Big Brother 17: House Explodes & Showmance Struggles After Nominations

Just as we expected, the Big Brother 17 house was on fire after today’s Nomination Ceremony where the new Head of Household revealed shocking results. Well, shocking to the targets.

Shelli Poole shaken & in tears on Big Brother
Shelli Poole shaken & in tears on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, we have a power couple on the run with few exits aside from front door of Big Brother and with the rest of the house seemingly on board there may be no other escape.

James planned overnight to target Shelli by using other HGs as pawns ahead of a Backdoor, but then in the final hours of the night he saw a better plan: nominate Shelli and Clay together. Yes, he stuck to the plan and that’s just what happened. The fallout? As impressive of Feeds adventures as we’d expect.

Flashback to 3:54 PM BBT 7/31 as the Feeds have just returned from Noms Ceremony and Clay is cradling a crying Shelli in his arms. They’re both on the Block this week. She’s in shock and he’s furious. Clay continues to mutter “he’s a piece of s**t.” Seems Clay blew up at the Noms Ceremony so we’ll have to see that on Sunday’s show.

Clay and Shelli retreat to their bed where they start to scramble. Shelli says they have to get Austin Backdoor’d and says he’s the reason this is all happening after seeing Austin upstairs with James earlier. Vanessa joins them and she’s in (fake?) tears because Shelli didn’t hug her after the noms.

Tears turn to anger when Clay suggests this whole problem was caused by Vanessa and “her choice.” Oops. Vanessa didn’t like that and she starts raising her voice at them saying Jason was a group decision. Vanessa is pissed and goes outside to do preventative damage control working on the twins and Austin that they’ll need to “deny, deny, deny” what she expects Chelli to try next: exposing everything they know.

Jump forward to 4:12 PM BBT as Shelli and Clay grab James and go to the Lounge. Shelli is so upset at James for breaking that deal she asked for as she fell off the comp last night. That’s silly considering she was already dropping and James had a lot more left in him.

James lets them run in circles and he’s giving weak answers before he finally gets to their betrayal with Jason and blindsiding him and his allies over that decision. James points out that he can’t trust them anymore because if he was in the same spot and needed their two votes he knows they might not do it just as it happened with Jason. It’s a good argument, but the talk isn’t over yet.



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  1. My heart is breaking seeing how this is affecting the loving couple.

    • OK I’ll be the one to ask….Sarcasm? I still think James made a mistake here, but I’m enjoying the fireworks!

      • Yeh, it’s a bit of sarcasm. As for James making a mistake. That’s still to be determined for me. For now I’m enjoying the fall-out too. haha

      • I think it was a great game move. No one would have cared if it was Becky, Steve or Johnny Mac on the block. It was time to shake things up. I recall from the feeds that Vanessa, Shelli and Clay called James, Jackie and Meg weak and that they could pick them off one by one. Look how things have changed.

      • Not if they back door Austin or Vanessa. If not breaking them up will definitely put crack in the six. Let the game begin!

      • No! Shelli & Clay deserve this! They brought this all on themselves! One of them needs to go on Thursday, preferably Clay!

      • He can’t play HOH next week so the only ones playing for him is Meg And Jackie. Hahaha two really strong competitors.

      • He’s very well aware of his odds. And he agreed it may cost him, but it would bring such satisfaction to his game play now.

      • I agree Joni, even if James is evicted next week he’ll have the satisfaction of taking down a big player

      • And he will make Jury. James played this right. I think that everyone is underestimating James.

      • Me too, I think a lot of players are using the lay low/float strategy. I would too after seeing the trend of taking out big threats.

      • Actually, maybe not. Liz was just up in HOH pledging her/Julia/Austin’s undying support for James and has promised to do and vote as he says. So if those three really do switch sides, that’s not good for whoever survives from the Power Three.

      • They will never work with him. Julia hates James. And they are saying anything until after POV ceremony so they don’t get backdoored.

      • Yes, but it also gets him into the Jury House if that’s the way it happens. I know James, Meg & Jackie want Shelli out first, but Clay is the better at physical competitions. Get him out first & then Shelli is just a shell of herself with only Vanessa to support her & that’s shaky at best.

      • That’s a good point. I think Clay is weaker in challenges or he has been putting on a good show. But I think you’re spit on about Shelli.

      • Yes, this could cost James his game since he has so few allies, but I think James realizes that with Jason gone he was the next big target for most everyone that would win HoH so why not make a move like this? If I were him I would have done the same thing.

      • He was basically backed into a corner and this his only salvation of trying to stay afloat at least!

      • Yep. Had to know after Jason, it was him or Jackie and he has been nominated last few wks. Country boy got himself another trophy! Hope Jackie wins her 2nd HoH and this one will count!

