Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 7

The new HoH for Big Brother 17 this week wasted little time going for her nomination plans and working with allies to put a surprise attack in place overnight.

Vanessa Rousso is stressing on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso is stressing on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, we may be in store for another Backdoor eviction this week on Big Brother as the players in control know an early warning shot would allow more time for big schemes and sneaky moves as they’ve come to expect from their target.

Flashback on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) to 12:02AM BBT as Becky, our new Head of Household, sits down in the HoH room with Meg, Jackie, and James to run through the situation. There’s little debate and all are on board. Vanessa is the target.

Becky says Vanessa may be the target, but she won’t be one of the original noms. Instead they’re hoping to surprise Vanessa by pretending to go along with the previously negotiated plan from last week. The 8-HG agreement had been that the remaining half of Chelli would be put on the Block along with JMac, but they’re not going to follow that exactly.

Instead of putting Shelli up against John, Becky wants to use Steve as the pawn. Becky suggests John is a stronger player and therefore a better ally to keep on their good side. We also know she’s been loosely working with John in sort of a loners’ partnership, but she may be trying to keep that under wraps. Steve is more expendable to Becky in this situation.

What about a renom situation? Here’s part of Becky’s plan that makes me cringe. She speculates that if they get the Veto then maybe they’ll want to save Shelli and renom Vanessa. Sigh. Becky seems to think it’d be a good move to get in good with Shelli. Considering Vanessa fought to keep Shelli it seems risky to even allow another possible vote for Vanessa to stay when the margins are this narrow.

There are only going to be eight votes so Becky could break a tie and it could come to that. Jackie, Meg, and James would be the first three votes they’d need against Vanessa and after yesterday’s blow up between Vanessa and HGs where she targeted John there’s little doubt that he knows she’d need to go. That’s four votes and would be enough, but after James and company got burned this past week by the nomination match-up you’d like Becky would want a better set of options on the Block.

I’m getting ahead of myself with Veto talk since that comp isn’t until Saturday and the meeting is days away on Monday. So for now the takeaway is that Becky plans to nominate Shelli and Steve. Both have been warned and both know Vanessa is the real target.

As part of her “kiss the ring” talks we saw Vanessa offer Becky a deal but that was rejected while Becky suggested she wasn’t going to be making any deals. It was presented as a global decision, not personal to Vanessa, but you can bet that didn’t sit well with Vanessa. Later she told Austin she’s worried she may be a Backdoor plan this week. Yep. Now it’s time for us to sit back and watch how it all plays out.

The nominations ceremony will be held later today inside the Big Brother house and we’ll get the official spoiler results as soon as that happens. Join us on Facebook and Twitter to get those updates.

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  1. It’s going to be a great week feed wise, but if Vanessa goes home, it’s going to get pretty boring. No freak outs or flip flops or paranoia. I do not want to see Vanessa going home so early.

    • Dun worry you will still have Madam Shelli and Judas and those so annoying twins plus evil lil Stevie is out for blood to revenge his momma!

    • Nah it won’t get boring. As each psycho is voted out, another rises to take his/her place. I think Austin has a lot of potential to step up….or even Shelli for that matter.

    • I’m sorry but Vanessa doesn’t need the money – well it appears that way If she’s really worth millions! Also, I’m tired of her holier than thou attitude about anyone who lies to her but she lies whenever it’s better for her game mentality! It’s time for her to go – like yesterday! I’m only sorry she’s made it to jury, but she did play a good game for a while!

  2. This is a stupid plan by Becky all around. Just put Vanessa and Shelli up and insure one of them goes home. Think you hit on the right point that Becky thinks she can pull Shelli in, and I think if Vanessa wins veto (or one of her allies who won’t use it), that Becky will switch to getting Steve out. She seems to think Vanessa is isolated without any real allies, and that couldn’t be more wrong. If this side of the house goes two weeks in power and fails to take out either Vanessa or Shelli, they have massively wasted their time in power.

    • There’s one thing you’re forgetting: If Shelli & Vanessa are nominated next to each other, then Vanessa could win POV & take herself off! I think it’s best if Becky sticks to her plan! And FYI, it’s smart, not stupid!

      • If Vanessa gets off then, nominate Austin and either Austin or Shelli gets evicted and the HOH is not wasted. If the Sixth Sense alliance wins HOH next, you know Becky, James and Jackie would be on the chopping block.

      • If so, why Austin over one of the twins, especially Liz? The twins will be together no matter what. If Liz was evicted, it would not be definite that Austin and Julia would vote together. Julia doesn’t like him, and only tolerates him because of Liz.

