Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Monday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 17 houseguest spent the night presenting a cooking competition for the Live Feeds and talking in circles about what they should all be doing game-wise in the coming weeks.

James prepares a dish during "BB Chopped" - Source: CBS All Access
James prepares a dish during “BB Chopped” – Source: CBS All Access

It seems all but set that Johnny Mac will stay over Becky this week, so the big question is who, if anyone, will be taking out Vanessa next week. It’s starting to sound like Vanessa is here to stay (more on that here).

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 17, 2015:

4:45 PM BBT – HGs planning a cooking competition for fun tonight.

5:05 PM BBT – Julia tells James they should make crepes. James asks “what the hell are creeps?”

5:30 PM BBT – Austin working on Vanessa to make her feel like one of the group again. He’s trying to convince her that it’s a bad idea to win HoH on Thursday. Vanessa wants to offer John her vote in exchange for safety next week.

5:45 PM BBT – Twins talking upstairs alone. Julia says if either of them wins then they’re splitting the money. (That’s not allowed actually.) Liz tells Julia she hasn’t won a single comp and Meg has a better record than she does.

5:50 PM BBT – Julia campaigning to keep Vanessa next week. Austin says Steve agrees with that idea and wants to keep her past the returning Juror last week. Yes, this shift in VTE Vanessa talk seemed to be inevitable.

6:00 PM BT – Austin talking about Vanessa being well-off in the money department so she can take risks in poker (and this game, technically).

6:05 PM BBT – Vanessa says the classiest exits were Jackie and Jason. She says Shelli said some things she shouldn’t have and threw people under the bus before she was excited.

6:18 PM BBT – Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa has said not to trust Meg.

6:55 PM BBT – Vanessa makes a bet with Meg that Meg makes final four. Meg says no.

7:06 PM BBT – Vanessa wonders if her girlfriend has fallen out of love (nice to know her paranoia isn’t just game-related).

7:12 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are doing questionable things with their hands under the covers.

7:26 PM BBT – Vanessa and Steve talk in the bathroom. He says they have to fight to win the next HOH. She says she plans on it.

7:52 PM BBT – HGs are presenting a good challenge. Meg is the host and judge along with the week’s nominees Becky and John.

8:30 PM BBT – “BB Chopped” is still going on.

9:10 PM BBT  – Steve and Johnny Mac are talking about what they should do next in the game. John wants Vanessa out next. He says they need to decide to go with with either Austin and the twins or Meg and James. Steve keeps subtly defending reasons Vanessa should stay. He thinks she is bad news but wonders if she’d make a good shield. John is like no, she will come after me.

9:15 PM BBT – John hopes Jackie or Becky (even though she hasn’t been evicted yet) comes back in with the returning juror competition because they’ll have vendettas.

9:19 PM BBT – John thinks Vanessa is all alone, but Steve is trying to talk him out of believing that. He asks about her and Austin. John says he thinks everyone is tired of Vanessa’s gameplay, including her allies.

9:25 PM BBT – John and Steve seem to think their best bet is making a final five with Austwins. Meg breaks up their talk so Johnny Mac can come judge BB Chopped.

9:30 PM BBT – HGs wasting everyone’s time with more of this food contest.

10:10 PM BBT – Vanessa goes to the hammock and is joined by Steve. Vanessa asks Steve who Johnny Mac will put up if he stays and wins HOH. He says “I think he’d stick to what we would want him to.” She asks “which is what?” Steve says sticking to what the alliance wants. And then she asks what if one of them come down. Steve says he doesn’t know. They’re having this weird conversation where they won’t say names to each other (it’s actually funny and obvious how little trust there is among them right now).

10:14 PM BBT – Steve changes the subject and leaves the conversation with Vanessa.

10:29 PM BBT – Austin and Liz win the cooking competition.

10:40 PM BBT – HGs cleaning up after their food competition ended.

11:00 PM BBT – Booze delivery. HGs are excited to have some beer and wine again.

