Big Brother 17: Nomination Anticipation In Week 10

Gathered in the back room with the Austwins Vanessa starts to lay out her “reason!” Flashback to 8:44 PM BBT. Vanessa tells her allies that only two people didn’t congratulate her on the HoH win: James and Meg. Uh oh, Goblins. As readers pointed out to us on Twitter, Meg gave Vanessa a hug, but we shouldn’t be surprised that Vanessa is making things up to justify her actions. Though it’d really be okay for her to just say these are her nominations and her decision.

Now to back up her plans even farther Vanessa tells Austin that the Goblins were trying to get her to flip the vote that morning. Keep in mind that Vanessa went to them, asked if Brass Tacks actually excluded her (it did), and that she’d flip her vote to do what they wanted if they confirmed that. But in this retelling she just says they were working her over to change the vote.

Vanessa says she’ll put James and Meg up on the Block as this week’s nominees, but James is their target. Then next week, Vanessa suggests, they can go after JMac but if he wins Veto they can get out Meg. I suspect Vanessa will want to keep John for another big task.

But wait, there’s a stumbling point here. Vanessa realizes she promised James weeks ago that if she won HoH again that he and another HG of his choosing would be safe. Now I don’t know if James will remember that, but she’s concerned.

Problem solved. Vanessa says she’ll lie and tell James that she created a new deal with Steve just before the comp out of fear that it was the Days #’s comp. Hmm, even though they were told to wear athletic gear? Not sure that lie will fly, but that’s her plan if it comes up.

Later today we’ll see James and Meg up on the Block and that is going to be a surprise for them. Late overnight the Goblins discussed who Vanessa would put up but they don’t think it’ll be them. They hope Vanessa will use Austin as a pawn so they can flip the vote and get him out of the game. That’s not likely, but let’s not ruin the surprise.

What do you think of Vanessa’s plan? If she’s painting herself in to a corner with promises of safety for all but a few then we’ll have to see what happens next at Saturday’s Veto competition. Who would you be putting on the Block this week if you were HoH?


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    • That is what I would assume, unless Vanessa were to DB an Austwin, but that’s unlikely. If James is up I expect him to go home. It it were Steve vs Meg, it could be interesting. She is a vote against them, but will never win a comp and put them up, like Steve could if it came down to the F5/F6 and he won a HoH and had to.

    • When she was talking to JMac last night they discussed who should go up as a pawn if James or Meg win Veto so one if them goes, they decided one of the twins would be the safest because the other twin and Austin won’t vote them out and JMac said he wouldn’t vote them out. That’s all they need is three votes.

    • Honestly, that would be the perfect time to nominate Liz or Austin if one of the nominees comes down. She could say they are a “Pawn” and Meg/Steve/John vote the twin or Austin out.

  1. Vanessa is an IDIOT. This is her big chance to take out an Austwin. She has NO Chance of winning anything if she doesn’t split them up. She is a fool for not teaming up with James-Meg-Steve-John. Duhhhh.

    • She wants John to take them out. She knows she likely doesn’t have James, Jackie and Megs vote, she needs the block of the Austwins to vote for her if she’s in the F2 or she has no shot. She doesn’t want to take them out and to get there vote. Usually players vote for best game, but Vanessa has played so dirty so far, she’s trying to clean it up and can’t upset more peolpe.
      At the same time if there is an Austwin at the F2 with her she wont get there vote and might not get the Goblins vote either, so she needs to do(or someone to do) something fast.

      • I wouldn’t vote for Vanessa to win in ANY scenario because I would be voting for a bully to win. Her bullying tactics have been on the decrease, but she hasn’t “needed” them for her game. A while back I believe I read on Jokers about her reading the BB house rules manual. It is possible that she was given a heads up about being perceived by many publicly to be a bully(and if I’m not mistaken, John said he felt bullied) and was reading up on exactly what she could and couldn’t get away with without breaking BB rules. I think she will push it to the limit. But if she is able to control herself more, she may convince a few more HGs to vote for her if she gets to F2.

      • Ya I agree, she hasn’t neede it, and other than laying into Steve last week has seemed to be bullying a little less(maybe?). And I agree they shouldn’t vote for her and basically reward her for bullying. It just comes down to who played a better game, albeit dirty, or if they vote personally and dont want to reward her tactics. From a pure game/allaince standpoint, she likely wont have the Goblins, and if she gets the Austwins mad at her she’d have no shot.

      • In this case, any HG that has felt in the least bit bullied by her, needs to make it loudly and clearly personal. I’m just hoping that it doesn’t get to that point. I hope James isn’t evicted. He is the only fun left in that house. Without him, what is there to enjoy? At least he keeps things lively. I prefer his type of lively to the type from Austiz and Nessie the Monster any day.

      • If James is evicted this week, I probably won’t watch anymore of BB til it gets to Final 2. I just can’t take another few weeks of Liz stringing Austin along for a ride on her.

      • If the Nitwit, the Twincompoops, and Vanessa are F4, this will be the first season that I didn’t finish. I never started Season 15 so it doesn’t count. Of course, I’ll read to find out how it ended, but I will not waste any more time watching. It would be like asking to be tortured.

      • Yes i totally agree. I don’t watch it anymore i just read to see what
        Idiotic move was made that week.

      • If either twin is in the final two, I might watch, but it would be on mute with closed captioning.

      • yes good one hahahaa plus we will keep seeing them eat like greedy rats on everything edible in sight!!

      • Well then it looks like you better hope James wins the PoV and theys end out Steve or Meg, with a small chance at a Austwin DB. I’d think Steve would be a better target(for Vanessa) to go than Meg, cuz he could easily take out Vanessa and work with the Austwins, even tho he sees them as a bigger threat. Steve is kind of in the grey area like Vanessa and JMac can’t exaclty pinpoint his allegiance 100%.

