Big Brother 17: Making The Case For Keeping James

Big Brother 17 will wrap up in less than four weeks and we still have eight Houseguests remaining including a “strong fortress” trio that seems to just now be coming to the forefront of Vanessa Rousso’s attention and concerns. This week her moves may be jeopardizing any last chances to turn the odds.

Meg Maley and James Huling on Big Brother 17
Meg Maley and James Huling on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Yesterday I spent a lot of time considering the situation of this week’s nominees in respect to Vanessa’s game position as I had just written about her pushing ahead to the end with her alliance consisting of a showmance and twin sisters. Not a great move, I’d argue. Could keeping James Huling around be what she needs to correct the crash course she’s on?

James and Meg are up on the Block with one guaranteed to head to Jury unless they can pull off a Veto win, but maybe someone else would save them. Or at least maybe someone should save James. Here’s why I think Vanessa needs James to stay.

Vanessa knows, or at least she should know, that Austin won’t be betray Liz and likely not Julia by extension. Liz won’t betray Julia and probably not Austin to help Vanessa. Julia will not betray Liz, but I think she would go against Austin in a F3 with Vanessa over him. Those aren’t good odds for Vanessa especially when her entire game could rest of Julia winning something.

This week Vanessa decided to win HoH and promise the Austwins complete safety and no visits to the Block instead of letting JMac take it after he already told her he’d be ready to make a big move. That big move could have been going after the Austwins.

Now with Vanessa promising to keep Austwins out of danger this week she kicks the can one round farther down the road. Realistically it wasn’t just the promise she made but the game she’s playing. She can’t be the one to pull the trigger on them. So if she can’t do it this week then she won’t do it until it comes down to either her or one of them walking out the door. That means she needs someone else to win HoH and do the dirty work.

Who is left that could do that for Vanessa? Right now she’s got JMac and Steve. Steve has suggested he’d be willing to make a big move, but I’m going to agree with John that John is the one who would be willing to do it sooner. Would anyone be surprised if Steve won HoH next week, panicked, and then put up Meg with JMac?

That leaves John as a near sure shot to get the Austwins targeted next week. John vs the Austwins. Not terrible odds if you cancel out Julia, though she’s bound to eventually trip and fall in to a victory at some point. Of course that logic would cancel out Meg too, assuming she survives over James. That would keep it at 1 (JMac) vs 2 (Liztin) is still a tough gamble. But guess how Vanessa could make that 2:2? Yep, by keeping James.

Vanessa needs James for more than just targeting the Austwins though. Say Vanessa’s plan fails and an Austwin wins HoH next week. Would they target Meg? No, they’d go after JMac, Vanessa’s best chance of breaking up the Austwins. Now what if James was still there? James and JMac would go up then Vanessa could work to sway votes to keep JMac over James and try again next week to get John in the HoH room. It’s an extra round to try and make the Austwins split happen.


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  1. Since Vanessa has a lot of strategic thinking to do and always plays out every possible option in her head several times front and backwards I hope her brain will explode and she has to self-evict.

    • Now that’s the best idea I’ve read all day!! (Make sure that you don’t have a stalker named Mel wanting to be your friend on Facebook!)

    • But who does Vanessa have to blame for this web of deceit and lies she has spun? No one but her self. She has done nothing but blow up her own game. Looks like I will get my wish and money but sadly one of the Asstwins will.

      • Red is right, I love the name too that is why I used it. Cyril has the names for these people but I still don’t know who came up with the name Goblins though LOL.

      • The Asstwins are ugly, gross, dumb and we’ll every adjective to describe those three in the book, soooo. ….why are they in the best spot, one never on the block, tying Derek for 11 evict no block all time and never at risk? Answer that and I’ll believe your not making a judgemental observation, lacking intellect on a socially relevant basis in the 21 st century. I know why.

  2. This has always been the biggest flaw in Vanessa’s game, she lacks a great strategy to deal with the Austwins. If she can get James back on her side it does make sense to keep him. Her biggest problem though is she is no one’s first choice to take to the end. Steve and JMac would take each other, obviously the Austwins would take some combo of each other as well. Getting rid of Meg takes away James’ #1 option so maybe he would be more willing to work with Vanessa. She needs to keep in the people who will target Austwins and can win comps and James fits that more than Meg. The interesting thing would be who she puts up if James were to come down. Does she risk a Steve or JMac, or does she convince one of the twins to go up…and can everyone resist voting one of them out over Meg,

    • Let’s hope that Vanessa makes the Austwins play rock, paper, scissors when making her important decision.

      • According to Jokers, it sounded like Nessie the Monster, the Nitwit, and the Twincompoops had worked out a strategy to use against Meg/James if it is the stay/fold comp.

