Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 11

Down to the Final Six of Big Brother 17 and two of those Houseguests are set to hit the Block today as the new Head of Household, crowned late last night, has been working to make the best decision for moving on in the game.

Julia Nolan is worried about nominations on BB17
Julia Nolan is worried about nominations on BB17 – Source: CBS All Access

There aren’t many options when you’ve got five HGs to pick from and there are deals thrown all around the Big Brother house, but choices have to be made and after much debate a decision was reached.

Soon after we learned that Steve had won HoH we knew what he would need to do, but was he finally willing to turn on the Austwins and make them his targets? Looks like that’s a resounding yes, but the question soon became how to best achieve their demise.

Steve is one of those eager to please people who would rather not stab anyone in the back and have everyone safe under his reign, but Big Brother doesn’t work like that. So when Austin pulled Steve aside, Flashback to 1:20 AM BBT 9/4, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear Steve promise Austin safety this week. Oops. Someone didn’t check with Vanessa first, did he?

Austin is pushing to avoid a situation where the twins are up and he becomes the renom. Austin says JMac could flip and vote him out with Julia as the weaker option between them. Steve promises he’ll be safe either way, but Austin wants to make a deal with the three of them including John. Steve pushes back with his “I’m not emotionally available for a talk right now” but starts to promise “no front door, backdoor” then holds off and skirts around it.

A short time later Vanessa pulled Steve in to the Lounge. Flashback to 1:40 AM BBT. She wants to know if he’s made his decision yet on noms. Steve tells Vanessa he’s looking to put up the twins. Wrong choice, try again, says Vanessa. She warns him that if Julia and Liz are up, Austin wins Veto, then either John or Vanessa will have to go up and they’ll be voted out since the Austwins would control the vote. Yes, they would. Maybe you shouldn’t have let them get to F6, huh?

Vanessa promotes the idea of instead putting Austin and Liz up since they’re the stronger two of the three. The risk is still there, she explains, that the safe one could save a second and soon vote to protect the third, but it minimizes that risk by putting the weakest of the three on the sideline.

Remember that at this point everyone will play for the Veto. Six HGs and six PoV players this week. There are no chances of someone not being included.

If Julia is kept off the Block then either Liz or Austin win Veto, they’ll come down, and Julia will go up. But yes, as noted, if Julia is down and wins Veto then she’ll save Liz leaving Austin on the Block and he’d most likely be kept safe by the twins unless maybe Vanessa goes up and somehow they convince Julia to vote out Austin. Never know.

Maybe there’s another way, Vanessa suggests. She thinks she could talk Julia in to not using the Veto if she wins the PoV comp therefore leaving the noms of Austin and Liz as is. That seems like a longshot. Or is it?


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    • It’s been a great season! The only problem is the complete incompetence by the final 8…namely Meg, James, John, Steve and Vanessa, by not getting rid of the twin trio earlier.

      • I don’t know about calling Vanessa incompetent. The Austwins have actually served her needs quite well.

      • But this can only happen because of the epic incompetence of the twins who swallow whatever she feeds them, as does her pet Stevie Boy.

      • all of them. what happen to comparing notes and everyone figured Vanessa out? Steve and JMac r questioning who Vanessa could b close w. I would ask everyone individually, while they’re pleading not to go up, who do you have F2 w and see how many say Vanessa.

      • If she’s happy with top 4…then yes, you’d be right. Otherwise the goal is winning here…in which case I call it incompetence making a deal with 3 people when you’re CLEARLY on the bottom of that totum poll.

      • But that’s just it. She is making a deal with three people, but I don’t think she is on the bottom of that totem pole. I think she’s at the top and those three people are her puppets.

      • The entire cast has been a major disappointment. I think Shelli and Vanessa were the only two playing the game for the first 6 weeks. Jeff was playing something but I don’t think it was Big Brother. Not until Jason got evicted did Meg, James, Jackie and Becky start playing. JMac didn’t get involved until after that.

        The biggest problem is no one was willing to make a move except James and Becky and he messed it up both times.

        There were 3 culprits in this game that led to the mess we have now. First was Shelli. When Shelli and Clay were on the block she should have thrown Vanessa under the bus to save herself and Clay.

        Second was James and Meg who together misread the entire game and everyone in it. They flipped to evict Shelli instead of Vanessa and left the “head of the snake” in the game. since then, Jackie, Becky, JMac, Meg and James have been evicted. JMac came back in but the rest are in jury. That shows just how bad James and Meg were at this game. They shold have stuck with Becky and listened to her. They should have made a deal with Shelli because she is better at strategy than they are. But now they are in jury pondering their own stupidity.

