Big Brother 17: Pre-Veto Comp Plans In Week 10 – PoV Players Picked

The Power of Veto competition is coming up later today as the Big Brother 17 Houseguests went into a late lockdown for what might be a more simple comp than the HGs have seen in recent weeks.

James Huling is playing it cool on Big Brother
James Huling is playing it cool on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

The new HoH named her nominees during Friday’s Nomination Ceremony before following that up with a verbal beat down that left them bewildered and scattered getting ready for their chance at safety.

Flashback to 10:42 PM BBT 8/28 to find James and Meg, this week’s newly minted nominees, discussing their best chances with this week’s Power of Veto. There seems to be a general concern that James might do something crazy like use the Veto on Meg if he were to win. Why do we think that? Because he’s said it a few times.

Meg admits that they have to realize that unless one of them wins the Veto then things aren’t going to change and they’re going to stay on the Block.

Both Meg and James agree that if they weren’t on the Block together then it’d be a no-brainer that they’d save the other, but this puts them in a tricky position. James wonders if it’d be better for them if he won the Veto and then gave it to Meg for her safety. Meg is adamant that James must not do that.

Meg says the two of them will have a better chance of both staying if James wins the Veto, saves himself, and then it’s Meg against either JMac or Steve. I’d agree. James is a much more tempting target. Remember Jackie vs Meg during the Double Eviction? There’s a reason Meg isn’t targeted.

James suggests she could be right as the HGs wouldn’t want to “waste an HoH on you.” Heh. Meg says no, that’s not it. (Yes it is.) She thinks the Austwins would prefer to see JMac go over her. I’d say both points are correct.

Again we hear James discuss using the Veto on Meg if he wins it, but she says he is absolutely “not allowed to pull a Clay.” I’m really hoping James is just talking things up and wouldn’t really consider using it on Meg if he gets the chance. Should he do that then just send him right on out the door because he’d deserve it.

So what are the other Houseguests thinking at this point? Well we’ve got the Austwins out there and I think it’s safe to say if they win it then none of those three would use the Veto and would most likely really prefer everyone on the Block to just stay exactly where they are. Vanessa and Steve are working on their own plans though.


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  1. Agree. And even if James saves himself the Austwins won’t be happy she didn’t renominate Jmac or Steve.
    Especially when/if Jmac and Steve evict Liz.
    James has to vote to evict her too over Meg so Austwins can’t be as upset with him.
    They SHOULD blame Vanessa and see that her end game is taking form. Hopefully they go after her in DE and if they can’t get her, take out Steve or Jmac for their sake. Not pulling for them, just saying that it’s obv Vanessa protected them so they’re guilty by association. ;)

    • WHO CARES if the twins are happy or not?!?!?! It has to be done and that is staring everyone in the face….except maybe austin and the twins, as they are to busy patting themselves on the back. Glad they are doing it because nobody else will. I have yet to see really any good feed back about those 3. I thought vanessa was smart(even though I do not like her bullying and her period!) but not to see until now how important it is to divide the 3….well…

      • After the Austwins tried to backdoor Vanessa last week I’m surprised she didn’t nominate one of the twins. Hopefully this will be a major mistake and the Austwins will evict her first.

      • She wants them divided, especially after talking to Austin about what his vision of what happens at F4, Austwins + Vanessa, she realizes she sucking hind-teat. It’s like she was hoping he’d say the shomance was all show, it’s me & you at F2. She just doesn’t want to be the one to do it.

      • In my opinion if Vanessa has the opportunity to BD Liz and doesn’t do it, she doesn’t deserve to win and further more she reduces her chance to F2 or F1, do not pass GO do not collect $200.

  2. I agree. James needs to win POV and take himself off and Vanessa can tell Austwins she is putting Liz on the block to secure Meg going home but secretly getting John, Steve, and James to vote out Liz and than she can blame it all on those three so the remaining Austin and Julia will not be coming after her for revenge. That would be perfect!

    • I like that idea, but is it she wants to team up with Julia in the end. I just want to see those 5 broke up van, austwin and steve

    • Ya I was gonna post the same. In fact if Meg wins the POV she should use it on James as well. Van has the opportunity of a lifetime to BD liz and flip the house. But make no mistake, Austin and Julia would definitely still go after Van. Just not sure where Steve’s head is at right now, I haven’t kept up with the articles in terms of which side he’s really on.