      • Hopefully the twins will forget everything he told them.
        I cant believe how ugly Vanessa has been towards J and M.

      • I know. They are just genuine people who don’t seem to have a mean bone in their body. A few lazy, aching, and funny bones, yes, but they don’t deserve the disrespect from Vanessa or the twins. A person’s true nature is usually exposed during BB in different ways.

    • Vanessa needs to put up one of the austwins if james or meg gets veto than have them to vote out the austwin

  3. That ship has sailed. She has no choice but to target James now. This is the second time she has put James on the block, she went back on her deal to keep him safe + a guest of his choice through the final 7, and he’s got a history of going back on his word in dramatic fashion. James would not agree to work with Vanessa, and Vanessa would be a fool to even think about keeping him at this particular point in the game.

    • James does seem to be a more emotional player than a strategic kind of guy so if Meg goes I see James wanting revenge against Vanessa, even though it would make more sense to work with her perhaps.

      • I can definitely see why Vanessa wants James out right now. Can’t wait for the Austwins to take out Vanessa either.

      • I hope that by Vanessa and the Austwins making someone else (JMac, Steve or possibly James) do their dirty work this will help the jury give the win to the guys with the most blood on their hands.
        Is it possible that Vanessa has lost the game by over-thinking? Hope so!

      • I think Vanessa has lost the game by her lack of social awareness and empathy. The 3 in Jury now hate her and she nominated Meg and James and then made them Have Nots. You never know with Juries and BB Juries have a bias for the hardest workers but she may be the first to outplay everyone and maybe get one(Steve’s) vote

      • Having said that the only HG remaining who could beat her in an objective vote is Austin

      • I agree with both your comments.
        I’m hoping for a bitter jury if Vanessa makes the F2.

      • 2 …. JMac said he’d vote for her. Hopefully Becky can set him straight in the jury house.

      • He already said if he survives and win HOH…..He will nominate Vanessa and Liz. That’s great for his game.

      • IDK. I stopped reading jokers a couple of days ago. I read it here @ BBN. It may have been in the twitter comments.

      • Couldn’t take the “heat”(Austiz), huh? lol
        I hope there was a mattress cover that was changed along with the sheets. If not, it couldn’t be as bad as hotel beds, anyway.They have to be disgustingly full of God only knows what. I try not to think about that.

      • No, I haven’t been there today. Had some family issues this AM and just got home a little while ago, but I’ll go do that right now. :)

      • I remember there were some posts about it, but for Vanessa, it seemed to be fairly tame. Of course, it could be the way it was written that made it appear so. IDK.

      • I think James is smart enough to realize that he needs Vanessa just as much as she needs him. He should team up with Johnny Mac (if he stays) and take him to the end. If James stay’s, he will fight harder than anyone else in the DE to get a Asstwin or Vanessa out.

      • I think he’d fight harder to get Van out. If Meg is gone, James has to team up with someone. I’m guessing he’d try to team up with his bro, Asstin. (even thought that would be detrimental to his game.)

      • Rather than join others, he’ll get them to join him if he wins HoH. First he has to win Veto to save himself!

      • That’ll work too. But only if she puts one of the twins up as a pawn and they accidently get voted out next.

      • She wasn’t thinking strategically when she put up James and Meg. It was vengeance. Strategically, would be targeting Austwins. James, Steve and John would’ve kept her safe come Thursday if any of them won HOH.

      • Hope she thinks quickly on her feet come DE, something she thinks won’t happen til a week from Thursday! That will be her downfall me thinks, unless she’s a magician and can pull a wabbit out of her arse!

      • Do you think Production will tell her if she hasn’t figured it out come eviction night?

      • Hopefully the upcoming DE will have Vanessa singing her swan song to Julie.
        I wonder if Van will make a graceful exit.

      • Vanessa did think it through though before making her decision. I agree that it was a bad decision though.

    • Heard her explain some kind of plan with Steve and Jmac to take down the Austwins after she gets rid of James and Meg. it involves one of them winning HOH which she thinks they would be favorites because of Julia and to a lesser extent Austin I admit I don’t see it though

      • Vanessa’s do or die moment is the next head of household competition. Her only chance at winning now rests on JMac and Steve winning and nominating two of the Austwins. The odds are not in her favor here.

  4. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH ADS ON THIS SITE?!?! This site has been my first stop for 3 seasons everytime I wanted a BB update. However the last two days I havent been able to even read one article without an “adchoice” ad blocking 2-3 paragraphs. Even if you close it, it pops up again immediately or another one pops up as soon as you scroll. I’m a fan of this sites work, analysis, and lighting fast updates but please dont make me have to fight pop-ups every 5 secs to get through one article again.

