Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Friday Night Highlights

Following Friday’s daytime nominations the house went to work on plotting and planning for what seemed to be the bigger, next step: Power of Veto. Vanessa was worried and she had good reason.

Becky cracks up at James, Meg and Jackie – Source: CBS All Access

Overnight the Houseguests worked through scenarios as John’s game woke up and he started collecting an army. A very small army. John is on to Vanessa and needs help to take her out this week.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 7, 2015:

5:00 PM BBT – James concerned about allowing Vanessa and Shelli to both stay, but Meg wants to wait until after Veto before they start worrying on that.

5:20 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa discuss whether or not Becky is going to hold to their deal. She’s very concerned, but he says to keep their cool until they know they what’s going to happen with the Veto.

6:30 PM BBT – Steve is trying to figure out what he should do. Wonders if he needs to try and save Vanessa or let her go and align with Becky, JMac, and Shelli. He knows he needs to let Vanessa go, but he really doesn’t to lose Vanessa.

8:05 PM BBT – Jackie announces she’s done with the knight outfit tonight. That’s a day short of the full week assignment.

8:53 PM BBT – Meg, Jackie and James are talking about possible upcoming competitions and how they need to win them all. Talk turns to what people would do with the veto this week. Jackie wants to see Shelli up against Vanessa on the block.

9:14 PM BBT – Austin and Liz talking about Vanessa and Becky. They think Vanessa is the only one from their side that could be backdoored this week.

9:28 PM BBT – Vanessa and Austin are acting cocky about next week. They think they’ll be back in power for sure because the other side won’t get lucky again.

9:30 PM BBT – Liz says if she gets picked for Veto she will throw the competition.

9:32 PM BBT – Vanessa is still nervous about this week. She asks Austin to promise to let he know if he hears her name come up as a backdoor plan. She doesn’t trust Becky.

9:50 PM BBT – Becky tells James and crew that she doesn’t want Shelli to remain on the block because she already told her she would come down. Becky says that won’t be a good move for her game if this week coming up is a double eviction (it is).

9:57 PM BBT – John tells Becky that Vanessa said she’s coming to him with some information tonight.

10:35 PM BBT – HGs gather to play celebrity charades. All game talk dies for now.

11:30 PM BBT – Still playing Charades.

12:00 AM BBT – Jackie is all done with the knight costume. Let the shunning begin.

12:30 AM BBT – Vanessa worries that she might be the target. Austin suggests they’ll stick with the agreed DE plan. She wants to win Veto and take down Shelli to force the JMac renom deal.

12:50 AM BBT – John goes to Shelli. Game talk time. John warns Shelli that Vanessa made a deal to get out whichever half of Chelli remained. He goes on to explain how Vanessa has had a hand in most of the evictions. John promises Shelli he’ll save her with the Veto. Shelli says it’s him, her, and Steve now.

12:55 AM BBT – John tells Shelli that Becky isn’t part of their team.

1:10 AM BBT – John shifts to Steve for game talk. He tells him Vanessa has been lying to them. John warns Steve he’ll have to save Shelli and Steve will be left on the Block.

1:20 AM BBT – John tells Steve he does not trust Becky.

1:25 AM BBT – Vanessa heard from Julia that Steve and John were talking. She’s freaking out and goes to wake up Shelli. She tells Shelli the twins also have her back.

1:40 AM BBT – John and Steve are back to talking. John warns Steve to not let on that they know there is a plan against Vanessa or he (John) could end up out this week.

1:45 AM BBT – John tells Steve he trusts Becky.

1:50 AM BBT – John tells Steve it’s them and Shelli for an alliance.

2:01 AM BBT – “Steve, there are 5 gray pics out there. I’m number 6.” John knows the pattern is Vanessa picks a fight with a HG and then they’re gone. It just happened to him so he knows he’s next.

2:05 AM BBT – John asks Steve to pick him for Veto even though he’d use it on Shelli if he won. John says he’d throw it to Steve or Shelli knowing he’s safe at that point, but he wants the blood of Vanessa’s renom on his hands.

2:15 AM BBT – Steve says he thought he was good with Vanessa. John points out everyone is good with Vanessa. Steve understands. Steve realizes Vanessa really is nervous is she’s telling both him and Shelli to pick her for Veto and she’d use it on each of them.

2:40 AM BBT – Alone, Steve tells us he doesn’t know what to do. His two allies (John & Vanessa) are at odds.

2:45 AM BBT – Steve is in the Lounge. Says he doesn’t know if he should tell John about the other alliances he’s formed with Vanessa. Steve says he wants his mom for help. He announces he’ll pick John for Veto if he gets the HG Choice chip and, he’ll throw the comp. Yikes.