    • Vanessa can play very strategically (although too emotional at times), I have thought this was her plan from the beginning. It is the only plan that makes sense.

  3. Come on, James! Win the PoV, save yourself and let Meg do what she does best …. be the black widow for whoever sits next to her.

    • I disagree Liz wins more comps. Austin would be useless with Liz gone and miserable that the woman he loves is no longer in the game (Ewww). That alliance would crumble if Vanessa turns on them and gets Liz out. God I hope it actually happens

      • But don’t think the twins would be on board with getting rid of Austin first? Then they could break up the twins during the DE

      • I think Liz will be harder to get out, so the back door would work best for her. Like I said if she goes first Austin will most likely give up to join her in the jury house and then that just leaves Julia who hasn’t won a thing.

    • i think liz needs to go first. She is kinda the glue of the trio, don’t you think? she is gone and julia hates austin….so that splits them up!

      • While it’s a good move (personally I’d do it) keep in mind Van wants zero blood on her hands. Unless she has a reason, she won’t send Liz home

      • Vanessa doesn’t have that luxury anymore. She has to move against Liz this week or she will never get to Final 2. It’s either bloody hands with a shot at winning, or clean hands (which she doesn’t have) and no shot.

    • Liz is the glue. If she goes, then Julia goes back to thinking Austin is just a creep, and Van has a final two with him and with Julia. Van is good at BS talk, she can spin the eviction of Liz onto James, Steve and JMac’s fault, just like she made Clelli take the heat for Jason’s eviction.

  4. Van should get Jmeg JMac and Steve together and agree if they win veto to use it to get Liz renamed and sent packing then if anyone them win DE hoh to get Austin out… this would carry favor for van from jmeg for saving them and I think Steve and iMac would be thrilled to have safety through the DE and to have 2 of their allies taken out without them having to do it down the line..the only person who will be mad is Julia and so far she has been useless anyway Austin and Liz would be gone..and van could just play to Austin and Julia that liz is a pawn till eviction night and BAM BAM Austin and Liz are gone not much Julia could do at that point,,, then julia could be the next easy target then James or Jmac or Steve can play and hopefully win the next hot and veto and get van out..even for van this her best shot if she can win a comp in couple weeks to getting to the end. And if she can’t then that’s as far as she goes regardless the trio R too solid and won’t take her anyway and she won’t be able to get them out later as she will not have the numbers… although I’m not sure if the hgs know this week is a DE…

    • The person winning VETO should decide for themselves whether to use the veto or not. This ‘asking’ the HOH if it’s allright is so silly. WHY even have the contest?

    • I like this but, only if its james is taken off block by not winning veto. Meg against Liz for eviction. james will b on board in case he wins de hoh and not salty at being put up this week.

  5. she will not do that unless forced to. And even then? I don’t know. From what I am seeing, Vanessa is a bully Pure and simple. and yet she somehow plays the victim and they all fall for it. Have you ever see a season with such a blatant liar as vanessa and yet nobody calls her out on it! No one has guts in this game. It is a sad excuse of a BB season, that’s for sure.

      • If you can call Steve’s ‘5-alliance idea to BD Vanessa’ the same as ‘calling her out’ then her campaign to get Steve evicted failed.

      • No, I’m thinking about the people that actually called her out throughout the season, like Audrey, Becky, Jackie, and even Shelli at the end.

        ETA: If Da had been there longer, she would have had no problem calling Van out on her BS.

      • Semantics, that why I said if you can compare it… if you want to go further he didn’t rat her out, he ‘sold’ her out (his idea to BD her during Austwin’s HoH).

  6. James is #1 in Joker’s HG Ranking, and he’s even more popular with the feline loving people after the shot of his cat gizmo on last week’s episode. That, and the cat hat, they’re already framing pictures of him, and hanging it up in their house. lol…Seriously, I want him to win the Veto and use it on himself, NOT on Meg..please..

    • LOL. I’m a cat loving person and I don’t care much for James. I hope Meg stumble into a POV win just to make everybody go crazy.

    • I liked James BEFORE I saw Gizmo. Like him even more now! He rocks the kitty cap better than Liz ever could. LOL

    • Sorry, I do not have any sympathies with James. I want him gone. He blew up the games of Becky and Johnny Mac in addition to his game, Jackie’s. I would not include Meg as she does not have game and will be safe just because she is not a threat. If James wins POV and gets off then, I would settle for Austin or Liz as the renom. Vanessa should have the votes with James saving Meg and Steve and Johnny Mac voting to evict who of the Austwins happens to be on the block. A big threat from the other side removed before the HOH is fine by me.

