Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 8 [POLL]

We’ve jumped ahead in Big Brother 17 eviction votes this week after last Thursday’s Double Eviction knocked out two players leaving us with just six votes making this round’s big decision of who will be the next to Jury.

Becky counts her votes to stay on Big Brother 17
Becky counts her votes to stay on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

It seems like quite the curse to be promised security and safety when going up on the Block and Becky Burgess looks ready to keep that streak alive this week.

After her initial convincing argument to the Austwins on Thursday night it looked like Becky was sure to stay after she pulled back the curtain on Vanessa’s ways, but she was soon to be outdone. Johnny Mac’s similar conversation on Friday night with the Austwins seems to have topped Becky and he’s currently the favorite to stay.

Six votes will be split up between Austin, James, Julia, Meg, Steve, and Vanessa. There is a chance of a tie-breaker as well, but it seems unlikely to come to that as the former Sixth Sense alliance, recently renamed Scamper Squad I guess, will control the decision. Yes, just as we pointed out the danger in keeping Vanessa and her controlling majority it won’t really matter what Meg and James want to do.

Austin, Julia, Steve, and Vanessa are all on board to keep John. Vanessa said she’d promise John her vote in exchange for safety next week, but we know that won’t really be a serious deal if he accepts. Austin and Julia want to keep John as their new mongoose to go after Vanessa. Steve is running a little side semi-serious partnership with John so he’ll keep him too.

James and Meg should be making a similar decision to keep John, but as I mentioned, it wouldn’t matter if they wanted to vote to keep Becky. They’re just along for the ride at this point.

On Thursday I’m expecting the HGs to head inside the Diary Room and cast a unanimous vote of 6-0 with Becky evicted and sent to Jury. Do you see it working out differently?


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  1. There isn’t much to dicuss here. It should be 4-2 or 6-0 in JMac’s favor depending on what James and Meg do, unles something changes. This week is pretty much set. Time to look onto next week. I’m curiouse when the returning housegest will return. Will it be next Thursday so they can compete in the HoH, or will they make us ‘wait and see’ until Sunday and have a night of it on CBS.

    • Well they will be able to compete in the HoH, just wondering if thery will air it Thursday ngiht or wait to air it Sunday.

    • hmm I am thinking that it has got to be an endurance comp this week so that the comp goes into Sunday’s show with the noms.

      IF they have a returning juror theyll do that comp the following Thursday and HOH on Sunday.

      • In the past did they not have an endurance comp, current HGs vying for HOH, while the current Jury members vying to return to the House ??

      • The only one I can recall is last year or the year before they threw little pucks into a spinning table and the closest to the middle or somethign got to come back, was pure luck. Then I think the returning player joins them for an HoH, don’t recal what type of comp tho.

      • But I believe the year before they just had everyone, including returning jurors, competing in the same endurance challenge. The last juror remaining got to come back in, but was also simultaneously competing with the remaining HGs for HOH.

      • I’m just thinking of the 3 shows… every show has one comp.
        THursday (20th): Eviction and Long COmp
        Sunday: Finish HOH Comp
        Wednesday: Veto
        Thursday: Returning Juror Comp
        Sunday: HOH Comp

        For the returning Juror Comp could be a simultaneous HOH like 2 years ago (Judd returned) or it could be it’s own comp like last year (Nicole won).

        I honestly do not know if they will do the returning juror again. I always thought they told the jurors during the interview that they will have a chance to return (maybe I am wrong)

      • Julie has told both Shelli and Jackie that they will have a chance to return. So it would be quite shocking if BB changed their minds now.

      • I thought she said may have a chance… I guess they do if it’s a competition but I thought she would say “you will have a chance” instead would mean more solidly that someone would return. Lol I know I am being very annoying about the wording.

      • Unlike BOTB, I think bringing back a jury member has actually been a fan favorite the last few seasons. I don’t think she would have said anything if they weren’t going to have a comp to bring back a juror.

      • I just wish she didn’t tell the houseguests still in the house “just because you are evicted, doesn’t mean you are out of the game” Makes the returning juror more suspenseful. Look at the Van situation.

