Big Brother 17 Popularity Poll – Week 3

The Big Brother popularity poll is up again for Week 3 of BB17 and we’ve got the outgoing results with shifts in readers’ ratings of their favorites so far this season.

Big Brother 17 Memory Wall
Big Brother 17 Memory Wall – Source: CBS

There was plenty of rising and falling in the numbers but interestingly we have three of the top five holding the same spots last week as they did the week before that. Seems viewers may have settled on their favorites already, but with the season just starting there’s plenty of time for that to change.

Once again Clay is at the top of the chart and I can’t help but wonder if what it has to do with more than his good looks, but I’m sure his fans can help clear that up for me in the Comments section below. Next we’ve got John climbing five quick spots to come in at second and last week’s evictee Da’Vonne right behind him in third.

Pulling up the rear we’ve got Jace at the bottom plus the TAR add-on HGs. Both Jace and Jeff fell two spots to be where they are now, but Jackie held steady in her second to last position. It may take a string of evictions for her to shake loose of that spot.

The biggest climb this week is a tie between John and Liz. John went from seventh to second and Liz went from twelfth to seventh. Those are strong improvements for each of them. This week I’ve added Julia in to the vote mix so we can track them separately.

Check out the full list of the past two week’s popularity poll results for Big Brother 17 and then cast your vote for your favorite in Week 3 of Big Brother!

Big Brother 17 – Popularity Results: Week 2 vs Week 1

  1. Clay Honeycutt 14.8% (+0)
  2. John McGuire 13.3% (+5)
  3. Da’Vonne Rogers 11.5% (+0)
  4. Steve Moses 8.5% (+2)
  5. Vanessa Rousso 7.6% (+0)
  6. James Huling 7.0% (-4)
  7. Liz Nolan 6.7% (+5)
  8. Austin Matelson 5.9% (-4)
  9. Shelli Poole 5.7% (-2)
  10. Jason Roy 5.4% (+2)
  11. Meg Maley 4.5% (-2)
  12. Becky Burgess 3.0% (+4)
  13. Audrey Middleton 2.4% (-3)
  14. Jeff Weldon 2.3% (-2)
  15. Jackie Ibarra 1.02% (+0)
  16. Jace Agolli 0.28% (-2)


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  1. Still don’t have a favorite at this point. There are some potentials that I could end up really liking. We’ll see what happens next week.

    • I’m the same. I was liking Liz/Julia until Julia revealed herself. Seem like no one can keep their mouth zipped.

  2. I didnt like john much at first because the way he talked was really annoying, but he is just so funny he has now become my favorite. I love me some JMac lol.

  3. Haha I love how mostly everyone voted for JMac! I’m also happy that DA is still on their even though she isn’t in the house anymore! ^__^

  4. JMac is hilarious… Talking about James taking his top spot on the nomination board cracked me up.

  5. I don’t understand the purpose of having evictees on a popularity poll??? What am I missing ~~

  6. Wouldn’t putting Liz and Julie separated cause a division of votes and hence hinder her (Since, as of right now, they are playing a single entity) chances of faring better at the poll? if they get merged together then they would be second

  7. Its still hard for me to pick. I know who I don’t like, Jeff and Jason. But who I do like seems to change from day to day or week to week. I liked Vanessa before she became HOH and started talking too much nonsense. I don’t have a clear favorite which is weird. I mean last season I loved Donny right away. I do like Jmac more and more, not how loud he is (that annoys me) but his humor and how he handles things, I do like.

    • I’m with you on JMac too…additionally, he laughs sort of like Anderson Cooper does. I don’t care for Jeff at all, never did since he arrived. Steve is growing on me. Waiting for him to make a big move though. As for James, I can take him or leave him…he’d be boring as heck if he wasn’t with all the others. I really like Jason except when he makes off color remarks. IOW, he should change some of them to be a bit more polite than offensive.

    • It’s his personality. Felt the same way for awhile but he’s hilarious and grows on you.

  8. J-Mac is about as real as it gets. That guy is down to earth, hilarious, a total team player, and a LOT smarter at this game than the other house guests realize. I want him to win the whole thing so badly – goooo Johnny!

  9. Based on the past polls, I believe this one has definitely been hacked. No way the distribution changed so drastically. Someone really wanted J-Mac to win this poll haha

  10. i love how da’ is still more popular than most of the houseguests in the house haha

    • Unfortunately, her popularity is bound to fall, since she was evicted too early. I wish she was still in the house!

  11. Are the HG’s bio’s edited? After reading the bio’s my opinion of some of the HG’s has changed…

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