Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 6 [POLL]

This week on Big Brother 17 we’ll be faced with nine eviction votes again after last week saw Jason Roy exit and Julia enter. With no chance of a tie-breaker, the choice is up to the rest of the Houseguests.

Liz Nolan counts out the Big Brother votes
Liz Nolan counts out the Big Brother votes – Source: CBS All Access

James has made it known which way he wants the votes to go on Thursday night, but the Sixth Sense alliance, minus one half of Chelli, has another plan of their own.

Ever since the Nominations Ceremony it was clear that Vanessa was set on keeping Shelli and sending Clay home. We really could have stopped this conversation there on Friday, but let’s go through the steps all the same as we look for the necessary five votes to evict.

James has not held back in making it clear that he wants Shelli gone and from his perspective it makes sense. Shelli wins competitions and while she’s a good bit of a mess way too often, she still manages to come up with a plan and gets things done. Then there’s Clay. Isn’t he pretty?

If keeping Clay is good for James then what do you think the other side wants to happen? Of course they want to keep Shelli! Well, most of them do.

Liz and Austin agree that Shelli “did him dirty,” as Liz put it yesterday, and they’re not likely to forget it. When Austin first told Liz what Shelli did the other night she was furious and wanted Shelli gone. They’ve since calmed down and both agree that they’ll smile and nod at Shelli, but deep down don’t expect them to trust her for much.

Austin and the twins could have been the pivot votes this week and I think if it weren’t for Vanessa keeping them in line then they really might have gone for keeping Clay for all the previously mentioned reasons. Vanessa worked on them yesterday afternoon though and made sure they understood why it’s better to keep Shelli. I think her efforts will pay off.

Austin actually seems interested in working with James since he has to be nervous about Vanessa and Shelli after last week. He’s also expressed concern over deceiving James since last week Shelli and Clay did that to James and his allies about Jason and look at what happened. Maybe we’ll see someone tip their hand to James before the vote but even that could get messy.

James believes he has Meg, Becky, Jackie, Austin, Liz, and Julia. In reality he has Meg and Jackie for sure. Becky might, but it doesn’t matter. Austin, Liz, and Julia are actually with Vanessa and Steve. That gets us to the requisite five votes and Shelli stays.

John has also promised Clay to vote him out so put another one over the top at six. Yes, Clay campaigned against himself for a woman he met six weeks ago and will see again in six weeks no matter who was voted out. Go figure.

When the dust settles I expect Shelli to stay, Clay to be evicted, and the outnumbered underdogs to be caught off guard yet again this week. Fun times ahead on the Feeds.



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  1. I’m at the point that I really don’t care which one leaves. Either way, the goal of shaking up the house and causing cracks in the major alliance has worked!

    I’m not convinced that the Austwins have settled on which way they are going to vote. They are telling Shelli/Van that of course they’ll keep Shelli. They are telling the James Gang that of course they’ll keep Clay. Meanwhile, they’re still going back and forth amongst themselves. Their 3 votes are the deciding factor. Until we know whether they’re jumping ship and going with James or falling in line behind Van, we won’t know for sure.

    • James needs to wise up to what’s up and work to get Twaustin on board with him. But can he be more convincing than Vanessa? I think Austin is actually afraid of Vanessa, which will likely result in him voting with her. The twins are an unknown in that. I suspect Julia has more of a spine than Liz, so if she gets on board with voting out Shelli, perhaps she will sway Liz. But I also don’t see her as a huge Austin fan, so that push to vote for Shelli has to come from James.

      • Don’t forget that Austin promised Vanessa his entire BB Life, if she did not renom him last week .. That, and, if I recall he and Vanessa may have had a F2 Pact for week 1??

      • Vanessa sure did last week, in her indecision to blindside or not blindside Austin … as she kept on mentioning that he was her main ally .. or, did she mean that he was her biggest shield to keep her safe from the other HG’s?

      • He’s actually very smart. He’s just been blinded by being lovesick and jealous. His ego also gets in the way of his thinking.

      • I dunno .. he really played down last week in his crocodile eyes begging Vanessa to not backdoor him, and begging for forgiveness this week when Julia challenged him as to why he through her (name) under the bus last week to save himself?

