Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Monday Daytime Highlights

Power of Veto Ceremony Day kicked off with a whimper except from perhaps Vanessa Rousso who appeared to be yet again paranoid she was about to be renom’d. Now maybe she can relax for a few days.

Liz Nolan prepares her Power of Veto speech for Big Brother
Liz Nolan prepares her Power of Veto speech for Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

The Veto Ceremony came and went without much fuss so with the vote apparently already determined and the target secure the house should have a calm week. Yeah, I hope somethings screws that up quick so they can get back to dancing for us.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 17, 2015:

10:00 AM BBT – HGs are up for the day. Meg and James are in no rush to get out of bed.

11:10 AM BBT – Liz is practicing her speech for the Veto. Says one of them will come back so she won’t use the Veto.

12:00 PM BBT – Veto Ceremony is over and results are in. Noms stayed the same.

12:10 PM BBT – Meg thinks Vanessa is to blame for Becky’s target this week. John says Becky’s speech won’t help her chances. They wonder when Vanessa will start her wheelin’ and dealin’ routine again.

12:30 PM BBT – Vanessa upstairs in HoH room back to her old self now that she hasn’t been nominated. She’s plotting and planning again telling Austin how they need to target John next.

12:40 PM BBT – Vanessa mentions asking DR if she can make deals to split up the winner’s money with her and gambling it for them. Hey, maybe Vanessa could just do that with her own $4 million.

12:50 PM BBT – Vanessa mentions seeing leaves blowing around in the backyard and thinks they’re props from an upcoming comp. They start to discuss and we get Fish.

1:00 PM BBT – Austwins and Vanessa discuss trying to get John to throw HoH next week. Vanessa says she won’t throw the comp this time.

1:30 PM BBT – Becky talks with Liz about the votes. Liz still not letting on that she’ll be evicted this week. Becky points out her feud with Vanessa is good for everyone else if she’s here.

1:40 PM BBT – Austin, after Becky leaves, says Becky made good points, but they’ve got Johnny Mac to go after Vanessa too so they’re not going to be swayed.

1:45 PM BBT – Julia starts suggesting they keep Vanessa next week. She points out it might be better to wait until after the returning Juror twist is over. (What did we tell you yesterday?)

1:50 PM BBT – Liz insists that Vanessa must go next week. She doesn’t like Julia’s idea. (Maybe Liz should have done something about that while she had complete control…)

2:00 PM BBT – Liz worries to Austin that Julia will last longer than her because she’s less of a threat.

2:30 PM BBT – Liz and Julia are in the pool while Johnny Mac and Austin work out.

3:14 PM BBT – Nothing is going on. Steve is telling Becky about a dream he had about being home after the finale but not knowing how the game played out.

3:25 PM BBT – Julia tells Liz she has a gut feeling that Vanessa won’t ever go after them. She again says that whoever comes back into the game will be against them so they need to keep Vanessa until then.

3:38 PM BBT – Steve and Julia discuss who should go this week. Julia is throwing out the pros and cons of John and Becky. Julia decides that if Becky stays, She’ll go after Liz.

3:40 PM BBT Julia asks Steve if he thinks the HOH will be the log roll (it’s a very specific competition to suspect). Steve shuts her down. He tells her the next endurance competition probably won’t be until the jury member returns.

4:06 PM BBT  – Steve tells Austin that he wants Becky to go this week because if Jackie comes back, that would suck for him. Austin tells Steve that he told John that he is 100 percent keeping him this week because he trusts him that much.

4:14 PM BBT – Steve and Austin say they definitely won’t be throwing the next HOH. They decide that Julia needs to win HOH. They talk about Vanessa is the fifth wheel in their group. They decide to keep close to John so that they can keep him on their good side and use Vanessa as a shield (since he will go for Vanessa).

Things are definitely looking good for Johnny Mac this week, but for this season, it’s still too early to believe anything these guys are saying. We all know these people enough by now to know the target will go back and forth at least 15 times between now and Thursday night – especially if Vanessa gets bored or misses her meds.

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  1. 12:40 PM BBT – Vanessa mentions asking DR if she can make deals to split up the winner’s money with her and gambling it for them. – Is it out there now? Do they all know she was a pro poker player?

