Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Friday Highlights

After a morning and afternoon filled with sleeping, it was a crazy evening and night in the Big Brother 17 house as the power shift really went into high gear following Friday’s nominations.

James is feeling good being back in power and shaking up the house - Source: CBS All Access
James is feeling good being back in power and shaking up the house – Source: CBS All Access

Shelli and Clay found themselves in the line of fire and a lot of tears were shed and even more people were thrown under the bus. It was quite an exciting day and we have a load of highlight for you.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 31, 2015:

9:06 AM BBT – HGs getting their first wake up call, “Circle of Life.”

11:05 AM BBT – Vanessa is up and looking worried.

12:15 PM BBT – Vanessa quizzing Clay over what he told James. She’s worried Clay “threw her under the bus.” Vanessa leaves and Clay tells Shelli that Vanessa was acting guilty.

1:10 PM BBT – Have-Not food revealed: Lolli Slop. HNs get lollipops with their Slop. Not terribly practical.

2:09 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli feel confident that James will stay good to the deal. They are however worried that he may BD them.

2:15 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Meg that she wouldn’t consider herself a “big move” to target.

2:24 PM BBT – John relaying information to Clay. Tells him what James told him about upcoming noms.

2:45 PM BBT – Meg and James say they’re ready to see Shelli and Clay sweat like they have.

3:54 PM BBT – Feeds return from Noms Ceremony. Clay and Shelli are on the Block. Shelli is crying in Clay’s arms. Clay calls James a P.O.S. Shelli yells at Clay to not lose his cool like that again (he apparently went off on James after the ceremony).

3:56 PM BBT – Vanessa mentions that Shelli didn’t even hug her when she attempted to do so after noms.

4:00 PM BBT – Shelli and Vanessa get into it. Shelli thinks Vanessa is putting Austin before her and Clay. Vanessa gets really pissed and starts yelling after Clay tells her this is her fault for what she did to Jason. She tells them to stop blaming that all on her because they had a part in it too. Shelli begging Vanessa to quiet down because others can hear her. Vanessa says no, if you want to fight we will fight. She then decides to just walk away. Vanessa storms outside. Clay gets pissy when BB asks him to put on his microphone. Shelli tells him to not be mad at production even though it was very convenient that they called James to the DR for the ceremony right when Clay was on his way to talk to James (kind of like they did when Jason was about to talk to Vanessa right before the veto meeting? Yeah like that).

4:05 PM BBT – Elsewhere, the HGs are talking about the events. James is telling them that he didn’t just do this for his game but he did it for the house. People are telling him they support his decision and will have his back next week when which ever one survives comes after him.

4:07 PM BBT – Vanessa joins the others outside. She again explains in detail why Jason had to go up. She runs down all of her other options weren’t available. She also says and if Shelli and Clay act like they were innocent in all of that they are lying.

4:10 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli say they need to calm down and try to get Austin backdoored. Clay says if he wins veto he will use it on Shelli. They go to find James.

4:12 PM BBT – Shelli walks outside and everyone shuts up. In a fantastic b*tch moment she glares at them and asks “WHAT ARE YOU ALL TALKING ABOUT?” There are a few mumbles back but she just grabs James to go into the hammock room. They tell James how upset they are about him breaking the promise he made to Shelli during the HOH competition. He told her that was a real deal until he started hearing things and then started thinking about how bad an idea it is to leave such a strong couple in the game. Shelli and Clay deny everything James mentions, like their deals with Jeff, Jason, Meg, and basically everyone else in the house. They tell him they would have been so loyal to him. James isn’t really buying much of what they’re saying.

4:30 PM BBT – Vanessa is still heated. She’s still talking smack on Clay and Shelli.

5:05 PM BBT – Jackie taking to John about how Shelli and Clay can’t be trusted. She tells him they told her they had her back and they have betrayed her. She’s working on trying to turn him against them.

5:10 PM BBT – James is telling Meg, Jackie and Becky (kick Becky out, James) about his conversation with Shelli and Clay. He says they have to win veto and not use it so they can choose which one they want to send home.

