Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Is America’s Player Back? – Diary Room Leak

Overnight on the Big Brother Live Feeds a possible spoiler for America’s Player was revealed to listeners who caught an audio leak from the Diary Room that might be letting us in on a new twist.

Team America's Player on Big Brother
Is America’s Player back on Big Brother 17?

While nothing has been confirmed and likely wouldn’t be until Sunday’s episode it does appear that we may have a return of the America’s Player role on Big Brother 17 this season.

Flashback to 3:35 AM BBT 8/7 Cams 1/2 to hear James called in to the DR. Feeds cut to Fish. When they return in about 40 seconds James is not on camera but we can still hear his audio. It’s important to note this audio appears to be leaking only to Feedsters and not in to the house.

Listen to the Feeds at 3:35.40 AM BBT as we hear James say “Whaaat? America’s Player card?” Production replies: “Congratulations.” Then audio cuts and we’re back to just watching Steve fiddle with cushions in the living room.

It’s tough to know for sure if this is James joking around which he might be, but production’s calm reply without skipping a beat sounds like they were ready for that comment. Secondly, James did not leave the DR until 4:44 AM BBT. That’s nearly 70 minutes in there when he wasn’t the new Head of Household. Again, not impossible under normal circumstances, but would have allowed for rules talk.

Sure, neither of those are certain confirmations, but I’m leaning to the side of things that this is legitimate. So what does it mean for the game? Hopefully not much.

James is obviously a prankster as we’ve seen time and time again and America’s Player hasn’t always been tasked with the most serious of missions. In BB10 Dan had a challenge to get an extended hug from Jessie as one example. This could just be for giggles. Or maybe it’s more serious. Dunno.

Another question might be, where was the viewer poll for this? The original AP (Eric Stein in BB8) was not a viewer’s choice nor was the Saboteur twist in BB12. So these aren’t always viewer selections.

However, I saw discussion that there was a CBS poll online this past week asking who you would want to make a F2 with and if you remember last season, isn’t that similar to how Team America was decided when Joey won the first voting round?

If it was a popularity decision then James was in the right place at the right time. He nearly tied John in our Week 6 popularity poll and his targeting of a big power couple easily spiked his ratings this week.

We’ll have to keep watching for more clues, but it’s entirely possible that James Huling is now America’s Player for Big Brother 17. Let’s keep watching to see what happens next.


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  1. Jmac would have been a funnier America’s Player… He’s a lil more goofy

    • John is great in the DR, but he’s much more reserved in the house. He might be too hesitant to do crazy things that could hurt his game like being AP. James on the other hand seems kinda “whatever” when it comes to those moves.

      • You know what would be great? If one year they decide that the season’s “big twist” would be… *drum roll*

        NO TWISTS!!!

      • Whatever happened to the “promised” twist each week? I’m still annoyed with that.

      • I am bothered by the lack of BB takeovers as well. They promised one every week, and that lasted what? 3 weeks?
        I am thinking they just ran out of ideas, but if BB was smart they could have just brought back previous players to reenact their favourite competitions/twists. I would have enjoyed seeing Dr.Will or Janelle come back for a takeover week. But alas apparently BB doesn’t think about these things.

      • honestly it is very annoying that they did not follow through with this. and no explanation at that. Doesn’t make for very good TV. I was looking forward to the takeover twist.

      • Agreed! Making up the rules as the game progresses. Kinda like a spoiled child making up rules to suit their needs! Ahhhhhh, sigh!

      • What did I miss. Becky got the win- she’s been one of their lower tier spies. So, why the “get packing Vanessa- did I miss something?

      • She hates Vanessa’s guts. Hopefully CBS will show part of last night’s feeds where she tells Vanessa to take a joke after being offered on another one of her meaningless deals. And then blows her up when Shelli comes in afterward and Becky blows her you know what up. Beautiful to watch

      • Becky told Jmac a few days ago that she’s tired of being a rat and is choosing J/J/M’s side of the house. She’s proving that now that she is HoH.