12:00 AM BBT – Austin hopes he and Liz are the next Brenchel.

12:10 AM BBT – Liz mentions moving to California to be near Austin and to get out of Miami.

1:35 AM BBT – Steve and John talking game. John wants to nom the Goblins and then BD Vanessa. Steve thinks they should include Vanessa to be part of a 6-HG alliance with the Austwins.

1:45 AM BBT – Steve and John go upstairs to HoH room. Twins tell John they’ll throw HoH to him so he can get Vanessa out. Steve questions this move.

2:10 AM BBT – Liz says she’s worried about Vanessa staying too much longer. Julia thinks they should wait until after the returning Juror twist.

2:20 AM BBT – Steve camtalks that he thinks it’s funny John might believe they have a F2. Steve wants to work on making nice with Becky before she leaves.

2:25 AM BBT – Austwins wonder if having Steve win HoH this week would be the best thing for their game.

4:00 AM BBT – Steve is still up and wandering around. He chats with Becky for a few before she goes back to bed.

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  1. “Julia says if either of them
    wins then they’re splitting the money. (That’s not allowed actually.)”

    Once she cashes the paycheck they can’t control what she does with the money.

      • Oh right! I completely forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder. Poor Richard Hatch. :-)

      • Lol. Just read this to hubby. There is no difference between the IRS and a panhandler. Both have their hands out for money.

      • Let’s hope Austin doesn’t make it to Survivor. We may get “exposed” to his other half, too.

      • You know, at the beginning of the season, when we first met Austin, I thought, who is this twit? He won’t last long. Sigh.

      • He’s already lasted longer than I thought he would at the beginning. I’d have to think long and hard about who I would prefer to win if it came down to the Nitwit and the Nincompoops.

      • I hear ya! Maybe Julia, because she is at least not part of the Austin/Liz hookup. I don’t see the feeds though, and I have been hearing she can be quite nasty.

      • I’m not a feeder either, but from what I have seen, Liz is maybe more rude, and I say that because of DR sessions and/or goodbye messages. Both are a little crude for sure. Julia seems to have it more together, but Liz has done better in comps. I think if one wins, they both win.

      • Of anybody in the house I enjoy watching the twins, especially Julia.
        They seem to act like two cute little girls who are more confident than they should be. Julia is always laughing and playing with Steve and James.

      • I can’t stand liz and Austin together,they need to be split up,austin is so weird.liz can get someone better than Austin.

      • When reading Austin’s bio at the beginning of the BB season and learned that he was a Medieval scholar I was wondering if Austin had read Machiavelli. I don’t know how he has lasted this long without going up on the block…maybe he’s doing something right?

      • I was just thinking about Austin joining Survivor when I saw him stuffing his face. He is constantly exercising and eating. I would love to see how he manages that in Survivor.

      • He would be one of those guys that lays around all day and does nothing, of course (cringe) except probably naked yoga on the beach.

      • I think he would be the first one voted off,but than again he is a good player on big brother and he would be good on survivior.

      • I read if you live in California and you win a car on The Price is Right you have to pay tax and license on the car *before you leave the studio* or you forfeit the car. If you live in other states, you have to pay tax and license there before they release a similar car (which will come from your state) to you.

      • Didn’t this sort of thing end up being a huge P.R. nightmare for Oprah when she gave everyone in the audience a car?

      • yes I heard that to,I also heard when people win their stuff on the P.I.R a lot of people don’t pick up the prize’s because they can’t afford to pay their tax’s on what they won so what I heard they put all the prize’s that people don’t pick up go into a storage room and I don’t know where it goes from there, how true this is I really don’t know.

      • No. The Government may take about half of the winnings.
        I heard that Survivor winners only get 600,000 after taxes which they must pay. I believe after they cash in the million.

      • Due to inflation Survivor needs to increase the amount the winner receives.
        Things would really get cut throat if they increased the amount to 5 million.