      • I’m sure there are rules against working together to cheat the system but it sounds like she was just asking if when it’s over is it possible for the winner to give her some of their winnings for her to play with as an investment. I’m more curious about who she said it to. According to the timeline she was talking with Austin in the HoH room at 12:30, said the gambling thing at 12:40, spoke with Austin again at 12:50, then with the Twins at 1:00. So it was either said to Austin alone or with the three of them (Austwins) together. Either way, it appears to be “known” now.

      • The winner can do whatever they want with the money after the game is over… even foolishly give some to Vanessa. But I think you are right that she is asking if she can dangle the carrot as a strategy. Haven’t people promised each other favourite pieces of jewelry and stuff in the past? How can the BB Brass prevent someone from promising to give another player a cut of the $$ after the game is over?

      • That’s not my confusion, Sophie. (Apologies if it was unclear.) I’ve always thought that she’s been keeping her pro-poker identity a secret. Then the timeline says she mentioned to Austin (and maybe the twins too) that she asked while in the DR if she could make deals with players to ask the winner for some of their dough to use while playing. Regardless of what BB Brass told her the bigger thing I’m curious about is that it seems her poker playing job is no longer hidden. They know about it?

      • Well, if anyone falls for that and keeps Vanessa in the hopes that she will double their take, they are even dumber than I thought. I’m sure she’s a fine poker player, but come on! On the other hand, you gotta hand it to Vanessa. She is pulling out all the stops.

      • Right. Veteran players were predicting, she’ll be out mid-point of the game, but she’s still there. I still think she’s gonna have a rough time ahead. Villain seemed to stay longer, but in the end they don’t win. lol

      • I hope you’re right. But, if it comes down to one of the Austwins or Vanessa, I’m all for Vanessa. Ultimately, I really want JMac to win it.

      • If Vanessa goes down she will go down swinging,suspect she would blow up everyone’s game at the eviction,in fact that might be one thing that keeps her safe,THEY ALL KNOW IT!

      • Actually, my husband is a professional bridge player, and he’s seen her play (and associates with others who play with her), and he says she’s a lousy poker player. His comment was, “yes, she does pretty well along the way, but when she gets to the end and plays with real players, she gets beaten like a rented mule.”

      • Someone else mentioned it too. I want to say Becky? And Da’vonne said she was worried Vanessa would recognize her from her poker tournaments since Vanessa mentioned she had played at her casino. I don’t know if they know she’s as big a deal as she was, but I’m pretty sure they know she’s at least somewhat serious as a card player.

      • Read elsewhere in the thread, TBR. A poster named Staci explained that she (Vanessa) told them a few weeks ago that she gambles on the side or something and Austin has assumed she’s a bigger gambler than she’s let on.

      • What they do with the money once the season is over is up to them.( Derrick got Caleb a truck last year I think) but it can not be a deal made during the game or used as a strategy. That was discussed last year, because someone made a comment and it was immediately shut down, if I remember correctly

      • It’s in their contract, which extends a few years after the show, that they can’t give another HG part of the winnings by gifting them money. They can buy them a gift, like jewelry, car, trip, etc., but they can’t make a deal for a gift during the show.

      • Splitting the winnings is prohibited by the Big Brother rules. They are under contract for a few years after the show is over. While they can’t give another HG money, they can buy them gifts.

        There was a big scandal when Evel Dick paid for his daughter’s college after he won. Later he revealed that he bought her a car and took her to Europe, too. Since then, they’ve been able to buy gifts for other HGs, but they can’t make deals for the gifts during the show.

    • She didn’t tell anyone she’s a pro poker player. She’s jsut mentioned she enjoys gambling sometimes. And Austin assumes that she gambles a lot of money.

  2. The HGs need a pandora’s box, or a rewind of this week..something unexpected and to stir the pot a little.

    • I agree…that promised “weekly” twist needs to come back now….maybe all of the promised twists that haven’t been used to date….

    • Personally, I’d prefer if BB didn’t just blatantly screw someone out of the chance to win the game. If the Goblins and Jmac are too stupid to take out the right people, they don’t deserve to win, period.

      • This is supposed to be expect the unexpected..not every pandora’s box has been a bad thing, there have been luxury comps in the past that screwed with no ones game…these things happen all the time.