5:15 PM BBT – Shelli has met up with Vanessa, who is still visibly upset, in the bathroom. She’s crying to her and telling her she didn’t mean to throw her under the bus, but she needs Vanessa to keep her pulled back to earth when she gets that way. Shelli also asks Austin if he will have their backs since they risked everything saving him last week and now are the ones paying for it. Austin gets a little wishy-washy over it and Shelli gets angry. Austin tells her that James is threatening him. He says James will put him or Liz up if one of them come down and he suggests he couldn’t vote against Liz. Shelli seems to expect him to do just that since they saved him last week.

5:20 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli this game isn’t designed for people to fall in love and make it all the way to the end. She mentions Brendon going home and Rachel sticking around and winning. Vanessa is implying that Shelli and Clay will get married after this so if one of them goes, the other one can still win the money. She also tells her that America loves her and Clay.

5:30 PM BBT – Shelli is now really regretting voting out Jason. She says that Becky is just floating by and that she should have voted out her.

5:56 PM BBT – Clay apologizes to Vanessa for implying he didn’t trust her. Vanessa is crying and acting victimized.

6:05 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg talking about Clay saying he’d use the veto on Shelli. Jackie says “we can’t let that happen.” They really want Shelli out over Clay.

6:22 PM BBT – John tells Becky that they cannot win this upcoming veto.

6:30 PM BBT – Meg is so upset that Shelli and Clay think them making jury together at least is so much more important that Jason, whose dream was to be on Big Brother, didn’t even get to make it to jury.

6:45 PM BBT – Steve tells Vanessa he’d rather Becky go home so the bigger targets would stay in the game (OK, Steve). Vanessa says it’s possible to get James to put her up (OK, Vanessa).

6:50 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli and Clay she has a plan, but she needs to work it out first. She also tells Liz and Austin. She tells them it’s a good plan and could work.

7:00 PM BBT – Becky and John telling Clay that Vanessa isn’t on their side. Shelli comes after Clay leaves and John tells her that Vanessa was throwing her under the bus outside earlier.

7:55 PM BBT – Shelli thinks there’s a light side of the house and a dark side of the house and she doesn’t know why they went with the dark side because they aren’t those kind of people.

8:35 PM BBT – Shelli thinks James is on a power trip and she’s disgusted.

9:23 PM BBT – Clay comforts Shelli as she’s crying again.

9:43 PM BBT – Austin is talking to Liz about veto. He says it will be best for them if Shelli and Clay remain on the block. He says he won’t use the veto if he wins.

10:00 PM BBT – Jackie tells Austin that Shelli and Clay have sure been throwing him under the bus. He’s not surprised. He agrees that Shelli should go over Clay.

10:55 PM BBT – Clay doing some veto campaigning to Austin, Liz and Julia. He wants them to use the veto on Shelli and suggests they might be able to get Steve up as the replacement nominee.

11:20 PM BBT – Jackie, James and Meg are talking in the HOH room. They talk about this is all fallout from last week and that it’s not just revenge on Jason but actually smart game moves. They agree that Vanessa is just as bad as Shelli and Clay.

11:30 PM BBT – Vanessa is talking to Shelli and Clay again about ways to save them. She tells them to make sure they’re nice to the twins because they can be easily swayed. Vanessa decides to go talk to Austin before James has a chance to make a deal with him and the twins.

11:40 PM BBT – Vanessa finds Austin. He tells her that he told James he would do exactly what he wants him to do this week. Vanessa seems to think that was a smart idea. They both agree that Shelli should have won HOH this week. Vanessa seems less confident on any plans to save both Shelli and Clay now.

11:45 PM BBT – Vanessa goes to make a deal with James. She heads to the HOH room. Vanessa tells James and company that she’s very upset that Clay and Shelli threw her under the bus. She tells James she totally understands his move. No deals are able to be made at this time.

12:30 PM BBT – Vanessa asks James how he would feel about Shelli picking her as HG’s choice in the veto competition. She asks if she should throw it. He tells her to just do what she thinks is best for her own game.

1:39 PM BBT – Shelli tells Vanessa that she feels like there’s a divide in the alliance now and that they don’t have her and Clay’s backs. Vanessa gets really mad and tells her she’s done and can’t do it anymore. Feeds cut to fish.

1:42 PM BBT – Feeds return to Shelli trying to smooth things over with Vanessa. Shelli tells her she’s worried because James, Meg and Jackie are talking to people in the game that they’ve never talked to and she thinks that everyone is turning against them. Shell tells her she has to understand how it feels because they’re being shunned. She says she and Clay flipped last week to save Austin and doesn’t think they’d do the same. Vanessa says what they do doesn’t represent her. Vanessa tells Shelli they’re accusing her of things that aren’t real. Vanessa asks her how much she expects her to take. She suggests she’s reached her limit with Shelli and Clay after all the things they’ve pulled since Jason’s backdoor.

