Big Brother 17: Becky & John Discuss Next Moves As Eviction Approaches

As the Big Brother 17 house prepares for the next eviction vote current nominees Becky and John are prepared for their upcoming split and start to plot next best moves for the surviving HG.

Becky Burgess & John McGuire prepare for eviction vote
Becky Burgess & John McGuire prepare for eviction vote – Source: CBS All Access

During a late night talk last night between the noms we heard Becky admit her big mistake in openly targeting Vanessa and John reveals some serious misconceptions that could soon sink his game.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 12:36 AM BBT 8/19 Cams 1/2 as Becky and John sit alone outside on the couches. They’re running through the current alliances, who they could work with, and best hopes for the upcoming returning Juror.

Of course Becky hopes she’ll be the one to come back, but John says he just wants to make sure it’s not Shelli. Becky says if Shelli comes back that’d actually be easy on everyone since she’d be an easy out the next round. John says either Becky or Jackie would be more likely to work with him and Steve.

John worries that if he and Steve team up with James and Meg then they’d be the two stronger players and stand out as the targets while Steve and John teaming up with the Austwins might give them a better chance at survival.

Now as for Steve, John is not reading things well. He tells Becky that Steve and him are the loners in the game right now suggesting they have limited connections. John thinks he’s broken Steve’s link to Vanessa and has suggested that Steve isn’t with Austin and the twins. Yikes.

Over the past few days we’ve watched as Steve continues to push both John and the Austwins on the idea of keeping Vanessa. Steve thinks he’s in tight with Vanessa even after he was told how angry Vanessa was at him about initially denying her his vote. It’s an interesting situation to see John think he’s with Steve while Steve thinks he’s with Vanessa.


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  1. Jmac can at least play spoiler role to Austwins if he nominates Vanessa against Liz, as he said he would do (he said “a twin”) and gets Vanessa evicted.
    He might still go the following week unless James/Meg wins HoH, but at least he scratched evicting Vanessa of the Austwins’ resumé for them. :)

    • I don’t know… if James/Meg win HOH they’d probably confuse themselves to the point that they feel like John needs to go.

      • Haha I’ve said that on other threads, they’d probly f*ck up and end up sending Steve or JMac to the jury lol.

      • I don’t know …. if James or Meg wins HOH they’d probably confuse themselves to the point that they would nom themselves.

      • I want to vote up this comment times infinity!

        I can see it now… James wins HoH, Meg and John are on the block. Meg because she’s obviously a pawn. But John is the target because he once talked to Shelli.

    • As it’s been piinted out before it’d be better to get Liz up vs Vanessa(if you want Vanessa gone) on voting night to secure Austin and Julia vote out Vanessa, vs if it’s Julia vs Vanessa Austin could vote out Julia, and Austin vs Vanessa is a toss up because Julia and Liz could see the potential of keeping Vanessa as a bigger targer. Either way getting out Vanessa or an Austwin is very much needed for the other players in the house.

      And ya, as for the next week, if It’s not James or Meg as HoH, JMac is probly in serious trouble.

    • I’ve pretty much given up on who should win based on the observations by these players. I’m just going with the flow until something exciting happens, something that’s become an anomaly this year!

      • I’m with you on that, too. Honestly, after all the updates, I really was confused as to who was real and who wasn’t. I was more confused after reading the updates. This week is a head scratcher for me. Glad it isn’t me in the house because this week I wouldn’t know who’s on first. Lol

  2. Becky is astute and I really hope it’s her or Jackie that come back. I am not big on Shelli coming back at all.

    • Ya Becky or Jackie would be perferred, someoone to help go after the Austwons and Vanessa. Shelli could be OK if she wanted revenge on Vanessa, and wouldn’t just be manipulated iinto following her lol.

    • I agree Becky has a better read of most things than John, Meg, or James but Becky seems unable to use her awareness to her advantage.

    • Exactly what did Jackie actually do in the House this season, to be getting all these accolades? She may have talked game, but did not really do much … while, Becky, at least, went for the Home Run, but only to get interfered with by some spectators before the ball left the field …..

      • I think Jackie just tilted her head a certain way so the wires connected and her brain was working there for a short time after Jason’s eviction. But when James was explaining to Jackie why Shelli needed to go instead of the V, who was Becky’s original BD plan, Jackie turned to look at James and the wires dis- connected (back to dumb mode) and she agreed the Goblins should evict Shelli not V.