A calm day turned in to a busy night of game talk as John stepped up knowing his game was fully on the line this week. He isn’t the only one though and Vanessa will be out for blood. His blood. Oh Saturday is going to be a good one. Veto players picked early in the day followed by PoV competition around midday. Get ready!

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  1. 1:20 AM BBT – John tells Steve he does not trust Becky.

    Why would Vampire Dentist say he didn’t trust Becky? Was it a typo?Disappointed if not :(

    • She’s like Vanessa without the drama lol. Trying to work with everyone. I thought her and JMac were cool though. I really was shocked to read he was worried this week, he’s the one person I thought would have a 0% chance of going on the block unless it was by his own choosing (that sounds dumb but it’s John we are talking about, lol)

      • New thought: maybe he just told Steve that he doesn’t trust Becky to not let on that they have some sort of alliance? So Steve would trust him, thinking that John is at risk as well or something like that..

      • Yeah that makes sense… I guess I have a habit of reading recaps and thinking they are BBN analysis lol. Shouldn’t take highlights at face value

      • Didn’t they have a talk when Becky won HOH and she told him not to let anyone know thwy were working together. I think that is why he told Steve that. Their strategy is to fly under the radar without anyone picking up on they are working together. It seems to be working because the house doesn’t seem to see it, everyone is so preoccupied with their own alliances and noticing the big ones John and Becky are in the background. We seem to be the only ones that see it.

      • At 1:12 am Friday Becky and Jmac agreed not to talk the rest of the week. [to throw everyone off]

    • It’s a smokescreen, Becky is Johnny Mac’s #1 in the game. They’re trying to distance themselves from eachother to give people the perception that they’re not close.

      • You’re right it might have…knowing that is a good thing…not seeing at all is disastrous.

      • JMac thinks that Shelli is in his corner. He wants the 4 HG alliance to be him, Becky, Shelli & Steve.

      • Don’t mean to sound rude or anything, but why Steve? Steve is starting to really creep me out and worry me

      • JMac has been talking to Steve quite a bit. That’s the 4 HG alliance that he proposed to Steve, but said that he’d have to check with the others first. I think that if Steve has any buddies in the house, it’s JMac.

      • Matt, what do you think Becky will do going forward? Do you think she’ll stick with J/J/M or flip to Shelli/JMac and maybe Steve or flop to Austwins? The only one that I know she won’t work with is Van.

      • I think that Becky may just flip to Shelli and JMac while trying to keep her hands in with the J/J/M crew

      • No no you sound like you’ve got the right idea – she’ll need to pick an existing side to partner up with… I’m hoping it’s with Shelli & JMac (while using the services of James, Jackie, Meg to beat the twins)…

  2. Jmac has a lot be concerned about…he’s got to get Van or Shelli out or he’ll be going out the door…and it’s good he expects a setup by the Evil V to get him out the door.

    • JMac isn’t going anywhere this week. I can’t possibly see Becky putting John up and I can’t see J/J/M and Steve evicting him over Shelli, Vanessa or Austin, which means even if Becky put him up on the block with either Shelli or Steve (which she won’t), she might be the one to decide who goes and she wouldn’t send John home.

      Or that’s what I hope…Team Becky/John :D

      • If he is on the block with Steve, John would o home and Vanessa would make certain of that. 5 votes to 3 and no tie breaker. It would have to be a tie breaker for Becky to decide as to who goes home or let the Austwins help decide as to who in their group needs to o home.

      • If Steve was up on the block with John, then Vanessa and possibly Austwin would vote to evict Steve. Shelli and J/J/M vote to evict Steve. Tie breaker.
        The way it is now, Shelli would be really stupid to evict John, since he seems to be on her side and even said he wants an alliance with her. Keeping Steve would do nothing for her game.

      • I am going to take a wild guess and say you meant John would be voted out by Vanessa and the Austwins instead of Steve. If that is what you meant then it will be up to Becky to decide who goes home but Vanessa will convince Shelli it is better for Shelli’s game to send JMAC home.

      • Yeah, that’s what I meant^^ Sometimes my brain just stops working :P
        I don’t think Vanessa actually could get Shelli to vote John out. Also, I’m not so sure about Austwins keeping Steve over John, they don’t have much of a reason for that other than Vanessa and it doesn’t seem to me like they’re too sure about Vanessa lately…

    • When the majority of your game is spoken to the cam…you’re not BB material….unfortunately he turned out to be a dud…it’s not for him.

  3. This POV and its use or non-use is probably the most exciting part of this week being so pivotal in the game. Everyone wants to win POV to have control over their fates. If you do not want to win POV then, you are crazy and your fate could be in someone else’s hand.