    • I’ve been having problems for weeks now. I know you guys gotta pay the bills, but I’m really frustrated that my shockwave crashes almost every time I come here. Any suggestions?

      • Same here, and everything jumps all around on me.

        I enjoy reading the updates and everyone’s comments. Makes BB more interesting to get others take on what’s happening in the house and in HG minds!

      • Can you tell me more about the “jumps all around”? Nothing like that should be happening & I haven’t seen it but I can try to help if you can share more info. Thanks.

      • Matt, that jumping happens to me when it’s time to clear cache/temp internet files and restart my browser. So, it may not be just the ads. Discus doesn’t like a full cache.

      • One thing I’ve learned it you need to really notice who the commenters are ‘replying’ to. Maybe that’s what GG is referring to.

        It can get confusing, you can’t just read straight down like each comment is a reply to the previous b/c it isn’t. Does not make sense?

      • I think I’ll try that. I have a new fast PC, but I get that Jumping around too, once in a while, among other things…I just reload but, it’s a pain

      • Matt, after the page is loaded, and adds on the side starts appearing, When you start reading, it will jump to the top of the page again, doesn’t happen all the time. (submit a crash report, I get it all the time)

      • I’ve seen that problem too. In my opinion it seems to come from disqus. It started last Thursday. But I have to admit, it hasn’t happen to me today.

      • That’s happened to me when it’s time to clean out cache/temp files and reload, too.

      • Discus doesn’t like it when they’re full. I was having that problem last year. I wrote to discus and they told me that would clear the problem. It worked. I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago. Cleaned them out, restarted, no more jumping to the top.

      • Firefox is just a 32-bit browser. Use instead Waterfox or Cyberfox who are 64-bit. Same as Firefox. And like Red said install “Adblock plus”

      • I’ve seen you mention those 2 before and I know that you know WAY more than I do about these things. Thanks for explaining that Firefox is still 32-bit and the other 2 are 64-bit! I just bookmarked them. TYVM!!!!

      • Thanks Captain, I was having issues and I went into my google browser and changed the settings in settings /privacy /content settings/plugins “let me choose when to run plugin content” and this helped.

      • On Chrome, go to plugins and disable Shockwave. I was having the same problem. Now I don’t.

      • There are big problem with shockwave lately. You don’t really need shockwave. Barely any website use that anymore, everybody is moving to HTML5 now. Uninstall it.

      • I was having the same issues a couple of weeks ago. I uninstalled Adobe Flash Player and I’ve had no more Shockwave crashes.

      • Yea, but Flash Player is more useful than Shockwave, so it is Shockwave you should get rid off.

      • On my plug in list after typing in “about:plugins”, which is what a site about”How to fix Shockwave crashes” directed me to do, there was one Adobe Flash Player listed with a subtext of Shockwave Flash.

      • Not there. Go to “Control Panel”, and “Programs and features”. If you see”Adobe Shockwave” there, click on it and click uninstall.

      • I’ll check that. Is that different, because since I uninstalled the one I told you about, I haven’t had any crashes. You always try to help everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I noticed and to thank you.

      • That makes it all the more special that you would take the time to help others…..for free!

      • I took it back to Office Max and they couldn’t figure it out. They gave me another new one and I’ve had no problems with it.

      • They installed it on my new computer in the store. I see no issues with it so far. You heard bad things about it, because if 8.1 is better, I can go back to it?

      • Most of the problems happen during the upgrade. So if you are already upgraded to 10 and not having any problem, stick with it and see. I tell my customer to wait until at least October before upgrading. There will be a big update late september, early October. Will probably be better after that.

      • Got a buddy who upgraded to FREE Windows10 from 8 now he can’t send email, he can receive though.

        I just told him that fix is $100, that’s how they can give you 10 for free. LOL.

      • Based on Firefox, there’s Waterfox and Cyberfox. Based on Chrome, you can try Opera.

    • What ^ red said! I use that and no ads at all when I enable it for this site! You will have to disable it on the CBS site to watch vids there. Won’t let you until you watch the commercial first.

    • Can you take a screen shot and send that to me? There should not be any pop up ads. I haven’t seen anything like that yet so I’m not sure what you’re seeing.

      Is this on desktop or mobile?

      If you can get me more information I’ll get those advertisers banned.

    • I use Weblock on iPad’s Safari, and the ad in the middle of the page still comes up – annoying

      • Yikes. That’s definitely not allowed by our advertisers. We don’t approve any pop-ups but sometimes they disregard and push things through without our permission.

        So the video ads floats above the content or it’s a separate browser window? Thanks.