      • I looked at the contract. (BB14 contract is posted.) It states that CBS reserves the right to revoke all or part of any winnings, stipends or other money for breach of contract. This can be before or after it is awarded. Later it said something about for a period of 12 months after the show. But, I’m not sure if those 2 things go together or not.

    • She may not be that generous when she wins because those monies are all taxable and reportable to the IRS. Her social security number will be recorded as having received that income. If we assume a 30% tax rate which is reasonable, if you win $500,000, you will have maybe, $350,000 left? You have to figure out state taxes which could be another 10%. She will be down to $300,000 right off the bat so, give $250,000 to her sister when she will end up paying maybe, $200,000 in taxes, leaving her with just $50,000? Also, gifts have a limit of $10,000 per person per year. Any excess will again be taxed so, the recepient is going to have big headaches as well!

      • You also might have to pay two state taxes I work and live in a different states and iPad two state taxes for income

      • Florida doesn’t have a state tax, so they’d only have to pay California tax, where they “earned” the money.

      • She could always pay her rent for a year or two or a down payment on a house without actually giving it to her sister. I think their parents have money since they were talking about getting a boob job as a gift from them. If not, pay off their student loans if they have any. They won’t win anyway.

    • They are under contract for a few years after the show ends. Part of the contract is that they can’t gift another HG part of the winnings. Past HGs have gotten around this by giving gifts, like a car or a trip. There was a big scandal when Evel Dick paid for Danielle’s college after he won.

      • What surprises you? That they remain under contract or that they’re banned from gifting money?

      • Both. Well, that they remain under contract in terms of what they do with the money.

      • I think that is stupid and probably not true. How are they not allowed to share their winnings with family members?

      • They can share their winnings with anyone, except other HGs. Of course they can share it with family members. I never said they couldn’t. The whole premise for the rule is to prevent HGs from making deals with the money while they are in the house or in jury.

      • I understand that, but Danielle was a HG, but she is also his daughter so I find that the rule was stupid when it came to them not making an exception for her. If it is true.

      • That’s why it was a heated debate online. I remember all of the back and forth. Some saying that CBS should enforce the rule, even though they are family. Others saying that a parent has a right to pay for their kid’s college. The end result was that CBS didn’t penalize Evel Dick for doing it. They do say in the contract that they have the right to revoke all or some of the winnings for a breach of contract.

        ETA: They actually state any winnings, stipends or any other money.

  2. 5:45 PM BBT – Twins talking upstairs alone. Julia says if either of them
    wins then they’re splitting the money. (That’s not allowed actually.)
    Liz tells Julia she hasn’t won a single comp and Meg has a better record than she does.

    Hello McFly. Liz, you’re HoH. OMG

  3. 9:25 PM BBT – John and Steve seem to think their best bet is making a final five with Austwins.

    WHY?? If the Austwins gets near the final 6 they will win their way to the end. It’s best to split them up next week. I don’t know why these houseguests are not targeting them. It’s a TRIO. Who control the votes. They should stick with James and Meg, Meg is useless is comps so your only competition would be James.

    • It probably is their best bet to making final five. If final five is all they are playing for. Well, final four for one of them.

      • If they want to have a shot at winning than they CANNOT stick with the Austwins. Once it’s 5 people left John and Steve would be outnumbered in competitions and they will get picked off.

      • They need to get at least one of the Austwins out early, but even if they are outnumbered 3-2 if they win the comps they could make it, but ya being out numbered in the F5 isn’t ideal.

      • Yes, I know Mike. That’s why I said that if all they are playing for is final five, then they should go for it.

      • Too much going on? It’s the same song – not even a different verse! Chimpanzees could do production’s job at this point.

      • They just ran out of ideas, the Gronk one was crap, just dance when we say, had no affect on the game lol

  4. these house guest have no freaking clue.put v with one of the twins. if v wins veto put the other twin to break the block

  5. In the beginning I didn’t want to say “this is the worst BB ever”. Now this far into the game I can say it. Usually by now you can see the game play and groups clearly. No such luck this season. The most alliances EVER on BB. Nobody can keep their mouth shut. Come on production, get your crap together.