      • I’m sure Nessie the Monster is thinking F2 and she will go for the person she feels she might have the better chance of beating. At this point, I’m not sure who her best F2 would be. Just hoping she doesn’t make it that far.

      • Don’t put it past Vanessa to renom Johnny if POV is used and send him out for good. He is a competition threat, that has been proven. More so than say Julia or Meg.

      • Never happen. She wants to work with him and Steve. She knows she’s on the bottom with the Austwins and like she said last night I’m tired of being on the bottom. She’s going to put up one of the Austwins if POV gets used.

      • That would be awesome if she did. Even more awesome if 2 of the 3 Twits went home during DE. Then the 3rd one is an easy target, especially if it’s Julia.

      • What would make it awesome is if one went home but she was talking about putting one of them up as a pawn only. She wants James or Meg gone. But I hope JMac wins during DE and gets rid of one of the Austwins. Better yet Steve wins again and gets rid of them since he gets so nervous and it would be fast. Then JMac wins the next HOH and finishes the job.

      • She never really needed them whenever she did use them. She was never on the block at those times when she applied them. That’s what ticked me off about her. I have noticed she hasn’t bullied anyone lately. But personally I wouldn’t vote for her to win BB at all. One, because she did a lot of bullying and two, she doesn’t need the money that badly. Luck played a big part as to why she made it to Final 8 and winning this recent HoH. Teaming up with the Austwins was a no-brainer because she’s brainwashed them (no one else) into protecting her and is counting on them to help get her to F2.

      • But regardless, I think for this week she will keep the Gruesome Threesome safe and let someone else hopefully do her dirty work next week. If James or JMac don’t go up this week and win next HoH, pretty sure they will put two of them up and send one of them packing. Then it’s not on Van’s hands.

      • Also, if one of the AusTwits does win HoH next week, and Vanessa didn’t put them up this week, she will stay at least one more eviction beyond this week too. More time to plot against them. She has to soon realize she has no chance virtually in F4 or F3 against at least 2 of them.

      • Yeah but what chance does she have to get to F2 with at least two of the AusTwits still around? If say her, Liz, and Julia make it to F3 and Liz wins final comp (not gonna get too crazy on Julia winning lol), u know Liz will take Julia.

      • Yep – this exactly.

        And tbh with a double eviction next week it’s probably better to hedge her bets by getting cover on both sides. She gets James this week (or Meg) then the other one would basically have to win HOH for her to be in trouble. Austwins would target John/Steve/Meg – John/Steve would put up some combo of Meg/Austwins.

        If she did go for Austwins this week next week with a double eviction she’d be in BIG trouble. Meg/James/remaining two from the Austwins would all put her up and in a double eviction you don’t have time to worm your way out. And she can’t play so all of her eggs would be in the Steve/JMac basket.

    • I agree 100%! This BB is so boring and the underdogs have not been even given a true chance at all . This season of BB has been about the twin, Vanessa and Austin only. I really am not interested anymore and that is saying a lot because I am a BB fan. I am not watching anyone.

      • The underdogs (if you mean James & meg + eliminated friends) have been given more than a chance. They just can’t win any crucial comps. It’s been 4 HOHs in a row that the one side of the house has won. And they have won all but maybe 3 oh the HOHs all season (James’s 2 + becky). The underdogs have had plenty of chances but if u don’t win power, you go.

      • Every player comes with a ‘skill set’ that should give everyone equal play. Some are better socially, some mentally & some physically.
        It’s up to BB to make sure the comps reflect all of the skills equally.
        My opinion.

    • I think she wants to get rid of James and Meg first because she thinks the Austwins will work with them and she has no chance. Once they’re gone then her, Steve and JMac can go after the Austwins. And they would be 3 strong players against 2 since Julia is just wasted space.

  2. Seems like Vanessa will put up Meg and James, with Steve as the replacement, and they would vote or James likely for sure, would be interesting if James wins the PoV and it were Steve vs Meg and they voted out steve to keep Meg knowing she wont win anyhting, but could still be a vote against them at some point.
    Vanessa’s deal with James from a few weeks ago is kiind of pointless at this point, so I don’t put any water into her going back on it.
    Funny how the twins can’t fathome why JMac would target them(even tho I don’t think he has really said to them that he would) after they broke there alliance, and voted him out, I mean why would he be upset? lol Sound like anyone else? Remember when Vannessa couldn’t fathome why Becky would want her out, she was surely the best option for the Goblins allaince right?
    How’d that work out for them? Jackie gone, Becky gone, John voted out, James likey to be gone. Good move keeping Vanessa Dumblins lol.

    • I pretty sure Vanessa can just use Liz’s reason and say that since Hames broke a public deal with chelli there is no reason for her to keep her deal with him. That could also be use as one of her “reasons”

      • I hate that people bring that up as ‘James broke a deal’. It works for there game/justifacation, but lets be real, Shelli was about to fall, they were targeting him and his allaince, and he just agreed in the moment so he could win. You could see from a mile away he was going to put up at least Shelli, so I don’t see how that can really be held against him other than for Vanessa to ‘justify’ her every action. Really if James hadn’t put up Clay and Shelli it likely would have been Austin and Vanessa, so she should be happy he broke the deal.

      • I agree but that is Vanessa’s game. What ever happen with the regular reason of I think it’s best for my game to put you up.

      • Think they all want the jury votes so they are trying to rational who they send out, then can tell that person you did me bad first, it was your fault I had to get you out, now vote for me.