      • Johnny Mac atleast, used his head 2nd time out by aligning with Vanessa. Good thing too that he let Meg get evicted because if Julia got evicted, he would be the one getting evicted instead, of James. Liz would have gone after him for sure. His best move is to stick to Vanessa and Steve and go take out the Austwins for good.

      • I admire james for making big moves the only problem is i think hes not that bright. Just wondering if the other side of the house was working together? I mean really,james?

      • I don’t consider keeping TWO players who violated the contracts they signed as a “great season”. I can’t stand the whiney twins, Austin…….just yuck! Steve has been nothing but a manipulated vote, and JMAC has been a comp throwing hack. So, I really don’t care who wins and I cancelled the DVR recording of the series.

      • To many recruits, they don’t know that the name of the game is who can lie and get away with it the longest. They hear something and run to whoever it is about than believe what that persons sells them, when they should keep it to themselves and investigate and use it to their advantage later.

    • Not sure what past seasons you have been watching, but this is definitely not the lamest. This is miles better than at least 9, 15, and 16.

      • Completely agree. The “worst season ever” parade comes every year. I thought it was understandable at first (having started watching during BB15) but I can’t see why people hate this season so badly. BB16 was purely revolting to me and this season is greatly refreshing, even though it is subpar.

      • You’re absolutely right. People complain “this is the worst season ever” every year. I’m enjoying it. Was so beyond frustrated last night, absolutely, but that is the fun of it!

  1. Just in case there is a season 18 of BB..HG’s take note..NEVER let a showmance or relatives stay in the game longer than the second week!! If you see something starting to form between two people..get them out! When you get to F6 with a showmance and twins..things get dicey!!

      • It’s not unheard of for shows to be cancelled after “renewed”. They need to rework the entire premise, then maybe there’s hope.

    • And, IF there is a BB 18……..the producers need to enforce the contract!!! Violations of the contract DID COST several members to be evicted who otherwise would not have been.

      • I haven’t been able to watch the feeds. I only read updates. The only violation I read about was Vanessa offering them money. What else happened?

  2. I’ve been an avid fan of this game since Season 1. I have to say this is the first season I’ve rarely watched the live feeds. This group is boring. All of ’em. BB really missed the boat on this season. Everybody used to say Season 9 was the worst but this year has them beat!

    • I really disagree. Compared to last season the Feeds have been a frequent source of entertainment. As just one example, I can not remember a recent season that’s given us something to watch on Thursdays as noms stayed up in the air like they have this year. Thurs are usually throw aways but not this summer.

      So much has been good if you’re watching for entertainment instead of a specific player.

      • I agree, I live in Canada and don’t get the feeds but I can spend hours (I know I should get a life) reading about whats going on in the house. I love that Thursday’s are always a surprise as to who is going home. Not like last year where as soon as noms were made, you knew who was going and who would go if Veto won and used. These house guests have also found entertaining things to do to take a break from gaming, which is nice. Over all one of the better seasons in a while. And with being down to no options I think things are about to get interesting, Vanessa might be safe this week, but secrets and bombs will be dropped about her this week and I think we are in for some excitement coming up.

      • Last season was awful. I’m really enjoying this season’s cast. Love how it hasn’t been nearly as predictable as BB16, and watching Vanessa do her thing has been hilarious and entertaining.

      • I just don’t understand why people haven’t called her out on her outrages antics. When she was having that conversation with the Austwins saying the only way she could trust her target going home was to put up Julia, cause otherwise they’d vote out Johnny Mac, I was thinking could you imagine the sheer horror if someone said that to Vanessa. “You don’t trust me? Your kidding me right now, right? After all the blood on my hands and you still don’t trust me?” I’m not a fan because she doesn’t own up to her great game play but she is amazing at what she does.

      • She sure is…no one had the balls to do it…it happen with the Meg eviction…she’s telling James and her that they are a strong alliance…and neither of them had the balls to tell her that there is no other ones in the house at the moment…are you kidding me!
        Totally spineless players…especially when you are 99% sure you’re going out…give it to her…and get her to blow up….she needs your jury vote…not you hers…woman!

      • you belong in this house every week you can tell who is going home. they thought this was a shore house and they are all there for the summer.none of them had any idea had to make a move sad season

      • I have in the past as well, this year they are directly through CBS and content is blocked to Canadians because it includes access to all CBS shows.

