Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Monday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 17 house is once again all over the place. Clay and Shelli are on the block, but no one knows exactly what’s going to happen with both sides lying to the other.

Julia and Liz get ready after being called to the Diary Room together – Source: CBS All Access

Clay has volunteered to go, but everyone has said, no Shelli must go. So now that Clay thinks he’s staying, there’s a new plan in motion that would essentially blindside Clay. This week has the potential to be a dramatic mess.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 3, 2015:

4:35 PM BBT – Liz and Austin discussing Shelli’s backstabbing. Liz says she’ll act nice, but she doesn’t like Shelli and says she played Austin dirty in that move last night. Austin suggests he might go after which ever one stays.

5:00 PM BBT – HGs hanging around on the backyard couches being goofy. Light on gametalk with the two noms hidden away in bed.

5:50 PM BBT – Austin talks with James about Shelli coming clean. Austin is trying to help smooth over the mess from last night. He tells James about Judas.

6:38 PM BBT – Meg explains the whole Judas situation to Becky. They think it’s a big joke and laugh about it.

7:08 PM BBT – John tells Austin and Liz he’s sad (over Shelli and Clay I think). They tell him about them trying to get Austin on the block.

7:50 PM BBT – John and Julia talking about teeth. It’s a gripping night in the BB17 house.

8:28 PM BBT – Liz and Julia are talking about Shelli and Clay. They are still not happy with them. Liz calls Clay a coward.

9:04 PM BBT – Clay tells Vanessa the game is going to be nothing but floaters at the end. Clay asks what Austin is thinking. Vanessa tells him Austin is pissed. Clay says oh well, he’s also pissed.

9:10 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Liz and Julia that Clay thinks he’s going to stay. They laugh (because they believe Shelli is going to stay).

10:01 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa talking about keeping Shelli. He says he’ll tell Clay tomorrow. They agree that Shelli is a bigger target and her staying would be a target they can hide behind. Vanessa says she will try to trick Meg into giving Shelli a pity vote.

10:05 PM BBT – Vanessa’s plan for next week is to let everyone think they want Shelli out, so they’ll nominate her and then backdoor someone else. Right now Jackie and John are their backdoor candidates.

10:15 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that Shelli isn’t telling Clay that it’s looking like she’s going to stay. Austin is shocked Shelli isn’t telling Clay everything. He says something along the lines of “that showmance didn’t last long” (thinking his is not only real but going to outlast theirs).

10:20 PM BBT – Austin talking to Jackie about how annoyed he is with Shelli and Clay. They talk about targeting Steve (even though we know Steve isn’t Austin’s target).

10:38 PM BBT – Shelli and Austin are talking. She apologizes to him again and he says he forgives her. He tells her he wants her to stay and that so do the twins.

11:10 PM BBT – Vanessa suggests to Austin and Liz that maybe Clay and James are working together and that this was all an act to get Shelli out (Vanessa is losing it).

11:15 PM BBT – Liz says that Shelli and Clay are betraying each other a bit. She thinks Vanessa should tell Shelli that Clay is campaigning to stay.

11:45 PM BBT – Steve confirms that he’ll vote to keep Shelli also since the rest of his “alliance” is.

1:55 AM BBT – James and Steve talk game. James promises Steve safety from him, Meg, and Jackie. James believes Shelli will be evicted even without Steve’s vote so he encourages Steve to vote as he sees best.

So again, this week should  be quite the mess. And who knows what’s going to happen next week. So far everyone in the house has been mentioned as a potential target, so it’s going to be fun to watch.

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  1. Please don’t backdoor Jackie next week. (( She only knows where the front door is. ))

  2. Ive said for 4 weeks that Im shocked nobody seemed to care that they were knowingly going to let the twins enter the house. After watching BBAD last night, I was right. Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa have controlled the game for a month — so this was THEIR choice, and it is going to come back to bite them all, especially after seeing how Liz is more into Austin than she let on, and the fact that Austin and the Twins seem solid as a rock. Super dumb ass move to allow a natural alliance (they’re twins, duh) to enter the game at a late stage. Honestly, I think it unfortunately may mean that their threesome could take control. It will be hard to take those three calling the shots. Go James.

    • It always shocks me how some people have no ability for foresight. It’s like the politician who texts pics of his weinie and can’t foresee that being a problem. It should have been a great coup to uncover the twin twist early and essentially kill two birds with one stone before they both got in there. I agree, Shelli’s,Clay’s AND Vanessa’s fault.

    • The two best positioned players right now are Vanessa and Johnny Mac. Everyone she is closely working with are bigger targets than her – genetic alliance of Juliz, ‘showmance’ of Austin/Liz, and blood covered Shelli. She is also dragging along Steve, BB17’s Victoria.
      As for Johnny Mac, he is a floater who does not have a drop of blood on him. Nobody with a lick of sense would want to send him to the jury house. JaMegkie are dead people walking, then it will be evictions of Liz, Becky, Shelli, Steve and Austin, in that order. Julia, Vanessa and Johnny Mac will make it to final 3.

