Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Friday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 17 Live Feeds last night could make someone dizzy as Austin continued to go back and forth on what should happen this week, but one thing is starting to become clear: Vanessa has gotten back into Austin’s head and has again secured her safety in the game.

Vanessa Rousso and Liz Nolan celebrate on Big Brother
Vanessa Rousso and Liz Nolan celebrate on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Things aren’t looking too good for one of the fan favorites, Johnny Mac. There’s still veto to be played, but as of now Austin can’t think of a better target than him.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 21, 2015:

4:00 PM BBT – The house is rather calm following the Nominations Ceremony. Meg working on baking.

5:45 PM BBT – HGs discussing possibility of Zingbot arriving this weekend. (Yep. He’ll be there on Saturday.) Hopefully Meg is joking when she asks if Zingbot is a real robot.

6:40 PM BBT – Liz and Vanessa talking in bathroom alone. Vanessa profusely thanks Liz for not letting her go up on the Block. Liz takes credit and also mentions Steve was throwing Vanessa under the bus to get her nominated instead of him. Vanessa says she is, was, and will always be loyal to them.

6:50 PM BBT – Upstairs, Liz and Austin hope Meg or James win the Veto so they don’t get any more blame. Austin says if John wins it then they’ll be okay too because he’ll be on their side.

6:55 PM BBT – HGs are all sleeping or laying in their beds.

7:13 PM BBT – Austin cam talks. He says he wants to stick with James and Meg because they have fun together. They want the Live Feeders to help them decide (believe us, we wish we could). Liz says they need to keep Vanessa because she’ll always be a target over them. They decide that James or Meg winning veto and not using it would be ideal.

7:23 PM BBT – Steve is also cam talking. He says he thinks John will go this week and then he will be next. He’s blaming Vanessa on getting in Austin’s head.

7:35 PM BBT – Steve is now checking in with Austin. He’s asking him if he trusts Vanessa again. Austin says he just wants to keep her one more week. Austin is defending Vanessa to Steve, but adds that she’s better as a backdoor option. This talk goes on for a long time. Steve is actually kind of riding Austin pretty hard and it’s great.

8:00 PM BBT – Steve asks Austin if he really has Vanessa’s vote this week. Austin says he definitely does.

8:25 PM BBT – Austin and Steve are discussing who in the season were fans of the show and who are recruits. Steve tells him that 10 of the 17 were recruits. Austin is surprised and asks what’s even the point of the application process.

8:46 PM BBT – Steve and Austin say there’s another twist this season that they aren’t supposed to talk about. Austin says it’s the reset (like the button from BB16?). Feeds cut.

9:50 PM BBT – Not much going on in the house now. HGs are eating around the new, smaller table.

10:00 PM BBT – Everyone is talking about Zingbot and how he’ll probably come tomorrow (today).

10:10 PM BBT – Time for another game of pot ball.

11:19 PM BBT –  Johnny Mac thinks the veto will be used regardless of who wins.

11:30 PM BBT – HGs playing candy wars again. Liz manages to break her mic in the process. Candy wars no more.

12:30 AM BBT – Twins agree that John needs to go so they can isolate Steve again. Liz suggests to Julia that DR told her John and Steve are closely working together.

12:55 AM BBT – James scares Julia by hiding in the closet and making noise then jumps out.

1:35 AM BBT – Austin and Liz take a break from making out. Austin starts to discuss Veto to hear what she thinks they should do, but they’ll talk more tomorrow.

Just as John blew the HoH competition by not trying because he thought all would throw it to him, he’s about to blow the Veto comp assuming everyone is still trying to BD Vanessa. Now Steve knows that’s not the case, but John is Steve’s competition for safety. We’ll have to wait and see if Steve warns him before the comp.

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  1. Well, since Austin refuses to put Vanessa up, for whatever reason, I hope James wins and freezes the nominations.

    I’m tired of John being every ones b*tch. If he gets kicked off and comes back maybe that will light a fire under him.

    • Are you sure about that? I don’t think a fire lit under John would do much. He’d be sitting there motionless with that sullen face of his as the smell of charred flesh fills the Big Brother house.

    • With Johnny Mac’s mental state, I would rather see Becky come back. Atleast, she will give 110%. She got injured because she jumped over the water in the Otev POV competition. If you go down giving your best, there is no shame in losing.

    • John is stupid for trusting so much….really ?? Like isn’t this a game where only ONE person wins $500,000.00???? Who can you trust? Oh yeah, your sister, when there’s a twin twist. Yeah. That’s who.

  2. Just as John blew the HoH competition by not trying because he thought all would throw it to him, he’s about to blow the Veto comp assuming everyone is still trying to BD Vanessa.