      • Oh wow that sucks. Although I have to say the one time I did get the feeds I didn’t really like it. It kinda ruined the whole season for me..maybe it was just that season idk. I don’t think I would ever get bbcanada live feeds only because I find it to be too boring as if course they are Canadian and just to nice lol

      • Watching pot ball and watching people chew is not very interesting to me. The most entertaining moments were the mock trial, the podcasts, and this was more in the beginning, James was always up for something. Now that he is gone it really will be boring. Anybody remember when Brenchel ate the cinnamon, hilarious.

      • Are you watching the same show that I’m watching? Who’s going home up in the air? Sadly, we’ve known who’s going home another week ahead sometimes. House votes, Vanessa’ childish rants and tears, idiots who allow a twin in in the first place. I don’t know…uh if I can take any more..uh.

      • All the BB forums you visit you will always see comments like “the worst BB season ever” Every year. This is not the best, but not the worst (my opinion)…I wasn’t bored at all. Do we know who will end up in the F3?…I don’t…..that’s a good thing.

      • Folks gripe no matter what. I agree, not the best, not the worst. We see what is happening, they are on the fence as to who to trust. Decisions, decisions, and hindsight is 20/20, and all that crap. Every house guest is out for blood and survival. Voting with the house is not always the best way to go. Going rogue and making big moves is always more interesting.

      • i have to disagree Matt- i don’t think there has been a surprise eviction since Jace and i think we all were hoping that Jace was leaving.. the past few seasons it’s been all about the house votes and what the house demands regarding evictions

      • I do watch for entertainment only. I don’t invest in the players to the extent I have one favorite like most viewers do. I like to watch the group as a whole and watch the interactions between the HG. I guess I haven’t been drawn to the personalities this year like I usually am which is disappointing for me. I really do love Big Brother. I’m glad you are enjoying it this year. Hopefully next year will be better for me. :)

    • Last three seasons have been pretty bad but, this season is especially bad because of the dumb moves of the Goblins. And what is worst is James, Jackie and Meg had no loyalties to any alliance so, why would anyone be loyal to them? They were only loyal to the 3 of them. In contrast, Vanessa’s alliance was loyal to each other. Even when on the block, they tried to protect their strongest players like in Clay vs Shelli and Shelli vs Vanessa.

    • the feeds have been ok but I really miss the have/have not comps. and they really have not given out as much alcohol as in the past. would have made from really good nights if they would just booze them up some more.

    • If there is a bb18. Hell house guest just come in with back bones. A little common sense. And most of all Have a mind of your own !!!!!!. I have never seen a season where one person could manipulate so many minds. Plz house guest learn to think for yourselves

  3. Based on Vanessa’s argument to Julia & Co earlier this week, that Steve would not flip the votes to save Meg, ’cause he likes her blah blah blah, and is actually quite fond of her … It would be interesting to see if he would put her at risk this week as a nominee ? Again, Jedi Vanessa is at play here ??
    Then again, Austin leaving this week is not that a bad thing .. as, he may be a stronger comp threat than Julia, moving forward …

  4. I really think Liz is the smart move to evict. She’s the tie that binds all parts of the three person alliance.

    Steve and John need to see the “girl power” movement for what it really is and keep Austin around. With Liz gone, they can work with Austin, as long as he doesn’t get to taking things all personal like everyone else has been doing all season long.

    • Vanessa is makig sure whoever stays is in her pocket and right now that includes every HGs except Liz and Austin wo are loyal to each other first. Vanessa will be happy if Austin goes because I am sure she thinks the twins will float over to her so she can control them even more than she does now. If Austin goes, Vanessa will have the twins cooking her meals and peeing for her.

      • Exactly! That’s why I hope that Steve and John can figure this out and try to work Austin and get Liz out.

  5. I absolutely believe Julia is stupid enough to vote Austin out over Vanessa. This stupidity of these HGs knows no bounds and Julia may be the dumbest of the bunch. I don’t think Julia get that by taking one of them off the block they control the votes and can vote out whoever Steve puts up next to the other Austwin keeping the Austwins at a 3-2 advantage for the next eviction where again, by winning veto, any one of them, and they can control the next eviction too. They don;t need to win another HoH until F3 if they stick together.