    • AMEN! This is the first year I don’t have a favorite and could care less who wins the game. Production dropped the ball this season.

      • I Agree, I have JMac as my favorate, but I hardly watch the show anymore, I just come here then skip the show.

      • Do you watch the feeds? It seems to me that between the feeds and this, there is no real reason to watch the show.

      • Regarding this are correct. I have the feeds and in the past I would rush home from work and turn them on..this season, I kinda forget about them. Disappointing season for me.

    • Maybe the reason why it is so poor is because production stayed out of things to let them flow naturally til Vanessa got out of hand. Now their controlling things a little more so they don’t “GET BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS” after Vanessa s slanderous comments towards JohnnyMac.

    • Let’s hope it’s something, because this game, this week, could use some excitement.

    • Maybe for their jury vote, just in case she gets to F2. Plus, she knows she is the most expendable with the Austwins. She knows at least one of them needs to go and soon. To get them out, she may need some help, you know, no blood and all that.

  6. Vanessa relaxed only with Steve and shows the most of her actual personality. She’s pretty nice and personable

  7. How did Austin find out she plays poker. I thought she was doing well keeping her ego in check. I did hear her mention to Meg last night she was a professional gambler though. A lot of her “Life Clues” go unnoticed because she drops them so matter of factly

    • Steve knows Vanessa thinks he is under her spell and he is going along with it to get him further in the game. I think Steve has deceived a lot of people…a whole lot of people.

      • I sure hope you’re right. I kind of love the idea of Steve actually being a super star player in disguise

      • I’m not a Steve fan at all, but if he wins BB due to manipulating everyone with this character he has created, it would be better than Vanessa winning. That would be one for the bullies/abusers.

    • They teamed up day 1. They respect each others’ intellect and see a mutual benefit in power of 2 They’re call the DJ crew or something

  8. I don’t think the rule on not splitting money applies to the twins since they are siblings. Also how can they control what people do with it after the show lol.

    • Right. And what about that horrible Rachel and Brendon? Of course they shared her winnings, they are married now.

    • I think it is against the rules to promise that during the game because it is a bribe.
      Once you get the money, do what you want with it.
      But I don’t believe you are allowed to promise any of it to anyone else during game. :)

  9. I think Steve gets this game on the intellectual level if you hear his talking tirates. I don’t think he knows how to put them all together. He blamed Vanessa for his wacky nominees during DE. So no blood on his hands, only canker sore.

    • I agree. He hides his intentions really well and he also hides behind his weirdness which I think is at least partly acting. I also thinks he lies to the cameras when he talks to them.

      He says James must go, but I do not see how that helps him. James i not targeting him or Austwins. Right now James is just going along and he is not a threat to win any mental comps. He says he is worried that if Jackie comes back she will hook up with Meg and Steve again, yet there is is supporting Austwins who are already there in the house!

      What is odd is the people in the house kind of ignore him as a player. They just saw how he won HoH and made two completely surprise and unpredictable nominations and not only don;t they question it, but half the house was applauding it!

      It is going to be priceless when he does it again to the Austwins.

      • Steve can’t make up what persona he wants to assume on this show,one week he is “Son of Sam”,the next week he has morphed into “Norman Bates”,but make no mistake this kid is scared of his shadow and never seen anyone so quite insecure who looks like he is leaving the room while entering.

  10. I think Steve is showing his cards now. I think Vanessa sees it in the way he has been protecting JMac. But if the others were smart they would see he is also protecting Vanessa. I know Steve is all over the place but you get hints where his head is at when he does stuff like this.

    If the twins keep Vanessa another week I am betting they will pay for it the same way the Goblins did. Steve will win HoH and put the twins on the block.

    To do that Steve needs protection so sending James and Vanessa home works against him.