      • But the thing is, James broke a deal. If James thought Shelli was going to fall, he could have just declined the deal, and then put them up without as much backlash. He gave Shelli and Clay his word in front of the entire house, and even if it was blatantly obvious that it was bogus, he had the option to “take the high road” without looking like someone who goes back on deals.
        This is where that is going to come back and bite him in the ass. Even though Vanessa probably doesn’t care that he broke that deal, it put her in a great spot because it’s the justification she needs to go back on THIS deal with James. All she has to do is say that since she (and the whole house) saw him break a deal, that she didn’t believe that he would honor his deal with her (Vanessa).
        Yes, it may be hypocritical of Vanessa, but she has a great argument that she didn’t follow through with her promise because James showed his disloyalty, and she has the proof to back it up.

      • But I’d still want to play honourably. But then this is BB. They used to play honourable. But I guess not anymore. But these peoples game sucks. Everyone is voting how the HOH wants them to or they’re voting emotionally. Not great game play this year.

    • If Vanessa got rid of Liz then Austin may not want to be in the house as he’d have more (private) time with Liz in jury house.
      He even said he wanted to be in jury house with her.
      Well, liz first then he’ll follow like a good little puppy dog.
      Ugh! I think I’m gonna be sick!! Barf!!

  3. That picture above is the reason I cancelled feeds night lol. At this point that batty person probably actually deserves to win since she’s the only one actually putting in work. But I just can’t watch her cry, yell and threaten people all week.

    • I agree with you. When Vanessa looks like that, with her eyes so wide open, she reminds me of one of Jeff Dunham’s puppets. Her being a professional poker player gave her a huge advantage from day 1, she’s a master at reading people, and a master manipulator.

      • If she didn’t cry, lie, and bully people, she wouldn’t be where she is now. At least Derrick was able to manipulate everyone and still be nice. No one ever considered evicting him because he was nice. He was a master manipulator.

      • Vanessa is a manipulator but you are right Derrick did it with much more grace and dignity. I can’t recall that I ever thought Derrick was mean or bullying anyone.

      • Yeah he was nice.I know Vanessa is going overboard in an effort to win, but this is probably a glimpse into how Vanessa acts in real life. One does not simply turn on that level of crazy over night.

      • I loved how Derrick found something to bond with each houseguest over, like praying with Jocosta etc..

        Made everyone feel comfortable and safe while subtly directing everyone towards his intended target that week.

        Derrick was a fkn pro.

      • I would love too see what Derrick would have done with a Vanessa. How would he tame the Crazy and Paranoia, if he wasn’t able to get her out in the first couple weeks.

      • Vanessa does not like it when people say the right things to her. Derrick would have kept Nessie in the deep waters and she wouldn’t be able to come up for air.

      • Derrick’s power of suggestion was much more subtle. He also never attacked anyone and then cried like he was a victim.

      • This is why people like Dan, Will, Derrick, Neda, Emmett and Sarah are well liked- they try to be subtle with their cutthroat games.

        Others like Vanessa, Rachel, Frankie and Amanda play too much with their emotions

        Am I correct?

      • I remember one time I was peeved at him for the way he spoke to Nicole, although I can not recall what was said. Derrick was as Santana sings, “Smooth”.

      • Speaking of poker player(her winning money), I remember last week or so when they said someone needed to go because they had money or won money or something, while Vanessa is(suposivly) sitting on 4mil. Will love to see the reactions when they find that out lol.

      • they were talking about jmac being a wealthy dentist..yes one with 700k in student loans but who is counting..certainly not vanessa

    • You may not like Austin(kinda just a general statement, you didn’t say that, just most ppl don’t), but he’s at least playing the game. Him and Liz had back to back HoH’s, got out there targets, even if JMac came back. He might be on Vanessa’s level, but he’s playing the game pretty well.

  4. Why do these idiots need to find a “reason” to put someone up? Who cares if HGs don’t congratulate another HG on a comp win. Geez, just put them up and say, “It’s a game and someone needs to go”. These people act like they are going to be executed by putting someone up without a valid reason. Vanessa is stupid and a hypocrite by saying she never lies. She is the biggest liar in the house.

    • Ya that’s been kind of weird. They think they think if they have a reason, the person leaving wont be as mad and will still vote for them. Most people leaving this season ahve beenm way happier than in the past, pretty much no one has been mad. Also Vanessa, if she got to the final 2, could claim ‘I never came after you until you did somehting bad to me, so it was really your fault, you shouldn’t be mad at me and should vote for me’. Really dumb IMO, but so is this seaosn lol. Basically the same reason Vanessa wont go after the Austwins, she wants there vote and if she can rational taking everyone out she thinks they will all vote for her.

    • I was thinking the same thing. This entire season someone needs a reason or an excuse to nominate someone. Just friggin nominate two people you want gone.

  5. This is great. James or Meg leave this week. During the double eviction, Steve or John win HOH and we can say bye bye to one of the Austwins. Vanessa is no fool. She’s already suggested to Steve her and John need to stay together to take them out. Vanessa knows what she’s doing. Now if the Austwins find out before Thursday, things could get interesting.

    • Ya Vanessa is playing it smart. Everyone else is playing it dumb for not getting her out, but she’s in a good spot. Steve/JMac/James would go for an Austwin first, and the Austwins will go after JMac and Steve first. Theres a chance they’d go after Vanessa, but that’s unlieky, they are still too scared of her.

    • Yep she knows exactly what she’s doing. I’m just praying the twins are on the block real soon.