      • Although James is very likable his strategic game is nonexistent since he ruined a lot of the HG’s game as you mentioned above. By doing so he only has Meg to count on now.

  7. Just read that steve is trying to play up being a cute kid in hopes of getting AFP lol. I don’t know anyone who thinks a grown man acting that way is cute. People either think he’s weird or autistic…
    I wonder if acting like that works for him in real life.

      • Um no. I disagree. JMac has a good sense of humor. He does not call for his mommy all the time and act like a little boy. He’s also very good at handling Vanessa and her confrontations. An immature little boy is not, he would run scared of her and just do whatever she says like Steve. JMac does avoid confrontation when at all possible but I do not see him at the very immaturity level as Steve.

  8. It was so dumb for Vanessa to lie about James and Meg’s nominations. They are going to be jurors! At the nom ceremony V could have told the truth: That Meg and James’ social game has been so strong that she would definitely lose the jury if sitting next to either if they were F2. By lying about negative game play that they have NOT been doing, Vanessa lost two more potential votes she would need to win BB.

    • To those who think Vanessa is a great strategist, well, think again. Vanessa has burn bridges left and right for immediate gain since the beginning of the game. She is thinking of the hand that in front of her. That’s it.

      • I also think she has left the Austwins in the house too long. If she does not break them up this week and they win HoH next week, without her playing, They will certainly take out one of Steve, JMac or Vanessa – none of which would help Vanessa’s game.

        Taking out James who she knows would go after the Austwin is a dumb move on her part – I think. What she does have going for her it the stupidity of the twins. They are talking about getting Austin out or breaking up their own 3 person alliance! Dumb and Dumber!

      • James and Meg have already joined Austin, Liz and Julia in their alliance and are the majority. Vanessa has to take out a strong competitor for HOH which is James, Austin or Liz. Remove one and you weaken that alliance against Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac. I would not leave James in if I was Vanessa because he would target me. That would be a dumb move. If James wins POV, put either Austin or Liz as the replacement nominee and send him or her to the jury house. One good competitor removed from that side just the same, ahead of the next HOH!

      • A good strategist line Dan G. think ahead. Vanessa is obviously use to play poker where you are only dealing with the hand in front of you.

      • When you compare her to the rest of the house(which is mostly a bag of hammers, honestly), she looks like a brilliant strategist. I get what you are saying and agree in general

      • Narcissists can only think about themselves. They have no concept of how other people are really feeling, especially when other people are feeling distrust and dislike. I really don’t think she even knows that she has burned bridges. Her complete disbelief over Shelli’s cold shoulder just goes to prove it.

    • Actually, Van would crush both of them if the vote really came down to who played better and deserved it on that basis. I could argue that Meg and James have played the worst games of anybody left in the house. All the misreads of what’s really happening in the house and their tactical mistakes should have sent them out the door already. They are lucky they made it this far

  9. The Austwins will not use the veto. They should not. It’s in their best interest to freeze the nominations so none of the Austwins are up as a replacement.

    • Which is why Meg and James were wrong for thinking having Julia in the game was better for them than JMac or Steve.

      • which in turn probably makes picking Julia the best option because she’s on the same skill level as meg when it comes to comp ability, with those two playing its more like a 1/4 chance for james to win.

      • JMac or Steve are NOT saving James under any circumstances without Vanessa backing which they will not have.

        They both win vetos, whereas Julia doesn’t win anything. Why increase your chances of losing ? That makes 0 sense.

        But JaMeg have terrible luck so with their luck Julia will win this one.

    • Of course not. For some reason, everybody wants James saved. With all due respect, his bad game play(along with clueless Meg) has put him in a terrible position. And if he wins the veto and saves Meg instead, he should be shown the door immediately for stupidity. Don’t bother waiting for Thursday night

      • i want James saved because he is a good guy (at least based on what we have seen). And I don’t want any of the other people winning, so it’s James or everyone is the equivalent of Andy winning which was awful.

      • I believe that those that stay in the house long enough, show their true character during LF. James has shown himself to be a good guy, a prankster, quiet, stands up for what he wants and loyal.