1:48 AM BBT – Vanessa denies that she’s been asked not to use the Veto though she basically made that agreement with James earlier.

1:55 AM BBT – Shelli asks Vanessa to not let this come between them but Vanessa says she has to also look out for herself.

2:45 AM BBT – Vanessa points out to Clay and Shelli that only two members of the other side can play in HoH comp next week. They’re sitting ducks. Vanessa asks what they’ll do with the Veto if one of them wins it. Clay says he’ll use it on Shelli. He thinks she has a better overall chance of winning so it’d make more sense.

3:15 AM BBT – James in HoH room with Jackie and Becky as they anticipate Veto competition on Saturday. James thinks Clay will pick Austin to play and so would he.

3:30 AM BBT – Houseguests are all asleep and getting ready for the big Veto Saturday.

What a wild and awesome day of Feeds and fun. The house is divided with the minority force holding incredible power over the other side. Clay and Shelli’s allies are anything but as they fear the Veto being used and one of them going up on the Block. The pressure is on to win it and lock it down. Should make for an exciting Saturday.

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  1. Just read this on Joker’s updates @ 11:32 PM…
    Now talking about James breaking his deal with Shelli… Vanessa: I
    would NEVER make a deal with the whole house and then go against it.

    Van is suffering from short term memory loss or is delusional.

    • Neither, she’s just spinning the story the best she can. If she can talk her way through the next few weeks (and learn when to SHUT UP) she may just make it to the end.

      • It was Van talking to Shay. So, if it’s not STML or delusion, it’s lying. Why lie to Shay about that?

      • that is interesting,I’ll have to think about that one.I know I’m the only one but I find her game play fascinating.

      • I doubt it…she’s talked and spun her way (like an ADHD maniac) to being a huge target. Derrick she is not.

      • But in a season full of couch-sitters, you don’t have to be Derrick.

      • Well said. People keep forgetting there is no winning formula – it just depends on the social dynamics each season. :)

      • I agree…and can’t wait for Johnny Mac to strike. He is this year’s snake – just chillin’ in the grass and waiting for his moment.

      • Yep. Nobody is allowed to lie to her. She is allowed to lie to everybody. I think that’s why she talks non-stop; it’s harder to pick out her lies.

      • I can see how people are saying that, but I just don’t see it. Derrick said what he needed to, and guided others into making the decision he wanted them to make; all the while they think it’s their own decision. Vanessa just talks incessantly until others capitulate, and then after she’s gone they make up their own mind.

    • She’s a very good spin doctor for sure! If I needed to lead a country, she’d be the best political advisor one could hope for (not the most moral, but definitely accomplished)!

      • V is obviously calculating, manipulative, and a great reader of people because of her high-stakes poker background. Unlike Derrick, who got people to do his bidding and got them to believe they had thought of Derrick’s moves, V is a “bully-talker” and wears people down with her mouth. That is going to wear out her welcome very soon. She is becoming less likable by the hour.

  2. The Nerve of these people nominating the power couple! How dare they nominate sweet little Shelli and down to earth lover boy Clay?! They could at least treat them with integrity like they did with Jason right?! Ha-ha wrong!! :P Are you frikkin kidding me!? Cry me a river why don’t you! You guys have lied and went against your words and so now you think its OK for James to keep his word and keep y’all safe?! Well at least now you see where everyone stands and who really had your backs! Revenge is a B isn’t?! ^__^

    • I think it wasJackie who said something about it not being about revenge, it was gameplay. A little “sweet” revenge is good for the soul at times like these in the BB house.

    • Shelli and Clay’s gameplay and behavior can be described in one word – Entitled.

  3. this is pure gold – probably the most exciting week in a long time.

    PS. I’m still pissed @ CBS for not allowing us Canadians to watch the live feeds. grrr

    • I’d be upset too, but don’t feel too bad. I only read these highlights and other bits on this site and I feel pretty well informed :)

      • Alison, have you ever tried Jokers? Probably have, but thought I would mention it just in case. Someone on BBN was nice enough to tell me about it last year.