    • Because Production is continually trying to get the kinks out of a ‘bad’ twist and make it a ‘fan’ favorite ~~

  2. If James is America’s Player and Vanessa is there, I hope he has to hide that turquoise colored knit cap that she wears. Give her a real reason for some paranoia.

      • The house must have some super air conditioning, because I always see people huddled in sweaters and blankets too x.x

      • It’s really cold in the HN room and if you’re on the other side of that wall, it can be just as cold.

    • My daughter keeps calling her the Muppet – I think her name is Janice from the band lol

      • Who could ever forget how Zack reacted last year over his pink hat? I felt a little sorry for the guy, but it was hilarious at the same time.

      • It was, but it was all very entertaining. If I remember correctly, didn’t they have a hat waiting for him when he was evicted?

      • you know, when she first did that…I have to admit, I thought to myself, if she actually knew she was cutting her own hat up

      • She said that she knew. Apparently it was a hat that she bought @ Walmart just for the show. No sentimental value to anyone, except Zach.

      • True, and did you hear that a giant crow picked her up as a baby when she was at the beach one day? Her mom saved her by shooing it away…

        Fellow Housemates: Ummm, I don’t think a crow is big enough to pick up a baby!”

        Response: Oh well maybe it was a scarecrow then or something like that…

      • Yeah, I was very confused about that as well. Did she really mean that to be true, though? Part of me was hoping it was just a joke, but part of me thought she actually meant it

      • No she swears its the truth because that’s what her mom has always told her was the truth… What makes me laugh the most is that she doesn’t even know what a scarecrow is and just said: ”Maybe it was a scarecrow then.” ;)

      • Ok, so it was finale night. I knew he got another one. Thanks, redroses….know it all that you are. hehe

  3. Could he have been chosen from the videos people have been sending in for the BBSoundOff?

  4. yeah well we know this is going to be an easy week so long as Vanessa stops her paranoia so it would make sense that Production will come up with something to make it interesting. I just really hope it doesn’t hurt James’ game!

    • An easy week? Shelli & Steve going up. The 6th Snake trying to get Shelli down & the James Gang trying to get Steve down & not let Van play/win Veto. Followed by 4 days of fun, if it’s Van vs. Shelli as the final duo! I think we’re in for another week of fireworks!

      • Yeah, Becky has already let Jackie, Meg, James and Shelli in on the plan with Vanessa as the backdoor target…she’s telling everyone else that Jmac is her backdoor target.

      • So shelli knows she’s going up up with Steve and everyone thinks jmac is the backdoor but really it’s vanessa. Whew, did I get that right?

      • Yep. Although, Becky did tell Shelli that Van is the real target. Now we see if Shelli tells Van or not.

      • Hmmmm…. after all that went on between clay and vanessa before he left… MAYBE NOT??

        Clay was a real jerk before he left. Good the he didn’t go to Jury after all. I JUST THOUGHT he was an idot for leaving the way he did, then he proved it. He is just a stupid kid.

  5. So, any idea if it will just be one Player, James ? or, will it be 2 and/or 3 like last year with Derrick, Frankie and Donny ?? If multiple AP Players, who do you think the other(s) would be, I wonder ?? :)

    • Would be interesting to have James & one of the twins be AP, since they never talk to each other.

      • Liz is always trying to scare people so she would probably be a natural at being a prankster for America.

  6. I know this is completely off the subject… But what do you guys think about big brother of other countries? My favorite one is Canada, my least favorite is Australia because it’s completely controlled by production and they get to evict anyone they want … They don’t let other players vote on who to evict

    • I actually live in Canada and could not stand BBCan. The one episode I watched from season one was absolutely ludicrous. I did not like a single player, it seemed like the cast was just loud people who wanted showmances.
      I have noticed that BBUS is falling into the same ditch…but after 16 years of watching I just can’t stop!

      • I live in the US and love BB Can! Season 2 was the best out of the 3 seasons, IMO. You should go back and watch more than 1 episode. BB Can does some very funny twists.

      • I hear season 2 was pretty good, after this season of US I will probably binge watch all of Can, just to see what the hype is. I want to love it, I really do.

