Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Sunday Highlights

It was a mild Sunday in the Big Brother 17 house, but that’s to be expected when any one of Austin or his Angels are Head of Household.

Johnny Mac enjoys some Fun Dip courtesy of the Feedsters – Source: CBS All Access

Meg and James spent the day trying to figure out how to convince Vanessa that Meg shouldn’t go anywhere this week, but they’re mostly coming up short.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 30, 2015:

11:00 AM BBT – HGs finally starting their day.

11:15 AM BBT – Steve and John talking strategy. John wants to have each of their three (including Vanessa) team up with a second player to manipulate them. Steve says they need to keep Vanessa happy this week and make sure she feels good about them supporting Meg’s eviction.

11:20 AM BBT – Austin asks Steve how things look with John. Steve downplays their relationship and says he thinks things might be okay with John.

11:55 AM BBT – HGs are sent to the backyard for lockdown. This finally forces some of them to get out of bed.

12:30 PM BBT – Back inside the HGs find Fun Dip as a reward from the Feedsters.

12:35 PM BBT – John tells Vanessa that their cover story is working with Steve because he thinks the two of them are still at odds. Vanessa reminds John that Meg needs to go or she’s a dangerous pawn that will always stay over her co-nom. Vanessa tells John that Austin will make a deal with him to exchange safety just between the two of them. John likes that deal.

1:10 PM BBT – James and Meg trying to decide how to handle Vanessa’s upcoming renom. Meg wants to suggest it’s more dangerous to send her home. They wonder about Julia going up as a pawn against her.

1:18 PM BBT – Vanessa offers Julia $10,000 of her own money if her pawn plan doesn’t work out.

1:30 PM BBT – Vanessa giving an emotional retelling of her talk last night with James. Vanessa is exaggerating a lot of it, but the twins seem to believe it all and are very supportive.

1:40 PM BBT – Vanessa returns after a very short DR session. She says she “got spanked” over offering Julia cash as insurance to trust her pawn plan. Vanessa says what she meant to say to Julia was she feels very confident in her plan.

2:15 PM BBT – Steve promises Liz that he will vote to keep Julia safe.

2:35 PM BBT – Meg heads up to HoH to have “the talk” with Vanessa. Meg isn’t going to be able to influence Vanessa but she has to try.

2:55 PM BBT – Talk continues between Meg and Vanessa. Vanessa suggests this game has been very hard for her in part because she’s gay.

3:20 PM BBT – Vanessa and Meg end their talk. Vanessa has encouraged Meg to campaign no matter who goes up on Monday.

5:10 PM BBT – Game talk has slowed down. Austin excited for his one-week anniversary with Liz.

6:05 PM BBT – Photobooth is open again.

6:25 PM BBT – Meg is feeling like she’ll be evicted this week. James is surprised to hear that.

6:40 PM BBT – James and Meg discuss how bitter the jury is and will be against Vanessa. They don’t think she will win after the way she’s played the game.

7:26 PM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa he wants to try to convince James if he’s HOH to only nominate Vanessa and not Vanessa and Austin so he can win the veto and use it on her. Vanessa tells Austin John has agreed to go after James next week.

7:27 PM BBT – Julia tells Liz that she thinks Vanessa is keeping John safe so he can go for Liz and austin.

7:40 PM BBT – Julia now expressing her reservations for being a pawn. She’s afraid Steve won’t vote to save her.

8:12 PM BBT – Vanessa again trying to make Steve feel bad for turning on her last week. She really seems to enjoy doing that to Steve in particular.

8:20 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve that Austin has changed his mind about wanting to be in the final 3 with Liz and Julia.

8:35 PM BBT – Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa is doing what Evel Dick did, as in take her to the end because no one likes her (that’s not what ED did. He just didn’t like anyone and didn’t pretend to). James again says the jury will be bitter against Vanessa.

8:40 PM BBT – Austin speculates about next week when the have-not room is gone and what twists they might use it for.

8:52 PM BBT – Austin goes to Vanessa and tells her everything he just talked about with Meg and James.

9:05 PM BBT – Dinner time.

9:28 PM BBT – Julia tells Liz it would be funny if James saves Meg with the veto.

9:40 PM BBT – HGs playing pool, lounging around or cleaning up after dinner.

10:20 PM BBT – James said if Meg leaves, he’s done being friends with people and that its all about winning then. They talk about what Meg can say to Vanessa to appeal to her wanting Meg to stay. Meg will promise to throw HOH and will even tell James to put her up over Vanessa.

1:00 AM BBT – Vanessa and Liz discuss just telling Meg what’s going on and that they won’t be swayed.