      • Jackie’s game has been feed Meg and James a bunch of bad information(on accident), and try to kinda get someone out, ppl keep saying she is smart, that I dont see. She at least tried to play the game unlike Meg, and would be a number against the Asutwins and Vanessa. With some guidence from someone 9other than Vanessa obviously) she could be OK, but she needs to not be the mastermind giving out dumb info to her alliance lol

  3. Becky seems to see the total picture. Johnny Mac seems lost still. He should lay low. Try to win HOH only for his safety this coming week. Then, put up Liz and Vanessa. Chances are good that Vanessa will get evicted. Do not tell the others though, anything. Let them decide on the votes. Anything Johnny Mac says will be used against him the following week if Vanessa’s alliance regains power. Hopefully, it is Becky who comes back into the Big Brother house next week so, she will keep Johnny Mac safe if she wins HOH. That is the best case scenario that can be hoped for.

    • That is true, though, at the same time, he is trying to convince the rest of the House that they should keep him this week from eviction, in order to go after certain Targets … Yes, a double-edged sword .. but, look what happened to Shelli when she tried to console Vanessa when she was backdoored … So, yeah, Becky is the last person, your co-hot seat nominee to be telling your game plan to, as she has been known to be the House sn*tch this season ???

    • The one big mistake JMac is making is that he’s keeping Steve informed about his plans for Vanessa, this is the part of Steve’s play that has been impressive, the only part as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Steve is really hanging on to Vanessa. Hone up those acting skills, son. You’ll need them to accomplish that.
    Another place, another time, Steve probably would like to work with Jmac.
    I think he knows Vanessa is no good (from what I’ve read) but to him, maybe it’s a numbers thing to get to F2:
    Austwins = Austin/Liz, Liz/Julia, Julia/Liz – No way Steve penetrates to F2
    James/Meg = ditto
    Jmac = the next target, most likely but if not, Steve could get to F2
    Returning Juror = a likely next target so probably won’t invest
    He’s keeping options open, as one must, “just in case”. Good for him.
    If Jmac wins HoH and takes out Vanessa and then James wins HoH the next week and takes out Liz, then you got yourself a whole new ballgame, especially if it’s not Vanessa returning. Steve will be in play again!

    • If Steve overplays that Vanessa card he may open people’s eyes to his game making himself a target.

    • Tomorrow just can’t get here fast enough! I need a jumpstart to a better next week! hahaha

      • I’m with you – I’m looking forward to it! But boy oh boy, if Vanessa, Austin or Julia win HoH, it’s going to be a long next week (maybe). I’m thinking if Steve wins, Vanessa might poke him into putting up Jmac and Liz so that Liz comes to her for assurances and hair strokes. Really James/Meg are only 2 votes in that scenario but still, Liz might make a deal with V that she be saved and Austin can go up – who knows?
        If James/Jmac win, it’s going to be exciting watching them “scamper”. Lol

  5. Since Jackie was evicted in that surprise DE I am really struggling to stay interested in BB17. I was rooting for the Goblins until they stabbed Becky in the back by saving Vanessa. That was one of the all-time dumb moves. Once that happened I stopped rooting for them. But now I realize why I was rooting for them in the first place. It was the idea of having two alliances in the house strategizing against each other. With Jackie gone, the goblins seem to have faded into nothingness. Its just Meg and James – or just James. They are working with Austwins anyway so the confrontation is no longer there. Now its just the Austwins and everyone else in the house against Vanessa. I do not like Vanessa and if she is evicted I would be happy but then what? What’s left to the game? Steve?

    I cannot get into Steve’s game play. And I do not understand why no one has figured him out yet. They talk game to him and all he does is answer questions with questions. He never reveals what he is thinking. Why do they all trust him when he does that?

    I’d like to see Becky come back in the house or Jackie and them have the Goblins reconstituted to go against the Austwins for a couple of weeks. That might be entertaining. Then if the Goblins win out and if it a bunch of individuals playing final 5 there will be more suspense.

    If the Austwins make final 4 the end will not be a mystery.

    • Agree that this season could become unwatchable over the next couple weeks if the “wrong” things happen. I don’t have a fave, but the twins annoy me to no end.

      For gameplay, I am hoping James wins HOH on Thursday and nominates Liz (for taking out Becky) and Steve (for taking out Jackie). Those are his reasons. Legitimate and proper BB play. And see what hits the fan. It could be a straw that breaks the camel’s back thru the house if Liz goes.

      What are the odds of this – not good (sigh). But it would be a great move for him. Why not fire a big second shot & see where the dust settles?