  6. If JMac does not step up and win an HoH he and Steve are dead meat. After this week, if an Austwin goes, hopefully Liz, then JMac needs to step up and win HoH. If he does he has to put up Vanessa and get her out. That would leave Steve, Julia, Austin and JMac. At that point make an F3 with Austin and Steve and let the best man win.

    As long as Vanessa is in the house controlling so many players she has a huge advantage over JMac and Steve.

  7. This season has good game players who cares if the favs are going home. People are playing the game so stop hating on them.

    • I would like some examples of people playing the game in their interest this year because I have not seen that.

    • What show are you watching, no one wanted to get blood on their hands, they wasted quite a few HOH opportunities taking out people that were not threats when they could of be breaking up the Austwins and getting the venomous Vanessa out.

      • If Vanessa was evicted, I believe this season would has become a disaster. Without her this season would have been terribly boring.

  8. Ah Ha .. Finally figured it out … Why all the HG’s are under Vanessa’s speel, as they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome …

  9. At this point, and this is really honest, I hoping the twins are in the final two!!!!

    • Why? Julia and Austin have no ties. What’s the point of taking out Austin and leaving the sisters with the strongest bond in the house? Taking out Liz breaks the bond between Austin and Julia.

      Taking out Austin only benefits Vanessa. This is Steve’s HoH.

      • Austin is closer to Jmac now than Steve, the twins seem to like Steve and he probably can convince them that Vanessa is evil and should be evicted should the twins win an HOH.

        Steve can’t participate in the next HOH, and I wouldn’t want Austin and Vanessa both in the house next week because they have the most control over every remaining houseguest.

    • Liz is the better competitor and should be the next target. They are playing the next HOH against Austin and Julia versus Vanessa and Johnny Mac. That could go either way but, still better than if Liz stays in the Big Brother House.

      • If Liz goes out this week, I think Vanessa is going to flip back over to Austin and Julia again. Just a hunch. If Austin wins HoH, Vanessa will certainly flip against JMac and Steve.

      • Vanessa will flip to whoever wins HOH and then convince whichever mental midget that is what is best for her game…..uhh, their game. Assuming she doesn’t win it herself.

      • Yes that’s plan…she positioned herself to go both ways…no pun intended…based on who wins HOH..if one side wins she gives condolences to the other…at this point the catch all phrase will be…”I got to do what’s best for my game”.

      • I think she will try to pretend to still be with her alliance members and want Steve to remain over Johnny Mac in that case. That is so, Steve and Vanessa can take out Austin in the following week when he cannot play for HOH. Vanessa can also, win HOH and assume control by evicting Austin. She would end up with Steve, Johnny Mac and Julia in the Big Brother House. Steve and Johnny Mac can go after Vanessa then and take Julia for Last 3.

  10. I can see why Vanessa wants Austin to leave. She’s hedging her bets for the next HOH.

    If the twins stay together, they are clearly on one side of the house. Steve and JMac are clearly on the other side. Vanessa can skate the middle and “float” to whoever is in power.

    During the next HOH if JMac wins Vanessa rightly thinks JMac will target one of the twins (Liz, she should be the biggest target this week). If Vanessa winds up on the block against a twin, because POV has been used, Vanessa feels JMac will evict the twin.

    Julia is in little danger of eviction this week. If Liz does go, that leaves Austin and Julia (not nearly the combined danger of the twins). If she is on the block with Austin or Julia, JMac may think Vanessa is the biggest threat and evict her.

    • I don;t see why these HGs don;t just tell BB they want to end the game now and just give Vanessa both checks. Let Vanessa decide who the second place prize goes to. This season is even more pathetic than last. Once again, the entire house is playing another person’s game instead of their own.

      At least Derrick as a likable person. Vanessa is a crying, whining, bully.

  11. Oh goodie. We’re sure to see a lot of drama this week, and I’m sure a lot of fireworks. Will Julia keep her mouth shut about the conversations she is having with Van? That would somewhat mean betraying her sister. I think alliances will be revealed this week with everyone learning about Van’ s deals. I think things could get ugly with Liz. My favorite James went to jury, but it has finally cleared the way for sone exciting good tv. Van’s head is going to explode trying to keep everyone in line. John is more willing to look at the big picture instead of Steve. Perfect scenario for me is Austin, Liz and Van go to jury and John, Steve and Julia battle it out.

  12. The only enjoyment I could get anymore in this game is if austin and liz are nominated, austin wins veto and uses it on liz. The gameplay has been so bad I hope it just keeps happening.