      • Austin won one HOH during BOB while, the twins have won nothing so far. You have to be HOH to have power especially, now without BOB. If you cannot win HOH and POV, you are pretty much at the mercy of those who have the power. There is still a lot of threats in the Big Brother House if one is trying to win that $500,000. We still have James, Jackie, Becky, Shelli, Vanessa, Austin and even John. The Sixth Sense alliance is still a very strong alliance if Becky were to make a mistake in the nominations. It could be that the next HOH is Shelli or Vanessa if they are still in the Big Brother House.

      • What is so wrong if Steve were to go? He is supposed to be this super player which has yet to be seen and they all have made jury now so no big deal. The idea of a back door is for that reason–eliminate the chances the person has to get themselves off the block. It should work–but what I would like to see is for Steve to win POV and take himself off so that Vanessa is put up next to Shelli.. that way there is very little campaigning from Vanessa to save Shelli because she is going to be trying to save herself! Then it won’t matter which way the house votes, since both are part of the 6th stupid sense.

      • That sort of what Becky’s plan is and if Steve doesn’t win POV, someone will take him off and put up Vanessa.

      • So, get rid of Steve who is a non-threat? Vanessa and Shelli still in the Big Brother House wins HOH next time out. Guess who is on the hot seat? James, Jackie and/or Becky. You know there is a huge strong alliance against you and you waste it on Steve? And what if Vanessa wins POV and saves Shelli?

      • Yes, as a worst case scenario–this is why her initial plan of backdooring Vanessa is the first plan and Shelli on the block out of the gates.. Plan A will work–I have full confidence in it. Steve has nothing to worry about.. and for those that feel threatened by my remarks about Steve–if he is such a great player than he should have no troubles winning POV and saving himself, accomplishing part 1 of plan A. Becky has faith in his abilities and so does he!

      • If Vanessa isn’t put up next to Shelli she still has a chance of playing for veto and winning it. She could then take Shelli down and be safe herself. What then?

      • I know…that’s why it’s bad to put Shelli up without Van being next to her. The BD will fail if Meg doesn’t absolutely win the Veto!

      • Then Becky gets rid of Steve. As far as I know, Steve isn’t Becky’s number 1 fan, so getting rid of him wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
        I’m pretty sure that James and Jackie are bigger targets for Vanessa anyway. If Vanessa was to stay and become HOH, she’d probably target James bc he’s the bigger threat. Becky would be safe either way.

    • Power is fleeing and you have to take it when it is there. Remember Helen? She kept saying week after week that now is not the time to evict Amanda. And we know the rest of the story. Helen got evicted herself and Amanda lasted longer than expected. I agree with you. If the nominations stay the same, say Shelli and Steve, it will be up to the votes and the Sixth Sense alliance would have 4 guaranteed votes their side which is Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa. It would be a tie breaker and Becky votes to evict, Steve? That is assuming she wanted to save Shelli. So, another opportunity wasted and the Sixth Sense alliance still remains intact. If they get HOH next, you know Becky and maybe, James or Jackie could be on the chopping block. It is a waste of HOH to evict Steve.

  3. Noooo…Vanessa should be nominated to sit next to Shelli…not backdoored…what if someone else besides Steve and Shelli win Veto and decide not to use it? There goes Vanessa sliding by…but since it’s DE week, that would be the best way to get Vanessa out…no time for Van to think on how to get out of it or manipulate others!

    • Well, at this moment Van is the Evil Queen while Shelli is downgraded to Evil Helper, at least for this week thanks to her connection to Lady Becky.

      • Good grief! They are “evil” because they had power early in the game. Who knows what they others would have done in the same situation. I don’t like Vanessa or Shelli but they are far from evil, IMO – just played too hard, too visibly and too fast.

      • I’m not that sweet. I just don’t get the harsh judgments on people for what we see them do in this game. I’d like to believe they are better people in different circumstances. :)

      • Nah calling someone evil is not harsh. It’s kinda a compliment, really. You wouldn’t throw the word evil to just anybody, would you?
        So Van should be proud that her ability is recognised. So take a bow, Evil Van!

      • OK – but the other comments about these hgs sure seem to be very negative, even angry, so the adjectives seemed to be negative as well.

      • Yeah some people do lose perspective when they get on here and the nastiest things they would never say to a person’s face seem to be acceptable in what they type… I’m not a big fan of it, but at the same time it is an open forum and we do get a range of people from the excessively polite & gracious, to the excessively rude & mouthy… Either way, everyone has the ability to express themselves. My advice is just keep being yourself and don’t let it get you down or cause you to become angry. :)

      • Yeah don’t tell him tho … I just used Van’s evilness to work on him. Psssttttt!!!!!

