Big Brother 17: Power Of Veto Plans In Week 4 – Update: Meeting Delayed

The Power of Veto Ceremony will soon arrive in the Big Brother 17 house as the HGs prepare for what has become an obvious decision with near unanimous support. Obviously there’s one hold out.

Update: Today’s meeting has been delayed. Audrey appears to have camped out in the DR & has not returned yet. No, I do not think she’ll quit. Yes, I expect her to return & the PoV Ceremony to proceed as planned albeit it later today. We will keep you posted with any updates.

Update 2: Audrey has returned. She emerged from the DR at 4:18PM BBT and went straight to her HN bed. We got Fish soon after that. Possibly for the Veto Meeting.

Clay and Audrey standoff on Big Brother
Clay and Audrey standoff on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

After Sunday’s blow up with Audrey and the house gathering that included everyone but Audrey there wasn’t just writing on the wall, these plans were etched in stone.

Vanessa hold the PoV medallion and she is more than ready to save Jason from the Block. Jason is the save-plan because Vanessa and Shelli agree that John will have an easier time defending himself against the renom target, Audrey.

Once Audrey goes up on the Block she won’t have a snowball’s chance of survival. She fired up her house-flip attempt last night and that lasted just a few hours before her potential allies dismissed her allegations of a super alliance controlling the game. She was right and they could end up very wrong.

The Veto Ceremony will be held Monday late morning or early afternoon (BBT) and we’ll have those Big Brother spoilers once everything is confirmed via the Feeds.

Audrey has promised she would go out with a bang and I bet you anything she’ll deliver. Yesterday was fantastic for Feeds entertainment and I expect the next several days to be more of the same. With nothing to lose and everything to expose we should have a lot of entertainment coming from Audrey.

Even if the other HGs are initially ignoring her warnings they may finally come around once they hear her stories enough and she backs it up with some of that world famous “empirical evidence!” I can’t wait to see what Audrey does before she goes home on Thursday.

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  1. Tbh, I have no problem with the ppl on the outside of this house evicting Audrey this week, since she is the one who dug her own grave. But I’m pissed at the fact that NO ONE on the outside thinks there is this mega-alliance preparing to take them out one by one! Next week, I want someone smart to win HOH and go after the sixth sense

    • Love to see a James/Jason HoH BUT I’d be interested to see if Jackie won HoH and really did put up Liz & Van or Austin, like she was said to have, in previous thread. I’d really like to see that.

      • I would put up Liz/Van and then BD Austin – that way he has no chance. I’m over the twin twist already – either bring them in or knock it off. Funnier is my husband goes “they LOOK THE SAME!!!” How can people in their (Liz/Julia) alliance not see that JMac is going after them? He’s the one spear heading the “find out if she’s a twin” thing, this is their opportunity to actually get rid of him…I would laugh so hard if the “pawn of ALL pawns” got sent home and I actually don’t dislike him either.

      • It would b even funnier if he stayed and won the HOH , then became the HOH for the week and sent one another one of the 6th Sense home like Liz/Julia. Two more player’s that the other side has that they would lose.

      • I would love for JMac to win HOH after 5th eviction and prove his twin twist theory by putting up both Liz and Julia! Liz is getting a little too confident of “her” game already; she isn’t even playing her own game 100% so slow down, otherwise she will get both her sister and herself put up.

      • If all the nominated players are aligned, then all they would have to do is let Jackie’s nominees win and dethrone her.

      • The thing is, if one hoh is someone in the sixth sense and the other one is Jackie, this isn’t going to happen. Jackie would nominate van/ Liz/ Austin and then someone from the sixth sense will obviously nominate someone outside of the sixth sense

      • Well, I was thinking this scenario: If Jackie were to win and nominate Austin and Liz, and if someone from their alliance (say Vanessa) got the other HOH then she could nom John and anyone. Then the four noms would agree to let Austin and Liz win the BOtB, thereby dethroning Jackie. Then, pull John off at Veto and put Jackie on for revenge. Of course, there are several ways this could go wrong but it would be the best strategy.