      • Matt, It is the sodahead ad, to the left of a poll of which HG should be targeted this week. Every time a new video ad starts it pulls your screen to the video ad, like it wants you to watch each ad. It is very difficult to read anywhere on the page, without having to re-scroll to where you were reading, over and over. I am in windows 7 and I went into my google web browser and changed the settings so that ads don’t start automatically. This fixed it for me. I have helped others with this issue over the last month. It may not be a problem in windows8. It sure is annoying. Can’t screen print anything for you cause all it does is move your screen view. I do have a fix for users if need be, but can’t help with the webpage. Hope this helps.

      • no, sorry, once I fixed it in google, it changes every page, not just yours, but the pages load faster without plugin. never had this problem till this year, and I’m like a dinosaur on this page.

  5. And I think the other point, more than James is a target for DE over JMac and that he might also go after the Austwins over Vanessa, is the risk of Meg. Yes, the risk. As bitchy as the twins are being about her right now, they change that attitude quite quickly. Liz has been being bitchy about Vanessa in DR for two weeks and she either has an excellent fake face or she has a new attitude. They were besties with Meg last week and I could see Meg being in dire enough emotional state on Thursday that she locks back on to them because they comfort her after James leaves. Then if an Austwin wins HOH, Vanessa will lose JMac and then she and Steve have to face down a foursome.

    And I believe John already is thinking of this, but he and Vanessa haven’t really spoken since nominations.

  6. Shelley Mierkalns · I am being completely serious here. Meg will win her first POV of the season. Vanessa will replace her with Steve. James will go home.

  7. Vanessa has too much of a hard on for James. There is no if, or but, about it. She wants him ggoonnee……like two weeks ago.

      • Yeah, maybe she’ll poop him out if he swears to get Austwins out, well at least 1, like with the name “Lizzzz-uh”. That’s the sound V can make as she squeezes that little turd James out.

    • Do you have a pic of that?

      But you’re right IF that’s what she wants… she probably did when she put him up but that doesn’t mean squat now.

      • See here’s a prime example of confusing if you read straight down… I ask “do you have a pic of that”, that’s directed to Andy saying Van “has a hard on for James” not to my 2 comments above that “she’ll poop him” or “Crap… ” comments.

  8. Playing in veto: Van / James / Meg / Austin / Liz / Julia

    Crap…JMac and Steve won’t be playing! Go JAMES!!!

    • Check it out, its the Austwins against the Goblins… so Vanessa probably has this one in the bag, that is if she wants it.

    • But first … check out what I wrote on the pre-veto blog comments. I’d love to see your reaction! LOL

      • About Meg being the black widow for anyone that sits next to her? Loved that! hahaha She’ll just snatch them and bite off their head before disposing of them! :-)

      • I was talking about the twincompoop comment. You found it and your response was very funny (just like I knew it would be!) LOL

    • Don’t care as long as the result is BD on Lizzz-uh… that would be the SMARTEST play for anyone against Austwins or for anyone who actually wants to win.

  9. Matt, Great logic! Having said that, you could have just posted the following:
    “THIS IS A CLUSTER *UCK!” and gone out and had a few beers and enjoyed the day!! Lol!

  10. We all know Vanessa threw her game .But the twins and Austin would throw everyone up besides their selves .We know James is the target so unless he gets veto he’s off to jury.Vanessa wants to say she plays to further her game well that was lost when the twins came in game and Austin didn’t get backdoored.There’s no way she will ever be any closer than final fourAnd with double elimination coming up it could be a game changer but it won’t if they don’t do the moves needing done..

  11. I think working with James would make sense for Vanessa however it would take a lot of back pedaling at this point.

    Also we can’t disregard the human element of the game. Van doesn’t like James, she doesn’t want to work with him.

    I think Van has gotten the ball rolling, she can’t go back at this point.

    • Nailed it with the last sentence. Even if it does make sense to work with James (it does), it’s too late now. She has no choice but to follow through now.

      • Never too late for her, haven’t you been watching her? The HGs tend to forget the stuff she says & does too.

      • It’s way too late in the sense that she’s already pissed off James, so there’s no need to piss off the remaining two Austwins if she backdoors one. She simply cannot do what you’re suggesting she do. It would be game suicide.

      • Time will tell, seems most of us are having a hard time figuring how she has lasted this long. God save us al,l if she were to last this week & next. The thing I’m quite sure is if she were to reach F4 with the Austwins, she ain’t winning NOTHING!!!

      • Tricking J&M into saying they are open to a plan to put up Austwins and then ratting back to Austin was such a Dick move I doubt James or Meg would give Vanessa the time of day

      • Regardless, Steve just told the cams that if he wins HOH, he’s nominating Austin and Liz. So I guess he trusts her enough to not be his target, which is all that matters in this game.