  13. Another example of why this season’s HGs are the worst in BB history. Vanessa talks to Julia and tries to convince her that if her SISTER and Austin are on the block Julia should not use the POV if she wins it. Because Vanessa says is one of them comes down she will go up and go home.

    Julia never questions her and as per Vanessa’s instructions she doesn’t talk to Austin and Liz about it. Vanessa knows how dumb Julia is and she is pretty dumb.

    Vanessa is telling Julia, even if you have the power to save your own sister don’t do it, save Vanessa instead!

    Sorry, if someone told me not to save my brother I would immediately tell my brother that that person needs to go because she is trying to play us.

    • Hahaha If Julia can b believe that …i’d take. Her to F2. Maybe Julia wants F2 wit V bcuz thinks she’ll beat Vanessa …Not!

    • I had to read that twice to make sure I saw correctly lol. Vanessa knows she is dealing with idiots. If Julia goes along with that plan, vanessa deserves to win.

  14. The biggest mistakes were made so early in the game that they are rearing their ugly head. Biggest mistake ever….allowing blood relative twins to enter the game when so many people knew in advance. Second mistake, not breaking up the husband and wife team of Liz and Austin. People didn’t agree, but James did have it right to break up Clay and Shelli in the beginning when their showman developed so quickly and they were running the house. Too bad the other side adopted a stance of just getting rid of players on the other side of the house instead of cleaning house on their own side. Austin and Liz should have been targeted next, no matter what the consequence. Based strictly on game play and not likability, if Van goes to F2, she wins. I still think we are in for a week of tears and tantrums from her, because this is the week she will be exposed.

  15. Oh Steve if you had put on your Big Boy Pants and gotten rid of Julia then Austwuss and Liz Ho would have been so shook up that Liz Ho most likely would have lost the HOH and no Julia to win POV. So the house could have gotten rid of either Austwuss/Liz Ho right there. You would have killed the 3 headed monster and wouldn’t be in this spot.

    But that wasn’t good for your Sithe Lord Crazy Train’s game so you had to be a good little minion and crawl back into your corner. Yes you did hear your real Mommy yelling to take out Julia but you ignored her. Now for the rest of BB leaving a Power 3some in the game past F8 will always be called Pulling a Steve instead of Pulling a Helen.

  16. Steve get you head out of TVland kid
    JMac is your only true ally
    If you put him up you are an idiot

  17. Liz / Julia should have made a offer to James and backdoored Vanessa when they had the opportunity to do it during the second eviction, as she was a sitting duck …. Opportunities missed …
    Though, the remaining members of the original Sixth Sense, has yet really struck within one another, despite all the chattering about doing so … Just no one was willing to make the first strike …
    I wonder now, since Steve is part of the Scampers Alliance, in his mind it is / was real … if he would target John this week ?? Perhaps, he will finally wake up and put Vanessa in her place ? Though, being in a potential alliance with Vanessa and John vs the Austwins … I like them odds, to be honest …

    • Thos two are going to give Vanessa the game the way Victoria wanted to give it to Derrick. Before this season is over, Julia will be saying she is happy with 2nd place and Vanessa deserves to win.

      • As long as Vanessa keeps with her plan to not being the one to strike at her Alliance first, I think she would still get their votes in the end ?? Same approach as Austin/Liz .. so, depending on who blinks playing “chicken” first .. Though, John has always stated that he wanted Vanessa on his resume to be the one taking her out … But, in order to do so, he actually has to win an HOH and/or the Final POV in F4 to determine that outcome, assuming that they both are still there and the latter is not the HOH .. Ha !!!

      • I think jurors get over their initial anger with the person who did them wrong in the house. It would have to be something really severe for the jury not to vote for someone because of the way they played the game. Evel Dick won and so did Andy of BB15 and Andy screwed everyone over.

      • Steve is / has been pretty well been playing similar to that of Andy’s game … in that, he has messed up a lot of other HG’s game plan .. Ha !!!
        He has let everyone else bully him around (similar to that of John), but, Steve now has 2 HOH’s and still not considered a credible threat to the rest …
        As for the remaining HGs left … not sure if any of them have and dis/advantage from the current Jurors?
        So, yes, if they focus on the Game and Game Moves and Strategy, etc … Vanessa should win hands down .. as everyone was more or less have been treated the same by Her …and, the incredible part is that, they all let Her, so far ….
        I only wish that John would actually do something to warrant a good reason to get Jury votes ?? Have to admit, however, his Eviction and POV speeches have been very, very interesting, to say the least …
        Austin, for how he has been able to survive since Week 2/3 .. besides his grossness with Liz, has also played quite a solid game … next to Vanessa … that is …

  18. Nominate Liz and Austin…either one could go as far as I’m concerned. I hope Steve keeps John and Vanessa safe this week.