      • Theoretically that is definitely a possibility. But I’m hoping the “John and anyones” are smarter than that, so far they do not seem to exhibit that type of intelligence… But hey, John is my personal favorite and thus I always look for that glimmer of hope when it comes to John and his gameplay

      • John is my absolute favorite as well! I hope he wins it. I may be showing my age here, but his DR voice reminds me of Bobcat Goldthwaite haha so awesome!

    • They need to win something first. All they do is lay around outside and do nothing. It’s like summer camp. I forget who half these people are.

      • I don’t think they believe that it’s summer camp, it is not like they aren’t trying… It’s just they can’t win because others perform better…

    • He needs to reach the jury phase to solidify that. I think Steve, if allowed some airtime and turn out to be really likeable (and less of a jeeper creeper as his edits suggests) might become John’s rival for the title.

      • Not really, in years past…Favorite Houseguest could have been anybody, although John will probably make it to jury, or maybe he will win the game…you never know

      • I have not seen or heard ANY of America’s choice/opinion for ANYTHING, no votes for foods, heck I dont know or see when and how they have chosen have nots

      • I know, in years past…they did have America vote for the the food that the have nots would eat (or so they said) For all we know, BB could have just had America think they were voting for a specific food

      • Yeah, right now, as much as I “like” Steve – and I don’t get the live feeds, I’d vote for John all the way as AFP. Steve hasn’t gotten to me the way that Ian did (yet) so right now, I don’t hate the guy but I’m not as crazy about him as I want to be.

      • live feeds are not as entertaining as usual, more of Audrey,, thats not been a +, its mostly about Audrey and then the aftermath or talk, BORING

      • I would never vote for Steve. I hope he goes after Audrey. He’s another Andy just creeping around.

      • me too, Dont anyone underestimate, Johnny Mac or Stephen, the brains of the game, kinda goofy, Steve is seemingly insecure, wanting all HG acceptance, Im not buying it, hope they are the final TWO

    • Yes! I died laughing when he busted out that air guitar solo in his DR session. The dude is hilarious!

      • You can see him play for real on youtube … he’s good and very clever with that guitar.

      • Linda, I play guitar as well, and John is not “good”, John is fantastic! Honestly, when I saw his intro on the show premiere, I thought, yeah, ok, he probably noodles around as a hobby. But then I watched his Airtap cover on Youtube, and I was blown away. His technique is really, really advanced, and because he’s such a nonchalant, goofy personality, you’d never guess how good he is. Hopefully, with his exposure on BB he gets recognized a little, and is able to do something with music once he is done with the show. There is real talent there.

      • Jon, so glad to hear that from someone experienced – now that you said that, I am going to add a more recent comment on this site and maybe others to get people to go and listen to him. Thanks.

    • 100% at this point,he’s got great one-liners, he is doing his “job” given by the HOH (even though he hasn’t really needed to yet), keeping his mouth shut about his knowledge (except what’s been fed & given to him, he’s got to give minimal feedback), his laugh and yelling in the DR are quite annoying, but kind of grow on you – ? maybe ? – his mental strategic game is coming along, he has yet to make enemies,everyone likes him, no solid alliance, several nods & handshakes and a got your back. I think if he can take down Shelli, Austin, Clay, (or later down Liz, unless she shapes up) and makes some good moves that change his game and make people gravitate towards him that will win/keep some power he has a chance.

      The loveable Jason, James, and Med can’t go out as America’s fAvotri

  2. Too bad Jason has so much “unlike” for Audrey .. It would be kinda awesome, from a viewer’s point of view, should Vanessa use her POV to save Jason, then Shelli renoms Audrey, as planned …

    After that, what if Audrey and Jason (could put their differences aside) and form an alliance with Meg, James, Becky and Jackie to save Audrey? Unfortunately, this would mean JohnnyMac would be gone … Surely, they have to realize by now that he has been (in)directly aligned with them by being a pawn, but also must realize by now that he is a strong competitor ??