  3. What a bunch of wusses!! Grrrrrrrr! They think Julia should win HOH next time? How about Steve or Johnny Mac trying to win it and showing that they actually have more testosterone than the average four-year-old girl?!! Still desperately wanting John or Meg to be HOH – if they don’t, they’re doomed. The only possible saving grace for this season depends on who the returning evicted HG is, although they usually get voted out as quickly as they come back in. I shake my head every day at the twins and Austin getting this far – why aren’t they targets – must be using the Romulan Cloaking Device (yes, I’m a Star Trek nerd, but BB still comes first!!)

  4. So, if Vanessa is talking about gambling money for the other house guests, has she told them she’s a poker player?

  5. Julia is right. I think for their game, they should keep Vanessa until the Jury twist is over and a HG comes back in. She could be voted out and stay out for good. If they wait too long though, she may vote them out before any of that happens.

  6. The twins are so simpleminded, In one second they can be like “I love Jmac,” seconds later, “I hate him,” “I love Vanessa,” now it’s the opposite. They also like to rip people apart….their attitude is a turn off.

  7. If it ends up being the Austwins and Steve as final 4, this show is going to be awful to watch. It pretty much started this week, and it’s getting worse everyday.

    • I know conspiracy theories are boring but based on a lot of the comments left on this site over the last few days it feels like Production might have to throw in a creative monkey wrench pretty soon in order to at least provide the possibility of a shake up. (But with this group of specific HGs it might just be time to realize it’s a bad year all the way around thanks to bad casting choices and the complete lack of twists.)

      • I don’t know. I’m not saying Production takes notes from fan sites. I’m saying that based on all of the similar opinions shared they must have a general idea that fans seem a bit bored. I bet they look at a bunch of different sites just to see what the general vibe is. But then again, maybe they couldn’t care less.

      • I’m just curious. I mean, Matt gets a line to evictees, so clearly he and the site are well known by BB Brass, so maybe they do read fan’s reactions. In which case, Hey, BB, more JMac, less Austwins!

      • I’m sure they do. Stats/Data gathering etc.This is BB community. BBN get shout outs from players all the time…I make comments sometimes directed to Production and players, Players read BBN, so when they get out, they know how crappy their game was.

      • Cyril, can you even imagine what it would be like to sit down in front of a computer and start reading about yourself from Day 1 when your time there was done? Depending on who you are you’d probably need some serious counseling when it was over. – “Cyril is a fat, ugly rich guy who doesn’t even BELONG in that house because he’s a floater idiot who drinks too much and is super slutty!”

      • lol..Shelly Moore, one of the most hated player didn’t go online for a year..she had death threats

      • I think BB has people that read every word on fan sites and reports back to production every day. I can’t imagine Vanessa still being in the house out of pure stupidity. Its not that the HGs are all that stupid, it’s production thinks all the fans are that stupid for buying in to this load of BS. You gotta k ow that BB has input in the game,.

      • If they really read and pay attention to fan sites, they would love to keep Van Van longer coz she’s a hot topic … the Judases, not really. They are just bad.

      • Tell JMac to do something to take control of the game. As long as Austwins are in power, there’s not much production can do. And as long as JMac does nothing, there’s not much they can do to make someone who’s not interesting look interesting.

      • Well, look at what happened with Battle of the Block and the Takeover Twist. There were never too many positive comments about either one on any of the comment boards, and now they’re both gone. Maybe just coincidence, but maybe insiders who read these comments let Production know what the audience thought.

      • Conspiracy theories like “show is rigged” (pre-determined winner) and no evidence to back it up? That’s boring to me. ..but I’m all for Pandora, Coup d’tat’ Diamond Power..etc.etc.When do they execute the “twist” is the question.

      • Like when Vampire Dentist is evicted they send him back right in coz he’s the most favorite player …
        Would love to see how Van Van reacts to that!

      • Maybe not rigged BUT JUMPED THE SHARK big time. And maybe they KNOW it with the GRONK SHARK? There are NO NEW ideas. NO old ones either. Where is Team America? Where are game rewinds? Where are the so-called TWISTS they promised us at the beginning? Where is ANYTHING?

        It’s like the whole thing is falling apart. They’ve been reduced to just giving them alcohol at the beginning of BBAD lately so we can watch THEM be the fish tank.

        It’s AWFUL. Worst season I’ve seen in years, maybe ever.