    • Is there a double eviction this week? Julie didn’t say anything aout it did she?

      • I missed that part, must have been when I went to the kitchen to get a drink when I thought the show was already over.

    • You’re forgetting one thing: Vanessa could win POV & take herself off! No, its better if Becky sticks to her plan!

  4. I think that Becky told too many people her plans to keep it a secret from Van. Van is going to know before noms today. Hopefully it gets back to Becky that Van knows. If that happens and she talk with Jackie, Jackie may be able to set her straight about putting the Vicious Snake on the block together.

    • Sure looks that way.
      “Both have been warned and both know Vanessa is the real target.”

      Welp, Shellie is going to go right to Vanessa and tell her what’s going on.
      Face, meet palm.

      • Becky’s planning on that to happen even if Shelli says she won’t tell her. If that does happen, Shelli will end up going home. Shelli needs to be extra careful this week if she’s on the block and stick to Becky’s plan.

    • Even if Vanessa knows about it, whatcha she gonna do about it? Beg or scheme to not be renom’d? Well, good luck the POV won’t be until like Saturday? She could end up on Eichen House with her level of hysteria by then.

      • She definitely will not sit idly by and do nothing! She will scheme until she walks out that door, still asking “why? why? why?”

      • I would have let Vanessa feel comfortable until the last minute. Her drama may be fun for us to watch but we can turn her off any time. The hgs have to live with her 24/7. Not fun for them.

      • Well … they have signed for it … expect the unexpected!!!
        Anyway, by then they should be very familiar with her hissy fit anyway.

      • True but I still would control the environment to the extent I could if I were HOH. The game is stressful enough without enduring a full blown meltdown by a paranoid, entitled contestant

      • True but this is Van we are talking about. Even when everything is peaceful she would still suspect it’s a calm before storm and accuse everyone for backstabbing her. She would never ever feel comfortable in any given situation.

      • How does she play poker? She is so emotional and wants to know “why why why” all the time. I thought you had to have a poker face to win at poker.. not let everyone see your emotions (your hand) ugh..

    • It will “prove” to Becky that Shelli is working with V and thereby, expendable and needs to be (at the very least) left on the block against V. (as opposed to Steve coming down) Hoping she throws both of them up there and sees what happens….like the lab comp. Ha!

      • A shame that Van believes she’s the target for a BD this week. Her mind is constantly running through scenarios!

    • Her gut feeling is telling her she’s a backdoor plan. When she initiated a deal with Becky and Becky didn’t entertain it, that was a “tell” for Van. Her talk is always transactional. Shelli should be careful doing anything funny, she could get busted easy. Their plan could work…at least she has a plan.

      • Like in poker, people have tells and she is trying to read people. The most obvious one of course is not being able to stare at you eye to eye when they are lying. If they are honest, they can stare at you eye to eye. Guilty people squirm and cannot look you in the eye.

  5. Why on earth did Becky tell Shelli that Vanessa was the real target?? Good grief. She should have left that info to just the four of them and no one else. Vanessa is absolutely exhausting, even when there’s no reason to be. I can’t even begin to imagine how she will be when she finds out she’s the target for sure.

    • Why not tell her? You just isolated her from the rest of Sixth Sense. Shelli knows if she doesn’t come off the block after POV, they have the votes to send her packing–so she will keep her mouth shut. Plus, assuming Vanessa goes, Shelli has no other choice but to work with Becky from here on out. From Beckys’s standpoint in the longer term, this plan is excellent. Now they have to make it happen at POV. FWIW, I think Steve saves himself tomorrow.

      • I’m still suspect of Shelli’s ability to really play with Becky. Her relationship with the twins concerns me. I would be afraid Shelli would try to play both sides (like a shark) – only surfacing with the other side and go under the surface when conspiring with the survivors of the 6S.

      • Are you a script writer, bbadboy, because if you are not, you should be. Love your imagination and way with words.

      • Fair point. However, I can’t see them trusting her once Vanessa goes based on what’s already happened with them. If Lieessa goes(hopefully next Thursday), Sixth Sense walks out the door with her.

  6. Do they know this is going to be a DE week? If not, will they be told prior or will it be sprung on them as a surprise …. like perhaps one of those vanishing BB Takeovers :-) ?

    • DE is announced right after the first voting is done and that HG walks out the door. They suspected a DE this week, so they’re likely to know that it will be a DE next week now.

  7. These group slept for the first month. Now they’re giving us what we want. James “the man” was the starter, now we have Becky….the train had left the station…Come on can do it!