      • I’ve noticed when he gets mad, his eyes get bigger, then he sneezes and all’s well again! hahaha

  10. James and Meg are stupid. If they picked Julia to play that was really stupid. I would prefer JMac win veto because then he is safe and if he takes James off the block Vanessa has to put up Steve or an Austwin. If I were him I would convince her she has to do it now or it will be too late. With Meg and Liz on the block, James will have to vote to save Meg. Steve and JMac would do the same. Vanessa doesn’t even have to admit any culpability because she could say she needed a pawn and was sure Meg would go home and she had no idea JMac and Steve would flip the vote.

    For Vanessa it would mean only two obvious threats next week. Austin and Julia who is equal to Meg as a threat in comps. So if Austin doesn’t win HoH, he and Julia go up and Austin goes home next.

    That leaves Meg, James, JMac, Steve, Vanessa and Julia in the house. It would be a much more level playing field for Vanessa in this case – for all of them in fact.

    But with Steve and John not playing there is no chance to execute this plan. Of course winning the veto themselves is better, but they always had that chance.

    In any case, just the two of them in stay/fold is a worst case scenario. They cannot win against four players conspiring to give the veto to one person.

      • That’s not happening either. If James or Meg(.000001 percent chance of winning) save themselves, JMac and Steve go up instead. Van can say whatever she wants. She’s not firing the first shot at the Austwins

    • JMac or Steve will not save James. That is actually a delusion of the highest order and if James had that delusion he would need to be institutionalized.

  11. If James doesn’t manage to pull himself off the block, he’s going home first on Double Eviction Thursday. If he does, regardless of what the experts think about Meg’s cuteness and being harmless, she will go home.

    Then, unless Johnny Mac or the surviving Goblin wins HoH, we will be saying goodbye to one of them. The only question is… Does a Member of Austin’s Angels turn on the others yet? That’s the only way that 2 of James, Johnny and Meg don’t leave.

    *** I would say Steve might turn on the Austwins or Vanessa, but I think he’s too scared of Vanessa right now.

  12. It is in everyone’s interest to leave James and Meg in the chopping block. If you save James, Vanessa would be the ultimate dummy not to put up Austin on the chopping block with Meg. James saves Meg and Austin is evicted with the votes of Johnny Mac and Steve. I would be surprised if Vanessa targets her only allies left which is Steve and Johnny Mac if Austin, Liz and Julia betray her and save James. Vanessa would have no hesitation on going after Austin, Liz, Julia, James starting with putting Austin on the block with Meg. Then, if Steve or Johnny Mac win the next HOH, going after James and Liz and sending one of them to the jury house as well. Let us wait and see who wins POV. Outside of James and Meg, I do not see anyone changing the nominations.

  13. It was interesting watching the latter half of BBAD this morning listening to the discussion between James and Meg in the Have Not Room, going over what has transpired, in particular with that of Vanessa and what they could have and/or should not have done .. They finally figured out Vanessa MO in the game … Ha!! In particularly, why they are and where they are now in the game, with Meg making such a profound statement … “We have done nothing …” No lying, no bullying, no threats, no backstabbing, etc ….

    That is your problem Meg, I that you have really done nothing in this game …. Ha!!!

    James then goes on to say that should he win the POV, he would go all psycho to Vanessa and the Austwins, I that he would say that she/they would be his target if he goes on to win the next HOH and make the rest of the week for them really stressful in fear of what is to come … :)

    • It would be bad for his game, but I would love to see that. Hey James – go psycho on Liz! You’re a twin, you have Austin, you’re too protected, etc. Please make the twins squirm all next week!

      • It would be funny . I think James is playing on borrowed time. So he should just go balls to the wall.

  14. That would be the best thing to do but she’s looking at it as a bad move to possibly lose the vote of Liz (Julia & Austin) instead of seeing it as a big/smart/game winning move that would possibly gains her votes for the other HG.

    Her longsightedness can be considered masterful play but her lack of shortsightedness is going to lose her getting to the end or getting near the end F3/F4 but losing.

  15. I don’t think he benefits with working with Van. She will not save him, she wants him gone.

    He needs to win veto to have any leverage or anything to offer.

    If James doesn’t win veto he is out the door on Thursday

  16. Vanessa is the one not willing to work with James due to her jealousy of James and Austin supposed friendly relationship. Her game play this week is strictly personal not strategic.