  6. Well, we all heard James in DR. “Meg and I are safe again for another week”..Congratulations..that’s all you’re going to get, because you have no plan, you’re minority and your ally cant win squat..(mind boggling..stupid)

    • Plus they likely aren’t safe… Getting out Shelli over Vanessa has sure worked out for them lol.

    • Me thinks he protesteth way too much! haha Won’t he and Meg be surprised when they find themselves on the block this week?

      • Ya, they should be pretty shocked and Meg will cry. How did voting out Shelli and keeping Vanessa work out for the Dumblins? lol

      • I don’t think it would have worked out well for them keeping Shelli either. They’d have been outnumbered no matter how you looked at it.

      • Had they been smart and got the Austwins to vote against Shelli and then voted Vanessa out, they could have swayed Shelli to their side.

      • But they weren’t and now it’s sort of a “woulda, shoulda, coulda” like Van said to Shelli and Clay…remember?

      • I disagree. Shelli hated James for the Clay stuff and would’ve targeted them immediately. They voted to keep Van and have had 4 straight HOH’s to get back in the game. They lost them all and lost since Jackie did not come back. The decision to keep Van was not their downfall. The incompetence in comps was/is

      • Lol yeah….that was never going to happen. Her campaigning to them was one of the most forced/disingenuous things I’ve seen on the show this year. You could see it in her face. She isn’t as good at selling BS like Vanessa is.

      • Exactly. They took out the what they felt was a greater evil and then they needed to win comps, especially HOH, no matter what.

        They have now lost 4 in a row after Becky’s HOH where Shelli went (Steve, Liz, Austin, van). You don’t win comps, you are going to lose at this phase. It wasn’t the vote to keep Vanessa.

        Heck, they are very lucky that Austin took them on as his pets the last couple weeks or they would’ve been gone earlier. Their clock has basically run out

      • Ya, but I doubt it would be Jackie, Becky, and after this week maybe James going out, all 3 in a row lol with not a single person from the otehr side going out. You never know, but it couldn’t have worked out any worse if Shelli would have stayed, and Vanessa surely wasn’t good for there game. They maybe could have gotten JMac with them and possibly even Steve, they would of at least ahd a fighting chance.

      • They only bought time with keeping Vanessa. They just couldn’t win anything afterwards. Besides, she was supposed to go next in DE, but Steve messed that up.

    • Hey they just live week to week…no long term goals….they hope maybe the rest will forget about them….probably try do to something when it’s too late..J&M just relax your okay.

    • For James and Meg to have lasted this long, they got lucky. If Austin and the twins were using their heads, they would have put up James and Meg and kept Steve and Johnny Mac with them and Vanessa would be all alone. Now, by throwing Johnny Mac and Steve under the bus, Austin, Liz and Julia handed Johnny Mac and Steve to Vanessa on a silver platter and motivation to target the 3 of them if they win HOH next.

      • I will love to see their reaction if she put Austin and Liz on the block. She wouldn’t be able to say “you have my word” anymore!

    • Don’t you know James is only there to play summer camp. I’m so tired of his childish scare everyone games. The feeds are so boring. Now that Vanessa is HOH and they’re going on the block maybe they’ll get exciting. I want drama. Where’s Audrey? Better yet when is David coming back?

  7. James should have been the target last week but wasn’t. Vanessa taking James out who would have put up Van is smart.

    • Austin didn’t want James out. He was working him & Meg as part of his play, of course as the low folks on the totem pole and as a hedge should Jackie come back. He clearly showed that he valued them over Jmac/Steve and I can see why – he wants his own minions like Van has had steve.

      Van on the other hand has no allegiance at all to J/M and sees what Austin’s doing with them. She is reloading on her side alliances as well now with Steve & Jmac. And she is targeting James not only because he would come after her, but it also is a way to take away a number that Austin has been cultivating. Very smart.

      • Yup smart play, 2 birdS with one stone for knocking out James. Not to mention james already likely isn’t going to vote for her int he F2, so he isn’t losing a vote there either.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying. She’s playing very smart and knows what she’s doing.

    • Ya she’s playing a smart game, and has cleaned up her act a little, still dont’t want her to win, but I don’t dislike her as much as I did 2 weeks ago. I guess the Austwins have taken her place and annoying/kind of shitty people int he hosue lol

  8. Worst final two in BB history would be Meg and Julia. Although that would involve one of them winning at least two comps at the end.

    • I don’t see that happening. I have a feeling, as it’s looking now, it will most likely be Van and Steve…but who really knows anymore? Luck will play a bigger role in that than any one of these people actually facilitating strategic moves.

      • I don’t see Vanessa taking Steve to the end. He is a sympathetic character who loves the game and could argue a good reason to win. I can see her taking Meg or Julia. Since neither will make a convincing argument to win.

      • I’d take JMAC he’s already been voted out, and I’d use that against him in final speeches.

      • She’s already told Austin she’d take Liz over Julia for obvious reasons. He told Van he was okay with that, but I sense some seething beneath that agreement, with Van thinking she’ll make it that far! hahaha

      • I think she told Austin what he wanted to hear, not necessarily the truth. Liz has actually won some comps, Julia has won nothing. I still think Meg is the best choice to take to the final 2. She sucks at comps and seems to ditzy to put together good answers to jury questions.

      • She’s made a lot of F2 deals, the first one was with Steve. Time and luck will tell how this all pans out of course.

      • I don’t see her taking them either, they have too many votes in the jury. Julia would have a for sure two votes with her sister and Austin. Meg and James would also vote for Julia. And Meg has too many friends in jury.

    • I actually wouldn’t mind that happening. Since this season has already gone to Hades, may as well have a good laugh.

