Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 3 – Game On!

Big Brother 17 continues tonight on CBS as the new cast of Houseguests face their first Battle of the Block competition “but first” we need some nominations.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

James Huling and Jason Roy are in charge of the game, for the moment, but by the end of the night only one will remain as the Head of Household. Four nominees will be selected before they head out back for the BotB where the winner escapes the block.

The Big Brother Takeover isn’t finished just yet though and the two sit-outs are in for a surprise. Stick with us tonight as we find out what’s going to happen next and chat with other Big Brother fans.

First up we’ve got the HoH room reveals and that’s cool because we hadn’t gotten a serious look at the second HoH room. HGs are excited for their first look around the room, but it’s time for more game.

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Phil is back with news for the two HGs who sat out, Vanessa and Da’Vonne. They get the “BB Fast Forward” which sends them straight through with safety to the second week. Now the pressure is on because each of the ladies get to take one HG with them.

Vanessa wants to pick someone strong that might be a target and could stay to help her later. Da’Vonne is worried about picking someone from her own ladies alliance in case that reveals their arrangement. Ultimately Vanessa goes with Austin and Da’Vonne picks Liz.

Shelli is upset that Da’Vonne didn’t pick her or Audrey if they’re supposed to be in some sort of alliance here. Shelli looks to be over that though as she’s cuddled up next to Clay and we’ve got a budding romance here.

Target talk comes up for Audrey and Da’Vonne. Both agree that Jace would be a solid target since he’s a big physical threat while Austin is blocked with his safety. Jason tells Audrey he’s been talking with James about Jace as a target too.

James, as one of the HoHs, is going around to build support for targeting Jace. He’s got Audrey and Da’Vonne or board so now James continues his rounds. Jackie is all for this especially if she’s not the target.

Now they need some pawns to go up and distract Jace. James and Jason work together to go around but no one is thrilled to be a pawn. John goes along with it while Meg and Steve are worried. James is so taken by Becky’s bikini that he immediately offers her safety for the next ten years.

Nominations are decided when Jason gets to go first. He picks John and Becky while James goes second with Steve and Jackie. Becky is in tears because she felt safe. Maybe because James promised her in front of Jason that she was safe!

The Battle of the Block comp is pretty awesome. The setting is a high-rise construction site and the pairs have to carry blocks along a girder beam to build a tower at the other end. Everyone is playing like they’re drunk with frequent falls. It doesn’t look easy at all, but still lots of spills.

Becky and John take a nice lead at the end after both sides were pretty close. Yep, they win to dethrone their nominator, Jason, and escape the block. That also means they can’t go up as renoms after the Veto so they’re really safe until next week.

Can’t wait for the next round of spoilers? Check our BB17 Spoilers board for the latest with links to full details and reports from inside the house and the Live Feeds.

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  1. Guess we are on track tonight. 60 minutes doesn’t look late. I was worry because of the golf this afternoon and of course the breaking news about the capture of Sweat in NY State.

      • Did you see that court document they put on facebook ? I didn’t see it on twitter. Audrey was charge with marijuana possesion, but what it funny, she is listed as Audrey Middleton but the sexe is listed as male. That was in 2014, and she said she had her complete change in 2012. Kind of bizarre.

      • I believe Audrey’s DNA is the same as when she was born: male. I’m not sure about when she should have or could have her birth certificate changed to reflect her current status. I could be wrong.

      • My understanding is that should have been done when she legally change her name. That’s done because the court document list her as Audrey. Bizarre that the sex change wasn’t legally recorded at the same time.

      • You could very well be right Captain ~ I guess it’s worth researching. I am curious how it works legally.

      • My 1st question would be, what if she get jail time, where are they going to send her ?

      • I tried a cigar once, I think I probably turned green for a few minutes. Guess I needed a stronger constitution at the age of 8 or 10.

      • ohhh really? 8 or 10? I tried a cig at about 14. you’re way more advanced than me!

      • My great uncle handed it to me as we sat in lawn chairs in the front yard. I thought I was big stuff. He knew what he was doing. I never tried another one.

      • I was in our old barn with a few friends hiding from my dad. It was Kents. I quit cold turkey in 2000 and haven’t regretted it. Don’t miss the persistent cough and bronchitis.

      • Absolutely not…I was a good, very good boring young lady myself! Actually a tomboy.

      • Where’d u go? I was enjoying our little tete-a-tete … getting me wound up for the day!

      • Orange is the New Black seem to have addressed that issue. A transgender character there played by Laverne Cox jailed inside an all-women’s facility.

      • For all intents and purposes Audrey is a woman. She would be put in the female area of the prison. Doesn’t matter what her Birth Certificate says.

      • Awkward to talk about but Aud identifies as TG. That means no surgery. TS, as I understand it, means they had the surgery. So, if Aud has only changed the secondary sex characteristics, for jail purposes she is still male. Confusing.

      • She did say in her introduction to the group that she had the full transformation 3 years ago. So that’s 2012.

      • Oh sorry, didn’t know. I don’t have Showtime. What is that Nurse Jackie ? A drama ?

      • Yes, a drama. I don’t watch anything that’s likely to raise my blood pressure or make my white hair even whiter. Tonight was Nurse Jackie’s 7 year series finale ~ quite emotional ~ the end of an era. I love Edie Falco. I’ll miss her.

    • Did you see Jason do his band exercise with Austin was hysterical! Especially when he was walking back and forth with it on his funny!

      • Missed that one. Are you still watching? Did they find out who that person was stirring the pot? lol Just smoke and mirrors.

      • But, does anyone else feel like the TV episodes go by so’s like they are trying to cram all of this stuff in..there is hardly no time left for game talk..that is what I enjoy..good thing I have the feeds!