1:30 AM BBT – Meg goes up to HoH to have her talk with Vanessa. Meg offers her the moon and everything in between. She promises she won’t try to win HoH but if James does then she’ll agree to go up as a pawn. Vanessa says she’ll consider the deal but doesn’t think James would hold to a deal with Vanessa.

2:10 AM BBT – Back downstairs Meg is telling James how it went. James is nervous about the idea but willing to see where it goes.

Vanessa won’t take Meg’s deal but she’ll let her think she might. It’ll be good to try to act civil with James and Meg since at least James is staying for sure, but I don’t think Vanessa will be interested in letting James keep his ally. After Monday that choice won’t be up to her though.

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  1. Meg needs to go because she is evil. What yo’all people don’t grasp, is that Meg destroyed Shelli & Clay’s game, by being allowed to run their HOH’s for them. Shelli turned pussy, and suddenly let Meg run her HOH in week 4. Audrey was her ally and ratted out Vanessa’s Final-Two with her, to Shelli; yet Shelli betrayed Audrey, by evicting her over evil Jason. Audrey would never put Clelli up. Jason, Meg & James would: which they did two weeks later!. Meg is Evil Evil, and lied to Shelli and took over her week 4 HOH! James then lied to Shelli week 6 to get her to drop first, Lying that she was safe: then evicting her. Meg, James, Jackie are Evil liars and should never have been allowed so long in the game. They are evil players, bad players, that do nothing but lie. They lied to Becky on Becky’s HOH, took-over her HOH, and then betrayed Becky!
    Go to hell Meg.

  2. Vanessa has totally blown up her game by going after Meg and James. If they go, then she has 5 votes against her in the jury if anyone but Julia make it to the F2 with her.. I hope she goes during the DE this thursday.

  3. Liz & Steve won’t VTE Julia. James & Meg have their best shot @ convincing John & Austin. Not sure what they could say to convince John, but Austin should be easy. He could have Judas VTE Julia so that he can have Liz to himself. Julia is worthless, except for talking trash with her twincompoop. Austin could blame the hinky vote on Steve.

    • Yeah, Liz def wouldn’t VTE Julia and Steve probably wouldn’t either. That’s why Van should be renom’ing Liz then Austin wouldn’t have to vote against her to make it happen.

  4. Omg ever since I read on here that the twins look like Mr.bean that’s all I can think of when I watch after dark I lmao cause they so do lol

  5. I am having a problem with all of the Vanessa haters on here. Isn’t she just playing the darn game? Of course, she lies, manipulates, backstabs, retells stories leaving out a few important things, breaks deals, I thought that was what BB was all about, yet, she is villified on this site. Her paranoia has gotten the best of her alot..but, so what? Now, if she makes it to F2..Becky, Jackie, Shelli and whoever else is there won’t give her the win because they are pissed off that she outplayed all of them. BB needs to become a different kind of game if everyone gets pissed at the way it has been played for the past 17 seasons.

    • It’s not the lying, etc. that makes people dislike Van so much. It’s her holier-than-thou attitude, her delusion that she’s such a straight-shooter, her horrible “I’m the victim”, her always making every situation about her, even when it has zero to do with her, her crying for no reason, her need to go from zero to meltdown/explosion at the drop of a hat, her berating other players, and mostly not owning up to anything, even to the viewers. I’m sure I’ve left out quite a few of her despicable characteristics.

      ETA: Her bullying other HGs and her breaking the rules multiple times, like cheating and bribing, and only getting a warning.

      • I have never liked the way she talks down to other players at times..I feel that comes from her sense of entitlement and lifestyle. I am not saying she has been my favorite player, I don’t have a favorite this time and that has never happened..I just think she came in with a strategy and so far it’s worked, wheather someone likes her or not. I, too, would have liked to see her go into the DR and say “I am playing these people like a fiddle.”..that, I wish she would do.

      • The problem is that she genuinely believes her own lies. She believes that she’s been kind to everyone and that everyone should love her. She will never admit to anything she has done. She is a narcissist.

      • I am thinking a large portion of what we see of Vanessa in BB world is what she is like in the “real world.”

      • Yep, those going into BB thinking that they’ll pretend to be someone there not, usually fail at it. It’s almost impossible to keep up that kind of acting for 3 months with 24×7 cameras watching. Derrick came the closest to doing it, but I think he did it by just tweaking his real character, instead of trying to replace it.

      • Agree with you on Derrick. I do think his real world profession, law enforcement, helped him. Was he a detective? Detectives are trained to manipulate conversations with a suspect to get them to slip up. They also play good cop, bad cop.