      • Nobody trust her but when a move with her helps your game you take it then when the time comes you have to pull the rug whether it’s dirty or not… at least stay in the game, say you had no choice.

    • Don’t forget Vanessa can back-pedal with the best of them, she can beg, borrow, steal or cry, whine, lie.

      Deny, deny deny that was even her that was berating them, she felt they were berating her the whole time.

      Heck, she can claim Production refuses to get her the meds she needs to stay on an even keel.

  12. James would’ve lost his damn mind if he’s even thinking of working with Vanessa. Reasons….1. James is Vanessa’s #1 target….2….Vanessa lied to the Austwins about him…..3….Vanessa gave Jameg a verbal bashing…4….Vanessa will throw him out as fast as she picks him up…..6….drumroll…..there,,,,is,,,no…way…in…hell…Vanessa….wants….to…work…with…him. He would be a fool to believe her. I can see her saying that if he wins veto and goes on to win HOH.

    • Maybe she will resort to the “money-bribe-idea” that she thought up yesterday or the day before.

      • Not happening. Most people say he’s an emotional player, so that won’t work with him. He’s not an Austwins, he won’t swallow every s**t told to him. Especially coming from Vanessa.

    • If his choices were 1) out of the House or 2) still have chance at 1/2M or 50K… he might chose to forgot but not forgive, it’s unreal what that ‘carrot’ might make him do. The thing that blows him out of the water & probably comes back to haunt him or bless him depending on how you look at it, is him breaking his promise to Shelli on keeping her & Clay safe.

  13. if someone doesnt break up the austwins quick they will have the numbers to be the twins alone

  14. Van knows she can beat everyone except Steve in the mental comps. Won’t be surprised if she turns on him soon.

  15. Vanessa needs to win POV, pull down James and put up Austin. Liz is the only one who might vote to keep the Ape man and James/Meg would both be in the game as per V’s move so that would somewhat smooth things out. Regardless A is the biggest threat and V knows he will toss her out the moment it suits him.

    Also, as long as A doesn’t win POV, either/both of the twins could flip on him…Julia because she hates him…and Liz to better her chance to win the game and market herself as a mover and shaker (and keep V as an ally). She doesn’t appear to be a woman in love at all. She’s just in pretty deep now and has to keep hooking herself out to be protected by the A man. Turning on him by her own hand at this point could prove deadly.

    Anyway getting A on the block somehow is a benefit to everyone, even the twins who would ultimately have to cast him aside sometime. Twins could say they were deceived by V and that she said she was putting up JM. I think they might be ready to get him out anyway. Meg should easily go next so she can join her pals in the jury house and not get their votes if a miracle should happen and she makes it to the finals.

    V would also pump it up as the biggest move of the game…and she wouldn’t be wrong. If she got the twins on board with outing A so he can’t out them (V has a way with words) then V is still golden to them. She can do it. It’s too obvious so it won’t happen.

    I could continue to weed it out for you but this is enough for now…got to shave it down till JM wins. He’s genuine at least…and very smart.

    • Why not put Liz up – if Austin went, Liz and Julia would still stick together, but if Liz is gone there’s a good chance Austin and Julia would look for new alliances.

      • Simple. Liz going would get two people instead of one furious with V. V would never be able to talk A into it…never in a million years…at least not this early. Liz on the other hand is probably sick of A anyway and considers V an equal ally. A is also a huge physical threat to everyone and Julia hates him. In the jury house only A will be mad at V and the twins will like her for keeping them together. Think long term and you will see. L would get two votes to stay and potentially A could get none. It’s a good short term and long term strategy assuming she can tell the twins how good it is for their game…they’ll buy it and J will love it and they will support each other.

        I thought about the Liz thing too but this is better for everyone. J isn’t much of a competitor, unlike A, she’s just a vote that can easily be swayed at the drop of a hat.

      • I really think Austin would want to follow Liz next week or in the DE Thur, since all he wants to do is be with her. So evicting Liz would also get rid of Austin, leaving just Julia who sucks in comps.

      • What you are suggesting might be true in an alternate universe but not only does Austin want the cash, he wants the exposure…the over exposure. If Van got rid of Liz she would also have all three of them as haters in the jury house.

    • After Vanessa nominated James and Meg and then proceeded to verbally berate them, Vanessa has no choice now but to evict one of them. There is no option B as far as Vanessa is concerned.

      • I thought of that but disagree. These guys are eating slop and will be thrilled that V kept them in. They are mad at everyone anyway…better to align with the devil you know. V can spin it. Bottom line…A going is the best move and waiting till the final hour and the wishy washiness of the twins makes this a genious idea. Meg will be thrilled to stay and James is a gamer so he will be ok…much better to have A gone.