      • Jokers’ Updates is another fan site dedicated to BB and is the leading one in terms of up-to-date house happenings by the minute.

      • I was gone for a while, so I really appreciate you, James and redroses, for sharing the information. :)

      • Actually, I haven’t. I’ve been watching BB for years but only got into sites with updates like this one a couple years ago. This site is pretty much my go-to, I’ve never looked elsewhere. I’ll have to take a look and see what’s out there.

      • the bb highlights on twitter are live, so that’s another way for you to know about what’s happening in the house slightly earlier than the live feed updates. There’s about 3 or 4 accounts that update regularly.

    • I’m more pissed than the whole of Canada combined. I’m from somewhere else (Philippines) and I can’t watch BBUS feeds altogether.

      • Have you ever been able to or it that something new this year for you and/or Canada? For someone unable to get feeds, James, you are always right there on top of things.

      • BBUS is way better than the big brother Phils, there’s no backstabbing and lying, it’s like they’re not playing for money, they act like angels. From Cebu here by the way.

      • Uy, may backstabban at bitsesan kaya rin doon.

        Season 2 may Maricris vs Bea, sa Double Up sina Princess vs Mariel, Unlimited has Kigoy against the whole house. Sa All In, strategy ni Ranty na i-throw ang IC para makakuha ng pogi points sa mga fans ng dugyot at patalsikin si Aina (actually only bought him a week).

        At siyempre, All In saw the house up in arms against the runaway showmance, Jane and Joshua.

        Even if you’re stuck with the original Dutch format, hindi ibig sabihin ay hindi mo puwedeng itratong laro ang PBB. :D

      • I’ve only seen the first, celebrity, teens and little bit of the season 2 coz I left for US. There was not so much competitions back then but I seen the season of Melason which already has hoh and not sure if there was a pov, but they’re not as dedicated to win than most of the players here. That’s why when I seen the US version I can’t help but compare. I’m not saying pbb is bad but I guess it depends on the audience.

      • The current season, 737, also have immunity challenges right after nominations on live TV.

        Much of the cast over the years have all been aware that there can only be one winner but to be fair, everyone who joins PBB make the most out of the experience they get in there. As a result, if the cast is great, we get great TV (sampal ni Myrtle kay Yves, breakdown ni Aldrin after less than one week sa bahay, away ng mga guardians ng teens, anything na may kinalaman kay Uma at Kass sa season nila, etc)

        Problema lang na nagiging stagnant na ang format as it is after 10 years.

      • I heard there’s so much backlash on the current season. To be fair pbb has more funny moments than the ones here and Big Brother himself is really interactive too.

      • The twist for the current season is that at least 3 groups of housemates will be staying in the house for 7 weeks (per group). The first one to enter are teens and this Saturday, the remaining teens will give way to a new batch of regular civilian housemates, followed by celebrities reportedly in the final 7 weeks of the show.

        Much of the “backlash” is brought in part of a grave misunderstanding over the concept of what a “bromance” is.

  4. Vanessa and Shelli are at odds about who to sell out. Of course, Vanessa chooses Becky over Steve, Steve is her rat. Shelli says no to Becky because Becky is Shay’s rat, for the time being. Sounds a little similar to the Austin/Jason situation and we see where that led us.

    • Wish they’d throw in a a new BB twist this week that would lead to both noms, assuming Shay stays on the block, being evicted. They could say it is because the 2nd twin entered the house. (I know it won’t happen, but I can dream!)

    • I love how they’re plotting who James should renom when A) neither of them are HoH this week and B) PoV players and comp haven’t even happened yet!

  5. Excitement, finally. And all it took was getting rid of BOTB which I (and most everyone) campaigned for.

  6. The real target seems to be Shelli. So what will happen if Clay wins veto and uses it on Shelli? He may be liked enough to get through this week

    • Depends on who the renom is. If James sticks to his original plan to renom Liz, I think that Clay will still go. With anyone else it’s iffy.

      • If Liz is the renom, won’t Clay’s chance of staying actually become higher because the HGs will want to get rid of the twins? Only Austin, Vanessa, and Julia will sure vote to keep Liz. But the rest probably won’t?