        He has talked a big game, well, perhaps, Judas, has, but at the same time is able to humble himself down to a subservient level when begging for his BB Life ??
        At this point it kind of appears that both Vanessa and Austin are vying for the villain role this season, the one to be brought to the F2/F3 spot .. with the argument that they would not get Jury votes …

      • Yes but putting himself into positions where he has to beg for his life in the first place?

      • Well, he has used his “love” for Liz as his defense and ONLY wants to make it to Jury to be with her there .. blah blah blah and, then selling his BB Soul to everyone … appears to have worked …
        While, Clay may not even make it to Jury .. Ha !!!
        Wonder if there will be a future between Shelli / Clay in 6 weeks time??
        Austin seems to believe that he and Liz will be longer ??

      • I predict both of the showmances to fail after the show is over. Neither has that special spark that we’ve seen in past romances that are still going strong. (Love that Nicole and Hayden from last season are still together!!)

      • Liz, Julia and Austin think Shelli would stay with them and target James over them where Clay would jump to the other side. They think they are the next target if Shelli goes. Now if those three want to get to the end they will have to win HOH and that is what I’m hoping for.

    • I agree about the Austwins deciding on how to vote. I think they are afraid of Vanessa. They are so wishy washy. Austin crumbles around Vanessa.

    • Yeah even with reading these updates and the subsequent comments, I don’t get the feeling there’s a lot of firm decisions made yet. I just feel bad for James because he could’ve achieved a better result if he had Shelli vs. Vanessa. This would’ve potentially given him two more allies (in Clay & Shelli) flipping things in his temporary favour. Now he’s a sitting duck for next week.

    • But the Austwins are discussing among themselves that it’s Clay that has to go, that he’s not even campaigning for his life. That it’s been Shelli that’s supported them more than Clay ever has. They find him to be weird (yeh, can you believe that?) and basically giving them the cold shoulder. So they’re beginning to make the game personal rather than approaching it strategically.

      • That’s mostly just the twins, but I agree 100%. Austin seems to be able to see that Shelli is a MUCH bigger threat to everyone & also seems willing to buck Vanessa, so he’s GOT to work on the girls to make them realize that if Shelli stays, the 3 of them are also sitting ducks.

  2. If James would have taken Clay down and out up Liz then he would have for sure gotten the votes of Julia and Austin, but Clay would made sure that John and Steve did not get steered away from sticking with himself and Vanessa, I think the best option here is to do exactly what James did and leave the noms the same and regardless of what happens the power couple has be separated , hoping really hoping Shelli is the one that goes home this week. I hate Shelli, Clay,Becky, Vanessa in that order, lol and Steve is getting up there on my list

    • Liz wasn’t an option. They were deciding between Shelli/Clay or Shelli/Van as the final block duo.

    • oh my, ”hate” is a strong word… And no, James’ goal is a good one (to put a crack between Shelli, Clay & Vanessa), it’s just that he chose the wrong two people…

  3. what is wrong with James–all he had to do was use POV on Clay -put up Vanessa –and then it didn’t matter which one was voted off–he would have at least gotten rid of a power play that is not trustworthy. If Vanessa and Shelli are both around it is doom for the other alliance.

    • It seems from what others are saying that James doesn’t realize the threaten that is Vanessa. Seems weird that he doesn’t, but I guess he doesn’t have our perspective. Either that or he just dug in his heels and stuck to his guns because he didn’t want to appear wishy washy. I agree. An opportunity missed.

      • Let’s look at it this way: A showmance is just as much of a threat as a single player posing as the head of the snake.

        The head honcho is using the showmance as her first line of defense, second are the twins and Austin, and then she has Steve at her pocket.

        James recognizes the fact that Vanessa is a threat, but you also have to consider that he already is weakening her by taking out one of her allies who have been in power as sole HOH for as long as her. Shelli and Vanessa has took out players on her own hand, against the wishes of the “house” so blood has already been spilled. You can’t afford to keep Shelli just as much as you can’t afford to keep Vanessa. Jury’s still out though of how Shelli would function without Clay although he barely had any strong input in influencing her nominations.

        The best recourse of action for James is that, if by chance Vanessa managed to win her third HOH win, the deal they made would hopefully allow him to buy himself a little more time. It’s a gamble but you have to take the risk in order to stay in the game for as long as you can.