    • I think it will happen…this season set a record of HOH’s and POV’s won by a single house guest….VANESSA…she has controlled them all..and she didn’t have to win them!

      • Vanessa has 3 HOH and 2 POV wins she is not close to the highest number of comp wins in a season. Many players have her beat Janelle leading the way with 4 HOH and 5 POV in season 7.

      • Bill…didn’t get my sarcasm…although she hasn’t physically won them…she has made the winner do with it what she wanted…that was my point.

      • you’re right she has controlled every one of them so far. I really don’t like her but damn she’s playing everyone. if she makes it I would vote her to win. but the jury probably wouldn’t vote for her because their feelings are hurt. I never understood that, if someone out plays you vote them to win dont’ give it to someone that wasn’t the best player just for spite

      • No Jay…i think they will…in there they cool off and come to realize that she is playing the best game of all of them this “season”…on top of that production will give them direction and the usual pre-vote interview by a previous winner will open their eyes…not to vote by emotion.

      • I’d like to see that. Russel Hanz should have won survivor twice except everyone was mad he got them out. Everyone has to remember it’s a game and not live. Hell in real life we’ve all had someone screw us, at least in the game it’s not life altering.

      • I disagree with you on Russell! The season Sandra won should have gone to Parvati, she was masterful in handling him.

      • She is not controlling everyone. She controlled the twins, Austin and Steve. That’s all she needed but I think its a stretch to say she controlled everyone in the house. I don;t even think she controlled Shelli and Clay. After all it was them who changed her mind about back dooring Austin.

        Vanessa is taking a lot of credit for things after the fact. If we go back and review we’ll see her control has been limited to a few gullible and people.

      • I don’t think that comment was meant that she literally has won the most comps. Tony was saying that she controlled them all aka won them–without winning.

      • Vanessa also didn’t when 1 or 2 POV/HoH for her own game lol. Whether anyone will admit Van Is playing the best all round game.

      • I agree…based on the players of this season of course!…she wouldn’t have lasted 3 wks last season…playing the same game.

      • Right. She’s very smart and has excellent people manipulation skills, but in a lot of ways this was like shooting fish in a barrel for her. Very weak/bad gameplay from just about everybody, and James/Becky simply didn’t get any help from anyone else. Meg, Jackie, and JMac(before Van flipped him prior to his eviction) needed to win an HOH and they didn’t. When your side loses 5 HOH comps in a row, you can’t possibly win. James probably should have abandoned Meg once Becky went out and considered other options. Not sure if it would have worked, but Meg was never going to win anything so he should have tried to work his way in someplace else.

      • Are yur sure? Derrick’s season was male dominant like this kinda female. But me thinks Van could hang in lthere ast season as well.

  19. I have another idea how BB can make the game better for the fans. Production asks the HGs questions in the DR all time time sometimes tipping of the HGs to certain information or even pushing them in a certain direction. We have a couple of examples this year I think and we’ve heard from previous HGs about it too.

    A big on this year was asking James about Shelli stealing the shirt from James. James took that as confirmation Shelli did take it. I convinced him to flip against Shelli instead of Vanessa.

    So why not let the fans ask each HG 1 question per week, perhaps through an intermediary like Matt Boyer (sorry Matt!). We can submit our ideas here and vote on the best submissions. Perhaps every HG would be too much but maybe one or two HGs per week? It might be interesting to see how th HGs reacts to our questions and what they read into them. Maybe it would create some additional paranoia and game play.

    Just a thought.

    • I’d rather see Vanessa win but John would be my second pick. I think Vanessa has played the better game. One thing that would totally frustrate me is if one of the twins or Austin end up winning!

      • Austin or a twin winning is definitely worst case scenario. But with the way this season is panning out, it looks likely.

      • Again, Steve’s choices will steer the course of the game. I don’t believe that he is doing Vanessa’s bidding but using her to throw out ideas and scenarios that he may have missed. I think he can separate the lies from the truth and he doesn’t forget anything…anything at all! It’s been in his best interest to keep her close so far hasn’t it? He’s likely to reveal all her deviousness to everyone if he ever gets on the block with her.

