‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Ceremony Results

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers are here for the Power of Veto Ceremony with the outcome announcing the final nominees of the week ahead of Thursday night’s eviction.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother
Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

We’ve been watching and preparing for the Veto meeting with those in control seeming pretty definitive on how they’d handle the opportunity presented to them. Oh yes, we’re on the fast track to our first Backdoor of the season and it’s only the first week. Glorious!

Steve Moses won the Power of Veto so it’s a no-brainer that he decided to save himself from the Block.

James Huling named Jace Agolli as the renom in Steve’s spot which should be awkward (for him, not us) considering there have been multiple assurances and even an alliance formed between them. Well, not a real alliance, but you know. So now that’s been pulled back and the real plans were revealed.

Jace has promised fireworks if nominated so let’s see what he can pull off before he’s sent packing on Thursday. Austin and Liz/Julia feel confident they have the votes needed to keep Jace, but they are way, way short of that mark. This should be fun.

Update: Jace and James are arguing in the HoH room right now. Flashback to 1:50PM BBT. James says he’s sorry, but Jace says James is “full of s**t.”



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  1. I hope Audrey’s spot gets blown up a little bit more. She’s entertaining but a good BB player knows how to cover their bases and she’s running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I see Vanessa as someone who may pull through as a great player, she’s starting to show some of it!

  2. Jace bringing up to James “What would Jesus do?”…John Quinones..What would you do? …..I will evict you!.

    • As a man of faith I would definitely reply: ”Oh wait, that’s an AMAZING marketing device! I’ll take that catch phrase and mass produce it so I could make millions off reminding people to be more like Jesus!” ;)

  3. I kinda want Jace to stay strictly for entertainment. Yeah we have other entertaining hgs like Day, Jason, John, and Audrey, but I want more entertaining houseguests.

      • I love me some Jackie, however I don’t mind her leaving this week. I always want the person who would entertain me to stay over the person who won’t.

      • Ok. I can follow that logic.

        But who would you rather see streaking on the feeds?

        In all honesty though, I like Jackie and Jeff and want to see if they can get something going despite being an obvious target.

        Jace is a little bit annoying to me, to be quite honest. I won’t be upset at all if he goes.

      • The streaking was pathetic..made me think he’s trying to be like Arlie, which he never will be. The streaking was a joke, not even funny, nor entertaining. Afterwards all he kept saying was. “do you think this will make it to after dark”? Said that to everyone..at least 10 times. He is only after camera time. I was starting to feel bad for jace with his ” I’m the laughing stock of America (not just America Jace)..My parents are going to be ashamed of me, I gave up my job, my apartment (as if the HGs are to feel sorry for him and let him stay)” His whining was endless..pitiful display. BUT then when he pulled his crap with Steve..all that went out the window. He tried to scare and intimidate Steve, I’m glad he didn’t succeed, Steve handled himself well. When he blamed steve for his demise, he showed (at least to me) that he is nothing more than a ‘jock’ bully. I just hope that there is nothing that will prevent him from leaving. I am so tired of his obnoxious arrogant ways. He started off to strong, that always fails. Lets just hope that Audrey is the next one out..lol

    • Your right he us good for entertainment but I can’t stand him. And Audrey, she/he needs to cool it down she is going in all directions and making to many so called alliances way too early.

      • I think it is important that all self expression be respected. That is equally applicable to AmyLu as to Aud. If you respect Aud, then please respect AmyLu.

      • AmyLu, I’m going with “she” for Aud. But, if self expression is to be valued, that goes for you as much as Aud. Call Aud whatever makes YOU comfortable. You dont need to submit your self expression to the PC police.

  4. I am really beginning to get tired of Audrey’s constant interrogations of just about every HG. I am glad to see Vanessa push back with her.

    • Oh you’re watching that? It’s funny..I think. lol Audreys Investigation 101, Vanessa seemed to be smart but Audrey hasn’t stopped her BS either..She wants further investigation, like a special hearing..haha

    • It is good for one week only. I like the twist actually and hope they keep it. It gives the stragglers a chance to remain in the game. They should have puzzle pieces or questions a fast forward each week to make sure everyone is playing the game because they cannot afford to just float. Assign it at random for answering a question correctly or attach a sticker to a puzzle piece.

      • Thanks, Richie. I’m all for anything to keep HG’s from floating. Play the game!

  5. Later folks ~ gotta get back to The Good Wife and Nurse Jackie finale is tonite after BB.

  6. I don’t think I have ever seen a HG come into the game and play as hard and as fast as Audrey. She simply makes things up..she always says “I’m going to get that person.” or “I’m going to have a talk with that person.” or “I heard this person said this about me..I’m going to have a talk with that person.” Funny thing is..she never puts a name out there. Her constant interrogations of just about every HG is really starting to irritate me!

    • It’s hard to imagine being able to do that much lying, deceiving, and improvisation without a lot of previous practice.

  7. Good season. Just get Clay out of there. The man is boring as ****. Same goes for Becky and Vanessa.

  8. I’m not sure what’s happening with Audrey, but from what I’m reading it seems that she will ruin things for herself and Da’vonne.

  9. Just popping in to say HI to some of the regulars and newbies! Looking forward to the new season and shooting the breeze with everyone!

  10. Jace was obnoxious from the beginning, and that doesn’t paint a very pretty picture.

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