      • Shelli without Clay could be a mess. He might not be that bright and is not making decisions, but he does manage to keep her calm(ish). Without him, she might be blowing off the handle all the time.

      • I actually think Clay IS making all the decisions with Shelli. He saw that her biological clock was ticking hard for him, and is manipulating her as his shield to do his dirty work, while staying one step removed. Just a theory.

      • I don’t know if there’s as much manipulation as there is dominant personality in Clay. So yes, he does seem capable of being the dominant personality with Shelli, but I think his infatuation is genuine.

      • Oh! I thought she looked a lot older than that. Still, it would be difficult for her to find such a designer catch. lol

      • I think it is hilarious that anyone at all in that house still thinks that Shay is a threat (much less most of them! Wow!). Clay is a lapdog, little more. If they cannot yet see Vanessa for what she is then they deserve what is coming to them.

        BB is a game of foresight and of reading people. If after six weeks they are all still this clueless after being immersed together 24/7 with nothing to do but interact, well, then they aren’t winning this game. It is as simple as that.

      • A bit harsher than I would’ve said it, but yes, essentially I agree. This game is about reading people. It’s also about social dynamics and adaptability. Some people are great people readers (like Jackie) but they aren’t as good at adapting and they end up on the wrong side of alliances. Other people like JMac are amazing at adapting, but fail to have the foresight and people reading skills… It’s a tricky game and there’s definitely no such thing as a winning strategy nor a perfect player. That’s why I enjoy it.

    • Well Vanessa is the only one who offered James a deal before nominations were made. She offered him safety for him and one ally. There is no sense in pissing her off by putting her up.

      • Based on past promises of Vanessa like just week when she promised to go after Austin and shook hands with James, Meg, Jason, Jackie, etc and promised an 8 person alliance her loyalties, how did those promises turn out. Vanessa showed she cannot be trusted and yet, James trusts her 100%? James will not get a 2nd chance unless he wins POV or Jackie wins HOH. He might even get backdoored. Getting rid of Clay is a waste of his HOH. And Vanessa who he trusts 100% just saved Shelli from eviction.

    • I heard James on live feeds pointing a finger at Vanessa a few days ago. I think he does know about Vanessa, but it is one problem at a time I guess. Clay had to go too, so whatever. I really think Shelli may crack after losing Clay…I don’t think Clay would have after losing Shelli. So, maybe Shelli loses it — I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Vanessa promised James and another person of his choosing safety until they were down to 7 (or something like that) if he did not try to backdoor her. Maybe he believes she will stick to this.

  4. If the votes go the way they are leaning; Jackie or Meg must win the next HOH for this week to mean anything for that side of the house…then Van and Chelli go up. Start forcing those people into choosing sides

  5. Which twin is your favorite? Liz or Julia? I prefer Julia I don’t know why…

    • I think that Liz has sunk her game with her flirting with Austin, and may have a bit of a skewed persona .. whereas, Julia is actually looking to play the game, at the moment …

      After this week, if I recall, Austin has pledged himself to save Vanessa, Liz (not sure about saving Julia) and, may have sorted pledged as well to save Shelli/Clay last week ?? And, this week, possibly also to James, for not being nominated and/or backdoored the past couple of weeks ?? Though, he could argue that it was Judas and not him .. while Clay publicly stated that he would save Shelli at all costs this wee, if I recall ??

      • K, while I also like Julia better than her conniving sister (who leads my poor romance major on every chance she gets) you’re being sarcastic, right? You cannot possibly be serious about the dentist and her conversations, can you? What is the obsession with that goofy dentist? I literally cannot watch when he’s onscreen. Literally. Cannot. Watch

      • RhondaK, Isn’t he the most goofilly annoying guy in this cast? I know ‘goofilly’ isn’t a word, but you know what I mean…

      • Hi Sharona! And yes he is! And he’s kind of creepy too! And incredibly boring and a suck up! I don’t get his appeal at all!

      • I am so glad you think he’s creepy, too! I’m constantly being scolded for not looking at him as my hero, but I simply Do. Not. Get. It. I know I’ve said this before, but his screeching voice makes my ears bleed. I honestly do mute him during his DR sessions. Sorry I didn’t reply to your original comment sooner…I just went through all of my comments today—otherwise I’d have said something sooner. Take care!