  9. I think Vanessa is playing good, but I think her emotions and paranoia will be her downfall. Hope I’m wrong.

    Would like to see a JMac and Van final 2

  10. Liz and Julia should go up and if they win the veto, put up Austin. It has to be done. Then, Johnny Mac wins hoh and puts up Vanessa and whomever is left. Then he beats James and Meg in the final three.

    • They should, but they won’t…she’s already guaranteed them safety this week, along with JMac.

    • I agree. She might even see how powerful those three are together as a voting block this week. If she wants James to go home, but the Austwits want Meg gone, they will vote for Meg and nothing can be done about it. A three person voting block at this stage of the game is too dangerous.

    • JMac is safe this week…but next week he won’t be…one of the goblins is leaving…Vanessa’s painted corner is getting smaller.

  11. Those morons are so fornicating stupid for not getting Vanessa out when they could. They handed her the game 3 weeks ago.

  12. I didn’t watch the whole game last night…all I caught were JMac and Steve’s “Why I Should Stay” speeches. Steve’s was priceless! JMac was funny. A lot of you know that JMac’s voice has driven me out-o-my mind (he sounds like a dolphin) all season—and couldn’t comprehend WHY he was so popular. But during his exit interview with Julie, I totally fell in love with the big ‘ol goof! So happy he came back (although I am still confused about him wanting to go after my darling Meg…what the???!!!), but disappointed that he didn’t win HoH. Good to see that our Fearless Leader is back in power…not that it would have mattered WHO won HoH…she still would have insinuated herself into the title. Big bully.

    • Ya, at least go after James, not Meg. Unless he wants to work with James? But that makes little sense cuz that would drive James away from him and further into the Austwins who then have a pawn they can justy get rid of when it suits them cuz James wont realize he’s being played.

    • He said he wanted to go after her because she isn’t able to be quiet and was basically ruining James’ game because of that. She’s the one that convinced James of voting to keep Van over Shelli.

  13. Come on people…

    Vanessa is playing a masterful game, I’m quite surprised she didn’t throw that HOH to JMAC. I guess she’ll be counting on Steve/James/JMAC to win the next HOH, and hoping Austin will continue protecting her if they don’t. She’ll be leaving the 3 headed monster until the last possible opportunity; very very risky to leave the Austwin in HOH as the deciding vote if they put her up as the ‘pawn’. She truly needs to make a move this HOH to solidify her new mates, while working on the twins to be hers after removing Austin.

    I’d be completely nasty if I was Vanessa, I’d tell Liz that Austin has been playing her the entire game, that Austin admitted that his girlfriend told him to do whatever he needs to do to win, that Austin loves his girlfriend of 2 years and has no intention of being loyal to Liz.


    • While I agree she is playing an excellent game the problem with Van is that her emotions get in the way of her gameplay. She shows signs of weakness and the only two people who can see it are John and Becky.

      • She’s totally using her emotions to her advantage, I love it and am completely rooting for her now.

        She’s freaking devious and cunning and her only competition is Austin, and Austin recruited the wrong soldiers (twins), that’s why Vanessa will win.

      • When she shows her ‘weakness’ it lowers other peoples guards and she gets back into there head. Yes she is playing a great game, but I don’t think her emotions are a weakness at this point to the greater population because they are falling for it.

    • Same reason as Austin last week for not throwing the HOH …
      Better to be in control and safe of your own destiny …
      Like others have done this season in making a quasi-agreement/promise in this Game, only to backtrack once in Power … I would not be trusting anyone in this game, especially one who had sworn to target you the past several weeks …
      The one thing that Vanessa has to realize is that she cannot compete for HOH next week .. so, safe bets are Meg and James .. and BD whomever should the time comes … She still has the support of her Alliance, I believe, at least till they get to 6-7 HGs remaining, for the numbers …
      With the returning HG over with, there really is no need to keep friendly with Meg / James now .. unless, Vanessa feels she can trust the Goblins and John/Steve more than her Austwins …
      Having said that, I still think that if Vanessa, Steve and John could somehow survive till both Goblins are gone … they could outwit and outsmart the Austins F6 moving forward .. Now, that would be fun to watch .. :)

  14. My goodness something gotta give on this dam show. It’s so dang boring same dang lies and people being bullied. Damn Vanessa! Hate her

  15. I haven’t been a fan of Vanessa but she’s always playing the game and I have to respect that and just about all of the houseguests have lied and broke deals…I hope james goes this week in the 1st part of the DE and then johnny mac wins hoh and takes a shot at the Austwins before it’s too late

    • I’d rather see Meg go. She really adds nothing to the game. I can also see that if Vanessa takes Meg out, it will really light a fire under James.

    • Vanessa couldn’t write a better script than Jmac winning HOH and taking out an Austywin – preferably Liz. If Liz goes, the 3 headed monster that is really 2 2-headed monsters linked thru Liz is gone. Van would not have the blood on her hands and could then work with Austin directly (to take out Jmac) or use any one of her other options. She has set herself up well.

    • Yup, that’d be best case senario at this point for JMac and I guess Vanessa.
      I guess it would have been funny if Vanessa would have been BD’d this week, cuz she would have returned as HoH lol.

  16. James and Meg deserve this. If they voted out Van during Becky’s HoH, they wouldn’t be in this position. But James couldn’t see the forest through the trees

    • You’re right in a way – they may have been voted out weeks ago.

      Voting out Shelli over Van was not their downfall. No matter what they did in that vote, they needed (as the minority alliance in the house) to start winning HOHs. They have now lost 4 in a row (Steve DE, Liz, Austin, Van). That is why they are in the position they are right now. Not that vote.