  8. After Julie told the HGs last night that they will now be heading to the Jury House when evicted, but the game may not necessarily be over … assuming that there will be a shot of the next 3-4 evictees to return back into the game ?? Would it be better to be evicted this week? Then later on?

    Think about it .. 1-3 weeks in the Jury House to eat, sleep and rest … and, should you make it back into the game … assuming the comp would be more of a physical/endurance ? or is it usually a game of chance? and/or a coup d’état ??
    Yes, I know, I know .. preferably not to get evicted, but ???

    • History shows that a returning player is quickly targeted to go back out. Not saying that is what is going to happen this season. I don’t pretend to have a crystal ball.

      • The returning evictees go on and trust the very house guests who voted them out. Go figure. Judd joined his so called buddies who voted him out soon enough. Nicole last year, went to Derrick of all people and one night, told him he played like Dan Gheesling which got her evicted shortly after.

      • And how they get back also varies, even if it means the initial evictees have all been out and about on the outside world for weeks which kinda raises the stakes as they can’t spill what they saw on TV (or any other outside info) or risk getting kicked out the second time. :))

      • Which part, about spilling outside information?

        The closest I could surmount at the moment (and does not exactly involve a returning evictee) is in BBUK’s first season when one guy is getting info about his fellow housemates from the outside, and upon knowing who they are, he would adjust his social game to become well-liked by the house (and thus avoid getting nominated). That caused a nationwide stir on the year that happened.

        Since then, BBUK has had outside info leaking inside the house by evictees who can’t keep their mouth shut with no repercussions so basically everyone in recent seasons have a fair idea on who the public likes and dislike.

      • I thought you meant that someone evicted wasn’t sequestered and then returned to the house.

      • Oh yeah. It happened in one season of the UK. Nikki Grahame, possibly Brittany Hayne’s more outspoken UK counterpart, was evicted but producers thought it was a “good idea” to bring her back JUST when the season was about to reach its finale week.

        Oh and there was neither a comp nor a public vote to determine her return, just production manipulation.

      • Last season, everyone told Nicole about Derrick and the alliance. You would think she would be very careful on who she trusted. Her biggest mistake is talking too much. Telling Derrick he played like Dan Gheesling told Derrick, Nicole knew he was in charge and had to get rid of her quick. They were all in the same house and free to talk and I am only referring to Big Brother US. Jocasta, Hayden and Donnie were all there with Nicole.

      • I think in the case of BBUS, it’s a bit different. If you’re in sequester, information is much more contained and likely to not have been tainted from any outside information/popular opinion other than feed footage provided to them by production.

        So how they spill it is in their discretion.

    • Comp for the past two seasons featuring 9 jurors had been either endurance or chance-based (which Jocasta almost won). It could be anyone’s guess this year.

  9. I totally understand why becky wants to keep shelli around (because shelli is an ally). But she can’t be too obvious or James/Jackie/meg will know something is up. She wants to have her cake and eat it too.

    In a perfect world for becky, Vanessa would go home this week. She keeps her trust with basically both sides of the house.

    • Correction … Believe believes that Shelli is an ally … if I am not mistaken … Even last week, Becky told James & Co that she would be faking her alliance with the other side, if I recall? Again, she has/had been playing on both sides of the HG, with all her snitching, etc …
      Wonder if she just told Shelli that she was really targeting Vanessa / Steve, as a way to keep her ok with being nominated ??

  10. Last night Julie said at the live eviction that just because someone’s been evicted, doesn’t mean they can’t return…we all know what that means, UGH! They’ve done the returning juror twist for the past two seasons…c’mon production! Get creative and come up with something new! *Sigh* smh

    • Make sense for a season spanning 98 days with 17 players over-all to have a return-trip from jury set in stone.

      • Ik that to have 98 days that they probably need a reset week and a returning hg….but don’t do it in the form of the first 4 jurors! Smh you can have a returning hg but do it a different way…like maybe a prejuror, which btw hasn’t been used since BB 13! They need to get creative!

      • Ik that…but I’m saying IF they were sequestered this year…IK i can’t be the only one that wants Mama Day or Jason back in that house!

      • I would have loved for them to stay! By the end of the first week they were my 2 favs!!

      • IKR! My fav. line by mama day: Your Sh!t has hit the fan, Point blank and the period! lol I love her and she and Jason SHOULD HAVE dominated this season had it not been for Shelli

      • Pre-jurors can happen. BB14 had the first few evictees sequestered until the reset week but they were ultimately let go when the coaches decided to join as regular players.