    • It’s close for me. Liz because she is able to use seduction as a weapon. Julia because she has a spine and is willing to speak her mind. I go with Julia.

      • Nothing? Well they are both reasonably successful models who get to party all night and schmooze with casting directors, actors, and talent agents….and they did both make it to Big Brother. Now do I LIKE them? No. I agree with you that they are a sad illustration of how we’ve become as a society – but meh – they make good tv so what can you do?

      • Well…Julia graduated cum laude from Loyola and Liz graduated cum laude too, but don’t know from where.

    • I’d probably go with Liz because she seems to know how to use her best weapon (manipulation through flirting) to her advantage. Is it moral? Nope. Do I think she’d be a great friend outside the house? Definitely not. But do I see her playing this game for all it’s worth by recognizing what needs to be done? Yeah sadly she’s a skilled manipulator…

  6. As other have mentioned, I could care less as well-which one goes this week as that alliance has been split up. Ideally I’m with James and feel Shelli leaving would be best for everyone as she is, for sure, the head of the snake and Vanessa is trying to resurrect it so regardless of what happens you can be sure Vanessa will take over controlling interest. Of course now Vanessa and Austin feel keeping Shelli will place the target on her over them so of course they want to keep her.

    These HG are not that smart–in fact I have called them idiots on many occasions. True, hiding behind a target works for a while, but now that they are half way through the game, you need to get rid of the strong players. James is trying to do just that, and for the rest of the HG, they should take advantage of this especially since they are all so afraid “to get blood on their hands”! The idea is to get to the end of the game being the last person left in the house so keeping one twin until the other can come in is stupid, as is keeping strong players to hide behind. If Vanessa was so worried about hiding then maybe she shouldn’t be trying to win so much and maybe stop playing the game so hard. Now that Jeff and Audrey are gone it seems Vanessa needs to take that place.

    Yes it is true James needs to be a little more aware of what the rest of the house is really thinking. (ie: Becky and Steve) making votes that he feels are going his way and are not. The fact that his allies Meg and Jackie are there, Meg needs to either start winning things or start being more observant of what is going on. At least Jackie isn’t afraid, much like James, for taking control of things. The feeds are going to be slow until Wednesday night when the real campaigning happens. Unless you enjoy listening to Vanessa speaking a mile a minute and in complete circles you probably won’t find things very interesting.

    • The idiot assessment is correct…a lot of these players are idiotically naive…James is included..before you talk in front of people…make sure their on your side…example..James, Jackie, Meg and Becky talking after HOH on who to put up…do these players study who they interact with most of the time…if James followed Becky after she left their conversation..he would have seen her run to the Chelli’s and spill the beans and you tall game in front of her…she’s a rat…these players are not shrewd, crafty, sharp…you get the picture. Heads in the clouds….clueless

  7. A Vanessa and Shelli is a much stronger duo than a Shelli and Clay, imo .. Vanessa and Shelli together would be strong in both physical and mental comps, while a Shelli and Clay would mainly be on the back of Shelli to win a comp .. Ha !!
    Having said that, the Twins and Austin would be more committed to stay in the original Sixth Sense Alliance … but, may be a bit harder to beat Vanessa/Shelli in the comps that matter the most in the end, should they make it that far?
    Not sure if the original Sixth Sense Alliance would survive if Shelli left, which is why Vanessa may be a bit more adamant to keep her around, over Clay, for at least the current 80 minutes .. Ha !!!
    I too, would love to see Austin and the Twins jump over to James, Meg and Jackie … Steve and John and Becky have been floating around, so far … Poor John has been lost the past couple of weeks, not having been nominated to throw the BOTB and/or POV .. Ha !!! :)

    • Agreed. James missed an opportunity here by leaving Clay on the block. He could have easily put up Vanessa with the reason of “I did this based upon new information” and left it that vague. Would have blown up the house in his favor.

    • John is playing one notch above Steve…and that doesn’t say much about his game. If he thinks he can rise above the ashes when the big players take each other out…he’s dreaming…that only happens in Phoenix.

  8. So the outcome of James’s “big move” is Clay being voted out? To me, that makes no difference to the game moving forward and such a big waste given that James won both HoH and veto.