      • Mostly agree. I think Vanessa will carry Steve to the end over anybody else. She needs his BB knowledge and unless he starts actually playing and winning something soon it is unlikely he will get any jury votes. Julia or JMAC could be the third person. Vanessa is playing this game well not as good as Derrick but very well.

      • However Steve was talking to himself last night and said that he really wants to win HOH this week and his targets are Vanessa and Becky. Becky because she talks too much, I think he figured out that she is the other rat in the house besides himself and Vanessa because she is a strong player. And unfortunately for Vanessa she thinks she controls Steve (like she thought she could control James). If Steve wins HOH Vanessa is next.

      • Really ? I haven’t watched last night’s feeds yet. I am surprised. I would think with Steve’s knowledge of the game he would realize Vanessa is protecting him and keep her around for awhile yet. It is too soon for him to get rid of her.

      • Well again Vanessa is bad at reading these people. She’s a barricade to him winning the $500k…so of course he wants her to go sooner than later. He can’t beat her in comps.

      • Couldnt disagree more. Vanessa screwed up letting the twins in. So, you really think Vanessa is going to control Austin and the twins? 3 against 1. Austin and the twins will be a force now because the dummies let Julia in. Plus, looks like JMac is already a BD target by Vanessa for next week. I Like John, but he’s played a bad game…aligning with Becky and Clay/Shelli?! He shoulda gathered the troops on the “other” side of the house before James kinda did.

  3. If James’ purpose was to break up the showmance, seems he may succeed, as long as there is no surprise twist popping up. If he had his aim specifically set on Shelli, things aren’t looking too good, at this point, anyway. James, Meg, and Jackie need to be proactive in their determination to assure Shelli is evicted and not just assume the others are still on board. I think Austin and the twins could be swayed to vote to evict Shelli but it’s going to take some strategy and keeping Vanessa away from them.

    • I am inclined to agree with everyone who was hoping James would replace Clay with Vanessa. He missed an opportunity there.

      • I see both sides. Shelli and Clay need to be split apart for sure, preferably eliminating Shelli because she is the more strategic of the two and seemingly, better at comps. Vanessa is dangerous in so many ways. She has the gift of gab and persuasive manipulation. That spells danger to anyone she is targeting. James has yet to realize just how dangerous V can be, so he opted for the showmance split. Not a complete waste of HOH, but it could have been better if Shelli and Van had been up together in the end.

      • If Shelli stays, we may still get to see Van/Shelli as a final block duo! Let the sparks fly!!

      • After this week, there will be 11 in the house…so DE next week, second will head to jury I believe.

      • No doubt about it unless V had gotten so paranoid or stressed, which is her downfall, that she blew it for herself somehow.

    • All James needs to do is tell Vanessa that Shelii suggested that he take Clay down and BD Vanessa. Vanessa will turn on Shelli in a heartbeat, as soon as she stops crying about could they do this to me, and calling Shelli a hypocrits and a liar. LOL

      • If that would work, yes, but I don’t think Vanessa would believe it and would assume it was just strategy on James’part.

  4. Looks like the Sixth Sense alliance is about to re-assert its control of the game. A lot of it is just game talk or talk to mislead the other side. Too bad for James, Jackie and Meg that they have not yet, figured out that Vanessa is manipulating and controlling everything pretty much. Just like Derrick last season, she has everyone in a hypnotic state. Even James, Jackie and Meg who she brought into a new 8 person alliance, with a vow to go to the end with them and evict Austin. And yet, none of those promises she stuck to. So, 7 clueless stragglers still without a clue? By the time these guys figure out that Vanessa is part of that alliance targeting them, James, Jackie and Meg would have been evicted from the Big Brother House.

    • Absolutely, though the biggest difference was that Derrick was doing it in the background in a stealthy manner, while Vanessa has been “.. in your face ..” approach this season .. Derrick was more passive while Vanessa has been very passive/aggressive in her approach ..
      Have to admit, however, that Austin has been pretty good in his “acting” the past couple of weeks, in order to keep himself safely off the block, with all his BS and stuff, to all sides of the House …
      Whether intentional or not .. he does not appear to be on too many radars, at the moment, or am I missing something, as I don’t have the live feeds ??

      • Derrick was a brilliant player, proven by never once being nommed. Vanessa will not enjoy the same immunity because of her occasional abrasiveness, but she hasn’t been nommed yet and her alliance is poised to take over again on Thursday. She might make it to Final 5 before being put up on the block.

      • Agreed. I can’t stand that no matter what the situation is, her voice always sounds stressed out.

    • Jackie has it figured out. She’s told the other two, but they seemed to dismiss it as less important than splitting Shay. All 3 have said that Van is their next target.

      • Jackie is the one from that group I respect. She seems to get it. Too bad her compadres are not on the same page as she is.

