Big Brother 17: Audrey Launches Flip To Strike First

After Sunday’s blow up between Big Brother Houseguests Audrey Middleton and her former allies Shelli Poole, Clay Honeycutt, and Vanessa Rousso there was little mistaking what was going to happen next leaving Audrey with little time to make her move.

Audrey Middleton makes her move on Big Brother
Audrey Middleton makes her move on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

After telling Shelli she knew there could only be one outcome from this situation she collected herself and went downstairs before pulling James aside to tell him the truth. But would anybody believe her?

Flashback to 4:15 PM BBT 7/19 to find Audrey whispering with James in the Have-Not room. She reveals to him that there is a six-person alliance in the house and they’re systematically targeting and eliminating his side of the house. James is shocked and realizes it explains why he’s been nominated twice.

Audrey continues to give him information like how the Vanessa/Jeff fight was staged as Jeff had suspected. She says they need to evict John and create an alliance and gun for the other side. After twenty minutes of talks they high-five and James goes off to start a rally.

James is talking with Meg in the back bedroom when Clay arrives. Meg was very doubtful of this six-person alliance theory and when Clay joins them James starts telling him everything too. Good grief. Clay immediately starts denying it all as crazy talk and Meg joins in agreeing with Clay’s reaction.

Meg goes to find Jason and tells him this theory of a super alliance controlling the game. Flashback to 6:05PM BBT. Jason and Meg agree that they don’t care if there’s a 6-person alliance. They don’t trust Audrey and think this other alliance will get them farther in the game then she could. Are you kidding me?! You knuckleheads! If you’re not one of the six then you’re one of their targets! Good grief.

Flashback to 8:00PM BBT as Shelli, Clay, Meg, Jason, and James gather in the HoH room where Shelli tells them it’s all a big lie from Audrey. They smile and nod agreeing to walk the plank like good sheep.

Shelli soon collects everyone but Audrey in to the HoH room. Twelve Houseguests gathered upstairs to discuss what happened today with Audrey. Shelli runs through how she is close to Audrey on a personal level, but things got messy on a game level. They run the laps of story telling and Shelli ends with wanting everyone to agree that will vote Audrey out if she is the renom. All agree.

The HoH committee meeting lasts for over a half hour as everyone shares how they too were betrayed and hurt by Audrey. Okay, I exaggerate a little. By the end it’s been expressed that no one should be mean to Audrey or ostracize her. They agree that they like her but as for her game, she’s done.

So everyone is on board and Audrey is headed out the door. Will anyone believe her about the alliance that betrayed her or ignore her help and let the remaining five again become six when Julia enters the house after next week’s eviction?


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  1. And this is why Audrey was never targeted earlier. No one believes her, and Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, all knew that. Audrey was no threat to their alliance. She never had the ability to rally the other side of the house to flip. Da’vonne and Jeff each had the charisma and the ability to create an alliance with the other side if they needed. Audrey can ruin Vanessa’s game, but because of her history of lying, all the houseguests just assume she is lying again. The chicken little syndrome. Vanessa realizes, however, the longer Audrey is in, the more the other houseguests might start to listen and connect the dots.

  2. I swear if they waste wednesday’s episode on steve talking to himself, charades, or random dancing then the editing team should be fired.

    • As much as many of us would prefer for there to be no Battle Of The Block for various reasons, imagine if there wasn’t one last night. There would have possibly been even more of the kind of things that you mentioned.

      • No, please dont go back to the food comps. Have Nots is a dumb idea and has no direct effect on the game. Havent we all heard enough about slop after 17 seasons?

      • It actually does have a direct effect on the game, according to the houseguests. I liked the food comps, I wish they were back

      • Allergies may be the problem there, but they do need something other than slop. I’m tired of hearing about the digestive difficulties it causes.

      • Allergies was never a problem in earlier seasons. Here’s a novel idea, don’t bring in house guests with a peanut allergy. Problem solved.