    Now I want Vanessa and Shelli to team up and vote off James, Meg, and Jackie one by one. Perhaps then James will realise how “big” his move actually was.

    • My exact thoughts…nothing’s changed…the big move was to have shelli and vanessa on the block before the vote…then you would have taken off one head of the two-headed serpent.

    • I think that was happening either way, so maybe in James’ mind he’d be at least taking one of them down with him… But yes, from the audience’s perspective, it would’ve been far better to put up Shelli vs Vanessa.

    • At this stage of the game, using strong players as human shields often leads to disaster. So yes, I would evict Shelli, too. :)

      • Using strong players as shields seems to be Steve’s plan. Vanessa has brought Steve under her wing, IMO to use him, and Steve just seems so grateful to have Vanessa talk game with him.

      • Yes…she’s grooming him to take to possibly F2. If he’s supposed to be a super fan he knows that the way he’s played this game F2 with Vanessa isn’t going to win you the big prize…but then again most of these people don’t care about the money…money…money.

  9. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this before, but I had to laugh when DocJ was doing Meg’s teeth assessment. James said he had lied about his real occupation and he is a gynecologist in real life. Oh, James!

    • James has had some really bad pick up lines. It’s a good thing that everyone, especially Meg, knows he’s joking. They border on creepy.

      • He makes me sad. I think he’s really, really naive. And I thought Steve was socially awkward…

      • Oh no not you too Red… Please let me assure you that James isn’t creepy – he’s a typical guy. He doesn’t have a filter on his mouth that most guys would, but his thoughts aren’t all that far off from how guys talk to each other (and yes, not all guys of course, but a whole lot of us I’m afraid).

      • LOL! I did say borderline. Meg knows he’s joking and obviously isn’t offended. So no harm. :)

    • Oh that little Southern guy makes me laugh… Even his facial reactions as he says these things indicate he’s hoping that something will come about from them.

  10. This is all complicated by the fact that James has said on several occasions to different people that he want’s Shelli gone but vote the way you need to vote for your own game.

  11. Shelli HAS to go. She’s way too full of herself. I don’t like conceited women. Look up the word in the dictionary, and you’ll find her picture. I know my opinion isn’t game talk…just how I feel about her.

    • Yea, she reminds me of Frankie. I bet she thinks America loves her when in fact we don’t.

      • She thinks that the banner the other day was meant for her, although it had nothing to do with BB in reality.

    • Yes Shelli has to go…if she’s left with Vanessa…nothing is changed. Clay wasn’t significant in the game…he was only Shell’s pretty boy toy…S&V will continue to dominate and get those unsuspecting nimrods out one by one.

      • LOL! No, actually a pretty good one for a change! There’s just something about Shelli that annoys me. Maybe it’s because when I was in high school, girls like that tormented me. Until I ‘blossomed’, as my mom would put it…
        If you think what I wrote about Shelli sounded rough, maybe you shouldn’t read what I wrote about Vanessa on another thread! ;)

      • Oh my, you might be right! The only problem is I won’t know what I’ve read (good or bad) until after I’ve read it. ;)

  12. The houseguests would be dumb as f*ck to keep shelli. Shelli is the one who I really wanted gone at first, but I can’t stand to hear clay talking about how much integrity his lying behind has for one more week.

  13. Clay has got to be by far one of the dumbest guys I have ever seen on BB! You’re willing to lose your chance at 500k all for some woman you’ve only met about 6 weeks ago?! Are you frickin serious Clay??!! Who knows, maybe it is real love and he’s acting on it, or maybe there’s just a little too much air in that head of his that is keeping him from thinking wisely!! I’m more for the latter since that seems more reasonable ^_^

    • Ok, I don’t have live feeds, but has Clay actually made it on base with Shelli? I know that Austin stole at least one base with Liz, so far … Ha !!! :)

      • Ha-ha nope! I believe as of right now their relationship consist of hugs only. So Austin is in the lead! :D

      • So, Austin got shutdown and thrown out, in an attempt to Steal a base with Liz ?? Ha !!! :) :P
        Still more than Clay in trying to bunt on .. :)

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if the producers offered him extra money to ask the others to vote him out just so they could keep Shelli around who adds much more drama to the show than Clay.

