Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 4

Our Big Brother popularity poll is here for Week 4 of BB17 and the Houseguests are ready to get your votes rolling in to determine which players are the most popular among our readers.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

There have been some big changes since Week 3’s popularity poll results but the most standout part this time is John holding on to over 40% of the vote. For the sake of our readers, I hope he stays safe this week as the rest of the cast splits up the crumbs of the vote pie he left behind.

I’ve had questions regarding why I’ve left evicted HGs in the poll this year and I did it to see what kind of staying power they had. If no one votes for them then they sink to the bottom and fans vote on everyone else, but the option remains. Also consider that the America’s Fav vote at the end is not just for active players or Jury HGs but includes the entire season’s cast list.

So on to the results. The biggest gain this week is split between Austin and Jason who both climbed 5 spots to their current stations. Clay has the biggest loss this time, falling from first to sixth place.

As for evicted Houseguests, Da’Vonne out performed eight remaining players coming in at seventh. Pretty impressive. Meanwhile Jeff and Jace, the other two evictees are holding on to the bottom spots.

Vote now in this week’s Big Brother 17 popularity poll after checking out the movers and shakers from the previous poll’s results.

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 3 vs Week 2

  1. John McGuire 40.6% (+1)
  2. Vanessa Rousso 7.9% (+3)
  3. Austin Matelson 7.7% (+5)
  4. Liz Nolan 7.4% (+3)
  5. Jason Roy 5.8% (+5)
  6. Clay Honeycutt 4.9% (-5)
  7. Da’Vonne Rogers 4.4% (-4)
  8. Steve Moses 4.3% (-4)
  9. Meg Maley 3.8% (+2)
  10. James Huling 3.0% (-4)
  11. Shelli Poole 2.8% (-2)
  12. Julia Nolan 2.1% (+0)
  13. Audrey Middleton 1.9% (+0)
  14. Becky Burgess 1.3% (-2)
  15. Jackie Ibarra 0.9% (+1)
  16. Jeff Weldon 0.6% (-1)
  17. Jace Agolli 0.2% (+0)


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  1. I didn’t see Donny on the popularity poll <>. John deserves to be #1 ~~ JOHN FOR THE WIN!

  2. Wow I feel dumb i was looking for the johnny mac option but couldn’t find it. forgot his name was john mcguire.

    Thoughts overall on cast

    Jason is warming up to me. Probably my favorite gay contestant. Not that frankie or andy were much competition.

    Jackie is interesting when she does stuff, but far too often she does nothing.

    Can’t tell if steve is creepy or adorkable yet

    austin just creepy

    Vanessa+Shelli powertripping to much for my liking

    Meg is annoying.

    Becky? who?

    James+Clay just sort of dull

    Audrey i dislike her, but loves the chaos she brings.

    Twins just seem to be too flirty. Can’t tell if they are doing it for the game or just cause.

    • Awesome review! Love JMAC!! <3. Yes, Austin is creepy. I've loved Jason and his sass since the beginning.. he's hilarious!

    • I just said the same thing about Jason to one of my friends, that he is by far one of my favorite gay contestants that has been on this show. Love JMac! My favorite one this season by far!!

  3. I’ve been pulling for James/Jason/Meg – hoping John slithers over to that side. Been a little disappointed in James. Jason is moving to front position out of that group for me. James seemed to be pretty cool, astute and a competitor initially. Maybe he relayed what Audrey said (about the secret alliance) to Clay just to get Clay’s reaction (judge for himself how much merit that had) and to assure Audrey’s destruction (to keep Jason safe this week)? Who knows…Still pulling for them. But boys, you have to win HoH. Not ready for Meg to be HoH yet.

  4. I thought John would get on my nerves pretty quickly but he has done the opposite and grown on me more. I smile when I see him in the DR before he even opens his mouth. Love that he’s checking Liz’s baby picture – lol. Once a dentist….

    • By first impression alone, I had him pegged wrong. He wouldn’t be JMac without that big voice.

      • at first he was my least favorite but boy was I wrong I actually think the voters on this site have it wrong as he is only at 50% he should be 100% of peoples favorite

      • That would be phenomenal and worthy of a chance to play his guitar at a public CBS sponsored venue in front of thousands of people cheering him on. Too much?

    • ITA. First week I hoped he’d get voted off because of his Diary Room yelling, now I think he’s so funny and I’m really rooting for him.

    • I think it is more his observation on the difference with the twins. He has figured out that there are two of them so, looking at Liz’s teeth to verify his suspicions. He is a smart guy and I love the things he says in his mind when they make him a pawn. Hope he wins HOH. Would like to see who he nominates when that happens.

  5. I love John the most…but I really want James and Jason, Meg etc to win HoH…I want a house flip…if James and James…who would they nominate from these pool of candidates (Austin, Liz, Shelli, Vanessa, Clay and John)…I feel like John might still be the pawn…John is the ultimate pawn…

    • I wouldn’t trust JMac so much (if I was James/Jason) so I would be leary of counting my chickens if I was depending on him. Be a good test though. Of course, you throw up 4 from that side, say, Austin, Liz, Vanessa (not so bad) – but take a swipe at Clay or Shelli as the 4th and it’s on brother! You might have to use JMac/pawn as the 4th. But asking Shelli or Clay to go up “as a pawn” in order to take out Austin/whomever – oh hooooo – I don’t think they’ll be as good a sport as JMac.

  6. How on earth was Clay ever first to begin with…he was an absolute bore pre season… And was nothing special when the show started…is he really that hot???…I mean, he’s good looking… But he’s nothing I haven’t seen before….

    • I’ll confess, Kenneth: Week 1 I could see Clay leading the rankings. At that time, I didn’t know whether I liked him or not but my impression was (maybe because he was “boring” as you say) was that he might be a male Jordan (easy on the eyes, inoffensive, capable of winning comps without threatening anyone too much – well, anyone he can’t charm). Now of course, I repent as I am not a fan of his showmance with Shelli. I agreed with James early on – separate him & Shelli and bring him over to the James Gang (my term, not his). I was afraid Austin would buddy up to him after Jace left if James/Jason didn’t get to him first. Oh well. At least he isn’t a bully. (I was worried with his argument with Da but that seems to have been a aberration.)

    • BTW – I’m pulling for Jason mostly, right now. Love Jmac and like James but I need for James to start winning HoH again.

    • I will also go out on a limb here and say that if it was not for Austin, I’d like to see how Liz plays. I think she would be more in the mix if not for him. Think she’d be more popular and show more of her personality.

  7. Why the Jason popularity all of a sudden. Didn’t care for him from night one and still don’t. I don’t want him voted out now, but I don’t want him to win either

    • Probably because the viewers see him as the best chance at a power shift.

  8. John’s voice annoys me!!! Its like he is yelling ALL THE TIME!!!!! I don’t have a favorite this season :(

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