      • I agree, if you know you’re alliance is only 2 people strong, you need to kick butt in comps. Unfortunately James isn’t a ninja warrior and Meg is physically and mentally incapable.

    • We don’t really know what would have happened. But we can be pretty confident that if they did what Becky wanted they would have created a stronger alliance of James, Meg, Jackie, Becky and JMac.

      • You still need to win comps. The alliance you mention has won nothing. The last 4 HOHs have gone to the other side. Jackie still would’ve gone in DE & they still would’ve been picked off one at a time.

      • I agree with you. They could have also, peeled Steve away since, Vanessa is no longer there. With Steve, James, Jackie, Becky, Johnny Mac and Meg, you control majority in the house and the votes and you have only Shelli, Austin, Liz and Julia on the other side. When you control the votes, you control who gets evicted and also, can threaten the other side if they win HOH because the next time your alliance wins, it will be payback time. Steve, Becky and James has all won HOH too and more than a match against Shelli, Austin, Liz and Julia. It would have been a different game favoring the former stragglers.

      • They could not have pulled Steve away if his life depended on it. Steve was going to stick with the Austwins or Shelli, never the Goblins.

      • You assume that. Unless, you have a crystal ball and know the next winning lottery numbers which you probably don’t. I make assumptions too but, I base it on Logic. Steve was closer to John than to Austin. The only reason he was ready to backdoor Vanessa is he has had enough of it. Alliances of convenience happen all the time on Survivor and Big Brother and the bigger alliance is where the stragglers end up joining because they have the power.

      • The monkey wrench in that plan was steve, regardless of whether or not Shelli stayed, Steve would have still put up meg and Jackie. With Jackie gone, Becky, Shelli, Jmac would have formed an alliance. James and meg would have still been outsiders.

      • Yeah Steve wasting that DE HoH proved that he is no superfan like he claims. That was as dumb as John declaring Meg as his main target to Julie.

    • Disagree. If Van left, Steve still wins and still nominates Jackie and Meg. Jackie still goes home. Shelli stays and aligns with JMac and Becky, leaving James and Meg alone again. Shelli wins atleast one of the next 3 HOHs, and nominates James and he goes home. At this rate atleast James bought himself 4 more weeks, whereas with Shelli he would have been right out the door behind Jackie.

      • I disagree. With Vanessa gone I think Steve really does throw the comp and the HoH may have been JMac. With Becky in the house still I think JMac would have gone after the Austwins.

        We will never know but I don;t think Steve would have gone after the Goblins if Vanessa was gone. Especially with the next biggest threat in the house being the Austwins.

    • Yep I agree. But James made it personal instead of strategic and now it’s biting him right in the ass.

  17. Is it just me or does anyone think bb is so long and drawn out this season? This is the worst! !!!

    • Yes. They really need to stop with the DE in one episode. Why can’t they have a double eviction week. Thursdays are already so full, with the show someone’s home town, show jury house, see what happens after the veto, live vote. Just have HOH on Thursday, noms and veto on Friday, veto ceremony on Saturday, vote someone out on Sunday and then start again. It would make for a much more exciting week for the live feeders.

      • Exactly what i say.i think they r running out of things for viewers to watch. How much longer is this going to be on? Wake me when it’s over lol.

    • It is but I think it partially because of the HGs too.

      I think BB should start with fewer people then at some point bring 2 people back into the house at the same time. I also think they should enforce the rules of the game more. Stop HoHs from telling everyone who is going on the block. Make it more of a secret for the house. If the HoH cannot say who is going up no one will feel safe until the noms are made and the POV is played out. It will lead to more game play and less time doing nothing. End the “you’re safe” comments. Penalize HoHs if they break this rule.

      I also think they should change the POV. Make it so it can only be used on 1 person. You cannot save a person on the block and yourself. Or maybe bring back the Diamond Power of veto. Better yet, have the veto holder nominate the replacement for the person who he saves.

      I would like to have seen the returning HG come back with the Diamond Power of veto this year. Shake things up.

      The game will get better if there is more paranoia.

  18. I think nominating James and Meg is Vanessa’s best move this week. This way she keeps the Austwins complacent and keeps JMac and Steve thinking they may be able to trust her. Then, whoever of those win the HOH next, she’s probably safe. The Austwins will go after JMac and Steve while those two will go after the Austwins, Her hands are clean. No one thinks Meg will ever win HOH so she doesn’t have to worry about her.

    • Maybe but only if Austin and the twins are complete idiots. I know the twins are but I think Austin is smarter than that. Austin trusts James, rightly or wrongly, but he has to ask why Vanessa would take him out and keep JMac knowing JMac is going to come after him and the twins. At some point Austin is going to realize she is keeping JMac and Steve for her own game which does not include Austin and the twins.

      I think this is as obvious as a billboard proclaiming this is her strategy but for some reason the HGs do not see Vanessa flashing neon signs around the house.

      • Vanessa can convince Austin of anything. She knows how to manipulate him. Already, last night she had him talking negatively about James. When its important to Vanessa, Austin thinks and does what she tells him to

      • She told Vanessa James and Meg were going to come after him. Austin believed her without even verifying it with James. That’s my point. Austin has said several times before Vanessa’s strategy is to get people to go after each other while she keeps her hands clean. So why doesn’t he verify with James and Meg what she said?

        I agree she manipulates him. The question is why does he let her?

      • If that’s what your question is, you should probably look up the definition of ‘manipulation’.

    • No. If she doesn’t make a move in the Austwits this week she probably will never get another chance.

      • Sure she does. The current jury knows who put them in the jury house. They will continue to respect that. The twits and Austiiiiiin-uh will be bitter no matter what so who cares.