      Because considering they haven’t even kissed yet, it tells me he’s not in love with Shelli at all.

    • Didn’t Cody do that for Derrick last year? Maybe Cody and Clay can get together and talk about which one of them is dumber.

      • Yeah they’re both air heads however in Cody’s case he at least walked away with some money and came in second, where as Clay, if evicted Thursday, would be walking away with no money and evicted in 6th place. So I would have to say Clay would win for most dumbest/?

      • Ha-ha sorry I meant he would be the 6th person to be evicted from the house. Thanks for the heads up! ^_^

  14. This morning Clay was sitting at the edge of the bed in tears. I’m pretty sure he was just dreaming. He was crying..”I want my mommie”

  15. I hope Shelli goes but if not, it will be great to see her by “herself” and not being able to run to Clay all the time. If James had put Shelli and Vanessa up and Vanessa was evicted, Clay and Shelli would have still been in the house. Chelli needed to be broken up so this is still a win-win in my opinion.

  16. Is anyone else posting with Disqus having trouble? It takes forever to type and then it makes all kinds of errors. I’ve posted on other sites today, but wasn’t having any trouble with them.

    • I get that from time to time. You need to clear your cookies & cache. Next close your browser. Then come back in here.

    • Red is right, clearing your browser will help. A lot of times, it’s trying to load a script/adds/pop up the background..and it’s a pain.

  17. Let’s be clear. Austin is an idiot for keeping Shelli. Vanessa wants to keep Shelli for later when she needs to take on Austin and the twins.

    Vanessa is playing this game like a game of chess. She sees herself as the king. Shelli is her queen because she wins comps. The twins are bishops and Clay is a knight. Austin, Steve are her pawns while she using JMac and Becky (through Clay) are two more pawns.

    She surrounds herself with these people and moves them around like she would pieces on a chess board. She will sacrifice any of them to save herself, but she will sacrifice her pieces based on their value to her. Shelli being a queen is more important than Clay, her knight, so Clay leaving is an obvious mover for her.

    This is why Jame should have put her up next to Shelli. Then the choice is to take the queen or take the King.

    Austin and James both are messing up this week. If Austin takes out Shelli, it take him and the twin a lot closer to a final 5. And if they get to final 5 it is almost a certainty that two of them will go to the end. Vanessa by herself, without Shelli would be no match for Ausstin and the twins since she cannot win every HOH.

    • Harsh lol I like it. I actually think Clay told Steve about Clay throwing Steve under the bus, when Clay is acting like a baby right now.

      • clay is an insult to everything big brother, especially the people who would do anything to be there. I cant believe how casual he is about it.

  18. Those with the Live Feeds, this is going back a few days but did Shelli ever argue with Clay about sacrificing himself for her benefit? (Asking others to vote him off instead of her.) Did she ever say, “No…Don’t!”

  19. The summaries didn’t cover it but what we found out last night is that Shelli and Clay told James Liz is not that into Austin and would not be upset if James backdoored him. They also told him Julia doesn’t like Austin either.

    James told Austin and he told Liz. They are both super pissed at Clelli but they also seem afraid to g against Vanessa. Austin should realize Vanessa is bullying him and there is no reason for her to do it since Austin and the twins have the numbers. Vanessa has no one and if Shelli goes home this week, Vanessa would be alone in the game with very little power to do anything to Austin or the twins. With Shelli gone, Austin and the twins could take control of the house with one HOH.

    • Think the only way that they could / would go against Vanessa is via a backdoor on the second half of a Double Eviction Week, if she doesn’t win the HOH nor POV ….. As it would give her little time to talk her way into the heads of her People …

      • They could have gotten her out this Thursday by backdooring her. They could get 5 votes I think without much of a problem. Take Clay off the block and that’s one. Then you have Jackie and Meg. That’s 3. I think Clay and Shelli would campaign to save Shelli too and I think Becky and JMac would probably agree to vote to save Shelli. That’s 5 and Vanessa is gone. But even if she stays, her henchman would have gone home making Vanessa a little less powerful.

  20. Vanessa ‘s paranoia is on the alert. She thinks someone is kin to someone, John to Meg, John to Clay ,Austin to the twin. Nah just joking (I think) about the last one, but holy smokes.