      • I just checked their ratings. Their viewership has been over 6 million to 7/Wed/Thursday. It’s been up, so CBS is happy

      • All I know is, I can’t wait wait for Thursday….speaking for my self….(oh I don’t watch feeds all the time)

      • The outlook for “my” favorites is grim but I don’t think it’s the worst season. Actually, I think it’s a rather good season because you just don’t know who’s going home. We think we do but we don’t every time. We get the popcorn ready to watch a feel good movie: turns out to be a disaster flick. Lol. But it’s still “good”. Not good for my favorites but good. And I’m NOT looking forward to Austwins remaining in tact to F5. But I can’t not watch. :)
        Last year watching Derrick was painful to watch. Not only because I was holding out hope for Donnie but more like pounding and yelling outside a glass window to tell the people the killer is behind you! – And they don’t hear you or see you and you can’t help them!!! Ok – that was a bit dramatic.

        I have nothing but respect for Derrick. He was AMAZING and watching him do his thing was, in itself, something to behold. But last season didn’t have the organ music this one does (“Tune in Thursday to see if Vanessa goes home” duh-duh-duh “Or if anyone else does!” duh-duh-duhhhhh). Lol

      • This is the time I wish they would save both Becky and Johnny Mac with a twist. James and Meg they can evict if they want.

    • If Vampire Dentist survives this week he’ll go far I think. After Van Van is gone, the entire house + returning juror will definitely target the Judases.

      • I dont think so they going after each other instead of twins steve and jmac have deal with austwins and james and meg do so the 4some will target each other instead of 3 some hope whoever wins hoh knocks out a twin

  8. Honestly if Liz wanted Vanessa gone next week,she should have used the veto on one of the noms and renom Vanessa and kick her out but again these people are denser than a brick wall !

  9. If Becky it’s evicted and return I really wanna see how she evict Liz, Julia, Austin, Steve & Vanessa.

  10. Julia is making perfect sense to Liz about Vanessa because she understands that is about VOTES and the person coming back is a vote against them. Liz is falling into the familiar trap of letting personal feelings overrule good game strategy.

      • FromBadtoWorst? Were you looking in a mirror and your breath bounced back on you? – ZING! (Please, Zingy! You’re so much better! Help us out this week! Those HGs are yours for the taking!)

      • Good Lord…If it was a “Zingbot/Griffin Zing off”? With both of them double blasting the HGs? Fantastic!

    • omg! Watch out Zingbot will have no mercy with these group, (plenty of materials) especially Judas…can’t wait!

  11. I used to think Julia was the twin with a brain, but now I have my doubts. I’m trying to rationalize why they think it’s better to have Vanessa in the BB house rather than in the jury house. If she’s in the BB house (at the time a jury member comes back), there’s a 100% chance she’ll be in the BB house. If she’s in the jury house when those players compete to return, there’s just a 25% chance (or less, depending when that competition is held) she’ll come back into the BB house. Why can’t Julia understand those odds?

    • I don’t believe that that’s the dilemma at hand. The chances or odds are not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is keeping a bigger target for others to go after.

      • OK, I get that, but that kind of thinking can’t go on forever. Vanessa can get all the way to F2 if everyone’s afraid to get her out just because they want to keep her as a shield. That’s just really risky.

      • I hear you on that. Vanessa in the final 2 should be everyone’s dream at this point because she can’t win. That’s why I think it doesn’t make sense to go after her. Everyone should be fighting to be her final two, not fighting to get her evicted.

      • TBR78 and Koko you both make great points! But TBR78, I know they’re all really annoyed and angered by her right now but if she survives long enough to make it to F2 do you think they’d keep the title away from her out of spite? She appears (at this time) to be the only one who’s actually done anything to earn it.

      • Maybe, but I tend to think people base their votes on emotion. I only see Steve and Austin voting for the best player.

      • Might be a bit harder to do that though. If the F2 are Vanessa and James…Maybe because he’s made at least one big move and has won comps. But if it’s Vanessa and anyone else don’t you think they might be torn apart for voting against her out of spite rather than voting for the best player? (You might be 100% right! I’m just asking.)

      • They’re all emotional and very angry in the beginning, but historically, BB Juries award the HG who played the best game. Mid-game I will give it to Vanessa, and that’s without hearing her opening statement,…and we all know she can talk.

      • A few of these people really hate her. I think in a few of their minds, they’d vote for the cop at the Mckinney pool party over Vanessa.