      • Exactly….he had to “Go big or go home”. I had hoped James had it in him to hit the 6s hard! Like everyone else, I’m enjoying the excitement being kicked up a few notches. I’m gonna get more use out of my live feed subscription. That’s for sure!

      • No matter how you look at it, the 6th sense as we know will be no more after Thursdays eviction. One from that group will be going home.

      • I’m not going to count them out completely, but Shelli and Clay are doing a horrible job of keeping it at least in tact by throwing others under the bus right now.

    • I was wondering about that as well, apparently its next week. I really hope one of them goes home, but I’m completely fine with Vanessa going home too, but Clelli couldn’t be in a worse position, with the final week before jury, its almost poetic.

  2. Is there any chance it’s a double eviction week and we can see both of them head out the door?

      • It’ll be next week…so the jury will have 9 seated. Used to have seven when there were 12 people entering the house. Now there are 16 that have been entering since BB 14.

    • No but with DE next week, it could prove possible to send Clay or Shelli behind the other. With how they’re acting, neither may have an alliance left to save the other from this. ‘Cept one will head to jury, though and not the other.

  3. Oh Boo hoo Shelli! Oh come on get your self together girl! You came in the house alone as a single player! Don’t ruin your game for a guy! Same goes for Clay.

    • I’m torn because Shelli is the one that I want gone but I also kind of want to see how she will be with Clay gone.

      • I imagine non-stop moping and crying (with dramatic promises of VENGEANCE!) doing her best to position both he and she as a Power Couple pair for TAR or any other type show that will have them.

      • Shelli should go. I think if she stays then she will continue to try and be BFFs with the twins. Clay will be more distant from them.

      • I don’t think so. I think with Mom gone from the house he’ll probably decide to have a party and maybe kiss Julia.

      • You’re probably right. Clay only seemed to talk to them when Shelli was around or nearby.

  4. I love how they don’t seem to realize the real reason they became public enemy #1 is because they lied to everyones faces repeatedly and yet they continue to do that still!

  5. I love this!! Power couple can go to hell. I don’t know who annoys me the most. Austin is a complete idiot and I hope both Austin and Liz go during double eviction. Jackie or Meg better win some damn HOHs. Steve seems like he may have mental issues, he scares me…

  6. Whether shelli or clay comes off the block james should nominate liz cuz then they have the numbers to break up chelli cuz austin nor julia will evict liz

      • Clay or Shelli would have if they weren’t on the chopping block. No doubt about that. But this week they won’t have the power to do so. If Clay wins Veto he’ll take either himself off or Shelli and Shelli will take herself off and vote for the renom to be evicted. Vanessa will go with what the house or James wants. So I think it was wise to do what James did in that regard to break up a power couple. But the way they’re reacting, it could end up breaking apart their whole SS alliance rather than just one of them.

      • I don’t think Vanessa will go with what James, Jackie and Meg want. If she can save both of them she will. She has a better chance to make it farther because she also has a big target on her back. Not only that only Meg and Jackie can play for HOH. Which is a joke. But hey you never know there’s a 1% chance they could win.

      • She is going with what James wants right now…but that may change depending on who wins the Veto. But she’s also backstabbing those in her alliance before the Veto, which includes Shelli.

      • Becky will blindly follow Vanessa. Jmac will more than likely vote to evict one of Jame’s original target’s. After all they put him up on the block a few times and Clay asked him to not use the VETO. I see either Clay or Shelli leaving this week regardless.

      • JMac loves Clay and Shelli. Just a little while ago he and Becky told Clay and Shelli everything that was being said.

      • I really love Johnny Mac and Becky now! They are making a power move and I hope it works out for them in the long run.

    • Who’s to say either Shelli or Clay will come off the block? Someone may win the PoV and keep the noms the same. I’ve seen my fill of BDS and botch BDS to last me a few weeks. I say leave em both on the block to panic, cry, and dig themselves even deeper holes as the week drags on. Icing on the cake? They both end up on slp for the week….

      • I with you on this. I think James already knows who he will put up if he has to replace either Clay or Shelli, but he wants the noms to stay the same. James is much more thoughtful and people are not giving him any credit for it.

    • You know it will. Of course it could be just enough to throw off the power players and make them lose the chance for HOH. I had pegged James from the beginning but I really think Vanessa, if she could survive now will win it all.

      • It may – or by the end of this week the alliance will be so angry at each other they will forget about James. After all, they can expect the other side to come after them but their own alliance?

        And when they try to throw Becky under the bus? They will lose her and possibly JMac too! This house could be upside down by Thursday night.

      • Because she’s probably one of the few fans of the Sixth Sense. Personally, I can’t stand any of them except possibly Julia. Have to admit though, Vanessa is in a good spot as of now >:/

      • Because I like Clay and Shelli. I know I’m in the minority here but I really don’t care.

      • I liked them too but I wish Shelli hadn’t smiled while stabbing Jason in the back. I’m not too optimistic that she can recover from that but I still have hope for Clay.