      • She’s so deep into this one. If she flips on this vote, she’s screwed in the next vote unless Steve or Jmac wins HOH. I don’t see her doing it, but we shall see. :-)

      • You have to remember how fickle the twins are and how desperate James and Meg are. If Austin wins HOH he’s likely to dump Vanessa next week like he would have already done once or twice before. He’s intimidated by her mental challenges for strategy. I swear, if Vanessa doesn’t get A out (as long as he doesn’t win veto which makes it impossible) and he takes her out next week then I should get the $500,000. Like you said, we shall see. Good for a laugh anyway. Gotta walk my dog now…cheers.

      • Sorry, was going to go but just one more thought…after following this on Jokers (sadly, I do this) it’s apparent that the Austwins have been berating them like crazy, even more so, so it’s all a big stewing pot anyway. The twins make personal attacks…I haaaaate them. I still like my plan, then again I’m not eating slop.

      • That does throw a wrench in my thoughts and lend credence to what you’re saying. If J+M know the Austwins are against them, then yeah, what you’re saying just might work. I didn’t know that.

  16. That’s why john should not have been the 1 too come back it should have been shelli to go after the twins

    • It should have been Becky to come back to team up with Jameg to go after Vanessa then twins.

    • Move forward. What’s done is done. Every week is a new scenario…heck every hour is a new scenario. It’s hard enough to play it forward, the only reason to look back is to keep track of who is on the jury.

      • Ghost00 if it was not for shelli the twins would have not been in the house the same time and they vote her out so really no love on the twins side plus I think bb Is fixed shelli could not win too save her life and james was good as gone and he wins pov fixed 100%

  17. Just ranking the HG’s …
    Competitions: 1. Vanessa 2. Austin 3. James 4. J-Mac 5. Liz 6. Steven 7. Meg 8. Julia

    Social Game: 1. James 2. J-Mac 3. Austin 4. Meg 5. Steve 6. Vanessa 7. Liz 8. Julia

    Strategic Game: 1. Vanessa 2. Liz 3. Austin 4. Steven 5. J-Mac 6. Meg 7. James 8. Julia

    Overall: 1. Vanessa 2. Austin 3. J-Mac 4. James 5. Liz 6. Austin 7. Meg 8. Julia

    • Looks pretty reasonable to me. Steve I think ranks a bit higher than you have him, but now I’m nitpicking.
      How is Meg not last in strategy? She just told James “Vanessa is terrified of me. I can see it in her eyes.” No she’s not, dearest Meg.

      • Only because Julia’s strategy is following her sister and mean girl catty comments. At least Meg makes an effort.

  18. What’s taking so long with POV results. I want to know James won so that I can go on with my day and enjoy my evening.

    • And V making a big move by putting A up for all the reasons I’ve listed below…I’ve been long winded about this so won’t go any further.

    • I have spent half of my day coming back to this computer to find out who won the veto!! I feel your pain!!

  19. There is no logical reason to keep James over Meg.

    Meg will never win a comp
    James could win hoh and put her up.

    Its getting to the point in the game where the people who win the comps control the game and thats why James needs to go home.

  20. Hard to believe they are doing the stay/fold comp that V. and Austwins were strategizing for. I don’t see it taking anywhere near this long.

  21. Vanessa really needs to grow some “balls”, stop playing nice with the Austwins, and go for the jugular, or else she will lose this game. Also, James & Meg really need to “wake up” in this game. Johnny Mac needs to win an HOH imo. Idk, I just think an Austwins Final 3 would absolutely suck! So, come on James, Meg, Johnny Mac, Steve, and Vanessa…you could be 5 strong against 3…those are good odds.

  22. Depending on who gets the Veto, taking a shot on the Asstwins has to be considered by the players. They have to. It could be the only chance they’ll get.

  23. Vanessa needs to take out the Austwins and Austin.if she doesn’t they will get there first.

  24. Hating this season so much! Just can’t take their stupidity anymore. I’m done with this nonsense!

    • It’s true though. The only person playing the game is V, but she’s playing with her emotions, not with her head. There aren’t any strategic players this year. It’s a frustration for me as a viewer.

  25. My fellow viewers , if you are Meg in this situation (just as bad at the game and just as ally less) and say you win the veto, do you gamble and use it on James so you both might stay or do you use it on yourself knowing that your only ally goes home ? Is it stupid to even consider using the POV on someone else ?

    • I couldn’t imagine Meg surviving a move like that. Never have known anyone on either BB or Survivor to have ever given up a veto/immunity and survive the vote. It’s seen as a quit move no one will see as strategic.