      • Right. That’s why I said that they aren’t being sequestered this year. It precludes them from returning.

    • I don’t like the returned HG idea because I think it makes the show look hokey. Is CBS rigging it so the HG of their choice returns? I know its just a game and a TV show but fans invest a lot of time in this thing and we deserve something better than a rigged show.

      Why do I get this terrible feeling if Shelli or Vanessa goes home they will return?

      • CBS can’t rig a comp to favor an evicted HG if the comp itself is equilibrium to level the playing field for everyone eligible.

        BB15 had that endurance challenge and despite claims about a “hand” pushing Helen off the platform, it was merely her losing her footing in the end (and I’ve seen the footage on all the angles that were beamed in the feeds).

        BB16 had that chance-based comp which makes it even more unpredictable as to who would return. The worst could have with Jocasta returning to the house, but it would still be fair-game.

      • “Chance” may not always mean random. Let me begin by saying my dad is an engineer and views everything in life as a problem to be solved.
        He says he could create a way within the current veto selection method to thrust up certain player’s tokens, meaning that even if the odds are “even” with all player’s tokens included in the first place, certain ones can still be favored.
        He’s also very cynical that all BB is faked or rigged but I’m just saying there’s always the possibility that chance isn’t that much of a toss up.

      • Depends largely on the nature of the competition’s design. Last year, it was all about hitting pucks on a spot where it needed end up on while knocking out other nearby pucks. The platform is rotating on a steady speed which made the challenge a bit difficult.

      • I thought that as of now, everyone evicted would be sent to the Jury House .. and, that their BB game would not necessarily be over ??

        And, we sorta / kinda know that the Jury House is sequestered from the outside world …

  11. Anyone else think it was funny (and sad for Austin) that Liz said there’s two couples to be aware of in this house… Clay & Shelli, and me & Julia. (Uh oh Austin, the things you don’t know)… ;)

    • I am sure Liz knew exactly what she talked about when she said it, you could almost see a smirk that she tried so hard not to show it.

    • Hard to believe that Austin thinks their showmance is real and stronger than Clelli. Love really is blind.

      • Well since he has an alter ego (d’ohhh), I dun take it so seriously. He could just want to get laid in the jury house. And after he got what he looked for then he could just say he’s in love but Judas wasn’t so at the end Judas wins.
        Never trust a fake wrestler with a bad hair and obnoxious beard!

      • I think Clelli has its limits too. Shelli refused to throw Vanessa under the bus last week even though its meant Clay would go home. Shelli put Vanessa ahead of Clay. This week, I can see Shelli throwing Vanessa under the bus to save herself even though she wouldn’t do the same thing last week! Something tells me once Clay watches the season again and sees how Shellli never asked him to stop giving himself up and how she made a deal to allow Vanessa to campaign for her against Clay, Clay will start to put some things together.

    • If Karma is a … B*tch … and Austin is the (in)direct cause of Julia being evicted to the Jury House … wouldn’t it be fun if it was Julia, instead of Liz, to follow after? Especially, next week, in the event of a double-eviction ? Ha !! :)

      • I think the twins are apparently ok with giving up Austin before each other… Liz still acts flirty with Austin because she can manipulate him better that way, but I think it’s hilarious how she has become comfortable with two faces (the leading Austin on side, vs. the ”Oh my gawwd I don’t like him” side)…

      • Exactly .. Austin wants Liz in the Jury House with him, should he/she/they get evicted … What I was suggesting is, what if it was Julia and Austin that ends up together in the Jury House ?? Ha !!! :)

      • I wonder (when all the cameras are turned off) how much of Liz’s ”Using” side will kick in and she’ll actually go a few bases further with Austin?

  12. Becky would be stupid to put shelli up next to Vanessa only to pull her off that’s just another vote for van.

  13. Sounds like this will be an exciting week! I just hope they stick to the plan. I’m sick of people changing their plans when they don’t even need to.

    BTW, has anyone else been having trouble with this site in the past few days? The page keeps jumping so it’s really difficult to read stuff and after a few times it just crashes. It only started a few days ago and happens on both my computers….

    • That’s discus. Clear your cookies & cache. Close your browser, and then come back. That should stop it.

    • A few of us were just talking about it yesterday… I think there’s a scripting error (or some compatibility issue) between this site and some browsers now… Starting about 6 days ago my IE wouldn’t function properly on this site anymore. I switched over to Firefox and it seems ok now (Capt recommends Waterfox or Cyberfox).