    • I would love to see JMac win the HOH, and/or at least do something to justify his existing in the game, let alone to root for him to win ??
      Having said that, if he is only agreeing to an F2 Alliance with Vanessa, having learned from his previous discussions with her to just agree with whatever with her, than tell her the truth and what is really on his mind, etc … then, at his first chance, target her .. It would be so awesome … Ha !!!

      • Targeting Vanessa would be a big mistake. She’s his shield and he knows it. He’ll take her to F2 if he doesn’t get back doored. What’s going to happen in the next two weeks will determine under what circumstances they go to jury…mad as hell or just mad.

  20. That’s the smartest move so far in this game. To bad it didn’t happen a long time ago. Not the smartest players in big brother history, but I can’t stop watching lol.

  21. I have not seen a lot of this season, but I think Vanessa is one of the better players; she is loyal to who she needs to be but she is ready to cut ties when the time comes. Isn’t that what the show is all about?
    Can someone please explain the contract violations?

  22. Another season that I will not finish watching. These people are horrible. Between listening to Vanessa cry or the twins whine , or that boob Steve .Worst season that I can remember

  23. This is the only solution to handling the Austwins. We’ve been saying this for WEEKS now. And now that the power’s in Steve’s hands, if all goes according to the plan, then this will be a notch in his belt and an arguing point at F2, should he make it that far.

    • Vanessa wins this season, I won’t be watching next year either. since many have been saying how scripted this season has been to make her the winner, mind blowing stupidity and choices from others that make it feel so designed for her to win. I honestly haven’t really been watching for the past two weeks, has been too predictable.

    • I thought it was a wasted season up until now. Now it’s getting good. That pot ball and practical joking was super annoying. Now it’s time to see these guys attack and destroy each other. I have no complaints now…as long as Johnny stays in.

  24. 11:50 AM Austin: “He (Steve) might’ve just lost 3 votes.” Julia: “I’m not voting for him!” Austin says that’s something they could say to Steve eventually, after veto. -from Jokers

    I see Vanessa’s plan is working perfectly!

      • So far she’s been dealt the right cards and has played them well. Lady luck may run out soon.

        You gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em…she better slow it down cause, every hand’s a winner and every hand’s a loser, and the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep…lol.

    • Two votes maybe…Austin is on board with getting the twins out. He only keeps Liz there for a vote to move him to the end. He’s wanted unruly Julie gone for quite some time since he’s groomed other allies. Now he thinks he’s got a friend in Johnny Mac as well. Doesn’t seem like the lovebirds care about each other at all right now. If Steve and Austin got to the end (God forbid) they could be so disgruntled about Austin letting them down (and with the romance dwindling) that Steve might just get their votes.

  25. It’s gotta be Austin and Liz. That’s the best way to ensure one of the austiwns go home. Julia proved she is capable of winning something last night, but two vetos in a row? Not likely, but hey, crazier things have happened.

  26. Big Brother US has people that are just afraid to make moves and it gets predictable super fast…I get the first few weeks why you would not do it, but people in here aren’t making moves until like week 9 or 10 when it is too late… Big brother Canada is so much better, they have twists that actually shake up the game and people that are not afraid to make moves… Some anyways…

  27. I want the Austwins split up, I truly do, but it aggravates the hell out of me that Vanessa is pulling Steve strings, and that JUlia will probably stick around just to serve Vanessa. Why don’t they all compare notes and figure out she has f2 deals with several people? Err it’s so frustrating. I wish the house would realize how big of a threat Vanessa is, and she doesn’t continue to warp minds going forward.
    Oh and Obviously Liz makes the most sense to vote out, not Austin. For that reason alone I hope he wins veto.

    • If Austin wins veto Steve might be persuaded to put up Johnny Mac…he will do so if he gets pressure from Vanessa and Austin both…this is not likely to happen because I think both V and A want a twin out but when has anything ever gone the way we expected it to in this game?

  28. They are the most self entitled people ever on any reality show I’ve ever seen. Name calling and insulting people’s personalities for playing the game the way they should have been playing all along? Really? Liz was too much when she whined about not getting a letter from her dad…he’s probably already disowned her! And Julie, well she is evil personified. I’d still like to see Austin go…if he does one more handstand I swear I’ll put my fist through the tv.