      • I don’t recall her telling the HGs still in the house. I believe it is something that she has only told Shelli and Jackie during their exit interviews. I think the HGs are just guessing that will happen because it has happened the last couple years. And this season is just old twists masquerading as new ones.

      • lol true. I thought she said before the vote when Shelli was evicted “Remember, just because you are evicted from the BB house, doesn’t mean you are out of the game” or something like that… maybe this was even when Clay was evicted

      • She told them during an HoH comp. I think it was when they were all waiting to answer questions during DE.

      • Julie did say to the houseguests before Shelli’s eviction that there was a chance of them coming back….

      • Julie announced it during the HoH. So all HGs know that there will be a returning juror.

      • I believe Julie said when they have the fourth jury house member than one will return. So that would make it next week. ~ I will be interested to see footage of Shelli, Jackie & Becky in the jury house.

    • Since this seems to be the season of repeats, I think it’s safe to assume that the returning juror will be like past seasons. Next week, the 4th HG will be evicted to jury. On Thursday night the vote will be early in the show, like it is for a DE. The 4 jurors will either compete separately or as part of the HoH. Either way, they’ll be eligible for HoH. So, it’ll be on Thursday’s show. If the returning jurors compete separately, then we probably won’t see the HoH comp until Sunday, but we’ll know the results Thursday night.

      • For that reason it would be nice if 2 houseguests came back, since there are twins this year (2 HG) and Amazing Race competitors (2 HG). The season of 2’s. This would make things more unpredictable…. come on BB17 let’s change it up this year more!!

      • That’d be cool, they could just have another DE, although I thought last year they had 2 as well with just 1 returning houseguest, but I could be wrong, it woulld definitely liven up this mediocre season.

      • I wonder if it will be an endurance comp to get back in. Wasn’t it last time? Or am I thinking of BB Canada?

      • BB14 was endurance. Jurors and HGs competed. Last juror stayed and last HG/juror won HoH. Judd stayed, but didn’t win HoH.

        BB15 was luck. Jurors pushed discs into a spinning wheel. Nicole won. HoH was after the Thursday show.

      • 2-3 weeks. It won’t be before juror returns, because they need it more for show filler after the number of HGs dwindles and there aren’t any more known twists other than Pandora’s box. Before returning juror, they usually pulled it when there were 7-8 HGs left.

      • I’m already anxious about it. I always want it to be opened but I feel dread at the same time.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing Pandora’s Box happen about now if it meant both John and Becky would be able to stay this week. Without them in the mix it more or less guarantees a SS final 4 :(
        I don’t think James or Meg has a chance against the SS even though I do like them personally.

    • I believe it will be after NEXT week’s eviction They have the early show eviction and that that HG … along with the 3 previous evicted HGs/jurors … get to compete with the remaining HGs for HOH. Simultaneously, they will also battle each other for the right to come back into the game. I believe that’s how it has went down the past few seasons. I also believe the comp starts live Thursday with a Sunday reveal.

    • Not until after the fourth person is in jury will they come back. So another week I’m assuming.

      • Hmm. Will they send off the weakest player (Meg) for least hope of returning and taking out one of the “others”?
        And force James to come join Austin/Steve (whomever HoH is)?

      • I have no idea what anyone is doing. Lol. This is the first season that I remember of that I haven’t a clue who’s targeting who. I never know what their thinking because they change their minds and targets everyday. Guess it keeps us guessing instead of a predictable season.

    • Yep, bye-bye Becky… hope to see you back soon. With Shelli & Becky & probably a third person (maybe James or Steve), Becky should have a good shot.

      I tend to think this gal has more to show us and is smarter than we realize… she must be doing something right to survive being hit by a train (in the face) but the other side of that is ‘she got hit by a train’.

      If she comes back she can team with JMac and VANESSA… lol… just joking.

  2. This is off-topic, but is there an update for when the Photo Collage Towel Contest winners will be announced?

  3. Can’t decide does that pic show Becky saying ‘I give up’ or ‘Look, I’ve got nothing up my sleeves” ?

    Dang, was hoping JMac would get OFF THE BLOCK so he could vote and say some funny stuff to Julia. Hate to see Becky go out, don’t think we may see her get back in the House.