  19. Sometimes HGs reveal who they really are outside the house with certain actions they take inside or the things they say. For example, when the twins say nasty things about HGs who are targets or who are evicted, they reveal what kind of rotten people they are in real life. Calling names or saying “I can;t wait to see their faces when they are on block today”, as Julia said about James and Meg, tells us all we need to know about what kind of person Julia is. Meg and James are two people Julia has been frolicking around the house with having lots of fun and laughing. To make that kind of comment about them tells me Julia is self-centered beotch.

    But Vanessa claiming James and Meg did not congratulate her when Meg hugged her after the comp tells me a lot about Vanessa too. She is clearly a prima donna, narcissistic, egotistical a-hole. When you add to that her plan to blindside James and Meg like she did to Jason it say she is making it personal and not a game move. How anyone can like Vanessa or root for Vanessa is beyond my ability to comprehend. She could be playing a great game except that her personality far outweighs her game play. I for one do not want her or one of the twins to win anything. They are people who do not deserve it becaues of the type of people they are.

    • I think the house is boring, they have nothing to do for 3 months so it makes sense that they would want to create some drama.
      I do think the twins are mean girls but they are young, hopefully they will grow and mature.
      I think Vanessa is definitely someone who needs justifications for her actions, she doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guy in any narrative. So she creates a narrative that fits her need. Hopefully that is just a game thing, and not a real life thing.

      • The twins got their boob job surgeries on the exact same day. That tells you all you need to know about their depth.

      • So when Vanessa gets out of the house and sees what people outside the house think of her, what do you think she’ll do?

      • She’ll go into hiding for a bit or spend some of her millions on a good PR person to spin it in her favor and say it was all for the game and she was just putting on a show to help the producers out.

      • Cry and question how people could think badly about her when she is an ‘honest’ person who played with ‘integrity”. She’ll firmly believe that she has been wronged. Same old, same old. Poor VAnessa

    • I absolutely agree with your first statements. Who people TRULY are in the real world eventually shows in the Big Brother house. You can only fake it for so long. That’s why the twins were well-liked early on. But now, they’re true character has come out and they’re small, disgusting people.

    • Of course she’s a prima donna, narcissistic, egotistical a-hole, she’s a professional gambler. I would say a majority of professional poker players seem to be like this and of course they’re mostly male.

  20. Absolutely retarded plan!

    It is now or never. If she doesn’t go after the Austwits now (Liz as main target because it breaks up the trio, the showmance AND the twins in one shot) then nobody will. The numbers and ability will no longer exist. There is also no guarantee that she will get another chance. IF DE next week also, she is probably out the door on the second eviction because she can’t play for HOH. That would be THE perfect time for the house to toss her out and even Meg will figure that one out.

    Either she makes her move on them NOW or she loses Big Brother.

    • Not necessarily, but a ton of things would have to break her way in the next week or so (i.e. needing John or Steve to win HOH next week and breaking up the Austwits for her) or basically needing to win HOH or POV every time if she were able to make it to the final 4 with Austin and the twins in order to make it to the final 3 and the final 2.

      • That’s just it. Her odds are falling out of her favor fast at this point. She needs to move, now.

      • Respectfully disagree. If she takes out an Austwin, she has two more people after her next week and loses her only sure jury votes.
        If she take out Meg/James, it puts JMac as the Austwins target, and the Austwins as Meg, Steve, and JMac’s targets.
        She’s very smart. She knows they have to be split up, but she knows she can’t be the one to do it.

      • Actually, I missed one thing. Meg’s target SHOULD be the Austwins regardless of who goes this week. But since her head is filled with rocks, I’m sure she’d do something foolish.

      • She’s definitely walking a fine line in trying to keep Austin and the twins as long as she can, knowing in the back of her head she will have to break them either with the help of other house guests or go it alone if she makes it to the final 4 with them. Maybe she’s confident if she makes it to the final 4 with them she can win HOH or POV from there on out.

    • She can still pull it off although she is not HoH next week so that is a big problem for her. She could tip her cards this week with her nominatons – which I think is obvious. If Austin or Liz win HoH for the DE, Vanessa could be a goner.

      I wonder if JMac will get to her and tell her what he thinks because he has already said he thinks they have to act now.

      • If she puts up both JaMeg, Austwins control the 3 votes needed and can save James/Meg. If the other won POV, Steve or Jmac will go home probably.
        So if James wins POV (in this scenario) and Austwins could save Meg with their 3 votes,
        Does Vanessa put up an Austwin as a renom to ensure Meg goes home?
        Or does she risk naming Jmac or Steve, knowing Austwins could save Meg and still be Austins favorite side alliance?

  21. Everyone talking about not watching if their favorites get evicted or if the people they don’t like are still in the house crack me up. Guess they are not true BB fans. Just because you don’t like the outcome you quit watching. Okay.

    • I have never stopped watching but it was close when Elissa left two seasons ago.

      It’s not that I don’t like BB, it’s just that the worst kind of people stayed and I just didn’t want to see them win money. It made me sad to see the universe rewarding terrible people.

      I still watched the finale but it was hard to watch GM win $50k and Andy win $500k.

      So not everyone leaves because their faves are gone, sometimes it’s just the crappy people

      • There has been only a few times people have won that I wanted to see win. I just love the show and people need to remember it’s a reality game show. Yep I get reeled in and yell at the TV. Lol. But when some of my favorites go then I just sit back and enjoy the show. I will never quit watching. I’ve watched since season one and have every season including BBCan on DVD. I’m a true fan.

      • I guess to me being a true fan doesn’t mean I dont say ” I hate everyone who is left and don’t want them to win any money”. It just means I hate everyone who is left and don’t want to watch their stupid smug face win.

