Big Brother 17: Johnny Mac Moves To Cut Off Vanessa

Vanessa Rousso might have woken a sleeping Johnny Mac on Thursday when she went after him ahead of Clay’s eviction. The Rockstar Dentist felt the heat and is on the move to cut off Vanessa’s next move before she can do it to him.

John McGuire readies a plan on Big Brother 17
John McGuire readies a plan on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Overnight John McGuire held two important conversations with Houseguests he now considers to be his best ally hopes: Shelli Poole and Steve Moses. John worked to secure their support and draw up a plan before the Veto competition on Saturday.

Flashback on your Feeds to 12:49AM BBT 8/8 as John sits down with Shelli. After their initial chatter John drops to a whisper and warns Shelli that he knows the plan to go after Vanessa but he fears she does too.

John tells Shelli it’s them two and Steve fighting for their Big Brother lives. He goes on to explain the plan Vanessa helped craft was for the remaining half of Chelli to go up on the Block alongside Steve and John. This is all news to Shelli.

When it comes to the Veto picks, John warns Shelli that if she picks him then Vanessa will know that they know. Heh. He knows that Vanessa put together the 8-person plan but then has been coming downstairs telling him that the other seven are after him and her. John is on to her.

Shelli worries what to do about the Veto picks, but John says it’s best to pick him even if it exposes their position in the game. The clincher may come when John tells Shelli Vanessa’s modus operandi: blow up in a fight with Vanessa then evicted. Shelli realizes he’s right.

John reiterates that it all comes down to him, her, and Steve alone against the house. He says there was never any Becky for them. Apparently something has happened to make John distrust Becky and I’m not sure what it was. He promises to use the Veto on Shelli if he gets the Veto. Shelli tells John she wants to work with him and not Vanessa.

Vanessa’s support team is eroding fast. Vanessa placed the wedge between her and Shelli/Clay on Thursday with that big (completely unnecessary) fight, Becky knocked it in to place by telling Shelli about her plans to get out Vanessa, and John just may have rammed it home with this talk.

Move forward to round 2 as John goes to Steve. Flashback to 1:09 AM BBT as John grabs Steve and they go in to the Lounge. John catches Steve up with the same sort of information he just gave Shelli.


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  1. I wonder if they are going to throw a twist to save vanessa? Quite frankly I’m loving the fact that they are not throwing a twist with the BBtakeover every week and they are leaving the game play alone… That way players go as far as they can on their own merit not with the help of twist after twist and favoring other players

  2. Shelli, JMac and Steve are an odd assortment of personalities. All 3 are smart, but only JMac is socially aware. Shelli is too self-absorbed and Steve is too unaware of everything, except BB history. I don’t see it as an alliance that would last very long. Would it even last through the DE???

    To answer Matt’s question, I want to see Van go home in the first eviction. Let her stew in the jury house for the rest of the season.

      • If Van gets sent to jury first and is then the returning HG, she is going to cause a fire storm!

      • She needs to be in jury with Shelli and Austin and a twin. That way if she does win back in she has no natural allies in the house to team up with. The other twin would team up but it’d be just the two of them against the others.

      • But if she did, she would have a even bigger target on her back. She won’t last long in round two as long the Austwins are on board with getting her out a second time and quite frankly, I don’t see them wanting her around even after they (possibly) have voted her out already.

      • Of course, she would have the target on her back. The returning HG is most always immediately re-evicted.

        But this year could be different. Especially with the alliances as they are. Returning HG will be in a couple weeks (likely). Depending on who goes between now and then, there may be no Austwins anymore – probably only 2/3 of them. They would be a minority who would welcome Van back (and not turn their backs on her) to help them – otherwise they are next

      • Yup, let her come back and be booted out all over again. That would be more delicious to watch.

      • Wait… BB is doing the returning jury member thing again. They’ve been doing that 2 seasons in a row.

      • Not for sure. But on Thursday’s show it was hinted at and I have read comments on one of these sites that do some calculations and it indicates that there will be a returning juror.

    • Gotta disagree, I definitely think Shelli is the most socially aware. But I will agree she can be self absorbed haha

  3. 3 sides of the house? This could get interesting… If John is not trusting of Becky, that leaves her in a really vulnerable place as she won’t have a true alliance with any of the sides.