      • Here’s how I think the breakdown of votes will happen if the final block is one of Shay & Liz:
        Austin & Julia: Liz for obvious reasons
        Meg & Jackie: Liz for James’ HoH

        Becky & John: Shay, because they’re both still blind to them
        Other Shay: Shay for obvious reasons

        Van & Steve: unknown, although I think they’d vote the same. If it’s Clay left on the block, I think Clay goes. If it’s Shelli left on the block, it would depend on who Van wants going forward. I suspect that she’d pick Liz, because there are 3 numbers going forward vs. just 1 number with Shay.

      • If the final 2 nominees are Liz and Clay, Clay should convince the James’s group that this is the best time to take out Liz and weakens the Austin-Liz-Julia alliance, because come next week it will be 1 of his group people that will be targeted. I mean, let’s be honest, James can’t participate; Meg’s chance of becoming HoH is super slim; Jackie may fare better but probably not enough.

        Anyway let’s wait until after veto. It’s getting exciting for sure!

      • At this point it won’t matter about next week. James will be going home. The only way for James to not go is if A: one of his group get’s HOH, slim chance there but it could happen. They will be fighting for their life and they are do. B: the house flips and realize’s that James would be a great number to them. This is one that is harder to swallow because they are now all paranoid because they are not in power but it could lead to a renewed source for James if he is able to get in their heads between now and Thursday.

      • James doesn’t seem to be very receptive to Clay and Shelli. I know he told them they needed to go to work if they wanted to try and convince the others that they should stay. At this point, I don’t see that happening.

    • The Sixth sense is banking on the fervent hope that Shelli comes off the block. It then depends on who goes up besides Clay. I think Clay should start packing.

      • Clay is a recruit, he has never heard of Marcellus. He seems to think falling on his sword for his Lady-fair will win him brownie points.

  7. I’ve been a bit depressed this season, because of BoB and that 2 of my favs (Da & Jason) were steamrolled. Since yesterday’s nom’s, I can’t get Pharrell Williams “Happy” out of my head! Clap along, if you agree. :)

    youtube dot com/watch?v=y6Sxv-sUYtM

    • My computer is giving me lots and lots of grief,
      but I still got my rhythm on groovin’ to the beat.

  8. The real Big Brother game has finally begun with this power flip! I think all fans are getting the BB excitement. It’s funny how Shelli accused James of being on a power trip…yeah you mean just like you and Clay have been since day 1 in the game up until now.

    • Shelli is flipping back and forth between that sort of stuff and the other side having a point in what hey are doing. Her point about a light side and dark side is true. Its clear Austin and the twins (or at least Liz represent the dark side. I think Meg, James and Jackie more light side than dark side.

  9. Becky and John both lost a lot of points in my book for ratting to chelli. They have to realize that chelli doesn’t care about them and its a sinking ship.

    • I agree! I’ve lost all hope for Becky and think she’s expendable, but I’m hoping that JMac wakes up soon! I think he’ll play an awesome game once he starts playing.

      • Yes, Becky needs to go but not this week. Keep the noms the same or make sure either Shelli or Vanessa goes home. I like Vanessa but it is clear without her Clelli and Austwins will not work together. Maybe 3 alliances fighting it out would be the result of Vanessa leaving. That would be fun to watch.

  10. that line vanessa said about america loving clay and shelli is such bs. Look where they are on Joker’s Updates! + and they are pretty much plastic 25 cent barbie and ken doll wannabes lol.

    • Given these housemates’s current living situation, they can only assume. Gotta love how they wlll find out about the pulse of the average BB fan.

      • also, clay is a recruit, so he wouldn’t know jack about which players are liked by america and which ones aren’t.

  11. I was really annoyed with Jame’s lack of care before this week but now I am definitely liking him again! Thank goodness he is shaking up this house. This season was getting very boring. I just hope Jackie can pull out another Hoh win next week.

    • James has really grown on me. His quick wit is actually funny most of th etime. I used to like JMac but I just do not get what he is doing other than playing the pawn for Shelli and Clay. If that his strategy? Remember when pawns always went home?

      Anyway, James is turning out to be much smarter than I thought he was and he has a lot of guts. His arguments with Clay are so one sided Shelli has to tell Clay to stop talking. I guess she is afraid Clay will eventually choke on his feet.

  12. I like that James took a risk hat he knows may get him evicted next week. That is a BB player…best of luck James

  13. They need to get rid of Clay. Shelli would be worthless in the house without Clay… all she’d do is whine and cry more than she is now.