  29. 1:00 PM Julia re Johnny Mac: “He’s a dentist! If he wins, I’m gonna be so pissed off. Do you know how much money he’s gonna make?!” – From Jokers

    When she finds out Vanessa is not only a millionaire, but a multi-millionaire with a lamborghini, her head might just explode!

    • And Johnny still has student loans and lives at home to save money to pay them off (I think). The twins sound like they have a very indulgent lifestyle by how knowledgeable they are about theatre, wine, cuisine, etc. Poor babies.

      • He talked about his student loans and their ridiculous interest rate he has to pay back in his interviews before the game started. And it’s not like he has his own practice, he works for another dentist like most new dentists do out of dental school.

        My step-brother is a dentist and did exactly what John is doing now, and he eventually bought a practice from a retiring dentist which cost with $1 million, he had to get a 10-year loan to buy the practice.

      • Not only that but his work is honourable compared to marketing yourself for superficial gain. I’m not saying that any one profession or person is better or more deserving but their attitude puts them on the bottom of the heap.

    • Actually she traded in the “old rust bucket lambo” (her words) for 2 brand new Bentlys a few years ago lol.

  30. some how I think jmac will end up on the block and then out of the house!
    I am not trying to figure out anything else lol

  31. I’m glad his week is setting up to have some possible drama. The potential from last week fizzled out since Steve & Jmac wimped out & the DE turned into a predictable snoozer based on who won the HOH.

    With Austin & Liz going up, there are a lot of potential for backstabs to happen. The worst case scenario for Steve is that Julia wins veto (Liz throws it to her) and takes off her sister. What does Steve do for replacement nom? The obvious choice is Van, but I don’t think he is up to it. Would he really be such a wimp and put up Jmac just out of fear of Van?

  32. They are all a bunch of wusses afraid to make a big move. “Don’t want any blood on my hands” For crying out loud people just play the darn game and make some big moves.

    • I think they are there for the $$ not to provide us with something to watch on tv and vent about online. Any move now will be a big move. I think it will be worth the wait.

  33. Vanessa is really doing a great job manipulating…get rid of Liz so she can control Austin! Steve is Van’s lap dog!!

    • Get rid of Austin. Steve is using Vanessa and it’s worked well for him so far. He’s a smarter puppy than you think.

      • I’m not so sure about that. Any time he’s had any power, he’s done exactly what Vanessa has “suggested” to him rather than what he may have thought on his own before she swooped in. I think he’s playing Vanessa’s game for her. Time will tell.

    • How Van is playing. Is how the game is played. Didn’t a few weeks ago when Van was HOH, she and Steve made a pact to work together. They had agreed that no one would realize it. I am not sure one is controlling the other

      • I think Van will win the domination battle over Steve…she is much stronger in that aspect than Steve…Go Vanessa!!!

  34. I have enjoyed the season. each season has its ups and downs, but as I said before it’s easy to judge from the outside. sure I see mistakes people made, but I would not say the season is terrible.
    good for Steve winning HOH. Austin/Liz is good option.

    • The worst part was the pot ball and practical joking. Now comes the real fun part. Everyone keeps complaining but they’re still watching…lol!

      • I did not do the feeds this yr, and honestly when I did it before, I used bbn to guide me where to watch. so the pot ball, I only read about and I actually loved watching James prank them. he was a hoot.

      • I watched After Dark and followed Jokers…have never watched live feeds. The pranking got tired after the third or fourth day and James was basically stalking and harassing Meg who I think felt stuck and took it because all her allies were being picked off. Sadly she will get no relief since he followed her right into the jury house.

  35. Steve better start stepping up and leading instead of following…he should have gotten Julia out last night by flipping…but easier said than done because of Vanessa

    • It’s all about the jury votes. People keep forgetting that. Steve is controlling Vanessa by getting her input. Don’t forget those monkeys are three jury votes so timing is everything. They should have been split up before jury but I think they were more curious about the twins than they were smart about the game.

  36. Those twins are getting worse by the minute. They are saying Steve will look bad because of one comment he made and they think they are golden? Julia is the worst person I’ve ever seen on reality tv.

  37. 2:44 PM Julia: “I’m so annoyed we did Vanessa’s dirty work for her. I’m so mad.” – From Jokers

    The light bulb finally went off! It only took you how many days and weeks to figure that one out?

    • What dirty work did Julia do? What did she do at all except win one multiple choice veto? As slippery as I think V is she did a lot of work. It’s a game for crying out loud. What’s dirty is the slimemance between the wannabe celebrities and their foul mouth sidekick.

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