      • Sometimes its not what you say its what you do. And Shelli’s actions have brought on her karma. You want to play the Queen, you better be ready to deal with the pain that comes with it. Shelli thought that everyone loved her and would never come after her or Clay. Oops.

      • Wait until she comes out and sees she is one of the most reviled HG in all the fan polls.

      • Yes, Shelli does think she is something special. If she’s all that why isn’t she married already at 33 years of age? And her having a romance on the show with at 23 year old, speaks volumes. She is rather pathetic.

    • I’d say since Season 14. Man, Dan ran that house like a boss! Dan’s Funeral was the single greatest Big Brother move ever.

      • I say this tops 14 easily. Dan was a great character, but other things held it back for me. Some riggage that season. Coach’s entering the game. Franks’s cancelled eviction. also lot of dull characters that made for boring weeks: Jenn, wil, ashley, joe, ian was just weird, shane and danielle were obnoxious.

      • Well depends on how you define a great season. For drama, this season has 14 easily beat, but as for game play, I doubt we’ll see any “Dan level” plays.

      • oh those were easily great plays, but since a season is ~90 days long. a few good plays only make a few interesting days. so far this season almost every day has been interesting in contrast dan’s funeral is one of the few memorable events from season 14.

  7. Shelli and the water works, you almost feel sorry. wait, lets be honest you don’t feel sorry. its poetry in motion and I’m loving these feeds tonight, its about time BB, just when I’m going to quit you, you pull me back in!

    • I stopped right around Audrey getting evicted.. not because of her per se but I just hated the players in the game (with the exception JMac and Julia)

      • I almost quit too, but I knew drama would entail the jerks and shallow people, so I wanted to bide time til that happened, I just didn’t figure that would be so soon and I cannot complain, hope you don’t give up over some bad apples, because when your favorite goes home, enjoying the drama and backstabbing is a guilty pleasure, not a bad consolation prize at all, in fact it can be better at times.

  8. I love how Shelli believes Vanessa is a traitor. I do hope Clay believes it as well so that alliance will be broken after one of them leaves.

  9. They get what they deserved,Austin should have gone home but this “power couple” allowed Liz and Austin to change their minds,so glad one of them will be going home and Jason will have some revenge even as he sits at the house,no one likes being lied to,how does it feel “power couple” now that the shoe is on the other foot!

  10. Wow, James! You’re the man! I wasn’t sure you had it in you, but you proved me wrong. Way to go, My Studly Asian Hero!! (OK, I admit I’m getting a bit carried away.) Finally, the game’s getting interesting and they’ve stopped with all the buddy-buddy baloney! I hate to sound like a mean bitch but seeing that photo of Shelli with that big entitled grin of hers plastered all over her face made me smile!! How sick is that?!! Just so tired of her thinking she had it in the bag. Whether she goes, or Clay goes, the remaining HG will have to completely rethink his/her game, but I hope the other HG’s never forget what a supreme manipulator she is and what a strong player she is. Love ya, James – just don’t let anyone talk you into BDing someone else if either Clay or Shelli win the POV.

      • Or Austin wins and keeps them the same! Well that’s what he told James he was willing to do.

      • It would great TV if Austin wins the POV and James reminds him of his promise. Then James asks Austin which twin he wants to be the replacement. Because one of the twins will have to go.

    • Cha, James the stud. my asian superman… err, nevermind. wait I’m not into guys, moving on. you just have to love surprising moves, especially when they are major and it ends with a jerk in the crosshairs, nothing like the underdog pulling the much needed trigger. :D

      • And James didn’t have to say anything to get them to turn on one another. James’ only intention was to split up a power couple. Not send the whole house into a tailspin…but that’s what took place when emotions got involved. Ahaha

      • I know right? tensions over Jason going home were already at their tipping point, it just needed the proper shove and James was able to make it happen. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sixth Sense alliance, doesn’t last past their first eviction, because they are cowards and hide behind each other, that isn’t even playing that is just running on their part. its easy to look like a mastermind when you’re surrounded by ignorant people.

    • Since he backdoor’d Jace I knew he had it in him, but I did think that he became a softie since Clay is his buddy.

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhh! It’s sweet bliss seeing Shelli crying her eyes out. Boy have the tables turned and big time at that. Guess I’ll grab a cool drink, some shades, and cigarette (I don’t really smoke but that’s what i imagine Jason doing) hehe.

    • It is remarkable at how this is playing out just like Jason last week. Even Shelli had to remind Clay this is how the house felt last week when they pulled off that blindside of Jason.

      • It wasn’t nearly as emotional until after Jason was put up as the renom. Shelli or Clay will be up there much longer fighting to stay.

  12. I am really impressed by James. When he was talking to Shelli and Clay he made Clay look like an idiot. Every time Clay made a point, James pounced without hesitation and turned it around on Clay. It was beautiful. Clay is so full of it even he doesn’t know when he’s lying!