    Seriously, you are playing Big Brother and should not be trusting anyone. And what happened to the Johnny Mac before, who kept winning POV to save himself? Your neck is on the line and you want to throw it and deliberately, lose?

    • Because he trusted Clay and Shelli and now he seems to trust Lil Stevie and the Judases … only thing is the Judases aren’t like Clay and Shelli. His name is Judas for a reason.

      • Like everyone else, Johnny Mac should have figured out that Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa was part of the alliance. Steve was more hidden because he made it seem he was alone. This very late part of the game, if you still have not figured out who is in an alliance with who, you are not even playing the game. Atleast, use your head and figure it out.

      • How do you know he hasn’t figured it Out? He’s not stupid. Just wait until they show his DR sessions on Wednesday when they air the POV comp. That’s when we as viewers will know where he’s at.

    • He won’t throw it. He knows since he was put up against Steve that he’s the target if nominations stay the same. He even said to Steve after nominations F everyone.

  3. I was hoping Johnny Mac was kidding when he said he didn’t try that hard in the HOH. What an idiotic move… Even if they were going to throw it, wouldn’t you want to try hard just to ensure it?

  4. Im seriously counting down to johnny Macs eviction. Grossly overrated player with no game sense. Even if he had a chance to get back in the game, I rather one of the other 3 ladies in jury wins and get back in cos itd be more interesting and unpredictable.

    • If John leaves, I hope that Jackie or Becky comes back. I feel like they can make a run in this game and they will be ready to play. Shelli would be a revolving door and John wouldn’t do anything.

      • Agree completely!

        If Jackie comes back, the obvious Van (& Steve) will be initial targets, but they will be 3 vs 3 goblins vs austwins. It has potential.

        If Becky comes back & follows thru from her comments, the austwins would be on the block & that would be awesome. Put up Austin & Julia with Liz as BD. That would be great too!

    • I totally agree. He sits around the house like a zombie half the time..throwing comps thinking everyone is taking care of him is a ridiculous way to play this game. I know that Vanessa is crazy paranoid and pulls these “crying fits” when a nomination is about to happen..but, at least she is playing the game..and pretty well, I might add. I think the crying is a strategy and so far, it’s working!

  5. This is the worst Biggggg Brother ever! I can’t even watch it right now. Can these ppl really be this stupid? I used to hate Vanessa but Judas and annoying twins voice makes me want Vanessa to win. They are all scared of her.They make deals and dumbass alliance and break them minutes before any ceremony. I hope She wins cause she can make a Eskimo buy ice. Im starting to wonder if this is scripted because right now it’s Vanessa world and she’s she’s living with a bunch of sellouts.

      • I agree. I’ve been wanting Vanessa gone for the last 3 weeks when they all had the chance to get rid of her. Now I want her to win HOH and put Austin and his bimbo on the block. Nothing like a good backstab and “I told you so”.

    • To apparently include BB production…..selling out who’s in alliances with who…like really? Wtf?!?!

      • This might explain why none of the HG’s could figure out that there was an alliance picking them off one by one. What if “production” was leading them astray?? The same way nobody in Andy’s season could figure out he was the snitch.
        Since JMac is on to Vanessa suddenly JMac need to go home even though he’s in 2nd place in the Jokers poll.
        I’ve decided to just go with the flow and root for Vanessa since she’s going to be the winner anyway by the way things are looking.

      • That all sounds about right. I did not want Vanessa to win but the other HG’s are so dumb that it might be inevitable and deserved. This season is shot.

  6. If the hairs on the back of Steves neck really are standing up and he’s not lying to the camera about his concern, he needs to beat Vanessa at her own game before Monday and force Austins hand to renom her unless she wins Veto.

    • Now, I am rooting for Steve to win POV because Johnny Mac wants to deliberately lose it. Let Austin put one of the Goblins as replacement nominee. Go Steve and put Vanessa and Liz on the block if you win HOH next time out!

      • JMac does not want to lose it. He’s not stupid. He knows he’d go if the nominations stay the same.

  7. I feel for Lil Stevie … really. Save himself and betray Vampire Dentist or risk being evicted and stay loyal. Anyway, one thing is sure … this HoH week sucks big time. Funny the Judases asked for feeders’ opinions … they aren’t the favorites and they are about to evict possibly the most favorite player!

  8. The time for throwing comps was a few evictions ago. Although, it’s always risky to throw comps ever. John needs to wake up and play HIS game, quit trusting…. I hope he plays and wins the veto.

  9. I really like Johnny Mac but if he’s dumb enough to not try to win the veto at this point in the game he deserves to go home.

  10. I can not stand the Triplets (Austin, Liz & Julia). Yes they have to come up with some better comps. Boy was that HOH a setup or what for Austin.
    I sur hope that Zingbot lays into to them good today(Sat.).