  11. This season sucks, everyone except John and Becky have no guts. Last week the house should have voted off Vanessa, now Becky is going to go this week because Liz is an idiot and won’t BD Van. Yet she is scared of Van and wants her to leave. Well Liz, you dumb*** just put her up, because next week if Van wins HOH you may be safe, but only temporarily. I everyone knows she can’t be trusted and all she does is lie and manipulate. Yet Julia, Liz’s own sister wants to keep Van, so their is one person not going to put Van up, then their is Steve who is lil’ (insert word of choice) and coddles to Vanessa because he has no balls to stand up to her. Then you have James who if he wins HOH said he would target Steve? Dude are you serious…..what the heck, he is a weasel, Van is a snake, hell go after the twins even, but Steve….so they’re three not going after Van. Meg stinks at comps so she doesn’t count, but she is an idiot for wanting to keep Van over Shelli, anyways then you have Austin who said he would throw the HOH comp, idiot. So now you have John who is the ONLY person who will target Van, smh. I hope John wins this season and goes down as the greatest BB player ever, because to win this season with a cast of clueless indecisive idiots is impressive, lol. Sorry my post is so long, I just had to rant, I just don’t care anymore, I lost hope when they sent Shelli home over Van. Just a awful season. A shame.

      • I agree. I think Becky and James are the only ones who have done what was in their best interest during their HOHs. Unfortunately for both of them, it didn’t work out because the house flipped. James realized too late that he needed to put Shelli next to Vanessa to ensure Shelli went home. And Becky really should have put up Liz against Vanessa to ensure Vanessa went home.

      • Exactly. Atleast they tried. James tried to send Shelli home, someone who was definitely coming after him.
        Becky tried to end a power player’s game. It was a good move. Too bad her interest and James’ interest didn’t align up at the right time.

      • Yeah and then Austin and the twins would be targeting Becky. Smh, this is a non-defendable decision, just like Seattle passing the ball in the Superbowl.

      • I think James will go further back and think he should have saved Clay and renominated Vanessa (against Shelli) to ensure Shelli went out that week.
        THEN Becky would have put up Clay vs Vanessa to ensure Vanessa was evicted.
        Then both would have been gone.
        Had Shelli gone instead of Clay – they would have been busted up plus they could have focused on Vanessa.
        No one would evict Clay over Vanessa.
        Coulda woulda shoulda – all water under the bridge now.

    • How does JMac have guts? Throwing BOBs and winning POVs doesn’t give him guts. It gives him competition wins and willingness to bow down to other people’s agendas.
      And voting Shelli out saved James for a week. Shelli in her interview with BBN said she would target James. So no they weren’t stupid for keeping Vanessa when in fact Shelli was targeting them as well.

      • 1. Johnny Mac is the ONLY person who will put Van up. Also he argued with her and didn’t make some one-sided deal with her.
        2. That is under the assumption that Shelli would win HOH, also nobody would vote him off, who is she going to put him in the block with? Even if it’s another goblin, he would win and he can win POV.

  12. And BTW everyone, Van didn’t “throw” the HOH comp, she lost it, their was no reason for her to feel safe, especially when she was going to be eliminated until a last second flip by the Goblins. Lmao at he saying “I threw the HOH comp because I felt safe and in a good position.” Sure you did……

  13. At 1:15 AM BBT on Jokers, “Austin eats several spoonfuls of peanut butter, double dipping from jar. Sets jar on counter. Liz puts jar in kitchen drawer”
    Am I the only one who thinks there should be rules to prevent this and penalties for such actions? That is totally disgusting and unsanitary.

  14. How stupid it would be for John to nominate Meg and James with the intention of BDing Vanessa. Even if she is on the block with anyone other than one of the Austwins, the three of them have the votes to save her. That is the real danger of letting a three person alliance this far in the game. If none of them are on the block, then they decide amongst themselves who will be going home.