      • Erik Heroes VS Villains?, gave up his Immunity Idol and was voted out. Dumbest move in Survivor history.

    • I can only see this working, if John is next to her on the block. Austwins will use this chance to send John home. Austin is scared of a James and John team up,

      • It can pay off, but it’s a gamble. (High Risk) You’re already on the block, Now you’re playing for yourself. First thing is to secure your own safety.

      • SO m any thing can happen between the veto meeting on Monday and the show on Thursday night. Not worth taking the chance.

      • Normally I’d agree, but we’re talking about Meg. She’d lose her only protector and she can’t win comps. She’s doomed if she does and doomed if she doesn’t. So, I’d advise her to use it on James and hope that you can make the renom the bigger target.

      • Are they both thinking of using the Veto to each other? Isn’t only James? Do they have a plan in placed in case they do that?

      • They’ve both discussed if one wins, should it be used on James or Meg (regardless of the winner.) Meg is adamant that it should be James. James made the offer to save Meg, but he’s been wishy-washy about it. They went through all of the scenarios.

      • I thought Meg told James not to do that and play his game. I don’t think she’ll do it, was just wondering

      • You’d be expecting a lot! LOL I’m pretty sure that the only BB historians left are Steve, JMac and Austin. I don’t see any of them divulging it to Meg or James.

      • But can you imagine Vanessa telling the story of Marcella to dumb, dummer and Meg, switching it around and telling all 3 of them that it was “a perfect move” and it saved his ass??!! I can imagine it!!

      • Knowing Vanessa, she probably went out & bought every season of BB on DVD and studied all 16 seasons day in and day out before she even applied!!

      • I think she’s too full of herself to do that. She probably watched 1-3 seasons and decided that it was enough, because “she’s smart.”

    • I think Meg is a lovely girl, and would be a great friend, but she is not BB material. At this point she has to decide what she wants to be known as a) a dumber version of Victoria or b) a dumber version of Marsailles….either one will get her in the BB Hall of Fame…

      • I will forever remember her as a nicer version of Victoria without any of the stupid drama.

  26. I’ve been waiting for Vanessa to make a huge mistake and she finally has done it. Her apprehension and lunacy has cost her. Even if she does make it to the end, she may very well have lost the jury too. You can’t berate and bully people, then expect their votes later on. Her only chance to win may be getting to F2 with a twin, since they are despised more. Obviously, the chances of that are nil.

    • The twins aren’t despised more by the jury. Most of their mean girl bashing is behind closed doors.

      Vanessa will never see her “explaining” as berating or bullying, even though it is. She will be utterly clueless if she makes it to F2 and doesn’t get the vote. She will blame everyone else, but never herself.

      • The BB jurors are usually not as bitter as the Survivor ones right? I believe they will reward the best players. As long as none of the Austwins wins, I’m happy!

      • Are Survivor jurors sequestered together? I think the being sequestered in a cushy jury house with lots of alcohol makes a difference. Plus it’s a different mentality for the 2 games. Survivor is all about Outwit, Outlast, Outplay. BB is more about the social aspect of the game.

      • Yes, Survivor evictees on jury stay in the ‘Ponderosa’ house until the final tribal council.

      • So which ones are more bitter? Haha. I remember 1 season of Survivor where Sophie, who pretty much coasted to the end, won over Coach just because the jurors hated him.

      • Survivor ups the ante as far as trying to get a juror’s good side is concerned. Usually, the jury there respects gameplay over everything else, even if they were burned along the way (adding to the mental and physical demands of the game there).

        As long as no one there pulls a Hantz (who basically outscrewed everyone in jury I heard), then that one person is in the best position to win Survivor.

  27. It’s sort of comical and ironic that Vanessa wants to break up Austin and the twins, but wants someone else, preferably John or maybe Steve to do it. Likewise, Austin and the twins want to get rid of Vanessa, but yet again, want someone else, like John or James to do it. It’s like a game of chicken, waiting to see whose plan will be accomplished first, if either.

  28. The Feeds Fairy just posted that on twitter: “Fun fact: This veto has lasted 20x longer than Thursday’s endurance”

  29. James holds a grudge and I believe if he stays and wins HoH, he will try to get Van out instead of breaking up the Austwins… So he can go. When that happens, I hope Meg wises up and sides with John, Steve, and Van to take out 1 of the trio, preferably Liz.

    • All meg is good for is a vote, she isn’t going to be taking out anyone. Those guys don’t want to work with her.

      • Yup but she still needs to choose a side and hope she does not go with the evil 3some!