    • I think Shelli is better at comps. I think we will see some comps coming up that are more mental than physical since we just saw the endurance comp. Clay will struggle with those. Therefore, its best to get Shelli out.

      • I do too. She was one of the last on the endurance cop and she had been on slop all week.

    • I think it would be just the opposite: Clay would be lost in the house without Shelli telling him how to play the game.

  14. Shelli the power didn’t get into james like it did you. Now you must feel dumb and stupid. Glad to see you or clay leaving. If I were james whomever wins the veto he should go tell them they don’t use it or they be bd

    • Whoever wins PoV and uses it is safe for that week, unless a nom wins it and uses it on the other nom. That’s the only case where the PoV gives up their safety.

      • I only remember that happening once; Evel Dick saving Danielle… and those morons STILL didn’t vote him out.

      • Brendon used it to save Rachel the week that he was sent packing. That’s the year that Rachel won.

      • Ah, ok. I was never a Brenchel fan (and that’s putting it MILDLY); probably why I don’t recall that.

  15. I loved Jason so I’m glad that James is retaliating his allies betrayal! Big game move! This isn’t a “find love” game show!

  16. Too bad Clay and Shelli stuck their necks out to save Austin and now the sixth sense alliance is throwing them under the bus. Whichever one stays needs to stick with JMac, Becky and Steve. Tell James and Meg they’ll work with them and get out Vanessa, Austin and the twins. Then target James and that group.

    • Becky really screwed her game up by thinking she could align with Shelli and Clay. If someone wins veto and take one of them off the block. I think Becky is going to be exposed as a rat.

      • Strength in numbers. Would you want to side with the team in a game of numbers that has 3 people or the side with 7 people? Seems like a no brainer to me.

      • Becky can play both sides without being exposed as a rat. Social game is key to go under the radar while being friends with every side of the house.

      • Agreed, but there are risks to that strategy if the different sides start comparing notes. It’s a tough game! That same strategy just blew up in Shelli and Clay’s face. So many variables at play.

      • Not on this blog. People think when sides are uneven, the show is Boring and not interesting. i I think once one side is eliminated then the game really starts to play.

      • Agreed. There’s definitely a disconnect between what constitutes good game play and what people on this blog root for. Sometimes good game play is boring. Take Derrick last year as an example.

  17. Hey there country boy ~~ you sure are scary in that ominous black hat and big dark sunglasses.

  18. I just want to know if Clay would actually use the veto on Shelli, like I hope she’s worth 500,000 dollars Clay.

  19. Fun and interesting times indeed! I have to say that Vanessa is an amazing spin doctor! She lets everyone know she had no choice last week, but in fact it was fully her decision to backdoor Jason and break her deal with the other side of the house. It was probably the best move for her, but the fallout has been nuts… I’m impressed she managed to put a bigger target on Shelli & Clay (for now)… Wouldn’t surprise me at all if she manages to strike a side alliance wit the twins, Austin & Becky…

  20. There is something about James. I don’t know what it is. I just don’t care for him. Is he wearing this hat to scare people? last week he was playing pranks on people. Now he wants people to be afraid of him?

  21. Does anyone know what James was doing on the HOH comp that the twins were calling him out on?

  22. Vanessa’s tactics don’t sit well with me. I know they have worked for her, seemingly, but READING her words on Jokers just now sounds as if her language is threatening.

  23. Clay and Shelli completely panicked. Both of them going up sucks for them but they still had the numbers. All it would have taken was one of them to win the veto and then convince James to put up either Austin or one the twins and they probably would have had the votes to save the other. Vanessa, Steve, Becky, John, and whoever comes off the block could have voted to save the other remaining player on the block. Don’t see that happening with the way they lost their cool after getting nominated. One of them is going home for sur now.

  24. Dont you just love how Vanessa puts up Jason, then pretends that it was Clay and Shelli’s fault he went up. Nice poker play, Van, though I have no respect for you anymore.

  25. Um what Steve, vote out Becky and keep the stronger people? I need to hear some logical reasoning on his part for that since it does not make sense at all to me. I’m still trying to figure out his dislike of Becky. I am not a huge fan of the floaters but Steve has done nothing either and his analysis so far is always so off.

    Shelli and Clay should really stop backpedaling, once it was found out they were trying to play both sides there is no point, it just makes you look bad. I would just own it as a strategy that failed, admit to it.

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