  4. Is asked this on the other thread, but I am going to re-ask here…

    IF Van is gone this week, will Becky stick with her new alliance J/J/M or flip to Shelli/JMac & possibly Steve or flop to Austwins? (That’s assuming she makes it through DE.) Will it depend on who goes home 2nd?

    • If Van goes this week (1st eviction), then Becky has pissed off the Austwins for sure. So I doubt she would have a way to go to Austwins. She has never really been close with them anyway.

      Now, for the other 2 options, it could very well be that the result of the DE helps to point her direction. Since Van would be gone, Becky’s HIH would be a success for both the other alliances and they will both welcome her. Of course, this is minus steve’s dual allies hating each other, but now one is gone and Steve will need to latch onto Jmac since neither of his mommy’s is there (van & his real mom).

      It could really be based on the numbers left after the DE. But if van goes, she will have really set herself up to get thru it and have choices going forward

    • I think she did discuss it before with JCrew that she would ask Vampire Dentist to join them, right?
      Since she distanced herself from him this week, she didn’t know that he tried to make alliances with Lil Stevie and Shelli.

    • Has much as Shelli annoys me (us). I think after Van its time to start taking out the Austwins. The house has let them skate, Austin should be the house target after Van. What do you think roses?

      • I think that if Van and Austin both go before Shelli, the twins will cling to Shelli.

      • Although he seems to be who the twins look to, Austin takes direction from van and shelli. He doesn’t win comps and he is usually pretty indecisive which is why he needs vanessa or shellI to guide him. The best move would be get shelli out first or she would take the twins under her wing then go for Austin and the twins.

      • I think it might be better to target Liz before Austin so the twins can be split.

  5. If JMac’s conversation with Shelli was successful, props to him for breaking up the Van/Shelli duo without sending either one out the door!

    • I think part of this can be attributed to Clay, just before he left, he basically told her that Johnny Mac should be the person he trusts most. It seems that she is taking his advice.

    • Very true. And very astute analysis of the “stage a fight –> evictee” pattern that Van has used all season. That may be the key element that not only wakes shelli up, but gives her the confidence that this guy (jmac) is someone who would have value in working with

  6. For the longest time I’ve held out hope that Steve would get it together, but this conversation with John solidified it to me, the kid’s a lost cause. He just is clueless and needs his hand held through the game, he’s just not made for this game. The fact that he’s throwing the veto is ludicrous, even Jmac told him to win it if he could.

    On the flip side, I’m very impressed with Johnny Mac, I’m so used to this guy and his goofy laugh, but he had his game face on last night.

    • Agreed. I am really starting to like Jmac. The goofy laugh, etc and him just floating around turned me off up until now, but I get the feeling it was his strategy all along. With the hard early game playing, he recognized he needed to stay out of it. The rope-a-dope has worked and he is positioned well. Now, it’s jury time and he has gotten a target on himself from Van so it’s time to play. Go Jmac!

    • I will admit that Vanessa has a good game but her game is over and time for her to go. On the other hand, if she stays this week, it will be even more interesting how the rest of the season goes with her in there.

  7. Steve is alone again camtalking. He doesn’t know what to do and asks for his mom. Steve asks for her three times saying he’s made it 53 days without her, but now he doesn’t know what to do.

    Live Feeders,

    I’ve read a lot on these boards about varying opinions regarding Steve having Aspergers. I don’t want to debate that fact. I’m not a medical professional. But reading the description above about his actions last night and asking for his Mom was kind of sad. I find it hard to believe that they (CBS/BB Team) don’t have some kind of tests beforehand to find out if a potential HG has issues.

    For those with the feeds, is he truly as awkward/off-pace as he seems to be in everything we read about him?

    If so, he could be a very dangerous player “blab-wise.”

    • To be honest, I have seen some feeds in which Steve communicates just fine with other house guests. I don’t see any awkwardness or him being ignored by others. Of course I don’t see lots of feeds compared to other ‘live feeders”. Anyway he’s a resident geek, and of course geek does what geek is supposed to do. So don’t judge a geek as you judge a bimbo like Meg or a jock like Jeff or a Ken Doll like Clay.

    • I am actually beginning to think that BB was very irresponsible in casting Steve. I suspect they were trying to exploit his “weirdness,” but it is just sad.

    • No, not really. He’s functioning and harmless, but a mess. He’s capable of endagering some players strategy

    • Victoria was better…she had at least one ally and did more socially even if she just floated…

      • Agreed – she could tell how good Derrick was, and that at least counts for some smart game play.