    • I am curious how could those non-Austwin players still fight each other instead of fighting their number 1 threat, Austwin ? Who will have the number and ability to compete with them if Austwin can keep intact for one more week ?

    • Steve is stupid enough to join and help Austwin to win. As long as they can keep one of nom out of Austwin, they have the number to evict the other nom

    • Do all you do is bash John? First of all, the twins and Austin will vote her off, Austin says Van pisses him off and the twins said they don’t trust Van and they want her gone. Second, that is the only way Van would go home, because James and Meg jacked up Beckies plan and they are easily manipulated so not letting on of them vote is good. Finally, everyone wants Van gone, they just don’t want to put her up. John is the ONLY one who will put her up. And it will be Meg on the block vs Van, Van gets evicted by a unanimous vote.

  15. Think Vanessa is in a strong position going into next week but of course depends on who wins the next HOH and POV..her only real enemies are JMac and Meg,not sure James would target her at this point..even if she ends up on the block never count her out,has more lives than a cat..she is a thinker,even while sleeping suspect this poker player is churning cards over and over in her head,always weighing the odds.

  16. Steve is playing the same game as Andy and its working the same way it worked for Andy in Season 15. Steve goes from room to room talking with each group as if he is not a threat to them. He conspires with Vanessa, then JMac, then Austwins and no one suspects he is up to anything. Everyone talks to him but he never really says anything to anyone – except what he thinks they want to hear.

    He did pull of that surprise move to evict Jackie but even then he did an Andy by slipping the blame over to Vanessa. Again, no one in the house feels the least bit threatened by Steve.

    The Austwins are in a strong position – except they trust Steve. But I think he will come after them and he will break them up.

    • It also helps Steve that they think he is more socially inept than he actually is. The weird thing is for the first few weeks many houseguests thought he was a rat but for the past few weeks no one suspects him of being a rat or playing both sides. It also helps him that Meg and James are so gullible that they think he is on their side. Jason and Day would see right through him if they were still here.

      • I agree on all points, especially the point about Jason and DaVonne seeing right through him.

  17. Steve and John are stuck in the middle and have a tough decision to make: which side do they pick the Austwins or the Goblins. Both have their short term and long term pros and cons.

    Short term pros: next week they will be in the majority, They have a 3-person meat shield
    No short term cons I can think of
    No long term pros I can think of
    Long tern cons: If Scamper Squad make it to final 5 intact the Rock stars are at 2 to 3 disadvantage,competitive disadvantage and Austwins will probably take each other over them which means they will have to win their way into the final 2.
    No short term pros I can think of
    short term cons: they are not quite in a majority unless they pull in Vanessa which is risky.
    Long term pros: they have a competitive advantage over the goblins in most comps except for physical comps. They have a way better chance of making final 2 than the goblins.
    No long term cons I can think of .
    Therefore, if they align with Austwins they are better off in the short term but unless one or more of Austwins gets evicted they are playing for final 4 or 5.
    If they align with the Goblins they are better off in the long run because they can more easily win if they all make final 4.

    • The biggest advantage of aligning with Goblins over Austwins if the Goblins will turn on each other, as they turned on Becky, if their own games a threatened. The Austwins will not. There is no chance the Austwins take anyone to final 3 or final 2 but themselves.

      If it comes down to final 6 and the Austwins are 3 of the 6, the other 3 are in big trouble going forward. I think 6 individuals gives each of them a much better chance of winning 1st or 2nd than 3 individuals and Austwins. After this week, there are 8 people left. They are getting very close to giving this game to Austwins.

      On additionaly point, whoever goes after Austwins needs protection from the other HGs. If it gets down to just John and Steve or even Vanessa who can;t be trusted, they are almost certainly done for.

  18. Austin and Liz the next Brenchel? Hysterical! Brendon and
    Rachel were at least intelligent and entertaining – Rachel alone made the BBAD segments worth tuning in for. Austin is gross and Liz is irritating. Nothing I ever want to see again.

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