    • Hello Kitty Kitty Cat … Hello Kitty Kitty Cat … Oops sorry got distracted! Lay them good? Well, nothing can penetrate those thick skins of theirs. They thought they were America’s sweethearts and we enjoyed whatever they did over and under the covers!

  11. Zingbot predictions …
    The only thing scarier than James in the house is the thought that Meg will win a comp this summer.

    It’s a good thing that BB is filmed in California. The state can use Vanessa and all her tears to put out all those forest fires

    Seeing Austin and Liz’s showmance unfold has America begging for the return of Clelli.

    Steve’s Facebook page says he has more than 100 imaginary friends

    The twin twist meant Julia was going to come in and play BB. When is she arriving?

  12. I think it would be poetic to have Steve leave on the same night Jackie returns to the house. And maybe JMAC will get a clue watching Steve go out the door instead of Vanessa

  13. There is no way John will throw the veto. He might be letting them think that but no way. He knows he has a chance of going home. He’s won several before he just needs to pull out another win and then let’s see who’s sitting on the block against Steve.

      • Agree. Even when Shelli asked him not to use it he didn’t say anything to her but in the DR he laughed about it.

    • I agree, the best strategy in the game is say one thing and do another especially concerning comps. And do like Van does, every time you lose a comp say “I threw that comp”.

  14. I think that since Zingbot is going to be a part of the veto comp..then, it most likely will be some kind of building something..which is right up Steve’s alley. I am starting not to like Steve right now..why is he throwing Vanessa UTB..this “alliance” he has with John right now is so fake. I thought he had a F2 with Vanessa.

    • The alliance with Vanessa is fake. And why wouldn’t he throw her under the bus. She’s been doing it to him all along. She’s just using him. She makes a final two with Steve and then she makes a final two with Austin. She’s made a final two with Julia.

  15. John is my favorite but I’m tired of him not winning HOH and not playing. All he does is sleep. Go ahead and get him out!

    • He could have played an amazing social game, he’s funny and smart and charming, but he’s so above it all he can’t lower himself to associate with them. I get he hates them but the social aspect is all he has since he can’t win comps

      • Perhaps JMac is finding a few of the HG’s too odious to even pretend he likes them so he decided to isolate himself instead. This isn’t the best social game I agree but some people find it impossible to pretend to like someone when they feel the exact opposite towards them. I think he’s just too nice to be a successful BB player.

      • You’re probably right. I did hear him say he was going to play the ‘dead fish’ strategy, guess he liked it so much he continued playing it.

      • Hey, if this strategy works for JMac I’ll be happy. I’m just hoping he wins the POV so Austin has to get more BOHH.

      • Well, personally I can’t see or condone that strategy lol but he better pull his head out of you-know-where before he has to pack for the Jury House.

        Surely he hasn’t lost the will to play b/c Becky’s gone and he wants to join her b/c they might pass each other on his way to the JH.

        I believe he’ll play to win POV, that comp seems to energize him, so we’ll see.

  16. I agree!! This is the worst BB in the history of BB!! I have watched every season. I may not watch it anymore…if next season (if there is a next season) doesn’t start out better I am done and over it…..

  17. If Johnny Mac throws the POV, then he’s the stupidest, laziest player ever. When you’re up on the block, why would you feel anything but at huge risk for going home. Just watch – Liz will win HOH next time, and the nightmare will continue.

  18. I’ll say it again. One of the nominees has to win Veto this week. While it may not guarantee Vanessa going up at this point, it will definitely make Austin sweat to have to name a renom, which will make Sunday gold on the feeds!

  19. Can’t wait for ZingBot… my money’s on that Vanessa will cry/pout about what ZingBot says about her.

    And if ZingBot says Austin was mistaken for a ‘homeless’ guy in the House I will die laughing. If that happens with Liz is wide-open game for ‘doing-it’ with a homeless guy.

    I think ZingBot will have a field day on the Twins. This group of HGs overall may provide the most material for ZINGS then any group in recent memory.

  20. A reset button would be great right now ! Depose Judas of power and nominate who really deserves to be up there on the block !

  21. Man, shoutout to Steve. Much as I’ve been disappointed by him this year, I love that he was the only person to call out Austin on how he’s too scared to send Vanessa packing.

  22. Could Steve start playing with hg now instead of camera? Maybe he’s been holding onto his game tie now.
    Looking for Jmac to win this veto now when he needs it the most.

  23. I would like to see Jmac win the veto and Austin put up Liz, but that’s just a fantasy.
    This takes longer that a plot on a soap opera.

  24. How do the HG know what is going to happen. Especially the ones who have never watched, a recruit. This week they knew Zingbot was coming. What happened to expect the unexpected?

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