      • No..of course not…John has done quite little so far and hasn’t made much impact….comparing John to Derrick is an insult to Derrick who has made many moves throughout and played the game from the beginning. ..John has not done that yet…

      • I am not saying both of them are similar since I am a first time watcher, so I don’t know how Derrick played his game. But to have an acknowledgment from the previous winner surely means something since he appreciates the way Vampire Dentist plays his game. Didn’t Derrick say that floating is a tactic? Or somebody else?

      • It is…but…that was so not Derrick, so don’t try to defend your John is Derrick point by saying Derrick likes his game…

      • I don’t defend my point but I just explain my point. I just commented that Derrick predicted that Vampire Dentist could sail to victory … there’s nothing in what I said indicates Vampire Dentist is like Derrick.

      • Well…I was responding to the person that said John is like Derrick, so if you aren’t defending his point…I don’t know why you got involved. ..

      • You can, but respond directly to my point and don’t make an unrelated point…

  8. Omg, John what are you thinking you can not trust Steve, he is just unstable, I have a feeling this is all gonna blow up in Johns face and I Do Not want him to go home. Vanessa really does need to go, she is like a ticking time bomb, she has to drive the other poker players so crazy they let her win to just get rid of her.

  9. The only niche in Johnny’s game is that his closest ally, Becky, is in power and he no longer trusts her? Don’t they have the same target in Vanessa? John would be best with Becky, James, Meg, Jackie. Steve and Shelli are the next targets after Vanessa.

    • John definitely trusts becky. They agreed when she won hoh that they’d be distant this week so everyone doesn’t think they’re close.

  10. Maybe now the best for Shelli (if she don’t go home this week) is work with JMac, Steve and Becky, because if she work with Austin, Liz and Julia obviously she gonna be in the bottom of that alliance, and I don’t think that Meg, James and Jackie wants she on their side.
    I’m not rooting for Shelli, but I think that she could make some smart moves.

    • I think James, Jackie and Meg would welcome her into their group if she was to at least spill the beans on the 6th sense altogether. James tried to get more info out of her before the VETO meeting and if she had complied, I really believe Vanessa would have went home this past week.

      • That could be another interestng option, but I think that if she works with J/J/M the situation it will be similar if she join to Austwins, she gonna know that she’s in the bottom of that alliance. For that reason I consider that her best shot is work with JMac, Becky and Steve.

      • After Shelli picking Vanessa today for the VETO comp, I take back my earlier post. Shelli is now in limbo with each side and she may have no choice but to team up with Steve and JMAC because she may have lost all hope of help from Becky.

      • If Vanessa lose the veto comp and the houseguests send she home, Shelli will need to work hard to fit in some alliance.

      • Shelli may be willing to work with Meg but not James and probably not Jackie. James and Jackie need to tell her they were fooled by Vanessa into believing Shelli and Clay were responsible for Jason’s evictions but now they know the truth and that’s whjy they want Vanessa out even if it mean Shelli staying in the house.

      • That could work as well but I doubt it will help her. A little to late now.

  11. The person your talking with trying to finish your sentence and continually gets the word wrong. How annoying is that! How did JMac not just throw his hands up and walk out

  12. John was a sleeper/floater in the first chapter of the game, only because he didn’t want to be seen as the threat he really is, slowly building up alliances and close relationships. Now in chapter two he’s using these relationships to start targeting the people who are a threat to his game.

    • He may be the newbie with JJMB but he can win comps and that makes him more valuable especially to them, than Meg. Second half of the game, those stakes are higher to win win win. Comps.

      • JMac doesn’t want to be with that group. He only likes Becky out of J/J/M/B. Called the others “goblins.”

      • I’ve been trying to figure that out for weeks. People making comments about him having the “I wanna be a cool kid” complex is the only thing that makes sense. SMH

  13. Who does everyone think will be chosen for veto comp IF HG Choice is pulled.

    For Becky, I think she definitely needs a person who can win and will use it. Best candidate = James

    For Steve, probably picks Van or Jmac. Shelli likely the same.

    I doubt the Austwins get picked. 2 reasons – they suck at comps and possibly would just throw it anyway. Jackie would only be chosen by Becky. And no one would choose Meg.

