will continue to happen and if that is the case then I’d like to at least spark some interest back in to it.

      • Okay, you’re… naw, that’s too easy. Not to say it would NEVER happen, it PROBABLY won’t happen, there was usually a good reason the HG was evicted so I’d tell him/her not to unpack their bag. The Return Twist does exactly what it’s suppose to do… IT STIRS THE POT!!! and shakes things up. This time around, were Jackie to return you might see a majority HGs saying it was a mistake putting her out so lets give her a fighting chance.

        I was surprised to see the vote is going in Jackie’s favor to return.

      • :) Nice! :)
        Yes, I was, too. Happy to see it though. But the next evictee (#4) may change that.
        Like Cyril said, have angry jurors coming back and hollering secrets, throwing grenades left & right – That’s good stuff! Ha ha

      • Jackie, the lesser of the evils? ?? Did we really have a good choice?

        I say let the person who wins a return to the house, be given the opportunity to stay out with an additional monetary offer. How would you like that?

        You say once out, always out because they were eliminated for a reason, well we’ve learned a lot about those still in the house. What’s the difference, whether you’re in or out?

    • I kind of like the idea BUT it would be unfair to Meg, James, Jackie & Julia… THINK ABOUT IT.

      Plus it would be a hard pill to swallow of the HGs (not the Jurors) to have all your hard work go down the drain b/c of 1 slip in an Endurance comp.

      • Yep, I agree.
        But you know what? If they were going to let “a few” back in from Jury, and the HGs knew that ahead of time, they wouldn’t target floaters early on. They’d be trying to evict the comp threats before jury. Big move city! Lol

      • They have “intruders” in BB Australia. I didn’t like it for the reason you stated.

      • Because they’re not the sharpest pencils and when Julie read the rules and said “HGs do you understand?”. They’d say in unison… “DUH”. Meg might not even bother, b/c she’d be 1 of 3 out.

    • I think that all evicted prior to jury should compete as well. Wouldn’t this be a great twist! Go Davonne

  9. What if Vanessa “won” or was “punished” with the “exile” thing. That would have driven her bonkers. Remember cute girl (Hayden Moss’ flirtmance) in the unitard, I think?

  10. Liz was saying a little while ago that James needs to play hard to get. All the while, Austin cooked and brought his Queen, Her Hotness, breakfast in bed, made their bed, caters to her every whim, allows her to be rude and put him down, and now, according to Jokers, he is doing her hair(whatever that means). I’ve heard her say something before about liking a man that plays hard to get. Did I miss that part?

  11. I like the idea of the evicted HGs having to reach a certain amount of points or something in order to get to come back and if nobody reaches that amount of points, nobody gets to come back. But if they do that, then they should also let everybody who managed to get enough points back. Not gonna happen unless they throw in a couple DEs, but it would be funny if Jackie, Shelli AND Becky returned :D
    God, the HGs would be screwed! :D

    • That could be taken in more than one way. Go home, Becky!!!!! or You Go Girl, Becky, and come back in the house IF you are the one evicted!!!

      • I’m rooting for Becky, is not the first time that I show my favoritism towards her.

  12. Join us on the show thread, look for the one that start with: “Tonight on Big Brother 17:”

  13. Season has been disappointing, especially the twins. If not for Johnny Mac, and James it would be a total bore.

  14. How about a competition that involves both jurors and the HGs?
    The jurors will compete in a physical challenge while the HGs do their best to throw them off.
    Following the medieval theme, the jurors are the enemies trying to enter the castle. The HGs will try to protect their castle from the intruders. The first intruder that enters the castle win. But if all intruders are defeated before entering the castle then there’s no returning juror.

  15. I would love to see two HGs come back into the house instead of one. Right now the HGs are expecting one and they have already agreed to target that person. If two come back, it becomes a problem to target one, especially if the other wins HoH.

  16. They should all watch every minute of the show and they will see Vanessa has acted in her own best interest. She is not the friend they think she is. No matter who returns from the jury, that person will have to take Vanessa out if he/ she wants to win. Eventually it has happen.

  17. Only one will return. It would put the show off schedule to do otherwise.
    BB knows we will watch. They leave us wanting more.

  18. Isn’t the returning comp always some sort of endurance? Sometimes there’s another layer to it (like catching balls…) but they usually make them fight for it.

    That said Shelli Becky and jackie all stand a chance of winning endurance (maybe slight edge to Shelli or Jackie)

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