  22. Put the twins up,if one comes down put Astin up take out Julia or Liz one of the twins if Vanessa don’t take one of them out,she is done.The other house guest has to see that and will understand what she is doing.

  23. Still not sure why these HG are afraid to make BIG moves. They all seem to want to wait for someone else to do it, including Vanessa. I would think you would want getting power players, couples out of the game would be what you will tell the jury in your final speech. Not, well I got rid of Meg, but was to much of a chicken to do anything else.

    After reading jokers updates I will continue to say Vanessa and Austin think way too highly of themselves and are quite delusional when it comes to the perception of how we, America, see them. Vanessa says, no one this season will be hated, no one has bashed anyone. Austin can’t understand why America likes Justin and Jmac, and says Jmac is probably a “grunge anti hero.” Austin also said Meg is “nasty.” The only thing I will give Austin some slack on is that maybe Meg is nasty off camera (i don’t have live feeds) but on camera she comes across as a very likable individual and a poor player of this game. For ‘nasty” Austin should look at his GF, Liz.

    • Out of curiosity, what is a big move? Taking out a huge player that may or may not benefit your game OR taking out a player than can benefit your game in the long run.

      • So far IMO, james has made a big move putting a power couple up on the block. Becky tried to make a big move by “trying”to get Vanessa out, did not work and is the reason she is out, so maybe not such a big move. I am seeing Vanessa’s BIG move has been to let others do the dirty work for her with her manipulating and bullying. For me too many in the house are of bunch of scardy pants.

      • Letting others do the dirty work isn’t a bad thing. Derrick did it last season, Will did it in All Stars, but people praise them for their game play. In my opinion a big move is taking out someone that can improve your position in the game. It’s not taking out the king or queen of big brother unless it helps your game in the long run. Becky is the prime example.

      • I agree that is exactly how Derrick did it last year. Vanessa is doing the same thing in a more harsh manner.

  24. Honestly James and Meg brought it on themselves. I thought that Jason getting blindside in week 5 would wake them up. It did for 1 week but after that they fell back asleep (Literally). They think they can trust the very same people who screwed them over. But I still hope James wins POV because I want him to stay over Meg.

    • I agree. They are very stupid in this game but don’t blame them alone. Look at all the people in the house trusting Vanessa again.

      Why does Austin just accept when Vanessa told him about Meg and James when he has said himself she gets people against each other? Austin needs to wake up himself.

      And what about Julia. Vanessa makes a F2 deal with her and Julia doesn’t even tell her sister because Vanessa tells her not to? All of these people are so full of themselves they think no one will come after them. Its idiotic.

  25. So another worthless week of HOH, I thought Vanessa was smarter then that, if the Austwins stay together they will make final 3,she should put Meg and Austin up if one comes down put Liz up, for pete sakes she just found out they were targeting her u think she would want to get rid of them,but none of they are real smart this season.

    • How many does she need? Lets see she’s got Austin’s, Steve’s and JMac’s. Jason didn’t have any so she didn’t get his.

  26. if she is smart she would put up the austiwins there is no way they are taking her anyplace near the finals

  27. I can’t wait to see the look on Meg’s arrogant face when she realizes just how little control she actually has in this house.

    • I don’t find Meg to be arrogant, I would apply that term to Vanessa. Maybe a better term for Meg would be clueless.

      • Yes, that’s the word. Her assessment of the house is often so far off its like she is in another world or something.

  28. If vanessa was smart she would flip sides and work with meg, james, and john to get liz and austin out. If she stays on there side she will have no one to help her split them up and they are for sure going to get rid of her before each other.

  29. I would put Liz and Austin up..if one of them won and took themselfs off Meg..But eather way Liz or Austin would go home..

  30. These people in this house are so STUPID. They screwed up by not kicking out Vanessa over shelli. Now they’ll never get her out. All she does is lie and cry and she know the others are so stupid that they won’t catch on. They should have attacked austwins back when Julia first made it in the house. Austin and the twins are morons and can’t think for themselves. They only follow along with what Vanessa tells them because she spins a good story. She’s not smart though it’s just that the others are that much dumber. No one should trust Vanessa or the austwins. I hope James stays, he’s the only tolerable one. Meg is lame and just floated the whole time, same with Steve. Yet they act like Steve is some huge threat. The guy is a pipsqueak and like Austin, can’t think for himself other than he hates Becky for no reason.

  31. I can’t get over that it took people like 6 weeks to figure out that clay Austin Vanessa etc were all working together. How dumb were those people?

  32. Question: on the “Who will be nominated in Week 10” where are the twins? Am I missing something or they exempt from nominations?

  33. Lost all interest in the show due to the fact that the underdogs have not had a fair shot. Recruited people are basically running the show. Actually the ones that need the money the most are the ones that were applicants. Rigged up show bad this year. Was a true BB fan as,well as the family not this year!

  34. I’m still confused by that HOH win by Vanessa. She offered him a deal saying that both would be safe and he responded that regardless she would be safe. She went on to say that she needed a letter from Mel and Johnny said he had never gotten a letter. She then told him that she could go another hour or more and then he said okay let’s do it. He waited for a few spins and dropped down. Even Austin heard what was going on and was pretty miffed by her. She did approach Johnny and said why didn’t you accept my deal and he said not to worry she won and he didn’t want to make a public deal? Why did he say then let’s do it and then drop? I never really understand Johnny when he talks. He seems okay as a person, but I am totally puzzled by his game play. I guess it doesn’t matter because she was declared the winner and bragged about it all night, but I still felt he gave it to her. jmo

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