      • hubby said the same thing and I agreed. Everyone’s true colors come to light when trapped with people you’d never have associated with outside the house for that amount of time. You’re able to escape more easily outside the house.

      • Disgusting thought, huh. Wouldn’t want to be her, wouldn’t want to know her and surely wouldn’t want to work with her. She’s likely to set you up to be fired for something she has done. SHE takes responsibility for NOTHING.

      • I agree. and I think throughout the years, we have seen a lot of narcissists on the show. I am just talking about her strategy and that so far it’s worked and BB is about lying and backstabbing etc..she has thrown a few “extras” in there..but….she’s still who knows.

      • People that are a true narcissist or has a lot of narcissistic tendencies aren’t well liked by most viewers (at least those that watch/follow the LF.) Amanda and Freaky Frankie come to mind.

      • I totally agree, redroses, and you know how I felt about Frankie last season. I am only saying that Vanessa came in with a strategy and has tweaked it along the way and so far, it’s worked..wheather we like it or not.

      • Yes, I remember! It’s all good, Lynn! The beauty of comments is that we are all entitled to our own opinions, no matter what anyone else thinks. I was just trying to explain the Vanessa bashing. :)

      • I understand. I was just talking more about the lying, backstabbing, manipulation..etc etc part of her game..I have never said that I agree with the bribery and cheating part of it..but, she has so far gotten away with it..she was called out by DR yesterday about the money issue. There seems to be alot of new posters on here this season.

      • Let’s not forget the narcissistic on this thread pointing out a narcissistic. Bcuz it takes 1 to know 1. Don’t like ppl who label others (far from being in hgs shoes i.e not in house).

      • It’s not so much a label as it is a description. I’m going to assume that you’re not familiar with the definition, since the rest of what you wrote doesn’t make much sense. I’m very happy for you that you’ve never had to deal with a narcissistic person in real life! I hope it stays that way.

      • She has played the best game I’ll give her that. I just don’t like her kind of game play. I said weeks ago when she was on the block next to Shelli they should of got rid of her then or she’ll win the game. Yep that worked real good for James. His BFF is walking out the door. All thanks to Vanessa.

    • My reasons for disliking Vanessa go beyond game play. She has berated Steve IMO to the point of bullying. I haven’t seen the reported 45 minute rant she went on with James and Meg, sounds like it was far beyond “game play.” Her offering money to Julia is far beyond the rules/guidelines of the game and pretty sure she knows it, but tries it anyway. Kind of like an attorney in court trying to get something in, says it, has an objection and jury is told to disregard.

      • And that is exactly the way she has been playing the game: like an attorney spending the past three months preparing her case for court. She’s used horribly insensitive tactics to berate other players and seems willing to use every means – fair and unfair – to put and keep them in their place. The problem is, she’s not in a courtroom and is not either prosecuting or defending a killer. She’s overplaying a game and it’s not fun to be around her anymore. At least if she’d go into the DR and admit to us it’s all been her strategy, we might feel more kindly toward her. But as of now, that’s not going to happen.

      • All has been done in seasons of BB, Dan offered Ian a bribe for F2. Dan bullied both Danielle and Ian. All game play -let’s move on already. Not a fan of Vanessa wah wah wa it lol js

    • She’s not playing it according to at least some of the rules. Her latest infraction came with offering other HGs money to do what she wants – in other words, bribery, and that’s a huge BB no-no. No one would fault Vanessa if she played “fairly”, but she’s not. Her list of unfair actions and attitudes is so long it would take another whole BB season to list and explain them here.

    • Yes on everything you said. Why go onBB and never shake up the game. Can you imagine a houseful of Meg’s. Now that would be fun to watch. NOT. Keep playing Vanessa I love the game.

    • She’s cheating anyway she can, from washing her hair in warm water in the sink while being a have not to bribery. That is not a fair player. You can like her all you want but you are supporting a cheating bully. And she’s always the victim because now even poor Vanessa is having such a hard time playing the game because she’s gay. Really??? What a stupid thing to say.

      • I didn’t say I like her tactics..but, that is BB. She has said some ridiculous things..but, who cares..she’s playing the game and I am not supporting a bully. You don’t need to insult me by calling my comments stupid.

      • I didn’t call you stupid I said Vanessa is stupid for saying she’s having a hard time playing the game because she’s gay. That is just ridiculous. I never said you were stupid, Lynn.

      • I don’t think that Kesha was calling your comments stupid. She was calling what Van said about having such a hard time playing the game, because she’s gay, a stupid thing to say. No one in the house has said or exhibited any behavior to indicate that they are in any way prejudice against LBGT.