    • For some of them, having POV could also be a problem. That’s why Liz would most likely throw the competition. She has a deal with Becky, Becky won’t target her, but if she uses the Veto she might piss off Vanessa (if she happened to stay) and if she doesn’t use it, she would piss off Becky, John and J/J/M.
      For the twins, not having POV would be the easiest way to make it through the week.
      Vanessa, Shelli, Steve, Austin, John and J/J/M on the other hand will most likely fight veeeeeeeeeeeery hard to get the POV.
      And as it stands, Austin and Vanessa will be most likely the only ones to prevent the “Backdoor Vanessa” plan from happening.

      • Two ways to prevent the Vanessa BD plan. 1: Vanessa wins POV and it wouldn’t matter if she uses it or not, she won’t be going home. 2: Austin wins and decides to not use the POV and the noms stay the same. I agree that to play for the VETO is a very pivotal moment in this weeks game and to not want to win it is very crazy.

  4. Fri 9:23 PM BBT Vanessa wonders why ADC wants to target people on their side. Vanessa: “That’s so stupid!” (Duh!)

    • It is getting to that point in the game that everyone has to start playing their own game. Did Vanessa think that the rest would just hand her the $500 thousand on a silver platter and say good game girl.

  5. Becky’s HoH could turn out to be big (getting Van or Shelli out) or a real waste (getting JMac or Steve out.)

    If Shelli or Steve (hopefully Steve) comes down and Van goes up, fireworks will fly, but I THINK that Van will be gone.

    If Van takes Shelli off the block (both safe), I hope that Becky puts up Austin and he’s gone. I don’t think that Becky has the guts to do it, though. She might put up JMac, telling him that he’s a pawn. JMac vs. Steve would be a wasted HoH.

    If the noms stay the same, I think that it’ll be a tie vote with Becky breaking the tie. Would she make the stupid decision to keep Shelli or would her new alliance convince her that Shelli has to go?

    • Yeah I think Becky is hedging both sides, and though she doesn’t want to lose Shelli or JMac, I think she’s realizing her options are fairly limited… Again, she should’ve used this week to broker an alliance that hasn’t been formed with people she can trust and who are on the ”outs” of their alliance (Shelli, JMac, and maybe Steve?)

      • Except, she did just commit to aligning with J/J/M. Does she really want to flip-flop again?

      • I’m with you on your original post … Becky might not have the guts to put up Austin or the twins.

      • Does her deal with the twins involve leaving Austin be? Interesting if it doesn’t.

      • The deal was with the twins and I believe Austin was not part of that deal but I could be wrong.

    • Hopefully she’s not that stupid and put JMac…cause he would go home…Big V would sure of that….Austin like you said would be the next best move to put up.

    • Don’t know why Beck didn’t put up Shelli/Van straight up…they wouldn’t be able to save themselves…and if one went off…put up Liz your 2 vote guaranteed safety card…and bye bye to the big target left…less possible combos this way.

      • She’s trying to make it look like she’s sticking with the original DE plan. Plus, she doesn’t want Shelli to go home and leave a po’d Van. Poor Becky is still trying to work with Shelli. :(

      • Becky needs to really wake up and realize that continuing to have Shelli there is bad for her game. She’s going to be out of that house if she doesn’t.

  6. I finally got to watch the hug session between Clay and Meg, and they were so cute together! Now I wish Shelli would have gone home instead so Clay and Meg can have a showmance…

    Anyway, back to topic. Hope Van gets to play veto, wins it, takes Shelli off the block, convinces Becky to put up Meg, so Meg can get out and get together with Clay. Haha. I’m probably getting ahead of myself here.

      • Yeah I know. That last part about Meg comes about after I watched her hug session with Clay. Lol. For some reason, I can’t get myself to get behind James, Jackie, and Meg in terms of gameplay… I know a lot of people like them and are rooting for them. I prefer Vanessa and Shelli.

      • Cuz they get things done the way they wanted. Probably the same reason people hate them? After winning both HoH and veto, James couldn’t even get what he wanted, which is to vote Shelli out… But at least he did something, so I can understand why some people like him. But for Meg or Jackie, who has not done much at all, where does the love come from?

      • People love underdogs and J/J/M are viewed as the underdogs. My preference for them is because they play with more integrity than Van & Shelli.

        Both Van & Shelli got HoHitis and it hasn’t gone away. Both think that their word is good, yet they are the two that have lied the most. They are both overly self-absorbed, borderline narcissistic whiners. I really wanted to like them, but find no redeeming qualities in either one.

      • But isn’t manipulation and lying part of BB and what makes the show entertaining? And I don’t think Vanessa or Shelli has once crossed any line with their lying/manipulation; they are just playing the game. Also, everyone gets upset when being lied to. If Vanessa/Shelli not someone’s favorite, that’s fine. I just don’t get all the hate coming their way.

        Also, J/J/M are viewed as underdogs because they have not been playing the game; some do not even try (looking at you Meg, you’re cute and all, but…). So how could one like them to win?