      Besides, if Jackie or possibly Becky is not returning juror and he keeps up playing nice like he has, he is going soon anyway. Imagine if he did this then Jackie came back into the house. Would be very interesting to the end.

      • That would be great as well- I can’t stand the twins either and Austin would want to be w Liz.

      • Yeah, but, wasn’t it James and Meg who flipped the House to keep Vanessa ?? Everything else that followed, was just a domino effect ….

      • Which in the end, was kinda funny, as everyone giving credit to Vanessa in changing the votes, and all she did was hide in the HN room sulking for a day and bit, similarly to what Audrey did, but at a lesser degree, and kept her mouth shut, while letting the Goblins finally decide to strategize … Ha !!! :)
        At this point of the game, now sure who would be considered having played a better game, Meg or Victoria from last Season ??

      • Yep, watching BBAD last night Van seems very happy and content. I give Meg a slight edge over Victoria as she is entertaining (somewhat)!

      • I don’t look at it as J/M flipped the house to keep Vanessa. They flipped to get rid of what they saw as their (particularly James’s) biggest nemesis – Shelli. Was that true – debatable – but you need to look at it as they see things. We know much more than they do.

        And (thru Steve) Van got her goblin out – Jackie. Van is not really targeting them. She would take them out to keep focus off herself, but that’s all. For as much as the BB community at large and most of the house now wants Van gone – for the goblins, they are just doing the house’s (and mainly the austwins) a favor by being the one’s to take out van. There are bigger fish to fry if they are trying to win the game now.

      • I’m confused by all the complaining (not by you but more generally). This has been an amazing season in terms of things flipping back and forth. I never would have expected Clay and Shelli to get knocked out as soon as they did, or Steve to win HoH and target Jackie, or Becky to win, target Vanessa, and have Shelli go home instead. It’s been a fun show this season. Last season killed me with tedium. This season I’m very excited to see what happens next.

  6. The only way I see Vanessa going home next week is if JMac wins HOH and puts up Van and Liz. Maybe.

  7. I think that the best situation for the JMac’s game could be if Becky return to game, why? Ok, let’s gonna imagine this situation: if Steve, John, James & Meg can vote out Austin, Julia, Liz and Vanessa; and Jackie rejoin to the game, with who of the last two remaining couples she gonna work? Definitely with James and Meg; if Becky return, with what couple she gonna work? With JMac and Steve

  8. John is falling for Steve’s manipulation and they both need to go. I think that unless James wins the next HOH is goodbye for him and John.

  9. I hope John wins HOH and puts Vanessa and Liz up on the block, and then I hope he would let it be known to EVERYONE not to use the VETO or Julia/Austin would be replacement nom (of course this is based on vanessa not winning POV which based on her record is possible) I highly doubt anyone would have a problem just voting the witch out already. but u never know with this bunch… I can only hope that next year production doesnt make the same mistakes with casting as they did this year. What a mess.

    • I’d like to see this too. And if Vanessa wins POV and takes herself off the block them put up Julia next to her sister. If they can’t get Vanessa this week, then get one of the twins, preferably Liz.

      Then do like Steve did and somehow let Vanessa take the blame.

    • Well, with V and Liz on the block and him as HoH, the only voters are Austin & Julia (will evict V), and James & Meg (will evict V) without Jmac requesting it. Steve would be the only evict Liz vote and maybe not if in those circumstances. He would probably vote with the house and evict her to not make waves and slip back under the surface again.

  10. This season would have been sooooouh much better if Liz had been voted out before the deadline for Julia to enter. IMO, the biggest mistake this season.

      • I have a feeling Jason was right. If the twins didn’t make it into the house then their would be two people coming back instead of one. I actually hope that is still true because two people coming back would be an awesome twist and enough to really change the dynamics in the house.

        Imagine if Jackie and Becky both come back? That could be fun to watch!

      • That is my dream….Jackie and Becky to come back in and take control of the Goblins….James and Meg are making a complete mess of things.

      • That would be awesome, but the Goblins would probably just evict JMac and Becky with the help of Jackie and influence of Vanessa lol. That’d be IF any of them could actually get an HoH lol

    • I completely agree. Letting the twins in the house was just the dumbest thing this season. That’s why I am hoping the twins evict Vanessa, the one most responsible for the them both being in the house.

      • Agree! I could not believe some let it happen (yeah, they weren’t in power when it became known but still…) and some welcomed it. I don’t like to rehash coulda woulda shoulda cuz it is what it is. But yeah, missed opportunity for sure-uh!