    So, a good chance Van and jmac will be in the veto comp

    • I think those choices sound correct. Also, if anyone picked Austwins, you’re pretty much screwed, same with Meg. What about Shelli? Who do you think she’ll choose?

      • I think her choices are the same as Steve. With Van being 1 and jmac 2. That is why I think there is a good chance van & jmac are in the comp.

  14. Johnny Mac has no reason to distrust Becky,so why work with Shelli when she could easily turn on him in a snap ! I hope that whoever wins the veto,uses it to get Steve off and put Van in his place. As long as its not Van who wins it !

    • JMac doesn’t distrust Becky, they’re just keeping their distance this week so it doesn’t look like they’re really that close. In honesty, the only people who would be willing to get Steve off is J/J/M and possibly JMAC. If Becky wins, unless convinced otherwise, she’ll pull off Shelli, same with Vanessa. As for the Austwins, they’ll probably keep the noms the same to prevent any issues drawn to them.

  15. I really, wanted John to get on the James alliance, but now he is ruining things by getting with Shelli. He also has a huge chance of winning veto if chosen.
    James should have done everything possible to get John on his side while he was HOH since he hasn’t been attached to anyone other than Becky.
    Liz will be the best choice to replace Steve and Shelli could go home. Ausitn, Julia, james, Meg and Jackie will vote shelli out.

    • James still has a chance to do so with JMac this week, because he really needs to be woken up about the issues with keeping Shelli around. I know he’s trying to be loyal to Clay’s wishes, but she and Vanessa has got to go ASAP.

      • The problem with this is that Jmac would know that he is the bottom of the J/J/M alliance. He is smart to start his own and also sees that once the head of the snake is cut off (Van), Shelli could be good for him. She definitely would help him him with James and Jackie (for Clay), who are the strongest players as threats left.

    • I think Becky did discuss with JCrew that she would persuade Vampire Dentist to join them.

  16. Ok so this is totally off target but is anybody else tired of the twins whining?? Oooo my gawd!!!!! I cringe everytime they speak!!!!!

  17. What does JMac do if the noms stay the same? Does he vote to evict Steve or Shelli?

    In any case they are picking veto players now I think so we should know how good Becky’s plan is. If Vanessa is not picked to play the odds are good that either she or Shelli will go home. On the other hand Becky seems to think she can work with Shelli still. If Vanessa stays, I am not so sure.

    • Probably keeping Shelli, coz that’s what Becky wants to do. They agreed to distance themselves this week after Becky won the HoH so HGs wouldn’t be suspicious of them working together and Vampire Dentist wouldn’t be targeted. But after PoV I think both of them will definitely talk.

    • Now that Shelli picked V, I hope a lightbulb goes on above Beckys head. Shelli chose V over Clay and she’s going to choose V over you. Please Becky, pay attention to these actions. She’s showing her hand to you.

  18. Btw Lil Stevie mentioned that he could pick Van to play the PoV if he gets the HG choice. Bad boy. Really bad boy.

  19. Looks like it is Vanessa, Austin & Meg playing in the Veto. Becky’s chances of BDing Van just went way down.

  20. Rockstar more like Vampire Dentist. JohnnyWack wishes he was a rockstar.

    But anyway, last night on the feeds he referred to James, Jackie, and Meg as the Gobblins to Steve. Which I find not only mean but unusual he would see them that way since none of them have ever put him on the block, or asked him to throw challenges, or talked about evicting him: that was all his boys Clay and Shelli who did that.

    And if JohnnyWack thinks he can trust Shelli he is a fool. No way does she want to take him to the final 2 with her and no way is she capable of being loyal: she campaigned against Clay, is going against the alliance that saved her and I’m sure if Austwins get HOh next week she’ll work with them again.

    And he’s also a fool to sit there and listen to Steve who talks about picking Vanessa to play veto if he gets houseguests choice.

    I’m guessing JohnnyWack is getting revenge because Clay is gone but the truth is he wouldn’t be anywhere had Becky not won HoH and James hadn’t decided not to nominate him.

  21. I’m trying to find out if Van was picked HG choice or directly picked….anybody?

      • Makes sense. And for Steve, it is actually good he didn’t get HG choice. If he picked Van or Jmac, that would be a red flag for him

      • Meg could win this, pull Steve off the block and Van goes up against Shelli. And birds could fly north for the winter.