      • I don’t mind Van & Shelli lying. What I mind is that they both won’t own up to doing it and both get so upset and don’t understand why when someone lies to them.

      • Yeah that’s fair point. I get why you don’t like them now. I just don’t like some other people who hate them for playing the game…

      • James, Meg and Jackie are turning into the mean bunch. Don’t care for them at all. I prefer Vanessa and Shelli as well..I am a little confused with JohnnyMac right now..I don’t remember Van picking a fight with Day or Audrey (that was all Clay.) I thought I heard Van say yesterday that she wanted to try and “pull” JohnnyMac in. Little confused right now. It’s like JMac has woken from his slumber. That fight the other day..I still don’t get what the heck that was all about.

      • I don’t have the feed so I don’t understand either. Vanessa did stage a “flight” with Jeff before putting him up though. Seems like JMac sees it as a pattern that Vanessa will pick up a fight with someone she wants to target. So he assumes Vanessa is gunning for him and as a result wants her out.

      • Yes. The fight with Austin and Jeff was staged. She manufactured all the nonsense with Clay, JMac, and James in Thu aft. She had the votes to send Clay out anyway–I guess she freaked out for the 1000th time that day and decided to pull out the playbook again. Rinse, lather, repeat

      • Lieesaa is paranoid. Her MO is to stage fights with everybody then send them home–even if she already has the votes to do so. Just about everyone in the house realizes that if her lips are moving, she’s lying.

      • I don’t recall her staging a fight when Day and Audrey went home..that was Clay. What is this “Lieesaa?” I just call her Van or Vanessa. She needs to realize that she doesn’t have to create situations in the house when the vote is going her way.

      • You realize she used to be a professional poker player, right? Her deal is to basically push action at every possible opportunity, even if there’s no real benefit to her. All the nonsense on Thursday didn’t really help her–Clay was already going anyway–and 2 of her many lies got exposed. She has no idea how to sit back occasionally and catch breath–she will ALWAYS attack, even if its clearly a bad idea. Her poker nickname was “Maverick”, which suits her well

      • Why do you call Vanessa “Lieesa?” I’ve seen that a few times and thought that you meant Liz.

      • I totally agree. I thought I was going to like meg in the beginning. I liked James in the beginning. And I have not liked Jackie since the beginning. Now I do not care for all three.

    • I am glad van gets a chance to play in the veto. I feel she at least has a chance to defend herself. In case she is a target.

  7. Last night when I turned on BBAD, I expected to see a group of people hanging out with Becky in the HoH room. With every other HoH, there’s a group of people hanging with the new HoH on Friday night. I don’t have the feeds, but it looks like Becky spent most of Friday night up in the HoH alone. Is that right?

    • Yes. J/J/M..hung out in the HN room most of the night. They said they are going to let Becky do all the work this week.

  8. A big shout out to James. By dissolving Chelli, he has made this game a lot more interesting than it seemed like it was going to be!

  9. I’m just glad that JMac is in full game mode now, while Steve is irritating me for becoming a liability to anyone’s game.

    • What do you think about the possibility of 3 alliances going into the DE, instead of 2 plus floaters?

      Cyril, jump to the next blog. John may have single handedly destroyed the Van/Shelli duo without sending either one of them out the door.

      • Not sure, The result of Veto Comp will give us more info on who’s going to fulfill the deal they made. I don’t trust Shelli and the twins+Judas….we’ll see.

  10. This is hard one to call I like Jmac as both a player and a person. Vanessa on the other hand I had to give it to her gameplay up until last week when her paranoia set in this week sounds like is on track with last week. Bear in mind I don’t have live feeds I didn’t start reading updates on here until last week. From what I understand Vanessa may have been showing her paranoia sooner. She is doing her own game in because she’s paranoid. An underdog is appealing but Jmac is just plain more likeable.

    • Vanessa has been paranoid for almost the entire game! She makes mountains out of mole unnecessary..she ends up hurting her game because she just can’t stop creating these ridiculous situations in the house. I do like her..but..she has made some bad decisions.

  11. Becky simply has real world human management experience so this is her benefit over someone that stares at cards and tries to figure if you are bluffing-for a living. Steve is an idiot.. I have always wondered why people were amazed with this kid–super fan my a$$. Jason knew more about people places and things in the house and actually had a social game. Steve–I’m sorry, but he is better in a room full of trombones. Johnny Mac basically spelled the entire thing out for him last night and Steve was still “like, ok, hold on–what?” He is lost… way over his head and no, it is NOT an act. You do want to feel sorry for the kid–especially when he is calling for him mommy.. Sorry Steve, time to put on the big boy pants and actually win something instead of throwing in the towel and admitting you are going to ‘throw another one’..

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