    I would think that even Steve would be on this flip, but, he wanted to target Meg this week .. though, wanted to save Audrey for his own HOH target, down the road, should he ever win the HOH??
    Only Liz, Clay, Vanessa and Austin would be able to vote for Audrey on the Sixth Sense Alliance side .. so, it could be a close vote ??

    Everyone has to realize that as long as Audrey remains in the House, she will continually be a target and/or a swing vote to either side ???

    • your missing that becky hates i mean hates audrey and is best buds with jmac. no chance she votes him out. Even if audrey get meg, jason, james, jackie, steve (highly unlikley) shelli breaks the tie and audrey still goes home.

      • Who’s Becky ?? Ha !!! :)
        It was nice watching the last bit of AD this morning, with Jackie actually talking “game” with Shelli …

        Jason is unlikely to vote to save Audrey as much as Becky is, suspect .. but, if, as indicated earlier somewhere, the rest of the House gives a wee bit of credibility to Audrey that their is a Power Alliance of Six … who knows? Though, this could be the making of quite an “Un-Holy Alliance” should that happen, no ?? :) So, c’mon Production make it so .. :P
        Anyone notice how Clay has not gotten his hands bloodied, let alone dirtied, and yet still have had quite the influence (in)directly on the first 4 weeks?

      • most of the adc already know about the alliance of six, but don’t care and just want audrey gone.

        Also yeah clay is playing quite a good game imo.

      • Not a Clay/Shelli fan but other than that hissy fit he threw with Da, I have to agree that he is maintaining cool. But then, why wouldn’t he? He’s not been in danger since Week 1 (lol). But really, he has been pretty cool (Don’t get the feeds but from what I read/see on tv) with everyone so far…Can’t argue with that.

      • I know there was like one or two comments Audrey said that upset Becky – but it’s not any worse than what she’s said pretty much. I would love to see them flip and get out Austin instead or and even though I like JMac, I wouldn’t be said to see “Animal” leave the house lol

    • Everyone you just mentioned hates Audrey. Not one person wants to work with her.

  3. The only reason the 6th Sense alliance has been so effective, is because they kept their mouths shut. Everyone else in the house feels the need to tell everyone else information that potentially could change the game.

    • Exactly. They are playing the game and playing it the way it should be played. And for that everybody has something negative to say about them.

  4. This time, a year ago, the most exciting happening was Brittany kicking soccer balls.

  5. They don’t have to believe that this big alliance exist, but they have to ask themselves, why in the hell they’re being nominated over and over again?…Hello!.3 J’s

    • Who are the 3 J’s you’re talking about? James, Jason and John all have won challenges (HOH, BotB and Veto) Jackie is the only J that has not won anything

      • I’m talking about players on the block all the’s not good..I rely on James, John and Jason a lot to carry this team.

      • Maybe Jason and John minus James. James has been pretty disgusting towards the girls. Don’t like him anymore.

      • Just because James is stronger doesn’t mean Jackie didn’t bust hurt butt. It wasn’t much of a power game just to find keys then drag Alice out of chains and to the button. Got to admit tho Jackie didn’t remind me of the type who would get that dirty.

      • I love Johnny Mac, he’s my favorite, hope he makes it to the finals. But I hope the keep James just long enough to make it to jury, or even finals with the way these alliances break up and switch around all season who knows. Their biggest complaint about James is he’s somewhat of a mess maker. Is that really reason enough to evict?

      • Neither. Lol. They just lucked out by picking the right pumpkin. Jason and John were killing them until that.

  6. There are already fractures in the big alliance, with several members looking at Austin askance.

  7. I’m kind of interested in seeing how this plays out. I really would LOVE to see Austin get BD’d this week – because it would be hilarious. What has he REALLY done, aside from be the biggest “twin” creeper in BB history…

      • Seriously though – did you noticed how he was all “no one’s coming between me and MY twins”. Umm eww. I don’t even think either of him “like” Him at all, they’re just using the best gift a woman has to manipulate a man…

      • I don’t like that either and thanks, Vanessa, for egging that on even more – yuck! I agree with you – I don’t think they like him “in that way” but are afraid to put him in the “friend zone” right now. But as it goes on, I think they will go from only liking him as a friend to being totally creeped out by him and wanting to avoid him altogether.