      • No worries. Capt was pretty passionate about the subject yesterday trying to teach all us non-computer experts why he prefers Waterfox or Cyberfox for this site (and why he recommends deleting Shockwave)… He truly does know waaay more about this stuff than I ever could.

      • That was the problem , using INTERNET EXPLODER in the 1st place i never use IE for that reason. i use either firefox or google chrome.

      • Heh, that’s what my dad calls IE. We had computers in our home very early because of his work and he’s always hated IE lol

      • my son in law is an IT technician and he has called it that for years never ever use IE its too unstable.and more susceptible yo virus,s.

      • Ah thanks, I’m glad I’m not alone. I usually use Chrome. I have Firefox on my home computer too but my laptop is actually a Chromebook so I don’t have another option while I’m away for the weekend. But it does seem more stable right now at least.

  14. Oh Meg! On the HoH Comp. She’s not even trying. She barely made it down the rail, for people that had gone by 3x..yeah she’s throws the comp, she throws herself to Clay. What can she do?.. lol She’s ok, but she’s a # for the underdogs and that’s all I can give her for now.

    • She’s also sitting in the house in the best position. She’s part of the underdogs, but no one ever mentions her as a target.

    • To her credits, she tried as hard as she could. She did win a comp with Jason. Not everyone is a Shelli, you know. So it’s ok to have a choice between a strict suburban cougar or a crazy drunk NY chick.

      • KegMeg is a little freaky, at times, granted. But Meg is as sweet as apple pie and a little too naive for BB, IMO. She has been beneficial at keeping her peeps calm, but she is the most expendable HG in her group, I think.

      • Oh I don’t think our party girl Meg is the sweet and innocent girl from NYC you might think… She is young (and therefore a little naive) but she’s fully aware that in real life she gets quite a bit of attention when she’s in a room… I love the name KegMeg by the way! I’m using that one from now on if that’s ok?

      • Agreed. Clay mentioned that Meg had share of showmances, and there should be some truth in it.
        Remember when Jeff was around in the first week, he and James made Meg their first interviewee?
        Also I think there was something going on albeit short-lived between Meg and Jace.
        So Meg/Jace, Meg/Jeff, Meg/James and dun forget Jason (it’s half-count!)

      • I dun see her as expendable coz people would take off stronger players like Jackie, James and Becky first.
        She could outlast those three, so that makes her a survivor (for lacking of a better word).

      • OK, l’ll say that she has less to bring to the table as far as helping her peeps accomplish goals, such as winning comps.

      • To certain degree I agree but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t try her best in comps. And her peeps seem not to worry too much about it, that’s all that matters really.

    • I thought that it was more Clay grabbing her and snuggling into her bosom, than it was Meg being the aggressor ??

      • Actually Meg came after Clay. She was eating when she saw that Shelli was called to the DR and Clay went to the bathroom area, so she followed him.
        Clay did ask for a hug first tho but Meg surely obliged too eagerly. (I prefer watching Vampire Dentist’s face tho … it’s priceless)

      • Though, to Clay’s credit, he did mention to Julie Chen in his exit interview, that Meg may have been in a wee bit of a drunken stuper, at the time ?? :)

      • Yup, I am not sure your ‘to Clay’s credit’ was a compliment or a sarcasm but I like it!

    • I thought I heard she has knee problems? That’s what I assumed was slowing her down so much in the comp.

  15. Let’s hope for a DE double whammy. First Vanessa then Shelli. If that happens, I may buy more mines in Machu Pichu.

  16. I don’t like this plan either and there are some significant gaps in it. Who does Becky put up if Vanessa wins POV and takes Shelli off the block? That further strengthens the Shelli, Vanessa bond and forces Becky and team to put one of the Austwins on the block against Steve.

    The idea they can work with Shelli only works if Vanessa goes. If Vanessa does not go then Shelli has to go – otherwise Shelli goes right back to Van and their alliance is still intact. Just because they vote Steve out instead of Shelli does not mean Shelli is going to turn on her alliance.

    I was hoping JMac would talk some sense into her before she made her noms but apparently he got cold feet to go after Vanessa outright this week.

    We have to cross our fingers and hope Shelli or one of the good guys wins POV and uses it. But if Austwins or Vanessa win POV this plan could blow up in a hurry.

    I hope Steve or JMac wins POV and Steve comes off the block leaving Shelli and Vanessa up. That is the best case scenario right now.

    • My guess would be Austin ?
      After last week, I don’t think anyone remaining from the remaining Sixth Sense would care much if either Austin or Steve were to be evicted, in that case by either sides of the House??

      • Yup Austin & Steve are the last two ”safe” nominations for both sides of the house… Some people want Vanessa, some want James, but nobody really cares to protect Austin or Steve all that much.