      • If Becky can’t see those flashing lights, she’s about to get hit by the V train.
        How how how can she possibly possibly still think she can work with Shelli?!?!?!
        Maybe Jackie can talk sense into her to save Steve and throw V next to her gf.

    • Would be good info. Only real interesting game piece. Other 2 selections most likely were NOT HG choice.

  22. Shelli just apologized to JMac for picking Vanessa as HG choice. Now the house should know which side Shelli chose. Too bad Becky and JMac are morons and will not understand.

      • Because unfortunately they all want to work with the cool kids. Becky also thought she could bring Shelli in. So JMac and Becky are not that bright , and clouded by the cool kid goggles.

      • I don’t understand it, but he doesn’t like that side. I remember watching him sitting out back, when Jason was still there. Everyone was laughing and having a good time, except JMac. He just sat there slouched down, being glum.

      • He called them (the other side) goblins. He wants to be with the cool people of the house. It’s sad but lots of adults never grow out of their high school desires to be with the in crowd, even though that will not benefit them.

      • He’s been loyal to her since the beginning, I guess he recognizes she’s a smart player and wants in there.

    • Why wouldn’t shelli choose Vanessa? She owes the “house” (James Jackie meg) nothing. I get she’s right with John but John is in no danger of going up.

      • Oh no. I completely agree that Shelli should choose Vanessa. It’s good for her game. I also think Becky and JMac should realize they will not have Shelli’s loyalty as long as Vanessa is around.

        Shelli made the right call. JMac and Becky did not by trying to align with Shelli.

      • Shelli had a slim chance of rebuilding her relationships outside of Van. She just blew it.

      • I think we all knew should would choose Vanessa. But Becky and JMac didn’t think that. Now they know better – or do they? There was never a chance that Shelli will turn on Vanessa. If she was going to do that she would have done it to James to save Clay. These people are just o stupid it is frustrating to watch them.

        Now they must win yet another HOH and I just know somehow they will screw it up again!

        But if Vanessa’a side wins HOH you will see a definitive move against Becky’s side – like James and Jackie going on the block. There will be no hesitation or remorse either.

        I had a feeling this plan of Becky’s was going to blow up on James and Jackie while its not done yet, with Vanessa and Shelli playing and Meg playing for Becky’s side, the odds are better than good that Vanessa wins POV – Shelli will throw it to her if she can.

        Now the question is, who does Becky put up next to Steve? I say Austin and vote him out or one of the twins and vote her out. Its about numbers now.

      • Yep. And likely Austin (or maybe Liz) will go. Vanelli & other 2/3 austwins vote to keep him, but other vote 4 evict him. Becky casts the deciding vote and buh-bye austin.

        In a way, then Vanelli is a little happy. They know they need to bust up the Austwins at some point and if it is done this way, then no blood at all on them and they have the remaining austwins in their back pockets

  23. Becky should be livid with Shelli right now. If she wins pov take Steve down since Shelli just messed up her plan. She trusted Shelli and she broke the trust so her deal of taking her down should be broken. Shelli says she’s afraid of what Vanessa would do really? Vanessa would be gone so she’d have no worries.

    • But shelli would be losing an ally if Vanessa goes. Shelli has two allies in this game – John and Vanessa. She was gonna piss one of Em off regardless.

      • Shelli’s move was for Vanessa not for Shelli. The odds of Vanessa winning the POV are still small so Shelli took a huge risk, although with his group of dummies on the other side she probably talk her way out of it – although I am not sure JMac will be as gullible as the rest of them.

        Now we need Steve to win POV and take himself off or not. If Steve wins and doesn;t use it, Shelli made herself the target this week and she will be gone.

    • Becky is too dumb to be angry. She will like take Shelli’s word for the fact that she felt scared and still hope that she can work with Shelli. Poor, sweet, dumb Becky.

  24. Just read on Jokers that Van and Shelli claim they can tell which chip is HG choice,

    In any case, Becky’s stupid plan is about to blow up in her face. If Vanessa wins Shelli comes off and continues to work with Vanessa. Becky cannot put up JMac or he will go home. If Shelli felt forced to pick Vanessa for the comp then she will feel forced to vote him out too! Or maybe she has been playing along Becky all along fooling her into doing something stupid – which she did.

    This group of Becky, Jackie, Meg and James get played every week. Its a wonder they are not all gone by now. What is really scary is that this probably will not be the last time these idiots fall for Shelli and Vanessa’s BS.