  13. A Ken doll is smarter than Clay,he needs to travel to OZ and ask the man behind the curtain for a brain.

  14. Finally… just when I had begun to give up hope, along comes the southern Asian dude(James) and shakes the whole house up! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jason, your eviction was not in vain. It served as a purpose, and the purpose being to light a fire under everyone’s a**es :)

    • You know, couldn’t of said it better myself. Jason was the conduit to the demise of Clelli, man so much poetic justice in that house right now, if either wins. Vanessa isn’t looking safe and that is yet still beautiful.

  15. There is just too much justice about to be meted out this week. Putting up Shelli and Clay was the best move ever. First, Shelli and Clay are now dealing with their own deceit as Meg informs them that she never expected Clay and Shelli to lie to her because they were supposed to be loyal. But in a lesser story, Becky is acting the rat to Clay and Shelly- who insist to everyone how loyal they are to their alliances – while also plotting to throw Becky under the bus to James!!! its like a Greek tragedy.

    By the end of this week, Clay and Shelli – and Becky too – will all get stabbed in the back. I don;t think Jackie will allow James to take the bait on Becky, but boy is Becky about to learn a lesson.

    • I agree completely.. Becky is nothing but a rat and she will get what’s coming to her.. but you first must cut the head off the snake and James has the knife in his hand and is ready… one of the two are going home this week and that is the main thing.

    • Haha, Vanessa said James said the “unbreakable bond” during his nomination speech and she said she thought it was about the twins but Shelli was pointing to her and Clay and said “we’re the unbreakable bond”.

      HOW??? They met 6 weeks ago. The only truly unbreakable bond in that house are the womb mates.

      • I dunno, during the last few arguments between Julia and Austin, Liz has been taking his side. Best case scenario; Julia leaves Liz and joins the other side and starts to play her own game. :) (Not likely but wishful thinking). Personally, I like what I’ve seen so far of Julia but I can’t stand Liz because of…

        A. Her constant whining.
        B. Her relationship with Austin. (Gross.)
        and C. Her less than tasteful goodbye messages to evicted Houseguests. Especially Jason.

      • I adore Julia and have high hopes for her one in which is getting rid of Liz (very unlikey but incredibly wishful thinking).

        I have a dislike of Liz for the same reasons but for some reason when she’s with her sister I like her. Julia definitely rubs her magical, fairy dust off on her sister and Julia leaving the 666 sense and Austin (Julia loathes him) dragging Liz with her is what I want.

      • You have to consider that this 6 weeks is 6 weeks of intense 24/7. Nothing like regular 6 weeks of dating for regular folks.

      • Of course! But are they even dating? I don’t recall them kissing. It seems so staged for the show very unlike Jeff and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel.

      • I just hope John and Becky become the next big showmance. John is charismatic enough for it.

      • People want it to happen but Becky said he’s not her type and that she wouldn’t date him. She also said it in a slightly disgusted way like she’s out of his league but the longer they’re in the house, who knows.

      • Darn, I don’t have the feeds so thanks for telling me. Why is it that more and more people in this house are shallow each season?

      • I get that she doesn’t find him attractive and she doesn’t have too but at least respect other people. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I hate when people call others ugly or uglier than them, ugh. Haha, I swear casting is doing a competition in which they’re looking for shallower people every season!

      • Becky is one unattractive woman. She is out of John’s league, and not so bright. John must want a door mat, because that is the way she acts on the show.

      • I don’t find her unattractive but she is quite plain while John’s personality is the complete opposite. I don’t think they’d be a good fit even if she did like him.

  16. Shelli crying that she might not make jury doesn’t even phase me because she didn’t care when she got Jason put on the block and evicted pre-jury even though this was his dream. Why the entitlement? This is the game and she was fine playing it, lying, backstabbing, and manipulating until it happened to her.

    Great Big Brother players know how to get out of a bad situation when their backs are against the wall. So, I guess we’ll see how good the 666 sense really are when they don’t have power.

    • The thing is when Shelli and Clay’s backs are against the wall, they seem to have no compass now….they’re throwing others under the bus and vice-versa without the same affect. Can’t they see through the cloud of their emotions they’re actually disassembling it one person at a time, instead of just dealing with what’s at stake? That they’d just be losing one member in the alliance rather than all six?

      • I’ll definitely applaud them as good Big Brother players if they survive this week intact but as of now they’re a mess! Good Big Brother players fight rather than throw pity parties.

      • Yes..that’s what I suggested in a previous post…give up one to save 5…and they could have smoothed things over with Van if she insisted on the Jason move.

    • Shelli’s entitlement is so over the top that it’s comical. Her demand that James keep her (and her son) safe while she was falling off the comp is absolute comedy. Why on earth would she think James owes her anything, especially after evicting his pal Jason? And don’t get me started on her habit of conniving and plotting, then pulling the innocent “Who, ME?!” schtick.