  30. Vanessa is too worried about making the jury members mad. If she doesn’t get some Austwin blood on her hands she won’t be anywhere near the final 2. You can’t predict jury member votes because some hold grudges and some respect good game play. Blindsiding Austin now if he doesn’t win veto would be the best play of the season. And she can sure as heck kick Austin to the curb without too much bloodshed. Been reading the latest Jokers and if Van doesn’t really listen to Austin’s self saving comments (vs team) then he’s going to take her out sooner rather than later. She needs to get him out if she gets a chance tonight. And don’t those dopey twins know that they will never get to be final 2 together with Austin in the game? Julia can’t outplay Austin and Austin can only take one and he might not even choose Liz or Julia for that matter. If Austin gets to pick he will pick the weakest one left.

  31. Thinking it’s not the stay and fold….this is taking too long….maybe because it is a Golden Power of Veto comp? I know, I am dreaming again! LOL

  32. Perhaps it is taking so long because they have decided the original HOH was unfair because they didn’t explain the rules well enough….maybe an HOH redo?????

    • Someone probably tried to cheat/find a loophole in this veto competition. Probably had to start it all over again.

  33. There is really no incentive to keeping James because he is more a liability to Vanessa’s game. Vanessa has only two allies left in the Big Brother House, that is Steve and Johnny Mac. The next HOH, Vanessa cannot play which means Steve or Johnny Mac has to win HOH for Vanessa to be safe. James and Meg has already, casted their lot with Austin, Julia and Liz. That one is too obvious to miss. The past week, when Austin was HOH, he threw under the bus Johnny Mac and Steve. The implication is simple, Austin has picked James and Meg over Johnny Mac and Steve. That was actually, a bad move on Austin’s part because had he gotten rid of James, he would still have Johnny Mac and Steve on his alliance side ready to move to evict Vanessa who will be all by her lonesome. By throwing Johnny Mac and Steve under the bus, that put them in Vanessa’s side for good. They know Austin, Julia, Liz, James and Meg will target them for eviction given half a chance. So, what to do? You break up the Goblin-Austwins alliance by taking out one of the top 3 competitors which are James, Austin or Liz. I would favor getting out James or Liz this week. If James wins POV, put Liz on the block. James will vote to evict Liz to save Meg and with Johnny Mac and Steve’s votes, you remove a good competitor ahead of the next HOH which is a must win for Steve, Johnny Mac and Vanessa.

    • I can tolerate immature idiots, the majority of which make up most people. but I cannot stand manipulative and entitled pricks like Vanessa, so at this point in the game? Austwins > V and yes I just said that, it should be really fun in the next few weeks, with everyone for themselves. the best part of the season.

  34. For all of you who are bored waiting for the feeds to come back, buzzfeed has a quiz called “How far would you Make it on “Big Brother” “. I’m not sure if I can post the link.

  35. James needs to win the POV. Then he needs to go to JMac with Meg and make a deal to get Liz out of the house. The plan is simple. Meg and James agree to keep JMac safe next and give him their votes if he is on the block. Then JMac gets Steve involved if he can to BD Liz. he plan is to convince Vanessa that Austwins could flip to save Meg because Meg is no threat while Steve or JMac would be. So if Vanessa puts Liz up as a pawn and also to assure the Austin and Julia vote to save Liz, then Meg has to be evicted.

    If Vanessa takes the bait and puts up Liz, then Steve, JMac and James vote out Liz. Then follow that up by telling Austin it was Vanessa’s plan.

    That way they get no blood on their hands and make Vanessa Austin and Julia’s target.

    If the one of them win HoH, the put up Vanessa and Austin with Vanessa as the target. If Vanessa wins POV, they put up Julia and send her out too.

    Its a long shot but using Vanessa’s paranoia against her to put up Liz may work, although it starts with James winning POV.

  36. Apparently the “Big Brother Gods” still love James! Next move is now on “DJ ‘Nessa”. With the current standings she could in “fact” get Austin out of the house this week with these numbers (James, Meg, John, and Steve vs Liz and Julia) 4 – 2 or (James, Meg, and John vs Liz, Julia, and Steve) 3 – 3 tie with Vanessa being the tie breaker. Nobody 4 LESS!!!

  37. Vanessa is just Audrey in a blonde wig. She pulls EXACTLY the same crap, even down to the crying jags, and she’s still there. She should have been out ta there already. And someone, puhlease get rid of those annoyingly whiny twins already!

  38. I really hope if Julia did or does go up as a pawn that James John and Steve vote out Julia and not Meg but they are all stupid!

  39. If Julia does go up as a pawn John James Steve need to vote here out and if one of them get HOH put up Austin and LIz and get rid of one of them…

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