  3. I don’t like Sixth Sense, but I can’t root for Meg, James, Jason if they don’t care there’s a majority alliance and they throw competitions. Enjoy going home for being complete idiots. #SaveAudrey

    • Meg, James, & Jason haven’t thrown one comp! That’s JohnnyMac, doing Sixth Sense’s dirty work – and the only thing I don’t like about him (except that it’s smart game play at this stage and I get that). Meg & Jackie know what Jeff told them about not trusting Clay & Shelli going forward & Jackie pointed out early this AM (not sure of time stamp – saw it on Twitter) that the noms over the last 2 weeks have NOT involved any of that alliance’s alleged members. Pretty sure they’re not quite as dumb as those quotes made them seem. Remember that Production also has complete control of WHICH cameras are on feeds at any given time & that they switch frequently in and out of rooms so as to make sure that nobody sees EVERY part of every conversation.

      • Well I don’t have live feeds so I don’t know if James really said this or not but there has been a lot of talk that James is throwing HOH’s to keep his hands clean since he made deals during his HOH. Maybe someone else can confirm or deny this who knows more than I.

      • I have feeds & you’re right. I think James may have said something like that in a DR, which they ONLY show on episodes. : )

  4. sorry. I’m way out of the loop this year. who is audrey saying the 6 are? is she including the twin?

  5. Such dummies this year. If they got rid of the double HOHs maybe someone would ball up and post two of the allied 6 up. With the Double HOHs, everyone is afraid because nominations could be wiped out by the STUPID BOTB! C’mon BB, get smart and throw that out! I finally give Audrey credit for something. Who cares if she is a pain, you stick with her until you get control of the house

  6. I do think that they think the 6 person alliance exist….Jeff told them already, the problem is that they have to play along since the Power of Veto has not happened. As far as Audrey goes, she has dug herself so deep of a hole that even if these people cared that the 6 person alliance is intact, they feel like they don’t even need Audrey to attack the other side and as a player, you would be thinking that she is untrustworthy and can easily flip flop… And I hardly believe Audrey is done… She has a history of mouthing off and talking non stop, so she will keep pressing and campaigning…whether Meg, Jason, James etc. want to use her is another story, but there is still time and Audrey is going to campaign harder than anyone that is presumed going home (aka keep talking)….

  7. I do not know who considers themselves super fans from the group of house guests in the Big Brother House. Using just your head and the process of elimination, ask yourself, who has been repeatedly nominated for eviction? If you are then, you are the bottom of the totem pole. Then, ask, who has not been nominated? That will give you most of the members of the alliance. Knowing that, you do not tell those alliance members you know about their alliance because that will put a target on your back. That is just common sense. Wait till you are HOH then, you can target the alliance members. Still, you can make it seem that you are only paying back those who nominated you. That is the way to get back at the alliance without letting them know you are on to them!

  8. One thing I will say is that this cast might be better than the others in atleast outwardly saying they won’t be crappy to Audrey.
    After the way Candice and Elissa were ostracized by the cast during BB15
    or Donny/Devin/Nicole were ostracized by the cast during BB16, not being mean to Audrey already puts this cast above them.

      • Hi there, hope you had a good time on Foxfire mountain :D
        I have lost all patience with Audrey. I wonder if she will self evict?

      • Good heavens, she’s been in there long enough. I’m wondering if she’s already out the back door. I hope they haven’t allowed her to have special priviledges, like seeing or talking to a family member to convince her to stay, or something to that effect. The HGs are getting a little impatient and who can blame them.

      • Although I certainly wouldn’t put it past BB to do all the things you just mentioned I think it might be for the best if BB doesn’t interfere when it comes to Audrey and lets her leave quietly. Her one note game is over and it would be a good thing for Audrey to go out early to spare her any further embarrassment over her horrible performance so far.
        I’m also wondering if Audrey has faked a heart attack or something and is at the hospital instead of the DR.

      • Nothing would surprise me; I probably shouldn’t say that. I agree that her leaving quietly would be best for all if she is not coping mentally. And she has had to have been through a lot of emotional experiences the past few years.

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