    If Shelli would not throw Vanessa under the bus to save Clay, why does Becky think that Shelli will throw her under the bus to work with Becky?

    • I think it’s just Becky getting played now.

      Yeah, I commented a few minutes ago about Shelli saying that she and Van can tell which is the HG chip.

    • Yep. Becky’s worst nightmare is unfolding.

      Van still needs to win veto, but if she does, then Austin is likely going up and buh-bye steve.

  25. I said it before. Shelli will show her cards here, and she did. So Judas is playing, who hasn’t won s**t…that’s good.

  26. What happens if Austin wins, is it likely he uses the POV on Shelli , or will he be convinced to not use it by Vanessa so she remains safe?

    • If Austin wins, it’s only going to be by default. But, if that happens, he’ll keep the noms the same to protect Van.

      • Only way Austin wins is if he must to prevent becky (and technically meg, but that isn’t really a worry). Otherwise he is throwing

      • Yeah, because his only 2 choices would either open Vanessa to the block, or send either Shelli or Steve to jury.

  27. So it’s Becky, Shelli, and Steve as the HOH and 2 noms, then Vanessa and Austin. Who else is playing?

  28. I wonder if John realizes now that Shelli isn’t on his team. Does anyone know if Shelli, and Becky have any plans on backdoor’ing James? Because I fear it’s a possibility.

    • That would be stupid if she does it because Vanessa already told Shelli she could not work with Becky because she is a flip-flopper.

      Becky would lose Meg and Jackie as allies and JMac is already Vanessa’s target.

    • Something tells me they won’t go with OTEV right after an endurance comp like they had for HoH. The HGs are still hurting from that one. I think its going to be the counting comp or something like that.

  29. I was too fast to judge Becky. She has a brilliant strategy for dealing with Vanessa winning the POV. She is going to tell Vanessa, Austin and the twin if they take Shelli off the block she will need to put up a replacement from one of them. Vanessa already told Austin if he wins he needs to leave the noms the same so she cannot argue now the she can use it breaking the deal she made with the other side on this weeks evictions. They all agreed the survivor of Shelli and Clay would go home this week.

    So now, if Vanessa uses it to save Shelli, Austin and the twins will be pissed because one of them will go up on the block and possibly go home.

    Ideally, Shelli or Steve wins but if Vanessa wins this strategy neutralized her use of the veto on Shelli.

    The one danger is if Vanessa uses the POV on Steve. Should could argue she is keeping the deal there-bye forcing Becky to put up JMac. If that happens Steve will need to decide to save JMac or Shelli – in other words whether to go against Vanessa.

    • Becky isn’t going to put up JMac, unless he does something stupid and breaks their bond. If Van takes Steve off the block, then she has to target Shelli for eviction or Shelli will come after her. Becky would put up one of the Austwins in Steve’s place, preferably Austin.

  30. To follow-up to my previous comments, Austin said to the twins if Vanessa uses the POV he and the twins should move on from her alliance and that would leave Vanessa basically alone.

    So Vanessa really cannot do anything more than save herself. Hopefully, Steve or Shelli wins the POV and uses it. Then Vanessa finally goes home – which would not disappoint me at all.

  31. Shelli’s apology to John for choosing Vanessa was so toally insincere, her eyes had an evil smile in them. I wouldn’t be surprised if she goes to Vanessa to help get rid of him.

  32. Go Johnny, Go! I have to say that it sure is good to see Johnny Mac playing this phase of the game. He has shown he can win comps, from the various vetos he brought home earlier in the season. If his game isn’t cut short in DE, he may just be the player to watch! I believe we just might have a game here, folks!

  33. If he were smart he’d go along with James, Jakie, Meg. He’s aligning himself with the worst possible people. Public enemy #2 after vanessa and a snicth. SMH

  34. Wow! I’m impressed that Johnny Mac is in the game and wants to target Vanessa. Hopefully it goes according to plan. My only concern is that JMac will become a target for winning 3 vetos and they’ll assume he’s a competition beast. Also if he does win, won’t people see he’s working with Shelli since he’ll use it on her.

  35. Why is BB Network calling Clay and Shelli’s showmance Chelli. It’s supposed to be Clelli not Chelli. When I read it as Chelli it sounds so weird. xD Use Clelli instead please. Even the show itself calls it Clelli. Not Chelli.

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