      • Yes I agree with redroses.. Bbcan it’s really good give it another try.. This past season was actually good…. Them twistos twist are awesome

    • I love Canada, followed by the equally fun and hilarious Australia (Series 10 being my top most pick although I haven’t watched prior seasons), the depressing yet campy fun UK, and then of course my home country’s version in the Philippines, which after 10 years still continue to keep its back-to-basic format intact at the cost of the the show getting stale the past few seasons.

      And don’t let the public voting turn you off from other versions of BB. What makes them real fun to watch are the cast, if chosen well, can make a bad season great, tasks that can really stir up some crazy sh!t and bruise some egos, and showmances flourishing.

      And for the extreme BB voyeurs, a first look at some sexy times in the bedroom.

      Here’s a few clips from my country’s version (I hope you don’t mind the code-switching):
      1) /watch?v=TBGBWrb6AdQ (Teen Season 3/Teen Clash of 2010)
      2) youtube(dot)com/watch?v=YuomTac_-jw (Season 2)
      3) /watch?v=o-SJCeTEv2Q (Season 3)

      • I know… I find it crazy how BBUK airs the house guest naked … Lol I love it

      • The most recent season there has a stripper-slash-scientist go almost naked with only tinfoil wrapping his private parts. That got me lol’ing hehe.

      • And who could forget the infamous pool Orgy in BBUK? If the sensors would allow it, that’s where BBUSA would be right now for sure… It’s just a porn show with a little bit of Big Brother thrown in for variety.

      • lol – #2 sounds like a typical day hanging out in the Filipino sections of Toronto actually…and that’s with family who actually like each other! ;)

      • I think I can imagine how Philippine expat families there function:

        Kid: “Ma! Why do you keep on dragging me to watch your cheesy soap operas from home?”
        Ma: “For you to be in touch with your heritage, op kors!!”
        Kid: “But they’re all the same! The final episode has goons kidnapping the girl, the guy saves her and pushes the villain off the rooftop just as the police arrive at the scene and they have a grand wedding at the last few minutes.”
        Ma: “Because good always triumph versus evil”
        Kid: “I’d rather watch Degrassi”
        Ma: “That show is not good for you to watch. It’s too violent and I won’t let you watch violent Canadian shows.”
        Kid: “Ha?!” *in disbelief*

      • Cool. I haven’t been to Clark myself but back when I was a kid, I was able to tour around Subic Naval Base for a school field trip. Learned a lot of stuff about those places. :)

    • Oh my as much as my heart bleeds Red & White (I AM Canadian) I have to say that Big Brother Canada is not my cup of tea. It’s bland, people always vote in unison (very Canadian of them), and there’s way too many ridiculous twists and changes in the game to believe anyone has a ”fair” chance of winning it based on skills & ability… I do like the diversity of cast (although it’s a tad ”forced” and not really symbolic of Canadian culture). I also like that 80% of the cast aren’t models, actors, and minor celebs who have been cast for the show. If there was a way to bring the best parts of BBCan and BBusa together, we’d have a GREAT show! :)

      • I agree and let’s throw a lil bit of Australia into the mix lol… If Julie could perform opening numbers like the bbAU host does I would be in heaven lol

      • Imagine Julie doing those numbers the way Wil Heuser does it in his BB17 Saga videos. :))

    • America’s player (or players, since there were 3 last season) are given tasks to do. Sometimes the tasks are silly and sometimes they effect game play. There is a prize for the AP or house, if it is successful.

      • It would have been better if Frankie wasn’t one. I think because they made it three instead of one, it became too complicated.

      • They also decided the team too quickly. This time around viewers actually have favorites. So, if it is a team it is likely houseguests that america has liked for a while.

      • I sort of did, but they introduced it way too soon, before we even got to know what the players were like.

  7. If it is a team of three James, Jackie, and JMac/Meg would be interesting to see how they react knowing America loves them.

  8. Last year Derrick didn’t appreciate/like Donny and made negative remarks/moves to discredit Donny. Add Frankie, and it was a complete waste. BB started AP too early last season and the effort failed miserably.

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