      I bet you anything that Shelli got absolutely everything she asked for when she was growing up. Set boundaries for your kids, folks!

      • The one big mistake Clay and Shelli did last week was to suggest to Vanessa to not bd Austin since he was an alliance member. So Vanessa said, “then I’ll renom Jason!” And rather than talk her out of that (which would reveal her and Clay’s alliance with the other side that didn’t include Vanessa) they decided to go along with it.

      • Right!! She also threatened James with the idea that whichever ones makes it to jury won’t vote for him to win! Just adding another thing to dislike about her as a player!

      • Yes I agree…he’s enjoying the moment…when you’re from gotta have a classic wild west gun fight.

    • I know and Clay was saying how he is really going to go after them. Now there are two sides. Vanessa reminded him there were already two sides!

      I just do not get why it was okay for the to blindside James but when his friends retaliate that is an injustice?

      Even Shelli is telling him they did it first. She is also telling him they picked the wrong side. She called her own side the “dark side” and said they are not like the others. HA!

      • They were thinking of blindsiding James at one point, but instead it was Audrey.

      • Haha, how delusional are they! The two sides have existed since they made the 666 sense lol. She also said she shouldn’t have given James the win yet she was falling off whilst making the deal. James would have won anyway!

        Wow, the 666 sense is the dark side mainly because of Clay/Shelli!!

  17. I think a twin and shelli or clay should have been nominated and if both twins played veto and the twin came off the block then replace her with Shelly or clay. Then they would have both had to go against the other. As it stands now if Shellie or clay wins veto and takes their self down, they can rally the others and get enough votes to save them both and neither of them go home.

    • They they’d best win Veto so James can renom one of the twins to sit next to one of them. I think James made the right choice for his game this week. Have them both fight for their right to stay.

  18. Vanessa is the biggest liar of all of them. She said shelli and clay came up with the Jason backdoor?? And she DIESNT LIKE LIARS!!! I can’t wait until she and Austin and Liz are gone!!! Go Johnny Mack!!! I can’t stand Vanessa or Austin!!! They are the two fakest idiots!!

    • That’s what she’s saying, but because Clay and Shelli didn’t say anything when questioned before Jason went home, they’re just as much to blame for going along with Vanessa’s idea of choosing Jason instead of Austin.

      • They tried but Vanessa when Austin cried and begged to her, she already had her mind made up. Shelli said she didn’t want Jason put up and for Vanessa to do what is best for her and then lies to the whole house??? She is such a hypocrit!!! She has lied more than anyone in the whole house!!! The buses the blame game on everyone else!!

      • That’s Big Brother for ya! LOLOL Beg, borrow, steal, lie, backstab. There are better ways of doing this than how Vanessa is doing it, but she does this sooo darn well too! Heck, there’s $500,000 at stake here. She didn’t come there to comfort, make friends or get involved in a romance. Showmances always tend to sour game plays, because of the personal investment that is involved rather than making strategic game plays.

      • Your right Joni….and I’m saying this from the’s totally different in there..but don’t these people go in there and start sizing up each other and watch how the interact and who they tend to talk to more often..who has the “A” personalities..who sits and just watches..u just don’t go in there and take everyone at face value…you got to read people thru the facade they are putting up to play the game…talk and talk day after day…one’s real personality with come out once in a while.

      • Yes…but they are viewed by the other side as a showmance and that’s why they are pegged as the ringleaders not Van.

    • Haha when she said she couldn’t put Audrey up because of “LGBT solidarity” but was completely fine with putting Jason up. I hate her just as much but I can’t deny that she’s in a good position right now.

      • A can only hope for a backdoor that leaves her or Austin walking out the door!!

      • For Vanessa to get so angry when someone lies to her….give me a break!!! Wish she’s go home. She said on BB after dark that she didn’t care if she went home or not, at least she’s get to see her girlfriend!!! So go home!!! Gosh!!! I hate her!!!

    • I don;t know if she is lying or confused because she gets a lot of facts confused I have noticed. In any case, Vanessa wanted to follow through with the back door plan, even after they told Liz. She laid it out in detail to Shelli and Clay what would happen. She used the words, we are drawing a line in the sand, and asked do you know what that means. Shelli still insisted on backout out of the Austin plan. Its true she did not come up with Jason, but she got the ball rolling in that direction.

      Clay also claimed he never suggested James. That is also not true. He asked about James and Vanessa reminded him James is safe.

      They are all lying to each other. They got caught and what happens when people get caught lying in BB? Usually they get sent home.

      • Shelli was the ring leader of going after Jason. She saw that the other houseguests didn’t seem happy when Clay won veto so she made up this lie in her head that the “other side” was coming after Clay so insisted on Jason “the ringleader” to be put up. I still laugh at the logic!