      • Exactly!!! I think Vanessa and Austin are odd men out. I’m not a huge fan of Audrey’s but she’s at least good for drama. The rest are acting like sheep – how can none of them notice (up until recently) who’s going on the block and who isn’t – not to mention the whole Chelli romance thing – I gagged legit last night at the whole kissy wissy shiz she did with him or wtfe it was she said about being poopy. All I could think was how embarrassing it would be to have a full grown woman acting like that on camera to you. Ahhh regardless, I doubt anyone will sack up and do what they should – instead they’re all going to just go along with the crowd and do as they’re told. Another typical BB season.

      • Very Big Gag on the “poopy” talk – hope she never lives that one down. I can hear it now … for the rest of her life…. YES.

      • Right? Even my husband was like “gag me…this is a grown woman?!?!?”. I FF’d thru her parts last night, and I just cannot STAND how she’s all “I don’t want blood on my hands”….uh…then don’t become an HOH?! Absurd. Worst players of all.

      • “using the best gift a woman has to manipulate a man” is also eww – just my opinion, tho.

      • LOL I agree, I just think men are easily manipulated by women – at least Austin is LOL

  8. Any time you put someone on the block you are willing to let them leave, so while I hope it would not happen that John would go, it could. We haven’t seen the pawns go home this year but in BB history we know it has.

  9. No way BB is letting Audrey go, although I know they don’t want John to go either. I see a big twist coming our way.

    • Audrey may have been “back-doored” already. If not, though, it’s going to look mighty suspicious to have a twist aimed specifically to keep her. But hey, it wouldn’t be the first time.

      • i dont see why they would keep her as america does not like her she is one of the least popular players

      • If she can’t take the heat she needs to go home. This isn’t the “Crying Game”.

      • Just as they want to keep a popular player, so as a polarizing player…They’re both rating grabbers. I still think Audrey is toast.

  10. This is ridiculous. .Audrey in the DR for a few hours with the physiologist???..Really???

  11. Now, that it’s clear Audrey is going out the door this week. Who will the Sixth sense target be next ? The people who didn’t believe Audrey about the alliance should probably run. Cause once she is gone. They will be targeting them next.

    • Drama queen definitely, but when she goes so does this season. Shes the only one keeping it halfway interesting. The other side of the house was will continue to let the “six sense ” steamroll them out of the house because they dont have enough sense to band together and shift the power. Jmac by being their lap dog will never win because NO one will take him to the end.

    • In the past I believe the week continued the way it is. So, she would leave jason and jmac still on the block and they have veto ceremony and vote to evict. If they do veto and nominate audrey and then she leaves, the week is over, they dont vote and they will start the HOH comp.

      • So that means Jason vs John on Thursday? I think it’s not really fair because originally neither of them were in any danger…

      • Audrey came back in after 5 hours in the DR, but if she did not return then it would most likely be jason vs john with jason going home because the HOH duties had not been completed and they have to be completed for the week to move on.

      • If she felt completely and extremely isolated (caused by her own actions that is, unless she doesn’t remember), production would likely let her stay in the DR to calm herself down.

        Then again, I don’t know if whatever tensions happening right now is even closer to BBUK levels.

  12. I really want a power shift so lines will be drawn and then a back and forth of power. I love when the season turns out that way and we haven’t had one in a while

  13. that may be so but the way the rest of them are doing it is just apalling this makes for great tv and I think that CBS will embrace this and do what’s best for business and there’s gotta be some kind of negotiating going on like getting audrey to at least F3 if not the jury house

    • there is really no reason for them to keep audrey. They will not rig, but alter the show in favor of americas favorite houseguests and Audrey is one of the least liked houseguests based on americas votes.

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