      • Imagine the look on Austin’s face if/when/should the Twins vote him out over Steve? Ha !! :)

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Sometimes watching these people play makes me want to scream!

    • Didn’t you know what Vampire Dentist discuss with Lil Stevie? It happened after the fight and before elimination.
      He said if he became HoH he would nom Meg and Liz and renom Vanessa. So yeah, basically he and Becky have similar agenda.

      • The more I think of Becky’s plan the less I like it. They need to agree that if they cannot get Vanessa out the door then they must evict Shelli and not let the two of them in the game together even for 1 week. There is still the problem of Vanessa winning POV but that will be figured out once they picked the players.

        Right now I am concerned that Becky is thinking she can save Shelli and work with her despite all that has happened. But we all know that will never happen unless they get rid of Vanessa.

      • Either way, nom or renom Vanessa there’s still a chance for Vanessa to win PoV.
        By putting Van straight in the nom, Van has a 1/6 chance to compete in PoV but if she’s a renom option, she might not even get picked on for PoV.
        Of course there’s also the chance whoever wins PoV (beside Vanessa, Lil Stevie and Shelli) won’t use the veto, but it’s a lil unlikely.
        So I think this is the best move.
        As for Becky wants to work with Shelli, well they do have connection before and I read/saw somewhere Becky felt that Shelli saved her before. Of course she can’t turn her back on Shelli now otherwise Hurricane Shelli would strike her.

  17. Vanessa can talk her way out of any situation. That’s why she is the best female player since Danielle from season 3

    • Well not if everyone is on to that person’s maneuvers…like they are with Vanessa. Vanessa exposed herself by talking too much whereas Danielle was quiet when she needed to be.

      • Yeah thats true but she has 3 people austwins completely loyal to her and if any one of those 4 get picked to play and win she could get them to not use the veto then probably have the vote go to a tie witch would make Becky be forced to save Shelli or risk 4 people coming for her net hoh.

      • I think they’re more loyal to Shelli than Vanessa! Vanessa wanted to get rid of Liz, remember? Shelli said no!

    • If she talks herself out of this one you may be right. But right now it looks like she talked herself into this situation.

  18. Soooo she’s trying to keep the back door plan a secret but spews it all to Vanessa’s biggest ally?

    • So true! The only ones who don’t know are Austin and the twins and Vanessa! Any chance this plan is still a secret by the time the veto ceremony happens?

      • Doubt it if she’s telling Shelli! Why did she need to tell Shelli anything except that she’s not the target?

      • If Shelli does tell Vanessa, there’s nothing Vanessa can do but win the POV which she would try to do anyway.
        If Shelli doesn’t tell Vanessa and the plan backfires and both of them stay, Becky has something up her sleeve that could break the Shelli/Vanessa alliance and might get Shelli on her side.

        Either way, she doesn’t have much to lose by telling. Vanessa is aware that she has a target on her back anyway…

    • Exactly. I think Becky needs to just stop talking so much. I liked James’ run as HOH: he saw, he did, he conquered and that was that. All this blah, blah, blah are “plan-ruiners”.

      • They’ve pretty much been going by volunteers, but I have no idea whose turn it would be.

      • Weren’t she and Clay HNs together? I’m going to have to go back and look all that up out of curiosity.

      • I’ve tried going back but don’t know where to find it..LOLOL I didn’t know if Clay and she were HNs together. Wait..I do remember she has been…she put popcorn in her slop!

      • At least Van and Shelli will not be together, if Becky does HNs the way they’ve been doing it. She could elect not to and choose the HNs, but I don’t think she will make anymore waves than need be this week.

  19. DE week ~ I’d prefer a triple eviction week. Evict Shelli, Austin, and Vanessa and I’d be a happy camper sitting by the fire roasting mashmellows with Jackie and Meg..

    • That twist sucked hence why bbus is better then bbcan they don’t let the players control the game its rigged with Canada and production interference every week no different from bbuk >_____>

      • Kisses, right? That’s the best!
        Hey, have you ever counted shoulders before?
        1, 2, 3, 4 …

      • I’m being ‘shock waved’ out of here … please clarify “counted shoulders”

      • Vampire Dentist & Becky’s winning talent show.
        The lame pick-up line, counting shoulders.
        1, 2, 3, 4 followed by a kiss.

      • Wow ~ John and Becky won a talent show! Good for them ~~ I’m too old to understand the 1234 shoulder count ~ Maybe if I had seen it it would help. Thanx for the explanation.