    • It depends on what type of comp it is. If it’s endurance, like BB15, then Shelli has the best chance of returning. If it’s luck, like BB16, then it could be anyone. If it’s puzzle, I think Jackie has the best chance. If it’s athletic or balancing, I think Becky has the best chance. (Of course it depends on who the 4th juror is, too.)

      • I tend to think Becky is good in all types, she seems like a well rounded person… truthfully I’d only be concerned about if JMac was competing against her. But I agree Shelli has a shot and maybe Jackie gets lucky.

        Not knowing the 4th person, I’d say at this point Becky may have the most drive/purpose to get back… she’s got unfinished business and it’s name is Vanessa.

    • I predict Shelli may unfortunately be the winner, but Jackie will be better. I’m sick of Meg and Becky’s constant babble. They do not shut up. Always wanting the HG’s attention.

      • That Meg/Becky thing must be on the Live Feed, I don’t see that but I only watch the 3 shows/week and read stuff on here.

      • Meg is sick of it, too. Tue 10:09 AM BBT
        Meg whispers to James that she can’t take Becky anymore.

      • I watch BB after Dark and Meg is always telling stories and does not shut up. She loves attention, but when Becky is in the room she listens, but once she starts talking it is usually about herself and the HG listen while Meg is quietly waiting for her turn and it usually never happens.

  4. As far as “returning players” I hope they do what they did in BB15, where 4 angry Jurors join the HG’s for endurance comp that lasted more than 2 hours.They’re spilling secrets, bitching up a storm, saying who to target. etc. It was hilarious!

  5. Steve made the comment last night that ” Johnny Mac thinks we have a cute! I think Steve is a very devious.

    • Tend to think some are concerned about Steve being a threat or at least that he’s hiding the fact he’s a threat. Some of us think Vanessa’s a snake but she’s not hiding it like Steve is. He is some creepy guy… wonder if he’s ever had a girlfriend.

    • Steve is a fool for siding with Vanessa over Johnny. Johnny would be loyal to Steve. Vanessa on the other hand is saving Steve like I save my dessert. I’m going to eat it, just not yet.

      • I hope so. But he never really mentions or has alluded to getting rid of her. She has mentioned numerous times being okay with him leaving as a back up plan.

      • I’m beginning to think that Steve has yet to reveal his true thoughts and strategy. I’m very suspicious of him.

      • I wonder what we are missing in the diary room session we don’t see. I would imagine he would be revealing his strategy to the camera in the diary room. We rarely see Steve because he isn’t involved in many major decisions in the house. I really think he did try to throw the DE HOH. Since both Austin and Johnny were trying to win and they gave what they thought was the right answer, I’m going to assume Steve gave what he thought was an incorrect answer, but it wasn’t.

      • I would just love to see Steve in the final 2, tap dancing and being totally together and awesome. Okay, maybe not tap dancing, but coming out as this super confident young man who had everyone (production included) fooled.

      • Steve may have some real social issues, but it is jmo that he is exaggerating and acting much of the time, as needed to further his game.

      • I’m not so sure that Steve has revealed to anyone, including production, his true intentions. He acts/lies/manipulates HGs, viewers (camera talks) & production. He is a sneaky one.

      • I don’t think Steve threw the DE HOH. I think that isn’t the HOH he wanted to win/make his “move” with…but I think he absolutely won it. He could have gone out with everyone else on the stupid Clay question and not been suspect. I think he intended to win it but only did it because he felt he had to win it. Maybe he was afraid Austin & Jmac would evict Vanessa?
        He knew Jmac was going to go for it.

        But now that you mention it, I would like to see Steve in DR more for a minute. He gives me anxiety in there because he looks so anxious himself and I’m not sure we would “know” any more than we do now, but I’d like to see a little more, just for sick fun. :)

      • Thinking back on that DE HOH with the T or F comp – at first all 3 remaining HG’s had turned to F and at the last minute he changed the F to T.
        Maybe he thought False was the correct answer and changed it to True in order to lose the HOH and was stunned when T turned out to be the correct answer.