    • Exactly. People are acting like Vanessa offered to work with James and he was like “no. I would rather be in jury than work with you”

    • Maybe Van will take a shot at the Austwins first ? I don’t think so but maybe she’ll make that move.

      I think Vanessa is Helen and Liz is Amanda and James is Elissa with Meg being Judd.

      They are all going to go in the next 4 weeks.

      It’s going to be Julia and Steve sitting together at the end.

    • Vanessa will not put up Johnny Mac or Steve. The only two allies she has left in the Big Brother House. James and Meg are already in an alliance with Austin, Julia and Liz and have majority control of the votes. However, if Austin, Liz, Julia win POV and saves James, all bets are off. There would be no reason for Vanessa to not go after Austin, Liz and Julia because she will know for sure that she has been betrayed by the Austwins to save the Goblins. The joke is going to be on Austin, Liz and Julia because whoever did not win the veto will be on the chopping block. James saves Meg and Johnny Mac and Steve will vote out whoever is in the chopping block not named Meg.

    • If Vanessa is really smart she makes a deal w/James before POV… “James, I really want to work with you… “. LOL.

      • Think he’d buy that after she just put him & Meg on the block and then gave them both a verbal beat down?

      • That was just a little softening them (James) up. Plus if it’s ‘that deal’ or ‘eviction’ it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what to do. Meg told James to go win it, she needs free rent for a year.

        But like what you said that wasn’t a smart move with the verbal beat down but knowing her, she’ll come up with some lame excuse that James will believe, “my meds hadn’t kicked in yet”. It is a check-mark against her as being the smartest HG who ever played the game though.

      • That’s for sure… she has not done anything really impressive in my book, she’s at a position were she to do F1 would have had to overcome a lot of the mess she’s created, in which case might catapult her into the bottom of the top 10. LOL.

      • Gosh, you would think so but she has some type of power, hypnotic maybe, it boggles my mind. The one thing she’d have going, the closer to the Veto comp is & James realizing he has more than a good chance to leave the House, the most chance he make a deal w/the devil. But he could put all his chances in him winning POV. Her problem is will any deal with him be honored by James, I kind of doubt it.

        I just believe her options of busting up Austwins are dwindling and she’s making a mistake passing up any chance, especially one as HoH that has her in control.

  17. I just read this….

    “Liz: I’m so glad we’re the nice girls and don’t talk trash like the others.. Julia: I knoooooooowuh”

    I gotta go running to the toilet gag>

    • So what’s your poooooint-ah? Wonder if either of them knows the word ‘delusional’ or it’s meaning?

      • That’s not a commonly used word but it’s use in a sentence would give away it’s meaning or feeling what it meant, so the twins were ‘flummoxed’ by what Steve said then?

    • They really belong with Austin, they live in their own little world. He thinks he will be famous after this, that people admire his grossmance. Now tick and tack think they are nice girls, the same ones who says now they don’t have to fake nice goodbye messages. Ugh!

    • Hope they aren’t placed on trial in a court of law. That would come back to bite them big time and guilty will be the verdict!!!

  18. Thought it would be interesting to look at the actual stats on HOHs and POVs so far. So, Vanessa, 3 HOHs, 2 POVs, James 2 HOHs, 1 POV, Steve 1 HOH, 2 POVs, Liz 1 HOH, 1 POV, Austin 1 HOH, Johnny Mac 3 POVs, Julia and Meg, No HOHs, No POVs. From that you can easily see Vanessa, James and Steve are the top competitors. It makes the most common sense to remove James now from the game and send him to jury before the next HOH. Even without Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Steve probably has a fair shot at winning the next HOH. Now, just get James out and win HOH the following week.

  19. I hope the twins win(unlikely) veto, use it to take down james. When van has a fit, say that Austin forced them to use the veto. That’d be entertaining n

  20. i want james to win the pov and make a great move like get liz or vanessa or vannesa and steve he is the only one ever made a big play clay n shelli go james

  21. I hope James wins and takes himself down and Vanessa is smart enough to nominate one of the Austwins and then they go home.

  22. This has been the worst BB season. Houseguests are boring with the exception of James & JonnyMac. Hope one of them wins. They all are playing the game stupidly. The threesome should have been split up weeks ago. James & Meg are not a threat…at least Meg isn’t. She couldn’t win a comp if her life depended on it. It’s hard to believe how most of them qualified to be on the show. I liked the twins in the beginning. Not now!! They are mean spirited to the core.

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