  20. The odds not not very good for a back door.

    4 out of the 8 people who could be picked to play veto will not use the veto. They are Vanessa and Austwins.

    1 of their 4 are not going to win the comp unless it is pure mental. Meg
    1 of the 3 that can actually win veto is going to throw it. John
    That leaves 2 good picks for pov. If anyone from the 5th sense that is not on the block gets picked for veto. They may only need to beat 2 people Shelli and Becky.

    Their % chance of getting picked is
    1st pick 50%
    2nd pick 57%
    3rd pick 66%

    Vanessa is actually pretty safe this week

    • Nice analysis. But you don’t factor in that the Austwins will also (likely) throw the veto comp if they can.

      They know Van is the target and not using it protects her, but also don’t want to piss off Shelli either by winning and not using it. They don’t want to expose their other 2/3 either. I don’t think they trust J/J/M/B enough. So, they will avoid the POV medallion like the plague.

      So, you can also start to break it down – out of the 9 – who will go hard in the veto comp & has a chance (i.e. not Meg). I would say that leaves it to Becky, Jackie, James, Shelli and Van. All of those, but Van will use the veto.

      It will really depend on who all is picked for veto comp. There are a myriad of combos here. The worst case for Van is J/J/M get the open spots. Odds are only 1 in 6 she wins Veto. (Ok 1 in 5, Meg will be throwing without even trying ) . Best case for van is she gets into the veto and has 2 austwins with her – and they can help her as much as they can (i.e. in last week’s veto comp, when someone got a zero, they could also get a zero to give them another chance)

      So, VERY hard to calc until we know who is in veto comp – but I would think she is 50/50 to go up (& likely go) this week as BD.

  21. So here is a thought I just had. We are now in the jury stage with MOST of the sixth sense alliance going to jury at some point. so it now becomes a game where if you are not in 6s, you NEED all of them to be in the jury, because if one of the final two are a 6s member, they are going to win. so my point is, They need to eliminate all the 6s people ASAP!

  22. I don’t really understand Vanessa and her way of thinking while in the BB house. She make mountains out of mole hills and it was all unnecessary. She says how good her word is, yet, she could be standing in a room with other HG’s and tell a lie and then turn around and say “I never said that.”Her paranoia got the best of her. I think Vanessa is a good person..she just doesn’t know how to really play the game. She gives alot to charity with her poker earnings ..I think the game just brought out a side of her that we didn’t like. Pretty sure she will be the lst jury member and my prediction for final 2 is JohnnyMac and Becky.

  23. Too funny about Becky talking to Liz about all the strong women there were this season! Seriously?? hahaha The only strong ones were Audrey (for a couple weeks), Day (for a week longer), Shelli, Jackie and Vanessa! That leaves Becky, Meg, Julia and Liz who are mostly floaters until this week…Becky cannot be placed in that category any longer! :-) If Becky outlasts Vanessa, Shelli and Jackie, then I’ll consider her a strong woman in the BB house! :-)

  24. Vanessa is at it again…telling Julia what a b**ch Becky was for not listening to a deal Van wanted to propose to her. Said she was hostile last night. I’m going to miss nomination ceremony…won’t be home again til late tomorrow night! I’ll check on my Kindle Fire to see, but won’t get to participate in the blog (hate using Kindle Fire’s touch keypad to type on).

    • She gets upset over the slightest little slight or perceived slight. Why is Becky obligated to listen to her plot? She’s not..

      • If it had been my HOH i would have told Vanessa to get the hell out if my HOH room and dont bother coming back while i was HOH becuz i,m not listening to anymore of her BS she has that perogitive.

  25. I do not trust Becky , I thougt they were gonna target Austin and the twins next week, now she’s talking Vanessa or Steve ,they need to put up Shelli and Vanessa and make darn sure one of the goes this time.

  26. I really don’t think Vanessa is going anywhere if anything it’s poor Steve on his way out Becky is putting Shelli and Steve up then after the veto Shelli is coming down and Vanessa is going up

    • She was on week 1. It should have been her turn , along with Meg and James, but maybe Jackie would rather do it with them.

  27. I think this plan is too risky. Its time the pawn went home and if Steve went home, so be it. Then maybe they will start making smarter nomination choices.

  28. Yahoo!! They get a second shot at Shelli. Steve is nowhere near the threat Shelli is – kick him off later.

  29. They need to get out the floaters. Its not fair to the other players to keep people who dont derserve the money like jhon. Steve and jacky. Even mag. Get them out. There not winning nothing

  30. I love vannessa. Yea she dont need the money but shes the strongest player by far. She knows what shes doing. And shes a damn good player

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