      • Don’t know about that…I think Vanessa was the first to throw out the Jason renom…she said he was the strategist of the group…could be wrong.

      • Right, she did but that was after Shelli and Liz told her that keeping Austin was better for her game even though it was horrible for her game as she made the 8 person deal already and better for Shelli/Clay and Liz. They all decided that Jason was the strategist and needed to go but without the initial “Clay might be getting backdoored, I’m scared” schtick by Shelli, Vanessa would have stuck to the plan.

      • It’s crazy how we all recall things differently. Vanessa wanted Austin backdoored and Shelli and Clay and the entire house were backing her up. It wasn’t until after the battle of the block, when others were trying to tell Vanessa it was a bad idea to backdoor someone in their alliance. Vanessa specifically stated that she preferred to stick with the plan because she gave her word to the entire house. Shelli and Clay and one of the twins, and whoever else kept saying it would be a bad move because their alliance would be down one person.

        After Vanessa told Austin that she was planning to back door him, she told him to fix it with Shelli and Clay and she would consider something else. He went to go talk to them and then they were saying it was not good for their game if he left. Funny how they didn’t mention any of this to Vanessa before the plan was in effect. Don’t forget that Clay volunteered to go on the block with Becky because the plan was to back door Austin. So no it was not Vanessa’s idea to not go through with the plan. She said a line was being drawn in the sand, because the other side of the house was going to feel betrayed if she didn’t follow through.

        So after Shelli and Clay got her to do their dirty work, they just assumed Vanessa would take the blame on back dooring Jason. I can’t believe the audacity they had to sit there and say they had nothing to do with it. Then they get all mad at Vanessa for saying it was what part of the house wanted. They are blaming Vanessa for putting a target on their back. Yet they had no problem allowing Vanessa to take the heat.

    • It might be a good idea…never know how they end up…in James’s case it might help in exposing the 6 cent alliance as they might turn on themselves throwing eachj other under the bus…and the patsy players will start to realize who is running the show…and start playing the game for themselves…that’s if they have a game?

  19. Shelli and clays worst move was joining Vanessa and Austin in an alliance. Austin thinks he is the best lover to Liz (who is just playing with his mind…b**tch)and Vanessa puts all the blame on everyone else by putting her acting skills into play. I hate hypocrits and that’s exactly what she is!! Personally, I think Vanessa is the biggest piece of s**t in the whole house. Can’t wait to see her and Austin GONE!!!

    • I was starting ti like Vanessa agin then she goes off on this master plan thing to throw Becky under the bus to save Shelli and Clay. She talk like this is 100% going to work as if she is the smartest person in the world so it has to work. Its not going to work. In fact, its going to backfire. Becky will deny everything. James won’t believe Vanessa and Clelli and nothing will change -except Becky will turn against Clelli ensuring one of them goes home this week.

    • Your 100% right..the Chelli’s didn’t think the whole Jason move thru..if they wanted to come out of this squeaky clean they should have bailed out at the voting and deflect the blame on Vanessa…in the event the 6 cent alliance didn’t win the HOH. Big V is sitting pretty and as she said to the other side after the Jason nomination…I wouldn’t have made a move like this on my own it was a house decision….this is the result. So they would have been in the bad books with Vanessa…now they are in the bad book with the people they deceived and put their fate in the hands of the other 6 cent alliance members…help !

  20. James did the right thing. There is a price to pay for evicting Jason instead of Austin. James did not make himself a bigger target because they were going to go after him regardless.

  21. Wow this is great! Man I like clay a lot but at the same time I don’t because of the stupid showmance! They should have kept Jason because then the target would have been solely on Vanessa. Getting rid of Jason was only good for Vanessa and the bearded freak! I don’t see how they couldn’t see this happening. Gotta love this week! Hopefully it’s bye bye shelli!

  22. James absolutely did the right thing. Those two just have skated by while Vanessa ran the show. Their reaction is amusing. Everyone is fair game. This may shake things up with others. James and Meg may end up with new allies that carry them further. Hope they’re careful of Becky.

    • I believe Meg and Jackie will find out what Becky’s doing soon if they haven’t already and will not reveal anything to her again (my hope). Where will that leave Becky then when she’ll need them to move forward with her game? Who will she side with next and become a rat for? The SS has only been using her the whole time.

      • Hopefully James, Meg and Jackie do not take the bait when Vanessa tries to give up Becky to save Clelli. If they are smart they will let Becky know they know because Shelli and Clay told them. Then Becky will turn against Clelli. Maybe JMac will to since he was with JMac when Becky was playing the rat.

    • Becky feels more like a Tinder advertising experiment. more than an actual player, she isn’t that interesting other than her train story. I really hope she starts to play her own game, because she is just a whole lot of nothing and a number right now, it almost feels like a waste of a house guest, thus far. which is always a no win situation for any fan of the show.

