The Best And Worst Of Big Brother 17 Week 6

We finally saw a power shift on Big Brother 17 during week 6 as James took control of the house and went for power couple, Clelli. So we have a lot of moments to look at from this past week.

Clay gets blurred and bleeped on last Sunday’s episode – Source: CBS

So lets get to the best and worst moments from the weeks. As always, I’ll be giving Ewws to the worst moments and Ahhs to the best.

(Note: some of these things you might only have seen if you’re a Live Feeds subscriber)

Ahh. James wins HOH. Battle of the Block is dead and the power has shifted! As soon as James won HOH it was clear that week 6 was going to be a good one.

Eww. Vanessa’s paranoia. While I’ll admit that Vanessa makes for interesting Live Feeds, it’s really hard to watch her go from person to person spreading her paranoia. She makes all of these unnecessary accusations and assumptions and it just turns into hours and hours of her being so certain that someone is related to someone or someone is plotting against her. For such a solid player, this sort of paranoia is going to be her demise.

Ahh. James nominates Clelli. James did not beat around the bush this week. He went right for the jugular and nominated the power couple outright with Shelli in mind as the target.

Vanessa Rousso doesn't like your alternative plans

Eww. Vanessa works overtime to get Shelli to stay. Actually, what’s “eww” about this is that it worked. People actually decided they should keep the person that not only can win competitions, but can also make Vanessa more powerful.

Ahh. Fights, fights, fights. We all know that part of the fun of Big Brother is watching fights. And this week had plenty. There was Clay vs. James. Vanessa vs. Clay. Shelli vs. Vanessa. Vanessa vs. Johnny Mac (as you’ll probably see on Sunday’s episode). It was a great week for drama. My favorite moment, though, was probably when Shelli refused to hug Vanessa after the nomination ceremony. Oh, and also when Clay told Vanessa this all happened because she wanted Jason out over Austin last week. Aaaahhhh. Such a great week.



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  1. Was I the only one that was completely turned off by James behavior as HOH. I have no problem with Clelli being gone… don’t care. However, James was a real jerk as an HOH. Rubbing their faces in it and laughing at Shelli when she was eliminated from Veto. I WAS pulling for that side of the house to do SOMETHING but now I really dislike James.

    • I’m not a big James fan.

      Heck, I actually liked Clay and Shelli. They didn’t annoy me as much as the other couple and the leader of their alliance. But James was nowhere near as immature as Clay was about the whole thing.

      I’ve seen worse on BB. I think James was ok. Yeah, he was on a bit of a power trip, but I don’t think he really went out of his way to belittle them. He was up front about it all, aside from the “deal” in the HOH comp.

      • I agree completely. I suspect James was just very excited about finally grabbing the power for his house after weeks of being on the wrong side of the power. I did see him laugh when Shelli was eliminated, but damn. He was happy! Other than that, James seemed pretty level headed. HOH’s from the other side have been far more asshole-ish.

    • Hmmm…I don’t have feeds, but have watched all the shows and a little BBAD and I thought James was a class act this past week.

      • I agree. James called it like he saw it, made a decision and stuck to it, despite attempts form all over the place to change his mind. If nothing else, it shows he has integrity.

    • I think what people fail to see is how Shelli was actually acting in the house. The shows aren’t showing here evil side. She had been prancing around the house like she already knew she was the one staying. She knew about Vanessa flipping the votes to her but James didn’t so at the time of the veto comp when she lost he laughed because as far as he knew that was the end to her feeling she was entitled to be in that house and she wasn’t leaving. The problem is it was already a done deal without the veto. When James found out yesterday that was happening he said that is why shes been walking around with her attitude.

    • Yes, you were.
      What comes around goes around…..they deserved worse than James gave them

    • I saw that little laugh as a release for relief. Once Shelli went down, James could more or less relax. It’s not like he was belly laughing and pointing a finger at her. He wasn’t being obnoxious about it.

    • I’ve never liked James and especially now he disgusts me. If he was really a smart player he could’ve put them up with the option of if one got the veto he could put up Vanessa. But since he’s so clueless and has tunnel vision he did what he did “for the house” without actually checking with the house. That right there shows how dumb he is. You would think someone who’s supposedly playing to win for their daughter would make better calculated decisions to ensure his safety the next week. He was such a jerk the whole week prancing around like he was king. Shelli was just trying to be normal, she even said “let’s not make it awkward the rest of the week”.
      I like Clelli and understand why they were so pissed off. Vanessa has done everything she can to deflect blame from herself to them. Yes I understand that ultimately it was up to Clelli to keep Jason but they were in a tight spot since they already gave Becky their word she was safe. Vanessa set it up that way and they had to go with it. Yes Clay could have handled James better but James could’ve also handled Clay better as well. Neither was in the right. Ultimately James needs to go and it needs to happen after Vanessa is evicted.

  2. I’m not sure I believe that Liz isn’t into Austin. She says that, but she could have established a much different relationship with him than she did. I suspect she IS into him, but doesn’t want to admit that to her sister, or the world.

    • You know… it could be true. I mean, what better way to keep the target off a showmance than to claim you’re playing the other person and you’re not into them?

      Time will tell I guess, and if that is the case, then I’ll give Liz props for being a much better player than I’ve ever given her credit for.

      • I didn’t actually think of it as strategy on her part. But it would be a good one. Sadly, I think Austin will lose a gasket if she truly isn’t into him post show.

        Also, Austin is always talking about being in the jury house with her, so I guess he’s not playing to win … or at least doesn’t expect to make it to the end. How sad would it be if he ends up final two.

      • To be correct [fair] Austin, Liz and Steve are the only ones that have been HN twice.

      • Yes, I posted all of that on a previous thread a little while ago. Vanessa was a HN week 1, Meg and James week 2.

      • No, I was just telling you because I was too lazy to post it again and thought you might want to see the list. But now I see that you found the spoilers board. :)

      • They have been volunteering and taking turns so it hasn’t been a big deal this year as it was in previous seasons.

      • That seems to make it rather a moot point in terms of the game if they are volunteering.

      • They still hate it, but, yes, I agree, it does seem pointless to make their lives more uncomfortable if the HGs aren’t getting to fight for their chance to avoid it. Maybe they’ll have a HG comp today and that might change things up.

  3. James was in the military; he’s tough, and he showed it during his week as HoH. And although I have no idea how tough Becky might have been had James not won, James’s courageous moves might have been the encouragement others need to start playing the game. If Becky nominates Shelli and Steve with the plan to backdoor Vanessa – that’s a gutsy move that I hope works according to plan.

  4. Meg deserved an ehh. That was so hard to watch because it was SO pathetic. That did not look good on her part.

  5. The biggest eewwww was definitely the HG’s keeping Shelli over Clay. I will never understand why. She has ten times more chances of winning than Clay would ever have had. He was just a big slug whose mind wasn’t even in the game. If Shelli had gone home, Vanessa would have a lot bigger chance of moving forward with Clay. Didn’t know about my little stud muffin James’ background – that explains why he had the courage to make the big move – just too bad it kind of backfired. I’ll be very happy if Vanessa goes home next, but perhaps that’s too much to hope for. I couldn’t even watch last night’s eviction – read the spoilers instead. The thought of seeing that big smirk on Shelli’s face would have been too much. What a fool Clay is – is he independently wealthy or something? That’s the only reason I can think of to throw a chance at $500,000 for an older woman he just met, and who probably won’t even be part of his life a year from now. Maybe he realized he didn’t have the type of scheming personality you need on BB, and wouldn’t stand a chance of winning on his own. Just wondering out loud.

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