    • Might end up being Vanessa’s biggest mistake in the game…for the life of me I have no idea how Shelli and her thought having 2 extra people in the game would be beneficial….they kept talking about 2 extra votes…but that meant they had to control them for the entire game.

  11. Austin is in the best situated Alliance in the house.. I can’t wait to see Liz to betraying him. It’s going to happen…..and we all know Judas hang himself.

  12. It’s just hitting me now that out of 17 players only 8 have been evicted. Am I the only one who feels this Season is kind of slow?

  13. If John wins HOH he has his excuse to put up Liz as a pawn vs Vanessa because Liz put him up. It’s the only way to get out Vanessa, if she campaigns against Liz she risks her friendship with the Austwins, and you know she wants their jury votes, John can put up both twins, and have winner of POV take Julia off and then put up Vanessa. It’s a plan, don’t know if John sees it as an option. These HGs get on my nerves the way they been playing this game.

    • That’s an option, or put up Liz vs Vanessa right away and if Vanessa got taken down then they could BD Austin or just get out Liz. It’d be weighing the option of letting Vanessa play for the PoV for sure, vs having someone like Steve win it and refusing to use to take a twin down and putting up Vanessa, but you have the same situation if Vanessa were up and say Steve wins it and uses it on Vanessa. I’d just rather have her up there so at least she could be a target vs her not being nominated and then not being able to renom her. Just my opinion.

  14. Hearing John think he’d do better with Austwins is driving me insane! I wish I could go in the house and slap some sense into him! Letting twins and a showmance get any closer to the end intact is horrific for his game especially if he ends up on the block with one of the twins or Austin. They will always have two votes against him. I hope he sees the light soon and forgets about keeping bigger targets to hide behind! That works at the start of Big Brother as it does in Survivor but then they need to go!

  15. It’s pretty sad… Jackie and Becky had very great reads and Becky really became a favorite. John is the only one I can trust to make the smart decision. Vanessa could tell James and Meg the fish are a threat and they’d probably end up believing it… Ugh, this sucks! I really hope Becky or Jackie comes back, I actually hope it’s Becky because she is totally fearless and Jackie held back when James flipped to keep Vanessa.

  16. IF Jmac wins HOH he should put up Liz and Austin/Julia. If one wins POV and uses it, he could put up either Vanessa. With one of the Austwins on the block with Vanessa the other 2 Austwins would have to vote Vanessa out NOW and not wait for the returning juror. I think there would be enough votes to evict Vanessa and it may expose Steve and his allegiance to Vanessa. IF Vanessa wins POV with 2 Austwins on the block would she use it? If she takes one off the block the options are another Austwin. I don’t think JMAC would put Steve up. Of course THIS is what I want JMAC to do because I have more info than he does!

    • Ya I like it, I just like throwing up Vanessa right away, yes it gives her a shot at the PoV for sure, but rather her up right away than something happening and her not getting renomed, or someoen like Steve not using the PoV and her not being able to be renomed.

  17. Becky for once is thinking clearly about why she is leaving and how John is underestimating Vanessa as a survivor,what,telling John who listens but unable to realize her point,look at me John..went after Vanessa too early and failed,now I’m going to the jury house,this will be you if you duplicate my failure.

    • Right….if he should win HOH…he’s got to play it smart and use the twins as bait and bd Vanevil…because if he puts her straight up she won’t be going would be James or Meg…he should never let on he wants to do it…to no one..especially Steve….his motive to put up the twins is obvious…and they can’t be sure of a BD with that move…silence is golden is what will make it work.

      • Totally agree,the biggest problem this season has been the fact people can’t keep their mouths shut when they need to and when that happens you always overplay your hand on BB..Becky is a classic case,was already celebrating Vanessa departure before she could actually make it happen,fatal move on her part..Cody and Derrick got to the finals because they knew quiet power was a more effective weapon than babbling like a runaway bride.

  18. If Johnny Mac wins the next HOH,put up Liz and Vanessa to ensure Van goes home. If Liz comes down,put up either Austin or Julia. If Van comes down,evict one of the twins.

  19. the whole things a big joke….what happened to putting up Vanessa? i swear if she wins the whole thing then I will know for sure that this show is a fixed joke!!!!!!!!!

  20. Think BB works hard on the show to keep the fans guessing and no doubt they encourage the house guests to discuss all sorts of plans about this possibility vs. some other one. I for one feel losing Vanessa this early would be a blow to the show,she is the drama and chaos this show needs,certainly not James or Meg,they come across like they are at hotel in Cancun instead of a house where $500,000 is up for grabs.

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