  23. Vanessa needs to be careful. I James finds out she is plotting to save Clelli he could put her up as the replacement nominee. Rightnow she is safe and the rule of thumb is, when you are safe, don’t do anything to make yourself a target.

  24. Finally it’s time to see the Six Sense squirm.. It was fun seeing them picking everyone off but it’s even better to watch the “other side” take over this week and get revenge.

    Unfortunately, I really don’t care for Shelli :/ Clay isn’t too bad but Jason was right about Shelli.. You can see the evil in her eyes lol Typical frat girl to me. But I don’t hate her.

    I see a lot of potential in Jackie, specially since she was one of the first people to finally start thinking about the house separated into the 6 person alliance. I hope she wins more comps and becomes the next HOH.

  25. James should, as a gesture of kindness, offer the HOH room to Chelli for a date night.

  26. If one of the get saved they need to put up liz because Austin would never vote her out nor will her sister so you will have julia ,austin,meg,jackie,Vanessa voting to keep liz over john,becky,Steve and whoever don’t get saved so either way one if the goes home

    • James already told Austin that if he has to take one of them off the block Liz will be the renom. But this may not work. I think Becky JMac, Steve, Vanessa and the surviving Clelli with vote to save the Clelli that’s on the block. This is why the plan to throw Becky under the bus is really risky. If James doesn’t fall for it, then Becky will turn on Clelli and be the last vote to evict the Clelli on the block.

      • Not sure I understand – if Van uses the POV to save Shelli? If Van wins POV she cannot be nominated. She is safe along with the person she takes off the block. I wish that was not so. I prefer the veto to work on only 1 person the person who holds it or the person they choose to use it on.

      • If Liz is the renom, there is a strong chance Clelli would get broken up. Austin and Julia would save Liz, than you have Meg and Jackie saving Liz. All they need is either Vanessa (who seems ready to cut them) or Becky (Jackie can convince her to do so).

  27. Shelli is crying in bed with Clay. I had a feeling he was hung like a hamster! (just kidding)

    Anyway, Meg should get up and give her the speech Shelli gave to Jason. “You get to go home and see your family”.

  28. Am I the only person on here that like legit loves Clelli?!? I respect u if u don’t but I can’t b the only person that loves them!

      • Awwwww oh well..we may have different opinions but that’s what makes us unique! You’re beautiful <333

    • Nope. I happen to like the whole 6 sense. Going after sheli cuz she is playing big brother is exactly why HOHs do not want to make big moves. I personally do not care for players who just “float” along.

    • Negative for me. I can’t stand them. They fell way too safe and that annoyed me. Plus they were the most deceitful but then want to be offended when lied to. That’s B.S.

    • Sheli was one of two people left on the comp after being on slop for a week. I don’t understand the anti sheli. Being called a snake in the grass, isn’t that how you play big brother? I don’t think James should have made the deal. If sheli was already falling, let her fall. Now James has gone from pawn to target.

      • Well James was a target anyways. Granted Jackie would have went first but in the event Jackie wins veto James would be the second best option.

      • Yes he is…they are all targets…he’s just moved up the list…6 cents was already compiling a shopping list even before Jason was out.

    • I love them to as a Showmance couple but not as a player they are snakes so one of them have to go and yeah they look Cute togather least more than Amanda and McCrae :)

    • I don’t hate them, but I just don’t like them because Shelli took out Da’Vonne and Clay just irks my soul.

    • I didn’t mind them until last week. Their lying about the Veto made them look bad, wasn’t really necessary and by doing so they put the targets on their own backs. And Shelli’s gushing about how she didn’t want Jason to go and she loved him was really over the top and came off as what it was, fake. So I wouldn’t mind seeing one of them go and watch how the other plays the game without the safety of their alliance.

    • No you aren’t the only one. I had hopes for Shelli working with Da’vonne but then she flipped on her for the 6th Sense Alliance. Shelli has a sense of entitlement that I just can’t stand. Like the world owes her. And she’s condescending when she talks to the other HGs. Sure her and Clay are an attractive couple, but the two of them together is bad for their game and for BB.

  29. They are talking about evicting Shelli instead of Clay. They said she will hold a grudge longer than Clay would. lol

    • Clay will be lost without Shelli. He is not as smart as she is – and that is a very kind way of putting it.

  30. Vanessa will have the final say in who stays and who goes, as she has influence over four of the votes. For her game, she should evict Clay. Shelli becomes just another crazy meat shield in a season that’s already full of them, and remains a number on her side.

    For maximum feed drama, I’m hoping Vanessa gets picked and wins Veto. Should that happen, a wide range of scenarios unfold.

    • Vanessa thinks she can control James and how he thinks. She so very wrong. James is playing this game for himself not her. Even if she wins the POV James has the final decision and if she hasn’t noticed, James is not asking for advice.