      • Steve’s stocks had gone up. He’s doing stealthy moves. Excelling under the radar. He was controlling things and people not realizing he was doing these things, He has the ability to betray people and still not getting the blame for it. Also, well spoken in DR.

        Hanging out with Vanessa too much, he now learned how to believe his own Bull S**t. lol

      • lol..Whatever it is, It’s working. ..I really thought Production was portraying him a villain of some sort

      • The HGs think they are manipulating him(which is what he wants them to think), when in all actuality, he is the one manipulating all of them, with this persona he portrays. He has used it very well to his advantage…so far.

      • His stocks are up. His game for now is being praised by some BB experts in social media. They even went far as saying if he gets to the end with Van F2, he can beat her. lol

      • Hoping that doesn’t happen, but in that scenario, I think he would win, especially when he reveals that he has been deceiving everyone all along. What a strategy!! One that Vanessa’s bullying wouldn’t stand up to.

    • at this point Steve should go before anybody else. I do not like him at all. At least I like seeing Vanessa manipulate one person and then another, but Steve’s conversation with John last night was disturbing.
      What he doesn’t realize is that a few people in the house want John as their F2 including Vanessa.

      • I just think he is a delusional about his place in this game. Steve thought he drew a line during DE, because he was playing both sides. Vanessa seems to be playing him and everyone else in the house wouldn’t care if he went home since the start of the game.

      • For sure Steve was trying to sway JMac to agree to not target Vanessa, clearly for Steve’s strategical gain. Steve was able to play the dummy for a while and it worked for him. Now he is going to have to start using strategy that he has been avoiding. He and Vanessa are playing each other. Steve has the upper hand because he is the only one who knows it.

      • The way he talks to people is like so you are saying that….and you think that…..
        Making sure that the other person or in this case John feels bad about what he was saying. So that’s why you want Vanessa out….
        I can’t wait to hear John in the DR on Wednesday. I hope you was not fooled by Steve’s manipulation.

      • Steve is no innocent and at this point, I’m not sure has been the most persuasive with their manipulation, Vanessa with her bullying tactics, or Steve with his character deception.

      • I really hope you’re right about Steve. I love the idea of him being secretly a superstar. I think I’ve told you this before, actually. And if he is a superstar, then I think he actually has been more persuasive and clever than Vanessa. Hoping, hoping, hoping. It will make for a much more interesting rest of the game if this is the case.

      • True. You know IF you were playing BigBro you’d be real smart to think about WHY a person is defending or favoring another HG… think about HOW IS KEEPING THAT HG PLAYING AN ADVANTAGE TO THEM and keep it to yourself. Seems quite obvious but sometimes it like some HGs don’t do that.

        I’d guess Vanessa is doing that… her flaw is trying to do TOO MUCH, she needed to work & keep her alliance’s trust but she blew that big-time.

      • Just b/c you don’t like Steve doesn’t mean he should go… he should go because HE’S JUST PLAIN CREEPY. I don’t know how he thinks he’ll pull it off, he’s NOT THAT GOOD AN ACTOR!!!

      • We all have our opinions. I don’t like him so I want him voted off. Each viewer has their favorites and Steve is definitely my least favorite. He is indeed creepy and John is dumb if he is falling for his creepy and obvious manipulation.

  6. Vanessa is sitting pretty since everyone thinks she would be a good “goat” but in reality she is winning unless the jury is bitter. Also Austin looks like he might get to final 3 unnominated witch would mean he is playing a pretty good game.

    • I hope not… I think she’d have a chance if she did a 180 degree turn and became more calm & laid back, relax & enjoy being a player on BigBrother. If she’s really won over 4M in poker, forget about the money and make some friends.

      If she continues on the same road in my opinion she ain’t got a snow- ball’s chance in hell. Here’s what funny since the HGs have got her pegged, only her Alliance people are SCARED of her & only b/c she’s got the goods on them.

      They just need to the trash V knows and say it was their strategy to win – everyone seems to believe you can playing dirty & be called a good player and still win. Btw, I don’t… I like more Derrick’s style, it’s smart, clever and entertaining without the crying, whining & arguing (drama).