    • She actually told Steve yesterday she thinks Clay will work with James after this weeks evictions! Steve was astonished by this remark, although he kept his composure.

      This is Vanessa fatal flaw. She is a very smart person but she based her conclusions on false assumptions and those assumptions are often based on lunacy not reality.

      • There is no way that a person could be that keenly paranoid and it not to be a real-life characteristic trait.

      • I couldn’t agree with you guys more. Having dealt with the mentally ill (and I’m NOT presuming she is), I worry about her too. She seems like she’s ready for a nervous breakdown. I think she’s taking the game far too seriously. Then again, if I had a chance of being in the house, maybe I’d come off as a lunatic, too!

      • It will be interesting to see if and when she is on the block how she reacts. Then again, she seems to be able to escape everything she does.

        Its like last year when everyone was enamored by Derrick. Instead of getting him out of the house realizing he is the biggest threat to their own games they actually keep him in and talked about how he should win. Why play this game if you are willing to give it to someone else. They all know Vanessa is smart so why is she not the biggest target in the house?

    • Yeah she’s a sharp cookie but the problem with a sharp mind is that it never ”turns off”. It always keeps going through scenarios, probabilities, and outcomes… I sometimes worry about Vanessa and her emotional health.

    • Clay for sure, but Austin is going to talk to James today and let him know he is voting Clay out, not Shelli. there is only a slim chance James can change his mind though. Vanessa did a lot of damage control.

      James can tell Austin not to trust Vanessa because it was Vanessa who wanted to back door him last week over this silly little foibles he pulled. He can tell him, Vanessa wants to keep Shelli because with Shelli she has a better chance ot taking out Austin and the twins. Ask Austin, would Clelli really come up with a backdoor plan unless they had the support/votes of others, i.e. Vanessa?

      Then James can remind Austin he could have put Liz on the block this week against Shelli to make sure Austin and Julia would vote out Shelli but he did not do that because he did not want to risk Liz going home. Ask Austin, who do you think Vanessa would have voted to keep if Liz was on the block against Shelli.

      Its a long shot but at this point James has no leverage.

      • True true. I think that clay will be going home. What upsets me about these big brother players is that every time they’re set on a decision… Good decisions.. They feel that they should go tell that person their plan. I don’t understand, why can’t they just keep their mouth shut and then let it play out? Like last week when Vanessa had to go tell Liz and Austin about the plan and then they went and changed her mind. It just irks me.

      • Yeah, the other side really puts too much trsut in everyone else. We see it but they can;t I guess. I only know this, every HG should be thinking about themselves long term. To leave Shelli in the game and attached to Vanessa puts two comp beasts against the rest of the house. Maintaining a balance of power benefits everyone including the floaters. They should all vote Shelli out so that its Vanessa on one side and James on the other. Austin and the twins in particular need to think about this because there is no way Vanessa will want any on of them in the final two. That means they have to go sooner rather than later.

  21. If Shelli stays…at least we will get the satisfaction of seeing her wounded without Clay. She’ll know she will be a target since things have been revealed that she and Clay denied. And her cockiness will be dealt a dose of reality. I still really hope she leaves!

    • She also feels betrayed and was shocked anyone would have the gall to put her on the block (it was a first for her there). Sense of entitlement much?

    • I don;t think she cares that Clay is going home. She is certainly not acting like it when she does not tell him she has a deal with Vanessa to keep her safe. Shelli is looking like a real self-centered, narcissistic beotch now.

    • Actually, I think Shelli is in better shape, long term, without Clay if/when she survives this week. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

      Next week, some of the target comes off her and goes to Van and don’t forget the Austwins. At some point, even those in the 6th sense are going to need to deal with that block of 3 votes. And if/when austwins votes with Van and Clay goes by a 7-2 vote, James/Jackie will realize (and Meg will cheer them on) their power move this week was only a dent in the other side. And that side has many targets, not just Shelli.

  22. It’s amazing anyone would go through the work to get on the show and then turn their game over to someone else – giving up their chance at winning. Unbelievably stupid! There isn’t enough love in this short amount of time that could ever persuade me.

    • I don’t know how much work he actually did since people say he was recruited for the show. But I do find it hard to believe he would so easily give up winning.