    • Just curious. Are you watching the feeds or just the CBS TV shows? If you are just watching the show I can understand why you don;t see the unlikable Vanessa. If you are watching the feeds then you know Vanessa has done much more than play the game. Like the twins, she has engaged in some hateful commentary about others in the house who are also “just playing the game”. When she spoke about JMac being crazy and she was afraid to be alone with him because he might kill her or something, the man is a doctor who needs to make a living. What if his patients believe that nonsense?

      And when she was calling James all kinds of names because he won HoH?

      When you throw in her egotistical self-righteous attitude or when she says things like I can tell when people are lying by their pulse? She talks about how smart she is yet all she does is come up with crazy stupid conspiracy theories that are almost always wrong. Her condescending attitude towards Steve? How about when JMac told her DaVonne had the Last Laugh power and she told him he was wrong because she had other information. Then she scolded him telling him he needed to rethink what he was saying. DaVonne did have that power! Vanessa lied saying she couldn’t have because she had other information. That wasn’t about the game. It was about Vanessa thinking she was smarter than everyone in the house so she couldn’t be wrong.

      What About Vanessa blindsiding Jason. Why the blindside? She’s the one who was mad at Becky for being blindsided. Becky did to her exactly what she did to Jason. Then this week again she blindsided James and Meg. She made it personal!

      I have an entire season’s worth of Vanessa words and actions that are outside the lies of the game. She is an unlikable person show sucks the air out of every room she is in. When the HGs are having fun she walks into the room and plants wither and die.

    • Nice Russell Hantz mentality there.

      “The best player didn’t win so the game is flawed”

      Take Dan for example. Excellent game player but his jury management sucked the second time. Same with Danielle R and Alison.

      Plus while Vanessa has played a good strategic game, her social game is horrible.

      “Her paranoia has gotten the best of her alot..but, so what?”

      Uh it burned bridges with certain people causing them not to trust her.

      I’m not saying she’s not playing the game, but it’s the way she’s playing is why people don’t like her. She’s playing with paranoia when it comes to the social game. She also tends to “play it safe” which doesn’t help at this stage of the game.

      Yes BB is about lying and backstabbing, but it’s also about the social connections you made with others and how you impress them with your game. Take Dan again. 1st time he actually had more interaction with the jury than Memphis, so his social game helped. 2nd time while he had similar social game he over did it with the backstabbing thus losing jury votes from Frank, Joe and Shane.

  6. Vanessa’s name shouldn’t even be a part of BB anymore, the producers should enforce the LEGAL CONTRACT and remove her.

  7. Question – what happens if one of the Austwins wins during DE. Do we think they’ll take a shot at Vanessa? I don’t think so. I think it’s James and JMac up with Steve as a replacement.

    • They’ll put James and JMac up against one another for sure! They believe Van is truly their strongest angel of Austin’s Angels!

      • That makes me so incredibly sad. :( I really hope Steve wins but that boy has already betrayed me once by putting up Meg/Jackie.

        Steve or JMac so atleast James can play in the HOH after for another shot at Vanessa.

      • That makes him a sitting duck the week after. But ultimately he has to win from here on out or he is out.

      • Or win long enough to form some new support, which is difficult, but not completely impossible.

    • The way Austin (especially) and the twins run to Vanessa to ask her opinion on everything and permission to breathe is just nauseating. Now Vanessa is beginning to throw Austin under the bus by saying he’s willing to give up F3 so Austin’s Angels can have it all. These people have no backbone and no brains. No one watching from our vantage point could have imagined the Austwins would sacrifice each other for Vanessa, but that’s exactly what’s beginning to happen.

    • I think it will be Vanessa and JMac. I think the Austwins are aware of what Vanessa is up to and if not, they will be once the Austwins win HoH because Steve or JMac will make sure Vanessa is a bigger target than they are.

  8. I died laughing when Aus asked Liz to be his “girlfriend.” What comes next…”going steady?”

    • Doesn’t change the fact that he’s creepy and the way he took possession of Liz. She’s too dumb to realize she really isn’t making a choice at this point. He literally clung to her for weeks. Still creepy if you ask me.

      And then for her to acknowledge the girlfriend, eewwwww, she’s too nasty for me and doesn’t honor girl code. She couldn’t be a friend of mine.

    • Austin is displaying a stereotypical guy response now, though. He was enamored and completely over the moon during the chase. Now that he captured her and they have had sex, he’s showing signs of wanting to get rid of her. He’s said he’s worried about her drinking after the show and that he’s considering not going to F2 with her. I look for him to dump her before the end of the season.