      • In big brother people vote for who played the best game (not counting bb3 or bb14) Vanessa has done that. If they do not vote for her to win then they are bitter and just want to make her lose so she cant be called one of the best.

        She has lied manipulated won comps and backstabbed/blindsided people she has also been some what open about it.

        You can’t give a just reason not to vote for someone in the jury if they were open about their game you knew they were lying and still believed them. Only Austin stands a chance against her cause he could be like I was never nominated (if he gets to final 3 with no nominations) everyone else would look like a stupid sheep that believed everything she said.

      • I see your point about jury members usually voting for who played the best game, but this group is an odd one. They may surprise us and vote differently.

      • I just have to believe that the jurors will vote for best game (mostly at least).
        They will be televised discussing it as a group at Jury House before voting. What are they going to say, really? “I hate Vanessa and I’m not giving her my vote!” – I don’t think so.
        Even Shelli gave Rachel her vote and I just knew that was going to be personal. But it wasn’t.
        I think Vanessa could win if she’s in F2.
        Someone better make moves from now on, that she can’t take credit for and then make it to F2, in order to have an argument.

      • If Vanessa makes F2, she deserves to win. I don’t like her, but I gotta give it to her.
        With Becky leaving this week and John following soon after, the only ones I would say “deserve” winning are the twins.
        Intentionally or not, they actually managed to make it into the house together despite people knowing about the twin twist and since being in the house together they haven’t been targeted at all. Which is crazy.
        Liz won HOH AND POV this week, yet nobody sees her or Julia as a target. If one of the twins makes it to F2, she will definitely have the votes of the other twin and Austin. That’s 2 secure votes! It’s crazy. CRAZY! :D

      • If any of these HGs have felt bullied, imo, that would definitely be a very good personal reason to not vote for Vanessa.

      • Van WAS playing a decent game for the first 5 weeks. Although, it had a lot of flaws, IMO. However, her game has been spiraling down since she made the mistake of blindsiding Jason, instead of Austin or a pawn. Most HGs see her game as done and she’s just a goat now. Since no one, including the one she had fooled the most, Steve, believes her, her “power” of manipulation has diminished to almost non-existent. HGs voting on the best player tend to remember their last week or two and/or what they’re told in jury. Van hasn’t played well since jury started, so I seriously doubt any HG will see her as the best.

      • We’ll have to agree that we disagree… imo Vanessa did not play the best game and truthfully at this point I don’t see how any of us can see ‘who played the best game’. That won’t show until maybe F4 or F3.

        Wait you forgot she cried, whined & argued… the worse part of her lies SHE GOT CAUGHT. Truthfully I think it’s a MOT Point b/c she’ll tap-out before it’s over… her paranoia is going to put her over the edge, she may go medical – physical, mental or both. It’s just my honest observation, I hope that doesn’t happen… I’d rather see her get beat fairly with good play even if she were to get 2nd place.

      • Btw, have you guys seen/heard that Vanessa is asking “by the rules” can she use as a deal an offer to the HGs, if a winner wants to give her some of their money she can gamble it to make them ALL RICH!!!

        First off I thought she’s won over 4M herself, why not just gamble that for herself and Secondly, sounds like she doesn’t think she’s going to win… the only thing Vanessa has going for her is SHE LIKES TO COVER ALL HER BASES.

    • Btw, I agree about Austin… I don’t like him but that doesn’t mean he can’t win… I think the one-eyed snake will cost him the win though.

  7. If Becky leaves… I’ll be very interested in hearing WHAT the HGs have to say in their recorded msgs. I can see mostly compliments as to her being a strong player and I see Vanessa gloating & taking credit for Becky’s ouster. Just more incentive for her to return.

    I really think a Becky/Vanessa showdown would be AWESOME… especially if it left V in tears. And then V throws herself on the floor and Becky kicks her a couple times in the ribs… whoops sorry, I got carried away!!!

    • Becky does seem to have a little of the “I” syndrome when she is talking about her work and personal life. It may be just that she is confident and that is why she and Vanessa butted heads. Vanessa couldn’t bully her. Everyone else backs down from Vanessa.