  23. Eviction night can’t get here any sooner. I know what James wants, but I don’t think he’s going to get it as long as Vanessa sticks to campaigning for Shelli to stay. His only goal as HoH in getting a couple split up will be accomplished but I fear his wanting Shelli of that couple to go out the door will be futile. What say you all? America voted for Shelli to go, but these houseguests are so flippant and flip floppy it’s hard to get a good read on what their votes will be…I believe JMac will vote to keep Clay over Shelli…Steve will vote out Shelli most likely…along with Meg and Jackie. Becky will most likely want to vote out Clay too…hard to tell though on her as well. The Austwins….they keep going back and forth so will have to wait til eviction night to know what they finally decided to do.

    • This is becoming nerve wrecking, I see the judas in the house as Vanessa, again, I wish James would have use the veto on Clay since Clay is working around asking people to vote him out, by using the veto on Clay, this would have made Clay to stay, renom Vanessa, then watch Vanessa and Shelli duke it out for votes from their alliance members.

    • I’m excited about eviction night, but more to see who wins the next HoH. In keeping with this week’s theme of craziness, I hope Becky, John, or Steve wins it.

      • I agree. The drama of this week is basically over unless a major twist is thrown in. The winner of next HOH is the next big event.

      • That would be sooo sweeet!!! Steve said if he wins HoH, he’s putting Vanessa and Jackie on the block and get Vanessa voted out.

    • Austin said he was going to tell Jame tonight that is wants to vote Clay out, not Shelli. I think James is going to be ticked off about that. I think he can convince Austin to change his mind two ways.

      First, he can tell Austin that keeping Shelli is only good for Vanessa. Vanessa wants to use Shelli to balance the power with Austin and the twins and that she will use Shelli to take him and the twins out. Its a.long shot but I think its also true and Austin may realize that when he hears it from someone else. James can tell him that’s why the BD plan fell apart last week. Vanessa was fine with the plan until it was her doing the back dooring.

      Or, he can tell Austin that he could have put Liz on the block and at least secure 2 votes against Shelli. So if nothing else he can ask Austin for two of three votes from him and the twins. That will seem like a very fair deal to Austin and frankly it is a fair deal since James did not put them in the position of having to vote to save Liz. Austin seems to like James so he may take the deal.

      That gives James 4 votes to get out Shelli. Then Becky, John or Steve needs to be convinced and I think Becky and John can be convinced to vote out Shelli on the basis that she is a bigger threat to them than Clay who seems to struggle in comps. If not perfect but at this point there is not much James can do.

      • Does it really matter what james thinks now, as the outgoing HOH without any power during eviction night and cannot compete in the HOH … Idle threats …

        if anything Austin and the Twins have the numbers with at least 3 block votes …

      • James’s opinions don’t matter anymore. Austwins are not under fire and they have floated back to their alliance. They also know that Van-elli isn’t perfect, but they believe that Van-elli (& its minions) are best for them. Aside from this one week where james didn’t target them (since he had bigger fish), james has not been their friend (i.e. attempting to throw the BOtB with Liz when Liz was targeted by Jackie).

  24. if James really wants Shelli gone, he should use the veto on Clay and put Liz up. That would get Julia’s vote, Austin, and James since he would owe Clay nothing.

    • Veto ceremony was already held and James did not use the veto. He should have used it to take Clay off the block and put up Vanessa.

      • That probably would have been the best strategic move; but I still want to see that couple broken in half.

  25. Shelli, and her big horse teeth need to go. I’ve hated her, and her stupid horse face since day 1.

    • I REALLY don’t like to make fun of people’s looks. I really don’t. But your comment made me laugh!

    • I don;lt know if she is a horse face but she certainly packs on the makeup. Maybe its for her audition to replace Jeff and Jordan as spokeperson for big brother.

      • Oh you know those southern ladies and their makeup. Watch an SEC football game and look at the sorority girls in the student section. It is what it is.

  26. Vanessa and her gang are already presuming that they have the next HOH in their hands right now. That is a huge mistake, because even if James can’t play in the next HOH both Jackie and Meg can. Shocking as it might be, both of them could pull it off depending on the contest they have to do. Should either one of them get it, it will be even more of a wild ride next week because if they keep Shelli, then they will know who to go after for sure. WIN THAT HOH JACKIE OR MEG!!!!!!!!!

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