Shelli Poole – Big Brother 17 Eviction Interview

Shelli Poole followed her Big Brother showmance Clay Honeycutt out the door last week after the latter gave us his game thinking she had the chance to make it farther. Well, she did make it one more week so that didn’t work out but Shelli did have a strong run in the game while she stayed.

Shelli Poole evicted from Big Brother 17
Shelli Poole evicted from Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

So what went wrong with her game and what would Shelli do if she got the chance to return? We put a few questions to her after her eviction on Thursday and she didn’t hold back especially when it came to who she’d go after should she return to compete again.

How much are you regretting that Jason renom right now?

That is the one big regret that burns me. I regret not sending Austin out when we could and having to say goodbye to sweet Jason.

Your campaigning started late. Did Becky’s promise of safety lull you in too much of a sense of security this week?

I was in between a rock and a hard place. The people I was strategizing with were the people that were being backdoored so I couldn’t say anything to ensure my own safety. The other side of the house is targeting me so I wasn’t going to be able to make a deal with them.

I’m not an “in-your-face” player so when someone tells me, you’re safe, having felt completely alone, my approach was to lay low and hope they stuck to the plan.

Do you think your showmance with Clay helped or hurt your game?

Let’s be honest, I don’t regret anything of my time spent with Clay. The Big Brother house is an emotionally sensitive place and you need that back bone which he provided for me.

How bad do you want to win that chance to get back in and who would you target first?

So bad!! It depends on who is in the house so it would be a whole new game and any past conversations won’t matter. James, because obviously. And Austin or Vanessa because obviously.

What remains your biggest mystery from the season that you can’t wait to have answered?

What was Audrey’s secret? Who was the mystery vote? Is there even a big twist? I’m just dying to get back into the house.

As a longtime Big Brother fan and knowing a lot about the show, what was still your biggest surprise of the experience?

How emotional you get and how quickly it happens.

Who do you hope makes it far in the game?

Besides me, I think Steve deserves to go far and I hope he does.

What’s next for Shelli and does your future include Clay?

My relationship with Clay developed quickly and grew strongly. We figured that spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 50 days was as if we had been dating 9 months out in the real world. I know the real world is different – with our age gap and being long distance but I have high hopes for continuing to grow and blossoming our connection.

Clay has already set up a date for us in Texas. As long as things go as planned, I’ll be visiting him, he’ll be visiting me and then we’ll go from there.

Sounds like Shelli is ready to go with another shot at the game, but she’ll have some tough competition with Jackie and possibly Becky or John later this week.

Watch our preseason interview with Shelli Poole:

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  1. Matt,

    How long after the eviction do these interviews take place?

    This feels pretty “coached” and tight as opposed to being free flowing.

    Do you get the vibe that they’ve been coached about responses or does it all feel spontaneous to you?

    Also, is it a one on one thing or with a bunch of reporters?

    • These take place on Friday. This one just came through late. Jackie’s was up on Friday though.

      It’s all by email once they hit Jury, but pre-Jury it’s just me and the HG on the phone.

      They’re not coached, but once they’ve had the same question a dozen times it’s more rehearsed in a way. No one is restricting their answers though.

      • Sorry…I didn’t mean “restricted” in any way. I meant “advised.”

        A quote like: “but I have high hopes for continuing to grow and blossoming our connection” feels a lot more like a written suggestion some PR person gives you rather than an honest statement someone would actually make. (It’s such a formal phrase.)

        As always, great work and thanks!

  2. I’m not sure if it’s just because I am now a big brother network junkie but it seems to me like this is a very good season. I miss having a truly awesome personality in the house like a Janel, or Dr. Will, or Evil Dick, but Vanessa is making for a very interesting social study for me.

  3. Her first target is James. Really??? Not Vanessa? Not an Austwin? Wow. Go ahead – Win back in, win HoH and waste it on getting out James. Good grief!

  4. From RHAP question to Shelli: ” If you have a chance to get back, who would you try to get close in the game that you weren’t tight previously?’ …”That’s a weird question to answer. I’m tight with everyone personally”.( says the person that got voted out 8 to 0)

  5. So much for Shelli would have worked with the Goblins and kept James safe. It makes total sense to go for Vanessa because she’ll backstab while Shelli will keep her word. Ok Vanessa haters.
    The Goblins are screwed every week they don’t win an HOH.

    • If Shelli does come back, the Goblins will just target her again! They’ll obviously still blame her for the Jason drama, & the fact that Shelli took Clay’s shirt from James’s pile before she was evicted will only add fuel to their fire! So no, I don’t see the Goblins working with Shelli if she comes back! I only see them trying to send her back to the Jury House!

  6. I wish she hadn’t said she needed Clay for that backbone he provided. I get that BB is emotionally stressing but she should have her own backbone and inner strength and not rely on a man to provide it. When Clay left she started hanging onto JMac.

  7. BB experts, Once they’re in Jury are they allowed access to the internet or are they completely cut off so they don’t have access to outsider info as potentially returning players? Anyone know?

  8. I feel really vindicated with Shelli admitting she would target James. The “It’s so stupid to get Shelli out, she totes wouldn’t target James. You go for Vanessa because she is a snake. ” Blah blah blah. Getting Shelli out bought James an extra week so he made the right call.

  9. John was crying when Clay left the game. He was bummed out after Shelli left. He’s very angry that he lost his friends (Clay and Shelli) and doesn’t really care in playing the game anymore.

    Shelli’s question and answer. Who do you hope makes it far in the game? Besides me, I think Steve deserves to go far and I hope it does.

    Some friend you have in Shelli John!!! She doesn’t even want you to reach far in the game, and you’re angry on her behalf.

  10. If only Shelli knew how stupid Steve’s been playing, she’d have changed her mind, I’m sure!

  11. Shelli is the last person I want to come back – unless Vanessa gets out. That would be seriously awful.

    • It might make me a bad person, but I would love to see Shelli’s face when Clay has his face in Meg’s boobs. Especially with Shelli’s whole “Clay and I are going to visit her in NYC!” thing. It may just be because I’m so anti Clelli.

  12. Here is how I see it. Becky goes this week and with God willing and some serious luck, Vanessa goes next week. The four that will be in Jury at this time would be Shelli, Jackie, Becky and Vanessa. I see Shelli getting back in the house (only Becky being her strongest foe at this time) with James possibly winning HOH. Breaking up the Austwins would be the smart move and James should try and work with Shelli (they need to make a deal and stick to it). After that I see Shelli winning HOH and the twins up her rear end to try to stay safe but if Shelli is as smart as I think she is, she would target them over James. I would like to see James, Liz and Shelli as a final three and from there, just let whoever wins the final HOH decide who goes to final two and let the jury vote for the winner.

    Yeah a fella can dream right LOL.

    • I respect your dreams… But I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that shelli would try to team up with James.

      • I agree with that statement but if she got back in the house and if she wanted to stay, she would have to team up with someone that will get her further down he road. The Austwins would be her only other option but Austin is a target of her’s as well. To get Vanessa and Austin out, she would need the help of James.

      • That would be nice but if she gets back in I’m sure James will target her. He’s played personal ever since Jason was evicted. Shelli will have to win HOH if she comes back then she can decide who to work with.

    • Here is how shelli should play of she gets back in team up with john,james,meg and julia after I hope james takes out one of the twins which I hope is liz . So it would be john,james,meg, shelli vs steve,vanessa, austin ,julia they take out steve first then austin,then vanessa then julia and james and shelli have a final 2 deal and shelli wins the final hoh and votes out james and says this is for clay and I. And takes meg and shelli wins bb17

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