    • Geeky reactions. He’s a lover not a fighter ~~ I think he’s gonna drown in this house.

  2. BB is brought to you by Plenti, because twists are a-plenti this season.

    Get Plenti.

      • Me too! I just want to hug him. I’d give him the power of self esteem. Poor kid. I just love him.

      • I feel bad for him too. He doesn’t have very good social skills. Kind of awkward.

      • He is kind of the wounded bird of the bunch. But, I think he might inspire more sympathy in the viewer than he does with those who live with him. At times the awkwardness is painful to witness. Im afraid if he doesnt relax and soften his edges his confreres are going to experience compassion fatigue and boot him out.

      • I completely agree. I feel for Steve, and I want him to continue in the game, but I’m pretty sure he screwed himself over when he complained about being used as a pawn. It won’t help his social game at all. If they can’t get Jace out, they’ll have no problem voting Steve out instead.

    • Watching him on feeds he is playing very smart right now. Could change, we have seen that.

  3. It’s not good to go into the BB house as a real passive person. Seems they are the ones to get nomed at first

    • Maybe with this ultra young adult crowd ~ passive hgs usually coast for awhile longer than just 1 week.

    • I’ve always thought the passive ones end up slipping by, at least for awhile. Look at last year–Joey was opinionated, and they immediately kicked her out. And Victoria didn’t do a single thing all season and she made it almost to the end.

      • Your point is very valid. It does seem though, that more passive people are the ones nomd first and used the most as pawns, early on especially,because they won’t put up as much stink or be as confrontational as others, for instance, Becky and Steve.

      • I see your point. Seems like it’s bad to be on either end of the spectrum. Though I still hope that John will get the boot soon. lol

      • You must have feeds. I haven’t seen nor heard enough from him to have an opinion about him yet. Even reading on Jokers he isn’t mentioned hardly at all, in the parts I’ve read anyway.

      • Lol, no, I’m just going on first impressions. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up loving him. lol.

      • I hope he turns out to be a fantastic player and a decent, easy to love guy. I’ve found out in life, and a couple of times the hard way, that it isn’t the pretty boys that are the nicest guys or make the greatest husbands. It’s usually the ones that don’t really stand out the most but when you get to know them they become as gorgeous outside as they are inside. The dentist may just be one of those.:)

      • I completely agree with that. My first impression was based on how he’d answered the introduction questions (which I read on EW’s site), in which he talked about hating relationships and personally annoying girlfriends until they break up with him. Plus he apparently hates nerds, and those are my people. lol.

      • I saw most of the female interviews and two of the males. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have to keep my eye on him. LOL

    • Did you cry like I did? The hospital closing down, … oh just all of it, very emotional. And it ending with her life in question~ Yikes!

  4. There’s a story on the net about Clay. Seems like his apartment was burglarized while he is in the BB house.

    http://m.theeagle dot com/news/local/big-brother-star-clay-honeycutt-s-home-burglarized/article_95703a2d-b1f8-53b9-a4e7-49d882f284f2.html?mode=jqm

    • So what was that Jace hairdo all about tonight while sitting around the kit table during the nomination ceremony. Weird ~

    • Laughing … Just realized my comment below has absolutely nothing to do with your above comment. So sorry ~~ nitey nite.

      • Still a good question… looks like an attention-getter to me. Got your’s didn’t it? LOL

      • Not in the least. Not enough air time, it’s like a cram session. Reading an hour of Jokers was more entertaining. I’ve only watched half of BBAD. It was the Liz/Austin show.

      • I agree ~ so little air time, so many commercials. Cram sessions can be good, depends on what you’re ‘cramming’. Too much foul language on BBAD for my taste so I don’t watch ~ last year was a laugh-a-minute.

      • On last year being “a laugh-a-minute”, I protest! The Frankie show was far from entertaining to me.:(

      • Sorry to hear that. I found him greatly amusing (most of the time) … stop protesting and enjoy the moment ~~

      • So Karen Kud ~ where’d my ‘comment above’ go? Weird stuff happenin’ ~ mostly good. Sooo, what was the question???

  5. What was the name of the BoB comp? It sounded like Diplo Up but that can’t be right.

  6. I still don’t care for this new fangled way of presenting the nominees for BOB. It’s much more dramatic for the HOH to pull (not turn and face lights up on a screen) the key, look at it, look up, and then announce the name. Just me ~~ I’m a glutton for drama.

  7. Too much bro-code ~ annoying. I finally got down that ‘sparkling teeth’ is Shelli (patting myself on my back). Jeff is a worrier, so concerned about his TAR association with Jackie. I’m really warming up to Vanessa (but subject to change at any moment).

  8. To the best of my knowledge, I don’t remember the two HOH’s questioning each hg separately about how they’d feel if they were put up on the block as pawns. Were the HOH’s trying to play it safe and avoid being targeted next week, future weeks?

  9. Is there a line of white dental chairs in the have not room? Saw it briefly the other night on BBAD.

  10. OK..I have listened to these feeds today and I so tired of hearing that Jace was thrown under the bus by “this person,” who is “this person?” Is it Clay? These people are crazy! Or is this all just more BS from this bunch?

  11. You know, without her makeup on, you can see the scars on Becky’s face from the accident.

  12. Ok what if Jace gets saved somehow since stuff happens sometimes. He would be so mad at James, Austin might be mad. Why make a fake alliance with him. I do not understand the point of all that. I would be horrible at these games, I’d just tell people they are the noms and be honest but I know people hate that.

    • And don’t nom me at this point of the game and then tell me how sorry you are. There were plenty of other choices.

  13. Random but do any of you read the BB recaps on Entertainment Weekly? I can no longer find their comment section -_-

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