      • I don’t think he was using her the whole time. He just doesn’t realize that he’s more in love with the chase than the actual girl.

      • And here is where Liz went wrong… She gave into the chase and did things with him (allowing him to do things to her) knowing he has a girlfriend. Humph!

      • That’s a good point, Red. I don’t think either one of them is looking for a relationship with each other after the show. He really is nasty! She’s no prize. either.

      • They both think that the other one wants a relationship after the show, when in reality neither one does. If it doesn’t fizzle out before the end of the show, it will not long afterwards.

      • It will be a good two weeks after and him begging her girlfriend back. He will explain that he had to do it to win money for them, none of it was real….

      • I think right now they see themselves as America’s favorites, and once they get out of the house and realize that everyone hated them the whole season, then they’ll break up.

      • Well, since I’m not Bill Clinton, I call what she did for him “sex”, although I haven’t heard about them actually going all the way, yet.

      • I am wondering if Austin and the twins are pretending to be breaking apart to give the other HGs they are not the same big threat as they were. At this stage of the game it would be incredibly stupid to break themselves up. They are so close to being at a point where they can control the game.

      • No one said that they are smart. ;) Austin has been playing with the wrong head all season. I don’t think he’ll change that.

  9. What a totally wasted HOH to get rid of Meg. If they did vote out Julia at least the twins would be split up.Although I think she should nominate Liz. I feel like I can just take a nap and wake me up on Thurs when something might happen, anything. This is the season of nothing. I even got my hopes up last DE and was let down with more dumb choices.

  10. 2:55 PM BBT – Talk continues between Meg and Vanessa. Vanessa suggests this game has been very hard for her in part because she’s gay.

    WTF? no it’s been hard on her from all the constant lying, twisting the truths and then trying to cover all scenarios at all cost. It’s frying what’s left of her brains.

    • For those who wonder why everyone dislikes Vanessa, this is another example of why.

      Also, the way she talks about wanting a letter from Mel as if no one else in the house left someone behind. She is a narcissist. She has the exact personality, including the underlying insecurity, And many narcissists also suffer from depression or bi-polar disorder which can also result from deep insecurities.

      The way she tries to bend the rules or at least push them to the limits, its almost as if she thinks she can outsmart everyone and everybody. I am so glad production finally “spanked her” for offering money to Julia. Using brides to get further in the game taints the game.

    • I knew it was a matter of time she was going to use that… she was leading up to it (even though she contradicted herself putting up Jason). She said she couldn’t put up Audrey because she was part of the LGBT community, that was hint number 1 for me knowing she was going to pull that card. Her being gay is a non-factor! Her being mean, manipulative, a bully, a liar, complete nut, is what makes it hard for EVERYONE else in the game.

      • Then game was hard for him but not because he was gay, he was a pawn on the block just like Johnny mac was. I for one was rooting for him.

  11. As much as I dislike Vanessa, I think that would be going too far. Had they warned her the first two times she talked about splitting the money or or giving money to the others then I would agree giving her penalty noms or even fining her would be in order. But she would have to do something far more serious than what she has done to be removed from the game.

    Perhaps they should take her out of the next POV or HoH comp if she does it again. That would be a serious punishment too. But production should have warned her the first time she did it. I am pretty sure they warned Derrick (I think it was Derrick) last year the first time he had a similar conversation.

  12. The more I think about it, this week has been a complete and utter waste of HOH powers, and one disappointing decision after another. Well, at least James did win POV, and we have DE coming up, so I guess there’s the tiniest little glimmer of hope. Vanessa drives me nuts with all her big talk, but she’s so afraid to make big moves – I can’t imagine what it must be like in her brain. On my worst day, when everything is going wrong, I would still look so very calm next to her. She always seems like she’s one misfiring neuron away from total madness.

    • Exactly, Vanessa is nuts! I am so sick of her freaking out about getting blood on her hands……she wants the blood to get on someone else’s hands! She is such a pu**y……ha ha ha ha….she likes that too….he he he he he! Get it? ;)

  13. So, who else want BB to just start showing us the inside of the Jury House on the feeds once the Veto Ceremony’s over? Because the rest of this week will just be boring!

      • Absolutely… too! I would love to hear/see what they are talking about and what they are doing! :)

  14. ” Vanessa suggests this game has been very hard for her in part because she’s gay.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaat???????? Give me a break. From what I’ve seen, everyone has been entirely accepting and supportive.

    “James said if Meg leaves, he’s done being friends with people and that its all about winning then.” That’s what it was supposed to be about the whole time, James!

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