  5. Is it just me, or is it a bit ironic that Clay suggested that after this week, it will just be floaters remaining in the game soon .. Afterall, he has been one of the biggest floaters hiding behind the skirts of Shelli and Vanessa so far this season, imo .. :) :P

    • That is just empty game talk. How can he say that because the Sixth Sense alliance has been targeting the floaters. Let us look at the bigger picture, after Clay gets evicted, there is atleast, a 99% chance that Jackie, James and Meg will be evicted if they do not win HOH. James cannot play for HOH this coming week leaving just Jackie and Meg against two of the best players, Shelli and Vanessa plus Austin, Liz, Julia, and the 3 snitches, Becky, Steve and John.
      Those are very extreme odds. More than likely, we will have pretty boring weeks ahead of that. Count on 6 straight boring weeks. Only after that, the Sixth Sense alliance is going after each other but, it is going to be the followers Austin, Liz and Julia probably targeted by Shelli and Vanessa. At the end, I see Shelli and Vanessa with Vanessa winning it all!

      • That’s quite a foresight, considering Austin’s new target is whichever Shay stays.

      • Those who promise big moves NEVER make those big moves. Some examples, Helen and Judd of their season on Big Brother, Kass and Monica of their Survivor seasons. Monica was asked in the Finals why she did not make a big move by one of the jurors. She said she did not want blood on her hands. I am sure there are more examples. The quiet ones like John or Meg might be the ones to make any big game moves.

    • He’s just bitter. Clay hasn’t been a floater. As Hamster Watch pointed out, the true definition of a BB floater is one that constantly floats to the power. They align with whoever is in power every week, rather than sticking to an actual alliance.

    • Not just you. He’s camp counselor who isn’t there to aid in craft time, but to see what gal he could bag during a 3-legged race. Can’t be a floatie for that!

  6. Well, for those of you that think James’ big move this week was spot on and for those of you that don’t like his big move, I think we can all agree that the one thing it accomplished was to shake up the house! We all love when that happens! :)

    • It is only a big move if it doesn’t backfire. Otherwise, it is a blowing up of his own game. ;)

      If Clay goes and Shelli stays, then James blew a golden opportunity to behead the two-headed snake that is Vanelli.

      I still think that the best move would have been to take Clay off of the block and put up Vanessa.

      • Eh. James’ game was already done. If he didn’t win HOH this week then Shelli would have nominated him and Jackie for eviction with James likely being evicted.

      • Right. He was just trying to survive, but at the same time he manged to split up a couple…good for him.

      • A big no no in BB house from the unpaired players as it tends to cloud their judgment in a rather confined space that already is stressful to exist in.

    • I think CBS now knows this is what fans like too. Sunday night had the most viewer this season.

    • I agree! And it will be talked about during next season than any other season.

    • Who is talking about BDing Johnny Mac? Do u have a time reference from feeds where this takes place?

      • Thank you. Well, it’s consistent with Vanessa’s pledge to James (no nom for him and one other). Me thinks V is trying to rehab her credibility.

      • 10:05 PM BBT – Vanessa’s plan for next week is to let everyone think
        they want Shelli out, so they’ll nominate her and then backdoor someone
        else. Right now Jackie and John are their backdoor candidates.Sorry, John/Now Occupy – I’ve been tied up at work. Just now checking updates.
        Thank you, redroses, for getting my back here. :)

      • From the article…
        “10:05 PM BBT – Vanessa’s plan for next week is to let everyone think they want Shelli out, so they’ll nominate her and then backdoor someone else. Right now Jackie and John are their backdoor candidates.”

      • She may fear him teaming up with James since she isn’t that close to him, I guess – or that Clay will warn him to not trust V…maybe steer him toward Austwins over V. IDK.

      • Yup. There’s a lot of things she should worry about….She sure knows how to set up the next round though.

  7. I have read a lot of the posts today. Why is everyone discounting Steve? Steve has floated so far, but he doesn’t like be manipulated and he has read Vanessa for who she is. Vanessa thinks she controls everyone, but we already saw what happened when she thought she had control of James’ decisions. Steve is going to surprise people. I believe if Steve wins HOH this week Becky and Vanessa are his targets.

    • Many people (me included) haven’t been too kind to Steve, and the way many of the HG’s have treated him has been disgraceful. Has Steve held back in comps? Is he self aware enough to know his off-putting demeanor can be an asset he can use to stay around? Steve is either playing a brilliant game or the game is happening to him. If Steve can win HOH this week, it will be very entertaining because nobody knows how to approach him. If he goes after V he is brilliant, if he goes after Becky he’s clueless.

  8. It will become painfully apparent to James, Jackie and Meg that they made a mistake trusting anyone in that alliance – again. When Shelli stays in a 7-2 vote they will know that everyone but them is somehow working together. Austin and the twin will reveal their true colors again too.

    The mistake James made is the knowing Vanessa is a big snake like Shelli but leaving her safe. If he put her up against Shelli, Vanessa would probably go home in a 5-4 vote and as James said, the head of the snake would be cut off. He even could have worked out a deal with Shelli and Clay to save them both – without telling them how, of course. It seems like He Jackie and Meg stopped playing the game once they got Shelli and Clay on the block. You can never stop playing this game.

    • 100 percent right. If James told Clelli about Vanessa’s deal and offered it to them in exchange for a Vanessa eviction, imagine how safe he would be. That would have flipped Clelli to JaMegKie and they would control the BB house. Another missed opportunity by James.

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