      • Becky does seem to lack some self awareness. I’ve noticed when she tells stories, the other HGs are not interested and it shows, yet she doesn’t pick up on it. The mistake she made during her last HOH was going to the Goblins and telling them why getting Vanessa out was best for her, not best for them.

      • True, but if house guests are smart about their goodbye messages, they won’t get snarky (like Liz did with Jason). They need Becky to vote for them and being nasty in a goodbye message is not going to help them.

      • Liz has had a few snarky comments. Since she realizes that the people leaving now are the jury, surely she will choose her words more wisely, as should they all.

      • You would think! But, for some reason as HGs are sent to jury, good-bye msgs tend to get even snarkier. I don’t get it! The only thing I can think of is that they know those HGs better & aren’t thinking about them voting at the end.

      • Perhaps it’s just cathartic for them to get off their chests what they’ve been wanting to say, not thinking about these people still being a crucial part of the game.

      • They’ve been lying to each other for weeks. If they can’t resist this one chance to get a public jab in and it costs them a vote(bitter or personal), they deserve losing the vote.

      • Ego (one up him/her)or they already know “I’m not getting their vote anyway” so might as well give them a piece of my mind.

      • Thanks, I couldn’t remember who was ‘snarky’ with Jason, it was Liz. I think Vanessa won’t be able to help herself with Becky and she may pile on there bragging she was the one responsible for her getting the boot… what’s she got to lose, no way would Becky ever vote V the winner.

      • I wonder if V will do that, given that Becky is a juror and could be returning. V may throw Austwins UTB or some such stuff. IDK.
        She at least has to keep it classy, if not truthful and say that it was purely game out of respect because Becky targeted her first. Lol.

      • Becky is a bit full of herself,way too much of “eyes on me” all the time,a Queen with no crown.

      • I like that, it’s part of a strategy to be an open person, may be viewed more trustworthy. I agree she’s stood up to Vanessa the best of all HGs… she would have beat her had it not been for James… damn that completely screwed up the game as far as I’m concerned.

        That’s why I’d love to see Becky return… crap, I’ve got her returning before she’s even left… lol.. even though a return HG is quickly targeted again she might be able to cause some damage or even flip the game.

        If Becky ‘flips the game’ I’d put her right up there with the ‘Greats of Big Brother’… unfortunately she got a long ways to go but she’s got potential.

  8. The train kept a rollin’ all night long
    The train kept a rollin’ all night long
    The train kept a rollin’ all night long
    The train kept a rollin’ all night long
    With a heave and a ho
    I just couldn’t let her go

    • I wouldn’t mind Becky returning because she’s in the loop on everything that’s happened.
      I love Jackie but they’d have to bring her up to speed.
      What I like alot about Jackie is her BS meter.

  9. Becky was the great prophet of Van’s sinister side. You know what happens to prophets? Their heads roll.

    • but they are rewarded in the end…..
      I guess most people would prefer to keep their heads. :D

      • LOL, Sophie, I was referring to the prophets of biblical time and inferring that something good might come out of it for Becky.

      • Yes, it would, definitely, and could lead to a win. It would be a BB first, but it would be a great year for that, wouldn’t it?

  10. For James and Meg keeping Becky is best for them. But Becky is leaving without a doubt. I prefer John to go though even though I like him.

    • Since J/M and the Austwins seem to share one brain cell, I doubt they’ll realize that keeping Becky is better for their game :P

  11. Becky fate was sealed the moment she took a shot at Vanessa and missed,now she is the hunted,welcome to BB!

  12. Assuming the returning player will be determined by a challenge between the first four jurors like in the last two seasons, the next player evicted (after Becky) will be very interesting. Shelli, Jackie, and Becky all have similar builds and similar skill sets when it comes to challenges. Nobody else left in the house shares skills quite like they do. Whoever the fourth juror is will probably either have a big advantage or a big disadvantage depending on what the challenge is.

    Then again, it could be a fan vote for all we know and… I have no idea which of the first three jurors has the best shot so far. They’re all out of the running if John, James, or Steve is voted out next though.

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