  31. I wasn’t a Jason fan because I feel he was more of someone trying to become America’s player. There have been three players in 6 weeks. Almost always they have had someone in mind to get out and have succeeded.

  32. There is a scenario developing that may actually work to get both Shelli and Clay through this week. Austin may have inadvertently come up with it while talking to Liz.

    Liz said she thinks they should allow the noms to stay the same and then target Shelli. Austin suggested that keeping Liz, Julia and himself off the block means they can use 3 votes against Clelli, plus Jackie and Meg. If he convinced James of this and James puts up Becky as a pawn, Vanessa can enact her plan to get 5 votes, (Austin and the twins, plus herself and Clelli’s). That’s 5 and enough to save Clelli.

    James must resist. He must put up Vanessa against Clelli ensuring that one big player goes home and I think it will be Clelli.

  33. Talk about a wet noodle of a woman., Texas gals would eat Shelli for breakfast. She goes on the block and her whole world falls apart. Shelli’s Bio, reflects that she is flighty and irresponsible

  34. Now that’s what BB is now it is going to be a fight to watch worse case will be shelli wining POV and safe her self from block on result clay will go home and then Shelli will coming for James meg and jackie and then they are in big trouble .. i hope she don’t win Pov

  35. They better not bring BOTB back next year. It totally ruins the game. Lets start a petition for God’s sake.

    • I love BOTB! It’s awesome. People have these “great” plans and then BAM, BOTB destroys their little plan. I celebrated when Liz ruined the plan last week by taking herself of the block single-handedly.
      Without the BOTB you can basically predict who’s going out simply by the HOH. I find that boring.

    • Yes she is…and as Matt pointed out.. she saved her game last week with the Jason eviction and blew up the Chelli’s game completely…but she’s still the next big target in the house.

  36. these people are all pathetic – act like a bunch of babies in this weak ass terrible game! Bug Eyed Vanessa – is on adderall Liz/Julia voices require duct taped mouths to date either one – or boyfriend must be deaf. Austin is a LURCH!

  37. Geez I hope this works out and at least one important sixth sense person goes home (preferably a Clelli). If somehow it doesn’t, and SS gets power again next week, particularly Clelli…it’ll be rough for the outsiders.

    But I don’t know if SS will recover from this week on the whole. Julia seems to want NOTHING to do with Austin and the friction between Van and Cleli may be too much to overcome going forward.

  38. Talk about a fantastic set-up for this week! Clelli in the snakepit with James in power… amazing. If one of them does come off, I’d put up Vanessa right next to the other one (or Liz) just to really drive it home. Here’s hoping Jackie or (somehow???) Meg wins HOH next week so this train can keep rolling.

  39. If there does need to be a replacement nominee, I would love to see James put up Austin as a replacement, because we all know he will fall apart on the block. Even if he doesn’t go home, he will do his alliance a lot of damage in the process of trying to save his ass.

    • Austin will sell his soul to stay in the house with Liz. BTW I really hate that those twins share my name Julia Elizabeth. ugh! LOL

  40. James should tell Clay if he uses veto on Shelli then Vanessa goes up, but if he uses it on himself then James will put Austin up. Then still put Liz up either way.

  41. Can I just commend Matthew for giving us such a perfect shot of Shelli? That literally made my day.

    • I think Clay will be over Shelli right after the new HOH is crowned. He seems to be good at seducing “baby cougars”. He might try flirting with Jackie next.

  42. “She’s devastated that she’s about to be torn from this stranger she met six weeks ago. ”

    I literally LOL’d when I read the line. It was quite amusing to watch “6th Sense” just start eating itself immediately after the nominations. James is now officially my favorite player (it’s been awhile since the show’s had a Texan that didn’t embarrass us). Even if he doesn’t make the greatest moves, at least he owns them.

  43. I’m sure it’s already been pointed out but if either Shelli or Clay get Veto , Liz or Julia needs to be a replacement. You have the twins and Austin who I’m sure will be a lock for 3 of the same votes in jury. it’s worth a shot to bust that up as well. And Shelli is so dramatic and delusional. She needs a bit more tough love to see it’s not her world that she’s letting everyone else live in. And still waiting on the Vanessa meltdown….it’s coming and will be epic!

  44. The move by Clelli last week to save Austin was oddly similar to last season when Caleb saved Zach by reminding Derrick he was a number. I think Shelli wanted to do something like that, especially if you sawher talk with Clay and Austin in the cabana room. She probably upset because she also wasnt able to pull off the vote switch so flawlessly like Derrick did.

  45. It kind of sucks to see game players like Shelli up for eviction while people like Meg slip and slide to another week :P

    • I know. That’s what I keep saying. That is also why I like the six Sense they are playing the game. Even Steve he at least is playing with information. Like you said megs going to end up final two. Then win because people like her.

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