  12. The show is painful to watch now that idiots are running the game. Steve may indeed be a super fan, but he’s absolutely clueless when it comes to reading people. He’s NOTHING like Ian Terry! Vanessa isn’t smart; but she can be intimidating and a master emotional manipulator who will cry & whine to ensure she gets her way. The Austwins have floated happily until recently when Liz started winning comps. James & Meg deserve to go home (although for the sake of strategy, I hope they don’t) for being dumb enough to blow up Becky’s plan when she was HOH. I hope John stays and wins HOH and puts up the twins, with the intention of back-dooring Vanessa. Once Vanessa is gone, mindless Steve will be loyal to John, and they both can form an alliance with Meg & James. Then they need to win the following HOH’s and take out the Austwins. My hope is that Becky comes back into the game, and helps them clean house. With some luck, I’m hoping she and John will be the final two.

    • I’m pretty neutral about Becky with John being my fave, but I would totally be down with them as f2.

  13. Need a game rewind or SOMETHING, BAD.

    It’s like they had a plan for this season then realized it was an even
    dumber plan than usual and was abandoned– and now they have nothing.

    The whole show feels like it it “coasting”

  14. I heard rumors of Vanessa offering other housesguests their share of weekly income and playing it in poker to increase their pay day, which brings me to the conclusion that this season is becoming a farce and if Vanessa does end up winning, it just shows how it was designed for her to win in the first place, she isn’t even that good of a player, it simply looks that way with so many weaker players in the cast. I just hope production can save face and she ends up leaving soon, because it sounds like some shady business is going down in the BB house, across other forums as well.

    • YES something is VERY MUCH not right. Lots of FISH too on the live feeds this year… even more than usual. Lots of “Jeff highlights” as well.

      • I’ve noticed that as well and if I am not mistaken Vanessa was mentioning something to Austin about it earlier. then feeds went dry for a bit.

    • Vanessa is playing a very good game when you have dummies like James, Jackie and Meg playing against her. It is a no contest. Add to that, she has a loyal alliance which is why all of them have managed to survive outside of the eviction of Shelli and Clay.

      • Totally agree!,people just hate to admit the truth,Vanessa is playing the game,the others are just sitting around eating.

  15. At this point I must wonder, does ANYONE in that house deserve to win half of a MILLION dollars?

    • Just not buying that,every year people complain this is the worst season ever,heard that same tune last year,,actually been quite interesting as a whole..this is not “I Claudius” but BB,one has to accept the show for what it is and go with the flow.

  16. They need the power that lets 2 people be removed form the block Jeff got it and Jesse got evicted I can’t spell it lol but its an existing power..

  17. It’s obvious Vanessa believes production is just as guilable as the rest of the house guest. After all they did come up with the amazing twin twist that only took the house a couple days to figure out

  18. Based on the conversations that Vanessa is having with Steve, I get the impression she wants to target the Austwins. I could be wrong but she won’t say who it is she wants to target, at least not to Steve. If it was Meg or James, I think she would say it.

    I know Vanessa has been playing the numbers game all season. She has to see that the Austwins are a particularly strong alliance since there is nothing she can do to divide the twins and Liz seems like she actually is into Austin, at least a little.

    If it comes down to F4 being Austwins and Vanessa she knows there is no chance she wins anything. In fact, if its F3 with the twins there is no way she is F2 if one of the twins wins the final HoH.

    Vanessa needs allies to take out the twins and I am thinking she wants Steve and JMac to help her, or possibly Shelli if Shelli comes back in the house.

    • Vanessa is just biding her time after all the threats from the other side are evicted. With the lesser numbers, she might go after Austin, Liz, Julia when she wins HOH. That is all she needs to break up that trio and she still has Steve in her back pocket.

  19. Vanessa has alot of armour (Austwins) sometimes to penetrate you have to brake the armour…..until that happen it will be hard to get a good shot…..they will keep her because it protects them so you get rid of them and there will be no one to protect her

  20. I like Johnny Mac. I want him to win. BUT….If the HG were smart they’d vote him out. (Maybe wait after the juror twist), because Final 2 Johnny Mac versus any remaining HG, Johnny would win.

  21. I realize as much as I hate Vanessa, I think she is a good player ((or was up until the last 2 weeks), but I think Steve is worse. He has no allegiance and is SLIMY as hell. He is the epitome of a “Floater”. Sorry Steve fans, but it’s the truth.

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